The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1954 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 22, 1954
Page 7
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Papooses Top Osceola 20-13 For Fifth Win By CHARLES PENX JR. Courier News Special Writer Blytheville's Junior Papooses ran their season's record to 5-1 here last night as they scalped Osceola's Junior Seminoles 20-13 in one of the best junior high games played here in a long time. The victory brought Junior High's homecoming festivities to a successful ending. There was no queen to crown, but the juniors made a day of it anyway. For the toss, the Papooses' nineteen captains went to the center of the field to meet the Junior Serni- noles' two. It if the custom that all the 9th graders on the squad act as captians for the Pap's homecoming game. To save delaying the game, "Slick" Nelson did the handshaking. Osceola had, in the warm-up period made up for lack of captains by having ten managers, coaches, etc., helping with their "get-ready." The first quarter was 'nip and tuck, each eleven feeling out the other. Osceola's short kick on the ground was taken on the Seminole's 48 and advanced four yards by McOuire A fumble cast the locals two yards, luckily or skillfully recovered. Moore's try over tackle was called back for an offside penalty. With second down and seventeen to go Coalter put the ball through the air Into. Moore's hands but the receiver could not hold it. Pulley picked up three, but with 4th and 15 the Paps had to punt. Osceola took the ball on their 30. Fullback stovall picked up a couple when Gillis brought him down with a bang. Osceola's try of the line was for no gain. Coalter's tackle prevented a lateral from pick- Ing up yardage. A try through the air, Weldon to Reese looked good for thirty yards but was dropped. Forced to kick, Stovall booted the ball to the Blythevilie 40 and Moore was downed for no return gain. On three plays hitting the Seminole line hard, the Paps picked up a first down on the 50. Coalter. Moore and Pulley accounted for a'nother first to the Seminole 38. The Paps picked up three over center, but when Pulley went around end for five more, a flag went down. Offsides again by the overanxious Paps made it 2nd and 12. Ross Scores Coalter's pass to Gillis missed him by yards but an interference penalty a first on the Osceola 25. This break against the Seminoles gave the Faps was followed by a gain of a couple of yards plunging as the quarter ended nothing to nothing. The second quarter began with the spectacular play of the evening. Ross went through the middle of the Seminole line, shaking off one after another who tried to put him ..down. All the way for 25-yards and six points he went. Coalter's quarter-back sneak could not add the extra. Nelson's kick to the Seminoles 20 was taken by Aycock. Pulley and Moore were right there with the to Reese but could not reach him. The half ended Paps 13-Semlnoles Juniors 0. The Junior Osceolans came back after the half with their eyes on the Paps' goal and crossed twice for touchdowns. "Slick" Nelson's kick to the Oa ceola 20 was returned to the 25 where Gillis and Williford stopped the advance. After a try over center lost a yard. Moore went around end following fine interference to the Blytheville 38. Picking up nine yards on the next two plays, over center and on a lateral, the Seminoles turned their Moore loose, and he was loose, reversing, sidestepping, running like a rabbit, he got away from all the Paps. Coalter was able to catch up with him and down him one yard short of the goal line, but Coalter did not get up from the encounter and time was called. The Pap quarterback just had the wind knocked out of him and never left the fleld. Stovall Scores Stovall picked up the needed yard over center for the first Seminole six, but the boys from the south end could not buck the line for the extra. Fumbleitis began. A low kick stopped on the 50, was fumbled and Osceola recovered. On a line try by the visitors Blytheville recovered only for Moore to fumble, giving the ball back to Osceola on the 50, the point of the beginning of the fumbles. Two five-yard gains through the line gave the Seminoles a first. Over center twice for three yards each try, looked like the Paps' enemy was marching, but Ross' tackle threw a nice lateral from Man nto Hill into a three yard loss, and Coalter's tackle on the next play gave the ball to the home team on downs. Ross went over the line for six as the quarter ended second anc 4 on the Paps' 40. With all the trouble the locals have had with torn shirts, Pulley's sadly, proved to be a good one as he dashed out for the goal line, looked like he was getting there when a Seminole hung onto the neck-band of his shirt and drug him down on the 25. Trying the line netted no gain Jaroe was finally able to pick up seven behind Coalter's blocking for fourth and 3. Moore took and around end went ior the counter. Coalter's pass was •aken by Gillis, giving the Paps a iead of 20 to 6. March On an onside kick Blytheville recovered on their own 49 which gave the ball to the Seminoles as they WILSON'S ROYALTY—Gearldine Bufkin (second row center) will reign tonight