The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1935
Page 2
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BIATHEV1LUS (ASK.) COURIER NEWS crct to will be a Euj}dsy nljht party at the country e)nb ill bs featured of jho club may brlns ijlonlji| supper tjifre Bill u«.rmc|u snd oihei entertainment EnterUIji* Hook Club When Mrt o £ \yjuen had ft« Thursday Rook club she uUo en- * BV mt - & Mc-X'BSM tena)ned Mmes T H Hajnw, o. i fiectclar >'' American Bridjo ^,*^ 0. CrocHetl, John Fcatherwn, A , ,, a itwi '*" million players Jtj Butt, M o GoodHin, J Me,!)'? y r ' s<1 wme recreation from Brooks, E J. ero\vne and George r 0 * au)e Ol bridge, fo you ^ c it M Lee. 6< xt, play an Jmporlant purl in th» SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON^ Gonyersipn and Call Careful Play Plus Correct Guess Nets Top on Board Solution to Previous Contract Problem Tha 16 plajers sere served a chicken salqd with cake'and coffee after eeveii ' Club Has Gucil /Mrs. 0. H, Wdjey wa# guwt ff ^rs. Ixiy Welch wpen slie'had the Thursdav Bridge club tills «ee)t for Uie first party : or tno new yesr. Mrs. }f. fi. Taylor won (Jic |)ri2C, a chali set Tha hosier rencd Iww fisli , peach pickles, fruit cade nnd ihcs, of the American public. The competitive spirit in national bridge tournaments is Just as keen as m any other Pf ow *ports. Ints year John Qetbcr trav- «l.j , LOS ' • Mrs. cccii \yu|V' : ' Bits QJ Mostly Person^ Today's Conlrapt P Mr. and Mrt'. Trtd fi iifit meht from where they c-ncnt. tlje 'holidays, ^^rs. o. ii. \v|iut«p Inj to ier home ; but se a|id . who ,l,np, ? .beglriijlijg «UF H^on , deals, ThV one- of Votw the Club Mrs tt L Dradle> had Hie Thursday Contract club this week „.„ „ when the wgm members plojcn "° l|Id carls in the Hi Ins room, "liloli was decorated with bouquels o[ mixed .flowera, A :ch!ok'eri salad «as cened with cake, copped with ^flipped crfam, and coftee A tnanicxlrc set was Mrs John F Lemls gift fot high jcorc • » . Enlerlalns Wld-fl'eck Club •Mrs A D Fairfleld hod a brldjc luntheon yes^rday for menitters oftne Mid-\v«k Mridgo cmo Inc t>so i stnojl luncneon laolea emphasized the Now Year theme with N£TV Yesr candles ai.d ta|llffo ft. twjo course menu was served Di tjje card gaqiei M« J. Lo«!i Cheny Mon flng?r tlr, towc]6 ta fl»f honors and ff" <? P Mow received second high, a perfume ai)d compact id f ' f » * Ct4s I,l M ls Officers 1 .J Csei^Lflwo was e'eclcd prea(- dcpt jpa J, J Brjant, viccfpresr Ident, of the polqen Uule bundai school c|a,v; o( the First Ohnsdjn Uimcniip a me»tliig last o\cnnis at tSj?'lwfpo of the p.v and ,Mrs. V p ;puttfr\\prtl) Ml|« , ivja namixl pcretary apd JO 'f.. social present took toioreq .. a supper piltv m coin-, lo Jta BAitffiKoith «ho Was showered ;\Uh ml^ielluneous gifts « • ^V,#fr^ ,, bapies,a|id^cC;)itci![A also 'enter* 0a**lB^ tlln-'w J .-Vt S ~ «*»^" i9«ji£u *$*'* tueiiiOcrs WwiWjc License^ Issued ^ftoons the'marriage. )lc epics. U- v$c. oaice, of the coun* v COM; clark are- pm pu'-fcarfin ancMfls; ChfiEtlns Metbeny, both of csr- iltbereulle, Tom Bcggs and Charlotte Gree-n, notn of B >Jilej Hone Arnold Y ?nd "'• t|?,5 Grimm, both, of 4 Utf and "^ cyldjs' „„„.