The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 16, 1921 · 5
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The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska · 5

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 16, 1921
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. yg-atf5Eehjfc.'awia tr-waakarKe,.ro mwaiimM , -),.-. ..... V . twite SPORTING SECTION: BASEBALL; TRAP, GUN AND ROD, NEWS FROM THE RINGSIDE . LATEST NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF SPORT LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1921. BMt S. 0 IK 3 r fell J -J '1 4 III 3 J rff. Cornhusker Team Wins 41 to 0 Victory Over Haskell Braves ,-, - .i 11 '' I. I.... II I. " " I IB10-1..S1 sail. -I, sua. " HDSSERS ; HUMBLE. flASXELL 5EBR13KA WALLOPS IKTHAJTS 41 TO SATURDAY". BcUkiaa Start a WktrlTrlae, Bat Are CnabSe te Feaetrate S tome-wall Defease. Cornhusker fans to tie number of over six thousand witnessed the Nebraska eleven trample on the Haskell Indians Saturday afternoon on the Uusker field winning by a score of 41 to 0. The Braves were unable to break thru Coach Dawson's fortifications and could not gain either at the ends or on forward passes while the steamroller of Husker backs broke down every attempt at defense on the part of the Warriors. - ' The plucky Indians opened with a terrorizing display of speed and shiftiness of foot advancing the ball across tha field deep into Husker territory before the Huskers got onto the Jobs ' and set up a defense that was impenetrable.- The Nebraska ends and oacks beyan breaking thru and bearing. down redskin runners in the opening of their plays, halting all attempts at end runs. This put the Indians Ht a disadvantage since their speed was the main asset of the team and Jorced them to resort to forward pass-:ng.t. Speed in the Husker backfield spoiled the new mode of offense and -the braves were completely out of means to gain any headway. . Haskell held the Nebraskans scoreless, in the first period and the Husker fans lost their certainty of a large victory. The second quarter showed up better for Nebraska the Huskers push- ins Russell and Dewit across ' for touchdowns and Captain Swanson booting two goals. The third quarter Nebraska scored two more touchdowns but Captain Swanson's toe failed to boot one of the tallies and the score' at the end of the third period stood 27 to 0 in favor o f the Huskers. Ia the fourth quarter Nebraska shoved, over two more touchdowns and Captain Swan-son kicked both goals, the game ending 41 to 0 in favor o fthe Cornhusk- " Notre Dame hopes for victory- are somewhat shadowed by the two great Nebraska victories in the opening same of the season. The work of Coach Dawson and Assistant Coach Day on the line has put the heavy team on a basis to halt the heaviest line smashes and the ends have- been cultivated to a 'finesa In the are of getting in on the opponents'; plays. The backfields wealth of material has N?en worked to a keen edge on . account of the amount of high grade competition and the best backfield In fears is in the making under the watchful eye of Assistant Coach Frank. . Husker Line Solid. Nebraska's heavy line which played loosely; and started slowly soon found that the pace the Inidan rabbitfooted speedsters were setting would necessitate a little more action. The forward wall bad been breaking into the Redskin plays only to find that the shifty little backs were getting under way a bit too fast and running for good gains. When the Husker defense stiffened and the ends and backs layed for the Indiana there was no place for the Redmen to go but thru the center of the line. Attempts at this, were foiled when the 200 pounders went into action and halted the Indian backs. The small warriors rebounded like rubber balls from a brick surface, when