The Evening Post from New York, New York on November 27, 1807 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, November 27, 1807
Page 3
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yu ' 1. s tr r v'rr-ut'.lcan fiknds as t-rilcdto t tiie ii.wrni.uavu, . v -...., ccn' ' ed to ftae '.iiic.ctioi ot ttuu nncd i aNn to Mr. Coleman of JVst, !.5fjim Vu me, on ac-,3 I sent l.ijl,r.M.Ccri.iiig Cheet-.-. u.mre to Mr. Frank tif tilt ; V" 'Jin- t :.... ...... Km i i. . - ' tier's 1 know not,' Mr. fUcman 1 w?jice Jan eivc the lx-st occount of that. " ' Cliec!';,ro puhlihed a most abusive E-pce in his parer nd h,s v"lEr ,lle fc: 'rwin said told a tie,' end . Insinuated as if I feed forged the kiter It is bv his pi- pensity to blackguarding and i --tlut h ten brought, so t irany prvsecu. : tonoaUuck. ji w ye ioe-r;"r ; . - j'l bow haw ne more. -Uuk unprincipled k cannot be reformed he can be pmwhed. 6". ..-, , , , - .THOMAS PAl?E,rt. . The bo la rcptiLiishcJ, not for the put. . rase cf extewting the circulation of Taine'a attacks pon Chatham; (I leaY these two combatant to settle their wn aWr theif own way,) but m . Mr, Paint Us, introduced ;' my same and insinuated that I was oiItef . an irrprcricty in sending bla verbal cornea I gtca'JoM to U ie newspaper, I think I am bound to notice it. There Is another motive: VVhen the assertlett was. made in the United States Gazette, tbat such a letter bad been written I, Rf r. JeBerson. to Mr; Paine, the Citiaen ' editor, not only denied it, but ventjured to say ; . it wad only a Federal trick, in order to bring disgrace, opon Mr. Jefferson. " r It is true, a stated by Mr. Painey that tie id inform me that he had received a letter ftwn Mr. Jefferson, and taking it up,he read tho ' concluding sentence j which my memory It ap-'pcTiiibled'tn topresenrt with exactueta, 'lti also true, that in the coorae oi the next d7 1 '1 aat!oneU 'thfei (woor three gentlemeBd j bcUtveVput It inwriUng at the requert of ececf &ero, and gare it to mm. u rue likewise, ihat this gentfemw told toe he wa . going to Philadelphia, and eskeff we it l naa . any ebjection to his communicating thia iafOr matlon to whomever he pleased, and quoting ' nie-as his authority ; to which t replied, I had , fat at all, as I did not conceive that there waa the least confidence reposed In me by Mr, Paine. In a fewdayi afterwards I saw ; the. fact swted, And rery.correcty,. in the - Unitpd, States Gazette. Thus then, I have ' txplaiaed'the manner, in which tlie extract, , probably', got Uto the . newspapers j and I VVthink I mav appeal'to'Mr. Paine' own letter, t that in being the cause ' of its publication, 1 ' have offended against no rule of delicacy. He states expressly that he mentioned the fact to me in oi der w that the information) if so ' useful, Should not be confined to one distinction I ; ef roea only'.' ;- '.r,'' " :' r : : " On the 27th of Qctober, the ftillowing para-graph, ier$atim tt iitenlim, appeared in the American Citizen,' written with the proper band and dictated by the proper head RJ&d heart of Mr. Editor himself.' .' , . : ' H is reported in town, aikd the report is in every body's mouth, that the Pa ksidkut kat written a letter to Tom Paine, In which among other things it is said that no reasonable exptctation can be formed of an amicable termination of our differences with Engtand : we aee that the rumour