The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1935
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Ser&ed by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COTMER1NEWS THR DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEA ST AKKAN6A8 AND ^m-iZ^",^™,,, •*•*••-* ? T k-^ VOL. XXXI—NO. 248 Blytlipvllle Courier niyihevllKi'.natly News Hlytliovllle, Herald Mississippi .Valley Load I' AKKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUIU ,YTHRVll,LB,;lAilKANSAS, KU1DAV, JANUAHY '-). HOME EDITION SINGLE COFIFS FIVE CENTS FOR ALL f m a n n FIfE5T TB Wduld Have ; ''Slate Make Use of Tax' Delinquent ' Land in Future 1 . Out. Jan. 4 <UP)_ Six of Ihe seven man marooned for 24 lioiirs on drifting ice fines in Lnke Sinlco two mile.s offshore were rescued Ilils (iftcrnoon. The seventh, Lloyd Barnes ^2 was expected to lie. taken off'mo- mentarily. . , - . fj BY TED 11. MALOV C'nlted Pwss' Staff Correspondent .LITTLE ROCK, )Uk., Jan. 4 (UP)— Establishmentof stale forests so the state can receive some revenue from three to five million acres of delinquent lax. land .was recommends! today by State Forester 'Charles A. Oilleit in his first annual report, to GOT. J. M. Fulrell. A bill to lie presented in the 1935 legislature already is bein? drawn lo carry out that proposal, .it was learned. . ^ First the governor would be given authority to set aside forest lands which have or will revert to the state for taxes, as yiale forests, game refuges or recreational areas. Some of Ihe areas may l:e good for commercial iorests, some for watershed pio duction and some for game propagation, it is .conceived.' Revenue from this land would lie divided between the county and state governments en ratios to bn fleterminrd in the legislature or by a'commission. • The^main idea being to. : get revenue'.from land which now" is paying nothing, it . lias . taen .suggested the .county In ._whl<;li',..the , forest, is located re""'•-"='*•-•• ccnt* v of the revgnne . , "— "There J are no state ': forests- 5 in Arkansas.. There was no forestry commission until 1931 find no .tunas until 103:1 wh?n Governor 'Tiitreil n^ed I'm- public... subscription so thi. commission could 'begin wort -^87,805 was •raised', v Ai;thB;Spenal 1 esEion . of -the 1933 legislature $10,100 was appropriatea lor tne Co u . miijioh for the : fiscal -year- • 19?i Federal aid and ', private - reonej from areas given fire 'protection under the new commission's pro gram' In 'conjunction with federal CCC projects augmented the sub ccriptldri money, and 'provided Ihe $51,IH6' on which the commission operated tlie' past year.' ; •.Under .the' plan to establish the stole forests it would -he necessary to "re vis? the' tax- 'structure - to give. the ..state -"full; and perfect titles In-fee". to lands 'forfeited for taxes, v '; Then <. the : ' ; govcinor • could designate areas In which this land was oblaiiied as slate forests. It is cqnteniplated that acreage adjacent the 'tkx delinquent land reverted to tile state might also be included ta^the area. . The stale . has no' money,, to purchase the adjacent lux-free' land but a plan is proposed whereby Hie state would take over delinquent' tax land in national , forest reserve areas and exchange it to the national forest commission i'Jr lanil which . the national commission would buy to help block out the stale forests. The situation is rather enigmatic. Some of the land which is included in the national forest areas actually is not owned by the na- floilal. body but under Its Immediate protection and sought for permanent supervision. The stale • woiild help the national coinmis- •'ion obtain this tax' delinquent land by .-getting clear title to it ana. exchanging •!( for land which 11= state wants included In its stale forest ureas. The national raninlEslon could buy the lairi ilsareas C Slf " C wimte Iuitlc(l to 3 ' 5 °° " FilTI KILLER OF LI BalesviDf^Man Hunt Ends; in Surreiicler of Deputy's Slayer •.'