Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 13, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1895
Page 3
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F.W KINffEY, S13BIWADWAV. DEALER Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. BIG CITllS EDUCATE "j5T\Ve dress our own Poultry and therefore have everything fresh. WILL l«:tKVKl ONLV TT* DRUG STO COST OK A MODERN DINING CAK. A. modern dialog car of tha most approved pattern costs f 15000 to build. Next come the kitchen utensils, tbo table furniture, the silverware and linen—averaging about $8,000 to a car. Eich car must have a steward, ,ho usually peta $100 a month, and a head cook who values himself at $75 a month. There mast also bo ono- or two assistant cooka aod threfj or four waiters. Tnree hundred dollars a month is the smallest outlay of wages, while the cost of raw food material, breakage of dishes and the board of employes is a&out $3,000 per month additional. An average five days' ran costs nearly $60) for food and Servibe, so that it would take forty personsf al every meal on the run to pay the daily expenses, without allowing anything for iaierest on the Investment or for wear and tear oa the furnish- ng3. KKOEtfBK & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, J5r«;ul\vay. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. -Wtintwl, GUMP cotows For Sale. •Witntwl Lots mi I Acr*s '•'or S:ilo. WnnteJ Small Farms l<'or 3»lfl. •WiinwMl B.I.«I»R:H Blocks For^SalB. WauteU to Kxclmnise farms for City Pto^eutj. Wimt.»I Hflrcliamlls!) to Tr.nl« tor H. E. TRUAX, M. D. {SSpeclnl»tlBnt!onislvt,n to Nose, LuriK, Liver N^ona, Ban,. n <irtoS P.m. All enils proniptlj attended. NOTICE FARMERS. en allowed a putont. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS POI!<TS THE MOST PSKFECT OF PENS, CR. F. M. BOZSR'S DENTAL PARLORS. Orar Scate Matronal Baak, Logansport. Ind. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING, FEB. 13. Bead tbo advertisement of Trustee (Pratt. Mrs. DC. Canfi-jld, optician, will ba at No -.130 North street, Wednesday and Thursday, February 18th find 14th. The only way to cure catarrh is to purify tho blood. HOOQ'.- Sarsapa- rllla purlfms the blood and tones up tho wholo «-y stern. If you do not find my extract of vanilla stronger and sweater than T?hat you havo boeu using I will refund your money — Bon Fisher, the Druggist. The Ladles 1 Aid Society of tho Unlversalist Church, will serve supper at tho parsonage Wednesday evening, from 5 to S, Everybody invited. Supper 15 cents. 3. M. Closuon has a few hundred dollars private local funds, also East- -em money In any amount to loan on mortgage security. Office No. S19 Pear street. A Friend* AJvico Somo four or tivo years ago J. A,. Goodyuar, a young man full of We and vigor, loft tho old farm m Calhoun county, for the mora active life in tho city. Drifting into tho telegraph business,, ho secured a position on the C. & N. W, Railroad, at Republic, Mich. la kddiiion to hU duties as operator, he was required to sell tickets, check biggago and. make himosl! generally useful. Between the exacting officials on the one side and the inconsistent public on the Other, he was worked •• > ^or-'cl tn such an oxttnt that h. 4 n^Uh gave out and one day he was uarriod to his home, after having a severe nervous spasm; ho grew from bad to worse until he had to relinquish bis position, a physical wreck. The doctor could not cure him and told him so, but advised him to go to Ann Arbor and place himself in charge of that world wida Institution of learning, which ho did. He con. tinuod with their treatment constantly and faithfully for four long years, receiving little, if any, benefit. While In this condition, a, friend gave him a bott'o of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vital, izor, with an urgent request to use !.t. Not wishing to offend his friend, he promised to do so, "but did not, because, as ho argued with himself, "What is tho uso Of taking that 'stufl" if the most learned nerve specialists in the world can not cure me?" But as time passed ho would occasionally think