The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 13, 1921 · 7
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The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska · 7

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 13, 1921
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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1921. THE" LINCOLN ' STATE JOURNAL. Cornhuskers Trounce Jayhawks in NEBRASKA BEATS JAYHAWIS (CeBtlnoetf from 1-A.) Play by Play D tails. The Kt" team came on the field at 3:20 lei by Captain Jones. The Co r i. a us k era led by CapUtn Swanson came on the field at 3:15. Captain Swansea iron the toes and, chose to receive defending the west goal. Spurgeon kicked off 40 yards to ' Preston who returned SI to . Nebraska's 21 yard line. Wright ran Kansas right end for 14 yards. On the next play Nebraska rambled and Kansas recorered on Nebraska's 48 yard line. On the next play Wilson fumbled. Scherer of Nebraska recovered on the Kansas 40 yard line and raced 40 yards for a touchdown. Captain Swanion kicked the goal. Score: Nebraska 7, Kansas 0. Wenke kicked off 80 yards over the goal line for a touchback. Kansas pu the bail In play on her own 20 yard line. McAdams lost a yard Is an attempt to round Nebraska's right end. McAdams went off tackle for 4 yards. Kansas' ball on her own 23 yard line. McAdams punted 30 yards to Preston, who was downed in his tracks on Nebraska's 47 yard line. Wright went off tackle for 15 yards. Hartley went thru center for 6 yards. Time out Kansas. Nebraska's ball on the Kansas SI yard line. Hartley broke thru center for 7 yards. Nebraska fumbled and recovered making no gain. A paw Wright to Lewellen was incomplete. Hartley went off tackle for 8 yards. Nebraska Jailed to gain on the fourth down and Kansas took the ball on downs on her own 15-yard line. McAdams made 2 yards thru Nebraska's left side. Spurgeon went off tackle for 4 yards. Spurgeon hit center for a yard. McAdams punted 37 yards to Prestor who was spilled on Nebraska's 39-yard line. Wright failed to gain off tackle. Wright hit center for 7 yards. Hai..ey made 3 yards around the right end. Preston hit center for 2 yards and a first down. Griffin broke thru und spilled Wri.zht for a 6-yard loss. Time out Nebraska. Black broke thru and spilled Lewellen for an 8 yard toss Wright lost another yard on an attempted end run. Lewellen punted SO yards to the Kansas 1-yard line. Neither team had touched the ball and the referee gave Kansas the. ball on her own 20-yard line. Spurgeon ran Nebraska's right end for 2 yards. Spurgeon failed to gain thru center. Wilson ran Nebraska's left end for a 3 yard gain. McAdams punted 10 yards out of bounds. Nebraska's bail cn the Kansas 37-yard line. Hartley made 4 yards off ! tackle. Hartley made 3 more off tackle Lewellen failed to gain off tackle. A pass. Hartley to bwanson, was incomplete. Time out Nebraska. Kansas took the ball on downs on her 27-yard line. McAdams made a half yard off tackle. Wilson ran from punt formation around Nebraska's left end for a 6-yard gain. Wilson duplicated his act for 6 yards and a first down. Kansas' ball on her own 38-yard line. McAdams made 2 yards thru Nebraska's left guard. Spurgeon made 2 yards thru Nebraska's left side. Thfe quarter ended with. V o fin r t Im rvsvo a Aam tf tnA half tn her own 43-yard line. Score: Nebraska 7; Kansas 0. Second Quarter. X pass from Wilson was Intercepted by Pieston on Nebraska's 30-yard line and returned 21 yards to the Kansas 49-yard line. Wright ran Kansas' left end for 8 yards. Preston made 4 yards thru center and a first down. Wright went off tackle for 5 yards. Wright bit center for 30 more; but the play was called back anu Nebraska penalized 5 yards for offside. A pass Preston to Scherer, was Incomplete. On an attempt at a pass Kansas broke thru and spilled Hartley for a 7 yard loss.