The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1935
Page 3
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JAKTJABV 4, BIiYTHEVlLLE! .(ABS.)' COuBiER NEWS AiucbU Eitwnt MISS LWJTsE DTXON MRS. RUTH CAMPBELL MRS. BERTHA M. HARRIS MRS. EDNA X. CBABTREE HISS EDNA M. FERGUSON MODERN-HOME-NF Conducted for thii newtptptr b d* bt*rw of it* woom reKterTbrrMoioiwd . tbori' ^"""il *""* ««W tt-fLOKENCK ggOMECt «UM*>rH««* on *U phmte* of bom» nwkinf A Little Buffet Supper Pleases Everybody Here Arc Recipes for Old 'Fashioned Dishes Appropriate to.the Season Deaf Friends in Hlyiheville: No need !o tell an old fashioned cook the virtues'of meat pics—and by. iaeal p.'e.s I mean fish, chicken, and vegclablfl-and-nieat pics too. For Ihsss dishes are economical, in; that, they uss up left overs; they • are filllnsr and satisfy gigantic np- petltes; ttiey are appetizing in appearance and easily scrrcd. To th; newer cooks I do want to add. that the)* are easily prepared and when once adobted in the family menus they become sjtndbycs. ..Here arc some of my best meat pi& recipes, but first a pastry recipe I like to us? for such pies: The'Pasiry- ' • Three cups flour;' one teaspoon Mil; one teaspoon baking; powder; one cup shortening; cold water. Sift together the flour; baking powder and salt, and cut the shortening Into this with two spatulas or a pastry blender'.' Divide the mixture Into t"'O parts; to ens part add enough cold water to make a stiff paste. Roll out on the floured board to about one fourth inch In tiiiek- ne.«. lii the t-enler' spread the other mixture, fold over ths edges to meet in the center, then roll out to about one-fourth inch thickness. Fold over and roll a^ain'-Repeat several times. Chill in (he refrigerator ; .until the meat pic is ready to be covered, noil out, an: fit the dough carefully ovst th» caV- serole and prick the surface will- a fork, slash small slas-iss alsn w!tr a sharp knife. . • • • figlish flam Pie' One qn&rt sliced potatoes; onr -cup chopped onions; one ciuar 1 roasted ham; two cups left over gravy; cook" the potatoes and onions together in enough water to cover, until they are lender. Drain a little; line the baking dish with the pastry; arrange ham and vc'°2- tables in alternate layers, season each layer; cover with gravy. Lay on lop crust and crimp down firm- ty,...,.Btnsiu4he. p.istry, vj-ith coH -feSft^-jff^.^^.^'w.iiiqji'.vja- a. t!BV 'oven/ about two" lumtirsd" degrees, serve in the bakin<- di'-,h at (he table. Deep .Sea I'ie .Two cups "finely diosd cooked potatoes; two cups cooked or canned ,«'lnte nsh such ns tuna. o r cod - cut in rather large pieces; one cup sliced tomatoes' (about two lar-»e IpmaUKs); one cup bread crumbs- pastry for ons crust. Rub trie casserole with shortening. Cover the bottom with crumbs, ihen lay in potatoes, nsh. onions and tomntois , In the order given; and repent, with •n second layer of each. Season each layer with suit, and pcpp;r and finely minced.parsley. The,, (his sauce:. •One nnd one. half cups milk- six tablespoons Hour;' two tablespoon'' Worcestershire sauce; one well beaten-egg: -Heat milk'and Hour to- dissolved and boiling,' then add Worcestershire and egg. pom- over Ihe pie. place a crust on top, n ml ffash it well.