The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1935 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1935
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Trend Toward Recover, in 1934 Has Brighlciiec Economic Outlook. Hy MAX (United Press Financial Wnter) NEW YORK. lUPJ-Ainrrlcai business turns more hopefully im_ !935 a.? n result of a moderate re'- emery trend In 1934. The year has brotiKht change.? into (lie economic picture .of the nation and era.Mul .some «( the gluom. nrlefly Die year i-nd fho'.vs: industrial operations ol consumer industries have jjaincd- Employment is fiiil»i;; K; corporate' cnmiiiKs are shou-liiB » pick-up, :\< much as 50 per coin In some cases, and dividend payments to Ihc Investing public have'd; Fiirm income gained Jl.000,000.000, much of It government aid; Some dotmant heavy industries show I'.ws at slight pickup. •_ There is considerable conlusliui in the picture, however 1 , with business leaders still eyeing the government's mounting debt \\- i t b some misgivings. On ptcenibtir If the government debt was S28.4(M. 385.053. which compared will• $23.813,101,000 in 1933 and $20.F,05, 557,000 In 1932. Government, ex jxjndiwres are continuing, atid til) phase or business life is listurhtii to the conservative jliment. UP employment relief—through wm-1 relief projects of the governnur nnd other means—combines oiio o' the major problems. Undents <if cities and town .sure .showing hfgi % !y increased items to tnke care " ;>! this situalion, all of which provide 11 rather uncertain background. Un employment is sllll around the 10 COO.OOO-inark. NBA Causes Confut'loii Another poinl that is causing t little contusion in business life | Ihu'• current .situation around IP' NHA. The year 1034 saw dynnmli Genrra! Hu 0 h s. Johnson' retire after reports of dilfercnct-s will 5'des, as administrator of ilia pro- .gram. ]n liis place, only iin-.ter an ether litfe, tai/ie Doimld rKchtae Chicago hiwjn, who hij scrap;!::" many, of tlie vigorous, ballyiio methods which riinrncK-rlicd Hi call; dn>s of NHA. Tnc program i bemsf rcjigger'd, Business ]n ;i, | ttv pleaded for cbans'.'s in provisian In codes which they claim vlill n operate, cle In fnM, the uncertainty about tlu program led Oim- crar Johnson-(a say recently: '•'The NRA is a>; rtead ns u dort: and deader Ihnn n doornail." Many code provisions, pro:rssh>3 taxes eVe ha\e incivaMO costs nf op"i.illoii In some iustance.s. costs haie beiMi dl-proportlmiatp to In- : ercHS2d bucuitss. nut oven in view of this some conservative'busings kid?rs po'nt out business 'can. get n!ol!^ «ell, c" les a.nd government regulation considered, tf tin; ovrtcri XQUUl only t-tart comin;; in for h?iv- er induslpes That- today ir. Hi? chief talk of Imporlanl leaders. Coupled with Increased costs, vast numbers of nnsmployrrt, ^Ic., mdiistij still has a worry about labor probtons IM 1934 (lien- ivere several major strikes. ln;iu.