of the neglected bottle of medicine given htm and his promise to use it. One day ho picked it up and mechanically pulled tho cork, measured out a dosa and took it; a change seemed to come over him, his nervousness abated, his mind became clear and ho thought he I felt something of his old time vigor. I liu continued taking the Vitalizar until ho was able to s.U up, then to walk a few steps; the sluggish blood in his veins became active, color returned to bis flesh and he felt the need of more food. He soon improved so that ha sought and became engaged in llfjht labor and earned the first dollar in nearly two years; hope attained Us long vacated position In his brain and his friends rejoiced at tho wonderful change. Mr. Goodyear Is now loading a thoroughly active and successful Ufa which he says he is proud to attribute to Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalize, tha greatest nerve builder over produced for nervous prostration, spasms,fits, sleeplessness, mental depression, exhausted vitality, despondency and general debility. For aale by Ben Fishor. Lous CUIT Ht»i>Knl Hj«rd. The Loug Cliff Hospital Board was In session yesterday in this city. The board Is nrnde up of Dennis Uhl of this city, David Hough of Ligonler and J. L. Forkner of Anderson. TITO I.tvt-s SnVfii. Mrs. Phrcoe Thomas of Junction City. Ill-, was told by her doctors she had consumption and that there was no hope for her, but two bottles Dr. King's New Discovery completely cured hor and she says it saved her life. Mr. Tnos. Eggers, 1S9 Florida St., San Francisco, suffered from a dreadful cold, approaching consumption, tried without result everything else, than bought one bottle ot Dr. King's Now Discovery and in two weeks was cured. He is naturally thankful. It is such results, ot which these are samples, taw prova tho wonderful efficacy ot this medicine in coughs and colds. Free trial bottles at B. F. Keeping's drug store. Reffu- lar ilze 50o. «nd f 1. IV. It. I'riut, Trustee. Wishes you to read the Golden Rule advertisement, It will be of Interest to you. ' «*nle*i»ttn.Wanted. Kxperiaaced retail shoo salesman. Apply to I. Opponhoimer at Island View Hotel this evening at 6:80. Xotlcc. All members of the Auxiliary to B of R T., are requested to be present at the next regular meeting, February H. Business of importance. Sir. O'Dounell Was Sot Aboard. James O'Donnell was not a passenger on the steamship Umbria, which arrived at Now York Sunday from Queenstowa. Mr. O'Donnsll.has not been heard from for several days. T«n »ay» For Wlft Beating. Ed Brice was arrested on an affidavit filed by his wife, charging him with assault and battery. Ho was flven ten days in jail yesterday by 'Squire David Laing. Xotica. On account of making repairs on the natur\l gas pipes tho Sixteenth street school building wiU bo closed today. The teachers will visit other school* in the city. 1 A. L. DOUGLASS, Supt. of Cltj School*. KAST BOUND SHIPMENTS. East b,mnd shipments last weak amounted to 61,532 tone, against 54, • 250 tons for tho preceding week, and 13,722 for the corresponding week of' tho last year. Tho roads carried tonnage as follows: Mich- n Central, 8,734; Wabaeh, 4,090; Lake Shore, 4.000; Fort Wayne, 8.-103; P*o Handle, 8,107; Baltimore Ohio, 7,327; Grand Trunk,_ 1,767; Nickel Plate, 755; Erie, 4,00*0; Big four, 1,562.- Shipments wore made the following articles la tons: Flour i.776; grain and mill stuffs, 22,567; provisions, lard, etc.,. 11,807; dressed >eef, 8.740; butter, 1,140; hides 1,854; umber, 3,240; mUcellaneDus, 1,317. BRAKEMAN TNJDRED. A E. Edlnger, a Pun Handle brakeman '.had his right band >aagled while' coupling cars near the passenger station early yesterday morning. 