The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR 'THE'BLITHEVILLE COURIER NEWS - ' THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0; R. BABCOCK, Editor ' 11 W. HAiNES, AdvertUllif M»liajW Sole National Advertising nepresentitlvw ArKaiu>as D9ilte>, inc, New York, Chlcaoo, roa, SI. I-oute, Dallas, Kotlas City, Memphis Every Alteinoan 'Except • Enleica nb j-ccond class matter ut the post gHU"! at Ulytlicvllle, Arkansas, niider iicl of Congress, October 9, 191V. Served by (lie t/nitcd Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the City at Blythevlllc, 15u per verk, oi 1 £650 per year, In advance. By mutt, within a radius of 50 tnllfs, $3,00 jicr .year. 5150 for six months, 85c for llirce monUts; by Jii>j} In p&slui Hours ivvo lo six, tnctolvc, SWO ucr- year; Ju zones seven am! clglit, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. A New Attitude As rtinil MitttiisKippi cinuilj' from.-tlio tlopressiun it is going n IL ;i mtw and liiKlifii- level of social mul ic lil'u rallier lliiiu l)iicl< lo lliu \vhifli iircvnilcd prior lo 1920. The old i'cm- of linul .speculation iind the kiwi thiil to tfi'ow collon un itll the acres avnilitblc is the way to wealth have largely dis:ip|>e;irai. More ami moie form owners, liifjfe ;in<l email; are coming io'regard ihcir f firms as homes as well us the mere means ut making a living or of milking prol'its. AH ii result I hey are planning tlieii' improvements and their farm operations with ;i viqw (o the years ahead. They are laying a foundalion for comfortable livinj; anil for prosperity of ;i kind Uuil will not- easily ho thrown into ruvevse. i^A lilythcville mun who for niore (ban ten ycar.s IIHS tlwilt in Mississippi county farm lamia ami whose in- lereKU still keep him in intimate loudi with farmers .over inueli of i)| C couu- ly wiiil yesterday that the thing that strikes him most forcibly wherever /lie goe.- is the visible '.evidence- of u new altitude toward money on tin: part of who profited this year by aere<i(fo reduction benefit, payments and by the recovery in the price of cotton. To a nw.ior poiiion of Die cotton producing population- in what. are sometimes culled the good old dnys money «:is just something lo ' be spent. There was credit to be had for iie.\l year's operations ami more money to be m«de/ Today a | o (, „{ "(| lcs ' 0 . same f'-!!ows lure improving their homes, paj ing ' ms \i f or cquijiment, they need, and putt ing aside-. money to li- iiancu the coming crop. They are on Iho way to ward'; the kind of independence that ppities' from a comfortable home and well;at!(ivn(ed furin, free of debt, fet'd in .iho ba'rii und nioney in tlio bank. They are going lo work for thermelves, not to pay furnish bills, and a.s a result they arc going to be free lo follow the soundest farm program, not necessarily llic one that promiit", the most quick cash for paying debts. U this I'jiulcnt'y contimicn, ,-| S ii should by the very force of the ex- arnpk- afff-rdetl by I In: benelHs enjoy- w! bj ||io-e who h;ivt- niatie a star!, it will mean for (his county and .olhcr,s OUT OUK WAY similarly sltu»t«ci a kind of sUb|« and llrmly founded prosperity that y wo have never c^jjerlenccd ^fofc, cv«ll |n the days when money was easiest. - 1. i'i : i '','•,' !:_ , B»t Wjs.