Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 30, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1896
Page 3
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,-Wi days',) do you suppose it would take .a woman to count the packages of Pearl- ine•(.o'uYwi'p) s °ldyearly. Here it is, all figured out for you. 1,588 8/9 dap, about four years. Now if youj'are one of those poor, plodding women who are trying to get along with the old-fashioned.ways of „ &f~& °-? washing, stop rand think what all that AS-eoo Pearline ( no '. = o% P ) means. Don't you u^-suppose most of these millions of women who use it are just r as careful and particular as you are? And if Pearlme were not what we say it is, or if anything could be urged against it, would women be using it m any such way? ^ J Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you "this is as good as" I^CtlCl " trie s"-nc as Pearline," IT'S FALSE—Pcarhne is never peddled, • « i and iTyoiir grocer srods you lomcthing in nl*™ of p«a,line. be 11 Back The Dessert for to-day? Don't give it , n thought—further than to order it from your grocer. Give your husband and t' 1 boysatrcnt after thcirmvn hearts ,'.-••—n mince pic, fruit cnkc, or n fruit pudding. To have the perfection of mince pie or fruit pudding, order ' NONE SUCH MINCE tfEAT: I Rcnclv for use in twenty minntcs. Always fresh, delicious and wholc- l some. ClcanlintfS and the best grodn of matcrisils arc first coti- ', lidcrations in itj manufacturo;. ' i Sold iiTCrysrhorf. Tlko no >ubiit!tutvu ,' A lite, p-ickaso uiiluiK two IOFKO PIOB. ; ' ' <; 0 nil your ndijrcm, pi«nlnK this puri' " " vrm T« 'oiitlni lKA«k««lfini<." !>}• ouo or tlM iiiuit popular huaioruul MFJtRBl-L- SOULE CO., Sj-rnc-nsc, N. THE EPWORTH LEAGUE. The Sixth Annual Conference at Anderson a Big Success. tin Typewriter Is a Good Machine. Ahlgb stflnjUrd ol.'eicellence. Him) users of the "Munson" consider It THE BEST. You will tlnd It a valuable assistant In jour ot- (Ice. Address (or particulars jJHEMUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MAXUFACTUKEHS. '; 240-314 \Vfnt lake St., CKlcilRO, 111. To the Ladies. 1 ce lhose who are-interested in dermatol- idc *' y should call on Mrs. Strtnghnm, who -vvalocated in -the St. Elmo building on Pnliachvay and he convinced that der- ,-.',^5l^gy is what every woman of in- ;oace and refinement needs. It Is eded by our hest minds that a beau- complexion Is a necessity of the i century, and which clvillza- t must hare; and every worthy hua- or brother will take Interest In 'jhase who are Buttering from auy . cutaneous disorders such as eezroa, tetfei freckles, acme, liver spots, birthmarks and superfluous Iiair are success- fully'treated. Bright energetic girls Ing to work for ¥10 a week should' call nnd sell Aits. Stringham's preparations. Catherine StriDghani, DERMATOLOGIST. The sixth annual conference ul: tlte State Epworth I.eagiH 1 is In sessinn at our neighboring city of Anderson. There are fully l.OOrt delegates in sir- fondatU'i' and the meeting is full of in-. .-•piratiun. The sessions are being held In the new armory of Co, H, The room i« large and comfortably sealed with l.:;0() Chan's. The decorations of red and wlilte, the League'.-; colors, shim 1 out everywhere. Tlie front of thu room is occupied by a roomy stage, funiisli- ing seating room for tlie chorus of two hundred voices. The singing Is under the direction, of Prof, Shook, of Ter.re Haute, assisted by cornetist. Hartland, of tlMs-wty. . Tlie Conference opened Thursday afternoon by t'vangolist; services conducted by the noted evan-gi/lis! Rev. Henry. Ostrum, of Milwaukee. .Mr, Ostrmn is proving himself, a master, and hk services furnished spiritual inspiration to all. Among other well known speakers prosesit and faking part in the proceed-; ings aay be mentioned Pr, Driver of Marioti. I-I. C. Weakley of Christ's Hos- plta.l Cincinnati, B. E. Hclinan Cleveland. Dr. J. P. D. John, Dr. Moore editor Clirlsiliin Advocate, Cincinnati, Tin 1 -foliowing otlicers won; eleetet for the nest year. 1'ixyideJit, F. M. Barbour, Evansville tirst vice presiduut. Key. Worth Tippy Oxfonl: second vice president. M Margarefte Boyer. Tiirton: third vice president, .Tanws G. Campbell. Thorn- tf>wju;fuurth vice prosldeut, Sol. A, Huff, ludiauapolls: Supt. of Juniors, Mrs. r. E. Powell, Anderson; Commander ot Guards. W. H. Waterfall, Co- lutnibU Cl'fy; Secretary, H. P. Eig Mooa's Hill; Treasurer, Rev. Horace Ogtlen Ke\vanna. A I'HV BpwortlL Loague statistics wouldjuot l>e out of pliiee. There were In ludliiun. 