The Emporia Gazette from Emporia, Kansas on March 1, 1951 · Page 6
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The Emporia Gazette from Emporia, Kansas · Page 6

Emporia, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 1, 1951
Page 6
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TW«!Y« THE EMPORIA DAILY GAZETTE Clubs , (Continual Itcxx P»f e rat) ¡Arthur" Mounkes tied for second place. Mrs. W. A. Mounkes rs- .ceived «. gilt irom .her unknown 'frieiids, Mrs. Overlin served a luncheon to the members and their guest. Miss Sharon Jacob. Officers ivilt be the next meeting . March 8 at. tin; home of Mrs. J. C. Torrence. Mrs. Charles Overlin will be program leader and Mrs. W. F. Wuerfele the assisting hostess. . Lee Blown showed colored movies of the Rose Parade at Pasadena, Calif., at a meeting Wednesday of Jaycee Jayhes at trie Broadview hotel. Members of the nominating committee who will present their report for adoption at the next meeting are Mrs. Orville Koch, chairman; Mrs. 'Bill Grimwcod, .Mrs. Phil Woodbury, Mrs. Louis Stout and Mrs, Kenneth Snow.- A board, meeting • will take place March 7 at the home of Mrs. Harvey Kaufman, 527 West, at B o'clock. March 28 is the date of the next regular meeting. A marionette show, will be presented. Sixteen members of Young Adult class of the First Methodist churcl and their families attended the monthly covered dish dinner Wednesday evening at the church. Mr and Mrs. Otto Eubank and Miss Virginia Forbeck were in charge ol arrangements and of the games and songs. Guests were the Rev. and Mrs. Clyde Clark and son. Norman the Rev. William Mcrriman, Miss -Neva Kleinhans, Mr. and Mrs. Don; »ld Dunhaupt and daughter, Mr. »nd Mrs. Harry Newton and Mrs. Charles Fankticuser and children. Members of Mothers Council of f the First: Baptist church spent the evening Tuesday making doll _. clothes and .linens for the kinder• fatten department of the church » at the home of Mrs. Norman Wol'. gast, i304 'Washington. Mrs. Har; old Burch gave devotions at the. ; meeting. . Guests were Mrs. Arthur ,' Noll, a former member from ; Hutchlnson, Mrs. Wendell Morton, '. and Mrs. Royal Mayhan. 1 Members .of the Women's Society ; of Christian Service of the First : Methodist church were guests of ; their hostesses at circle meetings ; Wednesday. ; Mrs. Ramy Moore read a story : about missionaries at a meeting ; of Miller circle at the home of ; Mrs. W. L. Huggins, 901 Consti- • tution. Mrs. Harry Wayman ant! ; Mrs. Herbert Miller were sssist- ; ins hostesses to the 19 members present. Mrs. Huggins gave devotions. Guests were Mrs. J. A. • Scriverus and Mrs. Bertha Baiter of • Abilene. "The History and Meaning of Lent," was the topic discussed by . Mrs. Fred Sengondollar before 19 ! members of Ramy Circle who met ' at the home of Mrs. Grace Collins, ", 601 Garfield. Assisting the hostess '. -w«r« Mrs. W. H. Jacobs and Mrs. J E. J. Hysctn. New members of the circle are Mr. W. H. Jacobs, Mrs. L. O. Main, and Mrs. O. A. Wiley. Mrs. John Mitchell gave devotion* on "The Law ot Self Discovery-" The group reported that It had made 52 calls. Mrs. G. A. Buzzard was the speaker at a meeting of Poblé Circle at the home of the hostess Mrs. VVY V. McFerrin, 1106 Rural. Mrs. J. M. Stokes was the assisting hostess. Mr.?. Buzzard discussed the Faith Cabin Libraries in South Carolina and Georgia which serve Negro communities and rural schools. She also told about the work .of deaconesses. Devotions were presented by Mrs. A. Ward. Nineteen members attended •. the meeting and one guest, Mrs. O.- V. Slater, of Eaton, Ohio. .. Mrs. Tracy Boughton and Mrs. L. O. Bclfield were hostesses to members of Garrison circle at ft meeting nt the church parlor. Mrs. Blanche Hurt, reviewed the book, "Christian Pattern." by Hugo Stevenson Tigner and Mrs. C. A. Toms gave devotions on "Tithing." The Rev. and Mr.s. Clyde Clark were guests of the 21 members. Mrs. W. A. McGahey gave devotions at a meeting of O'Brien circle at her home, 1121 Congress. Mrs. Emma Booth and Mrs. J. J. Penna were the assisting hostessts. Mrs. W. H. Keller' presented the progratji taken from the' "Methodist Woman." Sixteen members were present and a guest, Mrs. G. R. Jones. Mrs. M. W. Fillmore and Mrs. J. W. Putnam were introduced as new members nt a meeting of Parker._circle. Mrs. .Ross Moon and Mrs. Frank Ebright were hostesses to 21 members In the church dining room. Mrs. Amanda Suddock discussed the Functions of W.S.C.S. chairman on the status of women and Mrs. A. M. Phillips gave the devotions. Mrs. Martin Ludwig, Mrs. Cora Barackman and the Rev. and Mrs. Clyde Clark were guests. "India," was the subject, presented by Dayl Daniels, a student at members of Lewis circle at the Brhporia State college before 22 home of Mrs. J. D. Adam, 1235 Highland. Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts and Mrs. W. F. Hegenbart assisted the hostess and Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts gave the devotions, uests were Mr. Daniels, Mrs. eorge Russell, Mrs. Blanche Baysinger. Mrs. Alva McCray, Sharon and Susnn Humphreys and Peggy Adam. Host-ess to members of Richards circle was Mrs. W. M. Richards, .416 West. She was assisted by Mrs. Erman White and Mrs. Ralph Mitchell. Mrs. Richards read "Leters from Pontius Pilate's Wife," to the 30 members. Birthday cakes were served at n. tea after the meeting In honor of Mrs. Christian Garth and Mrs. Fred Becker. Guests were the Rev. and Mrs. ¡lyde Clark, Mrs. R. H. Jacruith, Mrs. W. H. Adell, Mrs. Margaret Givens and Mrs. Donald Dunhaupt, A paper taken from Tolstoy's "Where Love Is There God i» Also," was read by Mrs. C. H. Mxm- ger at a meeting of Beggs circle man's Christian Temperance union meeting Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the First Christian church. The devotions, led by Miss Mary Regler, will be in a sUnilnr theme. The study of legislation tow pending before the state leg- slature will be continued as well s problems of regulations and on- orcement of laws. Mrs. Ada Stevns and Mrs. E. N. Hubbard arc lostesses. Mrs. Fred Cline reviewed the look, "This My Brother," by irgye M. Briggs at a mooting of he Mother':: club of the First Christian church Wednesday at the church. Mrs. William T. Haun gave the devotions. Refreshments were served from tables decorated n red and white by the hostesses. Attention Legionaires! STAG PARTY THURSDAY, March 1, 1951 Legion Home from 1 p. m. Until ? HAM DINNER with all the trimmings 5 O/ p er Person SERVED FROM 6 P. M. UNTIL 7:30 BALL-McCOLM POST NO. S, AMERICAN LEGION Our Prices Are Lower 0. P. S. Prices Effective March 2 Price» Trices Our O.P. S. 1950 Nash Business Coupe, radio and heater $1,550 $1,605 1950 Ford 8-cyl. 4-door, heater 1,675 1,725 1950 Ford 6-cyI. 4-door, radio, heater 1,595 1,680 1949 Ford 6-cyl. Custom Tudor, radio and healer 1,295 1,395 1946 Chevrolet Business Coupe .... 745 885 1946 Ford Coupe, heater -'...- 745 795 1939 Ford Tudor 395 1940 Chevrolet 2-door ; 245 1937 Oldsmobile 2-door 245 1937 Chevrolet 2-door .- 125 TRUCKS 1950 Chevrolet '/ 2 -ton Pickup 1,225 1949 Ford 2-ton S.W.B., new tires, 2 speed 1,395 1948 International */i-ton, flat bed . 845 1948 Dodge Vi-ton Pickup 895 1947 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery .... 695 Arney-Schulenberg Motor Co., Inc. TOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER" Fh«ne 2M4 Emporiz, Kanui 201 Ewt «th 1127 Com'l Emporia, Kansas, Thursday, March 1, 1951 OBJECTIVE-nESTRUCTION-A napalm bomb bursts and spreads over an enemy supnlv huildin* somewhere in Korea. The bomb delivery was mide by a crew of a B-26 bomber or the U. S. Far East Air Forces 452nd bomb win£. (Far East Air Forces Photo via AP Wircnlioto) at the home of Mrs. Elsie Pine. 1215 Walnut. Mrs. R. E. Harrouff and Mrs. J. K. Egner were the assisting hostesses. Devotions on the subject "Faith and Courage." were given by Mrs. H. P. Davis. Twenty .wo members were present and two guests, Mrs. Dwlght Smith and daughter. Mrs. Orville Price, 1605 Merchant. will be hostess to members of Past Noble Grand club at a meeting this evening at 7:30 o'clock. The Rev. O. W. Eudaley, of the «Jazarene church, will speak on Mrs. Hahn, Mrs. James Kittle and Mrs. Orville Hoch. The next meeting March 28, will be in the evening nnd husbands of members will be guests. Courage, Stamina, Shown By Turks Fighting in Korea IJy liobert P. Martin With the Turkish Brigade in Korea (ONA)—Two classic