-iina tl!osc In tlie lex-tile nnd automobile Industries and (lie Ban Francisco dock trouble. A steel .strike was averted at the last minute. Goal men have had (Alfflcultlcs. Momentarily these are al an am! and inaustiy is a tit more hop-in! for 1935 One can turn to the South for indications • of real improvement. Prices for tobacco rose rapidly as cigarette'production raced towards record proportions. The <;to u w;us excellent. People Ihcr? hnve money They me pajmg their bills, and buying automobiles, mechanical refrigerators and cth;r semi-luxuries I which have not moved in depression days. " I Retail Trade Up 25 PC Detail : trade caiinlrvwldc bar, addr<i to this picture with gains 'ip to 25 psr cent. Mail order business has increased substantially is farm districts replenished sup-1 plies, oflen with covermnsut money.! Christmas shopping reportedly was !h- fcist sine* 1930. Major inteirifs have. .-slppp?d «P. S'.ccJ production at the clo.-e of Ihc jear vns above 30 per c-ut of capicitv compared with ih« \Jii s lov, of 18.4 !>?:• cetit mild.- on September 3 Bui this v,as con- Pubrably nnd»r the y ; ar - s |,i^ h o! ! 57.4 per cent on'Jun: 3. Eljcfnc power production in the cbs'.n?! ••vcer.s of the year ci;inU«d townras 192S Uvcls, an iniicalton of 'increasing manufacturing. The lio««- 'ng program of the govcrnmcnl bears promise of bringing veltcl lo the building industry with several bihon dollars expected to ba thr».v n into ncv homes and repairs on old ones. Motor car production is running steadilj ahead of last year nnd next jcir may nn(t 3^00.000 cars produced. Improwmcnt in the mo t or car Induslry miurally ! rads , 0 i|n . pro\etn»nt in motor accessory bus- in»ss an<j tire sales. T to motor accessory showed jumps of 25 to GO :per cent (his year and th«re are expectation' of at !:->« 55 ,», c ..,j fi "ther Improvement next yVar Ulllillcs Have Bid Year Increased farm purchasing power flas had nn accelerating force on ttie farm equipment Industry, with company books showing black ink lor the first time in three years in 1935, Bom? estimate, this i business «1U show gains of at least 105 per ccnti Russia lW in be 8 n imporlonl buyer of form 'equipment nesa year If debt ncgollntlons and crc-ili nr- I'nngfinflnls nr? eoiieliidod, rttmln , nlso Is e;:p?clr(l lo buy hf-nvll.v or! TiallroadlitK presenled one of ;lio .lour notes In thn oconomlc plduro Carloadlntjs wcn> ii|>. |,m im-mm- was down. Tlie jjdiisioii net, and olli- H'l.slallnn cut. nitrj f-iu-nftuj.s by months.tnrnincs of ul'iv;' I rii!" roads were w, , M . r ,.,,,„ nl ,,,,,,,. rrty invr-stnipiu, ft3 ,,|ji Sl 1.77 )„ , f ,; a •txpmsK were <jf, [>"!• ci'iil 1M3. Ilul thero i s hcn>:»iul- .1 will olmilnaie .win;- ol li'c Jlsr, : ,,ity bclu.Vn .'iirnln^ !1M) , ..'>,, '•• liifdi power pnxliictl-in y t:oiii)>anles hiivc l,.,,l n y. nr •Jf n-otililps. UemiiiKts tor n-iliu-iYl rat-.s, higher iaxutlnn, municipal plains nm! the TV A project ],nve cansrd worry for i il( , ,- 0 ,n !)limf ,, •vhlt'h unroiiiinatply enn'l.-s , m . r nto i!):jf>. virluolly Dm fame pwiorm- unco ability as Din Mnstor Dr IMXP (vhlch, however, departs dl<- ihu'ily from previous CJhPvrolpts n) sti-lkhiB iuiviinces hi dnii-n nl body ami trim. The rtiRfnrK Inporpnifillnt: iiiiniy iiniiriiycnicnl.-) uvcr ilif IffiM Miisinr motor, un> of i\ ic , /Vlvnncos in !)<•- siyn l.-imliocliccl in I ( J35 Mw\t:\- [)c Luxe; Msr.trr l)c i.uxi! models, Mnui^ly :in|ih:iM/lii!r hnaniy and style, anil N''.v Kliinilurd inodf'l.s, fnidiiiui; liii'li-txjw'citd IK'ifounuiK'r! v.'itli Vcmmiiiy, will lie plntrd on display I'linonow liy (j,,. ahniiw-Lltil.' (•iK'VinliL rojnpany and chi'v- ruict di-iilm thmiiiiliniii tlie coiin- ry. . t n On in . chief /JIf;i>)vii: ;l > I,; Hut lirc-fifnc,. in 1 1 ir Mii.slrr Jj(. l.nxo (,| (;h(i V iv,!