The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1935 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 3, 1935
Page 7
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-THURSDAY,: JAK'UAiRt..3B935 : CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION- raw t*r line lor conJ6ecu- 'Five average words to a line) One time per lino ........... lOo Two times per l!ne per day M" Three times per line per day Six times per Une per day Month rate'per'Une .' Business Directory FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT puii PLOOr, SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO Cdc Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE Thorns 2S Minimum charge Wo eoo 61* Ads ordered; tor", three ", or ilmas and stopped' before 'ex '.lop will be charged for the nura- oer ot times (he ad appeared aaa •tdustment ot.oui tnaac. ' All Clasameo Advertising • copy submitted by, persons, residing. oul- side, ol the city, qiust be .accom-- uanied oy cash ''..'. Rates , 'may bf •aslly computed (roii) above c table No r.espanswimj will tie tasei. (or more tlian one.. Incorrect IB sertlonipi an?' classified act. Advertising ordered.; for irreaulm insertions take the one time, rait Real Estate U. F, Klger Dispersal Sale Dispersal talc of the onlirc equipment of the a,200 acre Ry- neareon Plantation al Wolf Island, Mo., IQ he held Thursday, January 10, 1935, beginning nl ten o'clock. 60' head of inules, farm machinery arid equipment of all kinds. Everything sells — nothing reserved. ll> bad weather, sale will be held following day. Probably largest farm sale ever held in Southeast Missouri. It will pay you to attend. J. L. Rynearson, Wolf Island, Mo., ' Owner. ;*• /•••' > For Sale FARM—Bargain Mississippi Conn ty (southeast Missouri) 320 acres sandy loam 3 miles ivest Cliarlcs- t<jn on U. S. Highway 60 at junction of 55. Good house aiid barn; fair tenant house. - ' Price $8500 ; 1-A cash, balance terms. Oilier larger and smaller farms. Recce B. Gillooly, Charleston, Mo. . FOR SALE OR,-TRADE 1 ; acrc, nice cottage on gravel loid 1-rnllc from Bljthevflle Will/take In small collage on .part payment Thomas Land Co. ' FARMS FOR SALE! - ETHEt^B. THOMPSON Cafulhersville, ,' Mo; | FOR QUICK; SALE ! , 60 acres v,lth 50 acras-ni cultivation, black sand loam coll, wel dJTEincd, one smnll house and small barn, 3-4 mile of good store and posloffice; a. months high' school cotton gin anct ? three '•' hundred yprds of gravel highway, make: bale and better per acre each year P.Cico 530 per 1 : aero each < Thfc is .worth much more"money owner - Cleaving; 'country.