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NEBRASKA STATE SATURDAY MOIiNIXG, NOVEMBER 17, 1900. BIG FOOTBALL GAMES TODAY DEPRESSING DAY IN WHEAT Amer S274 Pad Coast 57 pref 79 1st pref 84 Amer 8 Wire 4S4 2t tref 7 pref DSPao Mau I TORAGKs I 1 Rates 1 eent per word ears lnsertlea, No advertisement less than 80 cants. 8TOBAGB-Household goods, merchandise, buggies; brick block, plastrq4; no mice, no bugs; move, puck and re-hip. Humphrey Hardware Co, I Tn OSE LONG EXHlBITIOXrOP UQII- Am Tinplate 42 People's Gas pref h734P Steel Car 54i, Amer Tob pref I Ll.NCOL.V AD YORK HIGH SCHOOLS OX THE CAM PIS. ATI OX.

pref 133 Palace Ana Mtntng Co. 49 Rope 61 BRT WiSusar 132T ALL, THE NEWS WAS BEARISH STORAGE See Trenholm company, brick block; best of tire protection; low surance. 233 no. 10th. i 7n State High School Championship at Stake Diversity Eiptt-li a.

-Victory in Kui Colo 4SH pref 11 Con TrOb 26fiTenn 74 pref aiaT; Leather lo Fed Steel -50' pref TTJi pref v. TtfBJtJ Rubber SW5 Gen Electric ...164 i. Pref THE FARMERS' SUPPPLY ASSOCIATION, 130 no. beet storage room in city; your patronage solicited. 1 en and feeders, $3 culls, 83 3 25.

St. tal, ST. LOTJIS. Nov. 16.

Cattle Receipts 1.800; steady. Native steers, 85 Oofft 45; dressed beef and butchers, 84 255 light. 83 20J 00; stackers and feeders, 83 65: cow and heifers. 83 004 88; canners, 81 2543 60; bulls, 82 253 76; Texas and Indian steers, ti 004 60; cows and heifers, S3 4Xg4 25. Hoga Reoelpts 5gl0o up; pigs and lights, 34 854 95; packers.

84 9u4 87; butchers, S4 966 05. Sheep Receipt 7u0; steady. Natives, 83 00; lambs, 84 456 25; culls and bucks, 83 50(84 00; stock ers, 83 5W2 90, St. Joseph. SOUTH ST, JOSEPH, Ner.

16. Cattle Receipts 800: market strong. Natives. 84 105 Texas and westerns. $3 20ry 5 25; cows and heifers, 82 0034 60; bulls and stags, 83 0wij4 50! yearlings and calves, t3 004J4 25; stoekers and feeders, 83 00; veals, 84 OtXSrtS 25.

Hdgs Receipts 4.200; market 5o higher. AU grades, 84 87H65 00: bulk ot sales, 84 90-54 5. Sheep Receipts 600; market steady. Glucose 57 4U ing the advantage of possession of the ball." Extra l'rt Reduced by tbe Pennsylvania Lines. Beginning with Sunday, November 25th, New York Express Train by the Fort Wayne Route" of the Pennsylvania Lines, now leaving Chicago at 13:30 p.

will leave' Chicago Union' Passenger Station" at 12 o'clock noon, every day, reaching the new 33d Street New York Station next day at o'clock p. m. It thus- becomes a twenty-six hour train from Chicago to New York, and the excess fare will be reduced $1.00 on each point, making Philadelphia $1.00, New York $3.00. "Pan Handle Route" Differential Fare 9:30 a. m.

train, will, on and after November 25th, leave Chicago Union Passenger.Statloa at 10:05 a. For particulars call upon or address It. Dering, Asst. Gen'l Passenger Agent, 248 South Clark Chicago, 111, NEWS OF THE RAILROADS Dref 1 is Cloae Was a Qaartcr Vstder Tkan. day Cent Held Mi'jelt n'tll" tVe End and Then 'X Went Of ith a Rash Int Paper 2t7s pref Mi pref Wtp to St ta Lacieoet uas 13 Ha.

Jim .1 -r II ceunon w.17 coupon 4s reg TJ as reg. coupon coupon os reg New-4s reg 137 coupon MISCELLANEOUS I Rates 1 eeat per word ao. 1 urtlsa. Ne advertisement leas than 84 seats. NEW JUNk SHOP pays highest prices for rubber, rags, iron, metals.

EU no. 9th. ire nstone. i PRINTERS. BINDERS Estimates furnished on all kinds of bank and office stationery, blank books, general print.

ing. Hunter-Woodruff Printing Lincoln. i 7n HIGHEST cash price paid for cast-off clothing; send postal to 318 no. 9th and man will call. L.

Polsky. Tn FTJRNACB and steam pipe get our prices. Nichols' Roofing telephone 455. i Western regular packing at 1 2So: lews off. 27c.

Cofre Spot Rio quiet; No. 7 invoice. mild quteti Cordova. 9Va13Ho. The market for future opepad steady, with prices, lOtjlo points-higher, 011 higher rlhvr.aud Hamburg cables, Passing selling.

The market eased oft. ier in absence pf Brazilian cables and- a absence of mi Kit buyers; closed easy afa a net loss of pointa. Sales. 22.01 "bags: No vember, i Peoember Ji 5a Marvb 7M29 SO; April, 80; laj-. $6 hi 6:" July, 15; September, 90 05; October, $7 03, Surr Haw Arm; fair 3e bid; centrifugal 96 test, 3c molasses sugary SV4U refined steady.

Lard Steady. steamed, $7 60; refined quiet. Pork-Steady. I' Ln-' 'if: ST. Nov.lS.

Wheat- Lower. Xo. 3 red' cash elevator, track. 72S73c; Deoensber, 70Hc; 2 hard. XKttflS9c No.

cash' track, 36Vc; i 35o; December; SlVc; May, 354c 1- Oats Lower. No. 3 cash, 23c: track, TPvaie, November. 24c; December, 22tc; May, ao No. 8 white, 26o.