they struck the immovable Nebraska front. Forward passing was resorted to but a half dozen trys were unprofitable to 'the Indians and they fell into the defense when the ponderous Husker front moved over them. The -Photo by McDonald WRIGHT Halfback Who carried the ball thru the Haskell line a score of times and rammed thru the Indians' defense for twe touchdowns. H .... $5$ If sill wEmi shifty Nebraska backs were working ' behind perfect Interference and were able to pick loop boles thru them with making agility. . , Wrioht Stellar Back, , Wright, left halfback of the - Hue-kers, was the hardest worked man of the game. ' The Husker back carried the baH two and three times in succession for substantial gains.'- His shifty running enabled him to make several gains for long distances thru a net work of Indian outposts. - The Omaha lad was travelling well and Coach Dawson jerked him for the second quarter in order to save him for emergencies. However he was sent in again in the second half only to repeat his work of the first half and tally twice for Nebraska. Hartley went into the game with a great deal of pep and was instrumental in plugging holes in the Haskell line for a -number of good gains. The veteran Hnsker. was used in several passes and worked splendidly as a part of the Husker armor plate Interference. The work of the Harvard lad was ' excellent but Coach Dawson was not killing off his stars Saturday and shipped the first stringers to the bench in order Jo save them for the Notre Dame game next Saturday. Fourteen substitutions were made m the Nebraska team during the game. Every one of the Husker first stringers were jerked in order to save them for next week's trial. The Notre Dame game, which is Huskerdom's great fear and worry, will prove the mettle of the Nebraskans and Coach Dawson's unspoken intent to defeat the Catholics is demonstrated in the manner in which he cares for his prize players. , , ' . Scherer was not in the game Saturday as he had been laid out for some time with a weak ankle, who had kept out for some time, was allowed to get Into the scrap and showed up well in the line. Lyman and Weller at Tackle positions were golruj well with Pucelik and Wende holding their own at the guard jobs. Triplett, generally working at the pivot position, went in for Weller at right tackle. ,, Lewellen Starts Something. Lewellen, former Lincoln high school captain and star, went in the Husker backfield in the last quarter. This is Lewellen's first year with the varsity and he is not being allowed to hurt himself in getting started. Lew's first dash was thru the Indian line for seven yards. Later he was used on - the one-yard line to hurdle over for a goal. The tall back - was going fast and by a sprint and a long jump nabbed one of the Indian chieftain's passes, which was in a dangerous place and returned ten yards with the pigskin. . ' , Lay ton, who , 13 also spending his first season with the Husker'varsit, plowed thru the braves for several1 good gains. The red haired back travels on his knees as well as on his feet and this ability enabled him to fool the warriors when he was going, at his best. The work of Noble has shown a great deal of improvement since the Coyote game two weeks ago and the heavy back was carrying the ball his share of the time in Saturday's game. , Preston Worked Well. f Preston, the stubby Nebraska quarterback, was going well thruout the game. The manager had his eye on every warrior play and kept the Husker defense well established as well as discovering and puncturing weak spots in the warriors wall. The engineering was excellent and when Preston left the field he was greeted with a tremendous ovation. '. Captain Swanson left the field, giving his place to Higgin3. The Husker captain played a splendid game &ni was