§ti)l Ha? t))c Old Stale. Tlic .stale pcjwriincut of Mmw, Muniitac- lures anil rtuVfcuUmv, wlii^li ccnwd lo ixlel on January I, IMS onco n, ?JOO,tlOO-ii-ycni- c|c- pariincnt siipiicrUrl by gencrni rrvcnuo. i(s cssciillul fuiicllpiis linve utcn IrnilMcrrcd to other Btato agcnclfs. ' The ' r,Ut« covcnimeiH lias lism slmplincd lo tliat (Icgicc. •' lint for llw rest we Mill have practically tlic organization Ihgt WINS the style In 5lolo fioveuimenl 00 yc.uti ago. proiipcd mid pnlclicil from lime (o linn: to ntci'l new etrnins unU conlonn lo new randlllona, , Tlic crisis In atiilc affairs produced hy Ilic dt'prwlon caused llw abolltlQii of liic Ui'jwrl- mcnl of Mint's, MaiiufiicliiiT.s iinU AKrlculUirv. Comolltlalfon offered ii wny to take crtvc ot tlio (lai't. of Us 'work (Iml could iiol l)c s|i«mt. The legislature iniiCc u lhti|tc<l rcorciyi toil Ion, But- ttw pawllilllllcs of consolUliitliii! and rc- atKiiiming tj|<; (itati; ijovcinmoiu as » whulu rcniiiln open. Four ago die liisillulc of Public Adiulnlslrulion prepared n mortem plan of state novcriuirent [or Arfcnnsas. Tlic plnn was slmllnr lo that ivlilcli'llic same nijciiey lwc| livcpaml lor. Virginia. Modern or^anlzutloii was alrcudy justifying Itsclt in timt, ,sla(c, nut. the AikiuisAK IcBblntiirc of I'jai r;;tvc no consWer- iillon lo (he proposed new form of administration wliic)) iho slnlc Iind gone to aibslnnllal cxjiciu-c to obtnln. Nor did die 1933 lejlsla- turc Bira a nay caiuildcnilloti. Vlrglnta, reorgunl'/.td on modern lines In 1021, IB the only noutherii stntu to conic throii|>]i Ihc ilc|)rps.'ilo;) pcrtol «l(h lon-cred (axes mid » dcci'Ciiscd plllillc dcbl. nut still ijv; Arkansas rcorgiinizntlou plan l« .|;aUi<>rlnG dust. In 501111; fovyoltcii jiliicc. The President's Goal Tlie |)'ri!.si(i(!t)l's message to today slionli'i; eliminate any dunbts Ilia!, may Imfc'developed as lu hin pro- irrani. It reveal.-) him still Ciicine for-' wirtl, hi s . HijfM.s su't as high JIN over, still lirmty cunviiieed of the possibility of -achieving in this co-mit'ry. of 1 great natiii-ai'. wealth a social' and economic order under which all may enjoy a reiisonabln share of' the good things ol'. lift 1 . . It reveals/ hi.s conviction that. mere, recovery of the: measure of i!i:ononiie health which prevailed prior (o 1!)21) is nut enough but thai vf\\\\ that. &- covery must be laid the rbimdtitioi\s for a structure which will not;contain the \\'oalfiie.%-e« (lint produc'cii the .depression. . : The 'country is with hiip, .still confident, in his'-leadership and;reassWtd ut . today's cvidciiee that' he b liot coinproniising oil vital O well, •• heads arc not cvcij'Uiing. —Mac West, cpntrlUutiiii; to comment on Dr. Knrnosli'ii cluiin llml, (lut-liciidcd men an; Ihc -Iwsl lo.vcrs. '•-'.'. V • - : " • .-».-• • Tlio crciilcbl trouble, wllli tliu world Is thai. It slmuld ncycr huyc been made. —Clarence L)ar- Only lii time 'ol war have \vc consented lu deficit nnnneliiE, and even Him we have been iincuniiorl'iblfi. ii'toul U, -frof. l-Ttd l{. mir- i-liiM of Yule. _'" ,^f I I- 1 &N'E l\ PLM t. or- 1 ;'^"- ?? '-/,? ^'" v -r-D •• |ft>M IN TWF ICE %%{ BO'A.T-OP. K UrrTUL CARD :,' ICMlG'.