The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE *WO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'rilURSDAY, APRIL 1, 193? Get Fashion by the Collar .Social Calendar FRIDAY'S EVENTS The,,American. Legion .Auxiliary meeting at 2 30 o'clock. Democratic Women's club meeting at Hotel Noble. 9 30 a 111 E\ecutUe board, woman'* Missionary Union, Fust, Baptist cluircli v meeting with Mrs TlieOdore Logan, 2 30 p TO Ladles Bible class, First Methodist church, meeting with Mrs V M Bnster, 1.30 pm FLAPPER FANNY Slallliii Weds J. U Fayne. Mrs. C. J. Cox announces Hie marriage of her daughter, Geneva 6tal!ms,.to J. L. Payne ot Chicago. The ceremony was pel formed by the Rev. T. R. Shepherd last night at the'honie of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Shepherd, who served as attendants for the bride, arid groom The bride was attractively dressed-in a three piece navy, blue suit with coronation blue accessories. Mis Pavne is tne daughter of' Mrs.. Cox' and the .late charier Stalling and is well known . here. For the past se\eial >eais she has been associated with . her . mother in the New Economy Shop The bride and groom \\cre childhood friends, both having-Attended the city schools Mi. Pajnc Is the son of Mr and iirs Jv A Pavne of this, clti He Li now in business in Chicago whei'e he serves ns distributor for :a. carbonic gas concern The'couple plan lo leave today foi Chicago -whole they will make their'i home. Has Birthday Fur(y. Alechi Dallas 'celebrated her lenlh - birthday yesterday afternoon by having 19 of her friends as her guestk Gabies were played at her home, on E^st Sycamore slrcct, before rc- freshmonls wore served. - * * * : Collier-McQuey. Tlie marriage of Miss Lillian Collier, daughter of Mr. ,imd Mrs Frank-Collier., and. jiitiintc ilcQii'ey, of Cariithersvilic. was solemnized 1 Sunday, March 21, at the home'of Justice A. G. Elliolt. who perform- hls%'o'nTrac't"''iic" ed the ceremony. ' ' Their attendants were Mr. and M£ Harry Drew, of this city. "^'^ ^ rhc bilde -yvorc-a spring dress Jourec Wlth [ hc of beige romance crepe' vvllh brown and beige accessories and her cor- ». sage was of pink roses and valley After a brief Motor trip Mr. and Mrs McQuey 'ivlfl rreslcle at Ca- rnthcrsvlllc. f w l H - - * "!'ap:i says you can use the car'if you'll Uikc iw. Hut I'm not sure 1 IQJJO unless I (jet a soda." Defense Takes Only Chance of Beatina; Game Contract «V WM. I!. McKENNKV £.Cficlury, American lirl<Igc League Drldgc authdrltles lay down the ulc that when a player is coil- wonted wltli a situation in which lie must find a specific card In i certain hand, in order lo nmkc that distribution, probable: It may- be. nuiiit_ piny however for im- good one, of exception - that, vhcn (he chance is too remote AJ 105 V.3.2. Young Matron!, Club Has Guests at Parly, Mrs. Dixie Crnwtord had four guests when she enlerlnined the "Young Matrons Bridge club Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Franklin Horton of Hops, Ark-, who is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Williams, Mrs. Walter Card of Wilson, who Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Riley B. Jones, Mrs. w. D. McChirkln and Mrs. J, w. Adams jr. Hyaclnt-Sr peach blossom 1 ; and jonquils added a coloiful note to the living rooni where the three tables were arranged. In the card gamc.s Mis. Jesse Taylor uon hosiery for the club prize, ti:e guest pii?e. handkerchiefs, went to Mrs. Card and Mis. Horton was presented a handkerchief. * • • Son Born. