The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1937
Page 3
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FRIDAY, APRIL 2,' 10.17 BLYTUEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS '~ r '~ : PAGE TTfREE Lvixora Society — Personal Will Give Cily Deed lo 612 Acre Tract as Recreation Area Rale of Seeding Soybeans Depends on Variety, Me I bod I'retEiil Program I S'nlr-:— This Is Hie Ihlrrt aml| !| ;l . i ,,f (]„-,.£ :irlleli>.s on soylirans .The grower that isels t\ fair .st. with soybeans will break The Glee Club, Junior Dramatics as ;[ C oinmerd;il trap, pivpurctll ground early, "tallow lo kill weeds club, mid band under the dlroc- | Lr iiu> Courier News from In- Urn! level soil, plant tin: rlylit lion of Miss Hill, Mrs. I'olsin, and i roiiuallnn ennurilcd by acknoivl- j variety. .shallow. using hiocitlntcil Miss Wallace, respectively, enter- j , ,i fi ,.,i aiilhnrllies mi llic subject, j seed, cultivate nt least twice, and taincd in the high school auditor- \ him Friday night at 1:30. [combine when fully ripe. .Such u The into of seeding soybeans; program will insure success/and JONESBORO, Alt.—Tlie adoption of a project which will pro- Vide Craiglieacl county with a park and forest reserve comprising G12 acres of beautiful rolling land just three lilies south or jouesboro was announced Thursday by Charles D. Prierson jr., president, of Ihe Younji Men's Civic club. The property, lying between Pine Hill cemetery and the Hoy Seoul grounds, already has been acquired and will be deeded to the city of Jonesboro and controlled by trustees for public use and benefits. A "biiy-an-acre" drive will be launched by the • Young Men's Civic club in the near future lo provide funds for a substantial payment on Ihe purchase price. Mr. Pi'ierton said. The young men's organization hoiws to have the propjrty entirely free of debt within three or four |, years. Beautiful Trad .The tract.-one of the most beautiful plots of land in northeast Arkansas—was acquired for slightly less Ulan five dollars an acre b} truslees who. will deed it to the cily of Jonesboro. The young men's club lias to assume responsibility for paying for She park and forest reserve and will seek the assistance other citizens toward providing facilities long needed .by'jmiesboro arid Craigliead county. Returns from cleared land and timber on the tract will within a few years, greatly exceed the purchase price, according lo engineers and forestry experts who have surveyed 11. and will make possible great improvements within a short time. 400 Aeres in Trees Acquisition of Hie park nnrt forest reserve will make available to citizens of Jonesboro and vicinity a recreational site of unusual beauty and accessibility which .will be increasingly valuable in years to come. About 400 ot Hie ei2 acres are heavily wooded with pine and hardwoods. A project already has baen arranged calling for improvement of the timber stand by the stale forestry service—the setting out of 80 acres of black locusts, the construction of wood trails, and pro- leclion of the entire tract from fire. ,: Lake Is I'orsiblc The reforestation project calls for 1 the planting'of many walnut | iyn-. and tiilip-noplnr also. These ^J^.'ojects will afford an outstanding example of forest treatment and iianagement, aiding in the rcestab- lishmenl and retention ct lumber indirslries in this section of the state. Higginbolham creek runs through Ihe tract and there is an excellent site for construction of a dam which would create a fine lake for swimming and boating. Ah excellent house is located on the Iract with a deep well with a motor pump and good [arm buildings. The farm land is now being operated and would yield a substantial income to be devoted to improvements or toward payment of Ihe purchase price. Excellent prospects from a substantial income from forestry operations arc indicated by" government figures on black locust cultivation. These figures show that an average profit of ten dollars ]:cr acre per year is derived from black locust cultivation, with th first cutting in 15 to 20 years. The Glee Club's annual operetta will depend on liie variety and! show a xlmilile increase in the was a fashion show, the scene ol'.the mciliod of planting. The rec-' rwp the following year. which 'was Madame Laxarre's ex- j ommcnded yellow-needed varle-j jtmslvc shop for women. ! tii-.s, thn Helta, Arksoy, and Mam- HOT MIES 21 'Grmlhiii'd From l'n«i> II The Dramatics Club presented icxi, iMacoupin lor late seedlnij) He! -Tracher!" The band furn- ora all of about music same size, ' :ri|?o Olympic lor Ihe entertainment. 