The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 3, 1935
Page 4
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frAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVJLLB COUKIEK NEWS -THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBUSHERJS » 0. R..BABCOCK, Editor H W. HAINES, Advertising Manage! 6o!o National Advei Using Representslives; Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, OWCH, St. kouls, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Eiitevcd as second clriss matlcr at the pasv" oirio« at Blyliiovllle, M. Kansas, under uct of Congress, October 3, 1317. Served by tlic 1 United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier'in the City of Blytheville, loo per week, or 50.50 pei 1 year, In advance. By mull, within a radius of 50 miles, $3,00 per year, 51.50 for six months, B5c for three months; by msil In postal rams two U) six, inclii.slvc, Sti.50 |»r year; In tunics'seven and eight, $1000 per year, payable In advance. Ruthlessncss in World WOT Has Kept Nations Bitter Ask HD.V ii)l'oi-i))u<l ni.-iii \\-h;d is Hie chicl' tmisc of the present unrest in Duropc and lie will (ell yon tlinl il is (ho injuslia- am! the -Cupidity of the post-war Ircalif.*. Ask him why, this lioiiic H o, Uiu treaties can't lie revise:!, and lie will remind you Unit tlio mutual suspicions and resentments bred by the war make it impossible. Thcie l\vo questions, then, will bring you down to one of the most peculiar and dangerous factors in modern life— the change (hat lias come over the way in which nations wage war nowadays, and tin; price that has to be paid Joi ii _ The World War di/foed from i(s piedueessois not only in the fact that more, countries and more .soldiers were involved, but also in the fact that it was waged in a different spirit. The old restrictions on the desire tp hint onu's enemy fell away. H bpecdily developed into a light, in which, as they say of a bar-room brawl, anything went. * • • V No longer was the man in arms the sole target. Defenseless cities were bombed, over and over again, by both bidcb. Women, children, old men and im.illds wore'slain, as well as soldiers. Weichiuit ships were sunk without winning,, .Blockades were adopied, so ngoious that they condemned thousands .upon, thousands of nrai-combut- niils to malnutrition, disease and death Not bintc the world began to call itM-lf cmli-ml had (here been so vitioiib ,1 kind of fightinjr j is w ,, s tn i opi . ed between 19M and 1918. There vcie no fouls. Everything was pcr- nmsible. Things that would have horrified the whole world if they had been done in eailiu, wars were taken as a matter of course. * * T H was only natural that that kind of wai should leave people with a gicaloi heritage of bitterness and suspicion than previous wars be- (lueathwl the,,,. When t| l( . | )iUci . ux . of four years teach you l () look on M,,,,. WU!niy . ls a [icml jn( .. ir _ ««tc, you don't forget about- it overnight. For years ( 0 ccnjo lie remains the man who bombed liospittils Hiid jitwvcc! children and carried the w«r into your back ynnl. And .if you Jjcat him,' and tho pence treaties malic him suffer- well, ycrn'ri! not inclined to. be very soft-liciu'lcil about it. This untjiiciitionabl.v explains much of the reluctance of the victorious nations to consider a revision of the treaties. And this, psychological twist is worth remembering. Military men everywhere arc taking it for granted U, (l l t), c )u , x( , wnl . will he fought no the last one was— without niles. \Vc should jiot Id ourselves forget Hiat that kind of JiglUiiiB calls for a heavy .price-lo be paidla'fler Ihc actual conflici Juts ended. A'.