The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1935
Page 5
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'TR1PAY, JANUARY ' oiti) mljhi.' (or B»vp-hir Wrlli filtP I pfkxslplc ' Wilson lo war . ^o,-Ui)!lti'WBs - ' for tonato depi»nd<; lijml,' io perfe' .L.'.r. ed it))d (ICjCln'reft wqr, tljtjt |(cv pli: li)|i;ht remain free, 'lint KOV- rniincnl," co'ulrl '.', be" wjiivpllcil \>y lilt! voice of'llic : inajoyltyiiiid'no- lions would iiol'ijc niied : iiy .'tin-- |iil8l|t ot one mail, or ft group-of inen, lumdfng aown . Hiclr power fi'om generation lo Bcncrnllcin.. ' We went into llic war •animated Uy |)li|h Ideals, 'I'jio Aiil«'lciii) : |)c9- l>lc wanted no loot, no territory. Tlicy for dominion, over uo other people. Thoy wanted. n|l nien fl'cc. They did not, enter Inlo tl)o wur lo destroy llic Ccrmnji jwop c ....... ^...inany uawnw upon i,,,uo smush the Gcnnan IdeulsVs Ihi! Brrat Uody of Amwlcou pwp]clp rea( .||«| by tlic kaiser and Ills Ihat wwdvovv Wilson was Uic pvs, .learned professors aiid which were irescr 0( inmost snprmic c.xccii- waWns ,,, c lnaKr , {, f ' t| * .iv live gifts. From tlic very begin- i people insane ' « : Scjioolijiaslcr Deiponsi rated tioiiu) Executive Power, I,V (MKS. H. S. MOT1' (1'iom J talk given by Mr.-. at a incelfn^ oi the Unllcil \tfi if (be tonfcilerae.v.l H lins uradnally Uuwngd cvpimn of Thomas Jciierton. isftmy of our practical poliui'iiina (ho not jim n ui^n cslunalc on lacl' but were rather inclln en lo ."incer ul hftii as Die "Prolcs- sof," tail 11 lias al liisl come to paw l||a(, llic b'V'cral puollc, svltosc. \c|'dtct Is uiivc in regarded as correct J , of one natloi} Io «ii- otlier. H wua ,-> pcuc'i; Irenly willi tho fourteen iwlnts. Now foinc! lliouglit Hint was l)cyon<l Iliu NEWS " »<(ll|fJlNr!fl*?W'- " " Uilti« to awl ..1 print since 'thf Tcii cpiiiiim'nd,- hi'cms ni)(i. : ilic Sci'iuoiV on ll(c Motuil. ' •:.-,: Jisiis C)ir|ij( r . the. pcrtccl Mn'|i, «'d5 hnllcn on IIK; vrosi \||iu w,« iinchv ix: saved, \yoowrosv wiiwti, » niun oi uoil, our pci'sccuicii, it'licljMl piVMtlent, lilcii io viiitt.' Viit woritl ioi' uc'iiioenie.v. In HUB h'o ilartcd ci|t "on~ltl's pence mission. Al Ulirjsuna.'i liij|v n« KIICW iiit htijiis oi men me iK(i an<( ilicir souls ewvaiyd no had no fdnsli dcslan. u noi 11 wild mission. 'Cue uca- iy luui licen uifsconsiruMl. Tne'n me president- biose qcjwn', 111 in Uliliu mill i/y»y aim itn.Jt in; „... ,,.... ..„,. ., v<J w»t> ,,,xi (Jill.JIJ ol the people. U win; written \vlUi the 11 polnu embodied In ihe :ncuc of Nations. '.-'-•, n""llic""end" io'Tc ,Jn C ',,,fi S , WC '!, ™ ° ! ' H ' re ' ; ' ili(l ft cl rccoi-mzes uni', ' '' '°t' clllfr maclilnc woiilil .^.'i^m.i,. ,„«»•«„ I'V llcll 9" ""der control, of the iico- n brier review ot his t-wo ml- inintsu'aiion.s will suffice lo ihow l u conspicuous his anilities were, hot only in America but all over he rjalncrt llic highest German 'menace ol world domination, was removed. ' . • .'''America;, liiriied t( lc t[d c : u i, Cliatenu: Thlery. The jieoplc ot France were ' behind , C'' fco pacific was our spirit and so imicn uvcrsc to war lhat, not even me president would have been amc to command llic full support oi inc unnetl States in nwKini; n Ucclnration of war. [lo said; "We have . done nothlns, we arc inlcrfcriui; wllh nobody, mid we arc liyuiB lo be 'I'/ic American people tuiiply could noi, believe