- Bake "for. one horn- in a slow oven, about 200 ilc<rccs Old Time Pork Vie '' Line nve individual bakino dish- S U'illl .n......... , _- • . = EditMt) MRS. N7NCY ROTE MRS. GEORGE THURN MHS. EMILV.M. LAUTZ RS.J. WATSON SHOCK!EV MRS. FRANCES MORTHCROS3 with ,1 sauce ' a " rt cl ' 0 ' ) l )c ' 1 \Vhl|l tlii" orang w ,, ru , r . T)>MC recipe aw called for In llio menus given elsewhere on the ]>ii s e, but Uieiv is no reason we cniwot i them in other menus Wh not shop iirst for some B oml looking iiu-tnl or cullicnwnre molds. Jhe km-hen furnishing S |, OI>S j,, "in hum cities show handsome Imporieil maids ,, r wl ,| U , ( ., lh)n> |)||t l H'-sit siii! somewhat more expensive llian IlijMlH oiiw, nnd for ordinary "saga no more practical. 'J'Jif melon .shaped mold nnd osr of Raw? designs arc pmb- % llii; most popular, allhoush rliiR mold in,, Is elk-dive The ulei- of ihe (ims'lier! K cliulrio made u ring mold is usually nilod with the xatiir. o r rookies' 1 """' (Wlm Ajirlcol Kana • Two tablespoons flavor; ana t ul > . w grains of .suit; one half cup upri- cot juice from canned or stewed npncois; one and one linlf cups Slewed apricots; one ami' one luilf biiiianas. Dissolve the uelaOnc In t!;e boiling wnltr und mid the' i-prl- col Juice; nib uannnas ,-.nd apricots tlnough a sieve and ad,-| to the /"Mure. Chill until it t^jim to thicken. Then whip with a wheel CBS,' beata- unil) u e j,( I1IVJ nnll [1'oin- into a maid wet «| L ii cold waior. C»ill until firm, serves six Mini Soinvii- Tt-o tabl:s;nons ^'Online, mint flavor; onrr ul! , | w! ii llx wal( . r . 0|)( , tup cold water; fsw drap.i mini extract or oil of peppermint. D.'isolve (he gelatine in bolltii" water. Add oold ivats,- u !U | n , M f amps of mini extract Mo iiukn a delicate navor. Chill until It bi-'siiv. 13 fnlcken, ilicn boat wlili Hit o ? g fcsater mull frothy and Lilck Pom- into :i mold and chill until firm and thick, saw j{arnlshE:l wlih irtiippid an-j fn-;;H- mint Itaves, or' cliopp-u, i-rcDn-minl 103 ' ° r cllop|) - tl ureEn « ! "'y tempting Liquid Diet Best 'for Sufferers From Colds type of lacquered fabric decidedly new, and of course you might not for the ;/impi ..... white, the -r.everatre set is left which holds delicious open f composition handles find Hie nlntes- are iing modern, and .very inexpensive tablecloth. It's to serve the duchess a. formal dinner on it. Jjiit it supper, for" lirklue "bite.s": for small bullet spreads, ft is green S31ID aluminum arid cork, and iiicl'iicles - the two tier Iray at. ihe «as|ilirrry I'rinccss bjrv° tt^oT r ^' "" J "" " " tc-r; oiia cup-CAM wut'.T- on" mil -.-- j ,„. „,„ cup cream; ;onc fourth tjas-^n •>' ndwiches. and stuffed; celery' nnd stuffed 'eggs. The forks have !:nlt: om CI 'P sponge cake'"ci.bes. are "the most' in^xuoiKivc nlnin fiVnm' ,.oi n ™i •„!,:.,„ - -«'.; D| ssolve the -.gelatine.In bolllno wn- JU1 tcr. Add Ihe cold water. Pour" . "the moif inexpensive plain'' JreW . colored ' clnnn form sin economical, th ™gh gay way to i Try This Ron&i; Beef and KITH Mill!' — •••••"-*' ^ u«r Liirjt fourllis cup of this mixture into » ~: shallow pan wet with cold water -"i Ihe.-Ioycr of. gelatine shculd'be 'one • liulf^iH-i, dcop. Chill'uhlirnrm :ihd cut into ciibps.- A<|tl salt-lo-thr- r»- V MA1IV K. DAOIli: "cold" (..ensoii is upon n s . Ami I do waul, you (o forgi'l, dim wt a cold mid .slarvii u mince hf.foi'c It. itoes imrm I" your sinnll Miai'iors. Thi> DioiDf-nt your clilld Ijculns lo snlllli-. mi;,. )|| S i(. m ponilut> '• (li'niiiti-ly Inlorius you just li«w "lisii'd" Ills cold Is 'mul you ran i.'lujiKi- hi* ,|/,.