-,' Catton, Scotching the Alimony R t A Chicago Judge iwn handctl rtrnvn it .KupicnL ruling Unit a woman who ,--wirns more money UIKII hoi- linsljaml wini.s i.s not eiitiUotl [ u «|i m ony when she divorces him; and tlic common sense 'of'such a ruling is S o obvious tlial tlio case would never have been mentioned in th c ncw,spapcrs at all, if it wcm.not lor the fact that alimony fleeisioiis n'ru so-often' tiistingiii.shed by a complete absence of common sense, A man ;\ylni marries un<lui-lnla'n ..tct'(aiii,.(|Qlinilc responsibilities .regarding Hie 'woman, of his choice. If Uu-y have children, In: certainly cannot escape liiu responsibility 'of 'providing lor them. But where there m-e' no children; whcro tlic woman 'dependents »»<l I'K ciuilc capable of KU]iporting hcr- •seir, given nn ordinary break in i\ K luck, .mat •a.s she did before site was married—where, in L the munc of san- Hy, is the sense' in giving her a perpetual claim on her'ex-husband's earnings?. It isn't often that the claim f or j,]i- 'nojiy is ijuite as uninslifiod as it was "i this Chicago case. It is refreshing 'to sec thai, ,,t least one judge is I'eaily 1 0 keep Uie alimony racket within some sort of reasonable bounds liven tlic cmclcat uf the Hiisa|rui rail's live ciUlllcd to iTlmbJIHntU /„ conipnrisoH wltli Uic Red cuiii-B now ruling niissja in the name of Mnrx, Lenin ami Stalin, -r-rcmlcr Bcnlto OUT OUR WAY * * * If you try to solve u very deep scientific question, yon must know Hint your probability of flndluB out anything is vcrj- small Yon must work aurt not ( | CS|Kli ,-. _ Pror . A11 t Einstein. * » • We cannot K ct more Income liy iniiklng lew or Uic OICIIICDI.S of u-lilcl, tills income exists. -J'vol. Irvine FiBhpr, Yule ccoiioniLa. * * * Uniiimtic critics wrllc nlxral n p | uy ,, 5 if it , were citlKT n Kin from heaven 01 - „ 1)cl - Bomi , Insult. ~J. i). i-rlcsllcy. By Williams SIDE (A«L) COUBIBR NEW* GLANCES .. , By George Clark Eg ^ T *^yrmrnir~M" -— i • " - y,- JANUARY • 3; 1935 f!il!% a >% HEGI.X IIEHB TODA* AWiV KOI.I.lBTEIl Or picrural to TOKV -. Aon »ld. "And you ve palottd It beautifully." "Pttollag liousee," Allan safet bit- Urly. when J wanted to do nor. trails and Jandseapes." "What difference does u make. Am; nnil Valerlm trltm to i iruulil? bcitvreu Ann and I fthf »ui'recd» flDally nnil Ann amir. lr«vlBg nu Itttci of IVlcr. 'H'»lHTnul7 In love her, vroiri lonttlrr at Cbc w h b«au lu « cl)COD n-Hb Ice " Hn ,,,,, j satisfied children .praivled ou the ,noar working on a ]l Esaw pu« z | e n) ,i. Occaslouslly they interrupted tlie eoavereatlen between Allan IBK fuUDd irork am e«»v. nn nrllni. ALLAN VIN- Viilfrln. •chnutnc ID win JV(*r ".TCh, UuraUadr* faliu tit h\rr Allan Vincent to dcrOMitc (nc u'.uj Lr IjiMiBlit for Ann. , mow co ON wirii'Tur;'STOH» . '•; CHAPTER JCJCXVI1 < i .'