The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1937
Page 10
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._ BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Strawberry Ice Cream Pie Ready-made 'Mixes' Make It Unnecessary to Sound ihe Gong •The craze for amateur efforts, inspired by Hie amateur hours on ihe radio and helped along by amateur contests of one kind and another sponsored by clubs, newspapers and groups throughout Ihe country, has spead to Hie kitchen! The rumor goes that perspiring irjdlhers, tired of picking up musical instruments fashioned from bottles and combs, have proclaim-, ed "If you can try to sing, you can try to cook!" Rcabon declares that the eNpected influx of June weddings lias caused prospective brides to learn to cook, resulting In this rash of beginner-cooks breaking out in the kitchen. -But cause defined or unexplained; the results attained by the kitchen amateurs have been ex- c«llrit, with no need for gong or outmoded "hook," due nmliily to tiie prevalence of excellent ready- to-use mixes' which turn into delicious desserts by tno mere addition of. a little water and n moment's making. Here's A New One! I • Newest, of the handy mixes Is a A LI i r ' c devil's food miv on the Wash- Any HOSlCSS Lail DCl'VC iiigton family iccipe and culled fiom an ancient, iccipc book of Mary Washington's The great lady called it "black cake" and It is considered one of the first chocolate recipes In (lie country; we A tender-baked pastry shell, filled with vnnlllit Ico cream, covered with sliced strawberries, and topped with "fall-proof" • strnwbcrrj marshmallow meringue, is a treat for the gods! call it dcUl's food and' find it delicious and so simple the little ancjels can turn it out for them selves. ( Gingcibread nu\, bated on the mi\ from the same famous Wasli- ington collection of recipes, remains a popular mix-dessert mid \armtions for it aie being conceded every day. Banana shovt- cake made with cither the devil's food or gingerbread mix is n •natural" for May days and cup .cakes topped with tec cream please parly-goeis. Strut Yom\ 'talents In addition to the magicnl mlx- . cs, vairaus new iccipcs BUflraiildcd to be easy-to-make. casy-to-inkc, Have made thcii annual appcar- ,ance. Let yom amatcui-s "strut" -their talents In the kitchen and onus the i omits to the table The gong may be supplied with knlfc- blous on water glasses— but there ;wi11 be only applause for thecc tested iiumbeis. . Rrcfrigeralors "Take the Cake"! • Easy ns peeling a golden banana -. __;il5elf is the Banana Date Roll ,tnen Mow, because you "whip t up' but the refdigcrator does the work! 1 cup heavy cream ",'.4 lb marshmallows finely cut _•- '•! !b pasteuu/ed dates flnelv cut , 3 bananas, diced - 'i lb. walnut*, finely chopped • 8 graham crackeis, nnely rolled , Whip cream. Fold In other In- .gredients except cracker cnimbs Shape the mKture into roll 3 'Inches thick noli in crumbs which ™\<; tol spiead on waxed' paper. . Chill m rcfngerator 3 to 4 hours. •Sice about 1 inch thick. Top with whipped cream and maraschino cheiry, if dcsiied. Serves 6. Rice Is Nice— and Easy! Light as a May brcezef rrom ,lhe cook'i point of vi°\v) is -i Creamy Rice Pudding with fresh m-season fruits, ninde this way ., '4 cup iicc * Hj cups milk ;; '.-• cup sugar ,-2 cups boiling valci • J j teaspoon s.ilt ;^2 cups fresh faiit, chopped Wash rice thoroughly. Cook the nee in the boiling water. When is absorbed continue cook- this One '-With Complete Confidence .• ned strawberries in the swirls, and serve immediately—to yoi'.r ever- listing glory 1 It's loo bad tills Ice cream pit "needs be" devoured on the spot .'nr you'll not be able to note the patience and standing endurance of this marshmallow meringue. All (lie more reason why you'll want to try It with other pics. • There comes menu-planning a time t,in every hoinemaker's life when she finds herself faced, with the necessily of thinking up a really scrumptious dessert for a spculal dinner. There is, for Instance, the limn you invile your husband's boss and his wife lo dinner; there's the time your wldely-wiucd and dined rich nodi) arrives In town, and then, of course, there are always annlvcrsa- lies and liirthdays. We wouldn't think of bringing up this problem tf we didn't also have the perfect •echition right up our .sleeves.. And now, Indies— we give you delicious Strawberry ice Cream pic. . will) delight; a pic topped with a swirling strawberry Marshmallow Meringue whose pink peaks are the very epitome of dclcctauility and "ttaml-upplshness." . Tills Ice Cream pie ives you four