The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1935
Page 6
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10 Flit IE! IN _"" Mosley Only Chick Starter Under Six Feel and He's' AtyDislrict One of Die (allest (cams ovor lo grace llio spajigles of llio Dlytlio- ville Jilgh seliool will face Uie Lenclwllle high school quintal tonight at (lie National Guard nr- inory in the opening gamp of the 1935 basketball campaign. Tim starling time Is 7:.?o. With. but one exception the slatting lineup will u<> composed of players of six feet or more in helghi. Only Hersliel Mosley, forward, who Is S feet 10 Inches, fulls shy of the marl:. Herman Koeliler, giant center, leads tlie group, standing C feet 5 inches. The others, Dick Tlplon, J. \V. Purlin, and G«ne Blackwell are six feet, or sllBhdy over. Robert Baxter, tiUnn headed center candidate, Is o feet I'.'j. Eddie Saliba, promising guard is about Hersliel Moslcy's height. John "Wimpy" Burns and Russell Mosley, forwards are the midgets of Uie bunch. Coach Carney fjisile has • been putting the squad through the mill since the holidays. Before school was dismissed a weok MS SJWJH drilling..maiiUy oni fiindamenlals Since Monday the boys have been brushing uo on their offense with much .. Improvement. Tills year's entry" promises (o furnish the fans with n .short pawing game. With such sluirn shooters as Mosley. Turtle and Tlptoii, et. al., nipping the ball ns per past performances the tcnm k expected io pack a scoring punch. Kpehlers great height likely v/lll come .hi handy, especially In play under (he basket. This tall youngster is capable of becoming one of the best centers in the state .•The. Chlckosairs probably will Uneup with Mosley and Purtlc forwards; Koehler. center; Tipton' and Blackwell, uuards. Marrtn/'Soak" Sanderson, coach ni pe I. mil referee tonight's till Anderson L, a former Ar* 0 ,,« .En effort is being made today to arrange for a preliminary game MOTrSrV? ^TTS^T BCl ""' == By |HarryGrayspn| It's about time the dear fathers of the aU-hl S h u S Ijivn Tennis Association ga\e that fighting little banty rooster, Bitsv Grant of Atlanta, 0 chance to slap a few sizzling basshne shots ..cross'. the ne ui Davk Cup phj The cocky lull* feller, who consistently has been o\erlookcd by the MB-IHSS. either should be selected lor Ins spring trjouts imler Coach Dick Williams, or Iheie sJiould b» a congressional Investigation imme fllately Ttie U s L T A made no bones about hlnlmg that It is up a tree *hert U comes lo roimdin^ im t strong Davls Oup , qua(| ° n P. Lett and Etoefen turning pro put the august bodj m a bl» hole n has been announced that Jounj blood would have to be re- led upon to carr s our colors through the inter zone rounds and. S.&.G5L * a ""-""tal Lord riionsy jam*. And he signed with one of Die learns In the National lyagiic, nt that! II Is difficult lo analyze w!ml might Jiave gone through Bach's mlntl as he weighed his chanros In both coaching fields. On one and lie had n clisticc (o make a nnmc for himself in rollc^ roiidMng—but (Jiefe wore hundreds of other coaches striving to l« I'op Warners, Knul* Jlocknr.s, Unwind Joneses, mid Andy Kms, tnitl iik eiiances for advancement wi'i'r prnblomatlral. No Alunmj Worries On the olher hnjid, n \nh nn a jjro coach offered lihn more money I competition in his field, du<> to Ihc Miiall nuinbrr of money teams ji< compared ivllh the collruf; snunits: and :i chance to develop a chnm- Iilonship pi-off.wlonnl team, whirl). U generally Is agrwd, Is ihn a-nir- of footlwli in (he United stulfia. The Im'lble nnnuiil i.lumiij score wouldn't be his if |,o JolHsd lit,, ,„•,> ranks. Jli; would be faced ,vlili ai> fnr his fallurf:.