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ealph East Sunday, March 21. Be- fora her marriage Airs, East was A K2 ;V J87 l« Q 10 G 3 K937 A A Q 8 7 -1 V Q 5 •! » A K 2 ' . * J •! Duplicate—N. & S. Vul. Soulh .West 'North I/.ist 1 A Pass '2 * 2 A Pnss - ;i A ,•1 A . I'nss Opening lead—V J. - V Pass Pass Today's Contract Problem The contract is four spades i by South, West's aliening lead is won in dummy with the king. The jack of trumps is finessed successfully, lo %vin the second tricli. Does Ihis assure the safely of the game con- Iract? v -' *7 5 4 V Q'5 'J « KQ lOiH 4, A a (Ulind) (Blind) 1C. & W, vui. Opener—$ J. Solution in next issue. Bits of News Mostly Personal Mi?. M. T. Moon and her nephew Jimmle I*o\ve spent yesterday In Memphis. Mrs. Clilford Joyner of Union City, Tcnn., wlio Is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Whtl- wortli, Miss Lola Beck and Mrs. j, Cecil Lowe were guests of Ihe Rev. ami Mrs. W. P. Coolcy^ al Joiner yesterday. J, T. Phillips left Tuesday for New Orleans, where, he will be headquartered 'or his new position ns salesman lor a construction machinery corporation. He was accompanied lo Memphis by Mrs. Phillips and his mother, Mrs. O. E. Jrl^gcr. Mrs. Mcrel Whltchead and two children are spending a few weeks with Mrs, Whltehcacl's parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Lunsford. Miss Lria nlythe and Mrs. Tom Phillips were In Memphis Tuesday V. D. Holland, G. M. Buck an'.! W. Leon Smith were In court at Little Rock yesterday. Mrs. Carol Meyer and son, chas. Louis, of Emtorn, Ark., arrived yes"i'-:lay afternoon for a visit with Mrs. Meyer's sister. Mrs. Walter Roscnthal, and family. Mr. Ro- scnthal and son. Ilarol:! Nathan, nil U. W. Moore motored to Memphis lo meet them. Raymond Bomar, Howard Trunnell and W. A. lilckcrslair rcturn- ?d yestcfdny from St. Louis, where they spent'two (lays, going np In a piano Monday,Dr. nn;l Mi's. H. 11. Mo Adams and Dr. Willctl, of Jonesuoro, anc' Mrs. Pat McAdams, of Forrest City, were here Tuesday, coining over because of Ihe death or Dr. M. O, UEi'cy and to visit Mrs. Lucy Aic- Adanis nnil family. Among the out, of town people ''ere yesterday for the funeral of; Or. M. O. Usrey were: Dr, and Mrs, W. H. Robblns of Slcelc, Dr. anil Mrs. A. E. Rnbirison of Lcach- villc, Dr. John Rowland and Dr. W. O. Blue of Memphis, John Mohan of Jackson, .Tcnn.. Misses Margaret and Julia Rogers of Memphis,-' Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey White of O.sceola, A. L. Adams' of Joncsboro. Mrs. Etln Hullciilockor. of Fny- ctte, Ala., arrived yesterday moih- 'ng to be, iwtlh her sister, Mrs. M. O. .Usrey, for. n,.week. , . , \ f lylrs, .Ijiines Usrcy..Mcplbbons,-.'of Xnliikoii; Ala., arrived ycster<lay for (ho fuiicviil of iicr uncle, Dr M. O. Usrey. Mrs. W. ,!. Wumlorlicli, Mrs. •laincs 11. Bell and Mrs. Farns- worih Black were in Memphis yesterday. Mrs. Ever'clt H. Gee, Mrs. R. F. Kirshncr and Mrs. Byron Morse motored to Memphis Tuesday. In resigning as poslmasler of '.aramie, Wyo., Bill Nye wrote a tetter to President Arthur.' The letter was so amusing that It ' brought him fame ss a-humorist. Proved best by tw generations of mothers. Drs,Wert & Wert ' OFTOMETIUSTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store ••WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 540 ITZ Everything For -Your Entertainment and Comfort Las! Time Today Fcrnhnd Gravel and Juan Blondell in "The King and the Chorus Girl" Also Paramount N'cwv "March of Time' 1 —Admission— Matinee—10 & ?.