The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 1, 1937
Page 9
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THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 1037 CURB WILT IE These. Recipes Will Make The Annual Spring Ordeal Easier Whelhcr two-maids-and-a-man <to your Spring cleaning, or whether you hie yourself into your one- piece house-dress hi your one-room- :uid-kitchenette apartment—you're going to want some one-dish meals to carry you through! We may boast we're very casual about this annual job, and laugh nt the old days when grandfather liad to smoke his pipe on the porch to keep the peace—but nevertheless there's always one week in house-freshening when menu-making doesn't get much of a hand. There's Ihe shopping for gay new chintzes, "doing-over" the dinette, and scurrying to get new curtains —and then pulling them up I Brush 'Em Up And uhat about the kitchen? That "arena of the cook" comes in for Its own share of spring cleaning—eloset-s to be freshened, cupboards to be re-arranged, and new gadgets (what woman can re- fist them?) to be installed lo give Ihe housewife's, "new year" n new start. Now is the time to throw out those old recipes; to brush up the "special./ile" with some of the latest dishes, and to treat yourself to those shining pots and pans which make meal-getting a pleasure and not a chore. Let your choice be a casserole, or broiler or a new dish for the refrigerator, and let your recipes be the one-dish kind. Father will dine in peace, while you go about the affairs of the day with calm and enjoyment—the oven and the refrigerator take care of the menu! And whether it's a hot main dish or a cold dessert your fancy craves and your family needs, these quick nnd easy recipes given here will keep monotony from the menu and wrinkles from your brow. Baked nice Milanaise 1 cup rice 111,teaspoon paprika 2 tablespoons minced onion ' -3Jmr<I,cobked"egS!S -.'•-• • 2-3 cup grated cheese 1 minced green pepper 4. tablespooiis olive oil 2 cups tomato sauce., Wash rice 1 and cook; until tender m rapidly -boiling' 'sailed" water Drain thoroughly and add one-half cup grated cheese and paprika Meanwhile, cook onion and green pepper in oil, add these to rice and cheese mixture and- either, serve with tomato sauce, sliced eggs and remaining cheese, or turn into a casserole, sprinkle the remainder-of grated cheese over the top. Bake in moderate oven ,(350 degrees F) 15 minutes. Garnish with eggs and serve with lomalo sauce. Serves 6. Banana Mixed Grill 4 lamb chops or hamburger steaks (about 1-Inch thick) . 4 half slices canned pineapple Melted butter Salt ' 4 peeled bananas. Select firm,-all-yellow bananas Arrange, meat and pineapple on pre-hcafed rack of broiler. Brush pineapple with melted butter and sprinkle with salt, place rack about 3 niches below broiler and broil in a very hot oven (550 degrees F) At the end of c minutes, turn meat and pineapple, and place the bananas (brushed with melted but ter and sprinkled with salt) 01 rack of broiler. Continue broilim about-8 minutes longer, Four servings. Florida Custard 2 eggs, separated 1-4 cup sugar 1 1-2 teaspoons corns!arch * 1-8 teaspoon salt 2 cups milk, scalded 1-2 teaspoon vanilla 4 tablespoons sugar ] -4 cup shredded cocoanut 1-2 teaspoon grated orange rind 3 oranges, sliced. Beat egg yolks slightly. Ml sugar, cornstarch and salt. Add am mix well. Add scalded milk and cook in double boiler till mixlun coats spoon, cool, add vanilla an; pour into sherbet glasses ove lieeled sliced oranges. Beat tge whites till stiff, adding sugar gradually. Pile on custard. Just before tervmg, sprinkle with shredded cc coanut which has been rubbed wit grated orange rind. Serves 0. Baked Beans 2 cups pea beans 1-4 teaspoon soda 1-2 teaspoon salt 1-4 teaspoon pepper 1-2 cup dark karo 1-2 teaspoon dry mustard 1 small onion, peeled 2 oz. piece salt pork. Wash the beans and soak ove; night In cold water. In the mornh add soda-and cook beans, In th same