|. ., v |||, ,,n (lu , In linnd. Ii llii'-ihonnomjter ITS iibovo txmiKil keep the In lied and |.|v« n liquid diet fiobatoiy )ii:ttt'i- ,| (|^ doctor for ihe iirsl sj-nipunns nl many clnhlri'ir.s' ill.-.niw'.s wcm in IK -iu-si cold." l-/<|liiil C:ln H>> Vilrlcrt A liituiil <!k<j, CUM lie en,, |f V()ll ik( u little pains with the liroth'i niHI simps, ctrc'ul muds, i-.uv eiivs combiiuid wllh milk i.nd iruii IlllL'CS, lll'ill CIIWIII. If iheie is no lemperatuie try .1 llslu, easily <llgcsl»d diet. Children of i;cliool n«c need noiii-lsh- j i"i; food, but no mc-ni. when In bed and Kith) siiKi'v. Vi-w-tnblos, liuiu tuns and milk will do for i,' diiv or (ivo. > When there is u count], avoid' dry foods: In till:, nisi-, nil the £Cmi-:,oll,l foods ilml "slip down" easily lire t,ultii'jle. Finally, when the cold Is Ijrok- iii. " <IU:l of hislter-than-oidlniiry caloric value should bo supplied to VIp the txuiy rtpair th,. ravaijc-s. Thli, mean.-, easily dlncslnl luL-;— iMilior; crcniu, bacon nnd olive oil —with generous use of ejj^s, milk mid fruit. Keep up building up diet until ail irntcs of tint t - 0 ld tire Bonn. .fllcmi KnecrslioiiK .The following. llgin menu foi u liny may help,, you in othr.-rs. Breakfast: Oraiuio Juice or tomato juice, well cooked cereixl. :ti.'iim, eru,ii toasL. inUk.. : .ninner: clear soup,, baked po- hilo.- .ljultercd - siilnach, . poached -SB,- creamed celery, ornnge and skinned umpo salnd, milk. Supper: Lamb broth with Imr Icy. .shielded Iclliicis with French dressing, whole, wlirnt, bread mm, buttiir sandwiches, baked apple with crcnm, milk. .. Hems: Be sure the bread is cut thin- mid toasted slowly for Ihc l>i'cnkrh.u least; the French dress- Ini: for (he IcHuce salnil should Iw niude with lemon luico mm ollvo —- •-•—»•••••» ROXY Friday & Saturday MAT. & KITR— lOr - 25r A GUliAT WKSTKUN IAN FROM UTAH' SKU1A1, - - CAKTOON Sunday - Monday 'HI. dull sheihcl.'. ic« ncmn, cm- 1.11'K, gplnljiii IIIKJ "whips on lhi> easily Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite «:4f>— lO-.'iSc (Jwtlimions Showing ettlGHl'fffS A FOX Piciurc with JAMES DUNN "Novelty Keel fllark & fllrOulJough, Comedy ' Saturday Only Niirht—10c - 25c Have you tried the delicious and , V ci-ai mm wnn <;nii hcallMnl shellfish baked with spa- floll r, '^,1 hrec fourth, Iheth. or rice? Here is n favorite '.pooA 6alt a - n([1 ^ f ^|™ recipe of New Yorkers; Wipe the roast- of beef with n cup (lour; one Iml lea- tea- p sail- '' P eniim. cubzs or "cok:' nnd us. Pour spoon, pepper jo 'c salt, milk'aim eggs together, in bowl. Beat well with a' wheel cubes ot clear ito "a mold ano chill tit in slices and sen r ir six. . . One fourth pound spa.hctti; irce ne pint oysters; one .cup bread dripping nail or roaster nnd seir tumbv. on« eighth c,,p melted for thirly' minutes In a very Tot . : -...- ......»*.i. j,,i unity inniute 1 . in *i veshortening: o.w and one half cups oven, SDO degree! Rcdtre ml!:- l\rn f^hlrtci.r-n.i^ «n 4— , . ". ixtuii^L •' h j bcaler. Pour (Irippinss tri (he deplli ut one'inch. Into u .shallow, pan Have the drippings hot'aiid pour in .the mixture. : ciuickl>v Bake for one hall .hour in a hoi oven. The pudding : may- then be "placed nii- ___ flmd Couriei- News -, Ads. A Three Days' Cough ; Js Your Danger Signal Set a strangle es with "ien i .pastry -made as above with some of this mix- Uiw, cover with top crust and C1 it ewws in the crust. Brush with milk or water an : l bake in a s ] 0 w oven f 3r one J,our. The mixture: On= pound sausage meat; two .rn'fJ^'Y' ° r " mbS; 011C "a" CUP grated onion; tour tablespoons fin' "" brown gravy or white seasonings If the s-us^c mild Chopped mushrooms add- Succotash Pi c 0;ie cup canned or coakcd small one hS m; ° n V"P coo!