a terrior to Haskell passes. On one Indian throw the Nebraska win intercepted the pass and ran the field for 37-yards to the braves' 3-yard line. Swanson's toe was working well and he booted five points for the Huskers, failing but once. - ' Klempke at the other end of the line proved a dangerous man to the wide running Haskellites. The small Anderson several' times found himself farther back than he expected to be when the right wing of Nebraska swept him off his feet in whirlwind fashion. Klempke's injuries - in the early part of the gam-3 took him from the field when he was going at his best. . . . ' ! Wenke at guard showed up well on offense as well as defense. - On d fense the tall Nebraskan was a men ace to the braves when he continually shattered the warrior wall. Wenke'a steller play was when he broke thru the Haskell line, blocked Levi's punt and fell on the ball. Pucelik and Lyman ever on the guard kept spilling Haskell backs while Weller's kicking was a feature, one kick-off flying b!t-ty yards and between the Haskell goal posts for a touch back. ! Play by play story of the game: ' First Quarter. . Weller kicked off 35 yards to Mfr Lemore who returned 4. Anderson cleared right end for 25 yards. Wof. ford took left end for 15 more; but the play was disallowed and the Indians were penalized 5 yards for o'f-side. Levi dropped back to kick. Levi went around right end for 15 yards. Wofford tried left end but failed to gain. McLemore Went thru right side for 2 yards. Levi dropped back to kick. He punted 40 yards to Preston, who returned 15. Ball on Nebraska's 19 yard line. Wright went thru the ,left side for 5 yards. The play was disallowed and Nebraska was penalised 15 yards for holding. Ball then on Nebraska's 10 yard tine. Preston went thru right for 7 yards. Noble rounded left end for 13 yards going- out of the bounds. De-Wlti bucked the line for 6 yards. Time out Haskell. Wright hit the line for 5 yards. Wright hit the line for 5 yards but Nebraska was off side and was penalized 5 yards. Wright failed to gain on a try at the line. Wright tried the left end and was thrown for a 2 yard loss. N On a pass Noble to Swanso Nebraska made 25 yards. Ball on Haskell's S5 yard line. . Wright hit the line for 4 more. Nebraska was off- fide and was penalized 5 yards. Noble. U i I ; svw' 'J Ctv "i.i,i',f i jJl- ! v I Photo by McDonald SCHOEPPEL End He caught a forward pass and carried the ball over for a touchdown for the Huskers. made a yard on a line buck. On a criss-cross DeWitz made 2 yards. Noble went thru theright Bide for . 6 yards. Time out Haskell. A pass Noble to Swanson wp.s fumbled but recovered by Wright netted 12 yards. Ball in - play on Haskell's 20 yard line. Wright went thrUjthe right side for 8 yards. DeWitz made 4 yards for a first down.' Sail now on Haskell's 10 yard line. Wright made two yards off, tackle going out of bounds. Noble made 3 yards thru the line. DeWitz hit the line for 2 yards more. Now three yards to Haskejl line. Pass to Swanson incomplete over the line.'. Touchback. ,,, aii brought out to Haskell's 20 yard line. Haskell's - ball. Levi on a fake kick gained 4 yards at right end. Anderson tried the right end but' failed to gain. Lyman threw Anderson for a yard loss on the play. Time out for Haskell. ' , Levi kicked 45 yards to Preston, who returned 5. DeWitz bucked the line for 3 yards, fumbled, Haskell re covered. Wofford failed to gain. On a fake punt Levi hit the line for 2 yards A forward pass Anderson to Campbell was incomplete. Levi kicked over the Nebraska goal line. Nebraska put the ball in play on her 20 yard line on a touchback. Wright went thru for 10 yards. Wright tried ihe line again for 2 yards. Noble went thru for 7 yards for a first down. DeWitz failed to gain, Wright failed to gain on a try at the right