- 'j :'•-.•" i> ,\ -. W. (VI. Btiriis ? Agen%- •' I'uujus 1:4,5, ana ,112 COPPER WEATHER STKIP Saves fuc-1 at ismall cost , Arknio Lumber Co. LET US pp SOUK WELDING :; AND) MACHINE WOUK •1 BOILED ,,-, DRAGLINE TRAILER KKPA11UNG Vo Carry VI' Full Uhe of Shafting '' •'" ''- 808 Heads, floor ma Is. I Wolf -Arian • 128-bY Main 61. KLY'fHEViM.t; MACHINE WORKS- Operaied"- by Itoy Pace "WINTER AUTO Presfone. Alcoh'ol, f rosier?,'-'- Wlllcrd " UaiftrW I.ET.U3 ''' •'•--' -/'losing Out Entire- tildfK of BOOTS I Al. PRESENT WHOLESALE Prices Hubbarcl Hdw^Co. '•'• AUTO GLASS UtK-MU LU.MHLlt CO PHONE 40 WINTER Hubbarcl Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT, v- Phone «6 Phojie FOR BATTERY SERVIciT Ben Clune •• 209 W. Ash - Phone a. p Buy NO SEKU or Mixed BKANS Si Prices [TON CO. , live '• imihtecd Bal- :ohbl 75c b'al.. «!>, Cylinder ian 61. SPECIALS" Heaters, l)e- ftrles .'...YOU.' -"'FOB' I For Kent Smell iniRNiauisD uvafinwiit, Hfwly (Iccoi'ntcd. Lights and water furnished. Frank 0. Doiijlns. I'houc 3fX of m. Sfck'jlf UNDER TOR RENT .. ,. NICKLY Fiirnlslicd Five riconi Jtousc. Uu£lne;s dktrict, two • room iiiody PurtNisHEP children. 505 YV. Main. l-|).k-8 Liglit IIoiieekeeiiiiiB rooms, l)ot aiid raid water, iintl until, 111 \v. Ash o. L, Freeman. 3iOfk-o 3 room" TORNlSHfD Al'ART- MENT, 209 W. Kentucky. Mrs. 3 Room -APARTMENT, nicely furr nlshed. Phone 18U. 31o Ktl Parlly . turrilshcd APARTMENT ' with good heating tystem. Phone MO hoiifi; rwo" ! HOC B. A. Modcr hiri moi)," Two Wul RtiLT/ (lies rtally ary. •X" C AN « ,Tli TR1 . TO 13 LI J, , W]1 , call 280. 7o kit nvo nicely FURNISHED BED; ROOMS -. moduru^ly priced. MM. * Modern TJlioo • pwm apartiiierit, hirnlbhcd or unfurnlslicd. ' ' Closing Stock Prices ' NI',\Y YOIiK, jail, x (Ui 1 ),- Slochs advanced lodny until culm wore coiTtod to (hrcc point In tome WuHiul. pbono 102. Wanted , . 1017 31-o-lf 16= hl-lS Comtortablo ROOM willi balh, 405 N. Broadway, Call m-J, 29u kll (hevillc clitulatloii' mnnngcr for rtally newspaper.'.Rensoiraulo s*l••- Reiol'cnces rcqiilred.-' Write Join lei--News. . .,' 31-pk-3 ORDINANCE' N'o.-sst. (ORU1NANCB -'PRESCRIBING ,lil3 SALARIES OP THE CITY . TREASlWEU AND CITY ATTORNEY Of THE 01'1'Y 01" BLYTHEVILLK, ARKANSAS. BI2 IT OHDA1NED, UY TUB CITY COUNCIL 01' THE CITY '-01'' WARM ROOM HIjYTHBVlLLIi: ^ SECTION 1. On i\ucl utter. April 2ud",iiay"of modem, fur- 10, 1035; the talary of the Oily Today's Markets ?A. T. nnrt T. .;.. ...... . 10(J |-a Aniicouda Copper ...... -l'l ucih. steel ....,,..;,.. aj j;a CllWlcr ..... > ...... ;..'. 13 1-4 Cities' Service .......... i i-a Coca Coin ..... ____ '..... |03 3,.