Marshall Evening Chronicle from Marshall, Michigan on April 14, 1934 · Page 1
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Marshall Evening Chronicle from Marshall, Michigan · Page 1

Marshall, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1934
Page 1
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f6jss«r*fa>< •> f i SOT i T8"V % ** « * * '<* t" '? * -«' IT fc^^-a £jfe&,L-' J- b > "•..* v - , t "VSl ^jl|_ ^^^^^^^^^^Jjj^y^^j^^^ _jh»J^, dh^^^_ <^^^Aj^^^^Mte .^M«^ ^ fc^^^^^^ ^^^^^ H ^^^ k ^ ftttd D*fly JAY; APRIL 1.4, PRICE-THREE CE1 RGED WITH FRAU Ifj ' One Grand Reception. .'v •''* • • ••- ''~ : S^m^ Old ftackdddr. 'H«*' 'tor*? •' Comic %» e fty A^TIttR BRISBANE , train,; Suited tato tttJA flsWng ; tJrtii a,t 10:00 o'clock 'iriprnlnsf, arid! everybody seem- to. see hun. at th* etatlorii with their eon -Elliott Wafr't-.-thei*- daUghtel-; MTB. Ball. boarded "thB at once. members went -.oh' tipapd,' ehoofc ' "" and ; marcjlfed ; out i the dther *; Secretory Hull wa? ahd Postmaster, General .who loojked as, Wealthy as f -^dvertteenlietit of a 1 food gi- for the-, train,« .were ^tenatorw 1 ' led t by Vice; .._..^-,.. "-.Jnfcfc; And .there ,was a:^;detefifatlcw ftfrii .the .Hptise of. r- Blow wouJd; you me to have " ' ' PART OF ACT of Public. Wpjrks Bill Contain Wrbng Total Ail entlte section of the 37-mll- IJoh dollar public works bill provld : iaV ;fbr ,,lmproveinents at five public institutions-of Michigan may be ruled "invalid If the measure is approved .by the electorate at the referendum; April 30 as the result ojXwhat.. \tfas 'apparently a typo 1 graphical errdr m printing the act at; fconslng,, it- was Jearned today. /The copy of the act received by County Clerk Frank E. McNary gives '$125,600 'as 1 the total sum to ije- expended for the state fish hatcheries «t Paris and Grayling, the' instltutippns for thb blind at S^frlr^^Aanfl Lansing, and the School, i v jtorli.the'deaf at flint, vtter$0£; '.ttfjsl sum of the amounts ljste..d In the act for each Instltu- .wsjsvonjy wad thew, fftortous ,in or scarlet, .or ^jaattsvet reddest red la caUed. It nevet e4 "Haji': to 'the Chief" more l^Sfliy ••or" tn«* ^ SwiBet^, ! , •^tereL.w^Te fresh lilteys of iw- porters, cameras, sound -recorders, and plenty of sound: tb) record. teicji dckw ''of ih*. league, of ^ ;>• - v ' . • • : j ^ ; •-•.• V '/•:,-•• ••";*• d be sfllfe v to fcsiaeftt. -Wut, {p " faati^s tftat , stelpv their ."^ '' «. wilj., • that, , ;. Thfi terror. of course, Is merely a technicality, but It was pointed httt v thier validity of the sec- Jf - the;, bill is approved, could neverthdeaa be contested . Section eight of the act follows: d --any. court of competent l&tig&cttbn declare any section, part, sentence, clause or word of this act. rlrivalid for any reason, their such -decision shall * affect only such section, part, sentence, clttUfie or ^brd properly at issue in sa{d casft and so declared to be i' and: Tpha.ll not affect any Oer, ^ecUpn,.. part, sentence, clause or word/ of this act." ' ; ;,The Institutions In this section, Mid' the "contemplated expend!* l\,, aire Jtet^ as , follows: State ^h flatche"ry, ! Paris Umprove- ment pf v grounds and buildings), 125,000; 'Michigan Employment Ini the .Blind. Saglnaw <re- factory ^buUdmg), iioo,- ' ehbuld not reHder honest World court _„_..,,.,._.. , : Tha Court would be made up of frenchmen, Britishers, /etc, Why hope-that' they wttuld'-be;-inter- JiotlonaUy, any more honest *tbart bagger,, men in ttielr nation that, 1 aw: "Yes, we .welch,- What of M* «T ** '"' ".' '•'..• '•- . ;t. '.'. f ' /. '.v* *' V , i i ' .} Hiram Jciui^n, -of CMforniOi , said all that,' need '*»>'. Bald!, ih, i^ '9toltiflcattoo; .;• id ; . |dB(Sfi»|i In,reality th* *: port of the people of Ngtyona, and '.ift^gideni; "KoicfceyeJt will hot allow hJjnMOf to!be bUnd folded and led. intp ,tti*. Jjeaguv mu .the World Cojirt backdoor. The people elected bun , w? ,,ciiiy out! Roosevelt policiea, ndt Woodr row Wilson politics. 