llitu coni.litiorei were ro serious. As a great leader _ol men SVI1- ™n saw he iiuisi acTi quickly. He Wiia well iiwnrc lhat he dare noi move loo fast. Then when the 'iciuohlc intention.'; wen; evident his coiii'DBe rose to (he, tulirat, Jieight of ihe crisis and lie fcar- icEsiy aimpiinccd that, the time lor p?accaoic measures had passed and from that, moment, he had niu Kicking • of the American pco- 11 was true, hen: und,there.'Americans can be found who do not iiesiwie 10 denounce his course, contcndjiiB lliat .Germany had (tone, nblliin'B to justify war. Of tuch nicn.ii is mild lo say .lli'al. tlicy arc not true Americans and it would not be too severe.lo tuy. ^llml'lhcy an! uuilly or treason. vyilspn^; appeal to .coiisrciis on ^Anvil.JJ,; 191'!,.-was -a'-inasUTl)it;cc._ Jic .said:' . •-•••• "II, is a Ii'aiTiil mini; \i> li'iril llii.s uieai, peaceful country into u \vnr,- ln(o the most terrible'• iiii'd. disaslrosis of all ware. Civilisation Hsclf seems lo tic in llic:balance: Hut righlr is more precious llian pence, uiid we shall huht tor ihe thhifs we |ia\'c alwaj's carrleil iicxl lo our hcurls—for Democracy, for llic right of Ihosc who submit' to uuthoi'ity lo have n voice in ilicir •own Koverninmit,, for a, unlvnrJal 'lominlon of righl \iy .sueli a con- I'crl ol free peoples as ;.liall hriua iwuce. nnd safely to all u-iliuiu und maki! Ihe world Hiclt at last,'free, To .such a las): we can dedicate rair lives, our fojlimc'.';, cvcrythuis «c are and everything V:K have, K'itli pridv of Ihosc who hnov. llic day luis come when Anicrlc: Is privileged lo sjiciid her blooil ^nuy \ij uaiii iv qy," ujm L^UN litlllO'.-jUl/i VH-lt' j|l.)«' HillJIJl; 10 <I'J anyinini; lo [;ci Ine Ueiuy bcninu ilii-m. wntrc lire Hie Idcnls for which Ihe zvinciican uojs iout, r nl anu «icdV Where are ine i-.snntil 1110- uves liiai, Duoycd up- yoiun; men .US' lliey. Joiii-ni ilicir svny nuiin- i,aru irom verdun over a region wnrru many umca m u UIOILWIIM .veal's llic nope. 01 Ine world JIH., iicen realiacn or tosi, .fhnueren o. loi'ttolieny WiLson iv.'intccl to inakt, ii so mat no more moiners wotm, sit anrt'M-eci) lor Ilicir ,-ons Kilicn on some baiiletleld. Had .his policy been carried ou.. there • ivoii),, | m re oecji - A K vieiory lor civilizal'lun. Tiicu an nations woukl have been a ilcrn oust ration lliat mi humanity not'all brute nnrt.tlini the soul: men arc ishness and . VVoodrow or-Uio-U«Hfd '*>»»•. ho caniest, iii people* for y WUi(pn t r ince the B ho is ' of) of Und. lie Ijoi 0«ii we, us. Aiilcricun ,., ever furgel (his Jiiiin when we realise tluit Die lmmort»l docn- nenl, Ihe Lcaeuc of Nylons, sprang from lib ijmiu, . i, e (i,o inlglnlest prophet of. nioiteiii iinifs? Now may we, al this chrislm«s line, as a peace loving people, way Hint our heuveiily 1'allnr will 'oi-glvc the past misdeeds nnd may we yet have peace on carlh ini'd iood will towanl nil. Pence- io (he ashes of \Voodrow Wilson, one of the urcHlesl. AmcflfniK Unit ever lived, - t**-( Ho). son, ;. W. Mrs. Mr. W- 0. S. Utlcy dinner chr^ lioijic onnmiio wsi or ,.,. AinoDj Ihosc pmcnl .