I Kansas City. KANSAS CITT. Nbv. lGWheat December. tMe; May, 754i oe: cash No.

3 hard, HaCyZT1; No. 3, No. red, 7ic: No. 3, Corn December, S47c; May, 434e; No. 2 cash mixed.

SSfJc; No. 2 white, 34Vc: No. 3, S4Hc. Oats No. 3 white, 26c.

Hay-Choice timothy, $10 OOgxo 50; prairie, $8 50. Chicago Flaxseed. CHICAGO, Nov. 16. Flaxseed very weak; in sympathy with the northwest markets, which were even more do-pressed than the market The market closed with a drop of 67c for futures and as much for spot seed.

November, $1 US); December, $1 67; May. $1 67 bid; No. 1 northwestern, $1 71; No. 1. $1 Receipts 17 cars.

i.TC Chicago Clearings. CHICAGO. Nov. 16. Clearings.

606; balances, posted exchange, J4 82ft4 New York exchange, 5o premium. i WAXTKD SITUATIONS. Rates 10 cents for 20 words or less, on insertion, or three times or '25 cent WIDOW, thoroughly experienced, wants position as housekeeper for a widower, or aged couple. Address, Widow. Combination Box 396.

York, Nb. THE LIVE STOCK MARKETS FREIGHT RATES FROM EAST NOT SATISFACTORY. Vhlle the Lincoln high school football team 13 playing with the York team on the university campus this afternoon, the university team will be nt Lawrence. walking all over the Kansas university team. The high school team has not been defeated this year, but the York boys are certain they have the beat high school team In the etate and the' state championship will be fought for.

The York boys defeated the Omaha, high school Saturday by a score of It to ft. The two teams that will play today are evenly matched In size and weight, but ome profess to believe the York boys have the advantage of superior training. It promises to be one of the most games of the The 4Ta.roe will commence at 3 o'clock and ihe admission will' be 25 The teams will line up as follows: LINCOLN. YORK. Shedd, r.

Runner Klmftiel. r. t. Reader (Capt.) Hall, r. g.

Leah Hubbard, Paga Martin, t. r. Taylor Field, 1. Whltcomb Law ton, I. e.

r. Haner Avery or McDonald, Brown Follmpr, r. Wiley Benedict, r. Fountain Mlckel or Clark, f. b.

(Capt.) Frold Substitutes for Lincoln, Carey, States; referee, K. C. Alexander. Telegraphic dispatches on the progress of the Kansas-Nebraska game at Lawrence, will be received at the i-ampua uid read to those attending RAILROAD TIME' TABLE. I'KItK TTEXDKXCTl dowxwakd.

Kunthe Official FUd That Traf. flc Men Have Cut Tariffs to Get Business. Standard Tint. Hogs Opened Higher, Bet Lose It Leaves Mo. R.

Arrives, Lincoln. 7th and Sts. Lincoln. i LaterFat Sheen Hare Been Steady All the Week. Chicago Fast Mail vial Plattsmouth Loulsvtlle'llrOOom WANTED H.41.K HELP.

Rates 1 cent per word each insertion. No advertisement less than 20 cents. "WANTED Men to learn barber trade, only two months required; can earn scholarship, board, tools -and transportation if desired; special offer for-November; we furnish free fare to our colleges at Chicago. St. Louis or Minneapolis as sufficient practice cannot be obtained in smaller cities; positions given graduates at 813 weekly.

Apply by mall Moler Barber College Representative, 1628 Far nam Omaha. Boum ckeno, ana SOUTH OMAHA. Nov. 16. Receipts Of fiattsmoutn (ex.

Sun) Omaha Fast Mail Omaha Dally Omaha Chicago (dally) CHICAGO, Now 16. The session in the wheat pit 1 today, save for; a few brief punctuations in the shade of Incipient rallies, was one long exhibition of liquidation by holders and shorts selling by traders looking for prices Still lower, although this trading established more new low prioe records for this. crop. The news was bearish from start to finish. The market opened under the influence of indifferent cables, favorable crop reports and a Broomhall estimate of an Argentine exportable surplus of bushels, December Mroc to lower at 72e to 7T5c.

Offerings were liberal and the demand limited and December dropped early to 71sc. On proftt-taklns by the shorts a reaction to 7t71c followed. There was very little cash stuff wanted, however, and as ontaide people showed no disposition to assume the burden of holding prices up the market sagged again. December dropped to 71c and closed under, yesterday at TiQ.TVftC Local receipts were lis cars, 20 of contract grade. The talent predicted an increase for Monday.

Corn had a mildly exciting experience. The market opened lower1 on the bear-ishness of the government report. Offerings were liberal, but the decided attitude taken by leading bul scalpers held the market in check till 'the last hour, when the December was close to yesterday's final figures. During: the last hour, however, this support meHed away. The wheat weakness was felji; and the increased offerings first hands alarmed longs and encouraged the bears.

December broke sharply and wound up In a weak state. December sold between 8536c and 35Vic and closed down at 35y3Sc. Receipts were S27 cars. Oats showed Just enough movement to Indicate that life had not failed completely. The country movement was slow, the cash demand fair.

December sold between 22c and 2lQ217ic and closed VSe lower at jflfeilTsC. Receipts were 95 cars. Provisions were fairly active and rather nervous, at times apparently Inclined to. stiffen and at other I periods ruling weak under, the volume product offered. The prospect of heavy run of hogs next week was a depressing influence throughout the session.