1 •Washington believes the McLeod b^;I that would give 'Depositors their money locked up lift closed banks, the government taJUng all bank ajteets, will NOT be passed. bWs oppone^C 6>y< wipay j&tyna}. bank .tetoowjjaA alone ^y^ficost, the' government ••• fifteen, hjundted million dollars, What of ,it?, The peopl^ are ,denr|.i*d of **-H*.,; money., because they ; trusted NATIONAL bwk eyakm. Has nation nojwporisibi^, jfhere? fctcouW send, on a tel^pliflne call. i - i - million dollars iq ofle^ single > bSnk ta trouble. T not \heair the call of mU- 4epoBltarB. afeo; ih -, 1*$ tto* government) gM what it out out of the closed banka' as- put'.fifteen hundred mOtt^'. do! lam in circulation, i " " ' No interest-bearing .bond would be necessary; yoM know. . special bonds • w$re - printed • night, when it waa hait$y de ,to send ninety'. ; oijiljo|is to leer, wisely daeUjed^'if the prevented a have spread. * government ha^s authority and issue currency, up to Uiono now. durrsncy is- bank deposltora could be if desteed/ -with " on closed bank asi government tyur pymped . t depositors •We impounded, Into the'Roosevelt; Apart from that *" means » Germany's of for honest ^->— Burtly flt ERROEMAY SMnd tcpmpletlng uhtihlshed por- 4ona(:'Q|, N .,school ; .buildings, .also h^essary,' alterations and' repairs to Jbalance of buildings), $24,000; tochigaft School for Deaf. Flint (Mer " girls "dormitory, 45 beds). beds.'kitchen, dining room, and re- Wp.OOO; (smol Ibbys dormitory, 80 creation room), $65,000. •The act. makes no mention of cdnipetltive bidding for construction contracts, decision being entirely In the hands of the state administrative board. This portion reads as follows: "Contracts for aiich construction shall be let In such Vnaner. arid upon such. terms as State administrative board shall determine.'' Alma Woman Shot Byiftusband, Who • Then Kills Self .•ALMA,; April w.—<U.R>—shot by her'husband who then killed himself.'Mrs. Maude Wilson Markman, •tfijTof -Ithaca,' today was fighting fo?' her life' in. Carney-Wllcox hos- Pital % after being given a blood transfusion during the night. 'Two daughters, Barbara, 10, and Helen, 13, offered their blood late IWday., -Their blood did not prove of: proper' test and another donor was chosen. /•'Mi's. Markman was standing at Her ironing board -yesterday when her husband, Arthur, 51, a plumbing •'Bontractor, suddenly drew a 22rcalibre pistol during a quarrel and fired several times. As Mrs. Markman ran screaming to the'Street, her husband then shot himself through the head. Sheriff's officers sold that Mrs. Markjn&h had recently left her husband but a reconciliation was affected. Besides the two younger daugh- tofs, the other children are Roland, 7; ; Mrs. Max Irwin, Flint, and Ufys: Dean Kilpatrlck, of Battle Creek. Nine Efffa In Hen. . BRITAIN, Conn., April ^14 (DP)— Nine unusually large eggs were found Inside -a year-old Rhode Island Bed hen when N. D. Hancock killed it tar dinner. The largest measured eight inches in circumference. RoUer Skate Over Country. MIDDljETON, Conn., April 14.— P)-^Pour tooal youths plan to leave soon on a roller-skating tour of the, country, visiting Florida and southwestern states and returning by Qte -nttfthern route. The trip t)>ey estimate, will take three Bam* Peek Lamb* Tex., April 14— (UP) in this area com- ravww are pecking out of new-born, lambs. W. owiw a ranch here, «atd aev. wexe Wind- LATEST VICTIM ^* Jt s \ x>xx . _._ a . , , v . , r .., . . ^ Chief, of\JE^iic^"-'^aj)k':lLMCas.|o ; f. Warsaw, Ind., examining the shattered head of! PojlC^an J;ijdd( U; tlttenger, who was kidnaped and beat* en,by John Dllllngef''^v.ihe latter's daredevil raid on the Warsay jail. GAfiDENllOrt COMSTOCK'S POSIOT State bept; vQUtlines Says There Will Be Extensive plans to j, No Campaign Ex- Insure Plots for All I cept Ae Laid Oi$ By the Party '? LANSING, Mlcl\. April Gardening as, a 'oelf-sustenance measure for welfare* dependents In Michigan will be practiced on n larger scalo this summ4f than:-ever before, the state emergency welfare relief commlsalotv.v announced today, " ';'''••"- •;'• •• I The purpose of th« program is I three-fold. It will afford persons) with fresh food during the summer months; give them producs which may be stored: for 'whiter consumption, and place)'them in a position, whtere they ,.work for /themselves. . ' ,' Surveys of every lar{je ; clty