-n By Williams •!D ID UK-fL'TO \AMOW '/UO RAN 'fHK I i SHOVEL INTO O \AMOW / ^~ Y/UO R* N "ftE SIEMA ft THIS OLD 'K ICE 'Boy, .&OPHEK WHO fj TRn^nK, IT K £ UTS \i*M T»iD IT i"r>> \Muirxn,- LV.KA 1C ^ROSTOM IT I "Box i ^ATET*rAELON / ,F we - ^t& i.i tJlienO.UBlKt.llit. TJ5.HO US »T 01 I (ARK,) COUBIEE NEWS By George Clark _?*V."?,A-^:"'".., • -I- '.'---. t'ft'f 1, ^ ~&UK iif UKMTOCC' i.'ar'i.ij.'ar'o:U b. w.'tifr.'^?^-' ~}f ']!} \f, • * FRIDAY', JANUARY ,-1, ' 1936 ' 'I Ilk? her BO little drag AIID (jact by l)in l luvrri ru»> nn* IV l,, u.-. kt 4IIII corn rut Vulrilu. ' ,|,r inn ,r nn oua I'cter oik. An* to MUI-J? lilin »kt nitrrtn. Tlu-y (;o lu fjorlda uhd art li»|i|i> llirrc. inlli-cj liuuie. niu? ttiui. , Ann nun Vnlrtll) Icltl |o ,ullilc The* Vtlrr It lili Iniull? , ctl o triMilitr Orlitftn Ami uno fer. Sin'di MD;I||J anil Ann giio, u»/)j. nniluji ire iriKt of licr Mlu-miuiiiiiN, • IVler <Jf«f'irrEilvl7 ID lovr irlll* fct-r. iiro»« liinrller nil Hie w c ti<» lijiftt JIU rRorln in locate Aim hut *vi»sk, at , the fciuu^ 0j IJHj*. TIIACf. nu nrlUl. AI.I.A.X VJ.V i;i:.VT. Hin. Tnu-s'. trolber. IP ui- roitlv* to AUII, X'lilcrlu. • Hieliltui; |« i«|u rel»r l>ji(>h. |>l'r«uuiJc« trtul fo IMrr Allaa X'liu'Cnt 10 dvi'urnu Ihr tioaiv kc lioimlil HIT Ann. Alluu um«» Ann in kl'f (br IIUIIHI*. llr l» nbuul to irvrlll Ihr n^riirr't rmmi- v*bt» unr i/t Tile cliifdrrn •vrrnui*. \OW (;o OX WITH TUB STOIIY CIIAPTBH XXXVIII A I. LAN (1W not caiii|jlcie tlic sen' lencc. A slirlll icrca'iu from Sissy brought Allan aud Ann twin ruslitns to ihc garden. Tlicre were llio i wo Buial) ones, cafo and aouud. Sissy stooil sturdily, ber llulo round n[)i>arently to the spot. Vulerfa, i dijij'i underestimate tier cleverness. I suppose It won'i Ce long ucforo sh« innijs Peter—Jjooli Hue and sinker." • r |l(IK uesi day Valeria coio. mmiileorcil 1'ok-r'a services for welfare wgrii. "I top? l didn't tatcrlcre nith U'tUlnj realjy Ituportaui." ehe stti. ellpplns b«r urm turougli his as they came dgwp tb« BWDS. "Uut niy cor was In Hie (hop and I fell 1 must gel ibese iblngs lo niy needy fawlllea. Could yoti reallj spar* the time, or arc you Joiug tin., ( 0 incase mo?" "To (ileast you." |(o einllcil. knowing thai was the answer sbe wantcil. "you're sKiroi." Valgrla latd a on hla arm. Cloved closer to him. She and take them." "BUI-" "Ann, lljer'i are limes ofieiiioou ,-ff -• j>,,, ,,, not euro of your faulty. An miroc. live eJrl lite you iiirnlug iiiio 1 <i recluse." "Allan, I — • "i iViirg yqu If you ilou't conic wldi mo. I'm prcpareU to he uu iu ferual uujsauee. Sadie and Hie cim clren will uc away. Lola will t> e sone Just you agij I." lie bad been drlnklus. Ann saw, N'ot inudi. but enough to be ilio nulsaijco he hoasted be would, in thla mood, lie rouilnded her o[ Tony. ' ' "All right." Ann agreed. "11 jou vcally need help I'll couie." "1 Qfld I'm no good at decorating nitliout you," tie said whimsically. "We'll Bjieud Hie afternoon looliltij at lapcstrles and rugs, ai 3i||, 5 au d sating, al C and Slieralou »,, i wuuu^, uv iiiiiiJi'i-uuai? ami yheracou I iii ElvliiK you tUo vvjjolo (laj iHeccj. at Oirerfolro dav ncila and 2™.