The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1935 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1935
Page 7
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FRIDAY. JANUARY 4, (ARK.I coujreR ; : NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rat* i>er line tor coasecu- live Insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per lino 10o Two times per line per day .. 08* Three times per line per day .. Cd« Six times per Itaf per day .. 05r Month rat* per line 60o Minimum charge 80o Ads oracrta tor tare* or 6l» ilnies and stopped before expire •.ion will be charged for the num iBi.ol times the ad appeared'iana 'dustnieru ol 0111 aiaae. All Classineo advertising cop) iubmlited by persons residing-out <ide 01 die cuj 01U si tie accom aumud oy cash. Kales may. b- •asllj computed Irom aoove tacit No responsibility will Be taKeii tor : more Uian one Incorrect in sertlon ol anj classified ad. AaveriiaioB ordered (or trregula aueriiaas take ihe sue uine ; r»ii Keai Estate :v For Sale ''^, :'^ FARM— Bargain Mlsefeiippj Coini» ty.|v(soutr(cnst Alissoijri) 320 acre£ saridy loam' 3 'rnllos 'west Charles- ion . on U. S. Higjuviiy CO at junc- tlofVlof 55. Goqd" house' : and barn; lalf-t«nant nou/5e. : : fricc $8500 1-4 ;: cash,' "balance " te'rais. Other larger and. smalter farms. B«cc B, .GlUooly, Charleslon, Rfo. .'.' SALE OR TRADE 1 acre, nice collage on- gravel road 1 raile from Blythevllic. will take ; cottage or. :\^il; r payment. Thomas Land Co. , 'SALP Terms Reasonable ETHEL, ;B. THOMPSON Caruthersvllle, Mp. •;';] FOR QUICK SALE BO.' acres with SO acres in ciiUlva-- .tlon, black santi loam 4011, H'eil drained, ope srriall house and small bafn, -3-i mlje, o£ : good', store and poStptlice, 8 moritii* high school, Cfl{fpn gin and'- Uhret) hundred yargs of grayer./Jjlgriway; rMiife ba)^ and better -peri acrc v .cach ; year. j i Price >3d-per acre cash " worth miich move money, 1 3?.. years in ena Shoo iWincEs; when otherB lail, iry >' Simon P. 'Lee, ! .' • 111 bo. R. .B, ( Bt : . Prpgressive ; SKoe Shop •/>' WE THANK YOU! ror'your 193* ' patrciieK': art'tt hope w serve you iii '1B35.' : : . ,::• lO'l S. 2nd Street Business Directory FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR PLOOr. SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. Cobb Undeftaking 1 Co., \ttr SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE " COPI>EK Saves fuel at small cost Arkmo Lumber Co, T us m> VOUK ,1NI> MACHINE WORK BOILER - DRAGLINE - We Cany A 1 Full Line of Shafting .'.fJIONK SOS . •• .•••' 80S BLYTHJSyjIirK MACHINE WORKS . . ..... .Opera tea ny •:•. .• B..F, ty'sftr. , Roy _W<mted To Biiy : COTTON Vl.AN'l'lNO SEE1> and \Vliite. Yellow or 'Mixed CORN ana SQV 1JKANB See Us For Best. Prices • Burold aternbers nt STEKNBERG COTTON CO. Autotiiotive 300 A^iJKs orEN miles west of i_ roads .011 Ijotlt siciei Webb, flotcl Noble. Birnill FURNlKUKi . , . - rtccgrutect, water fnrnlshccl. 30J or IS Spocial puces on milo Accessories. Tires & Tube*, .Guaranteed Ual- lerks $3.75 exo., Auto Tops & Side Curtains $1,50 ,,,,, Alcohol 15o eal- Car Heaters; $j.5o' up, Cylinder Heads, lloor mats. ' ' Wolf. Avian ' 128 j>latu St, : l _ Closing out. Kntiro Etock ot BOOTS At PRESENT WHOLESALE Prices Hubbard Hdw. Co. , AUTO GLASS >KR'-MO LUMBER CO. "" 'PHONE « (BATTERIES RECHARGED' '15c GUARANTEED PHONE 308—HOAD SERVICE Starler & Generator Bmvico Used Auto Parts Cheap Harper Auto Electric Service This ad is worth i!5c. on ballory tervice H mile -from Gateway Eiorc on Highway 18. ,SI'KCIA1,S" r-reslone, 'Alcohol, Heaters, t)p 'rnslers.