The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1937
Page 3
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THURSDAY, APRTT, 1, 1937 BLYTHEVIl-LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Wanii|3prm<fs Long Awaited Party |Cannin g Budget Vicious? Not Guilty! :-:v^r>m-'-:'W^-* - .•^t^^>^^^'^m^,ssr^-;r\ > For Baby Is Pan -.,... w ,^ ••• • .,.,.,,...• > ^ V Justice Roberts, For I he Women I. Most Powerful Man 'in Country Of Home Program My ItODNT.V liTlTfiKDIl WASHINGTON. Anril l,~Th. fact that h-Hli sides claim thcv "ivi" been helped, and li:il the judiciary Issii; has bscn daiif!';d by tiv_> S-i- inemc Courts new minimum \va ' decision, doasn'i, really menu this major developmjii'. hasn't actually made lha walrus ]ir.!:UlH!>'. In effect, on? man has am-.>:i:!...! the Constitution. A few days a'^o Ih2 C'j'istiiiiti'in according to the only authoritative interpretation—that of ths Stiniv-me Court—said states couldn't Dixvs minimum wage laws for women nir.l children. Now the Constitution says .'.n:-n laws are permissible.' Ths difference is that Justice Owen J. Roberts, youngest ineinhii of the cuiirT, who vole:l no in the 5 to -4 decision against the New York minimum wage, now has <>iv~ eu his support, lo Washington state's minimum wasse law in a|' r 'i>. ' lilf ' pii'.iidcnt. suited at the center o! the table, Is teen setting the an example of "pitching Patients at the Warm Springs iGa.) Foundation, where they lake treatment for infantile paralysis after-effect 1 ;, drew np their whrel chnlrs to Join President Roosevelt in a party he gave to take the place of the annual Thanksgiving fi'.ist which he w&:; unabh to attend because of Ills South American favorable 5 to 4 decision. This ability of Roberts lo switch from one side to the other on such an important issue makes him a -very important man. Tic becomes even more important than the President, ai such limes, as he is able to say what shall and what shall not bs the law of the land. Hughes Omils One Fact Chief Justice Hughes'conspicu- ously emitted one fad when he undertook to explain how a court majority, such as was now approving the Washington law, had turned down tli2 New York law last year. Last yaar, he said, the court had held that it could decide only .whether the New York case wa= (•istlntniishable ("m the Adkins case in 1923. in which a District of Columbia minimum wage law was killed, mill whether' the stnt? of New York had asked for a reconsideration of eoiistiU:ti-'in' principles decided in the Adkins case. The court decided (1ml (he state had not tasked for such a reconsideration and hence wasn't enlithr to it. (Hughes was a member of the four-man minority which stood for upholding !l)e act.) But lost fall the states o( New York and Illinois came back tc assert (hat the court had been mistaken aiic{ they requested, em- phalicjuiy. such a recousiderat.iii? in a petition (or rehearing. The petition for rehjr.rin-j tagged that the court not permit the rights of millions of working wn-n^n to b? jcoiiarctized and obscured by lejal technicalities. And the court refused to ~rant the rehearing. That was before President Roosevelt sent ills sensational message to Congress asking for power to "pack" the court. The opponents of the President's plan now sny the court has proved it can function (Isxibly on issues of major social-economic importance. Administiationiats say the decision helps them in th=ir difficult task or convincing tne cmmtrr that the Contitutlon isn't a fixeil. immutable document which compels the court to interpret it along hard and fast niles. Also, they say, the dissent of the four most'conserva- tive justices has shown "f.iat "\V2 must get those four men off." Ends Bizarre Situation It is at least a striking sidelight on the effect of Roberts' derision to uphold the Washington law— which means many other states also