^"™:,*' ...f 0011 " 1 "? 1 - BD "" re c " al - "'e-l, ^'"r . . I here's * D ,«, Ins p, Itly co ,, uull . tec in tnc afternoon and a coufer- Cli " lc ' tcmolTOW W1 , CI]IC5 . |)M3 , 'Tcrtectly " i SUll?" rlbly." Bald. . .. - - - * —-j-.un i*t I.IUBIJCU. "WliaL a oncer Kirl l snail miss seeing jou ier j/ou orc-inorc Interested Ib malt, itng another woman's liome Ueaullful It l as a " ,v ow ' "Don't you see, Marge? Ik'tlucting (hose eggs von j,or — C ._ "L me . vt ' Hftr(i:| .v, i only (nvi; yon','!() 1 - ~ -»---^."«,,t. .1 mini: tu uitu as a SUOCK 10 j Her aniiE waving wildly. "Make '1m I'liid tliat lie liicaul It. Valeria was 'si laltc 'in away. Anu." . JKeulni! lo Uc a Imblt wjt'li liltn. Tljp I lie spoke i-ouglily "I j Sonny. Bi-lmilug ilcllKliteilly. was|™°jj, u ^ m f^isV™'' ° rllcrs . llild bomltl " ol '" follow tlm liolillug an onn oui rigidly. "She's j fug u iat iK-'wa'/esscqilhi''^!)^ • scared of a worm.. I'i'aldy!" Sonny j woman's hajiplness was noi" salil. . Iplcasnni. 'I've louutl out about you, I'oler. ; CURIOUS WORLD ^™ f "it's u sniikci" Siasy. elhigiuB PAID FOR THE BUILDING OF A HOME IN NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE/ EDWARD EMERSON BAHWARD, WHO L/VTER. BECAME A FAMOUS PAIDTORL HIS HOUSE NEW .COMETS, FOR WHICH CASH PRIZES, wese'WFF.BM IS A HYBRID. OF F/V£ . lo Ann. .peered with fascinated eyes al the long green objeci tnglliig from be;- livln'c hand. "i\'o. U'B not a snake." saltl Allan, "iillhonub II wouldn'i surprise,me If^snakcs do conio abc-ui here some .time, jiartlcularly near the rlrcr Au<J 1 cauitbi (ipsslbly liear It . . ." l. lie ii to feol sick— ii t-ei's gel goliifi." , It was not a na|ij>y aflei-iioon- Ann iraHiug hesidc Allan, listeiilii!; to Ills CADcrt coiiimqals. A LM '.' At V1NOBNT was In luvc her. Or was- lie? It tn .Aliii'Blilvcrcii sllglilly "Vim ilnn'l li|;e shakes, clllicr-dp yon?" Sissy •,;sal(l.'loiilihis iiri nt.hcr. ' ^»H,.sald "No.-" I;i a: loft- loue. •Slic was ililnltJuc.ot; Vnlerla. l)fso fallptr 3wepl.' ovL'r''Her al itic tlioiislit. li'ciir' "grlji|)ed ncr Heart I' "I SIIIMIOSC BJie's-ivilli Peter." sli? ;. tlipuplii. "1 siipjjqEe she Is'u-ftii'lilrn ali Die time now;- - , . lv , „„„ „„ ;, Valeria >i IMcr. Ilint lifter-1 frowned inil-iit':>- !ulo B,...^. noon. And diirins"oilier.aflenmocis | It was worili ir'nit'iiig for— AJid liero it'na VaTerla. bccoinfiiE iiiprc woinauly all the time:'show- Ins (liiolliles;lic':iiacI,tnlS3etl In tier before. of tlih. Peter palled .ier iiaiiil, ' saying au-kivurdly. "You've oecn sweet to'mi;. Valeria (. n-fsli I could make up -for lu Some way." " "Oh- I'elcr. you are!" -I'liece 11 us a 6)lej )C e after Ui,- Orealliless s|ieii'ce. ';ia Vaicr 'for Ills reply. love had laeked stability, bin IM/aa not all emotion. Anu liad ihe feel- ius llial thsrt personal about sometjilug | !t( Allan Vincent's Hill Peter nothing, only : ' ....