( aci'i. AIU. 'nuik ..... 37 5.8 Clcn. Electric .....v ..... •?{ 'Ocn. Molors ,.....!.... 34 |.y Int. llnn'pster ../;..- -u 3-1 MoKcssoU'RobWllv ,,,... 83-1 ot Iho City Attorney aliall i> 3 Iwcnly-th-c ami no/100 Dollura l$«.00> per mouth,.; SECTION pacts 'of''•'( hcrewllli -are hereto repealed nmi mis ordlinmre shnllijs in full fora and "effect ufter Us •' . Afl dr^iiinuccs und liiary^ !*Jn I'oiilllot nnce hented home. Men or bus^ Treasurer slmll lie One mid no/.™,- iness couple preferred. Phone •. 984 Dollar .($1.00) por year; oil um|-'G. " ll5 , Mayor. — . " ..... ..T --. 7o. ktt alter April 'vi ,, w. ,W30. salary - ^f. y. i>c(, an 'i-» 28 3-U . 8 M 16 '1.8 . 5 M . 1 3-1 10 1-4 ,., ., -. - - -13 Li icxas Oo 21 1-2 U. S, SlWUtnu UK 3-1 Phillip Rndlo .-. St. L,-S. Slancjnrd of N. a. "mill deojiiies were'ruadp poltou iijurket l!ib .tu'lHly over whii," congress' will «„ fiurt Hie ••alienee- of coiislriicllvo '••"'•'• '•• cottoniRootlsnmXH. '.'/.'; ';,•.• °) D3 n : hlgll ,|qiv closb ia&'( — •- -,ii— • 12531, ", l'J70', 1210- J1!(J8 1270 . • 1278 .1278: 1J374* I'il? ' 1203 '.' 1205' 1283 "|?63 1212 1312 1273 1260 Jiin Mlii'dt July Ocl Deo t.^ closed slcacly nl laoi. till-*' ohanscd, • • - New York Cotton COTTON''MMIKKT N[i]>V YORK, .J,in. 3 (UP) •Cotton closed .steady. opri) liltjh low close Jlll> U55 1255 125S 1255 Mnrcli . 1208 I'i70 IViiO 1M9 Ma.v ; l?7ii,' I'JTV 1272 1318, July 1202 13H'J 1377 1279 Oct. . IJJS 1 ' 12C5 12(iO 1203 »eo 1271 131) [JOB 1208 Spots closed clcndy nl 1285, nil- clraiiijctl, • New 'Orleans Chicago Wheat itlii'ii-' liiiih ; -low"-' cloco Way M G-« |OU 1-8 (18 3-8 ' DO 3-8.-, July Oa-'l-a -!)3 3-1 82 HI 03 1-8 Mny July, Chicago Corn .. open . lilch '• low ''cJo IIII.1-2 80 3-1 8H 1-4 00 114 5-li «5 1-a 81 1-3 85 . AI.I.PV nrtp Mavk C8th Aniiivcriary ':- '; JEl't'ERSON. O. (Ul')-Miv and.. Mi-s. Reuben Smllli, one of the, oldest mauled couples In 'northern Ohio, havo JusL. celebrated' their TUNICS IJ'ITLE HBlA'BR! 1 PARKS BROJFCOAL CO. PHONE 971 FOR "Hi-Lo .Alabama" "Enenn''' Illinois 1 !', "Black RoyaliKentCicky" CLEAN sCOADr-liOW 'PRICED CO-LEA.JXOB Phone '7 Why Buy Coal From Us? l- r -30 | \ears |in business' 2-Quality,W coai handled.' 3—Prompt *• servlc* _, ,» J—Courteous trtatmert't ,' 5—You get all you pay lor. 'Quality - Group" distributed by G,YY & BILLINGS 32 a Repairiug years u\ tne Shoe Repairing business; when others fail, ny si. Sunoii P. Lee, 111 So. B. K. St. '.•':' j* ,- :f , • You have tiie'd the rest Now buy'; the BEST Coal & Feed : ..". v ' --Pho'rie-:27 •'• '"..= •''•' ? Farmer's Gash Feed .