„„., nptfl o£ Man|l5 by, Juatjcc Jolu, y '/Ne^olwto- jacK Lastel Tajloi and ^I]E5 Josephine nations, botn "' CarutftcrevUle, by the He/ '' h i?a(jno'i, p^s'ir of th Prestjierian chiircp, to ^mpeVwith'lhewIu^VbTu =—"' N *-" $i for national Honors, whljo Oerl?er went back without a litlq. he ns- would be a real delegation from lhc coast ni the national tournament. Before he left, he gavci me the following interesting hanrf The Play X5', uth saw _ a !' oncc "'at three no r M ,h,rf 1C , S ?i" 0 ' c ™ lr ? ct ^ " Ils l )lay dee ' a ' r " ^w that there reached at the other (a-1 w'as nn pv™lioni. , .,v,oi, n . of n Iriimiv Ban the tli roe of cluiiB u\\A li? isslf (nfo iiiij lead witi) a dlamo|i<1,- lie rctiirnti another <nul>. How can Uic liarid be Played [or the maximum number of Irlclit? * A JT I : ¥ Q 5 3 K .! u r> V 10 D u » Q S i 2 •J.105 3 A J 7 ^ • 97 * A 0 S 7 •< Solution ifl next Issue. i 1 1 4X3 I *0 J » 10 05 3 + Q05 J 4 >QS5 »AJ 103 » 9 8 7 V |kK3 N W E .S Oe«l« |>K7 6^' 4 A 103 »S 7 1)5 » KJ + IOS7 •»'- * AQ-I Duplicate— K, aiu} s. V ul. South West' S^orjli pi&t 3 K T, PJSS 3 K, T. FaE3 Pass Frit , . , ' ' Opening load"— y 9. Ct for tricks a;, l to as many over He uli'o real z«l that Ihe nine of hoirte was thi inosl UiifavoraW;. load' pwtlMc. «s It <iid not help him 'in the sllglit- the liriiL trjcfe vri!li the esl ten of In lie led * dlampnij and wort tecK i,1t!i'' (Jlji 'qwecn. Tlic ofj diamonds then dropped . the - rmH Itirt tKi,-,i i .!„. .'Ji.i i L- • n. , bin . Zi king oi )( | Wcot held tour spndcs and (ho qucQii of ulttbj, or Esst made a mlstalse. He won tliq.h«arl (n Ills o'\\ with the kins and returtwd n w »«» iQ-.dummy's queen.: East won with the ace and made the espcctcd error by leading (he Itn of spades In^lsad of the deuce. i v South won .wHh-Ihe-.kliig.aiid proceeded to'ovortate Us weeu of hearts In dummy, West cilscWdhu » club, goiith then played his good nctirt, oa whtuli w«i discarded tilamond ancl 'decla'rov discarded a spade. Declarer :now • led the cood «lanwnd. on which he discarded another spado from his ow hand apd West «TJS squeezed. Ho had to vc- win tlic luck of spades asalnsl aiimmy's eight-, no he \viis lorocd to discard another-club, jeivluc him the queen or not. However, South Unully decided on out of dummy and followed with the low club, ot course, H this tiotnt declarer was up agatol quite a guess. WCEI obviously held bill 6ns more club and it was very difficult (o '^11 whether tills was HiB'-q'uet nor not. However,- South-flnift.-ydecided on vile correct play, and ..went up with whq mw Pevsr tJ»v*:tie»n nfard aod's great p(an has been litti" ... recogiiteed by their f«l|ow hicn c»U Yet Opd was in their faithful »|[.": '-'- new. .--'-. •; witii" her «"?H~SV,?C ';;•„.ii y f,!)pnif. Mrs. Vf. J.' Roy pace hoii returned fro|ii ; (en days vacaltoi spent n iron, Mich. , Mi 1 , 'and Mrs. D. F. rflgtr f| 9 vc arrived home from r^mphU whw they spent the Chriatmii for, 1 ^ape.-,pir»ide»u ' to resume their 'studies' Mlas,-jBWCl , holidays with. Mips «* 1 Tito two disciples, who John fay this, followed Jc 6 u f , and •Twui, turtOng, "' they we Brewer, of Hughes Atk Everett B. Oce attended'to bus- Ine^s In MOM Madrid, Mo, yes- tcrduy. --- , . ,.„ „ ,., V( , ^.^ retwned| irom a two weeks lacatlon spent MI St. Louis with fjer mother, Mrs ' B. Hyland and family, Arrs, Ficd, Rutherford. «ho lias been ill 'seieral days, is expected io j-clurii today Jrpni Memphis 'been rccclMng Miss' Norm,a Holt, who is ; cm. '"'"•' '- Bragg city, hop return, work Bfter spendUig the holldsys at hobie """•• Wlkerton Epson's ' 0 Holt ..