The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1937
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VOL. XXXIV—NO. 12 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ___J^^^ ^ Biythevllle Courier Hlytheville Herald Blytlievllle Dally News HM"rHEVlU,B, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, APRIL 1, |<K)7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS .SEES ' OflLE! Has Last KISCLOSE FIVE AUTO PLANTS Court Plan Might Open Way lo totalitarian! Slate Says Flynn WASHINGTON. April i. <UP>— John T. Flynn, economist and writer, warned the senate Judiciary committee today that President, Roosevelt's judiciary program might eventually vest national control in monopolistic business groups which would. "kiss : democracy goodjye In America." " l Piynn raised Die darker of a national trend toward "the totalitarian state" aft;j- Dean H. M. Batss of th; Michigan la*- scllool had l-stified his belief that the court measure might result in a fundamental change In Ihe American system of government. "I am award that men pursuing may very well lose sight of some others of emial importance," Flynn said. "H seems to me important Hint we do not sacrifice any of those dearly won victories on the political, field." Flyiin cited what he considered the danger of congressional ar executive control of the court as a stepping stone to the totalitarian state in which the "employln. producers'- make the rnl?s as laws enforceable by political authority. Senator M. M. Logan iDem.,~Kv > told the committee today that the nation faces "One of the »reatest. cataclysms in history" unless legislation Is passed to meet economic needs. Logan made his statement dur- mg questioning of 13ean Bates c-on- ' cerning .the effects of President ,' Roosevelt's judiciary proposals :-!•.•. H?S"J ;i « li ' 1 -«i<it,; he-.'xiidnt -like ~nis plan'- but firmly believes"that I'.-.itlonal conditions are so critical- as to justify emergency action. .Ryker, Jackson Cases ; Go To Criminal Jury A circuit court jury received the eases of Woodiov,- Ryker and Monroe Jackson, youths charged with the theft of an automobile, this afternoon after practically the entire session of court' yesterday n ft e rn oon and all of this morn- Once given Ihe cold shoulder by Broadway audiences who could not see anything funny in her j a rich Hollywood movie contract. Which explains why she's beaming on u,Tival at New York from England, where she long lias been the foremost comedienne. ing's session had been consumed in trial of the cases. The youths were tried jointly and were subjected to a gri!lin° cross-examination by Prosecutor Bruce Ivy as to their past records i-ach denied a serifs of convic- lons for thefts and petty offenses lint the prosecutor questioned them about. Bailey Names Manager of Confederate Home LITTLE ROCK. Apr!] 1. (UP>The appointment of Ed Hankitis 50-year-old former Bradley county treasurer, its business manager o'f the Confederate veterans Home her; was announced today bv Gov Carl E. Bailey. ' Bailey's announcement came nft- ir the Home's board had held a. 700 iVIiJcs Until April 27 " 'S vi mi- numes board had held a meeting In the governor's private Strategy Keeps TiailCO """• "--'-- ' From Massing Hoops Against Madrid With Hankins' appointment. Dr Estes Allen of England and Little Rock was named resident nhvsiclan of the home. Hankins replaces H. N. stlllman who was named business manager of the Home during the administration of oov. J. M. Futrcll. Dr. Allen replaces Dr. T. E Burgess of Dierks. Stlllman and Dr, Burgess handed their resignations to Governor Bailey some time ago. Statements of Planting Intentions Indicate Reduction in Diversion BV LOUIS I\ KKEMLE United 1'rcss Cable Editor The loyalists continued theti successful campaign In Spain today, driving In full force lowaid BUI-BOS, the insurgent capital in tlic north, and pushing the "south- em rebel army .steadily buck toward Cordoba In the south The military strategy of' Col Jose Mlaju, defender of Madtld ins proved txtraordinailh effcc- llie rebels are superior In lialn ed troops, airplanes, weapons ami munitions. On the other hand the lioorly trained loyalist forcei oie numerically far superior Keeps Kchtls Scattered Gen. Francisco Franco icbel Voters Will Cast Ballots Here Tuesday at Three Boxes ,. O/ficlais' have been named by thf Mississippi -county' election ccrunnssion to conduct the municipal elections here and at Leach- Manila on Tuesday, There will be three "bflges hi" trie Blytheville election and 'one each at Leachville and Mahi!