side. Noble rounded left end for 7 yards. The quarter ended with the ball on Nebraska's 47 yard line. Score: Ne braska 0, Haskell 0. Second Quarten Weller kicked off 30 yards to Anderson who returned 5 yards.' Wofford rounded right end for 6 yards. Time out Nebraska. Schoeppel went In at right end for Klempke. Levi rounded Nebrasks left end for 10 yards. Mc Lemore made 5 yards thru the line. Wofford was thrown for a 4 yard loss. Nixon went in at center for Peterson. Forward pass, Anderson to Levi,, incomplete. Wenke broke thru and blocked Levi's kick on the fourth down. He yard line. Nebraska's balL Time out Nebraska. Wright went thru the 'l ' ' ' '.' v' ' ' " ' ' ' '""" '" ' . ' " ' ! "'' line for 7 yards. "Nebraska was penal-1 lzed 5 yards for being offside Hood was substituted at left guard for I Lassa. Wright hit the line for 6 yards. Preston was thrown for a 1 yard loss. .'- ;: - - Noble went thru for three yaras ior i a first down. - Nebraska's ball on Has kell's - 25-yard line. , DeWitz hit the line for 2 yards. Wright failed on a try at the right side. Carpenter broke thru and spoiled Noble's forward pass to SchoeppeL Preston dropped back to try a drop kick. Ball knocked out of bounds on the 12-yard line on the kick. : . . Anderson went thru for a 10-yard gain. Levi made a half-yard Levi hit the line for a yard gain and a first down. : Wofford ran the toft end for 5 yards. ' Levi made a yard off tackle. Levi kicked 30 yards out of -bounds. Nebraska's ball on fhelr own 35 yard line. Wright rounded the left end for 21 yards. DeWita ran' thru for 6 yards more. Noble went thru for 2 yards. DeWitz went thru for a 2 yards and a first down. Wright rounded the left end for 5 yards. . : Noble plunged thru the right side for 5 yards and a first down. Ball On Haskell's 19 yard line. ; Brace Went in for Webster in the Indian line at right guard. XteWita broke thru for 19 yards and a touchdown. He made the run thru a broken field. Swanson kicked goal. Score Nebraska 7r Haskell o. ; . .',.,';. Russel went in for' Wright at left half. And Hartley substituted for Noble. Weller kicked 45 yards to Wofford who returned 25 yards. Time out for Haskell. - Anderson failed to gain on a try at Nebraska's right end. On a double pass Wofford to Carpenter.. Carpenter rounded Nebraska's right end for 9. yards. McLemore failed to gain at a try at center. Anderson bucked the line for a yard and a first down. Lyman broke thru and spilled McLemore for a two yard loss. Anderson took Nebraska's left side for 4 yards. Levi's forward pass to .Carpenter was Incomplete. Swanson intercepted Levi's forward pass, and carried the ball thru, a broken field down to the Indians' 3-yard line. Hamilton went in for,Kipp at left tackle in the Indian line. Russel made two yards thru the line. Russel went -over the Haskell line for touchdown. Swanson kicked goal Score, Nebraska 14, Haskell 0. Weller kicked oft 50 yards to Wofford who returned 15. Ball on Haskell's 15 yard line. ' Levi punted 35 yards to Preston who returned 5. Nebraska penalized 15 yards for holding. Nebraska's ball on her own 35 yard line. Hartley took the Indian right side for 1,5, , yard's. , Noble hit the line for 3 yards. The half, ended with the ball in the middle of the field. Score, Nebraska 14, Haskell 0. Third Quarter. ' Levi kicked off 45 yards to Noble, who returned 25. Noble rammed the line for 7 yards. Wright ran from punt formation gaining 2 yards thru the Indian right side. Odipohy substituted at right end for Carpenter in tae Indian line. DeWitz rammed the line for 10 yards. Wright took the Indian left side for 15 yards, carrying the ball to Haskell's 30-yard line. Noble ran the Indian right end for 15 yards. Time out Haskell. Nebraska's ball on Haskell's- 15-yard line. Fier was substituted for Evans as Haskell's right