..' BATESVILLE, Ark., Jan. 4 (UP) —Robert Rose, 24, fugitive stayer o; Depulj Sheriff Fverr-tl W Whetler was caplmeil in a cotton shed heie todij a half mile fa, m where Wheelei was slain Wcd- esday night. Famished neaily frozen, and I suffering interne pain from an old leg wound Rose came out at 7 4 r a m crimp- 'dont shoot His surrender ended a 36-hour man hunt by national guradsmen and a oosse of more than 200 citizens He was spirited past the Infuriated citizens who had intimated mob violence and rushed to Tucker orison taim for safe keep uiff Deputy Prosecudn- Attorney Virgil Butler said a formal chargo of murder would be filed against him today Leonard Cooler companion of osq who stinendered late ses- leidaj led a small posse of four pffiaer^and foui Tucker farm tiusiies to the shed where the paroled Louisiana convict and lajer was hiding Snipping or a rifle bl- one of the trusties "wakened hose Oeputj Sheriff A G Adnms said The trusiv wrs apparentlv taking no chances with the fugitive officers said but the faulty iiflc poked 01 "h i -vindou _ failetf to es- "lode the thell Rose jumped out of bed thien the pistol with \\luch he shot Wheel «r is lai as '" could and oleided for Ills life I shot a good mnn he said England Barbel' Slain by Robbers Last Night; Second Death Indicated ! e y l "] c i, Ci'oss-Exnmiiiahon Fails to !: : Sliakc Father of Slain Kidnap Victim ' FLEMINOTON, N. J., Jai, 4 IUP) - nruno E, HMiplmaim's lawyer Inunccd tin Inferential attack on Ihe good Intentions of Dr. •>• P. (Jnfclc) • Condon today after Identified Hauptmaim as the ma,, lo whom Condon paid »50,000 ransom Iti the Lindbergh kulmiplng A calm, decisive wllncss at Ih'c third day of Huuptmnnn's trial on charges of murdering the famed flyer's baby, Colonel Lindbergh declared confidently that the prisoner's voice was that of Ihe man ho heard call out, ""Key, doclor over here," when the ransom money wa.s paid in a Uroiik' cemetery. , , ~' Then,- turned over lo Hanpt- inanii's counsel for cross-examination, he vigorously combnUed suggestions Hint members.of his own (household could-have been. involved In the Mump plot that gang sleis had stolen Hit bsbj tlmt supposed "enemies" In the aviation field .were responsible and finally that Doctor Opinion him-self wns not above suspicion. The altacl bj Edward J Rcllly chief defense counsel, .on (he gray .haired ^vigorous Doctor -. Condon cnme ns tin. climax to the defense stiatcgv of attempting to lemovp suspicion from Haupl The jjrlTOiiei hh jnima folded sat like a man of stoiie while flndbergh Jdenllfied his \oice and while Reillj swung Into the rnpit Imporlant phase of hh e>amlno lion 01 the fljer Cioss examination of Colonel Ilndbeifh ended at 2 V p m Hndbeigh ended his testlmonv without being subjected to ledlrec examination b> the mosecutlon , Assistant Mai-Jut) Clmrlc<! p Williamson wns called ni the f9Uith n lines < Wins Freedom from Jail With Nitro-Glycerine PKIiU. Ind., Jan. \ (Ul>) — A young robbery suspect who held his Jiillcis nt bay for three days with n tiny vlnl of nllrn glycerine lirokc from HIP Miami county Jnll today nftei' llircntpjilnc tc clow up hlmsjir mid his cuptors In ca;u he Is trapped. Tlie walklns Iwmb was Ralph Cumnilngs. 29, dfficrlbfd by Slicr- Itr Oeoruo Burke ns "n de.s]icratc chnrncler who would not lic.siuti lo use the es|)loslve." J!e wo.s ,iiild to IK' (.niTyliisi ura nnd one-half ounces of the high c.vploslve, enough ( 0 |,| 0 w up himself nnd n do/en dr more 111211. SJiorill Durkc tald lie discover- I I'd the explosive In CninmliiKS' position air-Tuesday nliiit. "Whenever f or my deputies ap- pioacfied him h e V QM bnuidis.. the vial nnd we were nlinlci li t iiln throw It." Constitutional Amendment .Would Safeguard Legislation In Courts WASHfNOTON. Jan. 4 (UP)— Legislation to .Insure the New penl nijfilnsl coiistltutlohal' attacks n Die courts;.led an array ot bills Introduced ,«, the W nt, t e to da> folowing deliveij of Prcsl dent Roosevelt's 1 messaee lo congress The defensive legislation was introduced by Senator Eduaid p |Costfi,nii (Dem col) In th» form if a constitutional amendme it It would glic congress power to ICG slate on hours and conditions of nCoi minimum wages to rcgu ate pioduclton Indusln, business tndt and commerce In older to TJ|c mn<;ndmeiil would n) so limit court constmctlon nf violation ot ine due piocess clauses lo the proc^oiiro oi^rt mptliotl iKmi t not permit such 001131111011011 to go lo the subsume- of legislation This Is your. President..:Ey(-s .front,- gaze keen. - chin up. lips firm.. .He faces ipMlnlly • postd camera-painting -which Margaret Bourke-White brings to • thaWhltc House. Study it. He loota towsrd..;.A-Happy NCK- Year! . ". 