The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1954 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 22, 1954
Page 12
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PAOT TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS .FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22,' 1094 Ike Appeals For Health Plan And Also Asks For Republican Congress in '55 By MARVIN JL. ARROWSMITH NEW YORK ^President El- scnhower.' wlndinf? up R two-day visit to New York, rms .sounded new appeals for enactment of his health reinsurance program and for election of another Republican Congress. In the final address of his New York, visit, the chief executive declared last night his program for expansion of the nation's voluntary health insurance plans, pigeonholed by the Republican-controlled Con- j Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton <12:39 quotations) Open Hitch Low Der 34f>3 3459 '.MM Mch 3482 ;M93 3481! May 3.107 3517 3507 July 3502 3512 :t50!2 New Orleans Cotton Open HiKli Lou- Dec 345-1 34RO 345:i Mch 3486 34!) 3 34fifi Mnv ;JM1 3517 3510 July 3503 3Dl(» ;i,V)3 Condon Ruling Is Due Today Prompt Decision Has Been Promised In Security Probe • WM By C. YATKS I 3484 J WASHINGTON ( ' 1<l ~ Dr K flw:ir(l SnIO (| Condon, former Bureau of 3 ^ 0 ~j Standards director now working in jpmjitp v. was promised tn- (djiv a prompt decision on whether .1 ,! lii.s rjiiiit U; see Koveniment se- 'il'.Vl' ( ' r|its '' lllt 'l '"' 1'i'stored. 'MfHJ • -Secrcuir/ of the Navy Charles •ir.m S Thoniii.s announced ye.sterdiiy press last July 13. is "ihe logical alternative to socialized meclk'inp." Speaking to 2,000 persons, who j Mch paid S100 each to charity at the May annual Alfred E. Smith Memo- | rial Foundation Dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Eisenhower said the prop ram will he resub- miued to the new Congress convening in January. \n Denial "We know that ihe American people will not long be domed access lo adequate mectK-ul (acili- nes," he said. "The program for voluntary health insurance is one further step m iichirvmjj this objective in the American way." Under the program the ijovern- ment would underwrite up to 75 per cent of the losses sulicred by private, and nonprofit ranee firms as a result of voluntary expansion of their health and medical programs. The President will pick up the political trail ngain tomorrow at an outdoor luncheon at his Gettysburg. Pa., farm to promote the candidacies of Pennsylvania Republicans seeking congressional seats and state office. Plugs 1'iirty j Y e s t e r day Eisenhower spent | much of the day plugging in behalf of a GOP victory nt the polls. Moving to help out in a hard- fought New Jersey contest, he authorized a statement that he "has noi changed one iota" in his earlier endorsements of former Rep, Clifford P. Case, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate. This amounted lo a rebuff to Sen. Joseph R- McCarthy <R-Wist, whu hae lined up against Case. Case, also the target of inlra- party opposition in New Jersey, has announced that if elected he would favor ousting McCarthy as chairman of the Government Operations Committee nnd Its Investigations subcommittee. Press Secretary Jamas C. Has- arty recalled that Eisenhower endorsed Case on two previous occasions, and added: "He (the President i has been for him for a long time, is for him now, and is looking forward to welcoming him to Washing ton •s the junior senator from New Jersey." Boost For Ivrn Chicago Soybeans Chicago Corn Dec . I53S, 154'. Mch . 157-'t 15H', 153" 1 !, 157'-. Chicago Wheat Dec . HID',, 220' , 2 Mch . '221 '„ 222 ;R 2 New York Stocks A T and T Ami 1 !' Tobacco Anaconda Copper RUh KU-cl Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester Republic Steel Rudio Socony Vacuum Standard ol N J Texas Corp Sears U S Steel Sou Par Services weir conducted today fo: Charles William Ramey, 79 Of Ely theville. Mr. Ramey came to Mississippi Cnun.t.y 5fi years aj-o from Boa;' 111., where he WHS born. Employed as it timber for the Three .Slates Lumber Co.. fie was one of ihc first st'Lilors of this area. H<: became genera] superinten- tU:nl of thf lumber company which