The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1933
Page 4
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1933 BLVS11EV1LLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION t)aily rate per line ror consecutive Insertions: (Five average words to a WANT LAND—\Ve have buyers for Ws, 80's nnd larger tracts. Can sell 610 tract. See THOMAS LAND COMPANY. . --.... ' IHKl'sTi'KTS stored, secreted In or upon the! ally sold, with pro IK r polking Im-jXow York-Chicago planes arc At- 1 \ tonv iicmiscs described In such permit, policing nnd It Is further found lnnt;c ocean lobsters. They >>rc • "J _ .j ,u_ *..»«i4.,ii,r ,i,m ,,r,t nlTi,ir_ ! I hi» t (I v mvpnliris nrnvtrteil 111 Caught Lll the IHOI'Lllllfg, tlOWIl tO ll In live hours. nnd served I'ur Healthy Doss («rd I Milli'i's Ilatiolh, & Quick l.unrll T ' HUllHAltl) IIAKIUWAIU: CO. > 4i-uin i or knowingly allow any oilier person to violate any statute while in or uixiii iucli premises. Section 3. Buore ntiy uckio-n One time per line We Two tlmei per line per day 08c Thr« tlme» per line per day MCI six time* per llae per day .. 05o! Mouth rat* per line ••••-•• W* Minimum eJuurgt BOo Ads ordered lor turee or «lx times and stopped before expiration will be charged lor the number ot tune* the ad appeared and adjustment ot bill made. AH Classified Advertising copy lubmltted by persons residing out- tide ot the city must be accompanied by cash. Rites may b* easily computtd from above table No responsibility will be taken [ OI more than one bicorrett In- ol any classified ad. FOtt KENT GOOD l-'OUR KOOM HOUSE. It/ Jackson, phone CO. Ilckl8 FOP KENT— Kurnlshecl Bcihooi.i •J.Irs. R:iy Wm (Illusion, Cull 78'. 9ckl3 ircmises ut^cnutju m tucn pcuitu. i yvuvmis «nu »* »•» m,n,v> .- ...... nnd the applicant will not oilier- lint the tux revenues provided m vise violate nny In* of Mils Stale Hhls ordinance are Immediately • - fir or corporation .shall be aiitlmr- (or sale ir prescribed umlctl for the ojwrallon uml con- tlnuuncc o[ the City Government;. therefore. nn uncmcncy Is hereby 'rd unrt !l is necessary for Iwd lo liquors as i-- the preservation of. the mall such I peace, health "net safely I herein, he ..ullmmcc slinll become ., ^-jmns Flourisli Despite Britiih Slump IX^NDON. (Ul>)-Ol(l Mail Hr- prewton lins (ullwl lo reduce the iKun ilw I'livltlc i-oast nrc now longu, nm i verbosity of UROny cul- mr Miillni: in ollli'.s over the mid-1 umns lu Unnlon newsp:ipvrs. '" ' "••'"' "'" | 5 . m CJl nin|]ii' wnicn cost lur illiiiu-i- UK- same uvcnliuj. Similarly lobtlvrs mill 1 other roust nrc now 2«Ui APARTMENT, West Kentucky, phone OcklC. FRONT BEDROOM heat, , 1037 W. Wnlmit, Mrs. G. S. 1 UHNISHEU Apavuncni with bath. 114 West Ash. Mrs. Dosha Mick. day of Autiust. 1033. Cecil Bliane, Mayor. shall'apply to' »iid'"secmv"iroiii Ihc! without deluy. and it slinll lake City Clerk a permit or license for effect and be In forcfi nl once, wlch n fee of $15.00 shall be paid.! PASSED AND Al'l'UC-VED '"'« And no such pcrinli shall be Brant- "* ! "' ''"" " f Al """ ;1 1M:t ed or isucd by (he Cily Clerk until said retailer shall exhibit his stale permit grunted or issued lo him by llic Commissioner of Revenue or his agent. And any ijcnnll shall specifically nnd accurately describe Ihe premises and place of business of the retailer. A separate permit or license '" public ,j|,. Wl . sl uuin^v n-ont, from "/; I luidierlrs near Denver, Colorado, u ' ••- "[iinliiB Into Clilcago by nlr. - cuiiKht in Coloriulo mountain >IUMIU.S lu Ihc curly morning arc in Clik-.iso that nielli. A'lTEST: S C. CraiK. City Clekr. 