tackle. Wright carried the ball from punt formation 7 yards to the Haskell 8-yard line. Noble carried the ball around the Indian left end within a foot of a touchdown. Wright went over for a touchdown. Captain Swanson kicked goal Score : Nebraska 21, Haskell 0. Weller kicked off 60 yards between the Haskell goal posts for a touch-back. Haskell put the ball in play on her 20-yard line. Levi - fumbled and was thrown for an 8 yard loss. Levi hit Nebraska's left end for 8 yards Levi kicked 45 yards to Preston who returned 30 yards. Wright failed to gain thru the Indian right side. Nebraska was penalized 15 yards for holding. DeWitz made back 10 yards off tackle. Time out Haskell. Noble ran the Indian right end for 25 yards carrying the ball to Haskell's 8-yard line. DeWitz bucked the line for a yard. Wright drove off tackle 7 yards for a touchdown. ' Captain Swanson INDOOR 1 fit. Photo by McDonald LEWELLEN Halfback - "Lew" played a etellar brand of football during Ihe- short time he was in the Husker-Haskell game 'and rode the Brave front wall for a touchdown. missed goal. Score: Nebraska 27, Haskell 0. Weller kicked off 50 yards to Captain McLemore who returned 20 ' to Haskell's 30-yard line. Levi tried Nebraska left side but failed to gain. Anderson cleared 4 yards thru Nebraska's left side. Levi made two yards off tackle. Levi punted 40 yards to Wright who returned to the middle of the field. Noble took the Indian left side for 5 yards being forced out of bounds. Noble ran from : punt formation bat failed to gain around the Indian right end. Preston drove of r tackle, for 8 yards and a first down. Wrigh went thru for 2 more. On a pass, Noble to Wright, Wright ran 15 yards to the 15-yard line but fumbled Haskell recovered. Levi made 2 yards off tackle. Levi made a yard thru center. Levi punted 40 yards to Wright who returned 15. Time out Nebraska. Lewellen was substituted for Wright at Nebraska's left half. Lewellen dove off tackle for 7 yards. DeWitz made 5 yards around Haskell's left and carrying the ball to the Indian 20-yard line. The third quarter ended with the ball on Haskell's 20-yard line. Score: Nebraska 27, Haskell 0. Fourth Quarter. Hartley went in for Noble at right half: Lewellen went thru for 5 yards. Ball on Haskell's 15-yard line. Hartley failed to gain on a try at the left side. Lewellen went thru the line for 9 yards and a first down. DeWitz dove off tackle for 5 yards carrying the ball to Haskell's 1-yard line., Lewellen tried center but. failed to gain. -, Lewellen tumbled over the line for a touchdown. . Captain Swanson kicked goal. Score: Nebraska 34, Haskell 0. Miles was substituted for Hood in the Indian line. Weller kicked off 60 yards to Anderson who returned the ball 15. R. McGlasson was substituted for Lyman in Nebraska's line. Anderson ran Nebraska's left end for 4 yards. McLemere was thrown for a yard loss. Time out Nebraska. Hendrickson was substituted for Wenke at left guard for Nebraska. Levi punted 50 yards to Lewellen who SPORTS ; FOOTBALL BESULTS. j-t latajreUe, Ind. Matte Dane SS, Tmr-At Coiaubo, a-lnoMll , Onte 8a At We ' reint, X, X. Army II, W- MU O. I , At Columbia Mfacocri 11, Am 14. At St. Ixmi Grintwll IS, Wanhtngtaa 14. At PHtebftrrh LineiniuUt UBMenitr 1, limannr er lltnMriB El. utHimrgn si. City Wranln S. TJtea 14. nawicfc, ". . KatKtn 14, I ilS. I-At Halt lMr tit ' At ew liranaw WMklnrtai and . At Lawrence, Km Drake IS, Fan 1. At rbiladeip&la reaasjrlvaaia 7, an 1. At Aanapotta Nary 13, At Madion wfecoaein era a. rrtneeten t, SI, Jiertbweak At Cambridge Harrard 10. ValTentty et Georaia 1. At Syraeaae Syrmoaw ta. Brara , At MaaoTorj U. H. UartaaHata 14, Taa- At Ana Arbor Michigan , SO, Mlehlcaa a. ... - . At Kew Barea, Caen. Tale SS, WU-Uuh ft, .., - At Iowa Ctty Iowa 14. imaoU S. At Fart Cstltao, Col. totorwdo Aigilnl taral eaU-re 14, Colorado Hchool ef Mta 1. At Colarade bpriara. Oat, UatvrnMj at New Mexico e, Colorado coUcbo 1. At loBTer. CoL Vnireratty e( Dearer SI, yebraaka Wesleraa S. At Iceraa, la. St. OlaTa 1, AeMae eoUafe .