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The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 11

The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 11

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:

Saturday, May 1, 4 A's Back Info Firsfl -x Jioones Malf.RHiDte ODD NE Cops As Bruins Fall, 5-4 BY DICK BECKER. Fireman Tony Jacoba uncorked a wild pitch In th ninth inning with the basea loaded Friday night to allow George Suder to race home with the run that gave the Lincoln Athletica a 5-4 victory over the Dea Moinea Bruins 7ahd possession of first place in the Western league. The I Wal I Disiricfi1 "awn-' BY HARLAN BF.IDECK BEATRICE. Hobe Jones blistered the Beatrice cinders with a half Ynlle Friday afternoon in the Class A district track and fiJd championship, topping, the nine-year old state record of Bobby Ginn by one and three-tenths Beconds, but his Lincoln high mates lacked the team TORGESON 8AIE ON NTEAL TO NKt'ONU Earl Torgesun (8), Moaton Hraves first biiKcmiin, alidos safely into m-coiu! base in first limine of Hruves-New York Gnints ma ul th Pnln Vrdoyr-Htif grrnnd-hiisiMiiuTi, rt-uiTit iTTugiriii snare Catcher Wesley We.strums throw. Umpire raiting play is Al IW-liuk. Torgeson had walked to first base. (Al Wirephoto Friday Night.) Tight Finish Seen For Calumet Pair LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP). Seven three-year-olds Friday were entered in Saturday's 74th running of the Kentucky Derby but before nightfall Galedo, a surprise entry, was scratched. The remaining entries included two terrific race horses and four other animals with the re It Hustlers At Close Of Drills Potsy Cljik and hi Corn-huiker griilders will call a halt to npiing football dulls following1 a long game scrimmage Saturday aftcriHKin. The gam will start tl 1p NEBRASKA'S football fate have been smiled upan during the entire six weeks period by an abundance of fine football weiiiher. Totsy has been able to look over a large group of candidates and at the s.une time dd polish to his top elevens. Breaking away from the T-formstion that has been ased for the last two season, the em-nestlc lluaker mentor ha been slr to give the grlddrr a Ihoro training In the basie fundamentals of the single wlnf. Suturday's scrimmage will se the IUiifs divide into two unit mid battle each other for half the period and then they will on a Red unit under the direction of Pop Klein. Th squints tnclud: jir5 I.e.rT Kalp laankriaf, 1-will, Ilimard fl-Uher. atrConk; Harry rn l.inmin: Kien UanM.n. rVoermS. ireT TllklMi Charlea Tmanorf, North I'lalle. 'lalnn I relief, Pawaee CH: Jim Ikwlfreir, I'aaad. i.rrr asih: w. t. Ran, sbar- ileen. S. 1 Hea jr Lincoln Warre I'uinier, Ornalia, William Kimball, Li- cnlit rNTMISi Hubert llnser. NarSs, Kane Hob Mullen, Cuoneiaellls, Ps. Jt MHlill. Omaha. RlliMT fil AMUNi Wllllars Rolfaawee. I h.ciiln. John Setlaeek. HeararS; Ardeaj Mean l.lnroln: S're4 llawhlna, Omaha. MK.rIT 1Sl.ri rret (Visa, Chi. HKhanl l.ielem, Unoola; Oecaf atueeman, leeh)er. KIOHT Ales Cochrane, Orn. Hoberl Schneider. Mebraaka Cltjr) II, a i liaMinstoa. gl IHTIKatl am Hohert Coat el In. Lincoln: Del Wieaand. Kearney lMt Miraaheim, Kimball; I hirS Slum, Lla-coin: Art Itauer. Shuberl. I HT Hl SA( KHi lierlaS rerroem. BcolUblull: Ken euher. HI. CdwarS; Hrwi Hersqutal, iJaeoln; Bub Arkar-man Stdney: KirhaH Novack. Omaha. KIOHT Hl.MA(KNl Cletus riarher. SI. Mwanl: Iknal4 ftkam. Omabs; Uanrae Hoelwlck. North flalle. Ml.l.liitKMi Krana Hcltahiuff Ihin'Scltneidar. Norton, Kaa. Itarwln Saleetrtim. Ht. Edward frafik Merer, Uncoln; I'M I Touns, Oakland. KtllK. I rn Mio Copenhasen, 7led-moni, Calif lurenca Honesan, Lincoln: Owavna Oardnar. Max. l.rrr TKlrl Robert Rarrlnslnn, Laurel: rila Lavma. Omaha, Mutual Schmidt. Lincoln: lon Prince. Bayard I KrT ll Hubert Becker, Lincoln: Urban Chrese. alliln; Jack Heck-anllvely. Ijncoln. I t.STr.HHt ilardnar Johnson, Sinus ralla. i Andrewa, Norfolk; Leonard Hand, ralrburv. KIOHT Ol AKObt Kenneth Arkerman, Button Kdaar Hteele, Kalla CHy, KIOHT