In the state have been conducted by field representatives of the commission during the past six weeks. They have outlined to city Officials the advisability of garden and drawn (Concluded on Pag* 5) • , BV CLAUDE J United Press Staff. Corresjpondent LANSING, Mich. April 14—(UP) Governor William A. Comstock intends to make no personal drive for re-election as the state's ctyel executive next fall. He ia willing to campaign if the Democratic party In Its mary convention in July selects him as its candidate, but until then neither the governor nor his staff will attempt even to place nominating petitions in circulation. "The Democrats of the state will say at their convention in July whether they want me for a cant dldate," Comstock ; said today. "II they wont me to 'run, I shall, but (Concluded an Pare 5) CHERRY BLOSSOlVk TIME AT CAPITAL 1ST OF 1933 KOAD FUNDS TODAY Ityreapleton Receives ^Check for $47,* 1 961.65 •^ k ^ •wftlhmin county now hns received^ .all of Its allotment of gas ami •nt, ta^ r receipts for 1933. r'u'JS'ettsurer James Tlire- tnis 'morning receiVed a k for M7.fl61.65 from Auditor JOhn K. Rtn<-k, Jr., rep- r-^.lhoun's share of the it which, *y statute, was to ftfd to the counties In , The county's 1933 share fen-ton funds was $334,827.?!. t- Communication, which accom- fttilfd (h» check, like the one tftwo weeks^ ago wllen the Oc- allotinent < was mailed io in county, complimehted. Mfl detoh., for the manner in, he hSs handled his nc- wlth_the state. 'heck L ,fojr. $7,300.vsas,sent to tj this forenoon' 'by Mr. >letonl representing the rer r of th^ state's shore. of tax collectionB. CaJhoun. it rrstood. to one of the. Very ichigan counties which has its entire 193.3 allotment lion money. j; . of 1 the last,;.two disburse? of Horton money to'icat- county • the, approximately which the state claims It be reimbursed by the ,cqun- u?.e. the .latter used R. F. C, to p-fyVeoldlers relief, moth- penslonfl, and hospitalizotlon ,tlcjns,,.jietd not be paid. \va'$ pointed out 1 that $75,000 >rfl >e 'we^ht' tax receipts have *~^*seb aside'for welfare work re- and It Is 'considered, possible |.'the "etate will not press feyment rwnv that the money tillable .for/this- purpose. , there seems little prob- y the financial crisis of the s relief cemmls61on, which Stcd ^ts appropriation several ago ondv the principal put' If ca^Ul^'j^yB.-'..!^^...^ S4, can, ; be "alleviated thru the nedtiinV »f the Horton funds.. The'only transfer which legally can be, nude from any county 'und is from the general fund, it was explained. When It's cherry bl<j|BOtt» time in WMhington lt'» • happjf time fcr c»p!ul folk, for'''tb»^:itrt?e^rVnc'e of the blossoms me4n»Tih*t winter i^ gone an? |prin| (ffthaod. Th, b ;Wy #&4imf*k >•**»!* 4^* r ^ j^v Si.rtsttS'^.af charm of pretty Gwendolyn son, who displays » happy as she yives ft persohftl to blossoms. Ths treei, wil) gift from ths ernra0nt, ~ " ' Em«r- •mile good- TAX BILL APPROVED :BY SENATE 7 Votes, All Re- Were Cast Against Revenue v Measure By IL O. THOMPSON Unl/ed Pr*«s Staff Correspondent WASHINO/TON, /April 14—(U.R>— The new tax bill, many .times re vised by the Senate before it was passed last night, was submitted to President Roosevelt today before the House had been given he opportunity of considering the Senate .amendments. The proced* tire won considered unusual. The $500,000,00 measure, with higher'taxes on large incomes and lower taxes on small incomes, has now passed both houses. It provides for publicity on tax returns and for heavy levies on inheritances. Usually after the Senate adopts i tax •bill it goes back to the House, but the present bill will not go back until Mr.' Roosevelt has given his opinion on changes oiiginated by Republican independent Senators which almost doubled the amount of potential revenue asked by the administra- Uon. n j Only Seven "No" Votes Capital tax experts estimated i hat the bill in the format passed i lie Senate, after nearly two weeks u\ raiding'by the liberal group In- lent upon bigher taxation, would bring $488,000,000 in new revenue. The House bill provided for $25a,000,000 in. new federal . in- Only seven votes were cast j^aiitot the measure—all by Republicans. • Principal features of the Beftate •.ax bill: It imposes a blanket 10 per cent recovery tax" Increase for one vcav on all income taxes. Even with this increase the income tax riu'es are below present levies except in the' higher brackets.