- Lewellen punted 28 yards out ot b.undn. Kansas' ball on her own 17 yard line. Time out Nebraska. Wilson attempted to circle Nebraska's left end but (abed to gain. McAdams made & yuds off tackle. Wenke spilled Wilson for a one yard loss on the next play. McAdams punted 48 yards to Preston who returned 15 to the Nebraska 43 yard line. Lewellen made a yard thru center. Hartley bucked centei for 5 yards. Lewellec failed to gain off tackle. Lewellen punted 40 yards to Wilson Official Service Station Protect these Nerve Centers DeiconEft tOAXOU Parkhunt, 1709 O St N $ i fi FTTTTT ; , .TP W; 1 j'i rj.4. i ; ; ; ; ;Ji I Si! REt I ' ''!'. Ji 7."!Si 1 1 J i J ii who returned 9 to the Kansas 20 yard line. Spurgeon hit the Nebraska line for 5 yards but the play was called back and Kansas penalised 15 yards for holding. Kansas ball on her own 7 yard line. McAdams punted 24 yards out of bounds. Nebraska's bail on the Kansas 81 yard line. Hartley smashed thru center for 18 yards being forced out of bounds on the Kansas 15 yard line. Wright made 2 thru center. Hartley went off tackle and dashed 18 yards to a touch down. Captain Swanson kicked goal. Score: Nebraska 14., Kansas 0. . Wenke kicked off 60 yards to McAdams who caught the ball on the Kansas 10-yard line and ran 14 yards to the Kansas 24-yard line. i McAdams circled Nebraska's tight end for a lone yard. A pass, Wilson to McAdams, was Incomplete. McAdams ran from punt formation for a 9-yard gain thru Nebraska's left side. McAdams punted 31 yards to Preston who was downed on the -Nebraska 31-yard line. Wright fal ed to gain off tackyle. Nebraska was penalised '15 yards for holding. Lewellen dropped back to kick. From a fke punt formation Preston drove off tackle but failed to gain. Wright circled Kansas' right end for 2 yards. Lewellen punted 43 yardd to Wilson and Scherer downed bi i in his tracks on the Kansas 30-yard line. Spurgeon hit Nebraska's center for 3 yards. McAdams ran Nebraska's left end but was thrown for a yard leso. Hartley broke thru and spilled Wilson for a no gain on the next play. McAdams punted 28 yards to Hartley who was downed on the Nebraska 37-yard line. The first half ended with Nebraska in possession of the Jiall on her own 37-yard line. Score:, Nebraska 14, Kansas 0. , 1 ' Second Half Noble went in lor Wright in the Nebraska backfield. Wenke kicked off 49 yards to McAdams, who returned 38 yards to the 49 yard line. Spurgeon made 4 yards thru center. Wilson's forward pass was Incomplete. Wilson attempted another forward pass but It was Incomplete. McAdams punted 28 yards to Preston, who was downed cn Nebraska's 21 yard line. Noble went off tackle for 5 yards but the p'ay was disallowed and Kansas penalized, 6 yards for off side. Preston made 2 vards thru center. Noble made 3 more around the Kansas' left end. Nebraska's ball on her own 30 yard line. On a crisscross Lewellen buckled the Kansas right end for 3 more. Lewellen punted 31 y-ds to Wilson who fumb!ed and Nebraska recovered on the Kansas 36 yard line. But the ball was called back because both teams were offside. Lewellen punted 35 yards to Wilson who 'returned 4 to the Kansas 34 yard line. A forward pass Wilson to Griffin was incmp'ete. A forward pass Wilsun to McAdaTiB netted the Javhawkers 9 yards Wilson smashed thru the Nebraska line for 4 yards and a first down. Kansas' ball on the Kansas 47 yard line. A pass Wilson to McAdams was broken up by Lewellen. A forward pass Wi'son to McDonald wa? good for 30 yards. Kansas ball on the Nebraska 22 yard line. Wilson attempted another forward pass but It was tncomplete. Spurgeon made 5 yards thru the line. Wilson attempted a forward pass and was thrown for a 14 yard loss by Lyman. A forward pass WMson to McDonald was incomplete. Nebraska's ball cn downs on her own 29 yard line. Noble drove off tackle for 2 ?ards, but tb Buick Drives Through the Third . Member Not the Springs A Buick rear spring accidentally broken, can't mis-align the axle and tie you up on the road. Buicks drive through the torque tube third member on the axle Buick springs only support the body and insure