Robert tamer, Omaha: Richard Wllarm, Lous City; William Rueaell. Kullerton RK.IIT I.MIM: Jack Bryant. Tekamahi Sophue I jtreen, Lincoln: Donald Me- Kay, Lincoln. Ul Kttt Walter Wllklna, Omaha: Hen Mnnaon. Lincoln. l.r.T HAl.tHAaKKt William 1. loan. Kurwall: Una Helera, Brldseporti Al Bel-linker. Arrailla KIOHT IIAI.KBAf KHi Lawranr Her. rlaon. Norfolk: rton Kinaimm, Kearney. Al KNt Waiter Mpellmsn, Oma-ha. I'uaie Iwyle, Lincoln; Bertram Cooke. llllMlHllllrijleT SCOUT OUTFITTERS! MVCOf.N JOI'RNAL Is I Mf Grad Shop tiiImi rir Class A Track Go Pirates Nab 10-4 CHICAGO. P). The rttt.bursh Plrutrs puiadftt eight runs ncroos the plate In the second Inning here Friday and breezed in fnun there for a 10-4 victory over the Chicago Cubs and a (weep of the two-game series. P'tahrgh. sb a chirago ab H)ek aa 4 3 4 5 Hrhrna 2h IIOl lltullna 3b I 0 3 Waltk'le lb I I I I kin.r II 3 I 0 Jeflcoal cf 2 tl Walker rt 5 110 Cav'reta If 6 3 4 0 Weetlake rf 4 0 1 Nirhoienn rf 113 0 Htaraaa lb 4 01 Mit' luch 5130 Ha.gall 2b 3 0 4 Johnaon JO 6 111 klulla 6 3 3 1 Hin.ll.y aa 4 3 3 3 Hraell 2 10 0 Ku.h a fl -tinrtw-r lAfie Krlrkum 10 0 0 Aberetin DobernK Ixiwrey Made A Walker Kuan 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 110 0 0111 10 0 0 5 0 0 0 Tola la 41 13 27 IS Totala 41 13 27 A hereon filed out for Frlrkeon In fourth, Lowrey alngled lor lobernie in anth: A. Walker grounded out for Wada In eighth. Plttahurgb 00 loO 00110 Chirago 200 Ull Out! 4 Runa: Rnjrk 3. Ouatlna. Klner. Weal-lake. Mtevene, Baagall 2. Klutta, Srwell, HYhena 2. Waitkua, Hmalley, Frror; Ro- tek, gmalley, Johnaon Huna batted in; Klutta 3. Uuatlne 2. Klner 2, F. Walker, Bievena, Bewail, Waitkua. Jeflcoat, Cavar-reita. Two baaa hit: Klner 2, Klutta, Waitkua, Smaller. Three baea hit: Waitkua. Ikwble play: Oueiine to Baagall to Mtevene. Left on baae: I'ltte-butgh 13, Chirago 12. Baaa on balla: Off Huah 2, Lade ErMkaon 4. Dooernte 1, Bewell I. Iligbe I. Btrurk out: By Frirk-aon 3. IMbrmlca 2, Kuah Bewell 3. Hlta: Off huah I in 1 inning tnuna oui In aecond), Ladi 3 in 0, Krlckaoo 4 In 3, bobernle 3 in 3. aw, ade 0 In 3, Kuah 3 In 1. Bewail 12 In fa. Illgla 2 In 3S. Wild pilch: Rueh, Ihibarnlc. Winning pitcher: Bewell. Ixiemg pitrher: Ruah. t'mplraa: Rohb, pinelll and Oore. Time 3. 43. Attendance 13.U&S. Boston Topt Giant NEW YOltK. VP). Homer uns by Tommy Holmes, Bob Elliott awTJeff Heath backed up Johnny Sain's five-hit pitching Friday for Boston's 7-2 win over the New York Giants. Boaton ah T4e Tork ab a rltanky 2b 6 1 3 ft Rigney 3b 4 13 3 Ruaaell cf ft 0 3 0 Lnckman cf 4 I 3 0 Toraen lb 3 1 11 1 llonlon It 3 0 0 0 Rlliott 3b 3 3 1 0 Mia lb 3 0 13 1 Heath If ft 1 3 0 Marahall rf 4 3 1 I Holmea rf Balkild Kark aa Barn 3 10 0 rit rum 4 0 3 1 ft 1 0 lhrke 3b 3 113 Kerr as 3 0 11 I oat Jonea Tiiomaon Hartung Andrewa McCarthy Trlnkla 4 0 3 0 4 0 4 3 0 0 0 0 10 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 a 0 0 0 0 Tntala 33 27 12 Totala 32 ft 27 14 Thomaon walked for Jonea In the fifth. Hartung ran for Thomaon In fifth; McCarthy grounded out for Andrewa in the eighth. Boaton 014 010 100-7 New York ooo 001 001-2 l'CeaU), Holmca. ten-kman, sMrahall. Kr ror; Weatrum. Marahall Bain. Runa batted In: Holmea. Klltolt 3. Heath. Jek Lnrkman, Marahall. Urifha run: Holmea, Klllott, Heath. Iirkman. Mar ahall. Btolen baie: TorgeiMin. Elliott Barrlflce: Bain, Heath. publ. ieer- nafk to Btanky to Torge-aon. Ift on baaa: Boaton 0, New York S. Baae on halla: Off Pant 3, Rain 3 Jone 4. Trlnkla 2. Mmck out: By Poat I Bain S. Hlta: 0ff. Poat 3 In -9 Innlnga: Jonea 2 In 2, Andrewa 3 In 3: Trlnkle 1 In 1. Idling Poat. U. I 1 Time 1.2.1. AtternlnrHT.12.39 paid Cards Defeat Reds CINCINNATI. A'). Hie St. Louis Courts bHttcred Cincinnati pitching fo 17 hits to win Friday's game, 13 to 7, and even the two-game. series. fit. 1a)U9 ah a Cncnall. lb i) i Bh'ndnat 2b ft 3 3 R'tnhnltt rf ft 1 3 0 Moore rf ft 2 1 0 Adnme 2h 4 2 ft ft Mualal If 6 ft 3 0 Hatton 3b 4)13 Slaughter rf 4 0 10 Bauer If 4 2 0 0 Jonea lb ft 1 9 1 Lamanno 4 13 0 Imk 4 0 14 Kl'akakl lh 4 