as Wilson's homecoming queen in the Bulldogs' game with West Memphis. Attending Queen Gearldine will be maids Jean Greenwell and Sherry Butler (second row, left to right) and maids Jean Bowen, Carolyn Camper and Sandra McAfee (third row, left to right). The youngsters down front are Judy Grain and Bobby Bledsoe. They will carry Queen Gearldine's crown during the coronation. (Courier News Photo) Sports Roundup— Saxton Laid it on the Line- Bjr OAYLK TALBOT NEW YORK yp)—Johnny Saxton, the new welterweight, champion of thfl world und a very boring customer, Indeed, is quoted as having said this about the fighting style which caused untold millions to puss out quietly In their arm chairs on Wednesday evening: "I don't aim to please the crowd. I Just want to win fights the best way I can. I fought the fight like I planned—to win. I had him puzzled." Johnny's remarks probably will not endure among the great orations, but we submit that he really laid it on the line right down to the final syllable. The only tiling we might have added WHS that he had a lot of folks puzzled besides Kid Gavilan. who was his opponent, speaking loosely. Only the OfTlclals So far as, there is any evidence, about the only ones who were at- tracted by the new champ's novel method of winning fights were the three ring officials, and lie couldn't have eho.sen a liner following. The fact Hint Uiey voted unanimously for the tugger and hauler from Brooklyn can only be put down ns a rare cnse of mass hypnosis. When Saxton's manager, Blinky Palermo, was asked what his plans wevft tor his tigpv. he replied forth- riglitly, "To make money," and that brings up an interesting question. Where's the money going to come from? Philadelphia tins imule It plnin that it is having a hard enough time with the Athletics without letting Saxton fight anynody there again. If they 0.0 dig up an opponent for Johnny, and i'f some city consents to .stand still for the match, what are the promoters going to use to pay oft the two gladiators? One scarcely can imagine that another crowd will shell out any- thing approaching the $57,121 that was taken in at the gate Wednesday night. It would not be surprising either If television sponsors become scarce the next time Saxton's services are offered to the air waves. Granted thnt the firms which peddle their wares between rounds are a game lot, they must have been conscious that lew of those who tuned in Wednesday's little horror felt likt tearing around to the corner to buy anything. When it was over, all they wanted was to be helped up to bed. A few more like that one and the rnzor blade and beer cartel will find itself turning to wrestling for an audience. One thing about wrestling, when you twist the dial to the wild men you can be pretty sure what you're going to get, whether you deserve it or not. Since Snxton has token boxing out of,the entertainment field, that's something. ball to put him down for no run- n »d not touched it. The visitors began a steady march through the line, trying only one pass for a back. Hill, on a good start, tripped and lost a yard. Weldon went over center for two, but when he tried the air on the next play he just passed to the air. There was no one close to where the pigskin hit the turf. Stovall's pnnt was taken by Coalter on the Pap's 35 and reversing the field he went all the way to pay dirt. Again the flag interfered and a clipping penalty put the ball back on the Pap's 20. Coalter with perfect blocking by Pulley and Moore picked up 20. but Moore's try around end brought no gain. After picking up five and loosing five on tries through the line the Paps found themselves with 3rd and 11. Coalter backed up to pass and was bottled up by a swarm of purple shirts for a five yard loss, fourth and 20. Nelson's punt was to the Seminole 25 and Pulley was right along with the ball to prevent any runback again. After a short pass over line was no good and tries on the ground had netted five yards, the visitors were faced with fourth and 5 and had no choice but to kick. 20 for Pulley Stovall sent the ball W yards thru the air from his toe right into Coalter's hands and the Pap's "passing boy" moved is seven yards on the ground. A handoff to Pulley was good for 20 yards around end. It looked good for the locals when they fumbled on the Osceola 48. Then the Seminoles fumbled and Sadlin recovered on the midfield stripe. Two passes—Coalter to Moore were no good, but up popped another break, a 15 yard penalty against Osceola for inteference. Coalter picked another receiver and Jaroe took a pass over the line to the 25 to have the break offset by ,a 15 yard penalty against the Paps lor unnecessary roughness. In enemy territory with first down j and 20 to go, left handed Jaroe I t"-ed to Gillis good to the 101 y.-rd line. That left-handQd pass confused everybody, fan as well as f* minoles. 13-0 Lull ":T-;y went around end for the tj .set the score at 12-0 and a I. ;s Coalter to Williford was good lor the extra. 