•!' ANN'anil tlio children had 'Ire colved an .Inyltnltorn ' '' " "You're lai'ltcd' tcilay to Anu to ask aid In identifying a Ml ot color tliat might ho part ot a fcvery day you want to work overtime! What" ill' lied ^j^jMMMnspircd, or something" ""'"'" " ttJ THIS. CURIOUS WORLD-^™ FOLIAGE DOES MOT ^ TO BRILLIANT COLORS |M THE FALL, AS IT DOCS IM UNITED It's for Sonny nutl Sissy, you and inc. . . There'll be cakca tor ilio kidjies cnucly loo; , Ami n-Biiccial. nrdgraiu. arranged Tor you. . ; "• "'' •" • Wlicn tc.i,,l3 over. II ; , caiv,nlay,-.v _. .. , •Wliflo'i-ou and 1'iiilk ta 'tuVcnil'-'o'l the clay." It ;was slgm;il "Allan." Aim lupllcd;- • '\\'c're Uai>[iy lo eouio lo yonr ten; SiQniiy and Sissy and iiatural'ly me. We'll clrcas in our liuest autl couie Engllsli ,,,i critics luUculul thc «oif or American lamtoapc painters lieii u,cs exlub.lcd piUuiis -.Iming tl, c i ; rilli n nt colovs ot American uumn. nicy \vcre believed^to lie colors ol pure imafination. ^ Tlic Hunl'remmiiiiainl/iiig is :l i.yiirW uf ]'„,„. numj• hmgiugcs'.' MY lilt. ,WJJ!I!IS l-fSHBt'lN Edilor, Journal nf (In, American Hcdiral rtssoclalion, ami of Ily- Beia, Ihr. Ileatlh .Maq.iiiin- Von will illnil iiuiiiy viiricl-lf!. '-i>I ili'limiucht elilldicii. '1'licy include iliosc ivlio ur ( . jfot nbtc lo hold tlicir own in croups or. children; (liow ivlio arc unruly mid who refine lo submit, to Ihc usual customs of school ami coni- mmiily; and those emotionally uii- slubli', W ii 0 have neurotic lendch- WICD tludifs me made j( niiul thai d Kirls live In ms ot (he wcil-lo-do. RIGHT BACk TO TH' BATHROOM AMD WASH; THAT OU6HTA WELL WITH WOM'T GO Ar MEALS- TALCUM POWDER. X . OVHR TH' DIRT All Classes .Are Represented Among Juvenile Delinquents JJt'oken home;-; aio ; moii! prcval. ('ill' aiiioni; deliii(|ueiit elilldven lliiin nmoiii: eluldrcn generally. Wlicii tin- home Is uroMi) HJ> l».v Mir dwilli <ii' (he desertion ol 'a parent. (iL'lliKjueiii-.v is more likely to uccur. Forty-nine )>cr tent ol dcliiitjiien!. girLs nnd ;i? per cenl of dcliniincnl lioys cam.- iron lionira in v.-hicli one or botfi JKU- enls were tlcad. | In ueiicral. public school children I are found in only 17 por cenl of lenses lo come from homes in which one or both parents may be dead, ironies broken by separation (if (lie iKirenls are ako much delinquent lii'oinuily ai ilirec; , . , ,. It's tnc first time we'yo u,geu. lo a 6tnclio tea." _' ' Am; had liad s;l'tnpEea ; 'u't 'Allan Vincent's sanclnm many tlincS iliir' Ins Ilio ;lwo niomlu alio lind hecn In tlio.Tnicy lioiiie. nnt slie bad never crossed Us tlircsliliold. Tlie'ivalia were panelled in liol- Ishcd oal! and flic ceiiin;; bciiiiicd in licay'y -limbers In 'tbo iminnil color, highly.waxed. -The .windows wore (trailed in imnipldn-coloved linen, stcitied in red. There were deep, cozy clinlra and a divau. Hie uyholstcry carrjini; out HID oraugv nnd rcrl color eeheines.- Tlio uiantei. was Hanked with shelves filled witli uoolct-. fn.onc CDrner artist's-.para- Iibcrniilln ''was assembled '— ea'scla, c;iim urusbns, sketching pads. -One easel held; a piloting ol'.n;! li&iiuttCu.I. iioine. Aiiii<stodU .Uefbre'-l It, lost in admiralion. ''•"'-£ -[ On anotlior easel w.-ia tlic iiJclurc 11'," of a terrace and a illghi of liTcgil-' ' liiV Bioiic stops lending to - A gnrd^ri "hp A' riinililiiV 1 - 'fla*«»n<i Ti-iti.,1.^,1 I.- Lead or mluht be his nose Mrs. Tracy ruslied In at f our . I in oft for the rest ol tho orter- 110911.: A showing of Ralph Baylor's pictures at the Seville. Aren't you coming jatcr, Allan'!" , "Not'irHe'lhrew j,ts ] lcal] ta( . b against tho cushioned chnlr. smlj i"B through ' apiuEed. tialt-closei. oyos. "I'm nijictr too comfortable whore 1 am. Besides 1 -like my own lilcmi'cs best." He motioned, a lit He contemptuously, toward the easels. :; "A cl'iarnilnB place but U BCOIUE ill-fated, doesu't it?" M ro . r rac , said absently. "I won't be home (or tnilncr.v'Aun. ::Let Sarah give the kids supper early and nut them 10 hod. S'ou nndlAllan might dine oui somewhere add•; take In n «how He's (ieveloplas into a regular her- mit-atfd • r-a»n't 'tielleve. you have been any place since you came." "I lova staying .When his sister-had gone Allao urncd to Ann. ;-Lfke to see a ehow Ann 6al(1 Aim colored, icrc." slio said. oulglity" he aslitd. -•''No. thank you, Allan:" "J wish I knew wliat ' It's .. ux _ ,, nii,!