The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOUTHEA ST.ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVIII—NO. 21 Blythevllle Courier, Bl7tb«vlll« Daily Ne<vs, Blythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. BLYTHUVII.LR, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, APUII, II, 1031 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS EAKER SPEEDING AFTER AIR BL1TMILE Russell Blair, Dorine Colter and Sara Jo Little Are Wi timers. j .Blythcvillc tied tor first place with PA.ragould In Ihe annual district literary meet for junior high schools, held here yesterday and tills morn- in?, each team earning 30'-', points. Jonesboro was second with 28Vi n^ints, and Marked Tree third with 14. Other schools winning points In the meet were Osceola, Earle, Witson. Trumann, Yarbro, Shawnse. Blytheville nnd Paragould each won three firsts. Winners of first honors for Blytheville were Russell Blair, !n declamation, Dorlne Coulter, in oral English, and Sara Jo Ijittle, In composition. Paragovild placed first in girls' reading, boys' voice, and folk dancing. Tlie Blytheville glee clubs both placed second, the boys losing to Joncsboro and the girls to Wilson. Marguerite Quintan. Wilson, was first in girls' voice, defeating Jewell Russell of Blytheville. Following are the results in the various events: Literary Sweepstakes li •Blythevlllc and Paragould tied. 30 V, each. 3. Jonesb'oro. 28 U. 4. Marked Trre 14. Declamation 1. Russell Blair, Blytheville. 2. James White. Marked Tree. 3. Benjamin Walker, Joncsboro. 4. Jimmte Seay, ParagouM. Oral English 1. Dorine Coulter. Blvlheville. 2. Helen McDonald. Paragculd. 3. Katherine Jones. Osceola. 4. Thelma Pindlcy, Jonesboro. Composition. ' 1. Sara Jo Little, Blytheville. 2. Clarence Adams, Jonesboro. 3. Gertrude Thompson. Paragould 4. Olida Thomnson, Osceola. Girls' Reading 1. Elizabeth Adams. Paragould. 2. Margaret Shaver. Blythevllie.. 3. Cynthia Jane Scott, Earlc. • 4. Beverly Hopper, Marked Tree Piano— ' : 1. ChrlsUibel 'Harrison, Jonesbon 2. Margaret'Shaver, -Blylheville, 3. Geraldine Crutchfield, • Para gould. 4. M. Kalhryn Thompson. Wilson Boy's Glee Club— 1. Jonesboro. 2- Blytheville. 3. Paragould. Oirl's Glee Club— 1. Wilson. 2. Blytheville. 3. Jonesboro. 4. Paragould. I-atin— 1. Ernestine Siwnrs, Jonesboro 2. 'Gertrude Thompson. Para go'uld. 3. Nora Pace, Osceola. 4; Doris Douglas, Blytheville. Spelling— 1. Terrell Young, Trumann. 2. Myra Murray. Jonesboro 3- James Young. Paragould. 4. Opal Prioj, Osceola. Algebra— i I'. Mary- Perry, Marked Tree. I) 2. Mary Allen, Trumann. 3. Victo:ia Thompson, Yarbro. 4. Lcrcne Lowe. Shawnee; E nestiho. Sp?ars. Jonesboro: Mitel: Jolins, Blythevllle; Sue Smith, Paragould. Violin— 1. Favorita Payne. Marked Tree. • 1. 'James Stallcup, Jonesboro. Girl's Voice— -1. Marguerite Quinlan, Wilson. 2. Jewell Russell, Blylhevlle. 3. Z«!a Mae Gatlin, Parngould. 4. Christobel Harrison, Jonesboro. Hoy's Volte— 1. Rex Potter. Paragould. 2. Boyd Godwin, Blytheville. 3. Hugh Langford, Jonesboro 4. Ted Douglas, Trumann. Folk Dance— 1. Paragould. 2. Jonesboro. 3. Blytheville. Major Cone Postpones Visit Until Next Week The proposed visit of Major Carrol Cone, chief Inspector of the recently organized Arkansas stale department of aeronautics, to this city to discuss plans for ihe establishment of an airport here has been stponed until next, week. Major Cone was scheduled to ar•e here yesterday by plane to nfer with local business men and fflcinls. Due io the absence from e city of chamber of commerce Icials and the attendance ir iniinal court of Representative K. Alexander the visit was deferred ill! next week, a message from ajor Cone today said. Annual Meeting W«U Be Held at Luxora Thursday of Next