has been wafted from this city to the Editor of the United States . jGaxette, whq "in the hofie of lettering the Pretident in the etieetn hit fellovt tfti- ' xentt has given it " form and prewure" in his caper. Is not this one of the ' many, modes in which, the tharceter and emduct of Mr. . Jeffcrton hcuheen atsailri y hi FKkrai. cjifiomntt f I am inclined to think that it is. Paine has indeed in the moments of his in toxication, which are all hi moments, shown a letter to hispretioui vibitatts, and to persons in the streets, which contains the opinion essiibcd to Mr' Jefferson j which letter Old PettiUree asserts wa written to him by the President ; but who can believe it ; vim, cherishing a becoming; respect for the exalted character of the executive, wt uldgive publi-;' city to such a report, opon such authority f Paine hat told a He. The tagtcitu of the Pretident tit rrgvrd for fiuHit decency and , morel, and hi Jtnoion prudence ana cir-- ' cumtfieciion ; all iifduct the belief that he lamot written the letter which Faine, in his - Hi'unl-onKrlrMiin-c h tolit half the citv he haS received from him, probably in the hope that the assertion might And it way into the federal prints as a choice item of fresh calumny." Enter, Thoma JeJJerion-tililoQuizing. " Not the last standlni; couh1 surprise m more, That summons drowtv mortals to their dooms. 'Whentrd in kaate. they fumble for tfieir limbs, ; And ttejnhl, unprovided fur their right Drj-den'i Den Seiattia. , Ectratt of a Utter from Ifathington dated -"v... Al vernier 84, . a MnM.nA r-A b f r i, d from the Prekident m( the United SUtes trafisniit- tnj, agreeabiy U the prorrut conian.eujn his rneisage, the tettimony in thcas of Aa-Rn,. mrMCre and duC'.idjriiti were referred to the committee to whom was referred a revision of the la ws on the subject ef enterprises against tho public peace, tec The speaker soon afterl Informed the house, that a sufflcierit number of the documents re-tr-rrA ia in the itiFiurt kid been sruited. and would be laid on ibe tables of the mem bers the next morning. - Ititrtt of letter from mgentUmmn of the ' rtt rekj.eetcii'dtto tiu ItliMt of the Kirm SH. 1807. - . . , The afcnunts rrceired fitatmr that Bo naparte had determined to infiict the rigor f bis decree araiost ABenca; with full errdiL It t flocliVI, oecaaae a icx- ter has been reeeived from Gtnl Arms trong, in which h afrims our fjovemment that inmnliatelv em the ret-im of 4he Em- peror U fATit, he aAkejjed a note to the Prie k!iiiitf, cn'plai5tig that Spam had cxccuU'U ;!is decree tsjainrt Amcrcian ships, a ... l t a in answer rt i void, tnat a letter wui i iinmcjiutci) be aci;t to the FienrH Miniuter at Madrid, directing h!m to explain tho Decree . . I . ! L i . . . . ui tnv onnimKosinrnoi ana 10 press uirui to Qchiu from executing the Decree ara'vost A .. .B Aiucrican vckxis. Extract o letter from Jl'aiMnton,, (fated r ; ALnday evening, A'ov. 2X v - From some obKrvatiotis of Mr. Crownin-shield in the house of representatives on tiwi cf the dispatch received from Mr. Mun imc wa jo be made t Cvogi ess. I ne nrnw thcrefoiv mitt oo Sotarday t but do mctASge was received from the president. On Mon day a wtrtsajs was received, with a volamin-ous cuaitmrmcMion rttativeto the proceedings C..I i.uv- I t t Kiir tifithinr was Suit! in the message abnut the late dispatch. ' Of course, it is to be tnterrefl