1 much .smaller than llic Medium: Brown. If planted in '21 Inch to: 2-J inch row-:, best yields will bu j All local bridge players are be-'secured if a bushel of .seed is j HB invited lo participate in Ihe planted per acre. If .seeded solid i ixth annual World Bridge Olym- [ wilh a grain drill, then rc- Mary Ida Van Ansdall Bride of Mississippian G'AUUTimnSVlU.E. Mo.— Mary Ida VunAusclall of this cily and (iljor;!e G *°™ r uf Amory, Miss, «^ married on December 25, 19:ib i the. local high school, class of 1932. he received his earlier education. H ies. Last year 65 different comi-imcrclal cultures as to liow ti> usi lies were represented among the them. Don't get the seed too wet. 206,000 people who played the CuillviiUiif,' llic Crop seme 10 hands at the .same >liour j Assuming Unit, we now have and the same minute. This year's'our soybeans planted shallow, (not bands have been selected by ->'J , over two inches deep) on u level, of America's foremost bridge play- j well-tilled seedbed, our next priib- crs. For each of tile 1C hands Ic-m is lo keep (he weeds under these master minds of contract control. In case a heavy bridge^ have decided correct bid- crusts Ihe ground before ding and play, and if a player i beans act up, a rotary hoe shoultl reaches the correct final contract.! fee used promptly lo prevent the and plays his hand correctly, lie :cored a par. All players who are interested in further details ot Ihis annual bridge classic arc invilcd to communicate with' Mrs. Hudson. Mr. and Mrs. .le.ssc Brown entertained ^ the Osceola-lll.vlheville- Luxora Club at Iheir home Tues- lay evening will! a bridge-dinner. Hire. S. L. Gladish and Mrs. R. : . Bryant won club prizes. . Mrs. Charles Mifflin and Bob Gillespic won high guesl prizes. Mrs. George Crartdock was hosi- ers lo six tables of bridge in her home Saturday afternoon. High score was held by Mrs. R. W. S'ichols. second high, Mrs. Thomas P. Hudson and cut prize went io Mrs. Mattie Williams. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Smith re- uder rain the :!(! the . . . beans from "breaking their necks" whsn (he growing sprout contacts the crust. If planted in rows 22 indies to 21 inches apart, a multiple row cultivator should be used, giving the beans at least two cultivations. All .shovels should be of the duck-fool and knife type, .set to run very shallow. if seeded solid with the grain drill, then Ihe first cultivation should come as the third jet of leaves is opening. A light, splke- tootlied harrow (set straight), a rotary hoe, or a weecler may be used for tillage. The cultivations should never be .started except after ten In the morning on a bright day, and the rows should be worked cross-wise. A team or light tr.ictor may be used for power. The second cross-cultivation of solid plantings should follow in a week or ten days, dcpcnd- ing on weather conditions. This attended Mississippi state college at Hlarkville. Miss., where lie received his degree. For several years he has b?en employed as a government surveyor, working tolween here and Memphis, l-'or (he nasl few weeks, he has been working near I'ortagevillo am! New Madrid, expects to be transferred to Memphis within a few (lays, whore lie and Ills briilc will make theh iiomp. 'urned Tuesday after taking their j will probably be all the cultiva- ;randson. Clarence Crawford, back'lions possible as Ihe to Columbia Military - beans should Institute grow too fast to permit of more ' Loses Appetite A'ter Drinking; Gallon of Milk "Snowball." a dark-hued nefiro, fell short of his boast that he could drink a gallon of buttermilk and follow it with two pounds of meat but his feat in guzzling the milk culilles him (o some kind of recognition In Ihe opinion of Ellis Brothers, grocers, at whose First slreft store he turned Ihe Irick, last night. John Iloliman. Frisco crew foreman, bought the bnllcrmllk and meat but (he negro, after! downing the milk in 12 minutes could store away but thrce- tiuarlers of a pound of meal. H'.e nii'inl)i<r.s of the House were all in thc-lr places. The press yul- I lory, re-in forced by Ihe presence of | lending editors from all over llic country, wiis crowded. Wlls';m Sounds k.Tinian lu Nation H was an nwcd gnllurlng, sllcnL in anticipation us the dallci'lns of n cavalry escort, plainly heard on the iiaraiifiu outside the Capitol, gave nolle? that the President was arriving. Kvery person jainmnl into Die chamber rose as ive.sldeitl Wilson entered the brilliant hall, lie WILS glv:m a spontaneous and sustained ovation. "The President of the United States!" announce;! (lie speaker us Mr; wllwin usmule;! '.;> the place appointed. As t)ie sound of (lie gavel rtii'd away, the-hushed audience resinned thoir scats. Any stranger would have chosen Wilson us the loader if he hail looked down on dial gathering. There was a gravity and distinction In his bearing thai marked him as 111-. 