-•. pml Mrs. L. Murphy nnd Jo?, of St. Jxjiib, Mr. and Mrf 13. James mid (mnlly. Mr. and Vlrsll Ullcy nnd son, Murda'n, and Mrs. n. o. yt)e,v, Kwreji ley, and Mte Lola Waikcri ^[I5. Joe l/iluie cnlcrtalned her hnslmiid wllli a dinner'Monday In honor of his ijiiihday aiinlversnry. Among UIOM iircfcni were Mr. iiwl .Mrs. HIH DrownhiB iiiut (InugUlri'. Ullly Joe. o[ illylhevllle, Mr. pud Mi's. N. chntman, o( Htiyll, anil Mr, PiUl Mrs. j.'crry, of Holland Naws Notes Mrs..; Eddie Wells, dinighlcr of Mrs. J. 0. Ray, and P. J', Pnync. or Porlaacvlllc, were nmrried |n on- i-utlicrsvUlc on December 2ti by tho Rev. D. K.,rosier, Baptist mlnls- :or. Mr. and Mrs. I'aync will make :helr home near I'orlauevllle, . L« Lucille Weaver, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. shields Wcavcv, of lieav Holland, und Jim Caraway, or Holland, ivciic unllwl In inanlaBi; ClirlstniDs Ere ))y (lie Rci'. S. il. Halmon, pastor ot the First.Presby- terian church of Blylhcvlllc. Mr. Caraway, who lias.been employed In Richards'; enrage here, Mo ie ou 4 Mrs. Miss Dorolhy Oalcs left for St. Louis Frlrtny after 8 monOi's vnr cation spent with her inolher, Mrs. W. A, oats*. She 15 In training at the Washington University hoospl- t"l In St. lx>ulv : Miss Nellie pinkston has returned lo jonesboro where she attend:! Mhool niter u liolklny visit with he r parents, itcv. and MJ S , j. i, 1'Inksloii. Mrs. Huswl) LltHe was hostess lo W. O, mid llcrnurd Word, of Hells. Tenn., Mr. mid Mrs. Jenkins ami •son, Andrew.'Mr.'und Mrs. Harold 1'lltlc- and (tuiiRlitcr, and Miss Eunice Held al a dinner jwrly Sun- Miss nelly ixm Edward.*, danjjh- ter ot Mr. and Mrs. Sam Edwards, relumed to Hilton. Ky,. wllei'c Khu allcmls suhool. after sending iho holidays with her parcnls. . : Mr. nnd Mrs. II. c. Best' nnr! family, oi Caiw Glrnrdeiui, Mr. nnd of Mr. mid Mrs. J. o. post over live ntclj t|iij, . , .i, who Is employed l(i' ill. Louis, srwnl the week end litre' wllh' Wfi. Jidwni'ds nnd 'c)i|l» Ann. . ' •Miss HUM coltoon and Mrs. Kits- wjl Dovorc, iliiiiBhtiTij of Mr. and Mrs. Jim cohoon, hnvc returned liojno flflor .•jjx'ndhig ihe ho)i(|iiy,s with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. ami Ward anil daiiBhler, Dorothy, were liotiscBUesls of Mi 1 , nnd Mrs. Miiriihy Wiinl of Bells, Tenn., lust ivcch. Miss Nlim I iwils, t,lm!cnt nt Hoiillienst Missouri Teachers college ut (jape Olrardervu, spent las.! week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. poiv tor Harris. Mr. and Mrs. vovls workman and 50)1, Randal), Mr, RO^ Mrs. Jojm i Azutl and daughter, Mary Joan, i and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Workman j drove lo Monroe, i\rk., 1'Yiday whcro i Mr. aim Mrs. Sam Workman re? iri9|j>cd »-J|l) Mr. and Mrs. H, f r. Holdimm. Kcmtctli Cornell, son ol Mr. will Mr,\ rjlinord corfcll. Is rccomlns til tlio lllylhcvllle liosplliil. where Iv; underwent irealuieni. for ;i broken arm. Mrs. Oldcoii C'njivs, Mi;;. Mus- Bi'ilve, ol Cnrnllicrsvillc. nnd Cliiis. Cohoon arrived Sunday morning from Houston, Tex., where Ihey visited relatives during the holldnys. Mr. mid Mis. Vorls Workman pprnt rivcral days last week with Mr. and Mrs. George Wllks, of C'oltoinvocxl Point, 0. J, Deeds, principal ol Ihe local high .school, re-tunic dSundny nlghl from Wcsl plains, where he •••rtrfv i,cw from B«n|ie'7*rr MP ; , .whvic site _yi}lt*<* for several Miss Elblgcn Murrcll, former !»