mat me conwms i the dwnatch are not worth of being commu nicated la form to congress. , Ixtraet oft Utter from .a gentleman in Cadiz, to . kit eorrettonJtHt in PkiimJelfkia, dated Oct. 1. "Ism yet unable to give yon any satisTac. tory intelligence' on tb subject of the an cargo. The affair is yet bafore the admiralty. I am sorry, however to be compelled te say tint mnt of thtir-decislons art equally ininuit-ous withthsseof th infcriour courts. Indeed, is suffices for the causi to an American one, to meet wivh certain eoademnatloa. ' ; rep"out . .". " (lo jart) of the committee on the part W the - message of the President of the U. States, , which relates to the defence of our sea port . towns and harbors. . . r 1 In Senote of the United State. - November 20, WOf. Mr.Mitcliill, from the committee on that part of the message of the President of th U. States which relates to fa defence f our sta port towns and harbors renovUd, in part, tha foihwmg letter from the becretary of the Navy Usabill tq appropriat money tor the ontroctio f an,, additional tmb w gunboat.',,..-- '. . ? . KAW DEPARTMENT. - , 18th November, lor, ; -; ; Sri, "' l " ; In answer to ynurletter of th 15th lost-in wbkh yo ask for such information lo relation to the defence of our sea port town and harbours, and the further provision te be aae for their securitf, as the navy department may possess t J have the honour to state, tbat la aw ot the fixed fortifications, which will be submitted by the secretary , cf war, it is presumed that there will be requited at the ports and harbors, mentioned below, the number et gun boats annexed to them respeciiniyi , At jsew-vrieans, ; ., , At Savannah, At St. Mary's, At Charleston, R. C, ' ' It At Georgetown, do. - , r'y A . t 1 T V At t-gg-iiaroor, t. . -. At Amboy, At New-York, .-At Long Islandt , . ;, At New-Londn, ; . ... . A1 Connecticut Shore', ; . , ;.At New-Part H. L i?: ;.r-! 'At Tiverton, . , ; M At Dosten, -' At Salem and Newburyport, At Portland. - r , V - At New-Bedford, At Mirhifhal and Caoe-Ann. SO ftr - 13 At York, Kennebunk and Saco, , At Keaaebeck, Sheepscut, Damariscot ? ta, Broad Bay, Jit, George's, ,; At Penobscot, - . r . -Frenchman's Bay,- Passamaquoddy Bay, : At Portsmouth, N.H. " , At Wilmington, N. C. . A t Ocrarock. ' ". ' f 3 '' t S . 4 4 4 1 60 ..J 3 ' 4 1 : At Albemarle Soend, .At Norfolk, ' ; At Alexaadria, At Baltimore, t . -At Philadelphia, Delaware bay and river, Making aU 337 Of which we have at this time pro-. vided, ." -.. , 69 Would leave to be provided ', ' 188 tun-boats. '-'. . . , The building of these gun-boats is estimat-ed, on an average, at 50l9 dolls, each. 183 gun-boats, at iwu aoiis. dolls. 940,000 nliu-.t the amount of timber contracted for, as stated in the exhibit. of extraordinary ex penses incurred ty we navy department aince the 3 2d June last,'. troo Would leave to be appropri ated for the building of i83 . gun-boats, . - , w ResnectfuUy submitted, RT .sMim Hon. SamoilL. Mitcbill. - Chairman of a Commit tet rfthe Senate. LVJLSLG POST HARIA'E LIST. ASBIVBO TI1S SAT. Shin RemiUtnce, Law, . London, from Land 39 Sch'r. S need well. Collins. .' ; . HaUfax 16 - eitaaio TBls av ghip Halcyon, lew, Jamaica- Burrill. Bordeaux. 