^^^.uu,, iu>o>ut:cfi Quite ill Raymond ^ong.iperit trie New Y M}* 5°W fl* fW* tow Mtnard,l'feff«r,t'of vfifa, V | 5lt . cd frknds here To4iay Ihe fausic Tailor, daujhter of Mr iml nrrs. Haraion Taylor, Is uo« much bctjci followihg an illne=h rom bronchial pneumonia 'Her irothciv WlUiom Is also ill \um ntlueiv/n. ' Mrs. W. A- TJobvps h now able o be i^'p follow ing kii da}» illness frqm Influenza Mr.. an,d Mm H H Houchlns MVC gonii to Hot sprlncs for stv, " Mr. BraggaQotip News ajjd J RKers, , , Ruth Eleanor! Katlierjn Ocnton who re to the unbeisltj after lh« holldajs at homr Mrs. Alice Wornack and dauah- • '••,...„ -7: -,.(,.••» -, *,iv ...^ bvt« vvi- • ];iny . aim . >\ thW round <a( that the ace,' dropping (lie ,„ «1th -West's ten. ,... making rive no-ihunp •ned flower !wart.,"aud cd out'top on ths-'board;' t Mifc, both of .' Lot- bv , or Holland by tho R«v Balrnon, irncit L Hov I" 53 ,. 01 ' 10 ^Vhow hO'h - "» R«" U W ei both or itaiuii, h, Justice ' John- U Hftdhan Waa Qroh _ rd of , both of Bl>theMH«. by th- L W Stafford, tab T boih of Tomato;- /laron Cumml'is ana MKS AuiUey Taj lor, both of Deil, by Jiwtico E B Marr Auglc Boles and Miss vhlan* Iwl r»w er ?; « lhc Rev "' J - Blo 'f i " Caldivell, /Harvey Bill, O t Com- tntisviUc, and 'Miss SjWl Kolwyck ° H'Jti. Mo, by the Rev L.' -— ~-J ThonipEoii, both of str e |, oy the Re; j Stafford Caldtfell Claude Payne and Mt^ Ejor V both of Bljllieiiiic, i, y t h' and Mil Alma" 1 '- '" ' lln by the SW church, B' A.' i BeEsIc Johnson, 'both, ot "Armorei, b> (Us Rev J BlufToid Caldwell, Uwb, Evans or Fulli, 111, and Miss Maiy Perry, oZ-Oierland, Mo,' ov the Kev-j T I^utro, paslor of tha second Bapbil, churcli; V R r Pmketoa, ot lUyty Mo'.and £» E-on Johiiioo, of Cliirkston, ^'R'-v -J. T. Reufro, Crisvfora and Aifw A^ both of u,K ells, , . , s and Miss. 'Je«el| iW i»ih ' Church. - ot u,e e, P£ . »Moore, of, Di» MurJel perr;-; the Rev huplia u n rs i > 11 B MCf. of l]{ro,.-tti|d. IJlta Clara of Qiiitman, A*., by t \. ' A A "*»• , , , . v, . Blufford Caldwcll; ' Charles Hollo- nion .Hid. Miss 'Ruliy'.Brysou, both of Coscolu fi(o , by the RCT. L. Vf , StaUorrt. Doiwld . ' tho of lEast M , »Ultel«i age wns-l'cad by Mrs. Allen Cole. Wai- cr V Sf.' i ?9 ck 'B3VB u .miisk-iil. mun- niiis\i;. Mo Valso'A ; Vy. : A. DurbudV ' ,. d for Impro.Mng lhc cariipus/ ' i . . . . study .course 'which k to' be -each Tuesday .'uncfiioon frpm J,to •! o clock at' the school, lls *'• 1 " llulw Tnc .IB unions, .' The New - rcpreceiittd live Steele-Cooter Society — Personal Mr 0 bam Wagslei 1 was taken (o •uc Mcmphii, Melhotllst hospital :oudiiion is vcrj' iirlouj Shn «»Accompanied bv Mr.-WogslerT'wli-j roluiwd WctUwalayscvfuliiF. Kcod Courier News.':.w'uiU-''Ads. —.... Mlchlc jr., wii,., |i yi . K6S to Hie Jglly Ulub 01 COOtn- ' *. I"" 100 part >' 'ill^ay af- "' wn she also cntcrtutneil __..— Mil Hidncy Mlllw'vjr. VI1 I K Brlgsancc held liicli coic and.bunco prize. Mrs. Glen wiutc.was nreacutcd'an.apron tor .ow score, Hugh uj, "come and and the two dtsclpfc* o j spcpt that <Jay with bin one of lhc Uo who heard John speak, aim w i, 0 thU8 . Unow Jesito. wa* Andrew. Twe do not know » great fell concerning Andrew xso far is we capTjudge from the New Testament i record he «»s a plain ,cap- aui« of large fajth 'and devotion, but ta whcw j, fc eOTtoe",^ «cre no great tsraptattons^nd <no great, crbes , ixj far as HIE. record goes, ||)c most potable tWup that Andre* RlY* }°. B9 lJn<1 m '* "liybrptllci S? "V, 1 * 1 *? 