(.t •' kii(T-ar;U«n r <„,.' .second y In iwi.siriictlon nnd \VEnS'l'KH, Mass, (Ul^i -.,'t'lif :cv(.'i) members of the biisMlnli qiuul of ilie iiartlctt lligli scluisil re of six Jorcijju i ; xtraclloi).s — •Tench, Irish. German, tiroi-k i>ol- s)i ,'it«l !' T'IPU uiv ]^ 0/ owskl. linb'i', c:n.w!dy, )' iU ,]i. t > u ». us, L!in:« and i-'nurnicr. Musttr IV) l,uxit body models in- iKlc Sudan, c-onch, bnsiof.w i-mipc v.ith liii!K:i({r> I'oinpartincni. .sport, i.wijw: ivilit j'lunblc sfiat, .siicin sc. <lnn. and town sedan, In addition in the coach, business coiiix'. pliacioii, and Kjum, iwidstcr. v.'hicli comprised tin: w.imdiird line lust yi-iir, tin: i.'or. N«V siaiiciard line liteliidPK a full ..;| W: d luor-<loor si- ilrui JUKI a .-.dun ilellvecy car fur •:ht ccimmciclal uses. Tin. i!i:ir, ;.ji' W Rtantliird has No howl in |"rl ( .|. s hi 11 .'.tatenu'iil tit ^^e\v York today, when, he nirived for tii,- New York niitnmnblle show. Wil- Jlnni R. l/olta-, Kcncrni K! i| PS ' m;il) . iiK':i- of tin- r;li(;vio!L'l coinjjjiiiv i aimninifprt ihat prices on nil' | i.lnstur DC Luxo nimieia would i<- jmaln euiictly the wimc us in i!«.| niffK nn ihc- strimlnrrt c«ii]>r I'Oiich, nnd phaeton will b? sin Io\«>r thini last yi : ar. "ChfivroJni w.-is ahl« to rajuci- it, .Standard models pr| CK } nnd t« iiu'iiiUaln its prlcr. ] Cve ] K jn 1ll( . tucu of »tibsttiiu|jil]y ineirawd m.-- ij'i'ittl and inuiiiifa(..tiu-iii K 1:( , : ,ts .'in the Mnsior r>< ; Luxe wrlur, l, r ;a<u-.c- <>i t in t:ri'iu.|y Iiicriwstd vohiini- .-rlicdtiteil lor 1935. as Indicutrd by Hie Ihousands of m,lm m- in,..- Iny on hand for Hie Immetllnte drllveii' of thn )D3S llnf.5 frnm o"'' nrgnntzatlon of' in.nno rtenl- "•i" .Mr. IMlf.,. MM. AliTlinillcal rmproveinenl.v~^" Mcthanlcally. MIC two models jur.'c in cnmmoii unnierotis im- l-iinunl improvr-im-iils in onn- .•.linctlon and <l, eil . nntl, riiKlni'S """' 'in ni'lRlnnl sy.slrjii of liin), |/l.':.Stlr(. ji.[. s stipplylnj, (j j|. u , ( ., )n . "'••'l»>: rwl ()c;,riii ri| ami eleKtfa . i""l'd Pistons, hoavlc-r ct'ank- •'i:'l<s. ami olhev new features ,tn:ii ccnti-ibiito t c UftU'i- pcrform- .••''•'"<:. 'iiiioolhnc.%, and economy. IjoUl c-l. nra i,, , lowl y designed <-hi ehM, more, otfrctiye hraklng •^-'•ieiiDi, iitiffor fvamns, un ( i oilier ullllsilng Die newly developed all- 1 r.trel tool constrticlion ChevroH' ins ailalnod n formerly ImpfKslblc, Us highly crowned roof •sweep ng f,. om [ (lp w)lK , sh , el( , , IIP .tlrennillnpd, iiraceful rear end in (i continuous curve nu effect heightened by (lie absence of roof panels and moldings timl bv ilm «mii'""n y i " f """ y ro '" ! ' ov "' ""'• I l! thn sur/ncc of ihe ocean woe' lowered oon. feet, North. America nm AKla would | )c folned Dy a neck of land imo mlles'-'iviae- Ice- !!f' K cont| l | FnBll " l< ) wol ' | ti.!J'i ii part Oiilnen would JoIn^Ai'uitra'Hii."' 1 "' .THURSDAY.' JANlJARY - Exposing ij w rir/trt leaves to'Amtn, rose tn««in« ' "';" of .iijin-iUloii, iticrenrc-d dur.T- l-'ililv, iuid „ |,,. t ,,.,. rjt , ft _ Vlstinlly, the ncw Milste) . D l-iixe 1-clalns only H| C chnraelcr-' oittlines of tin; imitator mm i'i" lamtlliir Iriide-mm-k on hub <•>,•* mid riKlliilor t'liiblom, to In«'«'i? p lhai U U of chmtaet orl " ' . lln V-radlutor itself |. s n ,i,-_ ii ndcr.i arc hiiihly conlotired In' < >HJ ..