can have minimum wa°e laws— that it ends a bizarre situation in which, although a majority of justices who had participated in minimum wage law decisions had found sikh laws to be constitutional, the laws had b°;n killed. An Oregon law had been uph?IS in 1917 because the court <;nlit 4 IT 4 on It. The District of Columbia law was Invalidated by 5 to 3 and (he New York law by S to -1. The •. combined box scor? on th? thres decisions-.showed that ten t:stices had voted in favor of such legislation mid seven against. Counting (he Washington stats decision the quart:). O f Sutherland, McHeynolds, Sutler and Van Devanter has stood colidly against minimum wage laws in three .successive decisions. But on the third nml last occasion they couldn't get i\ fifth man to go along with them. into" the refreshments. Suave Sheath The Editor's Letter Box Plan Publicity Campaign to Combat Tuberculosis The luihv'.s cunntnit budget is bdnK considered In tho planting i "Inns for Mis.-iJ«|i>nl county par- dt'iis. nccordln-i lo Miss Com 1^9 Coli'iiian. hoim; demonstration 1 avi'in. last yd\r nil mother.* in the ccunty made out Imd'ji't.s for j • he yuimpw. members of Ilio family. ruul it Is cxii«lcd that even ! mujn win do so this yfar. : A iirnnrilv filled shi'lf in thei imnljv. Is Just as iumortunt to lil'e \'")l-V»'li>'( of Ihe l:nl:y us nj I Wf l'-cho>;rn \'nrli:lv of canned j >ci';. Is to til" firown-uns, di'- j clans Mrs. Ruby Mendcnluill j Vinith, C'Xlrnslon economist in iivd i !'.H.«Tvnl'on, Itrccnl studins have] proved Dint tho food imlrr>! | r 1 '- i vW-ri for the child duriii" tin: | curly monlh.s of its llfo frcruiMit- j ;v fulls Far short of i'defjuat^ly r i'nlliiv I'll lhi> needs of the urow- i child. Prepiuin- I'lid cnnrl'v: vr nipi'i" "I'tjrs :ind purcies to meet the additional needs of the small child essentially a part of the catmin^ program In any home, and tills activity should be planned us n pint of the spring and .summer •aiming worl:, Mrs. Smllh points out. 'I lie br'by's canning budget has many luh'antages; with an ample upi'lr of properly prepared foods rcndy for immediate us», Uici'e is •in need to prepare food dully. HIH! regulnrlty In feedlnic the baby is assured. Preparing uml canning tlic baby's food' when other 'jamilng activities' arc 0<>'»K on means a' .sa^^nll of time, labor •>nd fuel, and insures high quality products because the vegetables j KKPUCKIl'S WOI'.S i I lived down in Tomato i 'ii the '37 flood, i Eating Irish potatoes J And wading in the mud. 85 I ' i Our things washed clean away. j No money to get more; \ It's just like they all say. i WSicn it rains it pours. ; No home (o fio back to. , Nt: stove to cook our meals, All in bed with the fin, I\o one knows hiw we feel. I was between a rock and a hard place. We worked both night and day. U leH wrinkles in our faces And ninde our hair turn yray. Bui the Red Cross slepped in And gave' lo every man; They nut our worries to an end And tenls upon the land. Beds and stoves and dressers, i Clothes ,upon, our backs; \ .'•• Vlivs HAi'dy. may God bless her, Gave potatoes iu a sack. i - j Orders to get food each week, Primes and coal and hay, . j Shoes to wear on our feet, 1 A good warm place to stay. i Lord bless the ones who had a > hand | 'n giving us a lift; 1 I hope they go lo Glory Land; I May Heaven l;s their gift. [ — ycrnon Butler, Tomato, Ark. In u campaign to better Inform the public of tuucrailosls and the early diagnosis of the disease, George W. Barham, head of the county tuberculosis association, and Mrs. J. M. Wall, chairman of the early diagnosis campaign, arc planning a publicity campaign. A series of playlets nnd talks . will to given over KLCN, bcgln- | ning Monday and continuing j through April with students of j the junior high school partlclpat- I ing and with Mr. Barham making the talks. The first of these will be one o'clock