28-4-11-18 .' Her. '• lie ndverllser $ia«: "The lofuiiu'lotis couple' wl'.u traveled up Innif Worllilni; on Tnes uceze table linens In heavy made from mild soap; rub- | roughens Ihe fine fiber nnd arale iJvrmit or mu'iiftc JUKUI uci^-"!* .«..n..*..- •••required at each iilacc of business ] shortens Ihc life o! the nrtiue. Flying Fish Now Reality, Airplane Line Reports .,.,/ last, nmy like lo know Hint coach'near'Polhl'i on Sunday to Ihi-ir Ii'llo-pn.winjer wus Ihe see-'know Ibat lils survival owes noth- ond ot i no people uiey were ills-! ['«,, to m * *<** »'lslics.-Kcnslng- riisMiig. lie loimil liidr coin-ran-, 1011 - lion-lor Hie muil part-iwlli • imiuslni: and liiMiucltvc, ami >ie| Attendance of children, five years mil try not (o me HIP csiire^slon „[. 11( , c or OV c r , In the elementary '()l course' ([Ulti; >o frequently 111 Kcuoiik; O f KiiHliind will decrease Inline." by one ir.llllon In the next 15 years Here Is another, co.-i'.liuj $3.12: due lo the declining birth rale and ••lie's prulmbly (lend now, but, It oilier factors, uccordinu lo csll- ii"!, I'd like the .'•»!<> iiiJlui'-i-ycllsl mates. 31c k tl Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions take the one tune rale. Phone 306 or 307 FURNISHED Bedroom, preferably for man, furnace heal. 514 Muiii, 38. «, U I,IP. Kepairins. U. h. ^ 116 K Uo«. Call H.5- Krigldaire-Dclco Only authorized ^'S Uelco light service. B. A. phone d-residcnce STORE BUILDING and residence combined with complete fixtures tor meat and groceries, G-tO S. Lane. Sec Dr. J. A. Salita. ICcktl ATTRACTIVE bedroom near business distric',. Phone G27-W, Mrs. 4ckll or location ot a relall dealre Section •!. No perinil shall be Granted (n a relall dealer not a resident of the State of Arkansas for at least two years, nor to any person who was not n qualified elector In Ihe last preceding general election. It shall be unlawful tor any person to sell the liquors prescribed herein without first having made application lo and obtained a permit from the Cily. Section 5. Any person convicted of the vlplatlon of any provision of this ordinance shall IK punished by n fine nol exceeding $500.00 and by Imprisonment nol NEW YORK (UP)—Flying fish now nre a reality, but lln.'y nrc Hying tliroiifth the nlr on n TiG- inllc lion these days, as United Ah Robot to Welcome Tourists at Museum PHILADELPHIA till') — WllCll ni visit the llulshed I'liuiklln Mil' fi'iiui mi (lie I'ailuvuy. ymi will ' unvu-d by a robot. As you cross Hie threshold, a ! phuto-clcclrlc cell will slurl Ihe imirhtr.i'ry which will nuikc the lobot bow. "Ko Rluil lo see you here," the i mlxi: will say, "you're welcome I indeed." | 'Hie rubui is list one or Uic iiumy eleclrlcul mid mcchunlcnl OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern Lines reports thai each night In • the express compartments of the pi, icil .structure. will fill the com- FOR RENT — 3 room furnished House, 508 N. Fifth St. D-H Hcgisttred Sprnccr forsetlcre Mrs, J. J. Davis. 1' «1. 20c k9-20 ATTRACTIVE bedroom for men. close in. Mrs. M. T. Moon. Cnll I,. G. Moss Blytlievillc's cul rate undertaker. 10pk!-lO Have jour sueae jacket and othtr Fall clothes made new by our .ptcial clcanlnj process. Uniiiue Cltaiuug Service. Call HI. 17ck9-17 Let us CLEAN and REBUIIJ3 your FELT HAT. We are sure you will like our service. NU-W A CLEANERS. Phone 180. 12ck9-U Moilfrn 3 rnom flirnislicrt iir unfurnished apartmrnfs, newly dec- orafcil, over liirby Drug Co. Also slorc building; adjoining Koxy Tbc- alcr. P. Simon, 120 W. Davis. Call U4 25c 1:9-25 FURNISHED APARTMENT. 