waler In 2 qt. bean pot c covered casserole until skins beg! to loosen, place one-half the sa pork, sliced, in bottom of bean nol add one-half the beans and ha Ihc seasonings; add remaining bear ,. and seasonings; bury the onion i the beans, Drizzle the karo ove ildft cover with salt pork. Ad enough boiling water slowly -.cacliville Woman's Cake This Week's Recipe Winner To Mrs. Lee McMmiry of Leachvllle goes lids week's si recipe prize. The award wns made for her White Mountain Cuke, the recipe for which Is given below. Next week the SI prize will be given for Ihe b?.st spice cuke recipe. Send yours lo the Courier News at once. Here is Mrs McMuiiry's winning recipe: White .Mountain Cake 1-2 cup butter 8 egg whites i cups sugar 3 1-2 cups flour 1 cup milk 2 teaspoons baking powder 1-4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla Cream butler and sugar, sift flour, suit and taking powder twice and add nltcnmtcly with milk. Then add vanilla and egg whiles which have been beaten stiff. Pour into lube or layer pun and bake in moderate oven. Icing" 1 1-2 cups granulated sugar 2 egg whiles 1-2 cup waler i teaspoon vanilla Cook sugar and walcr lo soft ball slage when dropped in cold waler. Pour In thin stream into sliffly beaten egg whites.' Beat until creamy and spread on cake. The above c.ike is suitable for wedding- or birthday cake. ay Informality and Simple Menu Suitable For "Brunch'' EV JOSEPHINE BEARDSI-EY TliB afternoon bridge-tea with aborntc refreshments, the bridge- incheon, and the "dessert-bridge" five all had their day, but their opulai'ity is waning in liquid and dry ingredients. Bake on n hot, lightly greased griddle In cakes 6 to 8 Inches in diameter .,, 4 tablespoons butter favor of i 4 tablesjxions soft wheat flour 1 teaspoon salt 2 cups milk 2 egg yolks 2 cups cooked crab meat, shrimp, or sweetbreads 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 2 tablespons pimiento, diced cup sliced ripe olives Melt butler nnd add flour and _ novel "brunch." Combining iich nnd breakfast, it's informal iture makes the entertainment small groups of friends inti- tintely festive, A spirit of gayely ;ins the order of the occasion, iloi 1 should be included in every- ilng—food, china, and linen. Pol- •ry dishes, peasant linens, and i -.-tn: ULI.H-I mm mm nou mple. bill novel foods will help!salt and stir until smooth. Add i creaie a , cozy Bohemian at- | remaining ingredients and heat losplicre. - - M thoroughly. Fill , Into the crepes, Of course, "brunches" may be | folding the sides over the center, j hearty as you desire, but if i Serve with ndditionat sauce over elp is limited, courses t should be j the top. Yield: 8 servings. ew. Waffles, made at the table,' re always a good choice as a j lain dish, while .creamed foods, ipunted on some sort of bread- nil, also lend themselves veryj •ell. to. this sort of meal. Not-i oo-difficult "brunch" menus i light..Include: . , r ' ,v_, . ..> I . Fruitjulce Cocktail 'una Fish Shortcake " Lattice Potatoes ake Squares, topped with Ice Cream and,-Apricot; Sauce . , Coffee, '"•' Touialo Juice 3hicken Roll—Asparagus an gralin Fruit Salad Tea—Iced Cake Squares III Fresh Strawberries Sweetbread or Seafood Crepes Endive, Tomato, and Egg Salad Fruit Gingerbread Coffee . Tuna Fish Shortcake 2 cups soft wheat flour 4 teaspoons baking powder '. teaspoon salt ' 4 tablespoons shortening 2-3 cup milk Lovers' Favorite RITZIER DISHES Here's How lo Cut Butcher's Bill Wilhout getting Anyone Know Make every day April Fool's 'during April. Cut the meat costs but don't let anyone know II. ! with tills loaf. Beef l.iver l.oaf 14 to 0 .servings) One pound beef liver, 1 d)lon, 1-1 pound salt pork, 1-2 cup!dry bread crumbs, 2 Ujblesprans cretin 2 teaspoons salt, 1-3 teaspoon sage. 1-8 leaspoon dry mustard, 1-4 teaspoon thyme, 1-8 tcafcpoon black pepper. Wash liver, remove membrane. Cut into small pieces and ; pnl through meat chopper, nt least twice. It must he finely chopped Take 2 thin slices from salt pork, then chop Ule rest with onion. Mix bread crumbs, milk, seasoning and parsley.. Add to liver and onion Mix thoroughly. Place in greased loaf tin. Lay pork strips on top. Bake' In moderate oven (350 degrees F.) for 1 1-4 hours. Veal and Ham Molds ' (4 to G servings) One and one-quarter cups finely chopped cooked veal, 1-2 cup minced cooked ham, i-a cup .soft bread crumbs, 3-4 cup cooked peas, i tablespoon melteci butter. 