110 3 Oar'gola 4 3 3 3 Wyroalrk cf 4 2 3 0 Marlon aa 3 112 Btallcup aa 3 0 13 0 0 0 1 Foa 2 110 10 0 I Uumlrt 1 1 0 0 0 Hetkl 0 0 0 0 110 0 Crena 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Vollmer 10 0 0 2 10 1 Lively 0 0 0 0 l.a Pnlnta Pallet fltaley Northey Croaa Braala Towfla 41 17 27 IS Totala 36 11 27 IS Northey alnplrd for Rtaley In iixth: Croaa ran for Northey In alxth: Vollmer grounded In double play for Creaa In eluhth. St. Loula 101 021 701 13 Cincinnati 104 000 200 7 Runa: Hchoendlenaf 3, Mualal 3, Moore, Lang, Oarasinla 2. Marlon, Braile. Baum-boltz, Adama 2, Hauer 2, Lamanno, Kox. Krror: Slallcup. Runa batted in: Oars Kiols 4, Mualai 4, Hchoendienat, Moore, jonea, Brszle, Hauer 2, Wyroatek 3, lamanno, Kluasewakl. Two baae Mt: Mualal 2, Jonea, Hauer, Adama. Homa run: Muaial, (InraKlnla. Sacrifice: Jonea, LaPolnta. Double play: Hlallcup to Adnma tn Kluaaewakl, fltallcup to Kluaaewakl, Marion' to Hchoenillenet to Jonea, LaPointe to Schoendienat to Jonea. Jjefl on baae: Rt. Ijuia 11, Cincinnati Baae on balla: Off I'ollet 2, Rraila 2. fltaley 1, Pox 4, Humbert 2, Creaa 2. Struck out: By Pellet 1, Braile 4, Blaley Lively Fox 1. Hlta: Off Pollet In innlnga. Blaley 0 In 2. Hrarle 6 In 4. Fox In 6H. Oumbert 4 In Hetkl in 0, Creaa 0 ln'1, Lively 2 in I. Wild pitch: Pollet, Fox, Hetkl. Winning pitcher: Braile. Loalng pitcher; fjumbart. Umplrea: Qoets. Conlan, Reardon. Time 2:38. Attendance 4.47K. Dodger Bump Phils PHILADELPHIA. (P). Six- hit pitching by Ervln Palica combined with four. Philadelphia errors gave the Brooklyn Dodgers an 11 to 2 win over the Phillies before 25,834 fans Friday night. Brooklyn ab Phlla ab a Whitman rf 4 0 2 0 Cab'aro1 2b 3 0 6 4 Roblnaon 2b ft 1 2 I Miller 10 0 0 Jor'aon 3b 3 3 2 Nahem Reiser cf-lf 3 2 3 0 Aahburn Vaughan If 0 0 0 Walker cf Furtllo cf Ward lb 4 2 2 0 Dialer lb 3 0 3 0 Haaa 3b 4 1 0 Knnle rf 1 0 3 3 Hamner aa '0 0 0 Semlnlek Leonard p. Judd Rowell lb Cox aa Palica Total 35 37 13 ToUla 32 27 14 Miller fouled out for Cahallero la 7th. Rowell walked for Judd In 7th. Brooklyn 324 002 04011 Philadelphia 0t(0 000 2 Runa: RoblneotvlT Jorgenann 3. Rel-. aer 3, Furlllo, i4Edwarria, Ward. Ennia, Hamner. Kr.ror: Ward, Cahallero. Nahem. Haaa. Judd. Runa batted to: Reiner Edwarda, Ward. Jorgenaon. Furrtlo, Cox, Hamner. fiemlnlck, Roblnaon. Tws Triumph Sf a a By 4 0 1 Hiiil inumprt was achieved before 1,703 (ant at Sherman Field and lave the A'i the eriea three gamei to one, WITH THE score knotted at 4-all going Into the lust of the ninth, Suder led off, dropping a ungle into left Just over the out-tretched glove of Bruin Short-atop1 John Sebastian. Keith Peloe. hitting for Pit-, chrr Al Bower, walked, and the aacka were loaded aa Third Baseman Carl Jackson pulled Chuck Abernsth off first with a wide throw on Nelly t'os'a attempted sacrifice. Eddie Boehm lilt looper to center but Ray Partee took it and the runners held their bases. Ilttck on "Tiny" Jacobs. He tossed 'two bulls to Bob Wellman before he let go with one that bounced in front of Carl Sawatskl and Sutler pedaled across with the winning marker. IP TO THAT time the As were having a tough time of it. They had collected only three hits off Jack Christem.i, all in one frame, and were watching the Bruins pull even with a lot I I i ui uuu iuuu uuse Bower uiiivui iiauura inv iria in the first, scoring (wire with out the benefit of a base hit 1 Four walks and a fielder's choice turned the trick. Suder's triple that- bounced over the head of Purtee in center pushed across Aliperto and Novlck to give the home club a big four-run advantage in the third. Lou Llmmer and Aliperto had opened the frame with singles but Novick forced Limmer third to precede Suder's smash. BUT THE BRUINS meant business. They tallied twice in the fourth on a walk, an error and Bob Borkowskl's double. Two more were added in the seventh on singles by Chuck Balogh, Ray Partee and Carl Jackson to tie the count at 4-all. It went that way till the A's got their big counter in the niUi. Al Bower waa bit hard by Des Moines. He