5rs. Shultz and HetherUgton found it necessary to amputate the thumb and indox fiDger, Chas. Klinck, clerk to General Foreman Tbos. Austin of the Pan Handle ihops Is confined to his home by sick. ness Frankfort la making strenuous efforts to secure the main offices of the Clover Leaf road now'looated at Delphos, Ohio. The Pennsylvania ^ company con, templates when business reaches its former volume, erecting a large freight depot at Columbus, Ohio, plaiis for which have been prepared. Tho Journal of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, denies the recently published statement that the membership of the brotherhood had seriously fallen ofT during the past year. It states that the membership at present is about 34,000, or within 1,000 of the highest figure that it baa ever reached. The way matters are now drifting, within a short time 75 per cent- of the passenger business will be carried at a two cent mils rate. ' The more conservative passenger men have become alarmed over the large sale o( mileage books, and some of the general passenger agents aro trying to rival each other in the number of books sold. Patents have been Issued to Mr. L. F. Ruth, ot Connellsvllle, Pennsylvania, for a combined parlor and sleeping car, most of the furniture of which can be folded up and put out of sight. The Inventor's idea is to use air bags for all ot the mattresses, pillows and chair cushions, and Inflate them by means of the compressed air pipes of the cars, which are supplied from the engine. These plpfio will be fittsd with' conTenlent branches In all parts of the-car, with valras soar, ranged th»t the mattresses, etc., can be Inflated very quickly. The mat- tresses.can be emptied and collapsed In the day time and the chair cushions at night. One Must TMnfc Quickly, and Keep His Wits. Fierce Competition TJrjjes Men and Women to Their Utmost. Serve* and Braiii First Give Way Under the Terrific Strain. Men die in the big -cities like vh* trees, beginning at the lop. It is apoplexy, heart failure, nervous prostration, fbuck, congestion of the brain and suicide that character, izcs the mortality lists In the great centers of population, A city teaches one to think quickly to bs always on the alert and quick to avoid danger, as well as to see the lucky chances. It is impossible logo slowly even if one has no pressicg need to hurry. The rush is conla- glous. One Hnda himself drawn along by the rapidly moving crowds and is soon hurrying with tho res'. ft is undoubtedly true that two-thirds of all the men and women ODO sees tearing through the streets, aro in no such actual haste. They are merely victims of thia fearful habit ol turry. But whether rush is essential or not, the result Is tho same. Nerves aud brains are exhaustive, men and womeu grow prematurely aged, times of de pression follow the hlgh-sirung condition. The entire nervous syaiern must be rapidly and fully nourished to prevent utter prostration find collapse. !t is estimated by physicians that •alne's celery compound annually laves thousands upon thousands of men and women living in cities from breaking down under their wjrk, It builds up the substance of the nerves and brain faster than It is torn down >y even such jrodlgal waste. It cures permanently all weakness of the iiomach, liver and kidneys, and takes away any tendency of these vital organs to disease. Will be Tried Here. CaBB county will get the trial of the eult of Elizabeth Ulrlch vs. the L E. & W. railway company^ for $1 OCO damages claimed for the destruction of a workshop by fire which the plaintiff claims was started by sparks r rom ono of defendant's locomotives. The case will be brought here on a change of venue from Miami county. Wo are firm and honest in our state ment that nothing equals Brant's Bal- fam for cure of ail coughs, colde. throat or lung troubles, as tho many letters we have on tile help to prove. A recent ono from W, E. Rumpel, Columbia, Mich., says: "I caught a severe cold on my, lungs last winter and tried several other remedies which did me no good, until my lungs got in a'vory bad shape" (pP iates always hurt tho lung.