^,, > ,iiti.'ui H feeling for (ier. Ii lacftcd devotion yel It was not n light emotion' clllier. His band bad stalien n° lie lifted a clgarcl. Ills eyes uod smoldered. He ivas sturved fur uffcelloii Lonely, isolated. That must be 11. Oil. wliy hmi ii,| 2 hawmicu in her? Kinv croi-yliiliij; v-,-ou;il be tliangcd. All ihe friendliness would he eoue. She «-oul<l feel sclf-eon- coustralnei]. -Klie kncn- people'• irerc speritliii- «K. awnlilng the niiiioiinreiiieni j tlmt Ct'ler planned to get a divorce and marry her.' She had noi ineu lloacil to him 'the suljjcct thai ivas iieavesi her licarl. Valeria was W;l- surrender. Valeria settled teineilly against (lie seal. 1 "l-efs drive oui 10 the liui Wtilue'sdny nlgiit. I wo in lo sec light." "Ann. I've as ''nil llllult Of lower slantl." I'erliaiis u yon nvjce w \iat Peter Eiilil. "The tiirniiiire wait';'' , • ' J ui, ' :V'No. -w c can su asain'v"*.'- "WiaHl- 1- ild---.-«'ruf:.'iiiV^i)ia now?" "Please don't he sifrry. I've cit HN), MAC (CELTIC). - M (HEBREW), -IZF (GREEK).-ANDING (NATIVE ENGLISH). -MAJOR scorr WASHB'URN, MISSOURI, * V/A'i NAMED &V AN ACT OP THE STATE LEGlSLATURC op Missputei. Rr. OP ,q, 3 . Qf 0;,MC4 1115, v «0 A MCMBB4. MJT10IITOW HE EC NAME WMOP., 11 .Ct» Ins her tlrhc ' Aim's name did uui cumc to Peter's Ii|i5 as frciiucnily as In l!ic mist. I3nt Boiiieiiines when Valeria i'cfcrred 10 Ann casually slip saw a Si-tm look Ecule on'his face and me uniscles comract adoui his month > uv n I Ho liad taken Valeria .otn 10 tlve j hS|i|iy thinkln;; n vv;.^ iifiuiuL- huuse a number ot tluics and she yon." had applauded Hie decoraiorp sue- -"I'm ui, yiisrutvlul /dint, iviiai ycsiiona. Inwardly she rueeil ue- ' ' ' cause sl)c ivns'Uelng sliut out al ihe liietnre. Noi one of her siixseslfoiiE hail ueeu accepieil. .01 course. Valeria (old iicrsell lifter she arid Peter were man ted ::lie rtihld always change whaieve.- slic wished'lii the house. They (lasscd Milticeni anil Mrs. Kendall ou Uio drive Home. "Pctei and Viileiiii are seeing each other a treai deal," Jlrs. Kendall saiil with satisfaction. .-I'm glad ih« r.-ircn Is iiearlne air end. Bui yon don't lilie Valeria, do son?" w, ». scon, w, .,«„. -,, !:„.-), Cll nmivn ^ ., lcu , g , ii|n mmmmo _ it.ltic tlrlh of 11 son, arose ami rcati ihc v.lre lu bis- fclknr rcpre inlatlves one of the mentors mil ti K: motion tlmt lie x Domed for .Missouri's i;uvcnior. iuiil [.lit- volt- i :1 i'nii-il. M'.A'I: iviuil cess :)i-c lulil in t-uliiinns, aH;u-liti) lu Itavo 1 .' Kest in Bed Is; Beyt Defense Against- Cold or 1»V I»H. MOftlttS 'rtllur, Joiinuil nf Ihr iUcdir;il A^fKialioti. nnd tif Hy- Pl'lil, Mir Hciillii' MnwfuK \Vlicu j-oti.arc ulltirkcil i>v a n- vert 1 cold or l.iy ln(liteii?a. I fit Id si ilne In iki Is lo (jel to l>r;l. The room .'lionlil \>r ;\\iy ;,IK! llie mllluiloH ;;|ionlil tncliu'li- n' |, CL . current ( i[ nlr \\-UliiMil i.lnliini;. . )f Ijollt vciltllHt-lNii and winnilh (•annul in- obliiinetl ui, ||| ( . s ,,,, io llittr, vnitiliitlon '<•• move imp-,u nil and wiiTinUi should !«• pinvi,;,-,! iyJ l>rop;'r (-civi'iinas on tin- l.-.-.i : ,, 1( i vx'til wrceiis (o k<'c|i oil i[i,,;! 5 'Hie nitn|bcr anil -wci;,-)]i ,,f i ll;c j clot-hus .ilioiild noi Or ij'ian-ji:, i by ionr ilrclslon • an I'J vaii-liivi -,bii IITJ tolil or warm. "'. • 'I'll: triDprtvliii't' ot Hi- in.