1 cup in'ill;. 1 e«g. salt, pepper, paprika. Mix meat, pens, crumbs and butler. Beat egg, add and season. Mix thoroughly until ingredients' are evenly distributed. Butter custard cups. Turn the meal loaf mixture into cups, set in pan of water riml oake In moderate oven (350 degrees P-> for 30 minutes. Might l r y a mushroom sauce .with these. I'ork and Noodle Slew (4 (o 6 servings) One-half |>ound ground lean pork 1-2 cup cut up celery, i S1 ,, a li c ;, r -' rot cut up fine, 2 onions, chopped !' 1 green peppe, chopped, i c ,,p canned tonmtoes or 2 fresh tomalous salt, pepper, 1-2 package wide noo- Cook .noodles in large kettle of rapidly foiling salted-'wnlcr.-wHcn drain at once and keep Its own M • i~ i T-X , , r •• '•""«".•« .purjc.m Us own Norwegian Fish Puddmo! „„ ^ ( °» IO P S . J <*>-rot.'green ' pjp lo ,. , ~ ol per. Kext add tomatoes and sea- and Owedish- U- r e a m | f p ° m "=- Simmef for 45 minutes MI' ^i \vi' . i T* • • • i ihen-tuni In cookeH unnriio^ ™, i\/T 1 w; .IT- "''•• i IllB n-tuni In • IVlonks Worth Irving j simmer nnolhe mi In cooked noodles and r 10 minutes. By fllliS. GAYNOK MADnOX N'EA Service SiafT Writer •Scandinavian countries have high reputations for both their civilization and their excellent eating. 'mere's a delicacy and touch of c]e B .m«- to nn Individual chickei- pie which makes It » fnvorltc of all young ])ra , )lc ,„ , ove Sllcll ^ the report of a noted American chef famous for his understanding of the various moods of the national tippellle, (From Waldorf-Astoria. New York) POT P E REnU)EL» Either Pastry, Biscuit or Potato Covering Is Ap- Apropriale By MliS. GAYNOIt SIAnnOX • NliA Service Staff Wrlln , , A chicken in (he pot is one lhhi"4. but nn individual chicken pie is another. An Internationally known chef reports that li:ls particular ^chicken .delicacy is a favorite with young men • In, love wh,o take thsii 1 ladies to luncheon. Individual Chicken 1'ut 1'lc Unaredienls make 2 picsi _One fresh killed broiler, about '2 pounds, 3 pints water, ii small white onions. 6 small new |x>latocs. 4 baljy carrots. 4 baby turnips. ) bouquet composed of celery, bay leaf, thyme. 4 large fresh mushrooms, 2 tiiblc- inoons sweet butter. 1 teaspoon !emon juice, 2 small slice ssalt pork, .blanched, 1 tablespoon cooked er'rjti, pens, 2 more tablespoons Wet mil- tcr, 1 tablespoon flour. 2 cups Iii'olh, 1 tablespoon minced fresh hiM'bs, such as chervel; chives, parsley.' Use a large saucepan. Cut chicken in sections and toss Into pot. Cut the vegetables In sections, too, and Into long ri(l B es, sprinkle liberally with heavy cream,,then dust with sink- biead crumbs. When Die pit- bakes, the crumbs will .turn i\ goU- en brown, Baking powder, biscuits will res', upon Hint chick™ pie as lightly us voting love's kiss. Use your'rsit- ulnr biikins powder biscuit dough Roll and cut with small biscuit cul- ler, no larger than u twenty-five cent piece. Arrange these little biscuits over ihc surface of the pic then bake. A pretty dish to set befoic the king—and the queen! Cooking Hints It is frequently the little unusual touches which nmke foods Interest- interested In with garlic ing, so you riiny bs these cookinj. hints: (1) Salt sprinkled Juice ndds a distinctive llavoi roast Inmb. <2> Two or three slices of bacon Placed on top of a liver loaf during baking adds both flavor and fnt. •<3) Veal baked In sour cream makes n delicious meal dish, The vaal Is first browned in hoi lard, then Ihe .sour cream Is ndded ano ,, Ihe baked hi a moderate oven .1350. degrees KJ,unlll.done. HI Ap|:h'.