quotations have come out of this war. The first wns by Marine Gen. Oliver P. Smith, who said, "Retreat, hell! We're Just lighting in a different direction." On the other side of the peninsula, during the historic pull-back from North Korea. a Turkish commander questioned: "Why retreat? We're killing Chinese!" That remark alone was enough to insure the Turks a footnote in the history of the Korean war. But it is only a part of the legend that had been created by the Brigade. The Turks mny not be the best soldiers in Korea, but they are certainly the most colorful. No other unit, not even the United States Marines, comes out of battle with a jauntier step or a greater pride. American commanders had considerably more than a casual Interest In the Brigade's showing i;i Korea. Turkey has a long and proud history as a nation of fighting-men. c But she has not" been tested ¡n modern, mechanized war. Her army has been equipped by the United States and Americans have trained the Turks in the rudiments of modern war. Korea was to be the testing ground. How well they ler.rned their lessons is important because Turkey is the bulwark of the West, against possible Russian aggression in the Middle East. It may be too early to reach any final conclusions on how well the Turks can adapt themselves to modern war. But there is no question about their, courage, their toughness, stamina and willingness to fight. At close-in fighting, with bayonets or hand-grenades, they are superb. They don't waste time. In a recent engagement the Turks were given four hours to take a hill, they occupied it in half and hour. The left their flanks exposed, but they took the hill, The word "tumbler" for a drinking glass resulted from the fact that early glasses has round or pointed bottoms which could not stand on a table. Life expectancy at birth In the United States is now above 67, almost 30 years longer than it was in 1850. LOOK FOR A MONEY-SAVINS, 2-FJ&CKAGÉ SPEC/AL ON TREND— AT YOUR GROCER'S THIS fT'S A REAL OLD-FASHIONED l//TEP your dishes seem to f.A£HO$T £ (if -SK:K r<3k f', ;«-.. . *?íflL V : r -^S!S sMV-x*' 4*. ,'<S»S-iS .i^»ife'aj A fcwmlnutis' aoakin? In rich TREND suds...ami dishes seem to "do" them- Jtlves! For TREND gets n'pht under grease And dried foods...*nd strips thimoffin ahurryl Yes, s quick swish with the dishcloth Is all it takes! Even Ihe stickiest pofs and pans come out clean —TniAouf hard scouring, Try It yourself and see! v. TREND'S Clfnrinst* action loaves no scumor film! A simple hot-ivater ririM ...and your dishes and glassware dry sparkling clean— without wiping! h& WAY TO by ths makers of PUREX T4I*t -M|W GILt*' Patch teili, mcdo on women's ikin, prove lhal TÍEHD h mi/e/cr on your handi lhan *v«n The putost of Hio leadinQ toElol loopil Rcmemler, TKEh'D i> safe for your fntit vMthtttíet, toa! í/»« if for ir n i/ltmi, orltms, rayons and tilktl ;><;«, RICHMADE MARGARIN! HOW- colored and quartered WRAPPED IN ALUMINUM FOIL! A new fancy-dress for your favorite vitamin-rich margarine — RICHMADE! Aluminum foil now keeps it at pure and fresh 01 the jecond H wa» made - . . seals in and preserves for you every last bit of RICHMADE'S gloriously zestful flavor! A flavor that makes a tasty treat of every dish you prepare . . . adds a golden eoior that makes it irresistibly attractive to see as well as eat. Big 9-Ounce Tumbler with each Pound of golden color ol RICH- ¡ijelf. You'll on enlire icl 'or your table. REACH FOR RICH/MADE At Your Grocer Todayl DISTRIBUTED BY z HOCH'S DAIRY Emporia, Kansas Phone 1347 Give from your heart! Jittt rmwnber —when that knock come* at your door and you're asked for your donation to the Red Croas ... ... the neighbor who aak» a voluntarily helping you to help others—giving gener- ouflly of time, effort and money —deserve* •veryor.e's vote of thanks... ... there's another neighbor somewhere —perhaps next door, perhaps thousands of miles away—who needs that help, needs it desperately. You can give that neighbor new hope.;: Anawer the knock from the bottom of your heart. Give generously! Mobilize for Defense through your Red Cross GIVE NOW! Space Contributed by HEREFORD MOTOR SALES, Incorporated

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