Week. Docket Still Crowded De snite Great Volume of Workj Accomplishe'd. One hundred and sixlv fnnr ras- es u-ero disixwd nf ilnr-lii* 111- |ivn v "feks term nf e r imjn<ii /-nnrl held >">>•[> hv .Tu<|i»(. Ncfl KillniifJ] of Wvnre, w 1 ' 1 * 1 !! f»tne In a ci^c v™. trrrti". Til" l»rrn wa= Mm nfu nrpcMprl nvr br>i-«> bv .Tird™ Ki"- 0'ieh sln-i! h" ?""' - cedefl Jii'l<v> w W. mi.riv nt Piragould to the bench in January. rv><->i[tn M»r> Tni-D-A number cf cas- rw di«*W"l of ri""i'l°- t'v f<"-ni Mm court docket"'h still ron'od,,,]. Mns i nf Mip ra^s dis'-^-f 1 '! "f w^i-r: cli'nr- eil from tiie docket bv afflnuatinu if in»-,^v rnurt snnten^'v^ mi nn- ix-iHi m'sdemeannr ri "'• nf i "limber of anoeii rises and i Hie nr-1'p nrosslnt? nf £o'i--o of th> rases clearer! from the (iirket at this term had been on the court docket sin™ 1!K5. IS Srn'. tn Prison Onlv 13 ncnitpnti^Tv ro ""ilk v-orn Is-i.Bd in Sheriff W. W. Shaver hv Billv Games, circuit clerk, lodav as a result of the two num- lenriers In Parent-Teacher n.sso- iatlnns throughout Misslsslnni nuntv are e\i>ectfd to attend the nnual cnuntv council meeting at .iivora Thursday v;!i«n elcr.tlon of fficcrs, quarts of the nast vear's cMvitit^ and addresses bv promin- II* speakers will feature the all "» V , S?S ^, ?" „. i , . i weeks term despite the ,,..-,•- „„,.,Mrs. T. t. late of Armwel. Dres-1 h( , r of <.„;„ rt lspoied of durng the dent, will moside. Following a | rrm ot t!lc 13 cnmnvUnvit' erort of the vear's work. Miss twn dirertlne Ihe sheriff rr, dr-Hv- ,i)e Chambers of Little Rock, di- n p, vmo iid Hodee and P-ed ertor of tho Arkansas Tubercul- to t1lc stnte Drison tn 1)c?in thre( , uls Association, will .-.D»nk on vc , rs tPrms f(Jr robbery _ WCIC pre . Tlfnllh And A Successful Life" (i^t,,,) Auzn'i 15i'i and Mrs. N. B. Menard of BIylbe-! For the first time In a number •ille, state chairman ot the sum-1 of vfiars the number of prison cornier round-up, will discuss this miimpnt* issued nt the nnd ot court ubject. Music will be heard under \ :cr ^ f^Uer! to exceed the number he direction of Mrs. Jewel Gil-1(^,1 (n the <Weola.dist>-K wherr •ean Kln<olvin and members of the jj wcrc committed to tt-e. state Olec Club. I nrlvm. Of the commitment'; Issue" 1 .In. the. .afternoon session Miss Wav'cie Sbuthall of Peabody college, Mrv«lwUle. Tenn., will speak on 'Christian Education and Health" "or the principal address. John Burnett, instructor of physical education at the Shawnee Consolidat- d school, will sp;ak on "Physical Education and Heallh" and vv,lll demonstrate his talk with 'exercises shown by boys and girls in his classes. Mrs. M. L. Sumners, of Osceola, ill install the new officers following the election,' ,'• : Plans for the national meeting here' -two for-Drlsoncrs who a-aiverf jiirlsrlictlon nfter cdmmltt- ;n° crimes in the Osccolrv d'strict anrl entered ftuiltv pleas in Chlek- nsnwba n^trict court. In addition lo Ho'.lye and Elli. c prison r-nmiiilmnnts wcr^ dpli\ ed to the-sheriff this morning for i v 'f following- prisoners: Gordon Emery, on" vrar. manufacturing 11 nuor; -L. M. S^'^ner. •"•"infactiir- ing liquor; Miles Wallace, two years, arson: Alonzo Matthews, ne- gro, one ver.r. grand larcenv; Will lam Jackson, one y^ar fnlse pre tense: William Lantrlev. one year Bandits Loot Gambling Ho^e, Hee With $14,500 NEW ORLEANS. April' U. (UP! —Police at St. Bernard parish and New Orleans were searching today for bandits who last night evaded machine guns and sentries at the Arab! club, elaborate gambling casino on the outskirts of the city, and escaped with 414,500 while 1.000 persons were playing games of chance. The bandits gained entrance to the office of Richard Veazey. manager, by sawing through the floor from under the building. Mother of Three Killed in Fall Against Window SPARTAN3URG, S. C., April 11. DP)—Mrs. J. M.'Trout, 32. moth- | on a plea that "the statute of lim r of three, died here late yesler-1 nations had run against the char av when she fainted nnd fell j of malefeasance in office. The in gainst n plate glass window. Fall-j ion was granted by Judge Killoug ng glass cut her throat. • Barker was represented by -Vlrg Explores Indian Mounds in South Part of County OSCEOLA, Ark.