-uvainllni,,:;, while tho wind", i •^iel<l not only Mope.s back steeply I bit "«i IssllRhlly V-.shapcd. caiis- M 'HI the loroflan nf the' ciir i.j H"w «mooil,ly into (hr body, which '••> l-'ie utmost, in smbo' Uy CHAPPED! LIPS To riulcUy rellov* VHufiii^MenlholalS;' NENTHOUTUN _OI,*± COM FORT oXll CITY LfCENSK AND PEfiS Privilege taxes and license fees (for businesses, professions, automobiles, dogs, street taxes, etc.) are now due for first half of 1935. Everyone must call at the City Clerk's office, at the City Hall, and pay promptly to enable the City to remain on a cash basis, ' MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL powered by the same improved Master Chevrolet Engine great new performance with increased operating economy Featuring two distinct types of alluring Fisher Beauty , . - ''•<'•• ' ' / - .. '" ' • THE HEW STANDARD CHEVROLET LOWEST-PRICED SIX UNUSUAL ECONOMY FLASHY ACCELERATION 23% MORE POWER lor Gcloway end Hill-Climbing BiG, ROOMY BODY BY FISHER SMOOTH, POWERFUL BRAKES 3LUE-FIAME VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE AND IT. list price of Nr\v Sinntlivrt K:a<h;:r :•.; Flint. Midi.. SJCfi. Wiiti Utunpors, spare lire :incl lire Ijjk. tlu- list prire is $211.00 additional. Pricr? fiil-ji'ct lo clir.nso withDul noiiro. mOMOllKOV, Clicvrolet will prcscni two no,v .L lines of cars in Ihc Iwo low-cal price ranges— Ilie most brilliant and durable cars in Clicvrolct's long, nreniy-ilircc-year rocoril of successes. The Nw Sl«,«lanl Chevrolet. . . Mylcil in tin: traditional Chevrolet manner wliich has prove.] FO pojnilar providing {m entirely new ,! rgr pc of performance •«ml opcralinj oconouiy . . . ,.\ n j tlie new /Hosier Do Luxe Clmrokl. . . il, c !v, s |,io,, Car of tl,e | 0> v- ]>ricc field . . . bcaulifiilly ^irMinlincH . . . longer and smartly lower in appearance Both o/these cars arc powered by tlie same improved Masler Clicv- CUKVIlOUiT MOTOR COMPArflT, DRTHOIT, • MICHIGAN .- rolct valvc-in-hc«d engine. Both of them give remark-able new perfonnanc«. Pcrfonuauce so fleet, nimble nnj spirited that it will he a revelation to drivers of any car, regardless of price. Most pleasing of all, tb we. new Clievrolcts arc etvn more economic^ lo operate and maintain than the very thrifty .Chevrolet s of last year. They're so easy lo'bnv-so saving of gas and oil—and so inexpensive, in all ways tlm almost every family can afford to own one. Bestireto visit yonr nearest Chevrolet Dealer-... examine these tw-o new Cltcrrolcts ... and then yon will know how imc it is to choose Chctmlet /or tjiiality at low cost. DISPLAY TOMORROW THE HEW MASTER DE LUXE CHEVROLET NEW STREAMLINE STYLING TURRET TOP BODY BY FISHER KNEE-ACTION ' LONGER WHEELBASE ROOMIER BODIES SPEED, POWER, ECONOMY B1UE-FLAME VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE Clvnoe Action optional at srr.ill arttlllional cost.) 560 AND Ul'. Lisl IKJCC of Masler DC Luxe Coupe at Flint. Mich., $560. With bumpers, spare tire and tire lock, the list price is S25.00 Additional. Prices subject lo change without notice. FOR QUALITY AT LOW COST & *- EVROLET CO,

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