- WlllcrJ Batteries. ' . ET ' US : PREPARE YOU WINTER L Huhbat-d Hdw. Co, AUTOMOTIVE DEPT, Plione 476 Phor.e POH FOR BATTERY.., SERVICE 'Ren Ctune 209 W. Ash-—Phone 3. Kur Kent LANJ) Sec Jew <i|w|-(rm'ilt ughls and c. Mov-tsrii Tlue? ROOIH ap^rltnenl-, fnrnlsticd or unfurnished, p. si- mon, Phono VU4. MI lUom Nlcc'ly APARTMENT, frigldairc. Children. M5 Iff. Mali]. cold wat'ei- C. L. Freeman , MODERN S _ housj;, uou ch|o)i-,«awb». c.ill 250 I'WQ nicely f'UlUtTailEl) IJED^ ROOMS moi'.crately priced. Mw. B. A. Pfher. 101 E. Davis. M-plt-30 Two VXirtiislied u«l "Hcoifis? 1P11 Phono (0?. 31-c-lf Jill ^ \YAHM ROOM lti~iToi(eni, ltir~ MCO healed homo. Men or business couplu preferred. I'lione D34 Today's Markets Chicago Wheat aiK'H high low 097-.B 1001-4 00 035.5 U31.8 W. J.KNOX Having made all kinds ot shoes for ABNORMAL feet., can'repau shoes to correct ABNORMAL reev. CoaJ .(& J/ BIy Coal Is ISIauk Bui 1 Treat You IVWlc, Fill Tfp ; N'oV " JOHN BUCHANAN • PHONE 10V PARKS Bffi f COA¥cO PHONE 017 FOR .'. "Hi-Lo Alabama" , "Energy, llUnois". "Black.. Royal Kentucky!* . .CLEAN CpAL— LOW PRICED . Why Buy/CoalTrom Us? i — 30 years In business'. i— Quality .of coal handled. i— Prompt ; service. '' '•:' i— Courteous, treatment;; .;)— You get 'all' you pay'-.for. 'Quality Group" distributed bj ™__ GAV * BILLINGS ' You .b4vei tried the reel r Now buy tiie BEST Cpal&Feed ; ' Phone 1B7 Farmer's Cash Feed ; ap4 Se«d Co. Joseph W. Parser, Prop. WE ; CANT. iSEIA ^ ' THE i VCOAL ; jO WE JUST SELb THF! BE& jiJlOU-PHONB $50 Reward" For < uiformation leadiiig-. to arrest antl conviction of'spartles 'who 5|riashea Guard's windqw Motutav floy; a. J. L. Guard and V K Tomllnson,- Ontel -Merchants Pa' _ __ ___ O; family WHi'ts ''to 1 Fi'Wcrop next year. Two : Aieh ! ari<|'.TOirtah n ; family. Excellent recommendation. George .Smith,; iTOS^Hcarn St KoWnsoh addition. •:' r',:- • '; .' VHl quilt rn, "Work nestly .done. Mrs. Leonara ^Holt; S. Ully St. • •• Lost *1«\KEWAKD lor return of man's w<ie.-\yr ? i> around 'qapiffi-owrcoal, tart, glov.ds, •groy atclson Jiiif m:d Ta , kwi ' b S-'">sinte ill Armory Exclusive Agents tor the oclBinai goimine MontavaUo Cpal?t Vvu <jtMi .^eu &l-iiita\i£ ' ArK. Anuirat'ite, jnmu!» ana •K.emnejt> Ccnis, l-iione <m OliV Ou/\L OO. see Us A|ipiJt Your Coal Blytheville: Gin Co. "Uiuliimt.- -Alabama'^ -tor bale HAT, t*e.:.! [ron Meaclo.'Clottihig C o.,.at com try cub dance -Monday i i )l • " > .,. onday i i 8)ll ' ,,"f- l> • To for Sale-Model T Truck in E ood conthtion. Btijicrlot- Coa) and Co., N. Illway 01 & Cotton _ 'l-c-k-8 4350 equity on " iaJTl'LYMOUTH 1 ,nf-, l ^, C ,° A P H ' F ' U Cumberland. 11013 Walmil. a.p-k-7 WILL TRADtT i25U~diir~bill on Plymouth or DcSoto for good used car. B-JX 035, 6t€de. : Mo'" »im|K FURNISHED ' apartinenl in good '.rcsldeAtlal .section Call ''' POOD PIANO by reliable ^'Plionc'S^l-W. • M. Kent, Main.. , • . • ID \v ^__ tistiicss, slocl;, nxuircsrcTi^, B ro- m-y. Daiieing. $306. Living room, parking space. Reasonable Sunset Inn; stecje. ; •, . ..SWA, Puppies, little mies. Mrs. \V.,E. McCullotigh, Carolyn Avc., Prlcte'Addition. ia-p-k-1-15 JHVHITK; ilcc ,'of .hiiUoii'sX'SB.'Iper Bouli^f No, ovcrwlls •.wiuilcd ' Courier 1 ~, News. > ' ii,l, Ull *nraod __ _ / nil. Ing inacliiii' BARGAINS In Used Heaters. Hut-bard .Hdv.; Go . . .