78-t Chapters, 3G7 Junior ChapUrs and five companies of puat\ls, niaktn'f a total of 1,150. These have an active; membership of 02,000. In ttin Uulterf States there are 19,500 Chapters with a. membership of 1,400,000. The place at holding the next annual meeting has not yet been decided upon. Kokaino. Marlon and South Bend are asking'for it. The selection lie.s In the hands of the cabinet, made up of State officers.' \t is .generally conceded that this is tlie best meetiug yet held in the State. .Tolm-P. Hlllis and Harry Maxwell, the well-known singers- each "favored the Conference with their • matchless singing. M.r. Ilillls has been with Rev. B. Fay -Mills the noted evangelist. The Future of the Apprentice Boy—His Importance. PANHANDLE'S FUTURE General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. At the aiiiimal convention of tlie mas- tor mechanics hi Saratoga there was a long aud Interesting discussion on the future, of the appre.utlce boy, President Smart!, of Purdue UU'iver-slty, was present mid tool; part In the discussion. He said the college desired information us to the needs of the apprentice, and that the university people stood ready to co-operate with the association in any plan which, will bo of beuetlt. The comimii-ftee appointed a year ago to report mi this matter said in its report: ••Your commitlee believes rlie nocwsliy of the times change I lie environment of (hi; apprentice as well as the mechanic. With the pas.-his of tin: small shop with a IV\v hnys. bound nmler written agreements and bonds signed will) legal for- malliy. there must lie a new era for the apprentice. We set 1 with- the modern n-rporatiou a breaking il»w.n of the old method of shop organization, suitable for the father.-; a.nd grandfathers. '.Hit no li>uger suitable for progressive organizations. While in t.lie past il may have beru possible to hold a boy bouiul unilor agreements, sircJi mr-flidds do not answer with great corporations Mich as our railroad.' are fast becoming, PX- twiding through several States, with their aggregation of simp i.'inployc.s gatl-.ered from tliu heart nf great dlies. from the suburban district*, and suirn.'- tlmos from the small villages which are almost dependent on t.lie oorporatJou for their exislem-i', the bond gives way :itn1 U given examples In tin' principles of loyalty, am.l the time Is fast npproach- ing when the young man will feel a loyalty to the corpora.tio'ii second only to rhe Slate or church." The. shop .'inch! are nbvrVwbrlcJiig eight hours .per. day.,.all because of the .nomination of MeKi.uley. • • ' ' It is sbited that J. W. Ansel is lo be appointed .tniiniiMster of the rauhandle lions west of Plttsbnrg when N. C. Dean comes to the Vaudalia. ( Watermelons aud other fruits are so plentiful this year that the roads are requiring that payment of freight charges bo made in advance or when sliippod. Sol Finos, formerly with the Wabash and later on the Southei-u railway as assistant, to President Spencer, has accepted Ihe presidency of the Sloss Iron aud Steel company. The passenger department of the Wa- basli has issued a. book of ulnety-live IWKOS printed on line plate paper wltli :i numlx-'r of handsome illustrations of hotels, public buildings ow.ned by the Wa,bash and a number, oil lakcsidii scenes along tlieir route. New railroads for the first half of the year, according to the Railroad (.lazette. cover" only 7.1.7 miles built ajKiinst (!22 last year, .1,704 in 1S03 nnd 2,055 in iSOft bnl. the tonnage c.-istbomid from Chicago cuiitin.nes larger'than lit any past year, !S7.:il2 tons i,n three weeks of .Tuno against 1.(;0,70f> hi IS!"):!. - -In the Caie, Hotel, Pullman (Car or on the Steamer, ask for HIRES Rootbeer Carbonated. It is the most sparkling:, delicious and appetizing beverage of the day. {inilo null tf I'll" r,'N«rl-< B. Him C.a., l'l,ll».Mplil«. Sgld vvurywl:ttru. KROEQER & STRAIN, Ondertakers &Embalmers. CIO BROADWAY. DR. S. H. WARD. HOnCEOPATHIST Office 309,Fourth Street. Over Taylors'Jewelry store- Mutual Telephone No, £00: Residence 013 North Street. •AMOXG SOME OF THE FAIREST SCENES Of tills cou'tiiuewt and In tho troplw.- malarlii poisons tlie 'atmosphere with it.s pestilential -breatli, .sowing tlie seeds of disease and death ill every direction. R Is In such localities that the preventive and remedial qualities of Hostetter's Stomacii Bitters are mo*t conspicuously sbown. For every form of malaria It is a signally efficacious reu> edy, aud coaouers dlsordeis of the .stomach, liver and bowels, remedies inactivity O'f the kidneys aud counteracts tlio Aveakness and lack ' oC stamina which invites 'disease, by lovelllns the barrier which a vigorous operation of tlie digestive and secretive organs opposes to it. No defensive medicine in use lias tfti'on.frer commendations.In professional quarters both for purity and remedial qualities. • ; INDIANA COAL FIGURES.. Indiana has 7,000 square miles under- laid with coal, of two varieties, block aud bituminous, block coal, which has an unrivaled reputation for steam and household purposes?, being" froc from sulphur, leaving no clinkers. and but little nsh; bituminous coal Is .sliown to be equal to .if not superior -to the best, Pennsylvania; product.