9 » llc<i ^f- "I bring him to Jecqs Thw began that (njitpatc relsflo^hip In wft j c n immediately gave sjmOn a mo, or ri|cl{n»me v Thou shall be called, Ccptja*. uhlfh u by in^pRtation, Peter, ''or a of 'dIS|9h (hat s«ms easy. ; • ..«x may understand Wh8fc Jt «"«iit * to flsh«rmen (o leave their nets •"<*, ** Wow Jesus it m»y be they were siined \\|lh vis- tan> ol their piice i n „ Mess^n,,, kingdom which th-y hoped tr,at Oa «ould eblalilfch, but they » e >c at least men of sufficiently adventurous spirit to stake their all •upon their faith and hope. One cannot but dwell, ako, up on tile part that men like Andrew We played m great conversion* One hears hereafter little ot Anorew, but a great deal of Peter fireal men ha\e been won to Jetui, and great career* have been begun in Hii. bervlce through the simple witness of humble souk Hunters can fell riyicist th? cxt »ct,'hfigt»t of 'aii elephant-by. ; thV "-of its track; lhc. shoulder-.' I !« double llic circumtcrr- of the fprefoot. .'• ' ; >,- Cte^n System for Health"-relieving i-oiiitlpatjoii before' illness develops, Thed/orri's Black,Draught enables thousands of men and v.-omen lo keep at- work, or to enjoy recreation. 1^ l«|ids to establish regularity of, bowe) movement?. ' -, "Black-Draught has assisted nature in making me more regular and seems to cleanse my system," nltcs Mrs. Victoria Cooper of Jonesboro, Arts. "I take a dree of Black-Draught for aboul two nights. It act* wel| and I am more filled for my work, and en. I joy it." . THEDFOHU'M BU\CK-DRAU(iHT I __ ' —Adv. 2BPJO. CROQUIGNOLE ,"01L GUARANTEED WAVES SI Up - - None Better FiUKr Wave - - «o Barret Beauty Shop tast House on No. 5lh GM " w John5 The r«o)4 m Mafki, qospii is, iJnllar and !«* wppJetq it perhaps, also, inflvplloablc Joe Polk ijj _ - ^E Folks fdtl Burnet, ot Drrver Glove * & . * ni ' MP w " Topilmsou ftu ad Mrs Jake, 'lYjmllnson and Mr to $L° l?^ 1 */ 0 ^ (0 PWr aa 4 returned fr w 4 ton flip to BrmWleld, M O returning home by HW, wsj of ffapnltul aud at Louis. , n »!id chlldrea of Dppfood *p'SS tw Wl5? Robertson and Memphis today • —'- to called to vAck'nT "' v " v ""» taaca w SfWfn Te ""' b «»''»= 'Of , t|lc >tr aiid Mfs Lawrenco Llovd of Pognood sp»nl Chrbtnub with Mr Jiid Mrj, Bill O\crton Hospital ftotes to the ce oiT pit?!, Bruce bumnur. Csruthers- lit Leddie Merl! Wil- -iti, i m " uttuufic -oi tic ''„„"»" wwii'ts^w laddie ME l«-Ua|-)llnffs of his brother Sapi iWiUUtns, and Mrs Clarence W is son, Bcnns apd Ins <!augn- hanit, Manila Born to Mr i , r, HJl'p. Oroier rh"mpjon iy> Mf* Russell Cohoon HolUnci Mo cwupanled '''••• " l "' '•' ' Tnedicattxi! Ingredients of Vlcks —-- ~**pu vjvvjvi:!, tlliu Ihur^ayV WP=lJ '" ' B| y". l « v '«« Mrs Rybv Hushing aiul' ! Miss SrL^'^'^V.sul^'oi i'our Prettiest Clothes Will Wear Longer if Cleaned Oftener ' a-<jB«a«ho»resoi»«' -">*,«v*(, AtlllL, .11115 llicy»\vcic accoiVipiJiilcd ffln^'j 1 ' ? KC " C ''Duffcy, 'and llS cmnilg °° Xs '^; io ; : '*'"i« '.Uiit Mfss NoultipwilkcrwH,!,, V lsil- ne frlemls hUBafevme ' R^uiond Hopperaiidil,":'A.:Hop- nuoity.qwtt-ite.raorttet- W*i W** y « W»- h'^n* your d««q.: a&SrS* refuluh, by Qufplint; DRf-' Jfl*?N iMkes j fkj [bpkfike qev.:.' impan. » jusfro'Df-jhtet, «od wftf-e!' •P«W(BS instant tdn)lr»tl6(K' lit us e.onweL'Wd- ncsday foi 'Mcmplils^o >(aUc >s Josittou nith'tne if ucicr ,' Audiliiik p,'* i?, lll Ruby Bishop, both ot y the ReV U O.Scott, j 'and MW Jessie B ,Martht . , Pauline 5 BarnctUV-. ' ir< u a-Mrs A.'