- ... . -- At Tamea, i Aria ITnlreralty . af Aitaaaa IS, riwenix Indlaa aetiaei.o.- At Omaaa. r. b. Orri hton aarreaatty M, gawaaa Anies 1. At Seattle. , Wan, VnlrmHr at SMB. aa ?, Voiveraitr of WaehincrtM M. ' At Lena. I'tah Montana AmIcb 1. Ctaa Aacies SO. 1 At rortlaad; ore hlaao 7, IMtM T. At V.v. M. Mam 14. i, (. am xeraoa o. j At Doboqae, la Dabeqae anlrwaM 2S Pena. eolcre At Hamilton, CeTcate tl, BeM hanaa . ' At Baltimore, Md, Joan lllrlaa EMcklnaon . : At Cleveland Ctmc 19, Onto iVeslaraa 14. At Merraotewa, W. Va. Ohio anlTeiatty 8, Wt u-ginia aruTerMty 7. At New Vera lerdnam M. TiUa Nora t. Tie. . At nallaa, Tex-Bestea aoaefa S3, aw. lor Calrenrityrof Wan 7. At lexiiortoa, Ky. Vaaderbat Zlf TJat-Tersity mt Keotncky 14. I At . Oreao, .Me, Maine i 7, Btaode Mana State . i.... .-. . I. - At Hartford, Ceaa. Bowdoin 7, Trinity a, 'At' Bnllanli MaM, Veraaont , Tatta a, ' At Waterrille, t Colby 7, Bates 7. Tie. At Berfcetey, Calif. I nlreriity ef CaU-foraia II, Pacific 1'lcet 18. V At 8aa JVancJuco Staaford 7, Olympia elab 8. .. : ...... t . At Salem, Ore. Oreeoa AarteBltaral, 54. W illamette O. , a. . At Hpokane, -WaaaiBCten State uonzaca 7 At Los Anrrlen Caireraity ef Soathera vauionua 42, UreMental a. At Ctnelnnafl Ceatre eoUere So, Xarier . At Little Keck, Ark. Wichita ) Arkaa-eee So. , At Farce, , D. North Dakota 4, Farro oolleje 0. At Fort Worth. Tex. Trxaa Christiaa anlmrraHy 19, Trloity anireralty S. At Austin,' Tex. Texas University Zl, Iloward Fayae 8. AC Uoaston. Tx Rice Iastltate 8; T-b anirersity 7. At 'Kormaa,: Olrla Okmaema aalreraUy ; Uklahoma A. M. . At York,- Pa. Vrslnoa 0, Gettyabara; 34. . .At 1-em-inbnrf;, Pa, BnckneU 1, L' Fayette to. I . At New Yolk Colombia 18, New York eniTeraity 8. At Waanlrytoa Oaoif,itowa aniscialty C6, Went minster 0. - At Ithaca, X. Y. Cornen lit, . Western Beeerre O. ' - . . At MIddletown, Corub Wealeyaa 8, Boo- ton nniTectyl7. i At State . Cplles-e, Pa. form State Lehit-k 1. At Waahinc-ton, Pa. Waahinctoa ' Jefferson 14, Cnraefrio Tech. 8. . .At OcheaectBdy, N. Y. Union 6, j herst 6. At Wasbington CatheUe anlversity Meant 8t. Mary's 0. to. 7. returned- 30 ,to Haskell's 38 yard line. DeWitz wa thrown 'for a yard loss. Forward pass Wenke to ' Schoeppel was good fop a touchdown. Schoeppel ran 15 yards after catching the balL Captain Swanson kicked goal. Score Nebraska 41; Haskell 0. House, was substituted for Nixon, and Harold McGlasson for DeWitz. Weller kicked off 50 yards to Campbell who returned - IS. Layton was substituted for Preston, and Triplett for Weller. Levi made a half a yard. Anderson went around Nebraska's left side for 16 1 yards. McLemere went thru Nebraska'3 left side for. 4 yards. Levi forwarded passed to Anderson but pass was broken up. McLemere pass to Lev9 was incomplete. Camp bell - punted ; 50 yards across Nebraska's goal line. Nebraska put the ball in play on her 20-yard line. Haskell penalised 6 yards for offside. Hartley failed to gain. 1 Lewellea was thrown for a 10 yard loss by Carpenter. Lewellen punted 28 yards out of bounds. Haskell's ball. Forward pass Campbell to Anderson was broken .up by Harold McGlasson. A forward pass McLemore to Levi was Intercepted Oy Lewellen, who returned 10 yards. (Hartley I made 4 yards around the Indian left end. Reed was substituted for Pucilik in the Nebraska line. . ' i ) . Nebraska fumbled but Hartley recovered and made 5 yards thru the line., Lewellen went off tackle for 5 ! j !' : : Saturday Mn , I ' N s , . X V T 2 V X SNX " " 1 I s, ; ! i i 1 i i i ' V n J Photo by McDonald PRESTON Quarterback This plucky lad