gave up eight hits, Including two doubles and a triple. He. whiffed two and gave up three walks. On the other hand Jack Chris-, tensen held the A's to four blows and fanned three. His downfall came in the seven Jree passes that he- issued. ED BOEHM mad two spectacular, catches in deep center-field to save Bower's bacon on two occasions. Once he raced nearly to the wall and grabbed the ball over his shoulder on what looked an extra base knock. Joe Alrperto's brilliant backhand stab of Jackson's hard drive down the line was "nut- of-this-world" variety. The two clubs move to Des Moines Saturday for a three game series. Manager Jimmy ALhllllll 47USV lC nuuiu Willi Mte firs I). TKolnea ab a Lincoln i a. Partee cl 9 110 Boehm rf Trew If tl 2 0 0 llman II Sawatakl 3 0 4 0 l.tmmr lb. Jackaon 3h -4 I 2 3 Aliperto 3b Ab'nathy lb 4 19 0 Novlck Bofkakl rf 3 10 0 Kirk rf Sebantlenee r'4' 3 ftuiler aa Chrint'aen 3 10 2 Bnwer Jacoba .0 0 0 0 1'tlin ab 3 0 3 0 3 0 10 4 1 14 0 3 13 3 3 0X0 4 .0.1 0 4 2 2 3 1 II a ti. Tolala 3 a 2ft 1 1 Totala no 4 27 1 Ona ouf when winning run acorrd. Pk walked for Bowar In th Daa Motnaa Ooo 2'M) 2mi-4 Lincoln 202 000 001 i Runa: Ralogh. Partre. fawatakl. Jackson, Bothm, Wallmau, Aliparto, Novlck. Se or co' not t-n ch o14l6 THE ROSEWILDE 1126-28 Street OPEN ALLEYS Every Day Noon Saturday and I Sunday Aft' mama aad Kvaabii OPEN-ALLEYS 4 to 6 P. M. MONDAY thru FRIDAY 12 OPEN ALLEYS ALL DAY j. (Lf-Sunday 7JLJ Lincoln Rowling Parlors 236 No. 12 2, power to goo rt their third straight win, the Northeast Rockets tak. log the honors with 88 points to the Red and Illut-k 77. The si foot, 1SS pound Lincoln Junior tripped off a 64 serond first quarter and was seconds better thsn the RoerkU' Burl Kreps at the finish. His time established a new all-class district qualifying mark, previously held bv Elmer JIui'- man or uienvu at 2 00 1. GALLOWAY'S North east band overcame a IS point Lincoln lead by taking consecutive blue ribbons in the high MOW THEY flMHHIII Norlhal, Mt IJawaia. Ill IV-alrlra. It'll talla 14) alrhu. Hi S. hraaas lll. I. HOW 1HI.Y Ul Al.irir.0. iJacata, 17 and frla tram Nanhraat, IS aad rrlay Inunl Hralrtr, tl ralrkary, tl a alia lly, 4 NrkraUia (My, I. hurdles, 100 and high Jump and never relinquished it from that IUIavJ The Ulack and White power In the dashes, hurdle and high jump accounted for more than half their winning total. Ed Huston and Jsrk Thomas copped the barrier rsrea for NE, Huston taking the Ull timber In IS seconds fist, and Thomas skimming the lows In :24.S. Arkerman tripped off a :53.4 for the quarter mile blue ribbon, while LeRoy Peery took the century in :10.4. Lincoln high's John McLeay was at his best, running second to Peery in the 100 and upsetting the RockeU' Cliff Clapper over the 220 route in :23.1. Coach Rill Pfelffi Uds gained the most qualifying berths for the state meet, 17 lads and the relay team making the grade. Nine of those positions wire In the weight and pole vault. Nebraska City's only qualifier, Marvin Zimmerman, also turned In his best time of the season and the best over the state for the current eampalxn In fha mil run nff a. 4:7.4 to shatter his own all- rlass district mark of 4:41.7 set In 1946. Bob Holt, Beatrice sophomore, trailed him In 4:44.6. TRACK EVENT. 100-yard daeh: Won hy I-eRny Perry, rforilicaet: aaconif, John Md.eay. lJ-coin: third, Run Hterkle, Northeaat; fourth. Harlan Oalln, Falla City: fifth. Jim Chlam, Northeaat. Time: 10 4. 220-yard daah: Won by John Ucleay, Lincoln: eecond. Cliff Clapper. Northeaat. third. Jim Chlam, Northeaat; fourth, La-Roy Peiry, Northeaat: fifth, Junlar Murphy. Nrbraaka City Time 32 I 440-yard rtaah: Won by Ed Ackerman. Northeaat: aerand. Charlie Hunley. Falla City; third. Hob Dawaon. Mnooln; fourth. Jack Bourke, Lincoln: firth, Phil Hei-delk. Falrbury. Time :53 4. SAO-yard run: Won by Hohe Jones. Lincoln: aecond. Burl Krepe. Northeaat; third. Dennla Carroll. Falrbury; fourth. Ervln Penner, Beatrice; fifth, Charlea Scheuler. Falrhury. Time 1 (Beetera all-claaa dtatTtct qualifying record of 3:00.1 act by Klmer Murman, Olenvlll, 1IMS I i. Mne run: Won 'he Mrvv 'TAtrrflvrjna n. Wehraaka City: aecond. Boh Holt. Beatrice: third. Rill Burna. Lincoln: fourth, Art Hiitrin.Nprlhaaat; SJUb. Jion.JJWv Northeaat Time 4:37.4. (Bettera all-claaa d.atrlct qualifying record of 7 act by Zimmerman In 1944 1. U-yard JtUKh. hurdler by E4 Ha- Northeaat; aecond. Wilbur Schfltel, Falla City: third. Joe Leaher. Falrhury: fourth. Ronald Murray. Beatrice: fifth. Jack Thomaa. Norlheaat. Time :16. 