^ . 11 g mj about. Aim.". Ills 'amid covered licre or nimomciit. ng./ : . , .-;-... '"Vou must 'toll me." .-.**• A NN shoo); Jicr head. "Anyway., I would riilhcr be ore, with you. Uian nnywhere else -,1th some other girl." 'Auu cnid hastily. ")VJ,y don't you kc'jn ,V show?' Vou uiusl know Oiids ot attractive people." ''I won't lie led from .my original Ian to spend the entire day will; His artist's eyes roamed lioltlly. IHirovingly over Aim,- from ber right hair, coilc'i] demurely '111 ,1 Rial], soil knot. : to her slim tilack uiniis. Her dress was a slnipic rock of golden brown, one ot tlie resets remaining 'rrriin the day E r niiiiTJaac. H wiis becum utcs later. "Adjective No. 1. eivc." Allan emllcd. "lV<T|;een. Blvcu free rein in thla i, OU£0 ,'" already there's a woman ti-y|,' lc ,, bosa tho ]ou." k '" "I .doa'l see vvpy she slionldji'i liove something IQ say about It. (V s her home. Isn't It?" "No. Although 1 gather tlmi s )m would like lo oivn |t and this chan along wltb It." "Are they ensaeadY" "I'm not sure. Anyway she ha s horrlblo taste. And 1 won't have icr rufalng this house It I cau belli PHEY had raorcd through Ihc liv. lug room, Ihrough Uic dining room wlih its windowed alcove opeiiitig on the Garden. Now they entered one of Iho hodroonw. "Iloiv would you furnish this room';" Allan asked unexpectedly Ana said, hesitantly, "I wouldn't dare—" 'Tleasc." "Well, then, I would have frilly white curtaius at uiy windows, wlih overdranerlcs of flowered wlilto' cliluiz — clilntz sprigged with delphinium In shades of bright blue ', nud other small Bon-era In mulberry. The walls would lie oyeicr poster with a IV01 , ((J valance like the draperies. There u-ould uo some other Colonial nieces— " "All right, go on." "That's about all. II would he restful and beautilul." Ann said Wistfully. "It Will [X-. y 0 Q ,„(,.]„ j.y, gc) to carry out your Ideas."., ]'But 1 thought you said—7" "That girl wanted a chromium ii'd glass dressing tahlc. |>lu!i point I sprit curtains and a green velvet chatso tongue." "Oh. no!" Ann shook her head. iNoi in this room!" "Yea. Yon are uomiiiatcd my only assistant on this job. When 1 v.iuc (iclp, 'the woman's touch.' I'll ail on yon." . "Whafdid sirs. Tracy mean about hn place bcii'B ill-fated?" Ann slced. "Ii was liuili i,y u chap named toua.'il nrent for liis wife. The lalo oes that ho was very much In | 0 vc v)U; Her. Tlic liousc Imd Just uceu omrleled when 1 came'here aboul >ix months nso. A ehon whfln flcrwar.1 the Brems were divorced " was £; ,d." Am, saw In'a vw voice. "Yes. l)nt most marriages end in ivorce—or should." "You're it'rritily cynical. Isn't . . I'cr aiairiagc. H was bec-um here a cbance this couple may be '' " cr 5lclllcr °»>" '^,,^,,- _ . / '""* .