easy riding. This design is found elsewhere only on me highest priced cars. Buick Sixes f)-Sh-44 Three Pass. Romdttt S2Sa-4S rVs "ss. Tout mi 37 Sit-44 Tares ss Coups U-S.i-47 five fss. Sedan 13-Six-44 Four Pmmm. Coups tJ Sn-49 Stmn A'aea Touring - 13-aM Smrmn Nebraska OMAHA EL Z. Sidlea, President play was called back and Nebraska pena'ized 15 yards for holding. Preston ran from punt formation for 12 yarc's around the Kansas left end. Time out Nebraska. Hartley made 2' yards thru center. Lewellen went off tackle for 2 yards. Lewellen punted 57 yards to the Kansas 13 yard line. Wilson lost a yard off tackle. Mo Adams punted 47 yards- to Prestoiv Who returned 25 to the Kansas 20 yard line. Reedy was substituted for Weld-line In tne Kansas line. Hartley bit center for 3 yards. Lewellen went off j tackle for 4 more. On a fake end run ! Lewellen made a yard thru the line.1 A paes, Hartley to Swanson, was Incomplete. Kansas took the ball on downs on her own 11-yard line. Mo-Adan:s punted 35 yards to PresLon who returned 4o the Jayhawker 28-yard line. Hartley made 2 yards thru center. Rusael went In for Lewellen in the Nebraska backfield. Noble went off tackle for a yard. A pass, from Preston was incomplete. A pass. Hartley to Russel was good for 11 yards. Nebraska's ball on Kansas' 10-yard line. Hartley drove thru the Kansas, center for a 6-yard gain. Hartley made a yard thru center. Noble went off tackle for 2 yards and a half. Ball on Kansas 2-f jot line. Hartley drove thru center for ( touchdown. Captain Swanson kicked goal. Score: Nebraska, 21; Kansas, 0. Wenke kicked 52 yards to McAdams who returned 18 yards to the Kansas 26-yard line. A "forward pass, Wilson to Griffin, was incomplete. A forward pass by Wilson was Intercepted by Hartley, who was downed in his tracks on the Kansas 87-yard line. Noble drove off tackle for a 5-yard I gain. The quarter ended with Ne braska in possession of the ball ot the Kansas 31-yard line. Score: Nebraska 21, Kansas 0. Fourth Quarter. Hartley ran the Kansas right end for 10 yards but the play was disallowed and Nebraska penalised 15 yards fot holding. A pass. Hartley to Nble, ww Incomplete. A pass Hartley to Lyman was In complete. Russel punted 20 yards out of bounds. Kansas ball on Kansas 35-yard line. A pass Wilson to Black was incomplete.' Wilson ran Nebraska's left end for 7 yards. On a line sh!ft Spurgeon went thru Nebraska's left side for 6 yards and a first down. Kansas ball on Nebraska's 49-yard Lne. Spurgeon drove off tackle for 7 yards. McAdams failed to gain thru the line. A pass Wilson to Black incomplete. McAdams punted straight up and the ball rolled out of bounds on the Nebraska 44-yard line. Nebraska fumbled but recovered on the next play, and also- received a 6-yard penalty for off side. Preston rounded Kansas left end for 9 yards. Hartley was forced out of bounds foi no gain. A pass Russel to Scherer was good for 20 yards. Time out Kansas. Nebraska's ball on Kansas's 31-yard line Wilson, the Kansas pilot, was knocked out when he tackled Scherer. Krue-ger went in fr Wilson in the ivansas backfield. A pass from Hartley was intercepted by Captain Jones on the Kansas 37-yard line and he was downed in his tracks. Pass .Krueger to McAdams was incomplete. Krueger failed to gain on an attempted end run. A pass Krueger to McAdams Incomplete. McAdams punted 35 yards to Hartley who returned 7 to Nebraska's 36-yard line. Noble gained 2 yards thru the line. Russel drove off tackle for 4 more. Noble made 2 yards thru center. Predion drove thru for a yard and a first down. A Buick Fours -W-J Twm aas. XoWirer $ 93 3J-rur-3S Fht Pass. Tmutim4 ITS 23-PoshsM Thrw Pass. Cov I47t ti-Tcmt-Sf Pass- Serf M isii JI3$ U3S 2321 17 ii U3S ram A-C Buick LINCOLN Lee Huff. Vice-Prezidefi Chaa. forward pass, Preston to Scherer. was incomplete. A forward pass Russel to Hartley was good for 2 yards. Hartley being forced out of bounds. A for; ward pass Hartley to' Swanson was incomplete. A forward pass from pun