-)' " Da * two b °» les of Brant's Balsam cured me. I felt better before had used half a bottle Get Brant's of Ben Fisher, the Druggist. For Kent. A large ware-room in the Can a warehouse, corner Fifth and Markel g^aeis, Saoond floor, outside entrance Also projection with elevator to garret Inquire ot WicSox WBIGHI, • 615 Market St. Arnica Salve. The best salve In tho world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum tever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfec^ satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per boy. For sale by B. F. Keosllng. Vandnlla Hue ExcurMloa*. On February 12, March 5, April 2 and 30, 181)5, home Beekors excursion tickets will be on eale at very cheap rates to various points in the South and Southwest. For rates, limit stopover prlvilges, etc., apply to J. C. EDUKsJVORTII, Agt,, Dogansport, Ind. Employing Yonna Wom«u. W. O. Davis , representing the Wilson Bros. 1 shirt factory of South Bend, is in the city making an effort to engage aoma of the young women form erly employed at the factory on Toledo street, to work at the South Bend plant. Olii People. Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find tho true remedy in Eleolric Bit- wrs. This medicine does not stimu late and contains no whisky or other Intoxicant, but acts as a tonic and alterative. It acts mildly on the stomach and bowels, adding strength and giving tone to the organs, thereby aiding nature in the performance o, the /unctions. Electric Bitters is an excellent appetizer and aids digestion. Old people find it just exactly wha they need. Price 50 cents par bottle at B. F. Keesling's drug store. Went to Hi* Relatives. George Henkle. who fought in the Franco Prussian war, staid over nigh M«oday at toe county jail. He was yesterday given transportation to FranWort by Trustee Jackson. H's claimed to have a sister and a son at Frankfort. STVTI OF OBTO. Crrv os- TOLEDO, 1 '« LUCAS Cocxrr. i FRANK J. COSSET mikes oaft that he Is the senior partner ot the firm of F. J. CHESKT 4 Co.. doing baslnftii In tha clW ot Toleli,' Conntj and State aforesaid, ana t&ac said firm will pay tao jam of ONE KINDRED DJLLARitor ea;b and even case ol-Catarrb tlias cannot ba cared by the use ol HAU/S CATAKKH CCHB. FBA.XK J. CHEN"EY. 1 Sworn 'to before me au<i fabscfbed In ;mj presence, thus 8th das ot December A._D. IS*^_*^^. A. W. vLC. kfc\J.S. i gK . T . I Js'ocarj Public. HalTJiCacuTh Core Is taXoa Internally and acts directly on the blood an 1 inocoos «urt3caj ol ibesjstem. Srnd lor testimonials free. F. J. CHESKY *.CO., Toledo,, 0. 75& ADVANTAGES OF THErBEARD. Safeguard to the Tlirosl nod a Protection Against I r aclal Parulj'itiH. It is to be feared, that too many men deprive themselves of what Shakespeare calls "valor's excrement," without counting the possible cost. Whether the beard be .an ornament t.o the masculine countenance, we must leave the ladies to decide: it certainly has its uses in hiding a weal-: ehp, "»d in some cases it seems Xo be cultivated as a vicarious cCsuponsntion for a hairless scalp- lc Is not, however, in its cosmetic so n-.iich as in its hygienic aspects that the blessedness of the beard—in which term we include the whole of the harvest usually claimed by the razor—is most apparent. That it is a safeguard to the throat is generally admitted, and writers of authority have insisted on its value' as a protection against toothache and facial neuralgia. This is a goodly sum of advantages to the credit of the beard, Dr, Chabbert. of Toulouse, has, however, yet more to say in its favor. According to this practitioner, the beard seems to be a very elucieut defense against that form of facial paralysis which is caused by cold This nrt'ec- tion is far more common in women Lhau in men. though the latter are, of course, much more exposed to the cause which produces it. When facial paralvsis a fri<jone does occur in men, .hev are almost invariably individuals to whom nature has been stepmotherly _n the matter of benrd, or who has \vaiit.onlv tin-own away the protective covering with which she had clothed their faces. Dr. Chabbert cites the experience nf several physicians, in. addi- ;ion to his own, in support of his opin- mu. Prof. Andre, of Toulouse, has ,een several cases of the affection in .uiChtion in women, but not one in man; he had heard of one, indeed, which would appear to be an excellent example of the exception which proves tho rule, for the patient was a "lyric irtist,'' was the faccia di musico so distasteful to Lord liryon. 