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If Heiress to Gates I Millions Engaged to an Illustrator Hiss A11 gel 1 to Bo Bride of i Furniture Dealer's Son? Announced by Aunt. Vpedal Dispatch to Tub New Chicaoo, Nov. Deiiora Angell. twenty-year-old heiress to the $38,000,000 estate of her uncle, the late John W. -4'1)1 of 1)ts widow, will be I I married in the sju She is engaged to I I Lester Norris, son of Cal a St.

I I Charles, 111., furniture dealer and underI I Announcement of the engageI I ment, rumored a number of limes before. was made at a party given at the noma of Mrs. E. J. Baker In St.

Charles. Mrs. Baker Is an aunt of Miss Angel 1. Norria la 21 years old. The romance dates from the time they attended school together In fit.

Charles. He is a commercial artist and illustrator, with a studio in Batavia. 111. It has been reported at different times i that Miss Angell would become the bride I of a chauffeur, a doctor In California and varlouh other persons. She has always denied such reports and not long ago even denied she would marry Norris.

Among those to whom she has been reported as engaged are Randolph Gibson Owsley, a naval eadet at Annapolis, and C. Wilson Campbell, an oil magnate. She will get only the income of the estate of the famous plunger of the '90s until she is 31 years old. Then she will ho given one-quarter of the estate, another quarter when she becomes thirty-flvo and the remaining half when she is forty. Mrs.

Gates died iin 1913. With the exception of a bequest to a brother, Edward J. Baker, the estate was bequeathed to Miss Angell, her nclce. Prior to this Miss Angell inherited from another relative. i MISS LA FETRA TO BE BRIDE.

Dsnghtfr of Dr. nnd Mrs. I.a Fetrn Engaged to Mr. Stnntnn. Announcement lias been made by Pr and Mrs.

Linnaeus E. La Fetra of 113 East Sixty-first street and New Canaan, of the engagement of tlmir ter, Miss Helen Parsons L'i Fetra, to Mr. T.onis Lee Stanton, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lee Stanton nnd a brother of Mrs.

J. Uowland Auchlncloss of 30 West Forty-ninth street. Miss La Fetra. is a graduate of Miss Spruce's School and since her debut has been ati active member of the League. Mr.

Stanton Is a 1919 graduate of Yale. He served in France with the American Ambulance Corps at the outbreak of the war and later became a Lieutenant in the Royal Air Forces. The wedding will fake place early in January. Miss Marlon C. Waner.

daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wuner, 446 Manhattan avenue, was married yesterday in Delmonico's to Mr. Robert C.

Wigand of 4Serpentine road, Staten Island, by I lie Rev. IT. Bosch. The bride was> nrli'ii by Miss Anna Schwartz of Tho best man was Mr. Homer K.

Marshall of Statin island, i The wedding was followed by a tlon and dinner. HOW LA I.LA I EC. Miss Helen Carolyn Mallalleu. daughter of Mr. George H.

Mallalleu of J'aterson, X. and Mr. Ilobert Boring i Howland of UrooUlyn, sou of Mr. E'lls T. Howland.

an editor of the Journal of Coinmrrcr, New York, were married last night in tin residence by tho lb v. David Stuart Hamilton of f'aterson. Mr. Howland. a graduate of Dartmouth, is connected with ftic Standard Oil Cornparty of New York.

They will live at 14G Hicks street, Brooklyn. AI1AS KIPFI5H IS ENGAGED. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kupfer, flTO Pailc announce the engagement of their daughter.

Miss Ruth Kupfer, to Mr. Krank C. Weinberg. Mr. Weinberg Is a 1M7 graduate of Columbia and member of tho J'ht Lambda Phi fraternity.



NEW YORK. Mr. and Mrs. George Wolcott Mrs. Hubbell Rowland and Capt.

George Wolcott Hubbell, have returned from Greenwich. to East Thirty-fourth street Mrs. Edward H. Hough gave a lunch- 111 I illmm H. Erhart, Mrs.