- Increased taxes' were voted tin large inheritances. Surtax rates uere Increased. Income tax returns were made public to public Inspection. The prtv&p extended to affill- uted corpo^pow of filing consoW WHERE .DILLINGER SECURED GUNS t The cabinet In thp Jail at Warsaw, Ind., from which John Dlllinger, the country's foremost outlaw; secured two revolvers and four bullet proof vests In hlsjdarlns rntd on the jail. AVIATOR INSU.LL ON AND PRIDE BOAT BOUND ArliKILLED FOR BOSTON Met Death ;When^tarts, ^000 Mile i y oyage l^hich ,.WU1 """"'' ' Ohio AKRON, O., "April. 14.—<U.R)— The bodies of a - young former army air pilot and his comely 20 year olrt bride, whose lives were emitted out in a plane ; crash two days before the, couple's. first wedding anniversary, \verp brot here tcday. The victims were Lester Krug,' 34, a departmental expert with a rubber company, here, ,' and his wife, formerly Miss Virginia Al- lr, of Mt. Clemens, Mlph* The couple met death last • night near Hlnckley, O., <wie8t 'of hero, 1 while flying > from Cleveland, where they failed to negotiate for the sale of the plane in which they crashed. A swirling snow was believed to have confused Krug, causing him to lose his sense of direction. He was dead when farmers who heard the crack-up, reached the' wrecked ship. Mrs. Kfug succumbed an hour later. Prank and Edward Kraft, farnt- ers living across the road from the farm of Daniel Bellus, where the ship struck a tree, were first to reach the bodies. Both were strapped in their seats. This tree was completely uprooted. The young couple had left here early in the evening to - to Cleveland to meet a Buffalo man to arrange details- for purchase of their ship, a .three-passenger monoplane. .Krug served an enlistment in ••the first army pursuit squadron, stationed at Seltrldge Field, Mt. Clemens. He was employed, as an expert in the manufacture of a special de-icing fabric for airplanes. Congress Today By P. C. M. JAW* United l*res« Staff Correspondent ABOARD 8. S. EXILONA, A.t Sen. April 14.—(U.R>—Samuel Insull, asleep in ,hls cabin aboard the passenger Cargo Rhlp Exilona, started back to his adopted country today to face trial on fraud charges. In the cnbln next to Insull, as the Exilona sailed from picturesque old Smyrna at 12:30 a. m. today, was, Burton Y. Berry, third secretary of the American embassy at Istanbul, detailed to accompany him on the '5,000 mile voyage to Boston, Mass., where It Is due on Mnv 0 or 7. v . Berry planned to alternate In watching Insull with Captain Wenzel Habel, master of the Exilona, who was detailed as joint custodian. A little packet took. Insull from Istanbul to Panderrna,. terminus of the direct railway -to Smyrna,. He held up well on a tedious uncom fortoble H-hour trip on the mixed freight-passenger train 1 ' which halted at every station. At 0:40 p m. last night he left,Turkish soil in a little boat, and after a brief ride across the harbor in a choppy sea, he briskly climbed aboard the Bxllona—theoretically on American soil, and under the flag of the government that has sought him for 18 months—at 0:60. Aboard the Bxllona, Insull went to the captain's cabin. He chatted smUlngly with *he friendly and handsome young captain, Hazel, inquiring the size and accommodation of the ship, learning it had a sport deck and a swimming pool. Insull retired to his well furnished, comfortable cabin No. ff; adjoining Berry's No. 4. A member of the Exllona's crew Stood guard at Insult's cabin door throughout the night. SENATE: ' ' Considers conference report on Bankhead cotton control bill. , " Finance committee continues its executive discussion of sugar bill. ' Judiciary subcommittee con&id-1 er joint resolution to outlaw war. i HOUSE: In recess. Judiciary subcommittee considers Lemke banking bill. Interstate commerce subcommittee re visas stock.