The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 16, 1807 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1807
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NEW -YORK E POST. i .,( l ti I IV. VENING "77 I ' r2 FRIDAY., JANUARY ii, 1807. No. 40 Pine- 1 it .tiV of Harter. n.-Shin JANE. capt. Apple- ton, burthen 208 tout, two year lairthentoinc i"r iicr tonage, Crnfltl built vessel, and remarkably W?1? " i has ever thing to recommend c.iPt Aw5101' W- rT 771 "or & f ragit or naner, Tin. 1M W. staunch, unit fast ailingchr. EMILY, 165 tons bur- .1 ... :u - rnm built VCSStd. Well .TSrbVe'ttoii with small expeiiee. DO ntlulll-Jircci. It Tor Sule, Freiglit or pancr, . Tl. rWant new sllll) SU- 5AN, 222 tons burthen, ami is a ...... .....h muirl vessel -sails fast, it fnfmlfittl in the beat manner ; may be sent or w - ..... or HALF. - . . C1.aa.,hm hli inc imiiuniv T ... . "i Vrtndunma n.w 7 iihiiili AKKOSS, 144 tons burtnen, uum .i'.-tirt material, and in a su- jScVf Mrork.nan.hip, she ia well caltfuhi-Kr a Southern Packet, having large accommo. Dec. 20. 85 South-street. - - . Cnlf. Frrisrhi or Charter, ttTlkN The staunch new Pilot-bont 3:xL..:u i FFSSfcNDEN. 137 . huilt of t oot! materi- smrast w",n . . i .. M7id .ails remarkably faN-Apniy on dostu ease lille of Pine-suxet wharf, oMOll&hull Dec. 20 ti5 South-street. For CANTQJv. Th lu-antiflll nCW SlliP SI- REN. burthen' 153 tons, William will take a ft eight to deliver at Madeira, or any other ot the Canary umat, appiy w --, r 7 ALEX. COFFIN, Jun. 259 Walct itrect. Who hat fur Sale, ' 200 cheat Congo Tea, 220 bbla. Ale wives, 60 hoxpg StiermaceUi Candles, 33 coils American Cordage, 1000 cwt. Whule Bouc, 3000 do. Gum Arabic, A quantity of China Floor Mats and Win dow Blind. Bee. 2'J For AMSTERDAM The fdbt s;filinir . W S W v m Wter, burtficn 375 tons, will sat mn For freight or DH.aLre. havmr superior ac.. ommovlations, apply to thu master on board; at M i'xum's wharf or to GURDON ?4 DANIEL BUCK k Co. Jan. 5 84 South-street. HOUSE AND STORE FOR SALE. THE large three-story Bi ick House N. ' 97 Watar street, c ner of Gouvcrneur's al-ltv. It is a well built handsoinclv finished house, and is cvarv way calculated for the aeconimoda tkin of a larire family. A'so the 4 atiry brick Store adioininir. froiainir Gouvcrneur's alley. It is built and secured as a first rate fire proof store, anil being detached from other buildings, may be considered one oi tne smesi s;rc in uus cuy T iev will be sold on a liberal credit. Applv on the premises to. RICHARD I. TUCKER J:m. 1 HORSE FOR SALE. A Grey Horse, well knowa in this cit.( for elegant Carriage and fast trotting, will be sold it application is made in a tew davs, ouicr wie will be sent in the country. Apply to So- nandrkc a Stables, near Wlutc Hall. Dec. 27 r I LI. 1 , trom the 1st ot April next, a A Farm in the town of Pelham, and county of Westchester, 19 miles from the City of New- York, lately the residence of Alexander I lender son, 'Esq. deceased containing 250 Acres of Land. On the premises is an excellent two story House t in tltc bebt