-; to tin lins front offlcn of llu: I'lrntc.s—but ur- guing wltli one man !•, a [ot cn.sldr than convincing a lavt'f-, imtp group of gra:iuaws who are howlln-j for your scalp that next year will be l:ellcr. Joe's actions umn lo he wn- surra. He has His raimurmdabl;'' wi trail of firs! looking out for Mrs.'if Village Rises fepidly; Old Shidiu/n Is !^ c i,jg [? c . buill HV AMI/fOS «IW)NNi:i[ MliA SfM'JcB S(a|f (.Viirrsinni'rnt LONDON.-- Although MIC K>,. cntii Olyi.ipi,; flumi's niv> Imokc-l ' . swimming .itadliiin, Wcyrlo ....i'k. tennis <r>iirts, u dozen nehls c;i>rmnm< t fur fnothalj uiii) ^occer, lee rlnk-i 'df, •, Rf Iriirk ovals, r,nd olhei 1 nrea.s on ' whlrli various sports are lo he held. I All tbis y. r l]l 5-J,000,000. l!:ic): In low, Uie jiowr-r.s whleh ilccldp wiurc llu; Olympics ar: : to I:" h;ld -A'ere d!vld«d lietwoon Hr- lin and Madrid. H«j-lin nnall'y WD.T j JH liios-: ilayK, /idolf Jjlth,- jj/nj I it'l coins to power, and no ' Plso in Njil1 l«wy clubs in ))"[(!, Bremen aii<l olh ; vai'i- llam- fcason tickets, $40.00; for ' KKum . C!OM. 524.4S; for Ihlrd-claw, $1025 ,cm ^^ o) !^t s xrr !ici ' :lti: lie n season ticket for one m ular kind of sport, such as I $10, HMordlnK to the claw of Ill-id mor- Liiuji n ; fom nothing shows lli'» iess of tlw Musis ,, 10 v f!it;t "'"I tiicy already ' , f > inrajiioimi, , i wasn't ijjilll Owmruiy usswtoci 1111 tlinr-s Hint tiicrr would | )t . Thcfc will );:. »".v. ihe N.,/1 ,-ov; „ na r ; "" '"IT" ' lre "'"'•'•s «*»l»sl Jews it, IH:'»V iilK'ady L S,, Urn, t'm, ';" J1 ""''"« I",tl" sanies l) M ,t R m , j, ; ,. Jews lilir-re ,,iso w Me|j.s, not- only in have ii r His CTJiir, „,,,! l: nthi.u?..,, but w conicsmiits U. U '!i,ry \,, r u«. . , llm cnnle.sls would i )( , | lr . I(i | n .Wany roiilitrlrs Kiili;!- iiul this.hurdle llnally h'ns ,tl«ui«l. and tliere nov/ (ions. Forty s of ? Itj loralion and h5 a certain mini- '"r sl:in:Hna room -"i 'i"-iiJi,[Jl| one caw or ticfea wui some aifom have K .J SC . ,C(.| M JJ O , K (he emits. ]„ Ihc Doehcrii/. DR. N. L. CISSELL VKTKHIXAKIAN at Dob Harris' myiliovlllc, Ar!i. play. lae« Vour Order Nnw l l l e »"5^ s . wl1 '' )C: For Ifst-claM No Sniiw; No Work VALDEZ, Alaska IUPJ—Lack of ; — snow .stopped opernllons of the CJawicc Pay gold mine on Mln- ' crock nenr l)!»rr. Rillure of tails. In UK: s . .Smyrna's fig HuliiKlry Spends ams of ailmtelrm I 0 " n " ll)W ' :l -. ll >'' Wn'stojiliaga w il| v . r ,, _T-.-." -— • fn,- . i -•"";> •" "ainrainii for oi). ; day only w il| v ., r ,, jn , from W ceiifs to S4.M. ' ' The O)yin;jfra commute »v'-|r-nl- f fxp.-cfs a vast oiiljnii'i<njf' of f-i-rman s|X>tl:ilors (mm u h ,. VPf « rwlch, as It ), a ., anno,,,,^ b'-'VwJi 11 ''" " 1 '"' ii " (i '"""Hiat rwniMLi will |,n liiled 1 i/'j The 'ilK IIHIIicy Is S!> TOE P. PRIDE Certified Regklertd Kngineer General Engineering, Surveying, Mapping fliimf 4.08 aiftliKtUle, Ark. »•" ,!??