—Dr. S. D. Dell inger, professor of zoology at tin University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark and curator of the University mil scum, has soent the past week In Mississippi County exploring Indian moimds and burial ground located on a number of south Miss issippl County plantations, with view to seeming material for ex tensive research and study of th prehistoric people of Arkansa their, customs and their art, which with intent t kill; Tom Knisht. one year, gram larceny: Th? Gordon, negro, on year, grand larceny: John P. Bled soe. one year false pre'ense: Albtr Osborn» two years, grand larcen> Slot Machine Cases Among the cases nolle crossed b the state were six indictments re turned as a result of a erand JUT Investigation Into the operation o slot machines last year. The indict menta charged that the slot ma chines were used as gambling de vces and true bills were returne against proprietors of various dru stores, cafes and stores In th Chickasawba district. After th grand jury adjourned the move mcnt against the slot machine operated through an agreement b the owners with the American Leg ion: was dropped. A .0. "Andy" Barker. Clear Lak township deputy constable. Indlcte by the recent grand Jury, move for the quashing of the Indictme: Hunger Not Anionp tlie Hardships of Ox-Cart Days Recalled by Pioneer Last Longworth Picture I'S GHOT PMTBIBIHETO She Gels Our Vote liis. is the last picture ever taken :'ol Sp-aker and Mvs. Nicholas ongworth and their little daughter, Paulina. It was mode in Wash- ngton. March 30, only a few days before the speaker of the House was-stricken ivitii pneumonia, ^.vhloh caused his death. •recnc. Barker was alleged In thej ndicinient to have failed to ac-' nnnt fo>- n rVnosit nnslcd bv a ne- rn in NovernbPr. 1020. The Cl^nr nke dfiiutv emphatically denied he allegation. Afinittll Siirni-ises -Tud^c 'e Jones, chareed with par- "t In thr; sMi] roliberv at he office of the niilf Refining ,-. wns acouittcti by'a .lurv 'estertlav afternoon.' The . verdict >f hot eiiiltv was returned within S minutes att»r the lisrv retired. Vhen dn verdict was announced Jud>re Kiliouph onlied c^ch mcm- er of the iury.inp'ividiinllv to de- ermine if fie- verdict was unani- i-pnld not have believed it. Jones' nrir.cipal defense ccnter- d around a confes-sion sueclal •"Bents of the Frisco testified that Ka.rm Board Scheduled for Panning at Little Rock This Afternoon. - LITTLE ROCK, April 11. (UP) — The 13th annual convention of the Arkansas Cotton Trade Asso- .Walter Parker, economic counse'. for the American Cotton Shippers Association, was the principal hov ..eciirccl from the local man In speaker at the morning session, i Crittenden county Jail. He testi-, Discussion of the led era 1 farm act fled that he was treated with vlo-' «'as_slated for this afternoon, also dining a statement prepared' ™'« of the association were to br iv them. He dcui.»d borrowins considered. W. S. Turner, vice pres- lools fro-n a witness who testified.Went of the organization, said, for the state that he loaned tools'- Bitterly attacking the Icdera. to Jones later found hidden In a • farm board Parker said. "No', sc culvert near the Gulf office. One very long ago the world came tc -f the tools on exhibition was wed- our ports for new raw material' -.