2no-yard low -hurtHea- Wort by Jack Thnmafl. Northeaat: aecond. Joe Ieaher. KAlcoury; ttntr -iJIek 'lynn Llnroluv tie for fourth between' Hon Weill. Lin coln, and Btlt Bauer. Beatrice :24 SSO-yard relay: Won by Northeast tjlm Clilem. Ron Rierkle. Cliff Clapper LeRoy Peeryl; arcond. i.lncoln; third Falrbury; fourth, Beatrice Time J.34 5 HI-I II F.YKNTK. Shot put: 'Won by Bob George, Lin coln, 44. 11 Inrhee; aecond, Jerry Kden. Betrtce, feet, 10 Inchee; third Lincoln." 4.1 4. Inchea: fourth. Vaughan Huppert, Lin-' coin. 4.1 feet. 1 Inch: fifth. Reg Jonea. Falla City, 44 feet. Inchea Dlacua: Won by Jack rflreer, Lincoln, 13S feet. z4 incnea; aecond, Merle Hack lurid, Lincoln. 123 feet. 10 A Inchea third, Jerry Eden, Beajrlce. 121 feet, iu incnea; fourth, Hon jsockett, I. In coin. US feet, Inchea; fifth. Bob Burham. Northeaat, lie fret, 5U Inchea Broad Won by Jim Conn, Falla City. 13 feat; aecond, Doug Thomaa, Falrbury, 18 feet. 7 Inchea: third, Wylle Rowan, Northeaat, IS feel, 6 inches: fourth, Pick Allen, Northeaat, Is feet, 4 Inchea; fifth, Harlan Leaaman, Lincoln, IS feet, SS Inchea. High Jump: Won by Wvlla Rowan, Northeaat, 8 fact, ll Inches; aecond, Hoyt Hultherg. Northeaat, 6 feet, 10 Inches; third, Phil Heldelk. Falrbury, 5 feet, 3 Inchea; tla for fourth between Bert Weber, Beatrice, and Bob Hutten-meier, Beatrice, ft feet, 5 Inchea. Pole vault Tla for flrat between Howard Cook, Lincoln, and Bob Allen, Northeaat, 11 feet, 8'i inchea; aecond. Melvln Cos. Beatrice, 11 feet. 6H Inchea; tie for fourth between Jim Homme, Lincoln, and Bob King, Lincoln, 11 feet, 2 Inchea. Dick Meyers to Defend Marble Crown Today Twenty-three marble enthusiasts will attempt to dethrone Defending Champion Dick Meyers in the 18th annual city marble tournament to be held at the Muny tennis courts Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Saturday's winner will then represent this district in the state tournament which is sponsored' by the-Vetran ef Foreign Wars. 'Play Ball' in Kansas Nebraska Loop Suritfay FALLS CITY, Neb. (Special). It will be "play ball" in the Kansas-Nebraska league Sunday, with all 10 teams slated for action. KIMMEL COUNTRY CLUB CO. Invites You lo Listen to PAYS TO BE IGNORANT TONIGHT :30 to 10 P. M. KFA1I .1110 QN YOUR DIAL i Yr 1. 2 3 2. WtHTtBN UMOl K. I prt. 4 Ml (kmaaa I art. 4 .411 IH I I Mr I laee DM Mulwt 4 I .111 (rbla AXKHU' LSAlil It, art. Ctrv'laad loo Hula. N. lara I K-lrWI 4 Hut. i i M. Laala 4 4 lalcasa I NATIONAL UAOIK. N. lark 4 Sli HI. LMt 1 PltU'rek 4 SOS Paila, la nail Bt-a r'kla Kt 4 Friday's Scores i CHTCMN I.K AOl I lamia I. IKrl Mataea 4. MU I III III II. Ileater t. Uaiaka II. faebla l. AMLKICVN IJLAGIE New lark 4. ttaalaa t. I kwaaa Ikrlrall 4. I. Maklalaa I. I lrvluS M. Imu, paalpuar4, NATIONAL l.t.AM Sawlaai 1. Nrw lark t. M. iMk II. Ilarlaaall 1. rm.barak IS, Ikkraaa 4. Mraaklja II, rkllaSrlpkla t. INTERN ATIONAI. I.EAOIE Naaark Tamala J. larimlrr 17, Jmrr 4 ll S. klwalraal 1. IUIilmM a rAc mi; i oant ijcaoi rartlaM l-S. HallxtraaS Haa nukn Has IMrsa I. Oaklaa4 4, Mmllk I. tj Amtrtn Narranmt 4. Hudar. trrur. SaoaMlaa t. Jarkaon. Allparlo Huna ballad In: Borknwakl 3. Trrw, Jarkaon. Aliparto. Noick. MiKtar 2. Two haaa nil: Oinatanaan, Borkowakl. Thraa-baaa hit: Traw. Siidar. Sarrifira: roi iMiubla play: Baknh to avbaatian lo Abarnathy. La ri on baaa: By Ia Moinra Lincoln Baaa on balla: Oil ('hrlatanaan Bowar J. Htrurkoul: By Chrlalanaan 1, Bowar 2. Hlla: OH Chrla-Irnaan 4 In Jacoba 0 In 0 (Ona out whan whining run acoratfi. Wild pilch: Jacnba. Loams