engineered the Ne7 braska team against the Redskins In Saturday's game. Preston's work with the ball was good as well as the management he showed in handling the team. yards and a first down Hlggins was substituted for Swanson at left end. Layton went thru the left end for 15 yards. Odum went In for R. McGlasson. Lewellen hit the line for 3 yards. Layton fumbled but Nebraska - recovered. Forward pass by Lewellen was intecepted by . McLenore ..who returned the ball to Haskell's 30-yard. Campbell hit the -line. Levi failed to gain when he hit the line. Campbell punted 35 yards to Lewellen who returned 3. Forward pass from Lewellea was intercepted by McLemore who was thrown on Haskell's 7-yard line. Haskell dropped back to punt out of danger but the final whistle blew with the hall in the Indian's possession In the shadow of their own goal posts. Final score, Nebraska 41. Haskell 0. Kebntslta Swanson . . t,yiaan , , , , Wenke . . . . eteraoB Parelik .... Weller Klatnke Preston . , . Wright .... Noble ..... IeWlt Haskell . . . .Oarpair Kipp Laasa King ..... Webster ...... .lCvaiin . . .Campbell . . McUmon . . . .Anderson ... .Wofford . ....J. Levi . . .LB . . .LT ...LQ ...C ...FO ...BT ...RE ...Q ...L1I ...HH ...TO Substitutions: ' Kobmska, Nixon for Pet erson: Russell for Wright; Hartley for Noble; Schoeppel for Klempke; Luwellen lor nriKni: it. sicvjii&saon ior iman un drickson for Wenke; House for Nixon; H, McGlHason for DeWlts; Triplett for Weller: Layton tor Preston; Reed for Pucelik; Hlggins for Bw anson; Odum for R. McUlasson. Haskell. Hood for Laasa; Brace for Web ster; Hamilton for Klpp; Odlpoby for Car penter; Fire for Evans; Ulles for Hood; O. Levi for Campbell. Officials. Birch, fiarlham, referee; Qutg. ley, ICanaas, umpire; Cs.rrttn.ers, Illinois, head llnesuian. 8 porta at the State Reformatory. A. W. Miller, the superintendent of the new reformatory gave the prisoners a surprise the other evening by presenting them with a pair of 8 os. boxing gloves. An informal smoker took place in - the large recreation ropm in the northeast wing. The boys were cautioned to go easy as the cenment floor was rather hard. On account of this, all wrestling was postponed until a mat could be procured. The stellar bout of .the evening between two lightweights was roundly applauded and the boys gave a clean clever exhibition. Second honors went the flyweights. Miller the winner proved to be a clever and Assistant Superintendent Anderson will take him in charge and train him for several bouts to be held later. The other three bouts went to draws The prisoners were all pleased with their first smoker. Superintendent Miller and Assls-taint Superintendent Anderson are coaching soccor, volly and basket ball teams and the prospects are fine for Coach Anderson to pick a fine backet, ball team from among the teams competing In the league to be started soon. This team will represent Hawthorne in games played wth the outside teams. Crelirktoa Defeata Kansas A allies. OMAHA, Neb., Oct. 13. Creighton university defeated the Kansas Aggies here today, 14 to 7, in a gamexln which the Kansans outplayed the Omaha team at nearly every stage of the game. Crelghton's first score came in the second peikd. when Nemyek of Creighton grabbed an Aggie fumble on, the Aggie 30-yard line and scored. Condon kicked goaL In the third period Condon of Creighton punted to the Aggie fifteen-yard line, where an Agglo touched the ball with his finger and Long, Creighton quarterback, seized the ball and ran nearly the length of the field for the second touchdown. In the fourth period a forward pass, Starke to SebrSng, put the ball over for the Aggies from the Creighten eighteen-yard line, j ' Caanot (tare Fight. y TOPEKa! Kas., Oct 15. Reiterating h!s declaration that the proposed Gibbons-O'Dovrd bout at