repair) commanding one oi the most extenshe, beautiful, and varicgnud prospect on tile bound. Also, all the necessary, with a good Garden and Orchard. For terms en quire of Mr. John S. M'Kniirht, No. 62 Court und-street, New-York, or of Robert Ross, East theater. Jan. 5 lm FOR .SALE, A GENTLEMAN'S Country . Place on Long-Island, six miles from Brooklyn Fer-ry, an the Jamaica road. Stages pass the door every day in the week, and so do market waggon. The situation and prospects of this seat are delightful Rivers and large Creeks within a mile of the House ; Jamaica U:iy and the wcean within three or four miles ; ships and smaller ves-sels arc seen from the Piazza, sailing in and out the ILok. Fih, Oysters, Sic. may at any time be Lid in abundance. The comforts and amusements of this place can fiotbeao caily described as discovered upon a isit It contains between seven and eight acres, w hijh c iluvatiim, and well fenced. In the gar-din are the choicest fruits ; English Cherries are remarkably fine. Tie Peach orchard aUuds Unrivalled, its fruits are truly delicious. Tke Dwelling House is new, well finished, nd well calculated for a family. Below stairs are two parlour with a large and elegant bed room jwnexed to them. Coach house, ataldr and out touses new, ice house spacious and full of ice. Terra uf payment will be liberal For panic Wars enquire of Mr. J;tmcs Palmer, Jun. No. 32 Cedar-strect. New-York, of Mr. James Abcel, Broker, or oV the, upon the premise. BkHiU, tih Ja. 1807. Jan. 12 lw TTO UK i)LD. IIAT very large, convenimt and well built house. No. 1 Williiim-street, comer of awne-street, forracrlv the propeavttf Xi. Cixgir, tsquirc. Two thinl. of the purchase mur.e n.i.v mul on mortgpf for one and two ears.' Ap-F to the subrriber, No. 20 Pine-strct t. CADWALLADER li. COLDEN. toTcbl emnlovment. . i in i'ereiaS be sold a bargain, or ciihang-.AS fS of SOO ton or upward..-Apply tu .. U s !' van 1 t or IU ROBERT LENOX. i.iiP Dec. 3 U'antrd to Charter. A veswl of 250 to 300 tuns or tlureab(Kits, to load at the outh- i wan I for a port in Europe. A vessel of about 1000 barrels. i for one of the Canary Island, Hi back again to New-York For par- tir.ulsrs unulv to I.K KOY 11AYARD c M'EVERS. Dec. 6 Washinton-street. , tlli Pr J'ftight er Chartrr, The British ring SWIFT, P Jonn 'l,ltton maater, about 200 jSj!yySofc tons burthen apply to the master on board, at Beckman-slip, or to CAMPBELL &. MITCHELL, 124 Pearl-street. N. B. a quantity of Stone Ballast for sale on board. ' D'C. 1 " TH1-; SHIP MANHATTAN. FOR AVf ;, The Shin MANHATTAN, .ivr ( iv now lying ui nuigi-riwiwi, wui-i-Li-i-t"(li,.ii m nri rt-Lnwter C(36 78-9j tons. length 130 fcet, breadth 35 feet, and depth 17 feet. The Manhattan was built in New-York in 1R02 ..f IU- ft-.t f.'Anr ami Wimt. she made her first vovasre to Europe and on her returnto New York was alieatneu witn neavy copper, nrsi sccur Ik if ill.. Ivittnm ln-(-Mt IiimiLs and fasteniiur with composition bolts, then shearing it with boards, whicn are wen lastencn oy copcr nans, ner decks are nusti, and piercea tor 2 guns on