•? f -- 1 ;"- -v XiXr^-Jr' t '*' • >x PONTIAC New Low Priced SIX and an Improved Low Priced EIGHT V * , *^> o »,«, ">s<, k eng That young blood, the as- n.asrces. sho-jld be supplied Tempering off the hot, erratic Play of yo , llh- a Js Jn|ed woi T h ^° n and Sidnf >- B « , v '' ter »ns. But not a both th ^ ab0> "- Bllsv ' who hns ooth the fire of youth and the experience of n veteran campaigner running through his veins. ' of the Court ™ c . u - s - *J»a1. II Is said, will •i'« ihals nothing new to Bitsv and a gain heh , stoefen. and olh«rs and knocked their socks off too Reminiscent of little Bill i bssl when «« doctor"ontercd for a tonic for the u. S. team this' ,v.- glvc the ""le chance, gentlcmen-that's aU he , * * a Tos Lore Coaches, Too , „ 5-.g5-sa.-a.rS a^t 1 ™° 0rd ' was ta P««lve for a first-year coach,- and joe h»ve had M dlffl to But he Bach elected to '615 Priced as low as— UP and offering the following fine-car features : . . , , . - r}'; 1. Solid-Steel "Turret- Top" Bodies byFishet 2. Hydraulic Brakes Triple-Sealed 3. Speedlined Styling 4. Silver-Alloy Bearings 5. 10 Second Starting at Zero 6. Completely Sealed Chassis 7. Enclosed *Knee- Action Plus Balanced Weight *0n the Fight nml l)f I.t m Six mtxlrts. 8. Fisher No Draft Ventilation 9. Luggage and Spare Tire Compartment 10. Double K-Y Trame 11. Smoothest of Six and Eight-Cylinder Motors 12. Cross-Flow Radiator and Gusher Valve Cooling 13. Full-Pressure Meiered Lubrication 14. Product of General Motors When you visit the Pontinc salesroom tomorrow, you are going to sec a Iypc ofbcauty the like of which the motor car industry has never known before—»r,w, refreshing, utterly different-the hnppiest interpretation of the streamline principle ever achieved... You arc going to see for the first lime that greatest of all Fisher achievements in coachwork-solid-steel "Turret- FONTIAC MOTOR Top" bodies.. .You will discover n ,, CTr iy f)c of hydraulic Imikcs—smooth, positive and triple-sealed... new s i x ;m d eight-cylinder engines featuring silver-alloy hearings and 10 second starting «t Wro . .. i u br j cf> you arc going to sco Ihc 11CM . rst and f]Ilnsl pm( ,_ nets of a great modern plant-cars which embody scores of other quality features hitherto never com !,;„,,,} ilt prioes so low< ON DISPLAY AT LEE COPPEDGE MOTOR CO. Blytheville, Ark. ill , ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU fW>N RDWAItOS, » of re built Typewrite™, iddinj; Machines and Calcnliton Repairing—I'atis—Ribbons SALE of Men's Wear STARTING TOMORROW MEN'S SUITS $14.75 $17.50 $19.50 $27M Values , $29.75 Values $21.50 $22.50 $•12.50 Values ' '$37.56 Values $24.50 $28.50 All Sales Strictly Cash TOPCOATS . S'M» Values $22 M Va l lu , s g iSM mms $12.50 $17.50 $19.50 ARROW SHIRTS \ H.5C - $1.65 Shirts .; . . $1.15 SCARFS 1-3 Off $2.50 Shirts;....; /.. SHOES $8.50 Nunn-Bush Shoes . 56.95 -$7B Nunii-Bush Shoes . $5.95 $6.75 NunnAiish. Shoes . $5.75 $5 Edgerton Shoes . . . $3.95 $4.00 Fortune Shoes . . .$2.95 PAJAMAS $2.00 Pajamas .... $1.65 $2.50 Pajamas , . . , , $135 $3.CO Pajamas ...... $2.35 15.00 Pajamas . ... . . $3.50 HATS $6 - $6.50 - $7 Hats.... $5.95 !$5.CtHats $335 $3.5(1 - $3.95 Hats $2.95 TIES $1.00 Ties ?0c $1.58 Ties $1.15 $2 Ties $1.65 Eveiy item included in this sale is'brand new Fall and Winter styles that have not been in our store six months - . . buy now while you can nuke a substantial savings R. D. HUGHES & CO. 3 doors west of Ritz Theatre Heavy Underwear KOFJF LOUNGING ROBES 25! OFF S9.50 Values SS.OO Values JACKETS $6,95

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