<nticc Is considered the best accompaniment for roast pork, but have you tried a combination of applesauce nnd cranberries? While cranberries are plentiful, try Mils combination. It is delicious. The cnsscrole dish Is n con-; .cm Are Some Recipes With (he Flavor of Springtime / Spring dances more lightly to a symphony of vegetables. So (11112 up a few good reclpoi and slnil the 'iirdi-n music. As|!:miKu.s Soup ' (4 to «.«erviiijsj Use the lough ru:|s of n bunch of fresh nsparngns. 1 quarl-jr o-i- icn, sliced run-, 1 quart waloi- o; vegetable stock. 2 green, wilted lettuce or romalne leaves,'i'j, i teaspoons biilter, •> teaspoons Iliiir" Clean nnd cut In small pieces ;|i? tou«h ends of nspari>«us. Cook in I quart wnt».- with yinlon until very lender. Then mash through We. Measure sieved pulp and '.lock. Add enoiieli whole mill; or "flit cix-nni lo make uo 1 mnrt Melt butter, blend In (lour, then' slowly adit the soup slock, nrlnj to point just bslow boll. Add 1-i- len.poon lemon juice and either fresh parsley or ii few green heads or conked serve In c nns •vllli thin oven-baked slices of lonU. Hi'iuTnll wllh Chlvi- Sauce 14 lo u servings) One bunch psvfect broccoli, •>. H- ilcbpcons butler, a tablespoons (lour. 1 cup vegetable stock (or W ali>r) 1 tablespoon lemon 1 juice, 2 1-2 tablespoons chopped fresh chlvi-s saft pepper nnd paprika lo taste' I'lunge carefully cleaned broccoli Into bolllntj waler. rtrnlti at once \nA lunge Into ice water. Drain ill- once, then cover with balling -vnU'iv Add salt and cook, uncovered, until tender. Heat butler In saucepan, sllr lu "our, cook together 3 mliiulcs Add seasoning, then slowly stir m slock. Add chopped chives and jjmon Juice.- Serve broccoli In small bunches with this sauce. For duck, roast lamb, veal a>id fresh pork, curried apples have',. Ki'cat fondness. Ciiiricd A|i|ilcs Clcrin but do ,,ol pare apples Core hem, tlicn cut in half Mhwan wit. 1-3 cup b-owti sugar, plncli fed pepper, 1-4 CU|) butter. Tills i inake-s enough for fou' »ppla£-a [halves Spread paste o\ci cut •ildo of apjilh, then bake in mojl.rat- joycn (t50 degicus P) until tender, A .salnd thought to fill the heS'ln and pleasure prescription of ri'a'V least one raw vegetable at e!il-lii inoul." *• C'iiullllowci- at':l CoiTot S'lluill Slice jaim 0 / rarroLi and fffm white cauliflower Into delicately llilu .stilpb cover each with ranch dressing foi half an 1'oiir 'i!ftn to smc, aiiiin^c In comblnullon on bed of lettuce and garnish \\ilh thin little strips or flowers of bright t'rcen ix?pj«i Pass additional French dressing. Weal Driopings Are "'. Ideal for Flavoring Snvln, the ni"Tt drippings Uin habit with thrifty 'housewives, alul n wise one too, for meat (hipping-, cnn be used lo add the distinctive flavor lo olliciwlie bland and uninteresting foods Most , vegetable ni'c Impiou'd by the addition"^! meat drippings as s;asonln 3 /Tnd what would gia\y be without tint •lellcious meat Ilavor? The input drippings usually con- •Isl of fat, moisture nnd IWvoiln?, although this depends to n gieat extent on the kind of meat fiom ' which they come Ham and bacon drippings because of theli charaV terlstlc fln\oi frcquenlly aic uSd for Unvoting vegetables, and hot breads such as inunins an-l eprn bi'cnd , stem. Make a Mcspoons s cui-iy paste of alcr. plnVli o it Is iald that meat.'! cook«l by biaislng, such as pot-roast 01 Swiss steak, make the best sravrs and sauces as each time inotstiire Is ndded and cooked away, the drippings become that much biottn- cr nnd the glftvv t ] lat ,„„,,,, mft . ft delicious A roast, cooked as it rhould be at a low tcmpcrntuTc will pioduco drippings of a light color, but the blown color nnd c.ii- nmcl lla\oi which cvorjons likes lu gravy may be obtained by al'- flour lo brown in (he drippings fore any liquid is added Miners lo Acquire Tan BERLIN (UP)— Qciman miner.