305 Dougan, Mrs. A. A. Allen. 7ckH ONE or two rooms on North Railroad street, suitable for cotton ofticus. Will lix to suit tenant on lease. Apply Courier News, cccding six months. And It any person so convicted or found violating the terms of his application as sc| out in Section a hereof shall be the holder of any permit issued under authority of this ordinance, such penult shall then and thereafter be void, and the holder thereof shall nol thereafter tor a prrlod of one year be entitled to any permit for any purpose aiitli- rlzed in this ordinance. Section 6. Tl Is fo'.mcl as n fact hat since She Congress of the United States has authorized the namifaclurc and sale ol light vines and beers as herein defined, they arc being sold throughout thq slate, -jud if operation of this ordinance is delayed will be gencr- Haroia Sltrnb Alanagcr There arc (on «ooti rwisons why Sti'i-nlsi'i'ir (iins Shnnli! litindle Your ('"lion No. 1—For Uvo Koncriiliuns we have imiclici'tl I he (ioldvn [Uilc: "W« treat you as we wnnt you to Irc.ii us." GIN \l ABOUT YOU TitFLl^lNt. Q )^ TO'"TALK TOT? TWE CHMWING LAW< CAM TALK AN AUCTIONEER I3OWKi TO rvMJWBUE: ( WE ON COME COME,NOW J LEV'S . YOU RECITE fvNARK ANTONYS ORATION OVER 3UUUS C/X&SARV - WHY, GON2 ALES —WHAT MAKE6 YOU -^O OBSTINA31< WORD! ROOTS ANT) HKK RUDDTKS Attractive bcdrmmis for young; men, | 018 W. Main. Call 309. NicM-lG' SPORTING GOODS INQUIRE about our Golf Ball Sale —You will ha surprised oftcr. Hutbartl <Mw. Co. at the .9-10 .Mechanic's garage and building suitable for grain, coal or brer storase. Frisco siulnf. Slcrnbers Cotton Co. Call 21. IBc-kls T\v6 Nicely Furnished Bedrooms. Mrs. Ed Hnrdlu, 1017 Walnut. RADIO SERVICE ^r uin'-'t- , 21c k9-2l| WANTED '1U "KXPERT RADIO SERVICING | )-est Equipped Shop in Blylheville I1AR01.U SUWB17RY - "lONfc J 2p klO-*. IMPLEMENTS Carload tl Wagons Get Our Trices First Byruin Troducc Co. Across From Tost Office HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires, inner lubes, iron, metals, magazines, hides, cars lo wreck. Woll Arian, 128 E. Main, Pr.ouc HO. .. ' 9cklO-9 CORN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 29ckQ-29 B/..TTEUIES A!,b KIMns Men. Women and children's n;x?rt clothing and rliccs. Highest cash price. Leighton's, 320 E. Xfain. OcklO-0. NEW FORD BATTERIES Rrntal-Reclvarging-Rcpairing 777 TIRE .fe'BATTERY STATION For Prompt Battery Scrvirr Phone 8 He" Uunc 31c ka-31 AUTOMOTIVE !.,\ROKST STOCK USED PAltTS Bnlvrren Memphis and St. Louis ALso Auto Glass — Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2o klO-a WANTED SERVICE - S T A T 1 O N Opel ator, $250 capital, best location .11 town. Good opportunity. "P". r '< Jourlcr. 8p kll I!AGS. clean and free from buttons. Call 'JOS, Coii.-icr News. 4j> Anto Glass All Kinds Installed •Ihc Ark-Mo I,umlicr Co. Elora^c room, must be walerproo and reasonable. Mrs. Morris phone 3M or 274-J. 4x-t PIANO for Lutheran School. Re\ H J Klcinclicnst, phone 819-J OKTTINCJ EVKN! r Martin WASH TURKS AMP i VJON'T BE VS.HUX! DOW'T voy -THE OWLV OME WHO'S! W OR RV A6O11T US. RICH EITHER. V(XJ I OJW, FCCR-6ITS VOBOV'1 HEy/ "I CMOM' WHERE'S Tl!' PICKS ONE (JU6STIOU, KEREVOU op 'W T HE - W_ASH IS UAK1N 1 TO CO! "" AfOU SCE, THESE LftKES EHPTV INTO THE ARCTIC I AND I WAS. GOING APTER ISUPPUES. TrlERE'D AW OLD ESKIMO HtLPlMGl 8UT HE QUIT. COULDN'T STAMD SKELETDNi By Craa HcLD OH , PELLW NO PROSPECTIWG tlHHU We HA«£ A PLACE TO LWE. PlRST Tmiici vou Kwcio,iv't.L et FORTY B ' I0rl:10-10 Red's Place—118 E. Main Call 30R for Auto Tainting Body and Fender Service Formerly with Shonse-LHUfi Co 2Gp-k9-2t PERSONAL WILL PERSON win occupied Scat 3, Row H. Section 4 Erlan^cr Theater Balcony in Chicago on Libor Day Night picas? answer for j>erttm in Scat 1 Address "IP "r. Courier News, to be forwarded. . . Ilpkl2 KURSKIX AM1F.RSOS In charge Chrysler GaraRC Work (luarsnlrcd on any make car Ntw Van Norman Boring Machine Fhonc 8X8. 