2. CaCiope, Taylor, Triton, Applton. Brig Amaten, Coffin, P. Tenet. Madeira. R. Lenox. City of St. Domingo. Jt. Dickey. Savanpah. ' Dean, Edgar, - ( Schr. Cesaefte, HsJjht, . r Minerva, Bird, . . Sloop Patriot, Robiascn, Cefilain. PbiUdeluhi Cataaim. K. Prmideace, Cajuatn. Ship RemiUs-r e, from Londil has dry gnoJ, kc. to J. Robin-, J. k A. ItovarJ, Cami.bta fc alitrbcO, SaaWrs St Lard, T. Cadir, J. k J. Pn, H. Brevoort, J. Baiky, Corn, Ellis fc f biw, R. OlesBan, D Dualist, A. MetaUa, J Xarory, C. Crested, Wsi.Upgt9n & C- Ssvrw & Kichards, 1. A. Mver, Pf P, G.lnt U. II. Brown, llootl & tveritt, William fctll, getor and HrthewAVJ- forties. Bero'ont, 5. Pfi'ice, S. Norwood, Bogti-s, luwbtrt Si Co ' V Ceison i Van BUreum, Smith It Loomls, Haprty U Austin, Ramsay 8. Burling, 1slmage Smith tt Co. J. Murray t Son, C, CarriU k Sons, J.Kastwn, Richard, Upsvwtk Co.. RuaSel, A. Barker, Ogden & Harrisun, W. H. Barnsrd, W. Cn.w, J. B, Dorand, Walter Mitchell, George Gibbs, and Archibald Graoif. lluv. 3, lat 41 long. S3, spok ship Id (rota Charleston for Cowes, out lrdaya., Kor, 5, spoke the British brig John and Betsey, and 4 J5rit'U ship, both from Charleston for tiverpool, itll days. Nov f, Ut 43. long. 61, spok shipVI. Davie,' ttom Amsterdam for phUadclphl.: Schr. Spee!well, from Halifit, has fih to S. Parker i 10 days since, spoke a ship from Leith, for New-York. ... l i ;, ' ; , Belot), 1 ship, 1 hriff, and.l schooner The Trustees of the Orphan Society, sckmwledge with gratitude: th receipt of t wen-ty bushels of potatoes from fn gentlomsri, and a quantity of cabbages from another. Any person living in th esuntry, and who are charitaMy di. posed, are assured that donations of produce will be most thankfully resoived, andesnnotoe more benevolently directed, thaa towards the, winter supplys ofUie asyluau, - fySt. JJUQ JJK CUHJl, rr'C The fait aalhnii Sohr. JANE. 7 f) a rrenlar tidT. Will sail lit 6 days. ... ' - V. . .. FoFfi-ikhi of SOuibhi. or nataaire. ai ply on board at Dover-strcet Wf, or to - " " Corner of Peck-Slip and 8uthtrot ' Nov. ay .-''-vot x - :' ' . ioriMNNAli, 1 2 rkS The staunch Brig STEDSON, ttjtiUP Taylur maer, wiU sail in aUijj.. ulflty- oe frotfht or passage, apply on board at Dover-stwet wharf or to - .... v WILLIAM W. BELL,-Comer of Peck-SHp and fiautli stieet Nv. 17 ; Wanted to Charter, A atronr burthensoine vessel of about 80 or 100 tons, to load at Turks-Island for anether pert In th West-Indies-Apply to : - . . ' - - - Wm. Vf. SELL, Nov. 27. . Comer of Peck-sllp, U Koutb-st ' , CLARErvvTNE.. . THIS day will commence landing from on board th Brig George, lying at Rector. ToOCaaks of first .uallty CLARBT VINE. v tor Sale by ': ' '' ' .. , tnHM W.k P.KEARNEY. Nov! If"- x No. 'l Greeawich-atrf et. Qi'iON. 100 bales Upland Cotton of prim quality landing this day at Stevens's- Wbart, aadtur sum Dy ; . ,' - GILLESPIE BiCAMrKiLli, i f - No. 57 ; Hm riaictiOttteei. 10 PARfcNTb.-, , . WANTED a smart active steady lad 014 to 15 years of age, of good connections, as an apprentice in a respectable and eitetiaiva Drug--rist Store, he must write a good espediUous band, and understand accounts, be will be x-pected to board with the family, and wiU have an opportunity of learning his business thoroughly. To preveni woudio, pciiucu v. .--0 with any further particulars addressed to O. G. and kft at this oftvee will et atteiuiim. Nov. 8. - tot - J HEWITT respectfully acquaints the Amateurs, that his Musical Library, eon-silting of the compositions of the first maulers of ha ancient and modern schools, is now open, terms mt subscription are . ' , 12 dollar per -jnimum.