<•-• ?,iivji ;and ; Seed ;Co. - Joseph'fW.v Parker, Prop. • WE CAN'T SELL. ALL THE COAL O WE JUST SELL'TUB BEST PHONE—100—PHONE E. C, Robinson LbV. Co. Progressive Shoe Shop i-«y COM is uuck.v»ut. : i',uea??o"i \\JC< rriUA»TT^- tr r ~. r i. tVhifi- PHI tin - nn» • WE THANK YOU I For your 1934 patronage and hovie to • servo y'o\i in 1035. ..-KM s.-auci street , -W.J.POX Having made nil klnda ot sliocs .'or ABMOi?MAL Jteet, can repiur shoes to correct. ABNORMAL, leei. Personal $50 Reward For fuformaUpii; leading to Hrresl and conviction of parties who smashed Guard's window Monday *°v. 12. j. i,. Guar(i nnd y *• Tomlinson,;-, Chief Merchants Pa"• mn; , nl ''- tipn. George Smith, HOD Hcarn st Rblnson addition. "• " S>t " While, Fill dp now. JOHN BUCHANAN - PHONE 107 Exclusive Agents lor ttic'.orrginii'lVgenuInc :'. ,"• Montavallo Coal^j ? x Wa"aLso sell Brilhani, • Ark. Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coals. Phonc'477 WONDER orry COAI,- ( co. ' Sec U t s Apout Your Coal Bly'theville Gin Go, ' ;"-Kadiant Aiabamu". "Premium Kentucky" CALL an for Sale •5350 ccmity on 1931 PLYMOUTH SIX COACH. -IV : 'IV- Oiuiibc'rlaiiiJ, H-p-k-7 TBADU -^SoTcH.e^lll .in pl >' mo "H< or DcSoto (or gojd used car. Box 535, Stcclc, Mo'J *lp REGARD' for 'rclunTor man's . 6 ' ?P Urb "" d CaP1 ' s W'trcoat, Slcbon DIld -• n;r •-«> (jivj uvv\«uii ijjji, Olid kcw..Take« b >: jnlslake al Armory TiaTlnix - rfS> n .-^..k. ..»_i.i ' i • "*tj Apply at , Tuesday Courier ,Ne\vs. Business, stock, (ixtureii. Cafe, gro- cerj'. Oaticlng. $300. Living roorp, parhiirg space. Reasonable Rciil Sunset Inp, atcele. ' 31-pH : 5 BOSTON BULL Puppies HtUe beauties. Mrs. W. E. McCullough, 222! Carolyn Avc., Pride Addition. 15-p-k-l-15 Bliie Stelion HAT, '.size 0 IM Iioni Mcarta , C |6tlllng-CO., at country club dance Monday night, J Er nest Haston, Phono «7. 3-ck-t; BARGAINS •'In-Used Heaters/ ' Hubbavd Hdw. Co. Bumll , .„_ good • residential 308: '. Mellon: .. Call 2-p-k-5 GOOD PIANO b.v.,re.liabk~rK7son. ' ' ' Malh. Underwood Typewriter and adding machine, sternberg Cotton louipany, Phone 24. Bo.ktf Position Wanted lp k-5 a 132. Will rto : STENOORAPHIO ••t.- Reasonable rates. Call 306 VER UAJKSTV, NOW THAT ( SENP 'EM 8AC1C TO OUR. WE ACE &OIW& TO IWVADE )PCISON PITS.UNOER GUARD 1 MOO, WHAT'LL WE OO / ALL BUT THAT FUZZY-FACED V/ITH ALL THESE MOOU/4NI KING OF THEIRS -HE'S TO ^-PRISONERS r,\ OO.ON TO MOO '/-'v.S. op^wn? /rlK'/'tt^ WITH ME' BUT,YEE THINK.IT WOULD BE V6RV FOOLISH TO ATTEMPf ^ OMT - TAKIKJ& EVEM THIS ONE/I'M RUNNING- P«ISOWER VVJTH us? /THIS JAMBOREE' HE'S LIABLE TO /I SAY'TH' PRIS- OR&ATLY HINPEC OUR MOV/EMENTS BOOTS ANP HFI< OF ALL THINGS! SPEU«? I JU&' ..