January pork sold between $11 86 and $11 bT1 and closed 12c under yesterday at $rr 79; January lard between $6 95 and $6 Hogs. Sheep. 2,399 4.23W Chicago Limited (daily). The executive council of western roads held a meeting in Chicago recently to learn if possible whether or not rates in the western territory- have been maintained. At this meeting proof was produced Bhowing that the demoralization in freight rates, especially on west bound business from the east, is greater at the present time than it was at any time prior to the formation of the carefully planned district pools.

When these pools were formed a few months ago and George Chicago "Flyer" (dally Chicago Express (ex. Sun) uve kiock. were; i Cattle. Official Monday Official Tuesday ......5,843 Ofticial Wednesday 4.206 Official Thursday 3.S13 Official Friday 1.635 Five days this 19,900 Same days last week. 8,125 Same week before 17,270 Same 3 weeks ago 17,541 Same 4 weeks ago 20,472 MH.V to sell or advertise: salary; no outfit.

Triumph Dallas Tex. 7,944 8.293 6, 320 6,1 33 31,793 21,825 23,204 24,523 I. express (dally) IWahoo and Sohuyler (ex. Liverpool. 7441 2,276 8.537 1,495 23.

37.S27 67.0OS WANTED First class butcher. Good wages to right man. Cassin, Columbus, Neb. i I Sunday) Hastings Local Kear'y (ex Sun) Denver Limited 6 Special Beatrice Wymore, daily 33,325 iiupm uearca yraort ex biuu SALESMEN Local and traveling, to sell office specialties; fine side lines; used by all merchants; catalogue free. Model Mfg.

box H. South Bend. Ind. I Concordia Eid. (ex Bun) Neb.

City tk East (ex 8un10utaca urana island Aiuancei steady; No. 2 red western winter, 6s; No. 1 northern spring. 2s 3Vd: No. 1 California, 3d.

Futures steady; December, us 10-fad; March. 6s Vsd. CornSpot quiet; American mixed, new, 4s. Futures steady; November, 3s llTid; December, 4s 10d; Januaryi 3s Toledo, I TOLEDO. Nov.

16. Wheat Active. Cash. 75c; December, 759c; May, TOc. i Corn Fairly active, easier.

Cash, 3Sc; December. 37ic. 1 -Oats Cash, 22Uc; December, 23'ic 1 Cloveiaeed Dull, unchanged. '99 prime, Local Average prices paid! for hogs for the last several days, with comparisons: 1900 1S99 1S98 1897 1896 1895 1594 Nov 1.... 4.614.01 3.53 i 8.2? 5 Nov 2..

..4. GO 4.04 3.45 3.41 3.17 8.44 4,43 Nov 3.. ..4. 56 4.04 8.47 8.43 8.30 433 Nov 4.... 4.02 3.51 8.43 3.81 8.S3 Nov 6...

.4.65 3.53 3.44 3.21 3.35 1.41 Nov 6.. .,4 64 4.10 3.46 3.17 S.36 4 60 Nov 7.. ..4. 67 4.03 S.55: 8.23 3.45 4.6a Nov 8. ...4.70 4.03 3.62: 3.64 3.45 4 43 Nov 9..

..4.69 4.06 3.45 8.41 Puget Sound Portland UJOpm St. Louis, Kansas City St. Joe Special WANTED FEMALE Rates 1 cent per word each insertion. No advertisement less than 20 cents. I LADIES, copy letters at borne, every where; pleasant work; good pay; full particulars, terms, etc-; reply with stamp.

The R. Cutler station Chicago. i UOpm Altuiwjli, HUD. City and St. Louis (daily) Tecumsah Local (ex Sun) 8 J.2S 3.29 J.27 S.17 S.S9 S.23 3.45 4.43 S.23 3.44 4.54 S.

3 3 3.2S 3.29 4 (Except Saturday) Table! 3UJ iJecemoer, viw aarcn, $6 zo. Rock Local (ex Sun) Nov 10.. .4.73 4.03 3.47 8.31 Nov 11... 4.02 3.43 3.32 Nov 12... 4.

83 3.44 3.38 Nov 3.34 Nov 14. 4.673.92 8.41 Nov 15.. .4. 82 3.90 3.35 8.27 Mllford. David City and i Cincinnati.

8.25 S.45 4.44 Columbus (exceDt Sunday) 3.46 4.37 Sun) Mllford, David Cllv AV (at Kat I Nov 16... 4.9043.84 8.35, 8.31 3.18 8.45 4.45 Leaves. C. R. I.

A p. R. R. Arrives. LADIES, copy letters at home, every where; pleasant work; good pay; full particulars, terms, reply with stamp.

The R. Cutler station Chicago. i i WANTED At once, a good woman for cooking and general housework; no washing or ironing; must be neat and clean; good wages. 124 so. 9th.

Lincoln. Depot. 20th tt Bts. Lincoln. Omaha Ooun.

Bl'ffs (d) ChlcaKO Flyer w. itistine placed In supreme control to direct the division of traffic or earnings it was claimed that under the new agreement rate-cutting would be a thing of the past. But the roads soon began to resort to their old tactics and the evidence submitted to the executive officials showed that there is not a road that has maintained the rates during the last three or four weeks. Contracts at cut rates have been made for the transportation of west-bound merchandise from the east and from Chicago and St. Louis which cannot be disposed of before the end of December.

At the meeting held by the executive officers in New York a short time ago charges were made that rates were, being cut, but the denials made by the accused lines were emphatic On east-bound business from Kansas City the situation was found to be equally bad. Grain rates were being cut from 3 to 5 cents per 100 pounds and provisions from 8 to 10 cents per 100 pounds. Owing to the large contracts that have been made and the impossibility to terminate them before January 1, 1901, the executive officers decided to let matters remain in statu, quo for the present, but ordered that rates must be firmly maintained after January 190L Railroad Kotee and Personal. Claim Agent Tewksberry of the Rock Island was in the city for a few hours yesterday. Burlington-weather reports yester CINCINNATI, Nov.