-The Indiana- coal fields are as yet in the intaucy of; their development, yet last' year 4.202.-: OS4. tons were mined from them. Pitcher's Castori* Children Ci-yfo? FUTURE OF PANHANDLE. George B. Roberts, wlm reccn.tly put iu several days Inspecting the Ptm- Inindle lliH-s. takes a. deep interest: ii) this systom. He seems to thiuk i.t has a very bright future, much brightet prcxba.lily. than the Pirtstourj;, For Wayno & ChicaKo. it tniverslu? such productive aud rapidly growing terri tory. not only in growth, produce, etc, but in the growth of its Industries Yeans ago he recommended the expenditure of large sums of money to brin;, the track up to the business demands goiug so far as to recommend that It be doubled from Ptttsburg to Columbus It Is stated that there is not n road in the United States on which there has been so groat an Increase in business hi the last five years as on tlie Panhandle lines. GRAND AHMY RATES. Walker, commander-ln-cliler of tlie Grand Army of the Republic, has ordered all department commanders to ascertain and forward to C. W. Herr, of St. Paul, the number of comrades that will attend the national comrades that will attend the national encampment In that city on Sepember 2, 0, aud 4. The Wesern Passenger .association and the Central Traffic association have named n one cent a mile rate for their territory. The half faro rate east' of Buffalo will be equivalent to about one cent a. The Southern Passenger association has named a half .fare ratu and from the pjiclflc coast tlie..ra(e will lie lirattea. / RAILROAD NOTES. Wllltom Keen Is at work again after i week's vacation. W. U. Hawkins will leave for .Torre Haute today where he accepts a position with the Vandalm. This ye.tr the Pennsylvania will sell half niile tickets on .Tuly 3 and -1, pood returning until, nnd Including .Tuly G. ' Eeballastiug the track of the Pan- uradle and the Plttsburg, Ft. Wayne & !hl«igo is going on at the rate of 500 to GOO cars per day. • The Wabash lines earned in the third week of June $227,454 against $226,- r )GS Ju the same week of 1S95 and igalnst ¥292,028 -in 1894. W. A. Garret of tlie Waibash succeeds W. S. Wilson.as president of the..St. •mis HAND SEPARATOR ON THE FARM. The following bulletin has been issued by the Purdue University Agricultural Experiment Station. During tl»e past, few months numer- ou's communi!icatlons ro 'this station indicate nhat Iuilla.ua t'a.niiei'.-! sire becoming iiiudi interested in tlie use of hand .separators on the farm. Many wish ro know if It will pay them to buy a ina- ciilne, to replace hand skimming of milk. The liatid separator consists of a small metal bowl, which is revolved with great rapidity by means of cog wheel comi<x:tlons. Milk turned into tlie bowl scrparnfos Into skim milk which accumulates in tilie outer portion of rhe bowl, and cream, which gathers near tfie canter. Af'tci 1 the separatum in the bowl, the cream aud skim mill: escape from it. through outlets into .separate tubes, from which rhoy art- conducted hi to cans. This ii<-tioii of separation'I* continuous so long as the bowl Is revolving at suitable sjjoed. Separntors are IK»W commonly sold ou the market, that do satisfactory work, practically removing all of tlie •butter'fat from rhe.milk. Ou the average farm, probalily every TOO pounds of skiniiined milk secured by rhe old- fashioned methods, contains from one- fourth ro one-half pound of fat. More Is left in the mHk than farmers are often aware of. The properly .run separator removes nearly all. If not all of this. The writer bell-eves that every person' who keeps live or more cows, with the object of making as much butter from them a.s possible, who makes gilt edge butter, and who Is interested in progressive dairying would ilncl in the hiMid separator a money-making ma-, chine. Other people are likely to be disappointed, if they buy a hand sop arator. The following are some of the import ant arguments in favor of this separ ator: If effectually skims the milk thereby Diving all the cream, or ,fat Where Impurities have fallen Into tin milk, such as hairs, dirt, manure, eic. Hie separator' remove,? them, so tha their influence on the cream is much diminished. In summer, separator crean is free from milk curds, which often occur in. cream skimmed by hand and canst- trouble In butter making. The separator i.s also'a labor saving device when one becomes familiar with its use. i ml care. The necessity for caring ibs many pans,and cans is done away with u a large degree. There are several excellent forms of separator on the market. Prices vary .wording to size and make, ranging from $GT> up, for first-class machines, the above price, a machine cau be x>ught that will sopani'te 175 pounds ill an hour.