delicious desserts in one perfect. whole. First, there's the foundation of flaky, rich pastry; THURSDAY, APRIL i, • 193? ' To ijive piquancy and tanjjy ilavor to your springtime salads try this davursmuc dressing: lliiiicmkcd Mayonnaise 1 tenspoon each of mustard, salt and sugar 2 tablespoons lemon Juice or ylu; 1 - Bnr Bush o[ pepper 1 pint salad oil. Mix the csg, the lemon juice or vinegar and the seasoning in u deep bowl. Then whip In well, a litlle nl a lime the pint of salad oil Cirahini] (icms 1 1-2 cups sifted graham flour 1-2 cup sifted while flour V 4 teaspoons phosphate or ta'r- tratc baking powder or -. ( •" ••»<•• I'Muvi j , tu LI I & It-T Insros the pastry shell filled with powder tin this particular caso) vanilla ice cream and covered with a layer of sliced strawberries; finally liicse three goodies arc blanketed with a ilcli topping of strawberry marshmallow meringue. Then this "de- lovely" concoction is whisked i-.uler the broiler for n light brownlii" and from there it is whisked io the lablc lo become a happy memory And now for that nutty pirik meringue. Htiawbcrry iMarilnnallow Meringue 1-4 lb. marshmaltows 2 tablespoons crushed strawtrer- »>o —.••"--*,.« twnii ing in a double boiler „„.. nil*, salt and sugar When „«.• Chill coml>ine with fruit. Rolled Devil'i food Cookies ® er , lle: "' of makhiB rolled cookies in a j lHv , It can ,, c donn f-\ Wi . nB ( ! 10 Packaged devil's food mix. based on the Washington family rccipc-crm be done Src ,}OU saj 'George Washm»ton"! Just add 1-3 cup water and '" curi fl°-'r to the contents of the-packaged mix; m ix UDli workil j flour until completely mixed- add :f... CU|> , u '°PP«i mitmeals and '.; ries Pew drops pink food coloring 2 egg whites 1-4 cup granulated sugur 1-8 tablespoon salt. Place marshmallows and straw- Berry juice in top of double fcdiier or in op=n saucepan.. Heat, over a very low flume, loldiiig over and over during |hi s process. Remove from name before mnrshmallows have entirely melted, but continu: folding mull (he marshiivsllows t:ave formed a smooth nufly mass. Add coloring. Bent egg whites un- lu Iliey hold a psnk; then ad:l sugar slowly nnd continue beatim; until meringue Is stiff'nnd smooth" MA salt. Then fold meringue into 'oftcned mnrshmallow mixture Then, working quickly. plncMhe vanilla ice cream (about 2-3 q uar i) In a,baked pastry shell. Cover w ifr sliced straivbcrrics rabout 1 cnu> fimi top with nully marshmiilloiv meringue in gay swirls..whisk nn- acr the broiler just Ion,; enough to hghiiy brown the iricrln»uc- atout half a minute. Remove ice cream pic from oven, tuck unstent- «PPI v, reaU S- s!i "d orange Wei. Kr.sad well and roll out on floured board Cut into shape wl». cookie cutler. Bake on greased and «£ ? C0oklc 5hc=l ln a hot oy-n (400 degree.-, p.) for ]2 to , 5 m|n . , titct, according to thickness. •V Child Can 'Dp It! t , A Lemon Ice Box Cake a child can make is passible with the lemon flavor krcmcl dessert! Let Jier (or him) put 2 cups of water into a double boiler to heat Meanwhi!; mix contents of package of lemon flavor kremel with 2 to 3 tablespoons sugar, according to, taste Beat jolfc of one or tsro eggs, add \, cup of water and add ilowlj to drj mixlurr'i •Sur slowly Into double boiler and COOK about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until it thickens and! the enclosed lemon pellet has dis- Efll\cd -Cool slightly/and fold in one cup cream, whipped. Fill mold .•with altematc lajcrs of ladj fingers and filling chill. V-Miarc-i Pillow* for Comfort If jou hale draughts down the back of your neck or if jou like to sleep face down, an elbow pillow that has a V-shaped space for your shoulder is something to consid«r .These are quite decorative on any ,bad and it's possible to get slips cut ,tc- fit them Cinnamon because Us so] teaspoons combination baking 1 teaspoon sail 1-4 cup brown sugar 2 eggs, well beaten , 1 cup milk l-l cup milled shortening. Mix and sift dry ingredients. Combine cxgs, milk and sliorten- ng and add to dry ingredients. Mix 'igorously SO to 23 seconds to lampen all ingredients, but do' not beat until smooth. Spoon Into hot jrcascd muffin tins and bake 20-25 ninnies in hot oven (125 dcgrses .'alircnhcit). Tomatoes naked With Sausage Cut firm ripj tomatoes in halves :ro;s\visc. Sprinkle wi|h salt, pep- >er and sugar, place thin sausage cnk'e on each. Bake In moderate oven. Uliubiirb 2 Ibs. rhubarb l cup sugar 1-4 uup water Pinch of sail. 1 package ternon-flavori'd gelatin. IE1TJPPEM Tlic Very Thouglil of Them Revives Lagging Interest in I'ood The first wnrmcr days ollcn. slow the appetite. Get