16. Wheat Quiet, No. 2 red. 76c. 1 Corn DuH, lower.

No. 2 mixed. S74cJ Oats Dull. No. 3 mixed, Whisky Firm.

$1 27. i Peoria. PEOBIA. Nov. 16.

Corn Steady, 35H3. Oats Steady. No. 2 white, billed Colo. Utah Coast Points, Denver, Colorado Springs Ft.

Worth Special (daily) Nebraska State Limited. WANTED ROOMS. i. Rates 1 cent per word each Insertion No advertisement less than 20 cents. Falrbury, Topeka and In- termedlate Points mrougn.

Whisky $1 27. ni Omaha and Chicago Ex luloa PaclOc. Arr.ves. Lincoln. Leaves.

Lincoln WANTED Board and rooms In private family within five blocks of capltoL One room on ground floor. Particulars of BoBklrk, Alliance, Neb. Depot. ft 6th Sts. 7 it mi in yanhflllHn and Kjuisast Minneapolis.

1 MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 16. Wheat-weak. December, 72c: May, 75c; No. 1 northern, 74c; No.

2, 714p72c; No, 3, 6370c I (except Chicago western con-l (except Sun.) WANTED LIVE STOCK. Rates 1 cent per word each Insertion. No advertisement less than 20 cents. i closing 7c lower at $6 90, and January ribs closed at $6 30. ir Estimated receipts: Wheat 95 cars, corn 460 cars, oats 150 cars, hogs 22.000 head.

Cash quotations were as follows: Flour Dull and easy. I Wheat No. 3 spring, 6772c; No. 2 red, 71Mse74c. i Corn No.

2, 39c; 1 2 yellow corn, 39c. i Oats No. 3 white, 283Te; No. 3, 24 28c. v- Barley Fair to choice malting, 564j'60c Flaxseed No.

1, $1 70; No. 1 northwestern, $1 71. Timothy seed Prime, $4 10(54 20. Mess pork Per barrel, $10 Lard Per 100 pounds, 87 207 73. Short ribs 46 90i7 25.

Shoulders 5iS6e. -j Short clears $6 907 OS. Whisky $1 27. Clover Contract grade)1 $10 00. Receipts.

Shipments. Flour, barrels 11,000 12,000 Wheat, bushels 141,000 Corn, bushels 223,000 165,000 Oats, bushels 131.000 212.0X) Rye, bushels 3000 1 1,000 Barley, bushels 53,000 18,000 On the produce exchange today the butter market was active. Creameries, dairies. Cheese Active, 10llc. Eggs Active; fresh, 23e.

The leading futures ranged as follows: Cattle. There was a fair run of cattle here for a Friday, but the demand was none too good, and as a result the market was dull and the tendency of prices downward. There were about lu cars of beef cattle ofi sale today and the market was steady in some cases, while in others it was a little lower. Buyers did not seem particularly anxious for supplies and sellers found it difficult to get yesterday's prices, particularly if the cattle were not very good. I The supply of cows not very heavy today and in the majority of the market was not materially different from what it was yesterday.

Prices have been going down at a rapid rate all the week and it is safe to say that all but the best grades are now 25c lower than they were at the close of last week. The common canners in some cases are even worse than that. The best grades are perhaps not quite a quarter lower for the week, but they are all of 15c lower. The stocker and feeder trade was In bad shape today. There are a good many cattle in the hands of yard traders and as the demand from, the country is very light they did not want to buy many more today.

Where the quality of ithe cattle was at all common sellers found it almost impossfble to get a bid on them. Even the best grades were slow sale and Expresa (ex Bun) Branch Exp. (Except.Bunday).;.... WANTED fat cows and calves at Scott's jreea Btore, no. stn, Leaves.

Northweaterm Line. Arrives. Lincoln. Depot, 9th Bts. Lincoln.

WANTED MISCELLANEOUS. Rates 1 cent oer word each insertion. Fremont. Norfolk, Verdl-I Ins flnMafria i T.J.KELLY CO. Grain, Stocks and Provisions.

201 So. 11th. Phone 711 J. K. Boyd A Co.

No advertisement less than 20 cents. i 10 City, St. Paul Chicago ROOFING Roof repairs, roofing mater day Indicated no snow anywhere on the ials. jNicnois itoonng 4bo. i Line Black Hills A Wyoming Omaha, Chicago.

Sioux City and St. Paul WE WANT your houses for sale or for rent. We have calls daily. Falrbrother CO. Leaves.

Mlssoarl Paclflo. Arrives. Lincoln. Depot. tth Bts.

Lincoln. FINANCIAL. Llm. Ex. to K.

St. L. Kansas City, St. South and FOR RENT ROOMS. I Rates 1 cent per word each Insertion.

No advertisement less than 20 cents. i New York, the market was a little lower au arouna. Kepresentative sales: BEEF STEERS. FOR RENT Furnished rooms; 1830 Av. r.

Ft. vvasiungton at. it 90 'A $4 12 974 84 5i35 No. Av. Pr.

No. 1 670 SI 50 42... 2 735 4 00 62... COWS. .1412 FOR RENT HOtSKS.

I Rates 1 cent per word each insertion. No advertisement less than 20 cents. $Jl 2. 1155 82 75 14 1023 8 00 55 1 770 tl 00 5 9611 2 90 2.... 1115 2 65 1A1370 4 00 FOR RENT Two 8- and 1 2-room house.

Falrbrother over First National Bank. Tn BULLS. system west of the river, excepting a light fall of the beautiful at Fort Custer, Mont. It is reported that the directors of the Alton, at a meeting held in Chicago on Thursday, considered the advisability of purchasing the Kansas City, Omaha and Eastern road. y.