Montaigu L.a Montagne, Mrs. William Hayward. and Miss1 lleller. Mrs. Martin .1.

Keogh of New Rochelle, will givo a luncheon November at tho Colony Club for her debutante daughter, Miss Peggy Keogh. Mrs. H. Edwam Manville has sent oui for a large luncheon November 29 at 125 East Seventy-Second stroei for her debutante daughter, Miss Estclle Manville. Mrs.

Magee Kiisworth. who has leased for the winter the house at East Seventy-ninth stn-ot. will give luncheon on November 2S at the Colonv Club for her second daughter. Miss Matilda Coster Ellsworth. Mrs.

B. Hayes Brooke will give a luncheon at December 14 for I her daughter. MUss Marie Brooke. Mrs. Price Collier of Tuxedo Park is at the St.

Regis for an indefinite st i Mr. and Mrs. Carll Tucker have left Mount Kisco and are at 723 Park avci rue. Mr. and Mrs.

Cyrus W. Miller witi I give a dinner and small dance to-nlghl at Sherry's. Mrs. Frederick Armstrong will give a i luncheon to-day at the Rltz-Carlton for 1 her daughter, Miss Mary Elizabeth Armstrong, a debutante. Mr.

and Mrs. Walter T. Rosen of 35 1 West Fifty-fourth street will entertain at dinner to-night. Miss Margaret Steward of Ooshen is at the St. Regis.

Mr. aii'd Mrs. tlu' Fairfax Cary arc there from Jericho. L. until they go to 2S East Thirtysixth street.

Mrs. Henry Forbes McCreery entertained at luncheon yesterday at the Rltz-Cariton tor Miss Christine M. Bloane, a debutante. Mr. and Mrs.

Preston Davie have come from Tuxecto t'arit to trie iuiz Carlton. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. left that hotel yesterday for their home in California Mr.

David Gardiner and his sister Miss Sarah D. Gardiner, will return to New York from West Jslip. L. 1., nex, Wednesaay. T.

Barney has postponed a trip to Europe owing to the illness of her daughter. Mrs. Frederic N. Wntriss. Mr.

and Mrs. Giuseppe will! close their house in South Coventry, this week and go to Washington. D. to be the guests of her mother Mrs. Henry F.

Dimock, before starting; for Bermuda. Mrs. Louis Livingston had for lunchj eon yesterday at the Marguery John R. Drexel, and Miss Janil I Adatnson of Philadelphia. WASHINGTON.

Sir Eric Geddes is arriving in New York on the Aqultanta and will visit his brother and sister-in-law. the Brit- Ish Ambassador and Lady Geddes, in Washington. His visit is entirely unj official. The Ambassador and Lady Geddes entertained Informally at luncheon yesterday. 1 Mrs.

Denhy. wife of the Secretary of the Navy, was the chief guest at a theater party at the Belasco yesterday given by Mrs. Edward Rhodes Stitt. IAt U'nililimlon New York arrivals at Washington hotels Include: and Mrs. A.

F. Stone, I Mr. and Mrs. J. Rode ware.

Mr. ml 1 Mrs. William Strauss. Col. Parker.

Messrs. Arnold Market. W. Zane. N.

A i FerRUSon. Bray, W. C. Connor and E. OS.

Gmer. Qiilnn and G. Roberts. Ward man and Mrs. A.


RENAISSANCE AND 18TH IRA COTTAS. IC SALE WILL TAKE PLACE fi iday and Saturday next, 18th, at 2:30 o'clock trd by halftone will be IK C'Olint (TRD BY E. KIRBY RNET and MR. HIR AM n. PAR SOCIATION, Managers ft UftR, MtH In BYtli RTRF.FT ART SITU STRRK.T THE Women of Society and Stage Models at Fashion Salon Cintra of London Gives Ex hibition for Soldiers and Sailors Club.