1 voice and inspiration of « great ocople. He looked Inches Inllei 1 In bis Immaculate dress. A spirit ol serious apprehension of all that luj before him seemed (o sit upon his founlenance. He was pale, for lie had come to Ihat moment fhrougl great travail of mind and heart. He Uowrd bis thanks for the evidence Dial those present were rcadj to go all (he way with him. His eyes took In the scene, rested a moment, on llic faces of his cabi- net comrades, swept lh<> pnseanl of military and diplomatic uniforms, ami then rested for it brief period on the gallery wlinro ciK'flur- ngrmcnl mid love Ix'nmcd from his wife nnd (Uniglitors. I-YOHI that \ Intimate uiul reavjiirlng iglimro he tiinii'd l« llic mamisi'ri]>l' ho held I In Ills hands, and an.air of nilm i and conlldenin- settled upon him. j Tlie .spirit ol th<> ,. 0 ..'r and die pro- I pliel and the n B hin- wi-ro up:m him. He .spoke dearly niH saliMimly. In triHBiices so vnwulnr thai "they <1 the li'iiiflc cvi'iit.s which had ciil- nlmili'd in the newssliy for war. I'ho .spirit of llic Oovpiin'mr-r flash- from his eves us hi' proflshm'd: "I'hc world must b' made fiife for IciiUKTHi'y!" limll DlTW IViirs from -ill ii n 1 coinvic] war—why HUM uo (i^lit? lie answcre:!: "I-\jv lemocracy. for Ihe right of those volc».' in tlu'ir o\vn governments .'or (he rights ; iml liiivvtlw of .small I'.alion.s, [(»• H uni\vi;:ai doiiiinlan of I'lfihl by M:I-II concert of free powers in shall ljnii<; 1)mu> un -i world at last free!" The cliuiiibcr iH'.-alliud its approval anil consecration. Wli5n lie came lo (lie climax; "Then' K oiif observed the tall and commanding Chief Justice rise to his feet—he looked 10 feel toll—und lead Ihe ehcerlng with wlileh the clinmber rani;. As Im apjilaudMi. his face mcn'ed convulsh'Ply an<l yVcat tears ran down III* checks. The Chief Justice was not alone, There were not many dry eyes, 'I'll-. 1 die imd brcu cast. Four days later Confess declared that « slate of war existed bstween the United SInli'.s and the Imperial Clennan government. As the President was leaving lie chamber, Secretory Houston 'cords that he sat:! lo the Pivslcnt: "If It will islve you any com-. "I. I can tell you lh;it I have et'ii walfliliiK Ihe Stiprenis Court ii'th'i's. On the .spot iiiuinlmoiis- ' they have Blven you a favor- bli> venllei as lo the coast It u- .nnallly of your propasid , . . and is fiMlaln that the Court will Jvo a [ni'oiabli^ veixllct on any pro>i>: ul n?ccssury am! dcslslied |o s'at llii 1 (iermaus." I'lcsiilent Wilson then returned o tbi' Wlilfc House. Instead of the pplausc uf the people making him nippy. l!i« I'ro.sldunt was depress- d in the liniment of reaction, "Think what It meant," he sad- choice we tan 1:01 make, we incapable ol nmUng. We will not choose the path of .submission." nil Have You Visited Our Nt-w Alwlmi St'rvii'c SlntionV White Hose CiasotlnK Cioodj-Mr '1'lres Wlllurd llallcrlrs Itiiiul Srrvlee. On - Has - Tires - Wrecks 21 iitiuii SI:KVH;I: Call K» I'm- I'rouipl Servlco Tom Litllc Chevrolet Co. ly said to Joseph Tumulty, Ills private' secrotnry, "tiip applause ot. the gathering In Ihc- Capitol ami' (he people lining Ihe strccts.fw we returned from the Capitol! My message (onlglii was a mts-sa^e of death lo our young men. How .strange to applaud thai!' And TiimnUy records thnt after dwelling on the tragedies hs knew would follow the declaration of war. Woortrow Wilson let, his head fall on the- cabinet (able and sobbed as If he had been a child. Rend Courier News Want AtU mm SEED 1). ft ]'. 1,'. No. II BJ7K Per Ton $« v l''.0.1i. Number Nine 2rid Year From FApfilincnl Sl;itioi! .Miuinimlli Hrown Hoy llcann I*rlf(*s nr:isnn;il}]i' C. C. LANGSTON D.P.1.-11 FIRST YEAR SEED D..P..U1 PEDMEEDSEED SHED CORN — COW PEAS —'SOY IIEANS l''OU HEST PRICES SEE ' Now l.ncutnl ril 101 North Scconil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON FDWAKtIS. rroprlctor All malic* of tlebullt Tyiicwiitcra. Adainj; BlachlnM nn4 Cnlctil.'ilors—ItcjiahliiR—rarts—Ulbbons after he spent the Easter holidays .'H.'gardloss of Ihe method of with them. . | planting, the cultivation of soy-j Miss {Catherine Tennyson was beans is imperative both to con- ! 