O. A. Andrews, depot ticket agent for the Burlington, has gone, to Chicago for a two weeks' stay. E. R.

Butler has been checked in as depot ticket agent, acting for Mr. Andrews while he is away. E. B. Pope, western passenger agent for.

the Chesapeake Ohio railroad, with headquarters in St. Louis, and W. C. Barnes, traveling passenger agent for the Missouri Pacific, were Lincoln callers yesterday. A change of time on the Missouri Pacific is looked for within a couple of weeks.

The new card will not affect the Lincoln service materially. The out-going night train to the south will probably leave a few minutes later on the new card. W. T. Griffin of the Burlington yards has returned from a trip to the west.

Mr. Griffin is a candidate for a position on the electoral committee of the Burlington voluntary relief, and so far as now known has no opposing candidate from the northern division. Open High Low Close Wheat I Nov tl'k 71Tg 71H TVA Dec 71T- 72U' 71 72-72H Jan. 72H-73 73 72 72-4 Corn Nov 39 394 39 39A Deo 34i 35'4 35U 354- May 36a 36 25Tt-36 Oats Nov 21 21 214 21 Dec 22 22 t. 21 2ii May 24 24 23 23T Pork Nov 10 45 10 50 10 45 10 60 Jan 11 70 11 85 11 67 1170 May 11 75 11 SO 11 70 11 70 Lard Nov 7 17 7 20 7 15 7 20 Deo 6 95 7 03 6 95 6 97 6 92 8 95 6 85 6 90 May 6 96 6 92 6 90 6 92 Bibs Nov 7 12 720 712 720 Jan 6 30 35 6 25 6 30 May 6 37 6 37 6 30 6 32 ...1050 83 00 ...1420 3 55 1 1220 82 85 1 IudO 2 95 FOR RENT FARMS.

I Rates 1 cent oer word each insertion. No advertisement less than 20 nit STOCKERS AND FEEDERS, 1 550 82 50 1 840 83 50 15 S53 3 30 8 870 4 20 Hogs. Today's hog market opened up higher. There were almost as many FOR A TERM A good farm, 40 acres. 4ii0 cultivation.

Particulars, call J. H. MeM-urtry. 7n FOR SALE CITY PROPERTY. Rates 1 cent oer word iach insertion.

hoga here today as yesterday, but pack ers all seemed to oe anxious ior suppi. and as a result thei opening marketywas NEW YORK. Nov. 16. Money-On call steady at per cent; last loan prime mercantile paper, per cent: sterling exchange steady, with actual business in bankers' bills, at $4 S4'i for demand and J4 80 for sixty days; posted rates.

$4 $7 and commercial bills, 8tx34 80. I Silver Certificates, digSc; bars, C4c; Mexican dollars, 45c. Bonds Government steady, state inactive, railroad strong. i Exchanges 604; balances, Stocks Although today's business in stocks did not recover to the full measure of last week's volume the tendency of trading and the showing of strength were the most imposing and substantial bave been made since the election. There was a steady and persistent absorption of stocks with legitimate speculative prospects of Increased earning power i or increased security by reason of added earnings for junior securities.

The early dealings in the speculation showed a disposition to look for leadership 1 and powerful- leaders were at hand to start inviting advances in prominent stocks in almost every distinctive group from the exchange. The realizing pressure as the advances were easily made encouraged the growth of the demand and strength was disseminated all through the i list. There was, important exception to the upward course of prices and among the stocks of railways all through the south and west, including the transcontinental li nets, the strength was astonishingly uniform. Not a few rises over 2 points were made, while Burlington and Atchison preferred gained respectively 3 and 34. The soft coal roads also made a good showing of strength.

The preferred stocks of reorganized roads were evidently the favorites in the speculation. The iron and steel stocks were notably strong and in Colorado Fuel the gain was 4, in Tennessee Coal S. Others of the groups gained 2 points or upwards. The No advertisement less than .20 cents. FOR SALE 8everal choice residence roperties; lowest price; get my list.

M. Williams, 1105 st. 7n Cash notations. FOR SALE We have choice residence and business properties that are bar-gains. Falrbrother Co.

7n Two surveys have been made by the FOR SALE FARMS. Rates 1 cent per word each insertion. No advertisement less than 20 cents. i the Lincoln-York game. Kansas Gaiue.

The university football team went to Lawrence yesterday under the care of Coach Booth, Manager Tukey and Trainer Best and Or. Everett. They are in excellent condition and expect to win a. victory without much trouble. The players taken along are: Captain Brew, left tackle; Ityan, left end; Ringer, left guard; Koehler, center; Emmons, right guard; Westover, right tackle; Cortelyou, right end; Drain, quarter; Crandall, left half; Montgomery, right half; Cook, fullback.

Substitutes: Pilisbury, WurL Bender, Eager and Johnson. The Kansas City Star says of the Nebraska-Kansas game which will be played this afternoon: "The big football game of this week, so far as the Missouri valley is con-terned, will be played at Lawrence, next Saturday afternoon, when the Kansas Jayhawkers and the Nebraska Cornhuskers will meet in their annual struggle on the gridiron. Everything points to a victory for Nebraska and there Is little hope for anything el at the Kansas college town, but Just 1 the same the Jayhawkers are not to be taken too cheaply. In years past they have proved themselves surprises and history may repeat Itself. "A special train will be run from Kansas City to Lawrence Saturday and it is probable that a large crowd of alumni 'and football enthusiasts will go up on It to attend the game.

The train wiU return immediately after the game. "According to the Star's Lincoln correspondent football affairs at Nebraska university have taken on an air of unusual activity this week by way of preparation for the game with K. U. There is no gainsaying that the Cornhusker team has Its heart set -upon trailing the Kansas colors in' the dust this year as a means of evening old scores, more particularly because of the humiliating defeat administered to the Nebraska team last year on their home grounds by the Jayhawkers. The confidence is all-pervading among the student body that this year will be Nebraska's time to crow.

