The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 3, 1935
Page 6
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fetx ..... ........... Blytheville Chicks Opeti Cage icipuiiiiir in T ........... • i ••' •• - : -- — ^- — ---- « ' ' Men 1934. Dislricl Plare Team By Harry Gray son j you're firmly addlelwl to il! Uie favorites on the form ••hurt, and olrrady have inndo nj> Out and Inner • • B Krehz yo " r mUui lo •'• trl " g wlth Tlie ror BV I, P. FRIEND 1915 bs&kelball fit litgh spline! will Six Leftei Men Back From r^i Rm^'i^inl mo^ ^' Second nin? pro ot ie ' <4; olln n " lrD . '•)"> Open lc?.t wcson; nr Ky lafloon, the. wmatlonsl young pro from Denver—well, go rlelit ahead, yon fully Iff place your hord-rai-rifd Iron-rind New - „.. ,~ .„ ,,„. ,, . , *«" »ot to 'In National n,jar.l armory. The porno '' ] ^ ai leafl - '"'HI "IP first of vill 5f-,rt it 7 30 ' . ' Ff bnmry. Upsides, ihprr, li[ivR,tie>n tt>ltfi <ly Ifiier-men on hand and i 1 lfa l* fa>m ff > liwoiuldfrsif' ns a ;hast of material, prospects for ? 1" Mlh " ltlp wisdom of our 2 winning combination ore pfoin- < rl)0 ' ri>s '» "'''• "Port «n<\ thai. King Clyde "Bud" Wilson, bfll- 'lowsomnvur. don't my wo rlldri'l, Hani guard, b the only regntni 1 wnr " y 011 '° watdi u louMe-lmlm missing from last year's district lnd "arnol Johnny Revolta, the second place , winners. Charles kl<l Milvraiifrrn pro, who, a couple "peanut.'," Brogdon, • speedy for- o! yc!lrs "6°. "Is "nine in (ho. pa-' ward, who saw plenty of action as ( )ers af '". 1 ' lie finished second In for Bljtfirville litgli sflmol will gfi r " lvL ^ yo " °" wl imcier way tomorrow night vhen tl1 " 5 ' lr ' pln< " ( ' 5 " l fhp Cbk^aw mf«t lite. quintet. Wl!s- OJl * ° r °» r of Uoohville iueh M ]MX>! at (lie °''' K rftl "*»l!ons National n,jsr,l nrrrmr. lll ? t ^ :|iL > f "-' J - '"' , saw peny o acion as ie nsed second In a reserve. Rill receive his diploma llie *' 0.000 Mlarnl-Blllmorc Open. at raid term Coach Carney l/islie A lot llas happened since John- lias Hrrbhel Mosley, chewn on the ny ">°Lored. ,i OOT i lo Florida from district first team, John Wesley Jlb siiosv-swcpl northern hobie- lie "" il " Kl ln Bums l " Kl ln n " ancient flivver lo nr- Herman Keohler, elong- rlvc J" sl '» "me lo tee off. The consicler- rney lias H Ell dist , Purlie nnd John "Wimpy forwards Herman Keohler, elong- me o tee ated center, vho pulls the tape to cl « ad -pnnned youngster, 0 feet 5 Indies, Dick Tipton, one ed Jllst a nns| i '« Hie pan a co\i- of tlie best floormen in the stale ple ° r months after lhat pcKonn- nnd Gfne BlncMcwell. guards, who ance . llas developed Into an cx- iiave earned their. "B," around ^ wllh "1° l<""g Irons, nn vnom to mould life team. Others l>utt wlth lll » 1'est of 'tin who are expected to make a strong I " ' * Wd are Huwll Mosley and Eddie Jl " x T "Hf<l I.»rfoon ran extensive drills during Ihe holiday -nisoii in an effort u> discover a "nnhie LomblnalloM. In a scrim mage against the seniors ycslcr- •iay Ihey showed to a Ueeided od- 2°f. nofcrl swarehs. the only holdoveV from last , eMO ;!, broke ins ankle and will be out for the !g, center, and jmpnnemeiit are n.i»rf"'>.