W'lthVn array of color and draperlei tliH Hon. Mrs. John Kortescuo don. had a happy chance to illusirati her Ideas of dress In the Plaaa ball room yesterday. The room was fillei both afternoon, when evening gown and ncgligf- were worn by women the stag'', and evening when the gowns were shown by young womei of society.

Mrs. Francis Rogers outlined th work by the Soldiers unci Sailor Club of New York nt 261 Madison ave iiue, for the Fashion Show being given, and of which Mrs. Roger is president. Tito club lias servet meals and provided 9,416 beds former service men in its first year besides helping hundreds of men in gel ting positions and hospital care. After tills talk Clntra, as Mrs.

For tc: cue Is known professionally, ap peared as a charming picture in an eve nlng gown of black velvet, caught ui with straps and diatnond clasps over th shoulders, a pointed train and a blaci velvet turban, having a. long plum sweeping the left shoulder. But till' real feature of the after noon was Dolores, who came over fron "Sully," now playing in Philadelphia especially for 111'' show as sin is fron England and liu.s had gowns design'-' by ('Intra. She walked about witli ev nuiaite grace in lialf a dozen of Cintra' best creations. The models from the stage Inclttdet Mrs.

Moffatt Johnston, the Missei Mary Boland, Juliette Crosby, Mar garet Dale. Cons'ielo Flowerton. Glad.V! Hansen, Marie Nordstrom, Vtvienm Segal, Selena Royle, Ceeile Stevens Sydney Thompson, Virginia Fonrdsloy the Noriie. sisters and lime. Marguorit; Sylvn.

Miss Mabel Drardoiev was charge of the afternoon pert' irmance. At night these same fifty gowns wer worn by young women of society, soirv of them debutantes of the season Grace "Henry had charge of the evertlni program. Miss Cathleen Vanderbllt had chare of the selling of programs at night she was assisted by a number of youni women, including Miss Elizabeth Con don. Miss Cornelia Robb, Miss Con stance Austin. Miss Cornelia Skinnei Miss Helen Kico and Mrs.

1: S. Adler Among 'those who sold tickets Mrs. John Castles, Mrs. Oti Skinner. Misa Martha Root While.

Mis. Amelia White, Mrs. K. S. "Twining.

Jr. Mrs. Edward Sheldon. Mrs. Grahan Blandcv, Miss Polly McOall ant Mis; Constance Banks.

One of the features of the evenim program was the delllfht fut posing, wltl dance steps, of Miss Virginia de Haven who was most alluring in a peart taffeta debutante dancing frock, callet on th' program "Oloire de Another bit that stood out of the pro gram was Miss Hayes Blake as th' in a rather startling gown white and silver, for the bride'! shoulders were, plainly visible througl her tulle veil, showing that it could late he out to service as a bull irowtl. Some of the nanus of young socletj women and the names of the gown) women and the names of the gowns the; wore follow Miss Constance Banks, in gown of gray velvet. Fog" Miss Harriet Camae, in a black velvet tei -they were all worn to the ankle: or Polly McCall, In a froel of orchid and blue taffeta; Mrs. Warburton, "Falling Mis. Katharine Okie, in a gown of anu gold silk that rippled as she walked Miss Diana Dalzlel, a black gown am brilliant short coat, to resemble a but terfly Miss Peggy Walker, "Mornlnj Miss Alice Hall, "Molten Hold" Mrs.

Francis Rogers, "Flower of tin in a clinging gown of hronz. and black, with a diamond band long earrings. The gowns will be oti sale at Plaza to-day and Saturday. FIRE CHIEF KENLON'S SON SECRETLY MARRIED Mifs Chandler Has Been Bridt Since August 16. Edward Kenlon, son of Fire Cliiel John Kenlon, was married on August 16 at the Church ot the Epiphany Grantwood, N.

to Miss Lillian Chandler of Bogota. N. .1. This became known yesterday when friends of young Kenlon, Investigating the rumor that he had married lasi summon, found him and his bride in their new home at H296 Andrews avenue. The Bronx.

