The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1948
Page 11
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MONDAY, MAT 8, 194« BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople FKKCKLKS * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL , Up anil Hi 'Em 6GA.O, Bu&TCR.' GOOD N6VJ5.' AKteR ra I DON'T 6£B VOL) A PROFOUND AvSD EXHAUSTIVE 6TODV K( SPRA.IKMNG YOUR OFTH6 fOPM, 1 DECIDED MOT, TO «;( WCIGT PULLING OUT' RISK sooR'Motiev ON VITAKMN A/y# tne DOUGH TO ewe AMD,5URe.EMOUGH,'Tri& i^-#g$\ IT BACK.' DID You / <oC£eD FA.IL6D DISMALLY-^- l'--;'^/ DECIDE POPCORN i SAVeo EVERY cef^T \tooy ^#C ( WCSJLD 6e A BEITSR AsSO We OTHE.R SOY6 -ifc \ll T «V»-N A.KM3RD S GOT Bur. HENRY, 115 MORWtWcV AND MO WORD «•«*•* I XK»// BUT WITH WE WHOLfT pve n ARC* (=uxwa TAKES TlMf TO FW A STRAT Aw, MOM, LEMME SLEEP.'-— WHERE AW It NEVER WHO NOW 1 EIGHT eeas' Rise. AND SHINE, SAILORS/ WHY MOTHERS O6T GRAY Arkansas Man Kiittd Plant Crashes HARRISON, Ark., May 3. (UP)— Sgt. Charles Ralph Garrett, 24, of E'non, Carroll County, Ark., was killed instantly Saturday when the light Army training plane he was Jiying crashed near Blue Eye, Mo. The plane buried its nose in Arkansas but within 100 yards of the Missouri town. Carroll County Sheriff Ami How- e-rton and State Police Sgt. Damon Wilson said Qarrett had flown over the town several times and that the plane crashed after going into a spin. It did not burn. • Garrett is stationed at Eglhi Field, Flu. But the FT-19 plane was the property of his brother, Robert Garrett. WARNINO ORDER The defendant, p. E. Grlssom, Is hereby warned to appear In the Municipal Court ol the City o" Blythevllle, Arkansas, within thlrt; days and answer the complaint o the plaintiff, Tolar B. Buchanan filed against him In said court, case No. 1948, and upon his failure to d 10, said complaint will be taken a; confessed. Witness my hand as clerk of Id court and the »e»l thereof this /Ae Unnocen By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY RENEE SHANN; DISTRIBUTED BY NGA SERVICE. INC THE STOKVi PKIrirr l« talk !• hl CVFHl»K, Icll bcclt. Rofccr • • PJI«| rmm <**« burrler, k II r.. •• the <r»l» lM haw wr0B« « «* k«c •• ai«d, Political Announcements The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July 27 and August 10 COUNTY TREASURER Frank Whitworth .,._. , COUNTY COURT CLERK . Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNT* ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen BTATE REPRESENTATrVK Jimmie. Edwardi Iu. H. "Autry H. E. "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukie" Speck Foi Countj Jadf* . -Fielder Peery , Roland Green • For Circuit Court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABLE (Chiskasawaba Township) J. Robert Crosskno ' XXI II DOGEH held ber very closely to him. Yes, right there on the crowded platform. She was so astonished that she couldn't break free of him. But at last he released her. Sh« looked at him, her cheeks naming scarlet. He gave a rather shame-faced laugh. "Sorry, darling, I 5ust couldn't help it- She was dimly aware of Patil getting into the carriage next to hers, the carriage with the blonde who was making little cooinj sounds ot joy at sight ol him. She said desperately: "Oh, Roger, why did jou?" "You mean you don't like bein( kissed?" Did she mean that? Would she if she were utterly honest, say tha actually she'd cot disliked it a all, but she wished to high heaven he'd not chosen to kiss her just a that moment? But, perhaps lurk ;ily, 'here wa* no time to answer • The guard blew his whistle. Roge whisked her into the train. H ran alongside the carriage as i .started. "Darling, you liked H really he. said, and. Patience was certai that Paul