me upper ileck, her workmanship and materials of the beat, sails very fast, and is a very easy ship at sea. Her cargo of pepper, collce and sugar, was delivered without damage, alter being detained at Bermuda. Terms of payment 1-3 in 9 months, 1-3 in 12 month, and the remainder in 18 months. The Inventory may oe seen, and further im rmation given by applying to PHILIP MH1NELANDER. CT7 The ship will be lio"c down, and kept keel out on Thursday next, when lier bottom may be viewed by any person inclined to become a pur-chaser. " Dec. 16 tod tf .4 i'esnd bound to Madiiru, and one bound to Kingitony Ja-vxaic May have a little freight, on ap-KOflEKT LENOX. plication to Dec. 1.3 For ST. CROIX. The S hr.. SALOMA. Lee, 'master, will sail in four days. For parage onlv ariplv to HALL & HULL, Dec. 20 85 South -street. GaijdaT7)upiTcKaye muscovado SUGAR, & COFFEE, 61 hhdO ... . . 12 bbi. j Cli,-veJ S"F"f'r' 23 hhds. Muscovado do. 90 bags Coflee will be latv'.ed to-morrow at Murray's wharf, for wik bv W. fc S. ROBINSON, 98 Murray's Wharf. Why haw alto for tale, in Slhre, 19 hhds. 1st and 4th proof New-Kum, 10 do. du. Demcrara' Rum, 8 bags Cofleo or inferior quality, 18 hhds. Dcmerara .'"Ufar, Madeira Wine, Sheading Papier, Cordage, Gunny Bags, &c. Ktc. Dec. 8 OONTR V (i IN, CI IEESK,"&c7Il 2bbls Union Gin, 40 casks Choose, in shipping order, 20 firkins Butter, 20 bids. Beef, Massaehuscttlnsp. cargo No. 1, a few firkins Laid, 40 kegs B. I. Harris manufactured Tobacco, 10 tierces Slimcls Snuff. For sale bv Nov. 21 B. ft J. STRON G' & Co. W INK, SOAP, OIL, CANDLES, J5u-.. fins day will commence landing, the car. go of the Ship Charles, S Burnet master, from Leghorn, 50 pipes 100 half pipes C Corsica Wine, 71 qr. casks ) . 1000 boxes Castile Snap, 400 chests j 200 boxesj Lucca0,!' 500 do. Mould Candles, 150 bids. Roll Br'tmsUmc, 4J)00 Marble Sla!.s, 16, 14 and 12 inches, 7 butts Zant Currents, 'li firing Paper, 2 trunks Sewing Sii, 2 boxes Satiruii, ti r aale bv SLY DAM & WYCKOFF, Dec. "1 lin 21 South-street C.A1 1.UO.YS. 'y llli DAY, received per the Ship Oil), from Lon Ion, one case ol Galioons, consisting of 200 grocc very superb Clark Silk Galloons, 100 do. dj Maf-kpec do. 230 do. 1 Colore. I White. Red. Yel low, Pii.k, Purjilo, Mazrinc i'lue, Salmon, Dr.ib, Orange, Sky colour, Lc. Boot Cords, Silk and Worsted Shoe 1 tes, &c, superior in omlity and colour to any imported in this m; rktt calculated chicflv for Slme Makers, fcc. togetlier witli an assurtniMit of DRY GOODS. For sale by S. K. HOLMES, Dec 27 No. 265 Pearl-street. RICE. 30 tierces very superior quality iie-.v Rice, i.ow landmif from on board the schooner Connecticut and for sale bv G.S. D. BUCK & Co. Dec. 10 No.Pt South street.' CUGAnT'M.CDElRA W INE, tiOUNDS O & TONGUES, 13 )!. MuacwaJi Sa-ar. 6 pipes Madeira Wine, Lci.Jjn Market, 1 do. Sicily MaJeuadj. llu Tonics, For kale on liberal credit. Lv RICMARI) 1. TUCKER V Co. Jan. 7 t'7 Watw-trcct. HlhNCH HOOKS. A BOX ol valu;iL!c 1'ixueh H..k. a con-igntkaht liwni Pr.ri-, foi Or on rrawralile Urms, by JEi BALDWIN, 151 Jircadvrav. Jn.10 lw JtT&KS . Freitfht wanted far Ltverhooi. About 100 bales Cotton, or . Y other light goods, wanted on freight between deck, to complete the loading of the ship LAVINIA, captain Uruy, to sail in about a week. Apply to tne captain on board at Dover-street wharf, or to II. B. LAMBERT, Corner of Peck-slip and South-street. Dee. 20 tf v. hunted to Cfljirtr, rv A vessel of 250 tons or there abouts, to proceed tu the Southward, to load tltt-re for a Port in Europe. For particulars apply to LE ROY, BAYARD A M'KVERS, Dec. 23 Washington-street: I CCS fr Sale,.orfur Courier to a aS'3Vv Windward Inland. KuTjisP The fine Philadelphia built brig wOmitSm NANCY, burthen about 1400 bbU. two years old, and in excellent order. AUo from taid brig, , , 1.50 hhds. best St. Kitts Molasses, and 10 puncheon Uum. Applv t EEENEZER STEVENS, And in Si oi e, 96 cask Malaga Wine, 1 200 do. fresh Malaga Raisins, 300 eases first quality Claret Wine, 15 hlid.O , e , 30 bbls. j Muac0Vo Sugar, 1 50 pipes Barcelona Brandy, 40 pipes ) 20 half pipes C Sicily Madeira Wine, 40 qr. casks j 10 lmi Upland Cotton . Dec. 22 i-Jv The new staunch brig POCA-pHONTAS, 1G7 tons burthen, built -naVof good materials, and may he sent to ea with very little expenee. Apply on board, eastaitlc New-slip, or to HALL & HULL, Dec. 30 15 South-street. FOR SALE, Tfi. tipur. ftrnmiih nnrl faitt :5rVl- sailing brig AURORA, 1C1 ton teu4c5cs burthen, an excellent ressel, and may be sent to sea with very little expencc. Ap-lv on board, at Van Zant's-wharf, or to "Dec. 30 HALL lit HULL. CORN MEAL, GIN, BRANDY, BEEF, kc. kc. $6 hhds. Corn Meal, 4 pipes Country Gip, 100 bbla. Cider Brandy, 1J do. Linseed Oil, 5 do. and ,, r, v. 8 half bbls. $ M"P. 80 bbls. White Bean, 500 bushels do. 40 bbls. Peas, 140 firkins good Butter, 60 crates Earthen Ware, 50 boxes China Tea Setts, 2 hhds. Jamaica Rum, 1 do. Muscovado Sugar, 40 boxes Connecticut Mould Candles, for sale by G. k D. BUCK L Co. ' Dec. 2i - .. ; 84 ISouiFSewt C'LAYED & MUSCOVADOSai7AK, DEMIJOHNS, &c. &c. 60 hhris. Cleved c 50 do. Muscovado j Sl,ffaf 500 Demijohns, 9 puncheons J imaira, 1 16 do. New, 5 5000 hhds. Iieaw Pepper, 1500 Gunny Bags, 8 bags Codec, Rum, 50 pipe half &. quarter pipe Madeira Wine, some or wlucli is old &. of suprrior qiuihty, 6090 wt. Iron Butt Hoops suitable for nail cutlers, and a quantity ot sheatmg paper, new Rig ging, Navy Bread, kc. ki; for sale by W. k S. ROBINSON, Dec. 18 tf 98 Miirrav-street HEMP. -25 tons Hemp now landing, for sale bv MINTURN k CH AMPLIN, - 247 Broadway. Oct. 23 JOHN MURRAY Si SON.S offer lor Sale w JH bales East India Cnmpanv Pnniams, 30 hheh. Welsh Lime, equal if not superior to J Jutcaj Icitis, 2'JO bbls. Tallow, . ; 200 boxes Mould Candles, 21 puncheons North West Beaver, 1st quality, selected tor the China Market, 2500 Muskets, with and without Bayonets, 20 cases Leghorn Straw Hats, 300 bags India Sugar, White Lead and Spanish Brown, ground in Oil, Lisbon Wine in pipe, Malaga do. do. Corsica Wine in do. do in quarto casks, Cr.ui-e in hhd. and bbls. Muscovado and Clayed Sugar in hhds. 10 bales Blue Guineas, 5000 lbs Caraccas croa, Peruvian Bark, Nir.n Wood, German goods, Choilrts, Maaaarillos, Cross a la Morlaix, Manna, NewsT.aper in hales, colored Paper, Writing paper, 40 hales Wolfskins, LounyWood, Block Tin, popper in Sheets. Copper Boka and Spikrs, India Book Mulin, Marble Slabs, Marble Chimney Pieces, English Buck, No. 1, 3, 7 and 8. Nov. 29 FLOTANT INDIGO. 