Mrs. Kenlon Is the daughter of Mrs. John Baldanza. WAR WIDOW IS ENGAGED. Mra.

Benson tn Be Bride nf Mr. Boss nf Constantinople. nan naan marie oy and Mrs. Oeorge W. -Roeblthg ot Passaic, N.

of the engagement of theh daughter. Mrs. Louis-- H. Benson. to Mr H.

Mitchell Ross of New York. Princeton, 1918, and representative of th? Standaid Oil Company of New York at Constantinople. The couple will lit quietly married at. the Roebling home on NovemDer 21 by the Rev. VV Onrdor Uentley of Passaic, and the following day will sail on the Berengarla for Constantinople.

Mrs. Benson Is the widow of Oranger Benson, son of Mr. Robert fHx Benson, president and treasurer ol the Tide Water Oil Cofhpgny of New Jersey. Mr. Benson was killed In an automobile accident while serving with the A.

E. K. In Prance in 1818. ENGAGED TO MR. YAMAGATA.

Miss Hedftelil to He Bride of Kin of I.nte Japanese Prince. Mr. and Mrs. R. Edwin Redfield ot Clostcr, N.

announced the engagement of their daughter. Miss Mildred Dakln Redfield. to Mr. Harry Hgrker Yamagata of Elizabeth. N.

at a musicals given at their home on the afternoon ot November 4. Mr. Yamaffata Is a greatnephew of the late Prince Yaniagnta, who was the most powerful of the Elder Statesmen of Japan. Mr. Yamagata Is In the Public Service department of the New Jersey Central Railroad.

LADY ASTOR MAKES GIFT. Ilmlrllffr CoIIckc It err Ires fl.OOfl for llnll of PntKlpa, f'AMnntrxiK, Nov. gift of $1,000 by Lady Astor for a ball of at Itadcllffe College was announced by the college to-day. In a letter accompanying the Rift Lady Astor expressed the hope that Radellffe might become a tenter for Instruction In political economy, and added "A general meeting place for the discussion of current and governmental policies appeals very greatly to my American patriotism PAI OIITRR IN fl.lVK KAMttT. A daughter was born November 8 to Mr.

and Mrs. I Tenby OUvo In the Lenox Illll Hospital. Mr. ('live Is a magazine artist and newspaper Illustrator, and his wife, formerly Miss Helen Runningham. was one of the beauties in "The O'Brien Olrl." They live at 2W) Wept Seventy-fifth street.

EW YORK HERALD, ANDK WED, SURPRISIN HK i jjfet 11 Mrs. Kenne 01 Former Wife of Austen W. A. Bumf Without any public announcement ot i their engagement having been made, Mrs. Bornham Oray and Mr.

Kenneth I'. Budd were married yesterday at the home of Mrs. William Appleton Burnham. her stepmother, at 6 West Fiftythird street, in the presence of a few of i their friends. The wedding, news of which will come as a surprise to many 1 of their friends.

Is of great interest to society, particularly in New York and cor years norn navo oeen identified with the summer life al Newport, where Mrs. Gray has had a house. Because of the recnt death of Mr. Bumham, father of Mrs. Bud'l, the wedding was simple, the Bev.

Pr. M. .1. MacLeod The bride was attended. Mr.

Budd had for best man Mr. George G. McMurtry. As Miss Alice Munroe Bumham, a member of a prominent family of Boston, Mrs. Budd was married to Mr.

ten Gray In 1904. They were divorced TWO ART COLLECTIONS ARE SOLD FOR $21,392 k. Reynolds Portrait Goes to an Agent for $2,100. Paintings from the collections Krancols Adam of Pamrose, and the Mhrtch Galleries, comprising eighty-three pictures, sold Wednesday ami yesterday evening at the Anderson Galleries, brought Receipts last evening were Sir Joshua Reynolds's portrait of the Countess of Strafford sold to O. F.