-, 30011 ma> be able 'to acquiic A sca- ildc holiday tan while at work, intl nl Ihc expense of employers The Nazi party s health department put foiward the piogiositl 'hiil every mine should be equlp- icd wllh mlificlal sunlight Innips o phe rcgtilar ray IfcaltnenT^ •"• Sift flour, baking powder, and alt. Cut the shortening In to the onsistency of coarse meal. Add he liquid to form a dough. Roll ut V, inch thick. Cut with small zens. For that and other reasons try these Scandinavian recipes. The Norwegian flaky pudding of fish is a first rate Friday gesture. Fish Pudding , ( : (- to 6 servings) Two pounds haddock.' 2 egg yolks. I tablespoon butler, 1-3 cup cream. 1-8 teaspoon nutmeg, buttered breadcrumbs, salt. ' '.Carefully remove bones from fish. Run fish through, meat'chopper tvv" or three times until finely minced. Place in howl,.nnd mash with po- . . - ....... - ........ „„ nd medium biscuit cutters and ' * a '° ".rasher until it forms a smooth ake at 425 degrees F. (hot oven) ! P aste - Tnc » stir in the unbeaten to 15 minutes. Serve with the e °" V olks - tllc butter, melted, and 'he cream. The result should be a smooth batter. Add salt and nutmeg. Use a pudding mold or baking dish. Butter carefully, pour in the -fish batter. Sprinkle top ollowing tuna fish mixlurc: 1 cup tuna fish ',; cup sliced, stuffed olives 3 tnbles]K)ns butter 3 tablespoons soft wheat flour 'i teaspoon salt 1'i cups milk Melt tutter and add the flour salt. Add milk and cook over ( liberally' with bread-crumbs. Bake in moderate oven (250 degrees F.) for 3-4 hour. It should be Sight and delicate. "in Kin. «cn miiK and cook over [ •"••"">•• ow heat until smooth and thick-', Ten J' enrs *Z°- Ru'li A. Dolt- shed. Add fish nnd olives and heat i ed rcveillc d in her amusing mis- horoughly. Pour over larger -his- ccllan y ot foreign wisdom calleci cults, top with smaller garnish 1 " Tnc Queslinz Cook 1 ' the wonders vlth pai-sley. ' | of Cream Monks with raspberry Clilckcn Roll j J" m - If '. ne J' Br e good enough for 2 cups soft wheat flour 1 teaspoon salt 4 teaspoons baking powder 4 tablespoons shortening 3-4 cup milk ;. • i 1 ',i cups minced chicken. moistened with !i cup gravy or while sauce Sift the dry Ingrcdicnls to- ; the Swedish epicures, surely they j should be good enough for us. • Swedish Cream Monks (4 to 6 -servings) Six eggs, 1-2 cup flour, 2-3 cup thick sour cream, i tablespoon i granulated sugar. 2 cardamon seeds ! ground Tine, pinch salt, i Beat yolks separately until liuhl. ..add sour cream and beal This Dinner Will Wait j V If Husband Is Tardy waiting,.but not so the oven meals built around meat loaf. So if friend husband slays away longer than usual, meet him with' a cheery smile, knowing that dinner will be just right. The oven temperature mav be urned very, very low for the wait- ng Psriod, with just enough heat to keep the food warm. Or if th- delay is. too long, the meat loaf toril' b ° scrved colti vcr - v snlisfac- There are many kinds of „ t loaves, but certainly there is none more tasty than ham loaf. flam Loaf 1-2 pound smoked ham 1 pound fresh ham 2 well-beaten.eggs 1 cup soft bread crumbs 1-2 cup milk 2 tablespoons chili sauce 1-2 teaspoon grnted lemon rind *„ "" Ingredients vsry thor- Icaf 5 ai* n B " nCk in ' C " SrK>SKl (350 degrees F.) for half ™n" hour' I'lcn pour 1 cup strained tomato juice over it and let finish baking Pour off any liquid when the baking is completed, thicken nnd add water ns necessary for a sauce Flavor sauce with a teaspoon Wor- _ rt . ,- ,, - . ------- ..... — ....... cnsscroe s Is a con- add to- the pov. season wlfn salt (.vcnient utensil for cookln" l-ft- '<• and ee an - : and pepper anrt loss in Ihe'boil-j'overs. nice left-over m-ai jrnet. Add cold water, simmer 30 | vegelnbles, add left-over g"rav the i chicken .In, Individual earthen- j delicious o'ne-dlsii'^iiie'al 11 " 1 *"" ware or glass casseroles. Place the! ' and or • lej in first, tilth the rest of the i chicken pieces and follow with vc<s- I ctables. Kent 2 tablespoons butler, conk 1 fresh mushrooms nbo 1 min- » n Dessert . If you'd v likc to add to your list of ticjEsorts- 1 o-iniikp-iti-n- hurry ...i...