format'on Russel to Swanson -netted Nebraska 17 yards and a first dowp A forward' pas Hartley to Swansor was Intercepted by McAdams, who turned to the-Kansas 30 yard lin Swanson Intercepted :on the 31 yar line Krueer pass and carried It 1 yards to 'the Kansas 10-yard line Noble went thru for a 2-yard gain Russel made 3 yards off tackle. Hartley smashed center for 4 yards carry ing the ball within foot of the goal line. Russel failed to, push It over and Kansas took the ball-on downs on bw 1-foot line. v McAdams punted o Russel on the Kansas 21-yard line. Russel drove off tackle for 7 yards but the play was railed back and Nebraska penalized 5 yards f- off side. DeWltx for Presi.-i in the Cornhusker back-fleM. A forward pass by Hartley in-complete. Noble rounded Kansas end -for a 16-yard gain" and a tlrst down. Nebraska's ball on the Kansas 11-yard line. Noble rounded Kansas right end for 10 yards and a firtl down, carrying the ball to ,ihe Kansar 1 yard line. Russel drove over tht line for a touchdown. Captain Swat, son kicked the goal. Score Nebr&sk 28, Kansas 0. . Wenke kicked off 49 yards to Black who returned 15 to the Kansas 26 yard line, Lyman broke thru and spilled McAdams for 2 yard loss. Mo-Adams ran Nebraska's left end for 2 yards. Layton went in for Hartley in the Nebraska's backfie'.u. On a line shift Krueger ran Nebraska right end for a yard gain. R. McGlaa son went in for Berquist in the Ne braska line. From fake punt forma tion Spurgeon rammed Nebraska's line for 9 yards. Kruegefs forward pass was incomplete. Pass Krueger to McAdams was Incomplete, ' Pass from Krueger to McAdams was good for 12 yards and a first down. Kansas ball on Nebraska's 44-yard line. Forward pass Krueger to McAdams was good for 7 yards. The final whistle blew with Kansas in possession of the ball oa the Nebraska 37 yard line.' Final score Nebraska 28, Kansas 0. ' , Nebraska "-Kansas Bwauaoa (e Black I.rman It........... Hgcna Puccllk I Jon a (c Peterson ........ ,e Saunders Berqulat W. Irtlitie Wenke rt .Davidson Scherer r McrxinnM Preetnn flb. ............ Wtlxxfi I ewi-llen .In. ........ ' MaAdam Wrle-ht rh...... u.ii.u Hartley ......... . .tb Spurgeon OCfiolalsi Referee, Madhrsohn, Michigan: umpire. HeAftea,' headlineaman. Carrithers, Illinois. , Substitution Nebraska. Nobis ' for Wright; DWita tor PreMsa: Russell tor Lewellen; Layton for Hartley; R. McGlaa-son for BsrqulsU Kansas, Rssdy lor Wsid-line: Kruefer for Wilson. ,- Score by- Quarters: Nebraska t T 1 lii Kansas 0 0 i Length J)f quarters It m'nuea Touchdowns Hartley t, Scherer Russel. Nebraska Kaneas Tarda gained la scrimmage 141 1-1 3 Kaniber of first downs ... 11 T Yards thrown for toss .... 11 14 . Lost ball on downs ..... 1 1 Passes attempted IT 11 ' Passes completed ......... 4 -4 i Passes Intercepted 1 . Passes lnconrptete IS 14 Yards gained on passes ... II M Number of punts T 13 Punts (yards) Ml 17 s Punts (areratre yards) ... 4 t-f IS t-lt Punts returned yards) ... 41 14 Number o! fumblei 1 1 . Fumbles recoveerd .. S 1 Number of penalties ...... 1 Tards lost on penalties ... 10 1 Number at k ckoffs 1 Klckoffa returned (yards) 11 41 Auto Co. SIOUX CITY Stuart, Secretary-TraurareE. Annual ALL STARS MEET FAIBBOKK OWN TEAM C03UNG TO. FLA LINCOLN AGGSEGATIOU. Locals Ste Curtain Eaiser Son-day at Bock Island Park-Start at 2:33 p. m. The Lincoln All Stars, a football team composed of former Lincoln Mgh school players, will meet the Pairbury town team at Rook Island park at 2:30 p. in. Sunday. Thjs is the Initial game for the locals and should be a good one from the men that are due to enter. Most or the players on the Lincoln team are men who played on the Red f nd Black: team back in 1914 and 1915. Earl Colton, 15, quarterback for Lincoln high, will plot the All Stars Sunday. "Pug" Griffin, Western league home-ran lugger and left half back of the Lincoln high team in IS f nd '16, will be at left halt for the Ail Stars. "Bob' Quick, left half on the Lincoln high team in 12, 13 and '14 