— """"""i the whlrl- l«li T °, foilowe 'l clow on nia eel, despite a Jinx llla( , t . al d ' Jlta to drop the SL. Pm ,| „„,, Western opens in playoffs Bunynti won nine big' events «."n n L,"' e ?T' wl ""= l^roo ' Hn« T '""' " C " f0r tW »- onr^'S' 1 ^ 01 '^""'" 1 '^' - On The Outside - • In By "DUKE" A Record? V/e /loltcfi where , Miss., Pine Dliiff „,,,! ,. u , I1J , t( , i Ai>.., as v;e)l as other lov/m anri glow of Rase Row] c i or y mru achievements or hoys ' from (lie old dome town wllti Alnlinma's nlelil-y nrJrasoii TWp. As fr>r thai mattej' niyliifvlllp IB well ns all Arknn-Tas frei.-, eon- ililfinUp pride iu Um cclilrvc- :;jrnL of Alnhp^ia'^ gr^at i^ntn How-vrr Ihere's nollilng very new' alicl " t / rt " h *8« liW'i Iilaylug n big par I. in -Alabatlm llo,.-r- nc,wl vie- Arknnra.i probai)ly hftler 'rfj>- tai nil Ortinran Tldf fcotlrall -B ovfi- a (wrloii of jr-am Hmn j«y oiliw statf. /n n, f . lm | r , (l r ..,_ W Urn Tmvnlnma Instltntloirj; Add tw for records of various <rLt II, Is doubtful if any nti,,,,- lown or clly i tl t | ln (:0 ,, nlry ,, a , *. r . good or lietter K rrrord n^iv, Blvltollle in' S" re ^! -e/itatlon. Herschel Caldwell, „ Ulyllicvlllo high product, playe.l In lie. Rose Bowl with Alabama fin "••- Year's Day w_ R mA Ig27 ., owfill Is Fourth On <>nwile's T,is| .Of State. Golfers W. A. Miinir," anke,!- fourll, In i| 1( . ,„.„, „„ ' l^ilr,,, nr ,),,, , f> , ;ft , t g n ,^^"" rkan,, s l ; y ,)„ Arkansas OB7*Hf l.itilr. rtwk iiem , r-r tr rr, "! )i; '""""- • T " inl ». f I- tlr ' H'.'i.; Illcvr- nifptmoip IVu 0,-, w ,-|, ; j. ,,! w"l V ^ or nov/i'ii HIP nn?r.ttp ....,.,. ••PntUne ,ls Walter nowpll's main (rouble. The rrsl ol |,!s garnn h' hc-yonrt erillcLsm. In Hie ksl ftalf- I powell w,il V, holc-s |,eforr- elitn-' inatioti. On sl>: ownsions l,e mK->- e<l the shortest tlml of /jiif- "•-•' cost him thn iiolp. v7a!tf-r''i piUIIng if. rtiargr-,1 |r, |) 1P f a , ,hr- Is acc-tislomfd if, i]j,- that DR. *l. L CISSELL rrRAnuAin VKTERINARJAN at Boh Harrt-,' fialcs filnWn Phone 4(io nlytheville, Ark. '" and '. guards 14 Games Scli«dolfd Kin- Johnny Improved Play Open, Jan. 24-28; San Jose Jan. M-27; Oakinont, Cup i>l dlemlalc, Calif., Jan. ;io- •4; Agua Callente ctassle, Feb 7.10; International Four-Bull nt Miami, Mareh 3-d; nntl a buskct- fnl of other rich plums. 7," V'?,- " taenc ? ° r any excess |coln of .the realm, due to"Insistent. (teinniKls of Chiislnm.- .•oss-lliR-boftrd mind b our Jolinny in all the , :o«niamen).s lie enters And on (lie as HI ojien lion.* ' , . ivlera nwl. fall. ' u n drop Teams Tackle Wardel| Cagers Friday . v ™07T51i, J^TI. T, Vn Cnotfi ,. wnutats win play the Wardell lcam.1 on Hie Wardell cowrl Fri- my night In a double header The Cooler girls are particularly strong, e won all their games l>y scores so fa r. iinelt, Cooler star girl '•>« i r' n , n "'°"» l "l tor from nl>t,, ° Pnllll -' ! in . e ™V same . u . -n i - » llythevillc played with the Tide '" W" Vcnr's Day, 1931. For the irel time niythevillc failed to iliavc active representation in a law Howl game Tuesclnv. Hut « tiiw on the bench was j. D Whl Worth, guard coach under Head Coach Prank Thomas And lluwih ,,„«, ,,,, nty tXpZI '"„ '^ Way ''"s'Palf of guards. Charlie Marr (Plnfe nmrn uat i Morrow r«rformc<l tOV ''" "'' C ' ly C " n lie " lat The lonesborri Hurj-Jca/ie, lookiii" fonvard to a. great season on tc basketball com . t , wlll i lllv ™ u ™ teltermcn cllulble by th, time they "«oi the Chicks 'on Jan. 2<i wi ,o will not he allowed to play | n ear? Hurricane games.'