13-0 The kick on the ground was only good to the Osceola 40. Weldon dropped back to pass but "Slick" Nrl-on took him down for a 20. yard loss. Weldon picked up ten ovtr Ucklt. Weldon tried to pass two-yard gain until they had a first down and goal to go. Seminole Moore carried over for the TD and Adcock went over the line for the extra, 20-13. With time running out, the Seminoles still had a chance to tie, even win. Coalter took a ground-kick on the 45 and' almost got away, but it was ALMOST, not quite. After three successive gains for another first down for the Paps, time was called as Osceola's defensive right guard, Crye, was hurt. He left the game limping. The Paps were in no big hurry as time was running out fast. One try over center saw the ballgame ended by the clock. Top Crowd By far the largest number of fan? at any Pap game this season turned out for the juniors' homecoming and were well rewarded, not only by a good football game, but entertainment by the Blytheville High School Band. Those who came to see an air show were undoubtedly disappointed, but for the lovers of good, hard, ground football, they got their money's worth and more. Both teams showed well. The rivalry was the most real and spirited that has shown here this year. Could be some All-Americans of the future were seen here last night, and for sure, outstanding Osceola Seminoles and Blytheville Chicks in the next few years will be boys who played last night. Blylhevllle • Osceola Eddie Gillis . . . ,RE ......... Reese H. Coleman RT Chitwood Steve McGuire RG ____ .... Sander James Sandlln . c ....... Robbins 'Slick' Nelson . LG ......... Porter John Taylor .. LT ...... Meadors LE ....... Strange QB ......... Mann W. Williford C. Coalter Ed Moore ..... LH ........ Adcock Billy Ross ---- RH....- ....... Hill Jimmy Pulley . FB ........ Stovall Flyweight Title Bout Postponed TOKYO W|—The world flyweight title bout between champion Yoshlo Shiral of Japan and Pascual Perez of Argentina was postponed today after Perez developed an ear aliment. The open-air bout was scheduled for Tuesday. The International Boxing Com- ! mission, promoters, said a new date | hat not been decided upon. j College Football— Ohio State Big One for Badgers; Porker-Reb Tilt Tops in South By ED CQURIGAN The Associated Press The time has come for Wisconsin to start thinking seriously in terms of winning the Big Ten championship and making the jaunt to the Rose Bowl next Jan. 1. The Badgers, who weren't considered any great shakes in pre-season estimates of the Western Conference, meet rough, tough Ohio State tomorrow in a game that could make or break their hopes. The Buckeyes, too, are very much in the race for league honors. Ivy Williamson's lads still would have to get past lown, Northwestern, Illinois and Minnesota even if they do beat Ohio State. But there's no denying that this is the big one. For Ohio State, the game represents another big stumbling block in its bid for the title. Even if the Buckeyes do win, they'll still have to whip Purdue and Michigan. Big One at Little Rock In the South, the big interest will be the battle between Mississippi and Arkansas Ole Miss is coicader or the Southeast .Conference and Arkansas is the surprise of the Southwest Conference. Both teams are looking ahead to New Year's Day and a bowl game. But even more important at this stage, the game should provide a good insight on Mississippi's strength. The school has been tabbed as one with a weak schedule and this accusation has hurt its national standing. Meanwhile, there's a game With nationarimplications on tap for tonight when the undefeated University of Miami entertains Maryland. The Terps, mythical national champions last year, took a nosedive at the start of the current campaign but looked good beating North Carolina 33-0 last week. William and Mary tangles with George Washington, Detroit engages Tulsa and Houston plays games tonight, Colorado Plays Nebraska Oklahoma, the No. 1 team in the country in the weekly Associated Press poll, takes' on Kansas State. UCLA, No. 3, also has an easy one against Oregon State, beaten three times. Colorado, which very well could get the Orange Bowi assignment, meets Nebraska, and Southern California, which could be the Rose Bowl host, takes on California. Among the other top-ranked teams in tht nation, Minnesota goes against Michigan; Army play; Columbia; and West Virginia fig ures to toy with Virginia Militarj Institute. Notre Dame isn't ached uled. There will be three television games of the week under the NCAA program tomorrow. The one tha will be seen in most sections will pair Pitt against Northwestern. The Boston University-Holy Cross game will be beamed to the New EnElanc" .states and the Brlgham Young- Montana contest will be seen Ic the Par West. There was one game yesterday and It came out as expected. South Carolina, the team that up set Army at the start of the season, defeated Clemson 13-8. Football Scores By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS South Carolina 13, Clemson 8 Salem WVa 12, Fairmon 7 Princlpla 111 19, Culver-Stockton Sunny enjoy the whlakey that's He's th« architect who built tt>« eoner*t* and glu« low»r» of • wortd-»«mou« •kyflnt, ~ Now h*'l Jurt t««t«d chxrful Old Sunny Brook. One sip ,,, and ht'i got that Sunny Brook smile | mile! Qt. S-155 '/j Pt. Qt $405 $1 . WPt. 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