1'rof. Pitres, of Bordeaux, has seen twelve cases in womeu and on 13- two in i"en; both tho latter shaved, though as one of them underwent that operation only twice a" week, his ease, perhaps, does not count for much, unless it be held that his fac» was more vulnerable after these periodie;il denudations. Similar observations are quoted from Or. Oliver, of Toulouse, and Dr, Siulre. of Carmaux. These facts, though hardly .sufficient to found an induction on, seem at least to establish a prima-facie case for the iililitv of the beard against facial oaralyhis of the kind referred to. In i.hese days, when man's traditional privilofivsare om - by one being- invaded b" the ""new woman," be may perhaps be forgivc-ii for making tho most of •inch advantages as in:iy be considered i-•.•••'HIMvi.-ly his own.— British Medical Jo 'rua.1 The Strong-OKI" Wood Known. The strongest wood which grows within (.lie limits of the United Stales is that known as "nutmeg" hickory, which flourishes on the lower Arkansas river. The most clastic is tamarack, the black, or shellbark, standing not- far below.- The wood with the least elasticity and lowest specific gravity is the ii&us aurcu. The wood of the highest specific gravity is^the blue wood of Texas and Mexico. The heaviest of the foreign woods are the pomegranate and the lignum vHac, and the lightest is cork. Four hundred and thirteen different species of trees grow in the various states and territories, and of the number sixteen, when ptr- feetly seasoned, will sink in writer. These woods of high specific gravity grow mostly in the arid regions of Xsw Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. The H:T»« Wan J Cyrus B. Carlton, truo'cos of Harrison township, was In the city Sunday, having driven a horse owned by James Turner of Lucerne. The horse deserted him while In the city, and tboufih tha owner and Mr. Carlton made a thorough search for the animal, it had not been found yesterday. Auoilier JUurirlnry. Mrs. E. F. Morrow's boarding bouse at No.. 216 Third street, waa entered by a thief Monday night, tho front dcor having been left unlocked. A. number of hats were taken, a coat belonging to Emmett Morrow, and a pocket book were secured by the rob ber, who left no clue. Boili Feet Amputated. Richard Johnson, whose feet were some time ago badly frozen at Chesterton. Ind., had both those member= amputated above tho ankle yesterday at St. Joseph's hospital. Dr. J. Z Powell performed the operation. ailv life is aukinssovew craft* on their vitality, reouire somoihliis tbat will brinp new msiwrlal to vhe von: out, nerve comer-'. This is Jnst what l>r. Miles' Ko- suinuivc Nervine tiooi. ' ••/ iiaii i'cc.si taiffc .".'.-;:- /-.- years from jie:nJ:u;cos neuni.j::.. sieuuiessnoss, and fWni-ral nervous pro>s rut ion, mifteiiig mo .'or social, JiouseiioliI anil busJuess • duties, am;. jwrioJically. »"'-* Complete!!/ yrogtratrtl icith pain. I i.rk'O several piiysici:in? "»<i :i proat cuiny rerneiiloi. ° u; received no ixMiefiis autll I rne.ilJ>r. Stiles? SZextoratirc AVi-tl'ne. wmin'l tound aliii.--::c imnii',h:LW rolie*. -AOC. havo bivo:»o nuii-r IE" (orr.ier self and am .•irjnin alile to «.VfJi<J :'<> '•'!." tutaiitcss, which is ma; of a bvuih m:ii:a:ucmrcr. I have rooo:n:i!c:«le>l the Norvine u> oibers who wave 1 usoii ii. wiih i.iio sanie ciwd rtuu^t;" Mllwauuee. \Vi». M:;s. ANNA 1'rcsrn. f>r. Mi'.es 1 Norvino Is soM or. n ^ t! ^o niamnt-eo i.h:«. ' »<> fir-'t- hl)! ! le ^ "' '^p^ 111 " ' A rarucaisic!sollu:aSl.