will hold right half for the All Stars, . while Dewev Curtis, fnllbac of the? Red and Black tn 1915, will t old the same position in the All Stai lineup. ... HMey Bowers, end oa the Red and nia-ts. eleven In 1914 and 1915, will bt tit the right wing for the AH Stan while the other wing will be handled by Dick Cornell, who played with the Stat- Agries in 1915 r nd-1918. Ed Albright, left tackle' for the Lincoln high' team In 1913 and 1914, will hold the tame, position In (hp Lincoln Mnep eainst Falrbtiry while "Hank" Andrews, right tackle on the 12, 13 and 14 Lincoln high teams and an all-state tackle in 1914. will take his old posit'orr with the lineup Sunday. Oakley Cox, with Lincoln hieh as ruard in 1913 and 1914 and all-state both seasons, will be the left guard for the locals with "Bud" Meyers, former. Minnesota guard, wl hold the berth oprwslte Cox. McOoogan. center for the Red and Black m 1915 and pivot man for the E'ghty-nifith division team during the war, will bold 'he centei of the line for the All Stars. Sport Sittings. Coach Fisher of Harvard. Is offering no alibis for the defeat of the Crimson team by Centre college and Princeton, but he is pleased with the prospects of a snappy machine for the 1922 campaign. The Harvard sauai did not measure up to the usual high standard this fall due prinoipalbr to a small squad. The Harvard yearling team has shown plenty of class, and from this squad Fisher hopes to uncover a better kicker than the team has had this season. Eddie Fltssimmons. the eastern lightweight who recently beat Pinkey Mitchell, Is to be sent against Willie Jackson or Lew Tendler early next month. Fitarimmons made a bid for 230 No, ?V HUDSON ST XnUDSON Hf Homoniing Day the champ!onship last season but wa forced to retire after miserable sho ings against seventh raters. he claimed at that time that be was on able to get in proper condition be cause of stomach trouble. . Billy McCarney. manager of Charley Wetnert, the Newark heavy who was outpointed by Harry Oreb recently, is planning a western tour with his pro tege. McCarney, who formerly man aeJ Luther McCarty, says Weiner. need 8 a change of scenery. Nearly all f Weinert's ring engagements have been in New York and Newark. Willie Hoppe, blllard champion, will do no special prepping tor the bait 'ine tournament which will open in Chicago November 15. Hoppe will fill a number of exhibition engagements on the way to the Windy City, playing with Charles Peterson, of St Louis, and upon his arrival In Chicago on November 13 will rest until time to start in the big meet. Hoppe jxplains that be always plays bettei when he does not lay special stress on his preparation. The Jamacla Sporting club in New York, is going to maae a special appeal to the bantams about Gotham Ir in effort to produce a challenger for Johnny Buff. Several shows planner for this winter will feature baaUun cads entirely. Arapahoe Team Beats Oxford. ARAPAHOE, Neb, Nov. 12. Armistice day game between Arapahoe and Oxford high school football teams was won by Arapahoe, 21 to 0. Dali-mand and Richards made two touchdowns in the first-five minutes. Mathers kicked all goals successfully. Arapahoe plays Lexington next Friday. The Holbrook town team defeat ed Arapahoe town team to 3 at Holbrook. The Arapahoe girls' basketball team defeated Holbrook 10 to 3 at Holbrook. The Arapahoe team has yet to be defeated. i I i inn I Fight Picture! to Be Shown. CHICAGO. Not. 11 Pictures of the, Jeffries-Johnson prise fight, sup pressed for ten years in Chicago, wil' be shown here in the hear future, a police permit having been granted yesterday, it was announced today Another permit was recently issued for the exhibition of pictures of the Dempsey-Carpentler fight Fruit for Lord Mayor. L0NJX)N. Oct 2. (By Mall.) to accordance with a centoryoid custom, the fruiterers company of this city has Just presented the lord mayor with a splendid array of Enrlisb fruit. In making the presentation, the master of the fruiterers