Monday, the next at the same hour on April T, another on April 14, April 1C, April 21 and April 28. , Caruhersville Jaycees Elect Lloyd Rogers ' CAfUmiEnSVILLE, Mo. —Tlie . unnual election of officers for the Junior Chamber of Commerce was held here Monday . night, with;" the following being elected: ~ Uoyd Rogeis, picsldenl; Jerc— t'ing.sljury, vice-president; Clyde r ' Harper, recording secretary; Bruce Fisher, treasurer; Cletus Dohogne, llnancial .secretary; C. C. Castles and noliort Mehrle, directors, 1 lo.V serve two-year terms. ' • The club now has u member- ihlij of 71. • • A commlllcc comprised of Roy'* Harper, Harold S. Jones and Fred Henley, with Jerc Kingsbury, Cle- ' tus Uohoijiic, Hcnnetl lienmrd ^' and W. I'. Roijcrt.son 'as alternates, " was appointed id represent the • local organization at the state' 1 meeting, to he held in Cape Qlr- "uleau, April 16, n and 18. Harper was named chairman of the coiumittec. . Jiick Ilopkc, Wayne Gray and^, Clyde lfar|»r were appointed tq" confer with Individuals relative lo , re-open Ing (he Caruthersvllle. swimming pool this summer. H lius been idle Ihe past ycai or'- Iwo. Ucllpses of the sun always begin on the west side , of,.' ( lhc sun; eclipses of the moon be^'ln on the eiisi side of the moon. • Kl.ECTRIC & ^ All this attention accorded King, huge German shepherd favorite- cf Chappamm, N. Y,, after his acquittal on charges of viclousncss, was too much for u passing ahdiile, who tried to muscle in. Amid snarls and yowls, King forgot his i-cjiul dignity and routed the Intruder. King's trial was the result -of charges brought by Francis Brown, 8. nipped on thumb and leg In ptay with the ilog. I all an fl News Notes ;fln be galhered when they are n prime condition for use. A u?|esled baby's canning budget can be secured from the olfirc lou ,, h m . 0 ,,,,. ,, n| . clll( . cr , „ dM ^. if Ihe home demonstration nucnl. j c ,- i,,,,.,, Monday at New Survey Mrs. McCullonitli Is the . former MKs Myrtle Mae Turner. Miss Helen Patterson Is spending several days with her mother, Mrs. Uuby Porter of Dyci'sburjr, Tenn. • • •• • Mrs. Roble Weeks was relumed to her home Tuesday from St. Joseph's hospital, Memphis, whci'c she recently underwent a major operation. She is doing well. Mrs. Dolly Nceley and KOU rill- ford returned Saturday from WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE " ^ Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE IS Urban Kcnley, son of Mr. and its. Carl Kcnley, celebraled his enth birthday Saturday with a norly for 30 IKlle gncsls. Including a number from out of town. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Little aro tlic parents of a 10-pound son. born Sunday morning at their oine here. Mr. ai*i Mrs. Homer McCul- Ice C'rcuin ^lajor Industry HAnniSBURG. Pa. (UP)—Since Revolutionary days ice cream hns steadily worked its cold way IntL one of Pennsylvania's leading industries, and i.s now valued ai more- than $28,000.000 annually, with a gross production of 30,000,•"COO gallons. Codec Quirkcns BrcaihiiiK MINKEAPOLIS IUPI — Coffee drinking. >jy increasing the amount of oxygen consumed and the rale at which body tissues ave burned up. causes deeper and foster breathing, according to Modern Medicine, a magazine published here. World purchases of platinum metals, including palladium, exceeded •10U.OOO ounces during 1930 T HE scvereness of the sheath gown has been overcome by of a full panel in the center front of this glamorous creation. Shirring radiates from (he panel at the hiplinc and the front fullness drapes from it. The material used is a soft silk faille with green, red, yellow and pink floral design on while. Tley WoulJ T.iUc Nc-,v Nnme FORT WORTH. Tex. (DPI—One schoolboy here wishes his iiarcnts m'.mcil him Perciviil or Chur- Icmagno—or 'most nnytliing ex- cerjt Willis. He speaks distinctly when soratone asks his