27ceroons Flotant Indigo of a aucrifrqualitv, for ;de bv JOHN MURRAY k SONS, Dec. 19 263 Pearl-street TLOUR. RICE, Sec Landing on Monday, i- from Sl'wp Atlantic, at CnlTee-House Slip. 162 bhl. Rithraond Superfine Flour, 10 bill. do. Fine do. 13 kegs Manufactured Tobacco, Anifram lie Sekr. Hitit Sititet, at Peek-Slip," 2 1 tierce Rice, for sale by Dee. 20 B. &. STRONG fc Co. t'CFFLE. 61 hhds. and 21 bags Ikrbice Cwtlce, juat rcoived, and for sd" bv JOHN MURRAY & SONS, Dee. W rV) Pi,arUtnwt. 1 A DEI K A NYINE, COPI'J-R BOLT 1X RODS. ke. 8 pi? Ma icira Wiie, exctUrat quality. 80 wt. Co;ricr Eo!t Rod, 1 cask Coric r NaiU, 3 hhds. TrlniJtd Sugar For aslc br KICHAKD I, Dec. 15 97 mm? JAVA COFFER T7OR rkile 350,000 wt. Java CofR-e, dclivera- hie iii Philadelphia, where it will bo shipped free of commission. This coflee w as imported without being stowed with pepper ur sugar, is of a very excellent quality, and w ill he mid mi liber, al term and credit. Sample may he seen and terms known on application W Nov. 17 ROBERT LENOX. Cl'GAR ike Now landing from Uie ship Belleville, from St. Thomas, al Murray's Wharf ' 53 hhds.") . 51 bbls' j Muscovaia Sugar, 10 hhds. Molasses. In Store, 76 hhds. Guadalnupe Clayed Sugar, 249 boxes white.? ,. 196 do. brown, j 1Uv:um buttl- 70,000 lbs. of St. Domingo Cuffcc, 30 boxes Irish Liuetis, 60 hlids. Cork Porter, liO demijohns white wine Vinegar, ' Madeira & Port Wine in wood 1 butlli, as usual For sale by Nov. 21 LOW & WALLACE. SUGAR, COFFEE & MOLASSES, fc9 hhds and 66 bbls. first quality Martiuico CJacd Sugar, ' 31 hhds. first quality Muscovado do. 78 boxes do. do. Brown Havanna do, 53 hhds. new crop Molasses, 7 or 8000 lb. first quality Martini co Coffee, in casks For sale by N. L. &. G. GRISWOLD, Dec. 23 8.) South-strcet CATALONIA WINE, & COTTON. 44 half pipe and 12 qr. casks Catalonia Wine will commence landing to-morrow, from on board the sloop George Washington, S. Sturges, master, from Bxa,ton, lyinjj at Cocnties-slip. Aim, 40 bales Upland Cotton, landing from nn board the brig Dean, Joseph Bimiham, master, at Crane-wharf, and .'or salt by 11. J. STRONG & Co. Dec. '29 166 Front-street. COFFEE, CLON E 6c ATTIN.700U bags Bourbon Collce superior quality, 20,000 lbs. Mocha do. 2,000 lbs. excellent cloves, and 1 box black sattins, ciUillud to drawback, for sale bv MINTURN & CH AMPLIN, Dec. 8 Fruid.lin's-wharf. E OR SALE by Lebdkus Loomis, No. 45 William-street, 19 hhds good Muscovado Sugar, d to 3 boxes Oil bfCnin.iinon, first quality Cilraub; k. 8 pipe Countrv Geneva. Jan. 12 rH)F! EE, cocoa, vv TOIS SHELL, SUGAR (5C TOR 9'J2 hair Coll', c of excellent quality aoout 107,000 lbs. 61 do. Cocoa 5000 lbs. 18 bbls. brown Sugars, 70 lbs. Tortoise Shtdl.