<ic Nighl—1G & Mt: a»d Friday - Pal Night 2 Adults Admitted for Trice of 1 . A KISS FOR EVERY CLUE! for' Miles Standish, it's .no wonder John fell for.her.' The 1937 : version of the-transparent Swiss .organdy priEcilla collnr lias a prim little over-collar topping the shoulder-wide frill. . Collar and cuffs are embroidered with n daisy design at the border anil are finished with rmc Valenciennes iacc rufiles around the scalloped edges. ••'•'.• ' '. Modern Cailiopsis Among /—( (> f-\ i '17*1 planting, when some other-floiv : bayest 01 barclen rlowei'S t«i'*&. ^^0™ do „ J • . • ' " I matter, so much—they will gn with the ace of diamonds on his rcbitl of spades, anil, if two rounds of hearts were taken, the lucen of hearts would permit^ Ihe I n - ci . 52ll[ j wc '(i ( |t ns anniversary, .is .,, . ., _ ,._,.._ j, , '•• i() )lei . 55(1^ C0 n scc i|(i vc y car of education work, Formerly Kings- Miss Brucie Lake. .Lunsford, of Clear Social Planned for B'Nai B'Rifh Meeting. Atler members of the onri the .rciultnnl los:i would hr entirely too great, another p might Kafcguard the hand. The rule, however, works Iwo ways, both offensively and defensively. Mrs. Cccllc Qulhrle of he Crockford'.x Club of Columbus, 0., sitting East, saw In today's hnnd thai, lo. defeat the adverse ontract, she had to find her partner with either o first or a scc- xl round trump trick. South certainly was .marked discard of a losing diamond In dummy. If declarer held botli high diamonds, the diamond return appeared hopeless. Mrs. Onlhric cashed her two Oiic of the gayest • flowers lo be (fund' In any garden, and oni; hardy' enough for almost any climate, is Ihe calliopsis. Formerly isnown us coreopsis, the true name for' the perennial strain, it has recently been developed lo new heights as an annual, ami is known: for : its -wiry stemmed blooms brilliantly colored in 'yellow and ma'rpon and crimson. For table bouquets it is unsurpassed; antl its" beauly in the garden tas bceri- attested by many experts, anil countless thousands oft amateur cnlhiisiasts. European specialists have uccn particularly, active in its development, niul today there are many fine varieties with larger flowers bury county superintendent of I an( | • mol . c compact growth than schools, she Is now teaching in & u, 0 older types. Oarnct is one of Woman Teaches 55 Years DESMBT, S. D. (UP)—Mrs,Margaret L'. L. Mccarty, 12, and past rural school here, ''directing 16 high hearts, then played the Bin-! toys and girls toward a more suc- B'Nal •Icton 10 of clubs. South won Ihe liick in (Unnmy. led Ihe jack ol -padcs, and finessed. Wesl won and returned a club; East ruffed and bent .the con-j csssful life." TOO LATE TO FOUND ; WHITE MALE PERSIAN OAT, The defense proved perfect. Even believed to have come from Blv- if South hail made the safety 'hcville. Please communicate with play of the ace of spades, cmtracl these. With rich solid red blooms, it makes a glowing patch of color in any garden. It is these rich red tys>cs that are most effective for garden dcc- the lightening touch'of the yellow an edging. cv late, and because of Iheir rapidity, of growth, they are particularly . suitable for the Me planting; when some other - flover not grOW anywhere—but they demahd i)Ien- ty of sun. Plant them,where ('they. are to grow, as transplanting .is riot alwaj's "satisfactory; 'rind • when/ Ihcy have msiie a . fair .growEK, | Ihln them out lo 12 inches apart I for Ihe .tall varieties, anil from 6 to 8 inches for. the dwarfs. When midsilmmer. comes, the blooms will form a-solid .mass, covering the foliage almost complelely. i me ace or spaces, the .Mrs. Ralph J. Wcishaar, R. F. D. Ivlmmlng, differing in.widths and .1 still could nol have been! No. 6, Box 854, Webster Groves, intensity, with a maroon, scarlet trim lo set them off. properly.! Cailiopsis may be plaiilcd . early pelilor.'