-d into a combination identified and we prosiiered through nature'f is the one missing from the Gulf bounty, even though we wasted sa [ c . much In the process. During the Alexander antl Cooper represent-' great war we oversold and over- cd the defendant antl Prorecutor loaded the remainder of the world S. L. Oladlsh. the state. i by tens of millioiis of dollars and — ' drew from other countries nearly | nil the gold and sound securities Three Nations in Race to ] "-^ hilcl £ Perfect New Auto Eneine CITY TO SAVK OLD HOSPITAL ' ' I GREEN' BAY, Wis. (UP)—Res- LOM30N. CUPi—Three nations, toratlon of the old For; Howard Britain. Germany and tlv> United hospital building, made famous; . States, are struggling desperately during Indian wars, has been as!o h!> the first to produce Ihe first sure<l by action of the city coun- ighl aiitcm.-'biir fed by crude oil, it ell. Funds hive been voted to etiulp the building with furniture siml- President, Vice-President and Many Others Attend Funeral of Late Speaker CINCINNATI. O.. April 11. (UP) —Nlclioliis IxmBWorth, son o( Ohio, servant of America nnd friend o( mankind was paid simple Iniprcs- Eivo final tribute h'«re tpdny by representatives from all walks of life. The 'man who was born to wealth but liinorcil its temptations lo devote Ills life to public service.was borne to a flnnl resting plage In Sprint' Grove cemetery this afternoon. President and Mrs. Herbert Hoover, Vice-President Curtis, Gov. George While of Ohio, a distinguished representation from con- cress, members of the Ohio state government, county officials, tine" friends Joined with relaUyits at funeral services at Christ' Church. Iloosrvclts Comfpff Widow Thousands of mourners for the man widely known ns Just plain Nick." beloved as few men In pub- llf life, swelled the official funeral party which filled the Episcopal Christ Church to overflowing long before the president and Mrs. Hoover arrived for the services at P.45. Mrs. Alice Roosevelt Longsrorlh. the naltounlly beloved "Princess Alice" of her White House courtship by the debonair young Longworth, was comforted by the presence of her mother, Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, st., by her brothers, Archie and Kernilt Roosevelt, by her sister. Mrs. Richard Derby, the former Ethel Roosevelt, and.close Cincinnati friends of the Longworth family. •----.- A pathetic participant was little Paulina Longworth, 6, daughter of the dead speaker, who did not learn of Ills passing until the body arrived here today. The Rt..Rev. Henry .Wise Hobson, Episcopal' bishop coadjutor of.'thc southern diocese of Ohio, officiated at the church and at the cemetery. Insisted on :QuM Sri-vice Handel's "largo," Mozart's "Aye Verum," and Hayden's "Adeste Fl- dells,' and the hymn. "The Son of Ood Goes Forth to War.' were the musical selections chosen by the family of Longworth who was an accomplished pianist, violinist and cellist. There were no eulogies. "Nick" Longworth's grave at Spring Grove rests beneath the limbs of a giant oak tree. It Is near the center of the Longworlh lot amid the elder members of an Illustrious family to whose name he brought added luster. The extreme simplicity of the tribute paid here today was In keeping with the wishes of Mrs. Longworth, who did not desire national honors to which her husband was entitled by his long and peculiarly dlstinsulshcd riree- V. Shcffler above, you'll have to agree that Just as In love and war, all's fair in politics. Miss Shefiler, daughter o Ohio State Representative George W. Shefiler of Fremont, took ai active p.iil In state politics in 1B30 ns Democratic committee woman and she has Just been nppolnto stole orguni/or and manager of th Ohio