couldn't help but hea him. And then with • laugh "Don't look 90 flustered. I'm no 'the first man, my sweet, who kissed his girl at the station." "But I'm not — ** ! The rush of wind, the noise the train, drowned anything « she might have said. She sto» there in the corridor, staring OL onto the drab dreary sheds an 'buildings alongside which th train was now running. Her ham ghtened around the brast rail ong lh« window. ' ND now there was a sound be- 1 hind her. A door of a carriage being closed firmly. She oked up and saw him. "Paul, I wanted to speak to .u." "1 thought I wanted to speak to ou. That's why I've come out to thij corridor. But now I'm ice to <ace with you—" "You don't want to?" "Not In the least- Afler last Ight-" "It was about lost night I want- I to speak to you." His eyes were bitter as they met ers, his mouth hard and ati- ry. How could she talk to him 'hen he looked at her like this? .11 the same site must try. I wanted to explain—** she fal- cred. "And I don't want to hear any xplanations," he said harshly. "1 houldn't believe them whatever hey might be. Holy smoke, wouldn't put any code and bull tory past you. Vou'U be trying o suggest next, it wasn't you was talking to last night. Maybe t was that twin sister of yours Now that was » nice little fairy tale you told me. Think back—i might be useful to you now—' Her heart turned to stone. Sh stared at Paul. He'd taken th wind out of her sails completely How could she now possibly tell him what had really happened last night? He'd already said he wouldn't beljeve her. Suddenly a fierce and blazing anger seized her. She said coldly: "If you're so sure I'm incapable of speaking the truth then of course it's absurd for me to try to explain to you what really happened." "Quite absurd." He looked at her. his eyes dark with resentment. "1 suppose that Dickson fellow who kissed you goodby with such fervor Just now big brother tc you!" They 1,1,-ireo at each other. :h breach, wide enough already, widening even more between them. "You saio." went on Patience, deciding she had not alter all mute imished with him. "a great, deal I tiiat 1 resented last time we spoke to each other. Now ] must you've excelled yoursclt." say "Yes, it's different all right, but if you wer« still my sec• retary just tliiuk how you'd be sitting in that stuffy office eetting fat!" CUE turned her back on him , then, went into her carriage, closed the door firmly, and sat down in her corner seat. She wasn't hurt any more. • She was mad clear through. She didn't are one single iola about PHU^ nd thnt was 'indeed comforting, because, obviously, he wasn't worth worrying about. She stalked past his carriage •hen she got out at Oakley and virried down the platform, with- ut one glance in its direction. And now here she was entering the house and it wns wrapping her round with it* warm alTcclion. The world of London seemed far away. Is that you, Patience?" called Aunt Alice's voice. She went into the sitting room. They were bolh there. Aunt Helen with her. household accounts spread out before her, Aunt Mice with her mending. "Ah, there you are, darling," they said In chorus. And Aunt Alice, her eyes bright with eagerness, her voice almost tremulous with excitement: "Now tell us all about it, right from the very beginning." It made a thrilling story. Patience told it from beginning to end. Leaving out, of course, all mention ot Paul. When she finished she kissed her Aunt Alice and then Aunt Helen suddenly, impulsively. "Thank you for letting me go, Aunt Helen," she said. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." said Miss Helen. Miss Alice smiled ol her. "Dear little girl," she said. And,as Patience left the room to go upstairs to take oit her things: "Really. Helen, I think we'll be quite j wise to let the child have these occasional treats in London.