'be guest of her sister, Mrs. li'ol weeds and to secure best i Charlie Thomas, over Easter. , yields. Harvesting llic nipenrd Crop One of the reasons for recommending Ihe Delsta. Afamlqxi,, Position Arkso - v ' lnn<l Macoupin) varieties ' : " due to tlieir early-maturing .rvesting soy- very simple if Ihe var- Sweeten it with Domino' Refined in U.S.^i. Quick icings Fruits,cereals 'and fillings', 'Iced drinks. Gordon >Wright Seeks I, CAniJTilFRSVlLLE, Mo. — T!ie' ch " rilcl . eri s"«. Harvesting soy- annual city election will be heltl ls iiere Tuesday., since it Is an "off lit'le interest. election there is In Ward 2, H. P. Tbweatt, incumbent, is Wri(|ht icly used matures before late fall rajas and short days arrive. These recommended varieties are also excellent for non-shattering, a very important factor in the suc- "jj : cessful growing of soybeans. The P re:; ent development of the small Ward 3, Gage Knight, incumbent, combine has removed most of the opj: b. lion, and James unopposed. is cheaper, fasler. __-eeiec-j bmc _ ea\cs, aiC |S<lves more bcanSj and vetunis t | )e I pods and straw to the soil. In older commercial-growing areas, the cost of combining is around S2.50 per acre. Small plots up to Albert Bolton was fined S25 on I 1 fcw acrcs can be harveslcd by as Hie beans when ri|>e will Fined for Theft charge of petit larceny by Mu-'-' nicial Judge Doyle Henderson this freil out r apl<lly. Slge'rt Gels 30 Years for Pemiscot Slaying CARUTHERSVITAE,—How- ard Sigcrt, 22, was convicted of first degree murder and sentences to 30 years in the penitential 1 ) for his part in the fatal slabbing pf Leroy Johnson. 21. who diec following o fight with Sigcrt and Sigert's father-in-law. Isom Baxter, last Christmas Eve at a rural Q.apca hall. " Sigert pleaded self-defense, slating he used the knife lor his own protection. The state produced testimony, however, which disclosed Ihat all of the wounds were inflicted in Johnson's back, nnd lhal at least four of them •were sufficient to have proven falal. Tlie case was heard before Judge U. I. Cope of Poplar Bluff, a change of venue having been taken. Baxter is now out under bond of $3,COO pending his trial. morning. Fifteen dollars of nne was suspended. Bond posted by Jesse .lames on a charge of disturbing the peace was forfeited and Ed Smith was fined S10 on a public dninkenncM ! charge, the fine being suspended. Fields of lava, "sputter cones" volcanic craters, strange caves and natural bridges have been . covered in southeastern Idaho. dis-j The 1936 rice crop of Japan Is estimated at nearly 21 Vi billion pounds. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. S. w. Holman, Plaintiff, vs. NO. GWG Louise Holman, Defendant. The defendant, Louise Holman, is warned lo appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, s. W. Holman. Dated this 12th (lay of March. 1937. •v . H. M. CRAIG. Clerk By A. F. Smith, D. C. P. Cooper (Ally, for pltf.) Gene Bradley (Ally. Ad LJtcm). 13-19-2G-2 Wrecker Service - Gas & OH Open All Night Phillins Service Center Phones 777 - 810 COMING Many e are sick For government Loan Cotton and CO. 112 Soulh Second 1'hones 28!) und 330-W Best Prices Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 Storage m m m m m •i TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. Absiracls, Lands & Loans E. M. Terry, frcs-and M?r. Phone 617 Blythcvillc, Ark. IMl'KOVE VUUK PROPERTY NOW We'll help you secure a FHA loan. Wall Paper Paints - Varnishes Auto & Window Plate Glass I5LYTHEVILLE PAINT anrl WALLPAPER CO. Glencoc Blilg. Phone 880 Announcing The Saveon Gasoline Company Tank Gar Station al Holland, Mo., will open on Salnr- <lay, April 3. The price of finality gasoline' will surprise yon. Another feature will I>e Cigarettes ;it SI.15 per carlon. Save at Saveon Gasoline Company Now On Special Low Terms Unless a mattress gives you better sleep, R's "no bargain." Many people have discovered that for .themselves. And that's why we say, "sleep on a Beautyrest. We believe you will be content with no other mattress after sleeping on a Beautyi'est. You will awake rested — refreshed! Prove that for yourself by taking advantage of our "Low Term 1 ' offer—but act quickly, as it is good for only a limited time.

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