pllrhar: Chrlalanaan. Umplraa: (ivatachal, Munarl. Erlck-aon. Tuna 1.15. Attandanca 1.703. Carda Smack Pueblo PUEBLO, Colo. U1. The Omaha Cardinals won the rubber, game of their three-game Western league series with the Pueblo Dodgers, 13-7. Friday niaht In a tilt which saw Dodger Manager Jack pitzpatnek thumbed from the park. Omaha ab a Purblo ab a Paeliio If III! Anaalona aa 3 1 1 watklna cf 3 13 0 Monra cf 4 0 10 Haaan rf 4 110 Human rf 3 0 4 0 Lawinkl lb 4 3 7 1 Otrman lb 3 1 9 0 Onu 2b 10(1 Minnia 2b 4 3 4 3 Ranp 6 3 0 Kalloxa If 4 0 3 0 Bulklry aa 4 1 1 FIrrlr 3b 3 3 0 3 wwim 4 1 I Imboc 3 I 1 r.ialmlnlar 1 0 0 Troaa 2 10 0 Awirraon 1 0 0 0 Hrhmidl 0 0 0 0 r.laaar 1 0 0 0 Oavla 10 4)0 Hlla 0 0 0 1 Parkhurat 0 0 0 0 Kln'aon 0 0 0 0 Baau'ana 0 0 0 0 Bradahaw 1 00 0 Totala 40 13 27 12 Totala 34 1127 10 Pavla sroundad Into flrklar'a cholca for ahaidt In Hh; Bradahaw atruckout for Bcauchranaa in tth. Omahs 003 014 050 13 Puablo 020 010 040 7 Runa: Pactlto, Watklna 2. Haicn 3, Lawlnakl 2, Orlli. Rapp 2. Bulkky, Law-andowakl Olaaar: Ansalona, Oorman 2, Mlnnla. Staela, Lamtw. Brauchaanaa. Error: Lawandowakl. Holdan, Mlnnla, Hlaala. Runa ballad In: Pacltto 2. Lawlnakl 4, Ortis, Rapp 2, Lawandowakl Ansalona, Gorman. Mlnnla 3. Btarla 2. Two baaa hit: Strala 3. Lawlnakl. Homa run: Staala, Mlnnla Lawlnakl, Rapp. fltolan haaa: Lawlnakl. Haacl. Sacrifica: Mlnnla. Douhla play: Staela lo Mlnnla to Gorman 2. Lawandowakl to Ortli to Lawlnakl. La ft on baaa: Omaha 13. Puablo 13. Baaa on balla: Off Troaa I. Parkhurat 2, Flnlay-aon 1, Beauchaanra Elalmuitr 3, Hcn-deraon 1, Glaaar S. Hit. 9ttxit out; By Tmaa Bchmirtt Baauchfi .3. 2. Hcndcraon 3, Olaaar 3. Jllta: on mum a in is Hcnmidt a in 'a, ParkAunu 1. In Flnlavaon 2 In Brauchaanaa 4 In STTWatrilhisar -Handaraon 3 In JS, r.laaar 2 in 3. Hlla 1 In S. WlnnlnK pllchar: r.laaar. Lnalng pttchar: Troaa. Umplraa: Rchartow, Pata-aon and.KlmiXI, Tlma 3:05. Soos Drop Denver DENVER. Sioux CHy Soos pushed; two inning runs to defeat the Denver Bears, 11-9, Friday night to take their Western, league, series, two games to three. Nrnvcr ah a city ah a nrnnvcfr aa I I 2 4 Vukmlrc aa 10 2 2 Pksen cf nnsantl 2b Rraah If Powell rf Ber'hrle lb Rob'aon- 3b Hheeta -Pnllvka Wllllama Bchlebal 4 2, 2 0 Hnfman 2b 3 14 1 Pavllck cf 2 0 10 Gilbert lb 7 1 1 4 2 0 0 3 15 0 3 0 columbo rf 3 2 4 1 Rymar rf 4 10 6 'Martin 3b 4 0 0 Yalan 1 0 0 2 Waaner 2 0 0 0 Wolfa 2 0 0 1 McArthur 10 11 Brewea 0 0 0 0 Jaroa 0 0 0 0 V. G'drr 3 13 2 4 3 0 0 4 113 4 14 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 10 0 0 Fhlllipa Peterson 2 0 0 4 10 0 0 0 0 10 JrolAla 33 TJ713 31.12 21 Ia walked for Rohlnaon In 9th; Peterson ran for Lea In Oth. McArthur out for wolfa In 5th; Jaroa aafa on error for Brewer In th. Denver sr. 20 01 ao Bloux City 101 041 00211 Runa: Vukmlre, Hofmsn, Pavllck 3, Columbo, Kymrr 2, Yelen 3, Oenoveaa 3, Kkeen 2. Brlsantl, Reaah, Powell, Ber-Inshele, Roblnaon. Krror: Psvllcks 2, Genoveaa 2, Brljantl. Phillip, Holman. Runa hatted in: Columbo, Berlnnhala 2, Rohlnaon 2. Sheeta, Powell, McArthur, Pavllck, Gilbert 2. Holman, gkeen. Three baaa hit: Roblnaon, Gilbert 1. Sacrifice: Rymar. Martin 2. Double play: Ormantl to Genoveaa to Sheeta. Left on baaa: Sioux City IS, Denver 11, Baae on balla: OU Wanner 4, Wolfa 5, Brewer Pavllck S. Williams 3. Van Gllden, Brewer 2, Rchlebel 2. Struckout: By Wagner 1, Pavllckt 4,. Wllllama 4, Brewer 4, Schlebel. Hlla: Off Wagner 3 In 3 Inntnra, Wolfe 1 In 3, Pavllcks 8 In 4. Wllllama 4 la 2Va. Brewer In Van Gilder 1 In 1, Bchlebal 2 rn 1. Wild pitch: Pavllcks. Winning pitchar: Brewer pitcher: Bchlebal, College Track AT KKARNKYi Kramer SUM Track-era 117. Haatlnga 53. AT FRKMOMTI Midland StVi. Dana SVk. Concordia (Reward) S7. AT Krotl.bniff JC SMft, McCrnik JC SS, rslrbsiT JC 2tVi, Norfolk JC IS. Trap Shoot i Lincoln Gun Club North 48th St. Sunday, May 2nd 10:30 a. m. 136 16-ycL Regis- Z. tered Targets 50 Handicap Non-Registered Targets. LUNCH SHELLS Public Invited art. 4 1 .411 AL -BOWER gained a victory Friduy night after some fine work by