Traveling Library Association Flyer Travels From California to Kansaji'Town In Less Tlian^Sfx Hours. WICHITA. Kans.'Aur. 11. (UPI —Cnptaln Irn nnker \vns bollcvcvi fivhiK safely on his wnv east this ntleinonn after a moinent.srv alarm that his plane had crashed. A few minutes after Captain Fuker took oft here a farmer telephoned the airport that 'lie had wm a big plaiw go Into a' tallspln ' ural apparently dived. Into th: "rc.uud about ten ' miles 'from Officials started investigation. •nrthvj out planes and 'cheeking arms nearby although the'y'gave nil" crcdcnci to the r"ix>rt. Tlie stop here was the only one ilanncd bv Cantaln Baker who ho)vs 'to beat the west-cast alr- olane time of 12 hours, 52 minutes and S seconds, now held by Cao- taln Frank Hawkes for across the continent. Captnln Enkc'r's elnpscd time from Diirbank, Gal., was 5 hours, 01 minulcs. Find Packing Box Material Makes Handsome Tables Celebratnu her . 85th birthday lore ycsterdnv with a trio to sec her first "talkie," Mrs. A. A. Menry of Hunter. Ark., who Is vlsltlnz her fo'ks." she saH. "then rame on to Arknnws In the spring." Although the earH- davs in Ar kansas werf marked with hard- Men-daughfer, Mrs. Jim Juden of i shins and difficulties. Mrs. Meurv Armorel, also went on « shonnin? recounted how the fnmilv raised lour and to a photopraoher'sj nlmrst all its living necessities and wl'»re she sat for her portrait. I how" a trio to a town was an an- Mrs. Meurv. who has six great-1 nual event In which sunnlles for ?rcat-Rrandchlldren. nnd who says i the entire year were bought or srv> "can't remember" exactly howl traded for. Cotton. th° cn<h crop many descendants she' hns living: vas taken to a gin nnd sold or ex- in the trl-states. Is extremely art- changed for leather. Imn'oments live for her aee and enjovs travel- and whatever other commodities Ing, nnd often takes long trips i were needed. "We didn't believe In alone. Her chief hobbles, she says, | llvln? out of paper sacks thrn." she are making fancy needlework and i said, "and we had plenty to cat." going fishing, but one'of the most 1 Women of the household were Interesting events of her life was an airplane ride several years ngo. In contrast to Ihe airplane flight which she enjoyed very much, Mrs. adent at spinning and weaving cloth .and manufactured nlowllne: and other ropes In addition t( clothing for the entire family Meury related how she became one' i, R< i 'Jeans" were spun from wool tha s reported Experlmcnts 'are beln? secretly lar to that used In the period be- conducted In mnny British motor j twecn 1820 and 1850. Sen John J. car factories. Since January I. a.BIaine is seeking an appropriation Dlcsel-cnscinert bus. has been oper- i from Congress to restore the old atinsc dallv In secret on a ronte In! fort. Lancanshlre. It Is said to have proved the sup"rioritv of an invention which Its promoters believe Is destined to revolutionize motor transport. New York Cotton Plvwood manufactured at Blytheville. long recognized because of Its strength and llchtr.e.-s as the material from which the best nacklnst boxes are made, may before long ealn acceptance for other and less utilitarian purposes. Employes of the Chicago Mill and Lumber corporation have used pieces of figured gum veneer, originally destined for the box shop, as tops of card tables. Two of the tables, placed on display at the Bootery. have attracted much favorable comment, and orders for similar articles of furniture have BFFtfiSIXSllLS FDRPDSTWE Proposals Will Be^.Opened at Treasury Department Monday Morning. Six proposals, each offering thr United States a site for the post- office" buJIdlnz .to be erected In Blytheville, 'wlU be opened at the offlc? ot the supervising architect, treasury department, at Washington tomorrow. No Immediate decision or the site is expected. While ttitre has been no omcIrO announcement It is known that tile- government has been ottered thr following pieces of properly, at prices said to range from 55,000 tn $20,000 or more: Southeast corner. Broadway one 1 Walnut, by U. S. Branson.