. ' If (iverylhtiiK turns out :is ey- . am nun rev v Kmil • Courier tfcws Ads JOE P. PKIDE Certified Registered Engineer Oeneral Engineering '. Surveying, Mapping Phone 4flg 'BlTHiBvlll.. Ark. s^£iill;i3i:sHs«5 Jan -ie, ere 7nn 8— Ogceola there' Jan ll-Shawnee, thWe •Jan 12 T slke?(oii, here Jan 15-welner, there.' Jan 17-Lu\ora, here JJ") 22-Luxora, there Jan 25-wilson, here ^n 29-jone^oro,, there. Feb 5-wilson, there. £* o-welner, here. ' •, ?h "-S'^'on, :lhere. Feb 15-Jonesboro, here. >e 19 -ah aw nee. here Steele ; Johnny! - * iUe Friday tour. The ' - «Uh FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. UJSOEANCK DEPr. CITY LICENSES AND FEES .Privilege' taxes and license (tor. businesses, professions, mobiles, dogs, street tax MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL i> Trailer Operators! •..-..•. • - v "*••-'.' . • • • :'• Reprinted 'from . Tlie . Hly ihcvlllo courier ' News NEED BRAKES ON TRUCK TRAILERS Revenbe Departmfnl Wilt Refer Licenses to • fhlcle ve > the revenue Invoked ..ure « leratloii ot trailers and sem™ liallere. particularly • In MlsslsSl county where many vehicle* rfow opfirollng do , wt med . „ ** n °« qulremen,, it Wa5 pointed ouL^xl the regional office of the revenue depnrrnenl here u,te morning rollers and semi-trailers rot •i wllh hmkes which cai , e,! |,y , hi , tlr , '" ™» vehicle drawing M, e °U ! llono! c qiiipmrnl will ,,ol. be- . «nr«1 In 1935. stale Commlsslonfr Enrl R. wie lias announced. Employe., or? rflonal office here say under . mm ^ S l I" 1 " wl " ^ "vallable local office. 208 (SMon[1 noort Iiiiram building. Mam „„ W»i« CCIS ' Wetlllfsila y mining v II a ° r ta , SS f or a11 ''"^ ° r c«« will u c ready Tor iMiiancc Tile revenue department K unu' Prohibited by law from acep Ing Personal or firm checks In MV wont of uccnse few. p ay? « nt should be made by certified c ] ' cashier's check, money order n ' - « ailure to obtain lags effec- o.h , «i Other regulations to become Before yoii can gel your «.AJ«> Stale License yon r trailcf mnsL be equipped ade([na{e brakes. are equipped to funi- isb arid in.skdl fbe required brakes and axle (where nee- cssary). s . Shousc-LUtlc is hcadrjuar- icrs for Bendix Brakes, B-K Power Brakes and Timkcn Axles. NOTICE! We urge you lo look into ihis mailer ai O7iec, as Jl may require ten days to two weeks to get special axles required for eeriain '« of trailers. DMLERS AND GARAGES ;;,V tc> "' irc or telephone us &fi 633) for coni l )lete I"' n? n ? atld Prices on Ben- ulx Brakes, ft-K Power Brakes, and Timken Axles. Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. Blytheville, Ark, Phone 633v a( Idl Knrlti tti ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWARDS, Proprleto? !.^ iddlng Machine »nd Calculator. -— Part*- Klhbont 250 Hart, Schaffner & Marx SUITS AND TOPCOATS $19.75 $2^.75 One Lot Prep Suits t ^L s $16.00 All this merchandise is new Fall styles and patterns. Consent with our pohcrto always show new merchandise these suits and topcoats must be moved to make room for new Spring arrivals in February and March SALE OF SHIRTS-PAJAMAS $1.65 Values $1.35 $318 Values $2 25 $135 Values {US $3Jfl Values $2.85 $2.5(! Values $1.85 $5.00 Values $3.65 $8.58 Leather Coats $6.45 $6.50 Leather Coats $4.95 Corduroy PANTS and Jackets $4.00 Per Suit All GUI $3.50 Hats 2.95 One Lot SHOES Broken Sizes ;3.50 1'fT Pair MEAD CLOTHING CO,

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