- I HE (SOT ftVJFUU; LOME SOME WHILE MUH WeKE , POOR.. UU CUSS BESIDES FURNISHIMG- ME WITH V~ LOTS OP AMUSEMEflT, NOW THAT / TH 1 RAIN IS OVER I'VE GOT A S' dOBPOR -IM/ HAVE HIM s-~-t BROUGHT TO MG,' I ~^ ( 'WOULO TALK WITH , WORM/ _/ ....,,, _„, • ~».,u, jinvu juau. ccicLira NMV QiUiEANS, Jan. a. (Ul')~ CSIIi wedding nillve'ranry. Hv Hainlln ^dii* •(fe, •ii-.'i!f %'J GUZ-INSTEAD.OP SENOIW& YOU BACK TOTH' L6MIAH PRISON PITS, I'VS OEC1OEO" TO'TAKE YOU ON MV IKJVA&ON at boo - YOU SHALL BE TH KOYAL fMlN-WATER-SHAKER-Our-OP -TREES -VTO MY EXALTED AN' IMPERIAL MAJESTIC SELF/ aWSBYHEABER'viCE/i^.M.^u^x'^'^ - -, : . .••:-By -;Marlir•'-'-••••,•'••'. ~" N'SINCE I'&OT 6««, IT'S B££M WORS&'W tMER,'CftUSE NOU'UE BECNSO'uUEULOKTeO HE HftSN'T H(VO A CHftNCD TO SEE MUCH OF HUH..'..SO HE TCXjK'UP'HSPMOTlSMllMft&lNl; H£ W^S GONNA Hf VNOT17.E. SUH 'SO'-iUH'o \AVE •v-L\sseN'Tp' < iw l .'W6\.v;.v..:\\6.ooi' " "• TO PBfcCTlCIH' \H FRONT Or A. MIRROR Af^' HIMSEUF ,,.,,otHuy> IF HE- • • •- • ' --' - - ' \VASH" TUBES BIG IDEAS! 6OT, ISN'T THERE TH1N& THRT CAM BE .POME ->SOUT . 6QNNA. SNAP OUT ORttj RIGHT "' HOW—-, : '.TO "WHAT'S MORE, WE 60TTOTAKE PRIWCE WITH u ,/3 UlSTfMr-WE.CAKI.PflEVgNr THIS'WAR? .WE CAN SAVE JADA'S THRONE, 1 KAM- i -., ,,,P£UABRfy:A>lD HUMDREDS OF LIVES ' k ' ('ALL WE'HAVE TO DO IS TURN PHILBERr OVER To JApA. : .__ -By : . SALESMAN^ __ V, KITTY, HOW ftaour iM' ~Co TH' cnovie. WITH -: ME; T'WIG-KT? "U-, f^ >'7" I-*V : ' 'f rss*r?i?m A BOOMKKANG ON DUNK!, -iT-QWCia! \ WHAT To 5(V/! ( WELL, 1 GOT ft \i.a.-€l ' / HUHCH I Trf ONtL cijHO \ TAKES' IM \\f no'i 1 " ^, DOU&H T,' Dfv», lOms "V HOCO& 'p.T? yRECKLES ^AND HIS FIHEi\I)S; f~±,,r . ._., ...^ > .-. .A /S95SK.»-'- : ^ THEM ITS p, &Q[ ftij ou H&VEW'T P. CMp,Mc£, SAMCAO' I JEST UEftRO Otlli' SfVf H6. UJfts SEAIDlM''^OU OUT fsMH) ' Vou'o Be; GOAJ& r^osr OP Hftl t . ' .OVER.'; HUH? By Smiilj.'_' 'TUB STAGE (S SKT! I I'G-OIM' OUT To 1,500 OI'WIOMD MECKLPC&' _ av BULLETS WT'RAVJSED : •'ALMOST STf?AK3HT UF? Xiup Mrr'TWS TOP 6P ~n-ji= CAB! ALL RIGHT! /•I'LL,'SHPV/ YOU HW/ ,. 'n-ie TRICK-V/AS ...., . ERfi '} A PIPE' ) IM THE \ J FISEBOX ) US'S AUSSTT ROWJ&5 .:.»,' U IT'S A CDJCMlWHEM... THAT ENSINE CREV/' ) WAS SHOT, THEY WER6- ' •F..^;' By BlosseS SPOT;TM6 -4. 7RAIM PASSED THE \ • DUMMIES ' t PUT THE SKED Yoi) tb pu'r WEM '?• / S I PUT ONE OM EACH,5ID5. OF THE CAB,WHERE "W5 EM5NSES ^!4D RRESfAM VtoULD BE S^TWS! SAX ^lO. 1 WHAT _y-' |fj 7H^ V/?sfLD A"?? You" .;-—- -' -. i

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