<'>-iu\jitia iii/uiu y iinu- - -iiip-ti-n- urry ( utes, add lemon and cook another I »'ha- homemakcr doesn't) we - ' 1-2 minute, then remove mushrooms ' you clip the following " , srooms yu cp te olowing and lay on top of the other vcgc- : "ciJJe and "pasle II on a 3x5 card lablcs nnd over them place salt! 'or your permanent cookiim fill"! pork. In another saucepan, melt! "' • - - " 2 tablespoons butler, stir in 1 la- i blespoon Hour and blend well: slow- j ly add 2 cups strained chicken ! broth, stir, then cook to smoot 1'rchc l)c Jniir : C peach halves 1 cup shredded cocoanut l-'l pViind uuirshmallows. Drain peaches nnd remove small .ji... v..,_ii i_ujh lu Miiijuui | -j«niu (jLnviiLft iiim remove sln?'l stock for 8 minutes. Next nd.1 the | amount of pulp from the insliie of* butter and lemon Juice in which j ra ch peach. Add to pulp twice as mushrooms were cooked, also the lmlcl1 cocoanut a s you have peach herbs. Cover each pic with pasts ! P> rl P and mix thoroughly. Refill and brush It with beaten egj yolk ] peach halves with this mixture and (o give a rich color. Bake In mod- [ ! °P each psac.i half with n pniry erately hot oven (375 degrees F.) marslimnllmv. Place under broiler for 20 minutes. until marshmallows are n delicate Potato cover is another proper golden-brown. Serve on slices ol top for such a rcgnl pis. Use fre,sh pound cake. hot mashed potatoes. Cover the ' individual pies, mark with a fork j Read Courier News Want Ads '•Sic Meringue Substitute next time the occasion de- t a chocolate meringue pic lYUlllr...- it l» _ i. . . '. . ' . _ n your baked pastry shell with marsh- gether. Cut In the shortening. Add j " ., 'Tip milV t/_ IM^L-^. ., ^f^rt ,!„-.„.. I Autl ^-""!- rt --?->-!^"-?..^^ .1,0,^0^ Place on greased baking sheet bake in hot oven 1425 degrees P.). serve with chicken iravy, white or mushroom sauce. 3amish with parsley. Sweetbread or Seafood Crepes 3 cups soft wheat flour 5 teaspooas baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 3 tablesiwons sugar 2 eggs , 2'i cups milk 2 tablespons melted shortening Sift flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar. Beat the eggs, add the milk and the shortening. Combine — - plain pa; , batter and let It spread about i 1 Inch ihick. Bake on top of the . stove with a cover over'the pan. When the batter is cooked thiou-h —in about half an hour—whistle the raspberry jam down off Ihe kitchen shelf. You'll have a souffle cake. Fun ahead. it seeps through the beans to the lop. (Do not use too muclv) Cover and bake in slow oven for 4 hours or longer, until liquid Is absorbed and beans ftre dark and mealy Paired Accessories Arc Smart Idea This is the season to match accessories In pairs. With a beige dress try black patent shoes and bag, scarlet hat and gloves, or black hat and purse and dark wine shoos and gloves. Build your wardrobe on a foundation of conservative, rather than neutral dresses and a suit, then er.liven it with some ol the new, colorful and Interesting accessories. the first It is thought that women were Phone 673 We Deliver The Host in Meats and Fancy Groceries Pickard Grocery & Market 104] Chlckasawba Grandma's Cookies Grandma's cranky when it comes to making cookies. She won't tiso inferior flour because she knows the secret of good baking. Everybody loves Grandma's cookies, anc! why not? They're perfect because she uses 'S Your Grocer Has It McMIJl-LlN'S SPECIALS TOKvFKinAY and SATjURfiAY End Gills LI). 23 Fresh I'ork LI). BEEF STEW K. C. Rib or liriskct LI). Sliced gai- Cured For liniling Lh. Fresh Ground Lb. Fresh, Mealy Lily lirand Guaranteed BRAN FLAKES 0. K. E I2c Loaf No\v Alonarch. Fresh. Tn Syrup -No. 2'/, Can- Fresh Counfrv mm MACKEREL '3 Tall Carts 25 C Regular 2flc Hox 2-Lh. Box McMullm'R Special Best Made 5 Lbs. Sl.OO. Lb: HeechiS'ut or Hoinz 3 Cans ' a> ^ n Irj 1'cct.s' White 7 Rare I UUI 5

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