- it do, . do. .Half Year. , 4 do. do. ' Quarter. 1 50 eents do. Month. C ilia jiintiAna Ira h nnA at the time of sub- scribini Books t be changed daily the suhscrt. hers to be responiioie ior iu uamagca wwhb w "-Books while in their possession, and not giving . .t ... .iflii t(m unnciB.ii liouce n " jiru"" " for. will still be considered as subscribers. i,i. n.lM,.KrJ. Paavre Genevieve Deliehted fancy hail the hour, C5"' ' tke H"" v-th AlptJXWO Maia 01 ion, -s " Country J Caleb Qiio'em CoaW'etic Doctor My love Is far away Farm Yard Miss JJaiW) Ho Ketty Me? and JeMer dies fata as the Zephyr Let Fame Sound the Trumpet The Hose Bud Down la the Valley Hark th hoi-Uwweodsreaoundine; lit Vale for remov'd Tfc. ax h -n i.tiib nr icna. or inmnirr. do. by Fuchs rur.UU Overture, by Stcibelt, with a great variety of the e west compositions. Also, for sale, every article in the Musics! Lin on the lowest tmt. ' JHutieal Repotitrj and Library, 59 Matatn-l.MM. nov.27 " w- FZF,COUNTlltG BQUS&.lfSrOJtTShtANS " SAMUEL A. BURTUS, BOOKSELLER t STATIONER, , HO. 19 PhCK-SLir, CORNtK OF WATER-STRCET. HAS Just received per the bbip Levant from Liverpool, aa Elegant Asaortinent of Kniv, vis. penkaives w'.th 1, 2, 3 t 4 Blades, fwm 2, Coemiog House Kmee with Paper folders, n which is s rule and Table, Fruit Kiiivea with Silver blades, ' Sumaas Kaives wilb 3 Blades, Corkscrew, . Lance, Picker, Saw, Phlcme, Tench, Hook and Screw driver. H. B- A central Assortment of Bocks and SLattoiurV for sale at the Lowest Prices. ' TICK IT w slums IN A VARIETY OF NUMbLRS IN LOTTERY NO I' FOR TME th'CVVHAGZHKXT Of LIT- ZRiTVkt, Which wiU certainly cvaamence rawing ea the JJif!ar4 April MiL Prttent friro f 1Uiet$ 6 5U but miUikmly md-eo Ea tern and SoutWr Bar.k Nrte or Prites in tiiao former LtWries ukeam paymot for Ikkns. IX Ordere f w Tr kets fmcjn env part of the fU m. I vs. n inrioali. r Bnli Notes of aiiv r-. -r - . - , ' Dr f H - pvfMtualy. attd the earlicat k fonaUo gir of the J- suecea. . 1 'jjffitX classical c eomrstcmviAD tstr WILLAMPOW'fcLUfiwn Trurity Col-. leg Dublin, encouraged by his fi-iands 111 this City, has U-en induced to opoA an Atalemy,' at the oum of Fine, in Nsan-str.-et, In tlm liar vf Ui Federal H. bw olFers his services to a select number of young Gentlemen, who wins to be fitted for College, 01- the Counting Hium, and whom he will either areommodaie as Boarders, or recuivn as Day SchuUi-s-rlle will .rli ti rl.k.lru. ilia French, and tlnrliall Lan ruages, with grammatical correctness, together for his qQulineations, and moral Charactsr, he birs leave t refer te Doctor Wilson, Professor of Languages in Columbia College, to Doctor Davia lioiacK orouuway, ana w mr. ,,tiui AJamion. IVarUtreet. Nov. !f lm A' PLAIN TALK, Miporid by authentic documents, justifying ihe character of oral HrL'Hton puce one shilling is Jusf, recei- eu, ana ir aaie oy . .v. ALIOr, U a AH MA Mi OttUFi' aov. 27. . , . nw 1 City HoUl. Mil 15 ill.! fm neraon nr bv letter) as U' suaL at his house No, Si, Clu try -street, caat of nrw-iuii V. S- Dr. S. wiU attend th sick at Uieir re spective names, if reo.irgd. NQv S7 MOULD CAADLiiS. ACONS I'ANT supply ef the best w iru.-.n MnitT ii raMni.F.H. alitor ed sics, mmml'scturtd by tVitttaM Baiwinat, lor sale by ' bakiuw s tmene, nnv. 34. 107 rrom-sireei EliN 1 UtiKY 1 OBACCO. 