1935. This is the Ina p, toria Escape Injury When Gars Hit oh Highway i STEELE. Mo— Mrs. Abiier Ash- cr °ft nnrt Mrs. H. Boswell escaped LOKOKE, Ark.. Jan. 4 (UP)— 'noon — ... from Blylltsville Wednesday after- «,rr'r to keep a $10,000 forest nursery at Conway also was recommended by the stale forestry commission. The nursery was obtained without cost to the •late by agreement, with the soil erosion service of the Department of .interior. II, has a distribution •capacity of five to ten million fcrdhnjs racli year. Other recommendations Include: fiehcr from excessive drnlnacx- rna Irv-M dhirict taxes ££S£ Ihroinh establishment of sUc or 'd'.ral .reforestation or flood con•at piojects In tlnsc areas: col . I m-ation of the forest pro c-"o i :•'><*• with statewide expansion ai rapidly BS economic conditions. penult: n forest fire | RW providi a a penally for "bunmis the wood"'an appropriation for maintain^ mice of work accomplished by the CCO it projects ore to be aJ " ed In uturc yean; fllld Bn cnuonal program to Impress '' Sheriff Troy Terrell said today he expected to arrest two brothers before 'midnight for til? slaying of George Perry, 50, at England last night. , ... A deputy was sent to England this morning and bloodhounds iveie bractglil from Tucker prison farm. Perry was shot about 11 P M es he closed his barber shop and started home. He lived long -nough to Icll Jess Ncrman. n friend, that 0113 of three assailants who robbed him pf hK riay's earnings was a boy. J- M. itfn lone, state revenue ngant <H England, said there mav have bjen .itiother klllln^ in C0 n"- nadlion with Perry's death A spot near where Pen-y was shot gave evidence someone had be?n mortally wounded, lie said. If was believed one of the trio may have been killed in a dispute over the loot. An Arkansas car, driven by n woman who declined lo yivc'licr name, stopped 'so suddenly on the highway that Mrs. Ashcroft ran into it and af the same time collided with another car. coming from the opposile direction. Considerable damage wns done to Mrs. Ashcrotf's car. Tyler Fanner Dies STEEI.E. ' MoJ-Fimcral sen-ices were held at Forty and Eight cemetery Thursday morning- for Frantz Boas.; GO. farmer of' Tyl;r. Mrs Boas, who suffered from rnncer I'.ad bsei,! teilfasl for a year, lie Grocers in Trouble Over Which Is to Move First W. O. Lawler.. once a candidate for mayor of Blylheville, has been arrested by police on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. Lawler, North' * Second street BiOcer, and Roy Payne, a mxa- ccrner grocer, according to nsigh- bbrs and officers, are involved in a dispute over which shall move first from his 'present;-location They are exchanging combination store and residence quarters, according to reports, Luwler' having secured again his former home anrt store, now occupistl by Payne, and Payne haying raited Ihe building now occupied by Uuvler. Each wants the other lo move out first, It is understood. A dispute over the situation led to a disdirhanc? that caused Pnyiw to make a complaint against Lawbr, It is stated. Mrs. Liilic Mae Fist France has 4700 tons of fine gold in her ix Dies After Brie5 Illness I Hubbard Hardware Store Will Move Next Door Several firms ^are : movlin Into, new localions following-'the fn-st of the year. The Hubbard Hardware Co., whlclr has' been In the same location since Ihe firm was I established by Iho lale W. T. lilts. Liilic Mae Fist, 64, of 210 Oberel, is moving next door to the West Cherry, died last night af- W-ilding, owned by the hardware ler a few days Illness of apoplexy, company which has been • occupied Two daughters, Mrs. Eva Porler, hy Joe Cagle's billiard halt. Mr.i of this city, and Mrs. Edna Sut- Oberst, owner of Hie biilldlriB. ton. of Osccola; one son, B. Mus- ''as not