he;tdr|iiai lered east of what i.s nov; Burdette and stayed in that, employment for about 24 years. DiiruiK that time some 17,000 acres of umber land was cleared lor cultivation. Ilccominff a land owner, Mr. RH- mey moved lo Blyi-hcvillc in 1922. ic.s by four different boards ... I He was ill for seven years preced- I .shall lie p] to be cleared | HIK his death. • 51 iitlh time, nnd I know thiu » [ review ol my record will end in : Mich ck'iiriincf." : Thomas told newsmen he would :,ee to H thai ihe review is car• ni'd nut prompUy "m fairness to | i Ur. Condon :nul of the un- j j^,^ •pj j j s ^ t|) I importance of the case.' ' [syslfini of ' Ihe t , {jue.slion of security clear- ; he had suspended Ihe limited dc»rnm:e given Condon three months a^o after an earlier i.em- ] porary suspf-nsion. I Condon. 52-year-old .scientist who i.s iesf-aich dneclor for the Corn! ing Works, commented at Corning. N.Y,: i Four Times j "I have been fully t.leiiied four [ Obituary Sheppard Jury Pioneer Laid To Rest In Services Here Us ; .?9 YEARS . HI'. fill' 10!) The inice arises because Condon'^ em- j pirn-en-! have in the past and may i n'^iim iM-rhn'in uovvrnmeiH con- ! no t widely used i general OuriiiK the 20 yeai'.s in which .she lias had ch:tn<e of the library, circulation has increased from 12,000 vohunes loaned per year to more ' j than -15,000, and (In; •t.'t ; Wiule director of the Bureai !)0 j .standards for six years until he 7-'t l n I re.sinm.'d' in l!J51. Condon figured 20',i | in various Inve.slination.s. The 32 House. Un - American Activities (M'n I Committee once do.scribed him as (lie " link" in Ihe nation's atomic .seciiiHy chain. Condon replied that if thut wus true, "this 100 is Kratifying information, because 7!)'' H I'm absolutely reliable and there- 71 l t fore . . . the country can relax." BO uc hits noted that while with Ihe Bureau of Stiindtird.s be. held full security clearances from tin; Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. III. '^~~ USDA— Hogs 8.0UO; barrows and gill.s active but steady to weak, spots 10 to 15 or more lower; extremes '25 off on weights over 240 )b; sows steady to 25 lower; no change boars or .slng.s; 100-2.10 Ib largely 19.2fi-50; about 250 head 19.00; bulk '230-2GO Ib 19.00-25; Ht'eiU bulk all sales li».2f)-H5: few loads and lols 3HO-300 Ib J8.f)0;75; including load 300 Ih 18.85; HO-170 Ib IB.7f>-li).2f>; sows 400 Ib down 17.7518.25: n few up to IB. 50; over. .-100 Ib 16.00-17.25; boar.s 12.00-15.00. Cattle 1.000. cnlvrs 500: heifers and mixed ycurlinR.s, largely small lots, about steady; cows .steady but slow: bulls nnd vciilers unchanged, d lo low choice sleet's 20,11024.00; few commercial 17 .50-20 00, commercial nnd good heifers nnd mixed yenrlings HU10-20.00; utility heifers down to 13.00; utility and (joir.mcrclal cow.-, a.50-12.00: lew , 12.50: dinner and cutler rows I mostly 7.00-fl.OO; few (1.50 and shol- Eisenhower started yesterday I ly kinds fi.OO down; utility and rom- wjth a boost for Sen. Irving M. Ives, who is running for governor o( New York on the GOP ticket against Averell Hatrimnn, Democratic-Liberal party nominee. In patting iva? on the back for a "tremendously helpful" job as senator, Eisenhower also put Ihe spurs lo New York GOP workers. He called for "determination that, nothing in the world will stop you from succeeding" in ihe November •lections. After speaking nt thut nilly, the President made R 31^-hour tour of Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn housing, highway and hospital proj- «ctc with Ives and Republican Oov. Thomas E. Dewey. At the Smith dinner last night, Eisenhower, speaking to the nation by television and radio, touched obliquely on a hot campaign issue, handling of the subversive problem, in a tnlk tabbed "mmpoHti- eal" by the White House. The President devoted much of his address to praise of the late Al Smith, who was a New York governor and 1938 Democratic residential nominee. Then he (Smith) would have .supported and applauded, if alive in 1954, every one of the laws of the recent Con- mercinl bulls 11.00-13.00; ciumc and cutter bulls 8.00-10.50; good nnd choice venters 19.00-23.00; few high ehoii-e and prime 24.00-25.00; commercial to low good 14.00-18.00. cull.s largely B.00-10.00. Atomic Energy Commission Die military departments. and 400 Coeds Gripe About Curriculum Of Professor lumber o: j per'-ons acuvf-ly« the hbrnry '' ! has increased from HOO to more than G.300. Mrs. Gray and her a.ssi.stant.s bind all then- own periodicals and recently have done all repair work on book bindings. In all her years in (he library, Mrs. Gray says l.he book most often Hwked lor is "Gmir \viih the Wind." Ihe (;reat Civil Wiir novel by Margaret Mitchell. Rc(]iic.