66 hogsheads Isndinr from the brigs Moies Gill, And A- beona, Ntw-Orltans, for sale by Nov.13 lw au. SUGAR, GR CYDEU BKANDi, &c. . 4 hluls. and 9 bWs. Clayed Sugar, , 23 pipes Country Gin, 1st snd 4th proof, 40 bbls. Cyder Brandy, , 200 qr. casks American Gun powder, ' -. . 25 hhds. Glass Ware, .. ' . . - 1 ten American Cordage, - ' . . ' ; - 2 cast Dry Goods, oonsivUng of PUtalas, ' fine Linens and Cambricks, , 200 bijxes Connecticut Mould Candles, 1 ' 14 do. 1 do. - . Dipt do. ' ' cfl do. Turpentine Soap, : -, . , , 120 firkins Yellow Butter, yr 1 40 half bhis. Mess Beef, fi sle by ' ' '7 L GURDON U DANIEL BUCK,- , Nov. 20 1 1 ' 183 Front-street ; SHERRY WINE & SALT. The cargo ot'tlie brig Harriet, Gardner, from Cadis, consist. f Sherry Win in quartet casks, of excellent ' quality. '' ' 1 And a quantity of Salt, uncommonly coarse andbrigM- " l V " , Is offered for sslc on accommodating terms, by JOHN PATRICK, fc Co. ' . ' , . 38 South-SUtct The' cargo of the ship Franklin, from CstHi, consisting- or 111 aoove articles, ior aaia o , ' 'i- , 1 NATH. LAWRENCE, or V V ; JOHN PATRICK, fc Co. - Nov. 2S. ' St V. y-i l'.RM AN LINENS,, FANCY SILKS, V VELVETS, ike. &e. 1c. Biown Rolls and Hessians, 1 .' r -;-'J V.lii.t, anil nlurk Slll'llln. ' Silk Floinones, striped k figured Silk, for Vests, Tapes and KiDBoni 111 smau pacasges, .0lKtn VJIMIC, ill WAV, Svhife "nd Dutch Laee, .- ' ' " - Worsted Hose, Gloves and Mittens, Superfine French Brosd Cloths, black, blue, given snd drab, ' 1 . , ", , , Extra long Silk Gloves, ' ' ' " " ,r . U'.filiim.fif dll iiltht. Red Turkey Yarn, Dutch Qi111s, Cone Mills, Ifoea, Straw Knives, Gun Locks, lie. A few cases old Hock, and , 14 boafS Havaiina begrt, ... - Most of the above articles sr entitled to draw. back, and will ba sold at the lowst prices, by . ' ' JOHN SPEYEH, Nov. 21 ' 254 PfitrUtret-t. QUtiAK ot. COrrlih. 59 buds Cmyed Sugar. ', 10 bbls. Muscovsd do," 43 bbk Marigalante ?'Newcrcp ConVe. , - 79 bags do. J r The above goods entii Wd t drawback. " 9 bbls Marigulante Cire, for retuil, for Je by E. V. RIVIF.UE, , 57, Pear! street, or 77, Broad-staet, Nov.' 18 ' ' , UM & MULASSL?). 66 hhds. Antigua Hum. ' uni, 6 do. do.. Molasses, frlabv . SAML- FITCH, Doer-stlct wharf. Nov. 14 FlOUR- 77 barrels superfine Haiti more Hour, just received per schooiK-r Jane, and will be sold low U isscn irom on uoara. ror aalebv R. BACHS U Co. . . .MA . 1 I -. . Nov. 20 . rcari-a'rcn. WlU.lAM t dDMaN, No. a N-mh-M. has for sab-, landing at Pier No. 9 from Ii?b PiCv an -v v.;..-.. ...... -e .1 - 160 tares I caaaionia vv me 01 uic best 580 qr. casks J ' qushty'. ' 300 caaks Almonds in shell, 3J puncheons 4l!i'pn,f New-England Riiiu, 28 hogsheads MoIwms. And in Store, --3$ tons Peterdnirgh Ib inp, 70 piece Hauiu Uork, 40 holts Kuscia tbi. ' 4 biles wi'le Russia Diapers, 4 trmka beat Italian Sewiiig Silks, aatortm colour, .; 4 b:d s Cotton Wkk Yarn, entitled to debenture, 80 cases Florence Oil, 30 1-tak esclt, liO caiks superior MaLga Wine, 18 gslloni esch, iron bound, . ; 6 pipes genuine Furl Wine, I half pipe Msdcita Wine, y Nov, 19 OIL ii'CANDLES. e,CC0 Gallons Spem.' Oil . 