vet announced her plans' grave, of El Paso, Tex., five sis- for the building, icrs, and one brother survive her. The Everett B. Gee Sales Co., Services will be nl Ihe liome to- has moved (o ihc former home morrow at 2:30 wilh the Rev. A. of the Automobile Sales company. Defendants, in. Frank Nash . .Conspiracy Found Guilty a.t Kansas City S. Carpenter officiating. Burial will be at Elm wood cctii? terv with L. G. Moss in charge, lery • with L. O. Moss in chargo. I at the corner of Haiti anrt Fifth 1 Pis., owned by i\frs. T. J. Mahan. Their former homo Is to bs occupied by Joe Cagic's business. The ifiy-wiui L. u. Moss in charge. ' "* " uu ^"sies uusiness. Ttis Pallbearers will be Uoy Head Jack AU|OI110D "" Sales comranv Ls i.»ni- Morris, Herman Osboni Horace roraril y located at the Bai-nsdall Walpolc and Harvey Calvin. , FIHiuj station. Main and Fifth. •.;.- . ; eovcrnmcnt's cnmpaign «Bali,st eunnien and racketeers ad. those who live on the fringe tlc ""tlcrworld 'won another oi-y today when six' persons charged with conspiring 1 0 free a prisoner were found guilty The defendants were accused of hatching the plan to liberate f™'* Nnsh-thc' pi nn tlml suited In the bloody Union Station massacre in which Nash and four offlcera were slain. Among those convicted were two women, Mrs. Elizabeth C-alatns nnd :Mrs. Esther Farmer. ' n ' c ot'icrs convicted were: Jobs For All, End of Dole, Pensions for, A g e'rj' Among His Goals >y I,VI,E c. WILSON ' I'nllctl Press Staff Correspondmt WASHINGTON, Jan 4 (UP)— , 'ievident Koo%v«ll piesented to-* •lay befoie n Joint session of cou- > the outlines of n new Am- ni econouilo order to make irt- dhldiinls und fainllic's In tills connliy secure , < He rcVcaled the New Deal's second , Dlmse. Majol fnctois of the' niogmin wlilcli lip usked coireiess to enact: 1 —Provide every able bodied individual with a Job. 2—Abandon the dole system of relief. 1—Transfer icllcf of unemptoy- nble-, [o local authorities Asks Pensions 4 —Old age and, unemployment msmniicb plus a itnit towaid benefits foi cliildion mo'hers end others handicapped by dependency 01 illness,, , 0 — Unification of nil emergency public walks in n hsv/ and gieaUy »ilaiged,j)ian . 0—Oidcily dLsplacenient of Iho ' tcdeial cmeigeiicy ic-lief ndmlnls- stiallon by the new emergency \ ot ks, ngcnoy He assured congiess: his program \ou)(! be within tlio sound credit WASHINGTON, Jan. 4 (UP) —President , Hoose\ell's message (» conjjreis was hailed by sen. ite Dfmoora'lo Floor Leader Jo'Ciih T. Robinson 31 "among Urn m<M imporlnnt messagestof our history," HoblnEon'j, comment set a key- iolc nlilch'ii«i tnken up by (he ifst bf Wa fiaflj "'nicinbEr'i in Hitter Swrcl CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP) — A youth giving ills name as Fred E. S.i«r recently pleaded guilly In court lisro to receiving stolen goads, among which were bags of sugar. Bunn Will Install New Caraway Lodge Tonight CARAWAY, Ark.-A new Ma- seven sonic Iodide will be Installed here j tonight in n ceremony al which B, Bunn. Osceola, master of 'ihc I 550 times as sweet as cane sugar, side. New Concern Will Open s convcted were: Richard T. Galate, husband of Mrs. Gntatns, a Hot Springs. Ark. | gambier until he (led nfier the • massacre; • Herbert Fanner, Jop"11. . Xl0 --' rar »'er and gambler, hiis- band of Mrs. Farmer; Louis (Doc) n- a M >1 °K lwr of " cicero - m light club and associate of ganj- 'ruv' 1',* B -.M""oy. Kansas City gambler. , " rs ' 1 Frances Nash, widow of the slain cx-convlct and origin- N, LH''° °. f , lhc l!lglH lefcndants, luincd state's evidence. All charges against her were dlsmls- In Which Chief Eel's Little Joke Is Thrown for a Loss Mercantile Business Here , arcRl P™"^ 1 "*, these law en- ulira modern car parked Across Atinr Mnnt> m™ <n™, ____. "<='c rorccmcm officers, nnd a follow the street from his place of busi- ho f U ! E .f ce , T 1 , 1 ! 