name. It's Willis Simpson. Just 36 years ago. Ihe .scientific world first suspected the existence I of. the okapi. Sir Harry Johnston (found natives of the Scmtikl for- i c-st. in Africa, wearing curiously ! marked skins, and eventually hac- Sufferers of STOMACH ULCERS «$ HYPERACIDITY DEFINITE RELIEF OR MONEY BACK THBWILLARU TREATMENT lias brought prnin]>t. doQiilte relief in thousands of cases of.Stt-mach and Duodenal Ulcers, duo to'Hyperacid- ity, ami other forms of Stomach HIJ- trtss duo to /vTffSJ Acfrt. SOLD ON 15 DAYS TRIAL. Fnr roraplolo In- fonnatlon. rc£/l "Willard't M«»<j« ofRallef." AskforEt-frM at KIRBY BROS.. DRUG CO. ROBINSON DRUG CO., Inc. MANILA: PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE JUMBO "ISKKNAT" KNITTING YARNS FRFK INSTRUCTIONS New spring nnd summer yarns latest Styles Classes. F'riday. 2:30 P. M SII!S. l.ESUE HOOrKH 1109 Chicknaaivbn Phone 79? COMING UlciomAohl, Mis:*., where they wore, gmsts of Mrs. Hachel Kemp. Amon Taylor and Larry wimp visited Union university at Jackson, Tenn.. Saturday. Hubert Utley has returned from Piuhieah. Ky., where he wns under treatment ul a hospital for some lime for Injuries received In an auto accident. Most birds observe territorial boundaries, and .each bird defends his nesting area against other birds which seek to Intrude. Have You Visited Our Ne\v Moilurn Scivicc Station? U'ldtc Hose Gasoline Goodjenr Tires Willard Batteries Itoad Service On - Otis - 'Tires - Wrecks 24 HOUR SK11VIOE Call KM For Prompt Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. S. Senator Hitchcock says: "Luckies please both my taste and my'throat" ' ?! ••j • ?<•< "For close (o fifty years I have been a regular .smoker, so I think I know what constitutes <i good cigarette. Litckies (ilcasi: me on.tu>o scores. I like their fme ' flavor. But even more im/ioitant is £/ie (act that they are a light smoke, easy on my throat. At any rate, it's results that count, and a light smoke pleases both my taste and n\y throat." ^^ HON. HERBERT E. HITCHCOCK U.S. SP.NATOli FROM SOUTH DAKOTA m m m m m m Cat Awaits Owner at Webster Groves Wmitcd—tlio owner of n white male Pereian cat. The cat was found Imprisoned in a trailer n't Webster Groves. Mo., mid the owner says the trailer was last, opened in Blythevllle. The cat is In the possession of Mrs. Ralph J. Welshaar. 'who writes the Cornier News thai, .as fi cat 'lover, she wonts the cat restored to its'master or mistress. Mrs. Weishaar, whose address is R.F.D.,6. Box 854, Webster Groves, Mo., found the cat imprisoned iii a trailer which stopped at a gas station near her home and the animal was left In her possession. The truck driver said the last stop was at a tavern in Blythe- vlllc. where lie ate, and Ihat he remembered seeing a cat playing nearby. He believes some one imprisoned the cat,as a prank. Reatt« Courier News Want .VcJs Announcing The Saveon Gasoline Company Tank Car Station ;il Holland, Mo., will open on Saturday, April I!. The price of quality gasoline will surprise you. Another feature will bo Cigarettes ;it SI.15 per carton. Save at Saveon Gasoline Company Jua a recent independent survey, an overwhelming majority of lawyers, doctors, lecturers, scientists, etc., who said they smoked cigarettes, expressed their personal preference for a light smoke. Senator Hitchcock's statement verifies the wisdom of this preference and so do leading artists of radio, stage, screen and opera, whose voices are their fortunes, and who choose Luckies, a light 'smoke. You, too, can have the throat protection of Luckies—a light smoke, free of certain harsh irritants removed by the exclusive process "It's Toasted" = Luckies are gentle on your throat. THE FINEST TOBACCOS" "THE CREAM OF THE CROP" mm • A Light Smoke s Toasted"-Your Throat Protection AGAINST IRR1TATION-AGATNST COUGH

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