^ Officials have been named: to', count atsentee ballots cast In all' iliree elections. The absentee ba'lloui are received by the county court clerk. Election officials were named as follows: ville and Says President Favors Two-Year PWA Extension WASHINGTON, Apr. 1 <rjp)- PresKlcnl Roosevelt favors extension of the Public Works Ad. ministration for two more years hut on a reduced scale. Representative Alfred F. Bieter (Dem, N. Y.) said today after a White House, conference. The president believes, Bieter said, the PWA should be limited to spending SISO.OO/J.OOO for heavv construction projects and should use its money employing onlv relief labor. First Ward (City HalD-JmKes Oixie Crawford, Oscar Alexander and Clarence Hires; clerks, Harvey Morris and Tom Cassidy. Second Ward (Gee Bldg)—Jud- ges, Max Reid, E. B. Woodson w C. Hlgginson;. clerks, Chester Caldwell and E. p. Blomeyer Third Ward (Ark-Mo Lbr Co >Judges, Roy Little, Dwight Bentley, T. J. Nance; clerks, Henry L,iysoji and U. w. Muilins. I-eachville Judges. Raymond Phillips, Stanley Hancock. J. w. Johnson; clerks .D. Sf. Alexander and Wesley Har- Jianila Judges, M. L. ' Downing. Bill Borowsky, L. M. Ray; clerks, Tom Nick Wright and Emory Wright. Absentees Judges. Addison Smith. Roland Green, Byron Morse; clerks w H. Stovall and Floyd Acton.' A fairly substantial increase in cotton acreage in the northern district of Mississippi county this year is indicated by work sheets filed thus far in the federal soil conservation sign-up campaign, I E f » County Agent D. s. Lantrip said ln todav. l , mL 8 ,, r" C C0l " (l lmvc co » c <'»rated his forces. Mlaja's stiategj '"•s been to keep the rebels bu" o a do^n scattdcd fionts , 0 that they cannot concinlrate for n mass drive on Mad. Id and Viil ""da. The simultaneous d m 1 sign-up campaign Is less than half complete and it Is possible that communities not yet visited may show a different trend, but so far it appears that most farmers are plannhi" to plant more cotton this year than Local ' cotton men Vho , have made informal survey;!... of. 'the planting intentions of farmers In tins vicinity have predicted an increase of 15 per cent in cotton iicreage.^Mn Jjiajrip,said-.thutrho would prefer -not to iattem'pt^a percentage; estimate.'-, until after sheets : have bene/ received a larger number of communities. ' Very few fanners are dropping out of the soil conservation program entirely, Mr. Lantrlp said Many of them, however, are reducing materially, the percentage of their base acreage which they are diverting to soil conserving and soil building crops. Last year a majority diverted approximately the full 35 ])e r cent allowed un- aer the program. This year, it appears the average percentage of .work and Cordoba ait i .moves prevent the mvir- from rcenforclng theh armj -*-«£••£ XaSs -, ....,_. i, tll( . luyalLSui have succeeded In beating 'u^m back '" >le« point « pon remained u, e deciding facto ™ w Mlls would accept the loss of r w foices '? lr ™<ty In Spain Shf I""-" 'J- """-"" ,P,^ . f ' nnd • s *' nd '» c "°" en to insm-e a rebel victory J-romtKs to Keep Agreement ady non-intervention • agreement^ T he sppkesnm,,, DJno Airier!, odded ie proviso, however, .thU other nations must do likewise '• dl '° PDM , diversion YOU BY be substantially The attitude, Mr. Lantrlp said in general is not one of dissatis- laction with the program so much as a desire to capitalize on present relatively high cotton prices through Increased production. Checks in payment of benefits eareed under the 1930 soil conservation program are being received almost daily at the county agent's office. Thus far 525 of the 1.915 Chickasaivb,i district farm's from Spain.». ;'• has kept na • 5 " Uati0 "' Will Ask for Ruling on Assessor's Pay Raise , a t on? V . b5 askw of ' 8 ° mce " Ifs f C ' aims lo b= e counties, given by Act 213 of the - Baiesville'. Woman Dios In Fall From Ambuknce CABOT, Ark., Apr. 1 iWi Mrs. Marlon U Jordan. 