Their team, has performed consistently this season. Not once has its goal line been crossed. Five victories and two ties, one with an alumni team and the other with the Kansas City Medics, is the record to date or 1900. Since the Medics' game Nebraska's team play lias shown material improvement. The pfforts of Coach Booth this week are being almost entirely directed to improving the Interference with an incidental rehearsing of the new formations introduced two weeks ago when the team beat Missouri.

Kebrtika'i Cripples All Right. "Most -of the players who were bruised and injured in the with the Medics and Tarklo, which came so close together three weeks ago, have recovered, and with the exception of Fullback Cook are in good physical condition. Coach Booth' kept Cook out of the Grinnell game Saturday so as to build him up for the Kansas contest. Cook was a steady ground gainer through the Missouri line, and he will be depended upon Saturday to repeat the performance against Kansas. As a makeshift Pilisbury, whose weight is 195 pounds, was pulled back from guard and put in against Grinnell at fullback.

His bucking, although at times slow, was more than satisfactory, and if Cook gives out before the end of Saturday's game Pilisbury will again go in back of the line, Emmons or Wurl filling the gap in the line. "Captain Brew's cracked rib has entirely mended and with Westover at the other tackle these two positions in hte Nebraska line should be well cared for. Koehler at center, Ringer at left guard and Cortelyou at right end are showing steady developments. With Pillsbudy in at right guard the only remaining possibility of weakness is at left end. Ryan, however, has displayed improved form since the Medics' game, when he was tricked and let it number of long runs around his end, end should render a good account of himself.

Ryan will be tried In the first lialf, but at the first evidence of weakness he will be supplanted by Johnson, a. speedy negro boy. who seems doomed to be kept as a substitute because of the objections of opposing teams. Ken. gy, an old end on the Doane college team of '94 and '95 and a high class player, has been out this week and If he is sufficiently hardened ha may be used instead of either Ryan or Johnson.

"Back of the line Crandall. whose work so far this year has stamped him as an exceptionally good ground gainer, will be at Ifcft half. Montgomery and Benred will alternate at right half, with Eager and Neilson to substitute. Cook or Pilisbury, as previously explained, will be at full." The punting will fall to Cook or Ringer. Drain will call off the signals at quarter.

Secrecy at JUmrene. "Although there was some laxity in the enforcement of secrecy in the practice theK. U. football team on Tuesday night, the lines were strictly drawn yesterday evening and only a-few persona ware allowed on the-, field In addition to the players. Charles Blochberger, the old K.

U. guard and tackle, was out. assisting Coach Boyn-ton, and Prof. Higglns of Jthft law school was looking after the scrubs. "Coach Boynton announced after practice that the work consisted almost entirely of running signals and individual coaching of linemen.

There was also a -short scrimmage- with, the scrubs, the 'varsity being on the defensive nearly all the time. The scrubs succeeded in making two touchdowns by the darkness and hav Union Pacific road Into the copper dis trict near Battle, and it is pre active. Sales ranged from $4 90r 9776, but mostly at 84 92. At those figures the hogs changed hands rapidly, but by the time half the hogs had been sold packers began to weaken and lowered their bids to 84 854 8774. Sellers of course were not willing to make the concession and consequently nothing I was doing for a time.

Pigs sold In good shape on the morning market, as high as 84 90 being paid. Packers are now buying: pigs quite freely and prices on good ones are close up to those on hogs. The top price today for a load of hogs was paid for a choice load of medium weights averaging around 260 pounds. The Inst end of the hogs Bold largely at 84 877, so that the advance ot the morning was about half lost. Att one time hogs could be bought at 84 854 S774, but the market rallied a little and the close was a little better than the low time.

It was late before a clearance was dieted that this 'road will build a line ...7273 ...70 72 ...67 (873 ...6870 9 ...20 g23 ...24526 VM64 1 71 1 68 167 1 67 ...38 61 No. 2 red wheat No. 3 red wheat No. 3 spring wheat No. 2 hard wheat No.

3 hard wheat No. 3 cash corn No. 3 yellow corn No. 2 cash oats No. 2 white oats No.

3 white oats Rye, December Rye. January Flax, cash Flax, November Flax, December Flax, May Barley, cash MORE EXCURSIONS On each 'lmesday tn October and No vember the Union Pacific WILL SELL TICKETS Lincoln to Ogden and. Bait Lake 'City, one way Lincoln to Ogden and Salt Lake CUy, round trip $40.01 Lincoln to Butta and Helena, one way Lincoln to Butte and Helena, round trip Lincoln to Spokane and Portland. one way .828.04 Lincoln to Spokane and Portland. round trip Lincoln to Tacoma and.

Seattle. one way 838.91 Lincoln to Tacoma and Seattle, round trip Round Trip Tickets Limited Thirty Days From Date of Sale. City Ticket Office, 1044 Street. Telephone 68. MAXWELL'S WELL IMPROVED half section.

410 miles east; two good houses, baroa, orchards, all complete. Two farms must be sold. Two well Improved 80-acre farms. For particulars and bargains in farms and farm lands, call or write J. H.

McMurtry. 7n into that country before next fall. President Burt and General Manager Dickinson recently went over the route and inspected the copper mining properties near Battle. Dan Moore, a pipe fitter at the Burlington round house, fell from engine No. 344 Thursday evening, striking his head oh the brick floor.

He sustained serious injuries from the fall. Besides a bad bruise on his head it is thought he was injured internally. He was ISO-acre Lancaster county farm: $500 down easy terms on balance. M. L.

Williams, 1105 O. 'In were Carload Receipts. made owing to the fact that sellers holding for the morning prices. Representative sales: SEVERAL choice farms and ranches, cheap; get my list before you buy. M.

L. Williams. 7n local traction stocks and the high-priced' Pr. No. Av.

Shk. Pr. No. Av. Shk.

'Esflinated Today. Tomorrow. 143 93 327 460 80.. ..224. ...120 84 using a wrench on a steam pipe.