It started again by thinking good food tlioughls. Try something ; that "thinks" grand — say ' charcoal broiled live lobster with melted butter and French fried potatoes, » perhaps thick steak with chive butter and potato puffs. If those delicious •temptations don't Jar the appetite out of Its temporary slumber, start brooding over Ihe promise of grilled young chicken with sweet potatoes .southern style and fresh uuariiGiis with creamed mushrooms, or something plainer such as 2-Inch thick English kidney lamb chops with hashed brown potatoes and fresh siring, beans. Need snme inspired desscrl hints? Here are a few sure-fire hits with the disinterested male appetite—deep dish apple pie .with hard sauce, fruit .compote of many :olors and many fruits for the light dessert fancier, fresh strawberry shortcake, of course, or a seasonal deep dish rhubarb and strawberry pic with hard sauce, smiled at by a few drops of cog- • n:ie. Thinking about all the good things there mlghl be ; )n this wide world lo banish monotony from tile dinner (able is a wholesome mid exciting business Indulge yourself—II brings results. Here's a pleasant, lazy appct'ite' alarm clock. Chocolate .Macaroon Cream (4 to (i servings) Two and one-half cups scalded milk, 3 eggs, 2 1-2 tablespoons ground cocoa, 1-2 cup augm- in macarooons. 1-3 cup whipped "cat CJSBS well, add sugar and continue to beiil until fluffy Beat in cocoa, and when dissolved slowly beat in scalded milk Pour Into double boiler and cook until thickened slightly, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and ndd Ihn macaroons finely crumbled. Chill thoroughly. ' Beat crenni with 1-2 teaspoon grated orange peel. Drop cream by spoonfuls over top of chilled puddinr Another clarion dessert— Strawberry Chiffon 1'ic (One 0-inch pie) Three eggs, pinch sa |l, j-a cup sugar, 1-2 pint fresh strawberries cul in pieces, Beat egg yolks over hot water until lemony, ndd sugar and stir until mixture begins | Q thicken 'hen ndd pinch sulL in separate bowl, beat C yg whites until dry and stiff. Then pour hot custard slowly over them, continuing to beat until mixture is thick cnoiip,, to stand in peaks. Inlo this mixture, fold the cut up fresh .strawberries. USB D-incli baked pio shell. Fill with chiffon mixture. Place in hot oven (-100 degrees P.) until it takes on a golden shade of brown. Coo! and rejoice that your appetite is quite itself iigain.' Wash and rhubarb. Mis The first patent on a tape measure was granted lo Alvin J. Fellows in 1858. The tape measure was enclosed in a circular case, with a spring clock (hat held the tape at any desired length. dcr. pour juice, which should measure 2 cups, over gelatin and stir .... sugar, water and salt. Steam I llulil dissolved. Add rhubarb an:l in top of double boiler until ten-1 l'°ur into mold, chill and serve. \V it rrri spring <|UTS brills uilh tlinii U'.c IURC to pTaiH .seme- thin;;. \Vhy nnl ol'cy Unit urge ahtl put out n jjarHrn? You'll lintl cvorjlhlii^ you m-ftl tight line itt (?nr slorc. :ma!l implements ~ - Garden Seeds HOUSE Make It Grow \VilU The perfect jilnnl \vwl tor floucrs. lawns M" gardens. (,'onvcMirtU t f > Uitr. IiiMiro ;i hcrtHliJ". vigorous plant. NEEDS Whatever you need lor iprinjr honso clriin'n? you'll find in our com- plclc stork. Come 1 ! in and - look arouml. HARDWARE CO. Phone 32 The Complete I'.ixl 511 W. Hal. SI, RlrttolU, Ark' SPECIALS FOB FRIDAY and SATURDAY The I5KST For LESS Why l''ay More? (2 Don. Limit) Doz. lOc • ' '. • Sliced -Lb. 22jc Golden Bantam or Country Gentleman. No, 2 Can Pound 12!c > U|J Texas Seedless. Nice size Brookfield Wis. Cream 21C (5 lb. Limit) lb. Shankiess: GAP, Giant : 3 Bars Cati .-IC 13 C ,!umbu Stalk Quart 22 C IJunch' 8-Oz. Hox Lb. STRAWBERRIES QAIIPF Stokely's dAUUC Lb. Can If Fresh liunch Hunch LIFE BOOY SOAP :{ Bars Liiziaiiric Springtime No. 2 Can While Cobblers Pound 3c All Sweet 20 l Lilv or Macaroni. Skinner's Smarlv Can 5 C Uhic Ummy • 20-I.b. Sack 92' (Jtiarl 11-0?:. Uottlc Sijuaro li<>.\ Kach I'cl Hox All Flavors 3-l'kBg. Slcamboal (iitllon 52' PIG LIVER , Fresh PURE LARD •1-Lb. I'iiil 65' PORK SAUSAGE Pure I'urk LI). HOG MELTS, lb NICK BONES, ib BACKBONES !b RAISIN BRAN Skinner's BOILED HANI 39 C THICK RIB ROAST ROUND STEAK Lb. 25' PEAS Yale No. 'i Can Pride of Illinois . No. 2 Can TOMATOES Standard No. 2 Can Pure Cane 1(1 Pounds w CRACKERS 2-Lb. liox 2 Lb. Uox VANILLA WAFERS Lb. Uox SPECIAL BROOMS Kach CHUM SALMON Tall Can SiH'cr 5-l,l>. lias 19 C •BAKING I'OWDKR Lb. Can PEAS No. 2 Can BEETS T.ibby's No. 2'/ 2 Can Brass liach .*

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