300 do. Whale do. 70 boxes Sperm Caiwllen Foe 1 by . HATHAWAY & RUSSELL, Sept. 23 No. 70 Sotith-eireet. , WLLJAN4W. RODMAN has recei-v red by the Schr. Jane, front St. Jij4 de Cuba. 240 dreed Hides, 340 sides Leather, in the Store of Ms'rs -W. k 4. KOBISSON, Morrsjs Whart Ht bat alio on band II botes beat Havanna Segars, 10 eaks Hots for the Ficuch Market, Not. U R- SNlYTH.mnrelhanihree mm.tlss'nrp bclnp neverely st'fktd with a AW"" j rtucalr. wikif.u nnuliicen Niin.onrai ,r ... I'alaev. that ina (Treat mesMiie'dtpriwil him i f ,. the use of hi limbs, and mnch Imfired Ins ij ht ami sjieern, inirrom none ni which cam 'i"v"- j , has yet rccovrrtd. . He went by the sdvicf r, ; S'-aeof ihe moki eminent of ihe faculty, tu IHni . .' ( non sndBalUawn Sjiring. where la lusrontiiin'. , ed about two roontha, W'tboiH much rm-fit. . ( ; For thfconveiuenot of ihe JWl hs, lio has taU-n ; ( ' apartment et No, 21 Read sircol, in. th rcarUJ((, . 1 the Nw. York Bath. 4v ,i ' ' . R. S, is induced to give' this notire. from peit p", -oeivhig that some unfriendly and Ulii hai itable i r,. ,, ' i on (whom he does not et know) bus, witluV ' ' reflection or proper Inquiry, ventured to take a.v , solemn 0tn ihythe liaa aosconuea, ana iwuvn , 4d th same in th newspaper. -' - ' - i. nov. 2ft lw -iw - . - a, Tf,VCU A l ION I .. ? ( , Ty noivr. 1 "f',V.'.. iL! BOOK SLLLP,n U STATIC ?uK( ;, jr.; . No.. 85, .!, .tU;V::.. , ntv r.nMR of I a ? ! r,s.n RLET. . ! ' hwB ww f Ww.-.- - ' - , ' . : .,41 1 atAnr ew.v v .. ti'',, i Having Evacnsted his foirocrti-oaoat Peil 4 y,- Slip, for the father eonvralencft of hia Tricndf .i( Clln -1,Ka i,,i,i; In tha Vnirrn t art of tho cih--:'. t hones by paying twry aitt-ntion to biuincss, " -. y- 1... nr ill 11 Lnraiit. 1'arrv- from Liverl ! ' 11 -- - - ' . 1 . - 1 i -,14.t:in tn M rrmie atnrk. a miticll." ) . or ansonmeni - " wi 'i.i k . u j n..i.... iri.i.-n. nfi .. t ) which are eJtes r4lnr-i -'. I I 4 ' Buclc,'8portmanaKimefct . .,-. , J f ,E ! H. '. . tU . , do. . . : ' ' ' . ' Coimtmg Hoiisr: ,;', ' ;;; I !(;; f., , no,, with Udder do. '' lyZV, ) ; 'Jf ; d.i. with d. and Rule, ' 7 : ' ' M .'ji !' -; 4.. with do. ad Addition TalU- With twy-S ;' Othsrarticle suitable f ir Coujiting Iminnri. .. fi .1 '.i, . Ttrvt -ru Attn ftif XAE4 I ' r; lV - .7 .- Tir'KCTS Attn SHARES '." ' I tn Mt-iratur Lottery No. 6 which, will eef tslnly commence Drawing In this City m the J j ji... le :i .i OA Cfl ..-! hut will iu,r S n, advance. ' ", ' ' I v' , 1 I N. B. Book Binding n.catlj exectitel. ;'; ' . Nov. . received ami iursale byiViA l 1 1 J ivisn tin 1 jo,t77i .Tnt. , l . . w..-. p T F j 1 1 1 J IrithGhi, a national tale, by Mis OwSnson, s ' : tlior of th Novice of St, Dominick, , vCr pi ict l' i'-.i f ., .1.... ir.......rr r,.j..r- "J ' by the sum author, prirf 150. : 1! ' M. Ward bus now in the- press, snd will pub lish in s few davs, a new n.wel by Mr Roche, , author of tha Ctildren ofth Ahbey, called 7f DheardmtStn. Nov. 2S VkH lw i tmt mmo went ' s r -w - j , X71NiT.K APpLIWifwfiniily up or Q , . , jvVr exportation," Tlie pithlio nr informed ih M inch Apples, andofthcbcKlkimUrs to be-,i4r by smilicsUon at No. 4 Snuth-sUecl fof S tufr days to com, where attend.