The 76....246.. 40 63... .257.... 120 11. ...13 84 301 75....

117. 4 8774 56. ...298, ...120 4 90 78.... 279.... 160 4 90j wrench slipped, letting him fall from the running board of the engine.

Wheat Corn Oats Cattle, head Hogs, head EXCHANGE. I Kates 1 cent per word each Insertion, No advertisement less than 20 cents. 150 4 9274 4 95 4 9774 95 3,500 J.25,000 22,000 Sheep. For Shattered Sene, FOR SALE Or exchange, a clean, drug stock, best town southeastern Nebraska; invoice want small Improved place, near good point. Address.

70, Journal. A remedy that will soothe, build utf the wasted tissues and enrich the blood industrials were strong, uenerai got up another point. Consolidated Gas as much, Brooklyn Union Gas while New York Air Brake made one of its characteristic skyrocket flights of 25 points, relapsing half that amount. The growing strength of the market was evidently due to the determined buying 'of the class which held aloof from the excited trading after the election confident that a reaction must come which would leave the market healthier. i Substantial character of the buying was even more manifest in the bond market than in the stock market, high grade bonds coming into additional favor.

Prices are very generally higher. Sales, 13,320,000. U. S. bonds unchanged on the WELL IMPROVED county, to exchange for good home.

What have you? J. H. McMurtry. i 7n DEALER IN i PLEADING PRACTICE. Bt'SINESn CHAN Rates 1 cent per word each Insertion, No advertisement leu than 80 cents.

GRAIN. PROVI8ION8, AND STOCKS. Lincoln and Hastings, Neb. last call. There were only about 5 cars of sheep on sale today and they were practically all feeders.

The few fat sheep that did sell brought just about steady prices. The market on fat sheep has not shown much change all week. The feeders that were offered today changed hands at practically yesterday's prices, The demand is in good shape, particularly for anything at all choice and prices are perhaps a trifle stronger than earlier in the week. Light lambs, however, are rather slow sale. I I Quotations Choice fed wethers 84 009 4 15; fair to good fed wethers 83 90Cg4 CO; choice grass wethers, 13 HbiUi 00; fair to good grass wethers 83 653 85; choice ewes $3 50; fair to good ewes 13 0m3 25; choice spring lambs $5 25; fair to good spring lambs 84 TSgS 00; feeder ewes 82 253 00; feder wethers 83 50ff3 75; feeder lambs, $4 00ft4 40.

Representative sales: No. Av.l Pr. 9 Nebraska fed: ewes .............94 f3 54 219 Wyoming ewes 2 3 00 (letting Quotations. DRUG STORE For sale; town of 600. in eastern Nebraska; invoice clean stock; only store good business.

Snap. Address 19, Journal. 7a 39 Telephone 7X0. Sh Sixth Edition of Judge Maxwell' Pleading and Practice has received strong recommendations from the ablest lawyers and judges in the nation. In a letter of 3 1 vs L.139'4 Atchison i pref Can Pac Can So Ches C.

Ind A i pref 111.., 37'sMobile Sl'iMo t2 pref S7N Cent 57 Cent 33HN l.TTi pref Pac 24 pref 57 Ont 99 Ore Nav. CLEANING AND DYEING. Rates 1 cent per word each Insertion, No advertisement less than 80 cent. GENT'S overcoats, suits, and ladles' clothing cleaned or dyed. Mann's Dye Works.

1322 St. I 1 43J4 81 65 H.R.Ponnoy&Co. Dealer in Stocks, Grain, Provisions. 181 So. 11th Room 4 N.Y Life.

Lincoln, Nelx Omaha, Neb recent data Judge Manger, of the States Circuit and District Courts of Ne braska. says: "I have had frequent occa is indispensable. Lichty's Celery Nerve Compound has been wonderfully successful in cases of nervousness, as thousands of grateful people will testify. Sold at Riggs' Pharmacy, Funke opera house, corner and Twelfth streets. They Had All Lost One.

An old gentleman, evidently a gatherer of statistics, but with a kindly face which shaded off to something like philanthropy about the edges, was gazing down Regent street, London. Suddenly he stepped to a gentleman who was waiting for a bus. and, touching him lightly on the shoulder, said: "Excuse me, but did you Just drop a sovereign?" holding out in his hand the coin mentioned. The gentleman questioned made a hasty search of his pockets and said: "Why, so I did! And I hadn't missed it!" holding out an eager hand. The old man drew forth a note book, and took his name and address, and then said: "I thought so." turning away.

"Well, said the other, "do you want it as a reward?" "I did not find one," said the old man, "but it struck me that in a large city like this there must be a lot of money lost, and upon inquiry I find you are the thirty-first man who has lost sovereign this very London Tld-Bits. sion to refer to the latest edition of your 42 pret DRESSMAKING. I Rates 1 cent per word each insertion; 76 ....143 I Sc Pac. ...115 Penn Chicago. No advertisement less tout C3'i 4Ui St ebr' Reading Colo So 6i 1st pref 1st pref 41 2d pref 2d pref 1774 Rio CHICAGO." Nov.

16. Cattle Receipts 'Pleading and and every instance bave found the proposition of latr clearl and accurately stated. The froo-ad Ss so thoroughly covered that it may be said to be a complete treatise on Code Pleading. To the general practitioner, woethei in State or federal courts, the work PERFECT cutting and fitting taught at 1403 at. I 56 Del pref 90 Del 11 St 15H, Denver 2i 1st' pref 711 riSASClAt.