** (To Be Continued) 1st day of May; 1948. W. I. MA LIN. Clerk Reid & Roy. Attys. for Plaintiff. Oscar Fendlar, Atty. ad liters. 513-10-17-24 Fried Chicken River Catfish 85c Choice of 4 m«at* V«g«tabl«( - Salad 50c Goff Hotel Coffee Shop Roofing Contracting Patching, Coating, Re-roofing No Job too Large or Too SmaH Phone 2536 For Prompt Service Eddie Saliba I NOTICE Arizona contains eight national Notice Is hereby given thnt Mrs. forests, covering a total of 11, 400,• Nola A. Lewis has made application Tor a permit to erect a two room I frame building on lot six block of the Jones addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. This building is to be used as a real estate oitice. Any protest should be in writing and filed in the office of the City Olerk. | .toe Cnrncy, City Engineer. 5[3-10 DAY RATE HOUR RATE WEEK RATE DAY AND NIGHT NURSERY For Children of All Ages! Here's what folks with children have wanted for a long time! A responsible, safe place (o leave their children while shopping going to a movie or on a trip, meals are available, as well as clean NEW beds. ARTIE'S NURSERY Phone 2350 313 N. 2nd St. GET YOUR NEW CAR NOW! Drive a KAISER or a FRAZER Today '61" Motor Company (Home of "61" Implement Company) North 6th Street Phone 2142 HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • For Furs • For Woolens Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 COTTON FARMERS fcrmlnaU qvleker, >n< plow th* MIBC week. Kedice ehoppinc expense «ni cotton. STATK CKKTIFIED VARtETIH AVAILABLE 9. * T. L. N*. U, -Mr M ». TM( •UtKTlU* *)-•. IMT M M. b»» * > Uw4«fl 41-B, P«r M ». k«{ Otiwr 5» . •lontrlB. J-C, pw 54 Ik. tMf !•••* it* wm ««iteu>t »t s» t*. -MT S* Ik. t»r »* »I«M T« UYCTIEVILU SOYBEAN CORP. PltlSCll.LA'S POI * Abiv dry your tears, doar: fJext time I see her I'll •irst stie hit me with a stick and then she my doll in the m-mud... tell her she's never to piny in our yard again! RALPH LANE MICHAEL O'RIALLEY and Nite Last Chnpler WONWKIW.'mi, TACK.V WE'RE GETTING lll£ DID ACt HIGIICIU8 ALL SET TO OPEN THIS SUMMER A& A BOYS'CAMP. AND THIS 15 TOR YOU, VIC, BUT VOO'RE HOT TO OPttl IT lilt WE'RE <XII Or SIGHT. PROMISE ? ii cojpte of week* later. BRIGHT. 1HE D.fl. IHtiAlE IFHEDOfSH'T AND MOWS MARRIED LIFE, VOU 1WO? WEll.,VIC,THf CFA!IO JURY I'STOIDANICF r/iY'S WORK IN •lO: I INS A1ERK AVBEIL AND V.TMH ARKOtD. IT'S A PROMISE. tO IONG AND GOOD IUCK. CCfWICT THEM BOIH Ht'll RESIGN HFTCEN HUNDUfD IRON MfN! IAOV. I SURE WISH VOU A HAPPY HONEYMOON LESLIE TURNKB WASH TUBBS I COulOM'I DO 1HM, TMKE'...ff JUST TOOK WE LOWQER. TO SET HERETIWM I'D F10UKt:D...HWi;M l T EVEW HUD A CrtWOCE TO CALL t« W REPORT TO THe OFflCE. K"AtA,,,»AMBE I'D BETTER. *e'U» «OT ft 1EHFORHW GENERAL UMiAGtR WHO'S NOT UEfW SOiC 00 »E AIWWW! HOC PUT IN CfttL NOW 1HM> BEGUM TO THINK. MOU'D GOME BACK Ef»ST WITHOUT COMIN&.BV TO SEE ME. • PMtBOM ME MADAM... I'M AM HUTOSRI\PH HOUND IOOKIHG fOE ft UICT1MI. COUlb SOU TEtL UE- Ry FRED HARMAN Most Irregular MOPS WO rlAsrfT PEW PEStERI^O PElrf JUOG£ AND SHERIFF 'Ai THE SAME TIME 10 SOR.TA IRREGULAR , JU5T *2&FIN£.' E To START FOR IT CoACrt BANDITS, MISTAKE fOZ A HARMLESS GHOST By V. T. HAMLIN. „ *+*"^ \VATCH Ooolu IK Inlereslvd ncN or ALIE MOVM IN NORT By EDGAR MARTDi BOOTS AND HKK BUDDIES ,VOOK\T OOQR. I aso «» Some blast furnaces in Hie steel industry are uir-concULioticci to reduce the moisture clntent of the nlr blown into the furtincc. The forget,-me nots fonnoly wfis called ••scorpion-grass," ami wns thought to be a remedy for the bite of the sforpion.

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