25ck9-25 I.EGAI, NOTICES FOR SALE Chevrolet Oil Truck and independent established farm route, thro; dollars and over dally profit. Address Box 211, Courier News. llpkH SLPY1CE. 1J.S. BEG ». S PAT. Off. SALKSMAN SAM TIIKIU N05I 1)10 COUKSK! BY TOR. SALE—Electric stove, cheap. Inquire at Arkansas-Missouri Power Company office. 8c k!2 1 Safe. H<0 Lbs.. S75 (Caryl 1 Safe. 600 Lbs.. $50 (Reliable) TOB my store. Perfect Condition. BURKE HARDWARE CO. 5c k!2 REAL ESTATE You can buy a home in Blythc- ville on monthly installments I;ss than it Is rcnling for. I'd be glad to tell you how. F,. M. TERRY, Agrrt Phono 617 or 346 ' STOP: LOOK AND LISTEN! 40 acres. I'emiscol's fined, all in cultivation, 35 acres in colton. mile and half of Cooler, for cash M500.00, and you get the rent— '-i of the collon. etc. Net cost to YOU Rbonl M 100.00. 'E. M. TERRY, Blylheville. Ark. There 617 or 346 ORDINANCE NO. rifiO AN ORDINANCE PERMITTING THE RETAIL SALE AND DISTRIBUTION WITHIN THE CITY | OP BLYTHEVILLE OP LIGHT WINES AND HEEH. AND TO PROVIDE FOR TAXING OF SUCH SALE AND DISTRIBUTION, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OP BLYTHEVILLK: Section 1. The term "beer" or "light wine" means any fermented, liquor made from malt or any substitute therefor and having an alcoholic content, of not In excess of 3.2 per cent by weight, and as described and dclincd in Act No. 7 passed by the General Assembly of the Stale of Arkansas and approved by the Governor August, 21 1M3. The term "retail distributor" or "retail dealer" means any person who sells to the consumer light wines nr beer in quantities o! less than sixteen (16) gallons. Section 2. Eetore any permi authorized by thLs ordinance shal lit- Issued and delivered to any ap plirant therefor, such applican shall make and subscribe lo ai oath that he will not allow any intoxicating liquor as defined by said Act No. 7, of any kind or characler. including beer or light wines and distilled spirits, having ] an alcoholic content in/excess ol 5c k tf 13.2 per cent by weight, to be X.-.D' Ctssen, Boss! we. toou AM' MOW (U RUT I'M =>TUCK Osl \ CALUM' se "j-'UECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS JU5T WA1T1L I 6EE — ALL WE iHOW VCO WHKV I MEED 13 ^ CLUE ! I HAVE. IM THfe > WHM 16 IT, BONDLE....1F TH15 S O5CAR ? ._.j-T A CLUt TO L WHO POI50NED ) ~~l' ptXJOLE, MV WAME. j ^.^ NN ; S MUD.' THERE. YOU W5E.' ^ PORK CHOP BONE! THCT'Sj WHW POODLE GOT POI6OWC.O on! OSCAR'S HEADWOHK: WHY, POODLE LER IT IN OUR BkCK. YARD, JUST BEFORE SHE TOOK SICK" CR.JOHE5 EXkMlNED IT AK1' 6ND THIS 1^ WHAT OID THE WORK —L ^ DON'T KNOW WHY I ^ SAVED IT —JUST A •<S HUNCH, I V^ SPQbE.'.' ~ SMALL ^HEPtRSO''! WHO HELD THI?j VERV CHOP BONE IN HIS HAKlDb 15> LIKELV THE 6UILTY PARTV rr 5V.UCK6r. O5>e>IE! WE CAMT GET ANY PIACE WITH THCT—HO FINGERPRINTS OM IT D. BBolOfb, EVERY •BODY EAT& PORK CHOP&! THAT'S THE POODUE TOOVC. YOU PHONED ME. YEAH? WELL, HOW ABOUT U5> CHECKI.'.' UP OH EVERYONE. IW OUT WHO HAD PORK CHOP& ,OM AU6U6T TWENTY-FOORTH?

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