(i bottle* fofN-or Dr. Miles' Nenine Restores Health What is tlie WorU; of Hie Klrtneyt<!f To remove from the blood its im purities. ' Tbo products of cell wastes which have been burned up in sustfiin lag life and giving strength to the system. Every particle of blood in the body goes through the kidney every three minutes, and if these organs are unable to perform their work fully, sooner or later the system 1= poisoned.. Therefore, ' San Jak : 1= the indicated blood remedy. yerronn Debility. E?ery person having nervous debm ty, organic weakness, or failing- mein ory, is entitled to sympathy of ever; honest person, and should have ex tended medical aid such as is found in -San.Jak." Sold by Bon Fisher, druggist The Journal has a few blrdsey vlewa of Lotfanaport left. They can be had In pasteboard tube* for mailing or preeecTatloo tor fifty cento. MONTANA PERSUASION. The l.ittlo Mini rr,,m nsHlmoro Had * T:isl« of It. "They have such a persnasi^fe way with ih'i-in out in Montana," remarked •• n, traveling mun at, a. Detroit hotel, a day or t\vo since, "that 1 should sort of • hate to get into an argument in any of those mining towns. 1 have just been through that country, and I heard -. nbouUm argument a poor little pianist , from Baltimore had out in a Montana town. Uow lie drifted out there I . Mil n't, learn, but he played a. three- , cg'gc' 1 piano at an entertainment in thc'only hall in the place one evening,' and the audience sort of took to him. They encored him six times, and then 'he slopped and left the hall. Ten minutes later a delegation of three leading citizens Clod into his room at tho hotel. ,. ' • 'We kinder hate to intrude into, yo'iir room in this style,' said tlio . spokesman, apologetically, 'but the fact is, things is serious at the hall.V " 'Has anything happened 1 . 1 'inquired, the little musician from Baltimore. .. ^ " -It, ain't exactly what's happened,* ,. explained the spokesman, 'it's what ain't happened. We was goin' to foller you v.-it'h a ventriloquist, and blamed" if ho ain't too full to talk, and still drink-in', and them scrappin' monkeys, we was goin' to close up the show with. is froze in down at Ycller Forks; so the -.; anjic-nee is still in the hall, and they're terrible restless.' " 'They are that," assented one Ot. the other visitors, solemnly. " 'And we thought,' continued tho spokesman, 'seem' the crowd took a Jikin' to yon, that mcbbc you'd come back and ring in another tune or two from Chopping or Moses Hart.' "The little musician waited a moment to catch his sense of his visitor's remark, and then, in a rather frigid way, he declined to play any .more. "The delegation didn'tseem disposed to move, and there was an awkward panse. At length the member of tho committee who hadn't spoken, took a. hand at the subject, lie was a stout, cross-evcd man, with red whiskers. 'There's no iise heatin' around this matter.' he said, emphatically; 'your're wanted over ter the hall, and I'm kinder worried to think every mother's son of 'em. except Crazy Charley and my old bull pups, has got an iron in his clothes, for I'd hate ler have anybody from Hal timer dead around town. 'Tain't pleasant/ he continued, 'to refer to the serious side of human natur', but as a friend of yours, I'd advise you. to double-hump back to that hall and b;ing the planner as long as any gent s;n-s "music," and bang like Sam Hill, too.' "They told me."continued the travelr ing man, "that the effect of that argument was perfectly wonaerfu!. The. little musician waked up, and said he always proposed u>stand by his friends, and suggested they go over to tho hall. So they did. and the spokesman got up on the platform, and said lie: " 'Ladies and gents, I am authorized to say that the perfesser only went out fer a'drink. lie feels better now. and asks permission to play the planner fcr s an hour.' "And he did; but when they let him stop he walked eleven miles to the next town without even waiting to get his satchel, though that," added the traveling- man, reflectively, "doesn't affect the value ol Montana, persuasion."—Detroit Free Press. _ — J Johnny'» School Kale*. Teacher—Have you finished your composition on what little boys should not do in. school:.' Little Johnny—Yes'm- Teachcr—Read it. . . Little Johnny (reading)'— "Little^ boys, when at school, should not jnak«' faces at the teacher; and should not study too hard, 'cause it makes them, near-sighted; and should not sit too lonfj in one position,'cause it make* their backs crooked; and should notrdo i long examples in 'rithmette 'cause It I uses np their pencils too fast."—Good ' Sews. ' • ,•"•

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