- market bill. Right Birth Pate At 7t. BROCKTON, Maea., April M —, (UP)—Miss Cora. A.' Davis waaj misinformed as to ,<%e true date of her birth until seventy years of j age. She believed her birthday to be March 31, 1868, the .notation! entered by her parent^ In the farn-' ily Bible, but. recorda .'at Millie town hall showed the true date to be March 30. ' CHICAGO. April 14.—(U.R). United States District Attorney Dwlght H. Green prepared today to bring Samuel Insull to an immediate trial on mail- .fraud charges.' Meanwhile state's Atty. Thomas J. Courtney held his own. -state charges' in reserve. Courtney is engaged in prosecuting InsuU's brother, Martin, who was extradited from Canada after a long fight. Both Green and Courtney have filed their claims with the state department for Insull's custody, when lie reaches, this country from Turkey. Largo buttaiM « oM new/H»»J»«* a for late »t The Chirqttkle Office for ' Kicked On Radio's Tone. NEW BRITAIN, Conn., AprU 14. (UP)— Joseph Landwehr refused to pay for a new radio because, he told Judge Stanley J. Traceskl, "the thing was so hoarse the Boa- well sisters sounded like the, Mills brothers and Rudy Vajlee like Singing Sam." Nevertheless, Judge Traceski ordered him 'to' pay Bernhart Katz |62 Inasmuch as he contract^ tose the set MAGNA-F1 INDli Will Appear in Voluntarily Answer By MEADK C. MONROE United Press Staff Corresp«nd*int CLEVELAND, O., April ^ 14.— (U.P.) —O. P. •;•:" ""'"" Sweringen, one of the clera of 'the vast inpren Railroad and r6ril tnte interests, and••"• tW'ip i C1 e vol nil d bank otticials,' will appear voluntarily to !, court today to answer 1n- dictmentH charging com- . plicity in a $10,000,000 ^ "window-dressing" achetne that allegedly concealed-tile condition of a tottering! bank. Thr Indictmontfl, ing fraud, were returned last night and named lb addition to Van Sweriitgheji, Joseph E. Nutt, chairman of the board of the defuitct rtion Trust Company arid former treasurer of the Republican National Committee, and Wilbur M. Baldwiti, the bank's president. Van Sweringen and Nufb issued statements deiiyfttgj wrong doing and express-; ing confidence of vindlca.'-;; tion when, tried. The three. 1 defendants will be expected,* to provide bail when , :flJS : ; raigned today. ^ ' 1 ;: Nutt and Baldwin specifically were accused of making four falae entries, in the bank's books and Van Sweringen with; ,'., abetting these transftot The "window-dir^! tton was completed the day a financial preceded it. The' deal ., .., started while Van sVerlngen was in New York conferring.iVithth*'-, Morgan officials on another mat-' ; tor. according to Van Swerlngen* 1 ii> He met Nutt there, ho, said, , and-' 4 -' was asked if the Van SWBringen « > Corporation would sell HftQMtOOO J (Concluded on Png» ft) ^? ! ' " • —J/'...;. :'<&• C-'M i THE WEATHER j DETROIT, Mich. Apirll The weather' forectiBt todfffl; .„„,. Lower Michl«ark—MloeUy; cloudy, some rain or snow Bundfty~"and possibly tonight; not In temperature. " •, probable tonight and Sunday; not so sold torught..' ;.... : • '" Weekly Weather Region of .the great 16 to 31 incJuslve--M6stlyJatr rather cold weather first ;.»arb week, probably followed itatlon and warmer\ . T Weather Condltleiiilt:, ; The barometer la , Inches except in western Canada; th»: oeiiteniA ot \ t low presaura being in MlWtfP**. New Mexico and -over Laltis^ Huron. •-• : PrecipitiitloiV is flfenwftl^lff.;4hji. T ' northeast section, and amounja are reported in Colorado and southern Texas. Light wow 'fell in the great lakea region^ ,-tti;*|, warmer in the centra^ «itf?!|i and southern regions, but the la of importance from South Dakota only. There', . been a considerable fall lh t«m- peratuiie ln j westesrn Canadg. where t the high barometer area, is locatr ed. 'T^ :; ':'-':• -. The sun sets BatunHay »t 7U3 o'clock and risea Sunday at 8:51 o'clock, setting Sunday r at »T:I8 o'clock and rising Monday atrft\W tfolock. ' ',.• -. • ::"•', ri,.;. . Temperature ^ reading* • ' •'••-,• 8 Aipena ...... Chicago •,,.:.-.; Detroit ,...*, Duluth Grand Rapids, . Ludihgton Marquette . . , . Sault Ste. Marie THE Hifh fox past tow for at If you Ohronlcto by •:« No. MO. No p«pmi will 7:00 o-olook.

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