-,, i[; ( i) niifci. |[iiix>rt;iul fiH-lur. You, ,', U1 U'lHIKTiilurn can IK- i-oii(i..!l• ii '|jy i.'jc ol sponging. Fairly |-, „-,.,.i i-lwiifins vvllll liik'jwiir ''' Inkc down it lever. LV liul. 'lly I,., Iced nmvtl jour :..luinai-)i wjij, f,,, ;( lil you iirt- uii'.'oiiilwliilvii'- 'i' ; Is il dretiahli- ('J ;.(arvc ; , ,-.,: •• Ull in'-'ic harm lli:nt gp-.,,| J' v .ll- 100 Illanv |1TO|;1; ,-i|<' i||,-;,- |viclliil«[ l., ( |;,y hcrauf... (hey ( -ol "(' <--"J Wii after liaviug hud' ii levcic L-uld i>i- innueiizii. 'flu- icjidt- Iws bcfji n Kcukcncd hear! ninihle lo ..Mirvlw i-vui !ln- Ktrcjoc.- «[ or- ilnij'1-y III.- Mo |«'iwij n-iHi a tcilil i.lmnlil ^c! out ol brd tinlil lu- Juts lujt-n ir<-!- f ri'ii l l':vpr lor .at least (M> (!nys. If. he hiis wnii-rcd iii'iri- than (i Wck fium inllii-nv,i. .-iccdiupunied hy Ir- U-r. ))(• lll.-,y i,;iVfl<l ..,(,,y iu |,,-J 1 'I"' 1 ' " r ..... I 'I:'} 1 :-, t.r ,-vei. an utl- (It^onnl v U ..-. ; fc.,i ofu |;ulUn | k to y,!Ji>:. e'd be nlBuseil." "I'!" Blve Him a •N to meet ,, « ((1 rin I.AN ,,1,1 to Ann "I .,,,..- llilj nlltrnoon. - Will y,m * f ' pius .vllh raer :'lfl 3 darft cy e; nimsiiloivviien-tiicy oTovc'up. A -:'l llsot llaslicd ou Ij. Mrs. Traci-'s U lieilraoni. Allan shot a look al Ann" as lie Eljut uff in,. i»i,liloii. "mad he uovcrnesD to -,-,,„„ ..,,.,.. ... , , ami aak I wi (l , n", "' CS " "' Caikl1 r rcte, j ",t .,„„„ i,,,,, cvc , ,,,„„„., A , m -.' • 6ii ill In » li.r.i' voice. "I'd have to fio '' '-•',•„„ „-„,„,, „, lta( - Allt ,,, •'"'•". "»n. C,,nt!n,,c ( |, S?^,-^.^ 1 ™ 1 *• v^^i^.tfr,:: ;iU;; r ;:\ ?rv:,'^-,.;;; - - Kms \'j no ] m ' m \ - m .. ;i icmclOry 'wi'lii 'illl AplH-oxliiKituly 48 PCI- ran of Ilic (lie• usual lioiiara •'•'- - ••Pill ll'(« llr.i ii it >. I !,,.. !.„! i .. .i. •..i-.pi.. , - - •rimcnl.s in Caiiatllan - ies have rcsiiltcd in discov- fty '.'tii mcllioil ol-iiiwiwiiig Hie,„.„,.„,„.. ,.„,„„,. .,,., ,.,. &up ut ll.c Bugni 1 , niHiJli) In such :arc Hoiraii (Jalliulii-i airl II manner llia(. llic'iiwplc slruji may ccnl MosIeiiLS ' or i-xtruckd in tjrciUy cun'ceVi- Initfil foriit: enlin- |K>]wl:ilion brlunij.-; lu tin-! OrilJwIux Cliiftrii. .'J7..'i tii'r ti-ni. i '- - ' Uu; ll-niil Cotnlfi; Nen't; Win it Ad;i. OUR JJOAKDIING HOUSE I'KviTi'iilluii As-wcialiMi ,-ilioivs dial ,' IW i-ominiiiiltics in llio United ..." •' .. |S<!ili,w and Ciniadii siiriil. £fB,!illt- •Itl V.MIK. l-nnirls. I'um.v.. lai for rccn-ati!,,, d.ninr I!) n -, jiliysiciaii. iiml II,.' «i, m: uai,, ,, r ? s.'J!)(j.UiKj over "llu- i,W- niakinj; profi'ssitm-j.viou:; , VL ,,r. ' Illn Cl'lrfllllj'. httt only rold luttr 11135-" <r IncI if v',,i ,. f liol. tuko \vatcr in anv ollr'' .-' '* Of great liniKHiaria^ in ,.., " is icll«[ 'Irein d!6L-o:;ii.,., .,.' ,iV( •t n paln.'aiid plenty ui tlor,, , , plenly ol E)M|) and re!l»[ | R .,. M ,;, H iiiay be nee&taty f m - lu |iiescribe suil:ibie ir i Von bliuitltl inn. liuncvri i,- .' il^dodor j-mii'Mli ; 1Bll inst ].'„-, '".', ; rlir.-. tlic ,,ul.-t -ami rl . vm . , u , al , i jmc> .iiii»y ini-icas- cd ii il:c licavt ami UK- niny-l-s rt- i-lx'iul j-atitlaclovily. 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