his mates both at bat and in the field Yankees Wallop Red Sox BOSTON. (JT). The New York Yankees crushed the Boston Red Sox Friday, 6-0. on four home runs over the left field wall, two by Steve Souchock and one each by Bill Johnson and Johnny Lin- dell. Naw York ab Boalon ah 0 a Rliiuto aa till Paaky 3b 3113 Hrnrirh rf I 3 0 Willumji i.innrn i I a a mapnrna aa I MM 'so rf 4 110 iHxrr lb Houchork lb 4 2 7 1 Jonaa lb Jnhnaon 3b 4 3 3 3 Mala rf Rt'rnwata 2b 2 1 2 4 Tabbalia a MarlHia 1(11 llama Raynolda 4 1 0 Koriah 4 10 7 4 13 3 3 I IS 0 3 0 0 0 3 14 1 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 00 1 Moaaa IMal Totals 3S II 27 11 Tot a la 30 37 1 Moaaa groundad out for Donah In lahth )w York 012 0K0 0.104 Boalon 000 0U0 OOU0 Runa: Llndall 3. Souchock 2. Johnaon. Raynolda Runa ballrd In: Souchock 3. Llndall 2, Johnaon. Two baaa hit: Kayn- olda, J. UIMasiio, niirnwaiaa. llono run Buuchork 2. Llndall, Johnaon. loubla play: Johnaon lo Stlrnwaiaa to Souchock, Btaphana to Doarr to Jonaa. Paaky to lwarr to Jonaa. Lart on baaa: Naw York Bnatna 4. Baaa on balla: Off Raynolda 2, Harrla 4. Struck out: By Raynolda 2, llama 3. itlta: Off Ha ma 10 In 1 In-ninsa, fiorlab 0 in Va. raal 1 In I. Wild pitch: taal. Loams pitchar: Harrla. Chisox Sweep Series DETROIT. (rT). Held to two singles in seven innings, the Chicago White Sox scored four runs off Hal Newhouser In the eighth inning to take a 5-4 victory from the Detroit Tigers Friday, sweeping the. two-game series. Four of Chicago's five runs were un earned. Chicago sb Detroit Kolloway 2b 5 12 4 Upon aa Appling 3b 4 0 11 Wert i ab a 4 13 1 10 0 0 4 14 4 4 113 3 13 0 4 3 10 4 3 0 0 4 110 2 110 0 I.upirn lb 1H1 Mayo 2b Wright rf 4 0 3 0 Kail 3b 4 3 2 0 Mullln rf 4 0 4 0 Kvera cf 3 0 3 2 Outlaw If 5 1 I Vlco lb Phllley ef -Kennedy If Michaels as Treeh a Seals Caldwell Goodwin Wight Weigel 0 0 0 0 Campbell 1 0 0 0 Newhoueer II 1 I I 0 0 0 0 White 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 4 Hutchinson 110 0 2 0 10 Lake 0 0 0 0 Totala 34 9 27 12 Totala 37 J.3 27 14 Seals ran for Treeh In eighth: Campbell aingted for Swift In ninth; Hutchm-eon alngled tor White In ninth: Lake ran for Hutchlnaon In ninth; Werta atruck (-out for Llpon In ninth. Chicago 000 010 0404 Detroit 001 100 003 4 kolloway, Appling, Luplen, Phllley, Seals, Llponr Evera, Vlco, Campbell. Krror: Bwift, Runa batted In: Luplen, Phllley 2, Llpon, Mayo, Kelt. Two tear Mullln. Kell Jlomer un: rtr tieaat'. Mirhavar. Dnuble play: Wight to Mlchaela to Luplen. Left on baae: Chicago 5, Detroit Haae on balla: Off Wight 2. Caldwell 1, Ne our 1. White 1. Struck out: By Wight 1, Goodwin 2. Newhouser 3. White I. Hue: Off Wight 7 In 7 Innlnga. Caldwell 4 In 1 (none out In ninth), yoodwln. In 1 Newheustr Sift T4." White 0 In li. Wild Wight. Winning pitcher: Wight. Loalng pitcher: Newhoueer. Athletic Ton WASH.HGToiC&P). Phi'l Mar- childon restriiHed Washii'igton to four hits two each by Al Kozar and Gil Coan as the Philadelphia Athletics defeated Jhe Senators, 3-1 here Friday night before a crowd of 14,239. Phila. sb Waah'ton ah Jooal aa 4HS Yoat 3b 4 0 3 I McCoaky If Vala rf Fain lb Majeaki 3b Chapman Roaar Buder 2h M'chlldon 4 3 4 0 Koxar 2b 4 2 4 0 6 2 10 Coan If 4 2 10 2 17 0 Vernon lb 4 0 5 0 3 10 3 Rob'aon rf 2 0 2 0 4 0 4 0 Wooten cf 3 0 4 1 4 0 4 1 Ch'man aa 4 0 2 4 4 0 4 3 Ksrly 1 0 0 4 0 0 1 Maa'eon 10 0 2 candini Wynn 10 0 0 McBridt 0 Totala 34 27 10 Totals 29 4 27 8 Wynn filed out for' Maatereon In 7th; McBrlde filed out for Wooten in tth. Philadelphia 102 000 00O3 Washington 001 000 0001 Runa: Jooat Fain. Majeaki. Early. Error: Vernon. Runa batted in: Majeaki 2, Hour. Two baaa hit: Majeaki. Three haaa hit: Coan. Btolen baaa: Coan. Sacrifica: McCoaky. Double play: Majeaki to Suder to Fain; Roaar to Jooat. Left on baaa: Philadelphia Waahlnston Struck out: By Marchlldon 5: Maatereon 3: Candlnl 1. Baaa on balla: Off Maatereon 3: Marchlldon 6: Candlnl 1. Hlta: Off Maatereon 3 in 7: Off Candlnl 0 In 3. Loalnf pitcher: Maatereon. Probable Pitchers "i AMERICAN I.EAOIE. New York at