Wichita Tuesday wouM be direct vlolatim of the Kansas boxlas liw, Richard J. licp-klns, attorney general. cal;l today he hnd instr-jc'.c.l J. C. Cnn'.ey, Sertfrwtck. county, to obtain r-n inj-ia-clion unless the fight is cancelled. . . Afternoon ILLINOIS OUT OF RUNNING BIO TK7T CHAMPIONS BEtTBK BY IOWA BY 14 TO 8 SCORK. Haw are yea Acaresaora at Nearly BTvarr-Staaje of Game, aad Oaal Seldom Tkreateaed. u IOWA CITY. Ia., Oct 15. The state university of Iowa football team moved a step nearer the coveted Western conference '. grid championship here today when it triumphed over the University of Illinois by 4 score of 14 to 2. Iowa's victory was well earned. It came from two touch-downs by Gordon Locke, plunging full back .. of Coach Howard Jones machine. One was scored In the second period and the other In the third period. Locke not only lugged the ball over for the touchdowns, but his gains were largely instrumental In putting Iowa in position to score. " The Hawkeye team was never fa serious danger, the two points scored, by Illinois being the the result of a fifteen yard penalty which, put thetr backs to the wall, followed by a mot pass from center which rolled, dVer the goal line where Captain Aubrey Devine fell upon It tor a safety, which gave the orange and . blue- a meager - two points. ; Illinois never had the ball within scoring range, while Iowa repeatedly threatened the visitors, who played, a defensive game thruout, except when they made a few sporadic' attempts -to In the final period that netted a few first downs. Illinois attempted fourteen forward passes, but only fnor were successful. Iowa repeatedly ripped gapping holes n the Coach Zuppke forward wall., A great crowd of Iowa bomecomera filled all the regular seats and boxes in addition to temporary bleachers at each end of the field. - Iowa's first touchdown was the result of sensational smashing in the Illinois line. Devine Intercepted a long toward pass and returned it to midfield .giving his team Its scoring; opportunity. The rivalling thrusts of Ixvk and A. Dnvlna thru rfntar anil off the tackles, carried the ball to the Illinois' twenty yard line. Three successive punches at the Illinois' line netted gains of twelve, seven and one yard and a touchdown.' The second touchdojwn was made 'in the early part of the first half and was preceded by a thrilling run y Locke, who plunged thru a big hole in the center of the line, twisted, turned acd shook off tackle after tackier and advanced thirty-six yards, carrying the ball to the Illinois 31-yard line. Locke then ' made tlvts yards, A. Devine four and Locke five more. Devine hit off tackle for three and Locke plunged thru over the goal line. A. Devine kicked both goats. The lineup: x Iowa Illinois ICndesky Is K... Carnny Thompson .It. ,,, ....... . Otenffpr Minnie. if: ReicttMe Heldt c... MrMufcm Mead .............. i'g Anderson Slater ...i rl Vom1 Belding rs Wilson A. Dsvins qli ...Walquist Bhuttlewortn lb. Harris: U Devine rb Mohr Locke fb... Crunkle Score by periods -Iowa 8 T T 8-14 Illinois o os- env - Iowa acortng: Touchdown Locks (M. Goals from touchdowns A. Xevlne ( 1 . Safety A. Devine. Referee Masker,. Northwestern. Umpire Knight, Dart mouth. Field judge Drama, , Depasra:. , 1 J 1 1 V I ... I -v. I l':ms or periods It minutes. Falrbury Skate Oat Crete. FAIRBURY, Neb., Oct 15. Pslr-bury high school football team shut out Crete high school at Fairbury, m&kinr a score of 33. Garrett fruui Bethany was referee, Moon of Falrbury, umpire. Falrbury meets Hebrea next Friday. ' 1 ODD j 11) 1 if Photo by McDonald, DEWITZ Fullback "Herb" Fmashod the Haskell line tor,' a number of gains and - made Js splendid run of nineteen yards tec the' firs I touchdown, IV I '-Tr ft rt mm e&i 6 - mm 1Mb f I

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