<c:l cor ": o e c m rvi p c v, ke<l slring be!Uls: Irai " " C sauce; oue !ralf teajipoon Worcestershire sauce- -nit • Vegetable Cliccsc Use any left, over canned vegetables, but quantities, two and one i, r ««rtabl« to one c,,p chee^ Vi e A goc<| combination is small n™ erele, of cauliflower, diced C clen. and asparagus lira or the S? r Part or the suit,; cr string ^ Pic parsley and p:as. dish with shortening nnd puliin .. layer of cooked spaghetti, then pin , add enough milk to make reserving a small quanlily to mix Tomakc the pudding HUE THEY LAST THE CITY lir>.\V. 51;iin f . -N.. S. Tiiylor 'l!lic Only. Pfooe hi t'licXliLv S wiiii the- 'flour. Scald tin. .,.„„...- SirBr^-Trass Sn^'ho^oV-r r «- ™« dour. Stir well and cook twenty g? e « ion- enou* ' ?°°, ° 5 °° " C - "^^r^fe 71 use ' f °P v/ith bread crumbs recipe. Suppers fur You need not play bridge to <-n- joy tlusc siippsre, but there ar enov t intelings with friends. cHh» r bridge, or sewln,. or a club m ')lfs, pour into ;* . with shorteningand° J cow ; 'i will, the pajiry described abo» I But- when m!)king lhe , at> °^for l!;e last time with two table fpoonsi grated cheese sprinkled on H. This is dellcfoiK. | EDNA M. FERGUSON, Men outnumber women 3378 to 1472 anionu the non-aboriginal S£ ° f A " Stra!la ' s Nor '^"'| many deman'tls a-ssk "nfter"w^ek ' j'om women who do enjoy thVr i fov ing, that these menus are ,,.....„,.„ Chicken Bouillon, Hot Roll 5 Eggs and Rice in Ramekins. wilh Chsese Mustard pickle. Olives, Relish Chocolate Custard Oraii^e . Cookie.s Coffee Cold Sliced Meats and chicken Stuffed Celery Open Face Sandwiches Pecan Muffins Strawbsrry Parfail. cookie Coffee and Ten Craim:d Mushroom I'.utlvs Orccn salad, TOasi Slrips Mini C'.jlatins souffl- Coffee r.nd Tea Ciicese anrt Bacon on Toast Doughnuts cidev Orange Custards Coffee * ' * Curried Chicken and nice Chutney, chopped Peanuts Chopped orecn Pepper as Relishes for Hie CIHTV Potato chips Toast strips naspbcrry Princess Pudtlin" ' Corf >* Tea ° i.vsters in Cream on Toast Stuffed Eggs ; rry Relish Almond Pudding Coffee . Read Courier News Want Arts. PURt Chilled By Mgldafrc Safe - Snnilnrv Tint - 7c Quart - 12c CRAIGS DAIRY _-. Phone 74 uiiLirr POT 3 qt.—Loop or bail handle. Domed cover. Regular $:.SO. - " * ' DOUBLE BOIIER; Y\ qt.—For baby's cereal, .- icings, etc. Regular $1.50. *; - , .- ,. PAH WITH • ! ' i:;:- "ORsiiri(iB coven 3 qt.—No scalding. Regular $1.50. HEflVYFRTPIH Qinch.—Heats, browns evenly. Regular .$1.35. ^P^J^^ SSUCEPAdSET J ^^r "# DEEPFHTFRTER •11 2 qt.—Fine basket. Rcgu!^- $U5. HARDWARE Blylhcville, Ark. lit'ii Ulue tpmeily "Out of «i : <l«i ; " ROAST !b.l41c Ciirlooh- Serial—'.'Tnllspin Tommy" Sunday - Monday love glooms Again for the Singing Sweelheort of "She loves Me Not" f R 4 IVc ]>mk I fa I Country Sl.vic SRJ). A •^u.-fftiS3XHS3FSlSSE Fancy gj! Fancy K. C. T-UOXE, Ll> 2Jc ROUND. SIRI.OI.V, Lb 35c 'd & Hardy Comc'flr— "Live Ghosts" .< v,.

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