Hoeton Ijipat (1-1) va. Galrhnnii S-1) or Kramer S-S). fhlladelphla at Waahlnftoa SchS-b (1-SI va. Wyns (1-11. Ht. linla at Chicane Oarver (-) va. Orove -). Detroit at Cleveland Troal (S-l) vs. Feller (3-S). NATIONAL I.EAOIE. Boetoa al New York Volaelle (1-S vs. Newaom 0-). Brooklyn at rhllaSelphla rsllea (1-4)1 va. Dabtel (S-. Clnclnaatl al Pittabarsk Hashes (t-1) vs. Oatermaeller (S-S). Chlcaao at Ht. Loala (Nlcht Chambers i-S Hrecfaeea U-. May S-P-E-C-l-A-L On Any CAR DDiWn AUTO REPAIR 1611 West 5-4491 quired number of logs and ears. The pair of bullets, of course. are Citation and Con 1 town, the amazing entry from Calumet Farm. They are expected by most observers to fight it out down the stretch for top money in rich classic for three-year-olds. THIS DL'O lu.s established Itself such a strong favorite that Churchill Downs officials announced only straight betting in the mutucls will be allowed. In addition to the Calumet pair, the other' thorobrrds, whose owner parted with $1,008 each lo cover the entry fee, were Ben Whltaker's My Request, W. L. Brann'a, R. W. Mrllvaln'a Billing and Mr. John P. Adams' Grandprre. Saturday' field will be the smallest derby field since 1907, when Pink Star ran off from five rivals. With six stepping the mile and a quarter, the net pay-off to the winner will be $83,400. i meurasKa Wrestlers Out MI.Three No- jbraska eliminauid irom ine uiympic wresuinR iinai tryouts F'riduy and a fourth had dnngorously high point score the fourth" fo'und progressed. Lewis Cnrjiglin a ll 4.5 collected the five points'' necessary'' to eUm-iimle him in the fourth round. Herbert Reese, Nebraska 191 pounder and Richnrd Nigro, Omaha, high school 114.5 pounder, were eliminated when their bad point score rose to five. Waller Lincoln 125.5 pounder, had bad -point score of three. He must win by decision in order to keep on with the meet. Griddcrs Holster NU Tmck SqiiiHl Coach Ed Weir's University of Nebraska track squad will invade Columbia, home of the Den-gals, Saturday for a dual battle. The Scarlet squad will be bolstered by four members of the football squad, who are passing up the final spring scrimmage, to aid the thinclads. They are Dick Jim Meyers, Bill Moo-rney and Ray Mugsamen. Saturday's meet marks the return of Vaulter Don Cooper and Monte Kinder, high jumper. Both have-been out with injuries. College Baseball Mlrhlaan Ohln Wale Ilel'aul II. Yalparnleo S. Mlnneaola It, Hlaconaln S. Bradley 7, HI. jula I.I. Illlnola f'ollega Mllllkln I. Mlaetmrl Jt, Iowa Htalr S. Iowa 1, Norfhweatern I. Ohio S. Mlrhlaan male S. Colorado 4. Kanaaa Nlate S. Ward, Hamner 2. Three haae hit: Keiaer. play; Hamner to Cahallero to Blaler 2: fox 10 Jloti InaonJo WarnUCox In- i rnV Ift on baae by Brooklyn 14; Philadelphia 7. Baae on balla: Off Leonard 4. Palica 4. Judd 3, Nahem 6. fttrucknut: Palica 2, by Judd 3. Hlta: Off 10-nard 4 In 1H Innlnga: Judd 4 In flu-hem 1 In 2. Hit by pitcher: By Leonard (Edwardai. Loalng pitcher: Leonard. Umplrea: Bnngea, Henllne and Hteuart, Time Attendance 23,8.14 paid. Islanders Top District Meet COLUMBUS, Neb. (Special). Coach Jerry Lee' Grand Island squad displayed lot of balance in capturing the Class A district track meet here Friday afternoon with 93 points. Columbus pulled in second with 63 with Hastings third at 52 4. Island won. six first with Columbus getting five. Kldrn Srylrr and George Rsm. hour, both of Columbus, were the only double winner of the day. Srylrr took the century and 220 while Rambour won the discus and shot put. Moore of Grand Island turned in one of the top performances when he was clocked in 4:45.4 in the mile. Our Forty -third Ysxxrl 1x3 front Jr. IliIu Sr. High College be votod "moil likely to ucc4Kd" in a graduation suit from Simon's. Handsomely tai-lorod in twoods, cassi-meres, and worsteds. Both double and single-breasted models. your Alton 12 lo 18 2250 to 32.50 Sir. 31 38 35.00 to 49.50 OFHCIAL CUB AND i Wrf WL. T9' x'iJa Seven-Up Bottling Co. ttm iT, COIJ1IIBSVw i 1 1

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