.T.jAslicroa'aua to, make^ their. hbiiie. only. th«n • you'i! '-wtnt " '• ' nScITT c.; no. Inaugeratiug a IVew, 1 policy in Our Hosiery' DepartineiU With Each 10 JPai Archer . • Hose. lllnainla "n» ) .«ir<i -record' of r 'V »"'-«*»«« Hnfl'cac'li wlr . wil , vbfe? ^. Mole ^ Proof ' • ' Hose "SfMM*. -*• ?1 |J n*f"'V'" r !>•>;.!.'• .• • : ^,.,.,,;'-. < . ( , : , JesrjiurHosiei'y - , , , when one t»kt f Va wwqnt the fuller ftory j p ' Joh ' n r s o ; Mark tells us that, after John was attested, Jtsijs cante into Cialr tlcc preaclung ft? Oospt). ^ h< passed bv Ihe S«a of G»Ute,,Se BvJ Sinjon «nd - Andrew fyftlnf, nd g»ic them the imitation Come sc after me and I mil make >ou to become flsheri of fliep The two fjih.«snp<Mi straight- jidy' left their nets and fpjloned iiji . The recoid ai il sUn*, t> stranse and difficult i{ fet mf hardly tonce»vabla tfut t^o fch- ermcn ^oujd Jea\e their occupy. on a ,chance imitation from •THANKS We «ibh to thank our friends and patrons for the response to our January Clearance Sale. Wever before June ve given such values on fresh, swbonable, standard brands of merchandise. Old g spirit p>d<Je us think of ''The Good " Each article left is select merchandise and a ^We- ^\v« «xl«nd-a ap«d.»|-wvitation to .those WtlHS, trade lerrjtory to take advariiage of Ihis , gale which will continue ' d^ht 'more "days. Again we thank ^ou. Tlje New Econoipy Shop Ingrap, Bidg. ' : ' .-^ irie,? : Public Opiniou Is Everything In the entire history of the- yorlrf it is doubtful .whether a people and its institutions have evei been confronted with harder and nioie }ierple\ing problonib than thobc tliat have".faced us all duuiig tlm past lew jcaib Majiyi times }t seemed at, though the tasks imposed upon oui', civilization wero insurmountable Individuals, organized groups, tommejcc, tpdu&to, even agriculture and the 'basic occupations, were equally affected Yet, a heroic shuggle against adverse conditions has been fought by all the people and already many of the moi,t scnonj> problems lw\e been conquered. '. Largely this lias, been : true because .the people stood shoulder to shoulder making common cause and struggling '-.forward together Wi, peihaps JHOIC than an^ otliei class of -'business'institution depeiKl whollv foi GUI vcij pxislencc on an informed and-intelligent, and a fdii-niinded public Without a spirit of coiiEid- erato understanding and neighborly co-operation on your'nait we must fail v . ' That \v.e have not failed iu our fundamental. mission bf pnbJic service,.has been duetto you more than to any policy or-action oil qUr.part, Naturally, we are,deeply', grateful to you and eager •. to do -our full sliai' carrying out our':obligation of servWe to-you. ; • .' • '''..•'•'" . '"' • ''.••" ^'rheVe.,dr e! lioi)eful signs'on?the horizon:and', a-proniise in the No t w, Year. \Ve • bespeak.»,contimmnce' of '-your altitude'of hclp- fKl'under-standing ahd wish for you the Seasons Greetings BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. ^bne60 • :: H3S.Br6aJway Penonpl'Attention to Eoery Gus/omer

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