-.ts (or il slill coinr in regularly, /ihe say.s. The library has woi'n out 12 copies of the lai'Kc volume .since it-; first publication in the imd-lfKUI's. Most popular type of book i.s Ihr his I orient novel followed by my.stery si or ic.s, Mrs. Gra v s;iJd. hi non-fiction the j book in many years i Positive Thinking," Women Evidently Will Dominate Panel of Jurors CLEVELAND '.-P.—With the jury oo.x nciiily tilled, it appeared today v.oiM<-n would dominate the Jury which will try Dr. Samuel H, Shep- paid. M, un the charge of murder- nip Ms wile Marilyn, 31. Six housewives and lour men -.vf-rf tf-iiuttively .seated in the first tour days of the trial in the courtroom o! JudRf: Edward BJylhln. And the list of prospective jurors ready for examination was loaded heavily with women's,names. Another women was on the stand ;i - the ex;uniiiiUion continued this jMtJinint,'. Tim time it was a shape- Iv youim brunette. Mrs. Bette Mane Parker, who works as an inspector in a General Electric Co. plain. He.r lui.sbr.nd, Fred, is a machinist. They have no children. Fatherly J'at A.- lucliiy's sr-s.-jjon got underway !»ir defendant's father. Dr. Richard A Sheppurd, greeted him in the courtroom with an affectionate pat ;i;id then took a seat in the back of !!)'• room. The oMeopath i.s accused by the •,!:ttf (if clubbing bi.s pretty wife to df'iiih in their Buy Village home. She was tour months pregnant when -Oie was killed on July 4. The proM'cutiun identifies the "other woman" in the case as Susan Miiyes, d laboratory technician. The state i.s expected to start pie.v>min» evidence some time nest week. All of the jurors are subject to pei rmpUn'y challenges, which re* mnvp them automatically trom the itiry box. The state can use a? ni.inv n.s six of these challenge;: and 'he defense the same number. Fviiponiiinn of Ihe Dead Sea n;;r.- lower the surface of its cn- hre .'IliO .square miles almost half iin inch a dnv. according' to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Radio Distress Calls Scare Starlings Out of Town CHAMPAIGN, IK. I*)—A radio station and residents of two nil- noli cities have ended a novel campaign to get rid of starlings and are hoping the experiment In bird pest control was successful. For four days this week, In 15- minute programs, the radio station broadcast the distress call of the starling. Preceding the recording were a few minutes of recorded selected noises, gun shots, bomb explosions and miscellaneous pops and bangs. They were described as the "awfullest sound you ever heard." Big littorl Radios throughout the twin cities of Champaign-Urbana, home of the University of Illinois, were turned on full blast during the broadcasts. Many persons placed portable ra- GERMANS Continued from Page 1 agreeing to set up a WEU defense pact which would link a rearmed West Germany with Britain, Fi-jinee, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The ministers also nearly finished a treaty designed to free West Germany from its 10-year .status as an occupied country. The parliaments of each country involved must ratify the agreements before they become effective. Army Controls Inform anus said the foreign ministers of the United States, Canada and .seven WEU nations settled yesterday on strict controls for the new German army until 1998. Without unanimous consent of ihfi WEU, the Germans cannot have more than .six motorized divisions, four tank divisions and two mechanized infantry divisions, plus special corps troops. The air force will be limited to 1,326 fighters and m e d i u m bombers. The naval ! force will he allowed coastal patrol j boats. Manufacture of atomic weapons