-C'.aijd add,••.£, IJI.HIIJIIL. Slcintierg•'.' CoJlon I Company, 'Phone 24., 8u ktf 100 11). sack o( POTATOES Thursday .morning. Owner may i wvo W1 tanie by:calling; 05? s J lor l^Hfii -i cation and paying' for" adl • v -*"-.>v. &. Position Wanted 7SSI - 5 TEN °ORAPHIC work at aW 306 SMB. (271 : .UCO''1J|)D' '' . javn 1293 -lm UOti J35I? 1370 1261)' 1270 tlosed sioaily nl.'im; uh- 1'n cka ril I'hlllllw COI|> St. Loiils,San rrnnclsco BCI'.S •Humliird ol N. j Tc.vis Co U. &.. Jjl|H'!Hli'{ . U. B. tfotlite Chicago Corn lilgli low May 60 3-8 60 7,8 111) 1-H (SO a- 0-H Oft 1-8 81 3--t 01 1-8 "losing Stock Prices Nellie Uwyn and Ar NEW OJIIJvMNS, Jim. -I .p.k.$l' tll " s " s B |lllcii H8 mid l/wn Asso_„_ elation, Pevpeluul, 'arc wanted' lo , . The- cotton mui'itoi «-,!.•! (|ulcl mill •-HKW. VOKK. Jan. ,—^,, rooms, liov a«0 ' a l>F«i' (n the dianccry court, for h uj \v AV^ tht ch^V!i^\viin m«t,-(pi ,.f mu. i\: .majority or stocfe dutlinwt to- jvst«iU>v. open high - low dose 1M5 1355 I2TO laTl 12U7 latin 13VU 12711 1281 131)3 1377 1281 1205 IOT olosrd .steady at I2U3, oil 1 . day foliowiiia FvMlilcut ., llireo months n(tcr the (Into hcra t^RNlSHKU AFART- A- 1. u Anaconda Coppe Bethlehem stcfl of, 1 to iinbwei 1 tlic t;am])latni nicd MENT, 200 >'W. Kentucky,'' MM ngHiiist them |jy union SSavlngs Building anti i.osji Dated this 37th duy of Dcccin- 103-!. operaiion for - dicjti5 opens ap new field onv'ersataba- 3 Room iVrAUTMIi.N'l', nicely tur- Cillos C'oca Cohi Aiiicriciiii Tiur r - OoJicral. Electric General Motors ..,.. .IiUcrnnllomii Harr'cVlrr McKesson-liobblns '' R. 1.. CiAlNES, Clrvk. By Elliott jjiu'inln, ucpuly. Partly furnished Orleans' Cotto with good licatins syslcin. Phone Comfortable ROOM with talh, 405 N. Broadway, Call 203-J. 200 ktf Retitl Courier News Woiil Atls. New- York Central GU/- GK'l'S THE DR01' ON TUNK! ) THIRE Y'ARE, MEN ! I TOLDJA T!V ') '= NOW, I ASKV-X, AINT \ (r PRETTY SWEU. T8E AB',6 \ TO GO THROUGH TH' JUNGLE / RIGHT AFTER A HARD RN , PEISOKIEK WOUUJ BE OP- GREAT SERVICE. 'SEE/ HE SHAKES TH 1 RAW, WATER OUT OF TH' TBEEsJl-'JHAKE IT )/ BEFORE WE PASS BENEATH ,^ :>\HARO.'/^ RIGHT AFTER A HARD RWN A' MOT ' '-^ HELLO THERE, E6S EYES! WELL I VOW6O ID (JSV6R CONftE, &UT BOOTS HAS -BEEN So' ' ttA OHW WASTIV1& MY TIME WJT ONE KAUST &E &ROM3HMNPEC? AMP ftrT VJHQ MA T TO OEPC V~ A VOUN& LAOV Or A- F6\N HOORS Ot- VtEASURE? GIRL I KNOW VJOULP LIKE T'WRING IT .,,. r ,,« w ,^ SO PA.R. AS T'fttTUALW-->. FLAW OSi ' " /ASH -TUBBS WHADDA VA MEAN, YBLLA? HAVE TO OURSELVES, WE HAVE TO KIDNAP PRINCE PHILBERT. SNEAK HIM THRU THE BULGRAWAN CRAZy/ fl^j'T DONE. .. SOLDJERS. WE'D ) IS THS MATTER WITH BE SHOT, IN TEM . J Vou ? ARE! <feU VELLA? VOU VVANT TO* WELL, WHAT,IN VAPPWQ'ABOU COME ON, LET'S ME VgLlA, you NOSED POTATO »«/.|fcr 00 ANYTHING FOP. JADA 1 ear AS MIJCH STUMMICK AS flNysuroY. I'M— MINUTES. WE'D- ALESMAN SAM;- rMTefiR.\BV-V .._ UTTTL& FOsTfefi., A GOOD SUGGESTIOiY, BUT— IJy Small IT WftS ' . i< r I I'DtRV A BOX OF DR .PURPL& PELLETS FOP PEOPLE". SO DO&&OME. . To' Keep -ir~— 'et^ ftNV MORE 1 BOSS' WE. NEVER fci^F i^ ' l<^\ FRECKLES' AND HIS FRIENDS HIS'IDEAS "'ARK COI OOSH, AFTER -Ml. IDEA HAP BETTCR You BACK, I»J CASE SOMETHING GOES I

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