--A popular and standard size, which sells for $125 will skim , pounds of milk per hour. Such a machine Is used at this statiiwi and gives .perfect safolsf action. The amount of force required to run a hand separator is not great enough to •Mre an average man seriously. The use of the tread power Is, however, becom- Clearance Sale of Tiesi Commencing WEDNESDAY, June 24th, and continuing for 10 days, or until closed out, we will sell for CASH, choice of any ti« In house, consisting of TECKS, CLUB HOUSE, FOUR IN HAND, DEJOINVILLE, BOWS, etc., for 38 CENTS Cheaper lines of TECKS, TOUR IN HANDS, BOWS, etc., will be sold as low as 19 CENTS In order to close out. Call early and take advantage of this great TIE SALE while the opportunity 1s presented, as you are sure ot getting a BIG BARGAIN, uo matter what you buy. STRAW HATS Commencing on same date, we rtill sell auy straw hat in stock at cost to close them out. Hero is your chance to get good values for little mouey. SPECIAL KNEE PANTS SALE Do uot forget the line of kuee pants that we ate closing out for from Oc to 19c per pair. Some excellent things to be had for th* price. AH Goods ChargedJHust be at Regular Prices. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 MARKET STREET. J. FERUUSOX. A. J> ,IESHB FOR INVENTORS. Doings of the United States Patent Office. Total number of patents, designs, trademarks and prints issued during the month of June to citizens of the Uniiod States, 42!). To forwftn citizens 40. Total number waiting action 0.679. The following patents are reported by Byron B. Gonlon: Albert I-I. Kennedy. Itockport, Ind.. has received letters of patent on a road vehicle, operated by motor power; Leonard N. Hardman and Aaron Tuley have received letters of patent for a corn bar-vesting uiacbine. Patentees reside at Orleans. lad. M6st jSajtlsfactory Five-Cent Ciffar Ever Sold is fy Aijjjgtransient buyer always.be- "•-"'comesia permanent patron ; Joifthlsdgar...... Kfefer Drug Company •;••:.Sole, Distributer*, INDIANAPOLIS Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's^race. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of.^May, June, July, August and September. ing extensive. Small dog or sheep powers are made, sellimgr for .f 150 or so. that are used for running hand separators, and a larger tread power, suitable for small bulls or ponies, :s also used. C, S. PLUMB, Director. AX ECCENTRIC RECLUSE. Au eccentric recluse named vniliam Black lives In .Tacksou township, De- cntur county, In the mld-st of a thickly populated settlement. In the same house in which he was born he still resides. He is Jiving with his fourth wife and is the father of twenty-nine children. All of his former wives from whom he was divorced, nre still living and have remarried. Thirteen of his Children resulted from hi.s first mar- ria.ge. Jfr. Black has never voted, has no polities, aud has not visited the couu- ty seait, but a few miles distant, for twenty-live years. THE MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise In the open air tier form glows with health and her face blooms with Its beauty. If her system needs the cleansing action of a axatlve remedy, she uses the gentle and pleasant Syrup of Figs. Made by the Califorala Fig Syrup Company. Hammocks!" hammocks! .!io dollar.—Trade' Palace. at 50c on Subscribe for-the Journal. Two wheels, cheap.—717 North street. Subscribe for the Journal, 40 cents per month. Hammocks at your uwn price at G«o. Harrison's. . Geo. Harrison has the finest line of hammocks In the city. . A No. 1 Sterling bicycle for sale or trade. Call at Parker's grocery, corner Twelfth and Spear streets. . Round trip rate to St. Joseph; $2; to Lake MaxinkucUee, $1. Train leavea Vandalia station every Sunday at 7 a. m. Only the sufferer knows the misery of . dyspepsia, but Hood's Sarsaparilla cures, the most stubborn cases of this Persons who have a'coughing every nighty on account of a tlc sensaiHon in the throar, may over" It at once by a dose of One M* : ) Cough Cure.-^Jno. M. Johnston. I cou be- found on and after my new horse ehoekig shop on street, formerly occupied by Jam.j Carney, between Market and way.—J. M..Elliott. Wton Bubj- w«8 Blck, •"« gftTO her C When she was B Child, she cried 'or C • 'S r heu she becumo M!«M. sh* clunp U> ( Vh«l Bh» Dnil Cljllil/wj. 'illi- Kxnjlllr . '•' ,,«.oi -.,^, /t at the nub Business lield the aitenlion of I taaf, ' .

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