will be prohibited. The ceiling on France's army was raised from 14 to 18 divisions. All that remained to be clone —except for the Saar—was to put into shape an agreement for bringing West Germany into the North | Atlantic Treaty Organization. The i 14 NATO allies were slated to ineet. late this afternoon to invite "the Germans to join. , Rich Area The importance of the Saar's 1,000 square miles comes from its rich coal mines and vast steel mills. That wealth has been tied -closely to France since the end of World War II, but the 900,000 Saar- landers have strong bonds of language and manners with Germany. The territory was German before World War II but is now self-governing. French and German experts have nearly reached common ground on a plan to place the Saar under the control of the seven WEU nations until a final German peace settlement. Meanwhile, German political parties in the territory would get the right to contest elections. This is now denied ihem. ost popular N "Posve.r oi by Vincent r "I don't know wind would be my favorllp book." Mrs. ,C«ra<' .said, "but 'Gone with Ihe Wind' would NARA, Japan W — Women students nt Narn University have accused H prnfes.sor of touching Ihem l» drink whisky find "make love" behind closed door.s, the Asa hi Evening' News reported today. ASH hi said -100 women students a I the university held a protest rally yesterday and adopted a resolution calling for ouster of Prof. MtiRoshiro Abe on charges of Immoral conduct. 1 The coed, 1 ; snld the -Ift-year-old I psychology professor had offered boiler grades in return for their fiivnr.s. I'volcssor Abe- c»ll«tl the ohs\vgcs "ridiculous," i certainly be one of them. I just i read nil kinds." i While she can't read all the , book^ that come into the librtiry, i --lie dives si",\n \\iem nil nnd be[ comes familiar with the contents j of eiich — and she can tell you j.soiMfMhinu about every one of them iiiicl recommend one for you if you're six or fiO. FOR CITY ATTORNEY I shall deeply appreciate your vote and vtiui' support on November 2, IDS I. W. Vole Tor ,1. \V. "Hill" Steinsiek Attorney Pulilksvl lulvtM'list'imMil • for by .1. \V. 16 Huks Slain In Uprising MANILA wv -Sixteen Huk rebels iuui tour soUJiei-K were: killed yo.s- terduy in n fhireup of the Philippines' subsiding Communist-led rebellion. The Philippine urmy reported n patrol was ambushed near Sarnpa- loc. in Quezon province southenst of Mnnlia. U WHS the blonrliest incident in (he resistance fi^htinn since mid-1953. The sudden attack punctured earlier Kovernment claims thni me rebellion had ended. Heavens, doesnt she know about TUMS? tu' to iimke more certain the discovery of subversives, to .speed their removal from influent ml pn.M- tion.s. and lo mete out to them let;al punishment?" Here's an easy way to pay for AUTO INSURANCE With ;i si' Lumbermen?. itnmlh iiolirv ( astu Cnnipan> . . vim MilH Ihr nn- tmul cost in iwn. Von Gel ... • Personal srrvtrc (mm vonr lo- rn) siKi-nt • A standard insiirnm-e cmitnirl • I'lipxrellrd r <» a s I - to - rc.iM claim service • I'n(|iirMionfd financial'il- itv And. M 11 ' join with tliou>;iiul> of other careful drivers who have rereived annual dividend .savlno. 'Ba.srd on present premium for IcmeM rate classification and our current policyholder - dividends for )i a hi lily msurancr satisfying; financial Uosipttixsibiltly law r«- f oodt j? heartburn, iwthing beau a roJl of Turns in pocket or ou For Turns give record rtJiei ftftra Kntr HQRiAch and acid indigestion —yet can't over-alkalize, can't came acid rebound, Turn* require no water, oo mixing— t!l ^ e tbtro anywh«r«. Get Turn* today. See Ui For Thi« Six-Month Policy RAYMOND ZACHRY Insurance Agency ll« S. Spronri SI. I'linnr. 