-iivny from tiio down the t'loiio lo- he-lost on n wooded hill t-ide. . ...... "Like i It, Ann?" ' '•!, '' AnujsiiJd. ."Jt's- UIQ .ii'onse f'rc rj- ways ^yauled." . , : "Yn-! kbow ttic : Jirom | f |a C e (henV" ' • "Ko. I only; meant ira ciittllj- Uio :;ort ot homo I've dreamed of owniug nonio day." "VOU havcu't seen aiiyiliiui; yet," -^-A.llan bald. -"It'a one, o[ the cleverest hoiisca I'vb seen.' There aro iibout 10 acres o[ sruillnl, The lionso Ii;i3 1'^ large rubing and ilircc lintlis. Tlicre arc informal pool" a rainbow K ;,rdi;ii and yrcui, alidtcr- Ins trees." tllllo noEO 011 canvas: | swear 1 will. Her eyes will look iliffereni then, llnppler!" '•Wouldn't yon lil.c in ,l r | vc 0 Ht and see .this ihoino?" iiie siisgcsicil. . . "I'd like to show you iho Inside." "I'd lovs 10 so— if— Ici'a take tbr; clilldvcji." "IHiy not? and , KJ-iiljhy. U-l them K tl guoi : aljout in uu> I gardc'ii. I'll gci ilia car.'' "1 shall expect you to'I rot on; .ill your adjectives vvliciijlyuii sco the plarc." be saiil. •" . J Aim "'lie mdir'cd Ijy.ilic !ie;irliy'n! what ho called tlie 1'lie i'limpscr- of WHO river juiit (lie liitls heyond. The place waa really a picture. "And now for ilie iuai-le." ton ot slayniB out Into ai nlyhl inas Day, the unltcrllies in Gohlcn lid look artcr many other inter- Gate ,'ark were the only ones i,, ol me chin concerned in the I fitly part: in the United Stales, ar- Van do eh le, keep the 'child from 'rooming dcliiiinicnl. tlic pcixnliiirnl of Entomology', | C'iilifornia Acatfemy of .Sciences. | \o(c fur Florida. .1 NBWTOM, Mass. (U!')- A .nun hrtN I'ltANfJlKCO...(Ul')— 'nii:[:<|)!uri>nlly inicotiscious ' frinn -,' :liainter of. coi.inicrce hus sonic-1 full, ™ 5 plckM i.]i in ;, Newton mug else to i)ii1>llcli;c. On Christ-1 Center doorway. &„ route to •> "Not a chance. \Now for somc- lli>«i- Mint ,»ill iij^'ke you-iinilcr. siaii(|-*.|iry t am a'-'cWlc! He's chas- . ins about wnii -,1 chorus girl and'( his wife has ,-itiachcd ,-. rich rot- icr who. n is £; ,i,l. u-lll get adlvarco to marry her. It's all j, lat n business of marrying and remarrying. \vhy marry a( all?" W'bcii Ann (till nol reply, Allan sain. "Hut o[ course nn niisoiihtsil-' Cillcil lltllo t irl lite yon couldn't be oxpccicd 10 ugrec to tlmi." "When people marry they should marry forever and ever." Ann said with sudden passion. ' ' "Urnvo! Tbol got n rise from our Ilillc I'miiati." ' " "Uid you say someone else bad l>«ns!«: this liousc." Aim asked, liinsius the subject iiulckly. "YcE. ihc chap who engaged uio. (To lie L'outinucil) liOSjiilal Hit; man siiriaiso:! Policeman Joseph Charllon by singing "O Sole Min." He gnvc iii.s iinmi; sis Knricu Ciirusn. OUR BOAKDIJNG HOUSE A 1 so at Itiu Vi.sUi, Nov.. I.s Jhuilt rntiicly of c-iii|jty beer hot| I'vs. Tlic siriiclitrc is ^0 Icct loin' i!»i<l IB fci:l. wiih: ;iml |,;,. s [„,,', I rooms. Ten llitjusuiid hultlf:; went, 'into its ciiiislriiction. g: tlicipaclyr* iivproacljcU liiglwr n\ n . w Ion mid ll,c l,lgl,, r |,rofc.. lln ," I":Ihc niuln, tlic proiiorUui, ol roin nnv ., u . ' V " "' l!1 " 1 ' trill til liuniR, Vou cun M-I: I'Mil. ol lioiitis of i!:j . per iiiiisciiiiiiits- uf ii, c f \ m M iper-| Ite Its leisure lime and Us ciioice i 'I irli-iiils, U,l;c car, u[ tu c w ^. LISTEN , KID --WHEN 'YOU GO 1 AROUND VVORWN6 TH'T3ELLOWS AXViOUT YOUR HORSt 13OI NO TH 1 MlLt IN A.-.2S.TICK ON SOhAtBO WHOSE Kt-JOWLEDOE OF HORSES' ' 1 'STOPS WITH WNCb 'RICHfcCRD /\Mt) f By Alieru Mll||. HOOFING'OF TWO HORSES / VOQ; fY\AY HAVE HEW^D OF IN L /BETWEEN SOUV NO\SES / : ''" /AAN O'WKR.,1'. E6A."O--v-YOU ';; MT TtLL fAt / ^ UM-M--v'BY vSOVE-v/ 1 THEN I HAVE ^ SENSWlONAV, L HORSE /'—-_ , THOSE TWO YOU \ MENTIONED WPRt TA\\WSH CboOD STEEDS, IF I THEV USED TO SCAMPER ?\ m^sm fr\ t^±l"iVlt\lll\U-- f - I

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