1 n " tllc . llexl morning. Imagine .Ms A general msrcantlle bushier i ^ c weivr( ' 1 ' enjoys no Immunity, ness, with the key left in the 1»- tj, j so worrying aooul^tlie ^car when he found that his ciMiHiig tomorrow in ' „ ',.,..; : { Tliis Voncenis what started out nll . Io » lo* thought it U'0»M be lm,^^«tJf,l .Si,; 0 Ji\ , 5J *'. v .!i Ul " , ha{ .' "l" dc "."' «rlj- roo'm- " V0tl wl "> Verne C. gmlma "' since slain, -ir o 'lie building formerly occupied by Paul Bjiiim en East Mud, Si. A -.W. Hays, of Muskowc, Okla., h cstnblkhing a general mci-caiKil- tiisincES rilh his n-hsw, Rus-n of Webbsr f^Ils. Okla., and . . a., an Roy Beaver.*, of Gore, CVr, n i " ' nltion W 5ol- th u,oS'ht Cf !t "wo'i'd Te '^l ^ "'TT 1 ' to "^f a - vlcl!m tad '»«^ *««* "™Z *-• ^r wes a «I«^f srS =£—s- •- B ..-..« up wilh the officer on the A ° vc ll »™"« to (he city hall wrectal. bul, didn'l get around lo Some t'lmc before that receiving end because another of- "" " len n «d someone else men- K. .-• T ,^J c OTIori! -mat Of course the officer who frlck- Mer '™'E. Otis said hs seiilcncc the six tomorrow. 'd his fellow A »°n Its disappearance to ihe own- ' ' ; Lfndscy'was z ven a "loaded" clg- or. Then, fearful that Hollnr.U A ' '<"' Kice found relief In the ' ctlc °v another officer. He fall- «-oiild.see his machine as be came knowledge that the car he "stole" , ,. " g "' r il immediately, as an' " tits "loss" tras fnfe ' One story was tliat he "P*'™, wit pocketed It. A short ','mo later he touched a match to 'he "smoke" while driving home I "found" In iv Hollanrt's couldn't locate himself. one night, Intending to return It Llndsey busy, in Hospital at Memphis I Rife Williams, 64, of Number 9, wd nt 6:15 .yesterday at St. Joseph's Hospital, Mcir^'ils. after six -nontlis illness with fclttney trou- 'ilc and tuberculosis. The body ••its brous'ht here last night, Mr. Williams leaves three laughters, i\frs. • Eula Beard, Bly- thevllle, Mrs. Jolley Bailey. Halls, Tenu., and Pauline William's, Num- v "r s and one son. Ernest. Number 9. Services wil be at Number 9 at 3 o'clock this ."afternoon, ti O. Afoss Isj In charge. i the goveinraent" "* Mi- Roosevelt spoke In the halt of the house of lepresentatlves. bcintois and Reprel;ntathe3 Jammed the. flow. -Visitors 1 galleries oierftowcd with a tensa cr6wd, cagei foi this message of, far reaching consequence. All Roosevelt said tlio outl'nes of the new economic ordei had become appal ent Ho laid dovn a new policy of living for the American people. in past sears, he said, leftim Imd become confused and frustrated because It was, attempted in piece-mcnl fabhlon "As n icsult," he contln'iert "cvlk o\er!apr«d We lost-sight fiom lime to time of 0111 ultimate liutnan objectives. For Curb on Fronts ' In spite of mn efforts and In spite of om talk we have not weeded out the oveipuvilesjed and i we have not effectively lifted up I he undeipilvileged." j But the piesldent said the New Deal had a clear mandate from he American oeople that ovcess- I've profits and undue private oow- ler over, private and publjc affairs as well must be foresworn. He said he did not. seek to "divide oiir wealth,,into .equal shares on stated occasions." "But we do assert, 1 ' Mr. Hoose- ;ll continued, 'that the ambition of reasonable leisure, ix decent living llnouglioul life. Is an ambition to be preferred to the appetite foe . great'wealth and gre:t. power." ~~ In general terms Mr. Roosevelt deHuecl Ihree major factors of his security program: 1,—Security of livelihood through Ihc better Jse of ... national'. : re- sources. 2.—Security ngalnst the ---major hazards and vicissitudes of lite 3.—Security of decent homes. Mrs. Mhlinda Taylor Dies at Noon Today Mrs. Malinda Taylor, 80, died at the home of her grand d"'s'ite"r, Mrs. Joe Alexander, Jr., today at noon following a >H»r «'« c 'ie funeral will-be'held at noon, tomorrow at Luxora with- ...e L. O. MKS Undertaking company In | cnarge. .. 'Mrs. Tailor was the mother ot ten sons and one • daughter. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair and warmer to, hlit and Saturday. ' Memphis and vicinity—Fair 'to"J?hl with slowly rising tempera- ure. Saturday fair and warmer. The;:maximum temperature here ••atcrday. .was 56. minimum .31, clear, according to Samuel F. Korris,' ofilclnl weather obsen'cr. Last plght the temperature dropped to

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