-For sale by KICHD. I. TUCKER & Co. Dec. 18 97 .Water-street THE WHELL IS NOW GOING ROUND ! It A I)' a Table of Insu rance a underneath niecified, 43 MAIDEN-LANE, Where Ticitti and SAarr of Ticket are On sale, during the drawing, warranted undrawn. Alto. Tickets hired by the day, partaking of e- xcry pruc in the wheel, for the tmall tuvl of 2s. Od. 7 w$m?:r ... For the 2Cth day - - - fc5 21st day - - - S$5 22d day - - - 8 5 2.1d d.:y - - - fi 5 24:h btv - - - S5 25th day - - - $5 , Th" first drawn Ticket n . - - id . - - ld - - lid . . . ud . - - lid . - I6a' Mundoy the 20th day of drawing, will be entitled to 5X0. CAUTION. Tim State i security for tli" whola Tirkc's for Sharrs the Oftire who issue tlirm is only hound, and become simply Uicii note of l i.' 1, of course no resxirsibility attached to them the public has it in their power to discriminate. Jan 3 CIRCASSIAN LOTION, rin I MK SKIM, fftn entj tht Utile) A SOVEREIGN remedy Lr sin feits,sconh-v'i from the I c: l of the sun, I'm kels, blights from i"M and thills of winter, scorbutic, piinplt s iir eru.ioiis of Wic face and jii, however vi'ih'nt or disfigured, ai.iiiiatri.U reaeruted unih r the .circle or liiiUr skin, p.'itsley Lent, shingles, ring wunns, rcjnrss of the ncsc ai"l chin, obstinate nitsiieous diseases, ainl fT evtrv iu.purity or unnatural vpf earanee with v.i.ieh tl.e skin may be alircted ; to be u-d f a CoiMn..n wash for rlearir.g and improving the, aiul in a 'ipsrior ilcgree to prca-rvc, softei., cleanse and beautify l!ie rkiu. Sold in buttle, with printed ihr-ctioj:, !t fn.i sbill.ngaai h (by appciatniet't) si Uk- dkn'1.1 .Veuuii Sfre, No. v8 Chens street, i -.r ev.-sbp. ''C 7 DOLLARSWANTl.l). 1 "he hig.V. premium e-'.icn for SpaiiiOi Di d ir., bv LtilLLUS LOOMIS, Dec. 1 4i W'O. ?;.ev LE ROY, BAYARD & M'ZVET, a han.lsoiuc assortment of linens, consisling of Platillas Royale, Estupillas unies, P.i. Table Linen, Listadocs, Creas, .toiiins Frankf.irt Linen, Oi.n ilmrgs, TicUenLu Dowlu, Bonteii No. 2, Ct.utus, Bags, Am, 2J0 casks Claret, ' 4H boesdo uid and supurior, 40 d. old llo.k, I j do. I' ed Port, , 12 do. C ee i hi of Noyou, 1 16 bags J unifier berries, 10 Ltd,!:, . '2 cases Felt Hats, 1 box Jewellery, 241 lug b.'-it Carraecas Cocoa, 7 hhd. Lisliou Wine, old and superior, 60 pipe London p.trucolarTeiu.Tilie Wiuo, Jutt reCi-lwtU per t.'.e Citizen, from Iluanmtf CO boxes White a:id .. 120 do. Brown 5 S'"'',r' All tlie above arc entitled to debenture. Also on hximl, not entitled to (denture, 10 bides TicHoiibiirgM, it Cables, 1 li i gc, and H for a ship of 400 tutll 2 trunks Hosierv, 2 do. Madras hdii's. 1 box Mineral Water, 4 cases unb uud b.ok4, and Tci.erilVe Wine, in pipes, hhd. and qr. cask. Sipt. M A Id. persons liulcbttj to Jamks kk, late of the city uf New-Yov. , Mer. chant deceased, are iruucstad to in.ike.miy mentto th subscriber! and all t'.ei.e httvire- ai'y claims oi demands against bin Estate arecsir. d to presen!. theill to her (br su't'ement. Should any person, or persons possess any vouchers or do cuments belonging to the said James Wall:rr, cxt concerning hi estate, it is earnestly