• sliwtor here, \\ho |b now Uaclilim In Oanyon, T»st, Mopped lie)? for si eliort visit wit|i filcrnd-. en rouio (u lip)- home at. Martin Tonn Mr. und Mrs. M. H. lUHey were guests, o; Mr. nnd MIS. o. T. Tiio- mot, of Memphis, lust week, Tom Edwards, who has been undergoing trcntwciil for Wood pols- onliiB In (lie UljUicUllc hospllnl 13 no Ijcltcr Ml'S, 1'. Ci. Moiljail aCl'OlllpUllltnl her sister, Miss Hazel co)ioon, who lin.s breii lier i;iie,yl for iiircc VTC|:K, to ciran'ee, Mo., to visit her mollier, Mrs. l.inn Coliogn. Mrs, ciarvlii Wllcon und dauuli- Icr, Mclta, ami Mia. JuBiilU jjm\. drlx were dinner jjiiesls ot Mrs. w. O. rounds, of'cooler, fjiiwluy. Mrs. Rhoda Cnmper, of Niminons, Ark., arrived Ralwniay (o vLsIl friends here. Nfj-s, W. B .iUblnton wna the uuesl or Mr. und MM. Hmry llam- i>y, of Hlytlie.vlllo, 'nicalny. Tlicy were Joined for dinner by William K. Wlsiinnn, of cnpc Olnu l deiui,.and Mr. and Mrs. Paul cifccmvcll, und Mr. and Mrs. [toy ICooncc. Mlw I'.'iiilini! condlli. ul flii.vll, ncuWi MilclH'll, or .Spring- Held, ond Anecl Wcl)b, o[ Mlllera- , "* SHCUBANSSALVE ha^ returned honje, The Oleiidalp, 'c»l|f, airport nw •SSX '.rU'Wro the. landing (ttld ' SHONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. 1NSCKANCK DEPT. CO-LEA-NOR THE SOUTH'S. BUST COAL SUI'URIOK COAL -i MINING CO. I'honc 700 llircc men knew there would soon be discord In tlic senate. American ideals, as rcprcsenicd In Uic scii- of llii>; ti>tii<.;i -stales, wore lool With AVallhide your rpooa can be settled the sameday wills and cell- ing are painted! Only bti* coal u w- aliy required. 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Cinyolci, it batiilks todjy's tlitical (jceij Tur iafe liaiupi/itation on our tQiigcilcd Iiigliwayi and.p IV'c'fc traveling fabler today. Turnpikes teem jvitjj'.iui'jiaticut trjllic. ' Vtjn nccd_'j|lcc(l. But iji.ccd 'alyjic is not And they solved it by building this iligli-Speed safety c^r. You've never before ... in all your life ...driven n car like_this. It "glides" over tbc bumps and ruts in the toad. This new "Floating Ride" is made pas- i-iMe by new v.eiglu distribution . . . llic development uf n sway eliminator... and tlic use of new Mola i>Lccl fioni spuii£N. 'Iccli'iiically,yon lidcat "vibia- lion rate." Actually, lliat means you don't Irjuiicc aiound llic ivjy you uied t'j. /J New Moloiins tixpcrifiicc We can't describe it... you've got tu experience il ... tlic thrill you gct'nlirnyun step on llic accclcialor of this wonderful new Plymouth, . -" 60-70-SO and it iccini like 50, 'llic. UfTc il lomti... tlit new 113S flumtulh ... the ••'•'- miit beautiful hw-fiiitcJ cur in iftc uvfld. Step on the brakes and "feel" the instant, even, Hyduulic action. iV'j vYondei tin's Ecnutiorul new 19jS - I'lyinoutli is uf/ejdy being wiled-"the World's Sjfeil Luw-1'iiccd Cai," Never before lus a luw-jmccd car been MI bejutilul. It bus lunc, giiMfu|,'|pwfng lilies.. . jnd Airplane-type J : cnd;>j,. irnpiovcd enguic IMS lliEliigliEsLcoinprej- bioniauoof anycjrcvct built. Yet due to directional v.jlcr citculation, calibuted ignition and futl-lcngtli \vatcr jackets, i;aj and oil LOiiiumpiiun is tut 12% tu 2'J%. Sliifl the gcnib and notitc the tj[ll'm 6 ing^P^'f.fffyoppi cisjct control an4 'i^ • And to guard agjmst the other fellow's tatelessness, jou n«J gieaer piotectron th?n ei et.., for j ou " <5 joiir passengets That's the problem Pl>mout' set!ou{|W-iii(;et, """— It totpedo type body is piai? ep,wcly of slul for jour 100% «i|ity Co s e tin, ne,7 Plynjoutji "\S-ith, ypur irvn eyi.'" Drive this hi tvtj-m» car Lxpeuence its MM liml of stij:

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