Rates 1 cent per word eacb insertiei No advertisement less than 28 cents. pret za prer Erie So 14U is of great utility, while the forms given render it of incalculable value to the young practitioner. I heartily commend the boos; to the legal profession." I One Volume, price $8.00, and postage SO 8.500; generally Steady to strong. Natives, best on sale today, 4 cars at 85 good to prime steers, $5 4055 85; poor to medium, i 4yS5 SO; selected feeders, 3 75 T4 35; mixed stocker. $2 25183 85; cows, ii 25 j- heifers, 82 75ft4 75; canners, 81 50.2 65; 82 50ft4 50; calves, 84 00 8r5 75; Texans receipts" 100; best an sale today, 3 cars, at' 84 60; fed steers, 84 00 rio; grass steers, $3 354 15; bullsL 12 60.

Hogs Receipts left over Choice shade higher; mixed and butchers; J4 75i5 1274; good to choice heavy. 84 10; rough heavy, 84 71KG4 80j light, 4 7.V&5 1214; bulk of sales, 84 00. I Sheep Receipts 8.000; sheep, I choice Wethers about steady; ewes iow-Ar: lambs good to choice wethers. jev prm 007. pn-i (3 Nor pref .....173 St Paul ...1244 Hock Coal 1C; pref ..174 Hock Valley 9 St Om 117 111 Cent 124USo Pac 4174 MONEY Loaned on household goods, pianos, horses, or any good security; no charge for drawing papers; no removal of goods; money may be repaid to suit borrower; no publicity.

Dennis. 118 no. 12th. i 7n Iowa Cent amso Ry 141 LOANED on urnKure, planet, Address all orders to STATE JOURNAL Lnroour. xniasXa.

prei pret k. Erie 36 Texas 19 pref Pac 69i Lake Shore 21074 pref fcii. rates. Bergers, 418 Richards Blk. i 7n jj ci naoasn Man 84 Oofat 25; fait to choice mixed, .83 "50 LOANS negotiated on farms' in eastern Nebraska at I per cent Interest.

R. E. and John Moore, 1048 tL i 7n Jew York I NEW YORK, Noy. 16. Wheat Receipts 134.175 exports 36.274;- spot No.

3 red, 78s f. o. b. afloat; No. 3 red, 76c elevator; No.

1 northern Du-luth, 83ic f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 hard Du-luth, 88c f.

o. b. afloat. Options were weak and heavy all day through persistent selling for both accounts and abroad array of bear news. Included in the latter were weakicables, small clearances, heavy business In outside markets, bearish Argentine shipments and crop news and absence of outside support and light expori trade; closed weak at ti.c decline; March, SOTfecj.

May, SOHc; November, 77VsCj December, TTjc Corn Receipts 13,1. bushels, exports 5.124; spot easy; 2, 46c elevator and 47c f. o. b. afloat.

Options declined for a time on the bearish crop report and more liberal country, offerings, rallied on a scare ot November shorts at Chicago, but finally yielded to the wheat decline; May, November, 44c; December, 42c. Gats Receipts 85,400 bushels, exports 04 bushels; spot I6er No. 8, 2ucNo. i white, -28c; No. 3 white, 2Sc; track mixed western.

25ai27cr; track white Western, 3733c! track' whits Options were very Blow all day and a shade off with other markets. Butter Receipts 2,938 packages; firm. Creamery, 1927c; June, lg24c: factory, 13i 15c Cheese Firm. lOHffUc Eggs Beceipts 6,554 packages; firm. Texas tj 11 1374 2dr pref SS CMICHftTf'! IMALIIM Met 6t Ry Mex Cent Minn A St nref 85 36; 4 05; western sheep, 84 0041-4 25; beep, 82 5G3 60; native lambs.

Western laojotv tS 30. n- l. 1 1 nnYnayaLPjy-s Ave XT r. Ta ry J. K.sau City.

.1 Sobstitne. "Just a word," said the green goods swindler, at parting. "When you open this" box expecting to find $2,156 in crisp, new bills, you will not find sawdust, but a. substitute for sawdust, which is manufactured expressly for our trade. This is due to the sawdust trust having raised the price of sawdust, I hope you won't mind." -xh.

in the least," said the farmer. For the farmer, besides being suave by nature, had a strong feeling against trusts. Detroit Journal. PERSONAL. .1 Rates 1 cent per word each Insertion.

No advertisement less than 20 WHEELER-WILSON sewing machines. Others 85 up, easy payments; supplies, renting, repairing. layman's 11? no. Twelfth. i a It', KMT k-s OlAlS la KKD mm eJ4 UK hmmm.

MMlttM. Tmkm mm mtmmr. UtH mm4 laM- Bar mf DiHWI. Express Coin pain Irs. I fii -s i A3arr, 3 .143 TJ g-4 48 Amer WjUp Fargo Mieellanena.

T.M.r 4. tmnmr. b. rm- Amer Cot 3151 Nat El3cuit 3074 Vl.h Ml. ttMlMl KANSAS CITY, Nov.

16. Cattle Re-epipts 4,100: killing grades 510c up; good stock and feeding cattle steady; common lwer. Native steer, 84 655 45; Blockers and feeders, 33 54 75; butchers' cows ssnd heifers, 35: canners, i 82 50f 0: fed westerns," 83 754 90; wintered Texans. 83 10; grass TexansJ 83 00 3 50; calves, S3 5 50. I Hogs Receipts choice, 84 955 00; mixed, 84 87VMJ5.0O; light.

84 85; pigs, 84 85. Sheep Receipts 5c up. Lambs, Lambs, 85 45; muttons, 83 853 45; stock- PROFESSIONAL. I Rates 1 cent per word eJbh iiinsrll advertisement leas than 20 cents. i pref pref 94 Amer Malting 4-4Nat Lead i'174 pref pref ,...95 Amer ol Nat Steel 314 pref pref 92 Amer Spirits lN A 147 pref No Amer 1654 Try The Journal; Ga GREGG Shorthand Institute.

15th and streets; day and evening sessions; enter any time; rates reasonable; i send Dr. Tyndale Throat, nose and HX and 112, Oliver theatre. per month tor circulars..

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