- Northeast corner. Broadway and Walnut, by A. M. R. Branson. Northeast corner. Second ant 1 Walnut, by East Arkansas Lumber company. Southwest cornef. First and Walnut, by Parrls Simon. ' Northwest corner. Second anc 1 Sycamore, by First National Bank Southeast corner, Ash nnd railroad, by Standard Oil company. The procedure to be followed following the opening of the bids. It Ir expected, will be to send a treasury department representative here tf Inspect the sites offered. Tf none o! the offers is satisfactory to the department nil will be rejected am 1 new proposals asked. Price. It Is believed, will be an Important factor. Inasmuch as th' $95,000 appropriation made by con- grers must cover the cost of the site ns well as that of the bulldlne and all Incidental expenses. Character ol surroundings, proxtmltv f the center of the'clty's peculation and accessibility, also receive consideration, it is understood. IOLA, Kansas, April 11 (UP)— ficsti!ffnts of lola early (his nftcr- ncon reported seeing a pane pass over the city at a great altitude' ind traveling a errlflc suecd. Thosj who wuv It could not Identify any. markings. • ' Tin: plans was presumed to - be that of Captain Tra Eakcr on n transcontinental fllfiht. -'lola Is- located almost due east ot Wichita Byrd Pole Flag Will Be Tackn to French , ,., . The American flac which Rear. Ad- . miral Richard E. Byrd carried over both the north and south poles will bo laken abroad this year, ac- cording to the French Embassy here. It will be on display throughout the year at the Intf rnattonal, • Colonial nnd Overseas Expedition at Paris, according .to cnble ad-- vlces received by "'the Embassy from Hubert Lyautey, high commissioner of the exposition. White Swans Reach Canadian Sanctuary KINGSVELLE, Out.. (UP)-Two thousand white whistling swans, one of the rarest wild bird species In North America have arrived tit the Jack Miner nird sanctuary here. The great while birds have been soaring In from the south and set- ding on the lake shore beach at the bird sanctuary. In 1916 the white swan was practically extinct In North America, ind only the efforts of Mlpsr, aided by the Canadian Government saved them from extermination. .Jack Miner, the "bird philosopher," his three sons and Provin- cinl and Dominion gains-wardens patrolcd the beach to prevent any molestation of the swans. Dyershurg Doctor Gets 10 Y^ar Prison Sentence Memphis Independents to Play at Osceola The Osceola Indians will phy a tsron? semi-pro club of Memphis at Osceola Sunday afternoon. The In, . . . . di"ms have line'l up another for- teen placed by local people v,-ho, mldab , c nnay 0 , , ndeoendenl starf MEMPHIS, April 11. (UP)—D2- spite his plea that -he cannot live more than five years more Dr. Earl Plew, Dyersburg, Tenn., was sentenced to ten years at Leavenworth penitentiary here today on charges of selling narcotics. He was said to hive been the chief source of supply in tint area. His servant Frank Howell was sentenced to one year by a Dyer county jury on a nnrcotlc charje. July Remove DooirW Negroes , .. n . . , .uy to Jail at Birmingham oct. -- !nce. BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. Apr. 11. Jan. (UP>— Nine negroes, eight under. Mar. reath sentences in connection with i Spots steady nt 1030. up 10. ' •HEW YORrC, April 11. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High I/vv Close 1013 1016 1013 I.