desired -tln.t iiiforination may be gien thereof to the subscii ber, at 25 Liberty-street, New York. ANN WALKER, AJminittratrix of yanut Wulter, deuctdm- Dec. 27' 6- MUb!C S7UR!is; Pm" liemoved from AfaiJrn.f uuc, to the .? large &tfct :t. O 3, City .Motel, Jiruadvuu. JOHN & MICIIAKf. l'AFF, return thclpf J suici re thai kh to tbeir tVi.'ti.J.. and the public in general, in the very liberal encouragement, and solicit the cnul'mia'icc of their I noun., at their new Miuic .Stores, No. 2 k. 3, Cily-llou), . Broadway, where they have a general as'ori mi-iif of new Music, and Instruiiienis of ail kinds, wholes Jo, retail and for expoi lation, on theiiOtf reasoiiablu terms. Also, Reeve Water Colours by the box or sin. gle cuke, with every article used in drawing aiiil. p'mti:g. JUST 1'UiW.JMlE.U Tho favourite Bird Duel. For vou mv dear Nancy. Ah 1 ne 1 find is like the RosC, DL'fiTS. Ah Ciiiel Maid. Hail LoelV Rose. Sol ONCS. J:ui.2 tf-. 'fJRST DRAWN NL'MHEil C.V MOND41' NtXT,l)th l.itt. t NT1TI KD TO c !( (;00, Being thciotli day o! drawing IN I.IlERA'i'UlU. I.O'IWERV Nu V, T 1 C A' A ' V C .Y A li E H IN A VAl ltir Or Nl'MSICRS, . J or mlr at PECK SLIP, CORNER OF WATER-ST, a:.'d at their roavra orrice, NO. 80 CHEKRY-STHEET, INSURANCE. Any Undrawn Nunibera Insi red d ely during the drawing from S5 to S1000, at the lowest ra gulated pi rnaiiin. EXAMINATION OF TICKETS. Within tun minutes alter llied isc ufthe wheel fir each days drawii gthe public may have access Craut to a correct Cbcck is j(.U at of U.i:ir J dices ; which will bj a niaeri:J advantage t those w'io are anxiocs to leai'ii tlieir success a4 renew Uicir Pris LC 1'TERY EU-INESS Of every description trau.sjeted with that de gree of punctuality and correctness as will ne doubt give general a''.fartion. huitcrii iuiiI Sout'iern Bank Notrs taken for Tickcs wi'iiit discount, or ei liaiijjt J at a uiv. derate tucmium. Cash given fr Piies a soon as drawn, or ta. ken in pa; niiM.t for wariauted Liidrawn Ticket. Jan l.t TEN IRJLLAR! REWARD. T OT, in Vater-t.cet, near the. head of Xj Isrevman-ahu, a lied Morocc Pocket iiv k, rotitninii..,' b?ut luindred dollar in BaukEill oil d. Herrnt batiks, iiJuding one SO dollai I ill on t'ie Mi i.h .tian Birk ; tie Cheek tu tl U. $ Lrai.c.i Bank for Swl 14. drawn by Jwlw Murray, Jin; two Receipt in fvjur of Abrshara Man-eh ster, drawn hy Scnbeci and Wurts, and um. .'rv other p..ftrs. Wf:ojOeer will return tb 1' 'eket B 'k ud conteiits to No. 251 Watcr-ai. 'ir utth'a kIKco, slikil reeic th abwvc reward. Jm 10 ' hr AN APPRENTICE ATT" ANTED n a Bo'k .Vtore. A smart so nc lad aboilt 1 4 or 16 tear of ae, of rtt- ret able C.J1K Ctior u.S a liberal rduca'-ion, u) hnd an elijriblc ''itivu by ipplyicg at '& t City lUul, Broadway. " " A knowledge of th French lar.f oj- wcmlfka tlv wall ve iiiuliLrii f Will j on cemetitlie Howe. T i'hou si cue ofrieli beauty. f .1.1... I li m i'liq wi.udLiid.Mnid. J NTTth. a.a'ts. 1 1 I i i fit ' i ' 1 ! S ! Rjf-Hi If; I 's": , U IS ill ,1 i ;!1 I ! m ax- Mi pi th'i t ?! '. a

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