company said the lord mayor was entitled to a sample 'rom every package of fruit which entered the city, but that for the past forty years the company had sent a supply annually to the mansion house instead pf the ancient tolL , A Safe Man. She There lent a single man that I really care for. He That's ail right. Pro married.! Shall we sit down? London MaiL j The New Hudson Super-Six A Greater Value Than Ever . " . ' It is a Better Car by Hundreds of Dollars Yet Costs You Hundreds of Dollars Less i . In the new Hudson Super-Sbt, notonW is the beauty of past Hudson coach-work surpassed, hut it brings also the most valuable mechanical advancements since the advent of the patented Super-Six motor. That famous invention b rivalled in interest by the new Hudson. Its advantages are hardly less, sensational. For today's Hudson too is the product ; of new invention. Every phase of motor car operation is affected. Smoother control and rfding; ease are attained. Starting: is easier. And lubrication is quickly, cleanly done with an oil can. - Past Hudaons have won too great a place Prices f. sifts Lord Auto Co. 12th Battle AMES WINS CROSS COUNTRY -. . . Bathbun Finishes Five and One Third Kile tonne in 26 Minutes 13 2-5 Seconds. ' towa state college of Ames won the annual Missouri Valley cross country run held over the Belmont course Saturday afternoon.' . Rathbun of Ames finished first malting the five and one third miles in 26 minutest 13 and 2-5 seconds. ' . - The men finished between halves of the Kansas Nebraska foo'ball game. The colleges placed as follows J with the total scores of each: Ames 11 ' Raima ( Grtnaetl ...... 11 Kansas Assies 7t Wsehm1i ...14 The order ot finish t t Rathbun, Ames. I- Patterson, Kansanx Master, Kansas. 4 Dourhsrtr, OrlnnsiL I Frevert, Ames.. Bleroan, Ames. T Mathlaa, Kansas Acttssl I Bowman, Nebraska. Menta, Kansas Affiant . Wilson. Kama 11 rBrown, Ames, It Hifrlsy, Grinned IS rischer, Nebraska. . 14 Jamas, Kansas. 11 Hyds, . Nebraska. It Clapn, Kansas AMI i 17 Slsmmsns, Nebraska, V Lee Puncture Proof Tire Adapted For Business Cars and Trucks 27o Trouble Lowest Cost. PETTI TIRE WINTER TOPS AT SPECIAL PRICES 2 OVERLAND 90's ; " 2 FORD TOURINGS These axe glass enclosed and wfll be disposed of at a bargain , to close oat. BROWN AUTO L4979. in the esteem of motorists for us to a barn don all that made them famous. Though different in both action and appearance the New Hudson still retains the threat qualities of its forerunner, as well as the family resemblance in look. TTheir value, and our pride in them are vouched by the fact that for six years, including last year when the price a Ten-aged $750 higher, Hudson has been a consistent sales leader. Come see the New Hudson. Owners of old Hudsons as well as non-owners will be delightfully surprised in this new motoring luxury. o. b. Detroit S3SM SZRS II L.ueas, Kansas. l Bradley. Kaneas AfaieH. 0 Chapman. Kansas Acs'- 11 Hollowell, Ames... IX Miller. OrtnnelL S3 Kellet, KsnSKS. 14 Coaeev Nebraska. J TleMa, vOrtnnelL t t M.-stratlv Orinnall 17 Wler. Nrbraiika. 19 Hoe?. Wahtns;task 1 Watson, Orlnnell. S Opn, Washlne-ten. : 31 Mill. r, Wah!nton. 11 Petty, Waslilnrton. " y. - 15 Querman. Weahlnvtsn. Tht pomts scorwd ssamst tks eWferant entrants were i Ann 11; Kansas. 40: Kanaka As-rlcutturel rolles-a. 76: Nebraska, It; Orlnnell. tt; Washing tan. 14. DCLUTH. Minn, Nov. II Adam Krleger of Lincoln, Keb, beat Frank Bacxley, Aberdeen. 8. D here this af- iciuwu an a iifva,ier lunwu, ujv uiei fail in 89 minute with an arm strangle, and the second wita a body hold in 7 minutes. WITTMANN HEAVY 1 DUTY BATTERIES Prices Lower Than 1914 Prices CxcHange PHea, s Voit ti w.te S Volt 13 plate ......... 3.0 12 Volt Dodge A Mavstl , S2.60 Ouarsntswd II months. Our Barrio station slwajrs opa day and ms-tit. EOYSE-JOHNSON CO Distributors t07 Se. 11th. Phone 653 1. D CO. 133 Soulhi 11th Street 1 ' 3 TOP SUPPLY CO. S29 So. 11th St. B4359

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