* 1040 1033 10iS 1053 lOJa 1030 1051 1038 11C8 1113 1104 1110 1118 1121 1113 1120 1140 1UI 1132 1HO New Or I ranx Cotton dy c a by pigments ex the attacking of two Huntsvtlie girls, were removed from the E(o- wah county Jail, Gadfdcn. to the county Jail here last night. The nsgrces were brought here, utter they had staged a small riot —Cotton closed steady. for th , sent one of the strongest line-ups In semi-pro baseball. Slim Love, veteran pitcher, will be a member of the Osceola s'-aff. Fred Taylor Jr.. new business manager of the Osceola club, says the Indians are seeking. several well known players for their squad. NEW ORLEANS. April 11. (UP) Spring Auto Tag Drive Students Study V/ine. Women and Song WASHINGTON, (UP)— Students of over 400 colleges In all but. two states are now competing their papers In the latest attack on wine, women nnd song. "Alcoholic Drink in Modem Society" Is the title of the $1,000 prize essay contest sponsored by the Intercollegiate Prohibition Association, The first prize will be a trip WEATHER In the Qadsden Jail. They had I I /the University Is fostering. im ^ ^^_ ^ ^ ^ ^ unuout ,, JB1 , Alll _ \f Or, Dclllnger's visit here this of the pioneer settlers of Arkansas • tra"cted"froni"moss J anti"trec"bark bcdnlak'enTo^hrjaU under ni'iiV-jMay .. \ week was In the nature of n pre-1 mc , rc than 50 years ago when she and wen? sewed with home made i tary guard after being sentenced July ,. liminary survey and he expects to' m& hcr fRmll movfd from A]ft _. thr( , adi shc ^ A , \ at scottsboro by Judge J. A. Haw-'Oct. .. return later In the summer for Arkin«i« in «.inw mn vin»' Mrs - Mcur >' ls a «temher of the; kins. The nine were brought here Dec. .. more extensive exploration of this Damft to Arkansas in Mow moving Bapl[gl churcll nnj enjoj . s aUend . j|n R , va(c bus w| , h sl ^ rl(t T Jfln county's Indian mounds and burial,ox wagons. We spent the wintering services regularly as she Is Injp. Orlffin, Etowsh counly, In Mar. Open High Lou C:o>e 101$ lff?7 1079 1034 1059 1091 1112 1018 1046 1078 1101 1033 1055 1088b 1110 places. In Tennessee with some of our, good hcallh. charge. 1114 1120b 1133 11330 Spots steady at 1008, up 15. and attractively finished, and In The tables are substantially built the opinion of many who have • seen them compare very lavorably with products of furniture manufacturers which sell at a considerably higher price. Saaiples at the Bootery are In natural gum and walnut finish, the latter having Inlaid figures In black and red. Bos material has also been used by mill employes to make handsome magazine racks and other articles of furniture. Another use to which plywood has been put Is in the construction of a speed boat,! The annual spring "clean-up" which has Just been completed by drive on Blythevllle motorists sMH According to the official wc-.-,th»r 1 Scott Harris and Roland Woltort. j delinquent in the purchase of 1931 : obsCTver ' Charles Phillips Jr., tlia While no definite pians haveijKy auto tags will begin Monday.; max , mum temperature 'hero ' yes- been made it is possible, If the re- i p °»« Chief M. a, Goodwin an-, (or( ,|, v , WRS 73 &,&£& all( i the mln- ceptlon given the card tables and [Bounced this morning. ) imiim. 50 degrees, cloudy with .03 other articles seems to warrant It, Blythevllle residents driving .cars I Inches of rain. A year ago today that arrangeihnnts may be made to, not displaying 1931 tags will bsjthc maximum temperature was 88 manufacture them on a more ex- hailed Into court to explain to Ce dcpreei and the minimum. 49 de- tensive scute. . Judg*, &$* Hie rrHefi j pi-***' rVif; By Cops Begins Monday! ARKANSAS - Fair, warmer in northwest portion tonight: Sunday fair.

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