-mee Will he trvpn. from 0 to 12 each morning.5 ; . , . . f- ' . ARTHUR H, RfJORUACir, i t M.. OA.' ...... . ' .: ...1:' lu-t , r TltH M'W'WiiK 'WHlTiXG SCUM I,- 1 U 1 pHlisubscriber.has long had It in oaiiiPi'f'-,1j,'i 1 pJiUontoarsaiigchis Schoojinsncnami!,i; ' Ber is to confine himself solry to the art of PENrlr I ;. , MANSHIPt believing that nie tliat alUioulrh no ImS 11 :iJ r m ' . , w. . . ... j 1. . hiuUAij hl-H, IXiiirdM a 11, fi n ir r oviwlliMit writ i-M. aaveral of tlie nrhrnr.l mt-rchanU In this city can U-stil'y. yet whet) il t' eonsidnrnd that his timoaind attention hav bept, divided amonj- a vai ity of ilasses in d'nTervnt rfa? hartmrnta of tdueatin, it will be readily grai.tpg UiuUBenuinDernjyji uavo mpcii iraniiinn,Kjf parisoit with wlmt St might hare been liftd. hft, 1 uVvoted himself exclusively to Penmniwihip. : i 11. it,.,'. i;.i. manortliillv anhmita (he rril-la j ; 1. The Seminary shall be entitled, Th i'fp,; i "U JV Writing School" . - ' - -' .;, Wi.tli u,;ilti kitmlltfit. but at dim-vJ t J V , tnt hours, ana eiassea so si to nsve tnem ncarii ottnejsmeage, ..,.,' I sv 3. I ne terms, win pe two animngs fa lukilaaj -J uiilto :-J I 1 i ' Inn, lM1n a mnnih tin dntlari a Quarter, 'or t? I ' '.'i ' ' pertain sum "to b taught an elegant and xpcdj.. ' 'jl ' 4.. At tlioexpirstion of every monthf fonij. K nmmnrniflit. !h diHert tit IDScillu ntl Vlli', : ' tindenro th iitsneclion A the public 1 sml two t' - ) these speciinens lonu u- I'Hitfina; . w eucn,ae , j ;i ,; which shnll obtain the great. numWr of aiifir, '. ges shall be cntkk-ii lo a Gh Mtida with Wj ; u . , . . . . . , , . propnaie inwrii-vin-i . 4. I lie sijeciinens giuapreitrreti .iiiue rater A , vedbytlie Teacher, and at the end of two yeani .. engTavim by the fir" Attist jit the United Sttiies j , i: Ail, mtiiiu, un mT 1 iu jin eriuHii ruiiiiiuii fx u n..'.ni-v" ol.ii h wilt tLan he nnLhh'l containihf 1 ,i ' not only his own and pupils chief performance!.' jji'.!! but abu soieral i)U'ce'secutcd by the bent Wii j ' j ter on the Continent. u - ' . ' 6. None wiU be permitted U write for the Mi d els but inch ashsve been up wartbt of three month at the si now. . . .'.-,...,-,, '. Ar probqt artifieet, tt tmj.tctntla ttrbg. V.. i ,,''- A Ui ge piece of the nuhwirilier's Writiojf ni' -,'.;. be enatbTonliue Coftl-c -house and , en ,tli j ! at No. 68 Uroad-slreet. wUre the abrye pan wi!.j . '- le adopted as soon ss the application ,ai sufi j einfjy numerous to justify the rthnqulsbmentiV , .. hispiecn s. hvl ; j l ; j , nf An F.vetii ny"Cl is now oj-en fiom 6 1,1 V , So't lm k for aucb Yoaiig Men as bare "t an .p , . . . . . . .i ....... A . . rxiriumi in aiieiiu in me uay. Novli 2r E. fltEPl!! rEPin-Rit 4 1 0. 0, .0j'i-next. ..'! AV'M OR ITTjjTtl r r xo rilk PUO ArO I'JOA'OP LITE gilt UI 11. '.. 9ft Ana ia.riuu5.600 dollara hivh-st nriii-v "pICKKTS, Halve, Quarters and llightl. ' 1 for le at G. 8c H W AITE'S truly torn. I ; nat Lottcry-Officea and Book-Store. No. Maiden-Lane. Vhere was sold in tli l" last and fornnsr l otteries tW a-wlna; Caftj,l; great many iiitermr Vir.r. . r - ' 1T199 25,0K LillWk, m ' . 39.9 2 ',000 : $ ' , ' 3o39 ' 10.OOQ ' ' . i iiias ' s.000 - , v 15J98 3,000 ' ' I -' 20885 2.000 ; ', ' 1390 2.000 - ? 2.596 2.000 , " . ' 28573 " 2,000 v 1736 ZC00 v i ; 1617 a,oco . ; 1643 1.O10 v 3'il 1,010 " . S?7S - 1 000 ' 2055J - l.OCw . . . 2i51J . l.ttO 12Jfc9 - . i. rwi . i'oo . v. - s:o."9 ,1.000 , . 31W3 1.000 . 16073 1,000 . . . . " v " . v - j - ' - ees will b kepeiwo correct ch e b.xk tor U .' examii-ttton "rckee g-att-Wai-.e wr v. ptii.ud priae liM wCl sdsobe delirered gratis i ihre wli- pirheT.ekfrofibem. AUsru ok bv G Js IL Wah. wd' be paid by them. -swv'54. . - v ' . 4..i T 1 1 v I - ! n n

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