47. of Haiesvlllc was killed today when she fill from .an ambulance that was taking 11 patient to n Little Rock hospital for'an operation, /(•cording lo Loncke county officials Mrs. Jordan was riding near the rear door of the ambulance that wi\s taking Mrs. A. F, Plnkc- pank, also of Hatesvllle, lo n hospital where a fool was lo Ir amputated because of an infection. ft was believed Unit the door flmv open as the machine sped "tons the road niiri' that Mw. Jordan lest h«- bnlnhce and fell while trying lo dose It. increase in Federal Taxes •' lrlkc atod Operator Reported Near Sclllo- ment Today ' (l DETROIT. April 1 (UP)— liliit- id Automobile Workeis officials to- d.ij sought modiflcnlion of theh lecetit'pcimaiirnt pence" pact ulth General Molois Coi|>oiat(on as 1i- tei tiotiijlei In fou G M /C. plants and n O M C affiliate Ihieii- 17,200 e'lnplojes out of \\orfc Wlth l\\o plants al Flint and Ihiee nt Hontlac closed a? n result of sit-down stakes in thiee faii"- lorltt,, null))! officials levealod'tlw cause of ne\i ditriciiltles to be ,"tlls- MitKfactlon of the woikeis nlth (Ji- J robably Be Necessary WASHINGTON, Apr. 1 (UP).Decision on now taxes and whclh- rr the budget shall be balanced us planned will hr. n^dc m|M>|i. Uic iic-.vt six weeks, the United "rcss was reliably Informed today. Higher Income taxes and aehlt- tlonal inilsance taxes would llkelv new sources of revenue. bo Within the next few weeks pei-- lod I lie treasury will report (o the budget bureau the extent to which revenues are matching expenditures [.nil budget officers will spread the In form a 11 on before President, Roosevelt, The best Information now is (hat the treasury Is uneasy but not panicky over the two factors which jeopardize budget balancing plans. Thone factors an unexpected Ing tieluvv .estimates hi tax collections i and the tieyelopinQijt Scck Nu\ C'oiitcicnci: Thej planned, If possible, to bring Homci Martin Intelnatlonnl picsi- dcnt of the u A. W , and William (S Knud'cn, executive \lcc-pi5iident | of the corpomtlon, together tomoi- tov. In an elfort to nmen d Uic ugiccmcnt's provisions foi /Iho handling of grievances. ' * ' The new labor troubles—strikes In Cheviolet No a at Flint, rlshcr Body and Yellow Truck and Coicl] at Pontlnc, which caused the closing nho of a Flint Fisher plant and the Pontiac assembly line^ii Pontlac—brought to more than 00000 the mimbci of auto workers un- cmplojcd Piolongod strikes in the plants of Clujsler Coiporatlon, Hudson and fico Motoi Cai companies lm<e made nn estimated 73,-IOQ persons Idle of agricultural other pio More Ih'an.700 .miles-all of Switzerland, half of Prance and Ain- tria-stlHseparated Mrs; Wallis Simpson and.the Duke of Windsor after their latest moves to new abodes, as the above map shows. Mrs. Simpson left Cannes and went' to the Chateau dc Cande, In the Loire Valley, near Moiits, France.- The Duke left Emcstcld, 20 miles from Vienna, for a villa near Onnindscn, Austria. Inset maps give close-up views. Mrs. Simpson's divorce becomes final . on April 27. • -BURNS 1 think "vanity" is about as bad .a trait as a person can have when carried to extreme. We've all got a certain amount of it and I suppose we should have because it helps ease the pain that comes in from outside sources. I was at a funeral down home one time and we alt felt so sorry for the yotmg widow because she was "carryin' on" so and fmatlv the preacher says, "Hfy heart goes out In .sympathy for tills vouna widow who has suffered such a loss at her early age of • twenty- five years." y ' .The young widow stopped crvhv ond looked at the. Preacher coldly '.and "aid "I bog your pardon- Uvonty-fonrl" Cemetery Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted Officers of the Memorial Park Association, the organization form, ed o care for the old cemetery on Wamit Street, have .announced that people wlio walk- through the park or pull flowers-will be ar rested chief of Police Ed Rice Mrs. C. E. crigger and other persons interested in keeping these grounds beautiful, i lavc dosn e numerous things to beautify- the spot but fn eveiy instance vandals have destroyed the flowers, torn down the fences and walked over the 000, sHghtly'-fi, rn-Le^h- SK,"^LV" ^ ?K? of the ainount^,^ the district, that' f !^! 'w^C New.-Yor^tottnn ^-^ ° r " le '-~ NEW YORK. April 1 Cotton closed steady. I no _ -. -..„ ,, lur usiyj *2?™ in thc 'Write. Afay July Oct.. Dec. Jan. Mar. open high 1401 H6< 1453 1453 1391 1391 1385 1387 1374 1383 I3S9 1378 1391 1391 1378 Davis Will Make No Dis- Gautney Suggests Two armament Proposals! Delegates 'From Each Says Secretary Hull ' ~ ' " WASHINGTON, Apr. graves. '" '™ k ;»s this annoncemcnti" they said this was being done as a last resort a.ftcr' other measures S|K)U closed steady at 1517, U1> 7. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Apr. 1 (TJP)_ The cotton market held gains of nearly So cents a bale today after mid session slump of around $1 open high low' close I bills nas made to in pay. raid today that the United States no Intention International this time for European i disarmament or for the solution possible International conference, led Hull lo say that Davis has no authority ilo any agreement of any kind County In District i Blythevills ' lawyers today (UP)—] not yet been advised of Hull! call for . sures taken to care for the -Improvements had failed. Livestock EAST ST. n., Apr . . - ., (UP)— llojs: receipis 8000 Top 10.20 170-230 Ibs 10.10-10.20 Light weights 7.00-9 75 Bulk sows 9.50-9.85 Cattle: 1 receipts 2000 Steers 7.8o-10.50 • Slaughter steers 6.75-1350 Slaughter heifers 650-1125 •Beef cows:. 5.25-6.50 ' (iutf lers and low cutters 3.50-5.00 July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 1455 H57 1444 1447 1390 1391 1391 1392 ' 1393 1393 1436 1425 1375 1379 1393 H55 1-H2 1383 13S2 1393 ---,, -vvu IkJUO 1O33 „ ...... 1395b 13D7 1384 1397 Spots closed steady at 1495, u p 7, Chicago Wheat enter or to. propose any agreement or Closing Stock _^ I VVUICIC-IUJL- UlltMUC OI Ills OlliC' NEW YOUR. Apr. 1 <Up)_Tri e la! mission, specifically as a delc- gieater part of the stock market, gntc to tllc International sugar . conference outside his oltlc- declined 1 to i" Hght tradinrtoiayru V^ eminent bonds broke to new lows »"t rallied on government sup- l>ort. Wheat and corn lost a cent a bushel. Cotton 'was steady A. T. & T. 170 ... Anaconda Cop. ' 63 7"8 Beth, steel .....".""""' „, ,'-, Chrysler Coca-Cola Ocn Electric 123 3-4 170 1-4 ............. - Ocn. Motors .. 5] 3 .j Int. Harvester ......;'.;;'.; 1013 -1 open hlgli low- May HI 1-8 141 .7-8 HI close HI 5 . 8 . . Jul 126 1-4 126 3-4 125 1-2 126 3-8 Chicago Corn. open ... high -low - closa Ma>'120 3-8 121 7-8 J,W,3-8'lJJ, 5>-S Jul 114 1-2 115 3-8 1H i-4 115 1-8 . ircKesson I Montgomery Ward N- Y; Central . Packard . •. Phillips pctro. !".'.' Radio : St. I* &, San p.•"" ^iinmons Beds Standard Oil N. j. '. Texis Corp, . P. S. Smelt '.'.'.'.'.'.'. H 7-8 60 3-4 503-4 10 3-4 X 56 1-8 conference. Eventually. Hull said, this government .will decide whether Davk should go to Geneva to participate In tile meeting of the steering committee of the general disarmament conference convening tnorc on May I. Hull said, (he Interest of the United slates and Its activity In the International armament situation was concerned only In keep- Ing alive the letter and (he spirit of the peace pacts signed at the Buenos Aires Pali-American peace conference. "Down Under" BooMcs lilt AUCKLAND, New Zealand (UP) 10 7-8 —Tlie New Zealand -Labor gov- 1 ernment Is-planning | 0 renew its drive to replace'.liobkmakcrs by to- tHlIzator.'! as a measure of «u?- 60 3-4 .-mentlng the country's revenue, With return of ._. 18 3-4.Now Zealand, the >».», u^,,, 7 3-8 bookmakers Is expected, / : had the an east Arkansas bur ccnvenlion at Wynne, April 29, for the purpose of endorsing some mcmtcr of. the bar from this section for the office of judge of the United Stales district court. Chancellor J. p. Gaiilncy of Jonesboro has announced that letters will be mailed today to all lawyers .in ihc Eastern Federal District asking that representatives of the county bar groups be sent to Ih •• Each coi representatives and the .. lives would cast one vote lawyer. In grams for which Mr. flooscvelt did not budget In his plans foi 4iext- fiscal/'year expenditures iJEESlTlJIT 10 new In? Treasury and Reserve Funds Amole lo Assuie Stability—MorgerUhau WASHINGTON, Apr. I (UP) Secretory of Treasury Henry Moi- gcnthau jr. declared today thc treasury ami federal reserve board working together, have ample funds to maintain an orderly bond market. Moa'enthiui made thc statement In reply lo R question regarding reports that funds such as ixwtal savings ami Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation money, which the treasury must Invest in government obligations, hnri been exhausted In an effort to support thc falling government bond market. "Between thc treasury and Hie federal reserve we have enough money to keep the bond market orderly," Morgcnthau said. He insisted that the treasury still had available funds for Investment purposes In approximately 60 different trust fimds and special accounts. district convention. ily would have two 512,000 Received for Pemiscot Farmers CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo.— M, D Amburgcy, county agent, has an- nouucc.d arrival hero of 109 . Pomlscot of the count list of fnr ^h farmers under the 1936 soil con„ - ,," scrvatlon. program. Amburgey said n.-v"r. "? a mimbcr of additional checks were due to arrive soon. Coil Agreement Ncm NDW YORK, Api 1 (UP) -, Informal conferences ainonj ci>,\l conlmct negotiators C.i'JtojrMte'ol- ope-d wldcTpiead 1 bollt-r Ihnt' n ngreemcnt—probably provid- for a ftaw increase—would IK coicludccl in time to peimit 4COCOO men to retiiin to the mines tomorrow after n one-day suspension of, work. A negotiating committee of eight oiieratois and eight miners' repiesentAthec was called io meet at 3 P. M / An opcratoi In touch with the" nr>3otlattous said evcrjthing polnl- -I toward conclusion of thc new mtract today or tontghO. General undeistanding was that the United Mine Workers >Argb"- ably would win theh demand) for^ a b.ixlc wage Increase of 50 cents n da>-lo a level of SO m ihe KoiHi—but that the work week would remain at 35 hours Instead of the 30-hour week sought, bV the miners "^ ' Thc old agreement between tlio United Mine Workeis and the operntois e\pired last midnight, Today Is a mineis' holiday—John L Lewis dav-but if no new agreement Is reached toda> a strike will automatically result tomorrow. A. V. of L. Organizes Strikers?".. WEST POINT, Miss, Apr, I (UP) — Tde . American / Federation, of Labor stepped in ahead of ; thV Committee- for Industrial Organization for the second lime Mri' Mississippi today and organised 'a local of the United Gamient Workers of America among striking cmplojcs of the Knlckeibpcker Manntacturing company here! ; Tlie cmplovei. who struck eiilv llns week for 'ilghci wages and shorter voted late last night to form a local of Ihe A F. of L affiliate ; ' Tlic vote came aftei Frank E. Walsh sosithein leprcscntatlve for the United Garment Workers wlio organized a local at a strikm" VicKsbuig plant three weeks ago. called a mass meeting of the etn- plo\es Walsh said that a charlc-i' had been seriMoi, and should ai- i "n e tomorrow'', v; - Miss Evelyn Jackson Knpp Fniiirv A.nee Injury the 1937 edition of Marllndalc's la* directory. Tlie Blytheville bar association has endorsed Circuit Judge G. E Meek for thc jud$cshipj while! the Osceola bar association has I endorsed Congressman W. J I . • Driver. A numlicr of other candi-1 / f., y ," - "«••• dates have been suggbstcd by!™ ** ' r ' >e Blythcvtllc hc,spital last various bar associations. Chancellor Gautney has nsked that meetings of the various was treat- for a knee Injury, apparently sustained In an automobile accident, "Sobering-; Up" jail Asked ST PAUL (UP)-A 'sobering up" Jail for the state transient camp near Mcndota has been requested of *tato officials by camp officials L. P. Zimmerman; state relief administrator, asked for a small structure where some of the campers could be held until they recovered Patience Ilciyirds Policeman CLEVELAND. (UP) — Patrolman Edmund Allen, police teletype operator, driving home from work In the early monilnj. saw a holdup and chased the robber. He lost his man, but every morning for a to week he watched closely as he drove '..past the scene of. the crime. Eight days later he captured his quarry. short time. Details of the accident were not. available. Pupils' fingerprint* Soujht LORAIN, ,O. <UP>—Police Chief Theodore Walker lias asked permission to fingerprint all of the city's 11,000. school children. Hej made the request,'he said, after' learning that fingerprints had been used to identify victims of the New London, tes., school explosion WEATHER Arkansas-Partly cloudy, warmer In extreme south portion probably light fiost In northwest poi- lion tonight Friday partlj cloudv. Memphis and Mcimtv-parr tonight and Fiiday, not inucli change m temperature. Lose-vt tonight 44 to 48 The maximum temperature here yesterday \\as 60, minimum ,34, clear, according to Samuel . I\ Norrls, official ue.ither observer,

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