3-KS1S LET'S FACE FACTS Here's whnt I'rall Rommel's election as (iovcrmir will mean In you! The Democrats haven't done anylhinir In win Arkansas. They've had this slate in their hip pocket for years. Arkansas has gone "clown Ihe line" and down the list until now we're at the bottom. The Republicans haven't done unydiinK lt> Rt'l votes in this stale because there's no sense "in btilliiiK your bead against a brick wall." NO STATE CAN .MOVE FORWARD AT A STAND-STILI,! LOOK AT THE RECORD! For twenty years. Federal aid lias been Ihe difference between feast and famine for all the stales. HOHDKKUNK STATUS—Those states where both political parties are "courting votes"—are the states thill get Ihe big share of Federal aid. Hera use both parlies, in their effort to gain voles, work lo earn those votes. "It's the squeaking wheel that gels the grease!" NOW . . . The Federal CnvernniiMit. under a Republican administration, is pledged lo a fifty-billion-dollar road program for the nation. HOW Ml'CH GREATER on; SHARK wn.i, iii: IF BOTH PARTIES ARE "COl'RTING" Ol'K VOTES. LET'S BE SENSIBLE! We need to be courted! We need all the aid we can get! We've been ground to the bottom under one-party domination! We can move up ONLY WITH BOTH PARTIES SEEKING OUR VOTES. VOTE FOR YOUR STATE VOTE FOR ARKANSAS! ELECT PRATT RE^MEL GOVERNOR Pol. Adv. jwlrt for h.T Ml**. Comity Republican Committee, Wrlch Foster, Chairman. -jj Accident Reported B. J. Rickman of Paraigmlci and Charles Richardson of Ely theville were involved in a traffic accident at the Safeway Parking lot yesterday' afternoon causing .some damage to ihe Richardson car, according to police reports. Afflick Wins Award W. A. Afflick of Ely theville was one of a group of mid-south Fedders Air Conditioner distributors who won free trips to Nassau by v i r t tie of their sa les records. riios in yards or open windows, Motorists, joining in the community project to rid the cities of th« birds, parked under trees in which hundreds of the starlings roosted, and turned on car radio sets. Some political candidates volunteered loud-speaker trucks. The recorded starling distress call, described a.s sounding Hkfl "eeeeek, eeeeek. eeeel," was ob- 1 taind in cooperation with policn and the University of Illinois. The police captured a starling— which was no problem because of the thousands in the cities. Tha univerMiy's Electrical Engineering; School strung the bird up by tha heels, then cut a tape of it's distress call. Larry Stewart, manager of radio station WDWS. which made, th« broadcasts, said residents reported good results. But, he added, hcj didn't know where the departing birds went. "We're keeping the distress caH on file in case they come baclt,'* j he said. "I CAN EAT ANYTHING NOW!" So writes R. W. WINDROW of' Rockdale, Tennessee, after using DR. LONDON'S PRESCRIPTION ... (he wonderful new formula for relief of upset stomach—gas acidity . . . conilt. pation and faulty digestion. Many j ulcer sufferers find relief from DR. ! LONDON'S. ! TRY DR. LONDON'S PRESCRIPTION TODAY ... find out for yourself what 90 many others know *bout this relief giving formula — DON'T DELAY ... get a bottle of DR. LONDON'S DO* at YOUR LOCAL DRUG STORE r as seen m THAT PAN-AMERICAN LOOK Some night when you're counting sheep try reckoning how many it takes to clothe the hundreds of I housands of men who wear Pan- American tweeds! And if you're still awake, you might consider the thousands of miles wool buyers travel for Hart Schaffner & Marx to select just two very special kind of sheep. One breed is found in the cold, windy Punta region of southern Chile. Their wool is rugged as all get out and resilient as a mainspring! The other kind live a languid life in the more temperate Corriente district of the Argentine. Their wool is silky. Blend the two together and you know why Pan-Amerinans are soft yet hardy ... why they tailor perfectly and hold their shape. And now, Hart Schaffner & Marx adds new Lightweight Pan-Americans . . . 20% lighter! See them in new, Charred Tones. In fact, come in arid meet the "family." SCHAFFNER a MARX IT'S A CUSTOM OF THE COUNTRY! More Americans wear Pan-American topcoats than topcoats of any other individual fabric. In the new season's Charred Tones, NEW KINO OF SPORT COAT! It's the new, handsomely comfortable, Lightweight Pan •\mericantweed. Available in new Charred Tones, slacks to complement, NEVER BEFORE AVAILABLE thehandsome new Lightweight Pan-American suit is over 20% lighter than standard. Less weight, less bulk— and no scratch. If Its For A Man-Mead's Will Have It! f*N.lM«lCAH-r« US '« Of

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