-. iUost of-the 'varieties have this' Juanita Smith Winner in Popularity Contest ''CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—junn- ita' Smllh, daughter of Mrs. Arch Smllh': of Ihis city, was Ihe winner in a county-wide popularity contest, brought to a close here Tuesday .nighl at. the high school auditorium. 'She. was presented : diamond ring. The contest wa; held -in conjunction -wilh the second annual -Boy Scout Indoor- Circus. . I Miss?Smitli-hnd-fievcral hundrei I votes -more ithan '.her- nearest- com Also Selected Shorts —Admission— niafiuce—16 & 2Gc Nfght— 1C .t 30o. ' I Jlo. / or cnmson center. A nice-arrange- B'Klth chapter finish' Iheir busincs session tonight, at the office of Meyers Bros., there will be a slag social, ike Miller will preside in the business meeting « -4" i Gosr.ell W. M. S. Has Meeting. < Members of Hie Women's Missionary Society, of the. Gosnel church mst -Wednesday afternoon at the church •• — MJE. Elmer,Van cieve and Mrs Frankman offered prayers before a number of^, members spoke briefly on the theme.,"help some one." " Girl Demands ,$10,000 For Loss,of Her Smile _ r ^ -— : —, j , i -GARY, Ind.' IUPJ—Trie value of a woman's smile will be <iet:r- mined by Judge ~B 0.7Jenkins of Gary superior court when he rules upon a suit filed by Mbf 'Kath. erind Saymahki. Miss Saymanki values her tmilc al $10,000. Slie charged that she lost con- trol of her facial muscles and has been deprived permanently of "her normal smile" as result of an automobile accident. ' Whereupon she filed the suit lor $10,000 damages- against an Indianapolis transportation company Vrhose truck collided with the automobile In which she wns rid, i n ^ Miner'for 11 years Dead SHAMOKIN, Pa. <UP> — Till, standing record '.-.for service as a coal miner ^ was, believed to have been held by James Hennlnger, 80 who died at his home here. Begin ning when he wa$ 9 years of a?e r^,HtnningprJt*orkM : ; 7r«jears ! , a I.,,*,the Cameron Colliery, i Ivy;,, -v ,"»U , L ' courier Kerns want Ads. Gordon Jk-sh Hose $1.50 Cordon Black Heel Hose $1.25 Gordon Clcck Hose Sl:t!|> Gordon 2-Thread Hose $1.00 Good Sluics and Hosiery [ALF-PRICE SALE ON ALT; .COATS AND SUITS In order to make room for our now summer stock we tire now cutting prices out- half on every -suit aiul.cout in the All new nier-. cliamlise bought for the Easier Irnde. Nov.- is yow chance to save. Special .1.0-Day lleiludion On All Dresses ami Millinery Si>i'iiiK dresses and .millinery must go regardless of price. All numbers offered in Iriis sale ai;c new ami up to the minute in style and 1 , ((utility. One group early spring dresses, -values S7;95 to $12'.75. Your clioicc for &1.-95 and S5;95 * " All dark-straw and-felt-hats, ?2.GP to ?;i.95 values. Your choice for §1.98 and-82:49' \agram I'honc 951 TUESDAY, APRIL «— §5(1.00 15ANK NIGHT! (Less SI ale Tax) —COMING SOON— Call u A Day'' SO Koarts Tc Town" Step Lively, Jeeves" Persona] I'rouerfs-" Waikiki AVcriding" 'Serenlh Heaven' 1 'Cliina Passage'' Adir.i&stori always lOc & 2&c Show every nighl. Malinecs Fri.- Sat. & San., Fri. & Sun. Mali- nets al 2:15. Salurday Maliucc al 1:15. PAL NIGHT! 2 Arlulls Admillcd for Price ot 1 All Cliildreu—lOc U(iug!ns Fairbanks Jr. and Dolores Bel Rio in Also MusTc.-il "Hold comedy— Also Carloon and Serial— "1'iglilliij Marines'' \

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