I Muller, agent, for $2,100. The same buyer paid for the portrait of Capt. Jean Van Arkell by Jan A. Van Ravesteyn and for the portrait of Mrs. i Penman by Sir Pdter Lely.

j. "The Woodcutters," by Thomas Cstnet borough, It. and "The Piszzetta, Venice." by Antonio Canale, were both I sola. to order, earn Dnnfnng Martin Beck paid $900 for Sir Anthony i Van Dyck's canvas of "Samson and Delilah," the Metropolitan Galleries $S00 for tho portrait of Admiral Tromp, by i i Uartholoineus Van Per Heist At the second session of the sale of the Einll Keffercorn collection, which Is belnjr conducted at tho Anderson Galleries this week, a pair of XV. style walnut armchairs ftnlshed In petit point sold to E.

Bellore for $575; a humidor covered with century needlework to Berth for and an Inlaid boudoir set of the Adam period to Elwln Company, for $210. llecelpts for yesterday's session were $10,529, brlntflns the total to I The third session will he held this after- I noon. EINSTEIN GETS NOBEL I PHYSICS PRIZE FOR 1921 Niels Bohr Wins One for 1922. i Stockholm, Nov. Nobel committee has awarded the physb prise for 1921 to Prof.

Dr Albert Einstein of II Germany. Identified with the theory of iYelatlvlty, and that for 1922 to Prof. Bohr of The chemistry prtae for 1921 was awarded to Roddy, professor of Inorganic and physical ehemlstrv. Pnlverslty of Oxford and In 1900-92 demonstrator In 'cliemlatrjr at McGltl i University. Montreal, and that for i to Francis William Aston, research fellow of Trinity CoVegr, Cambridge RrocxHot.m, Nov.

Nohel Prize I for outstanding achievement In lltersture for tho present year has been awnrded to the Spanish dramatist, Jaelnto Benavente. The prize amounts to 500.000 francs. TO MARRT At a dinner and dance In the Hudson River Country Club. Oreystoni. N.

Mr? Kugene i liirn hi mm rirv muotinced tlx encasement of her daugh- 1 tor. Ruth Clark, to Mr. Hell W. Foster. also of New York.

Mr. Foster Is a son of Mr. ami Mrs. W. Foster of tO West ftevpnty-seventli street and was graduated frovn Prince- ton in 1917.

NOTRS OF SOCIETt. Mrs. A. F. iAuterbMfli, who passed the summer st the Westchestrr-Blltmore Country Club, has returned to her apartment at 76,1 Fifth avenue.

Mrs. Craven A. Brlxey had for luncheon yesterday at the Mnrjruery Mm Frank Cassldy, Mrs. Alexander Nlcholl, "Mrs. Robert Low and Mrs.

M. L. Plunkett. Mr. and Mrs.

Wlnmlll of N' York and Warrenton, enter- ta'ned ten guests at dinner In the Hotel Relleclalro last evening. Mr. and Mrs. Jchn J. Fields have returned from Mil ford, to that hotel.

Mr and Mrs. Ppeneer Borden of Fall River, Maes, are attthe Belmont. RIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, ENNETH P. BUDD MANY FRIENDS i v. I I I th P.

Budd. ray and Daughter of Late lam Manned. Ilhnfln Island last December. Miss i Marian Gray, who has not yet been In! troduced to society bnt was an active member of the younger set in Newport last summer, is a daughter. William A.

and Frederick Hurnhani of Boston are the bride's brothers. A few years after the death of his I first wife -Mr. Bumham. married i Mrs. William Manlrc of New York, the mother of Mr.

William de Forest Manlce and Mrs. Charles Henry Mellon. He died last month at the Plaza Hotel from apoplexy. Mr. Budd was graduated front Harvard in 1902 and for some time subsequently made his home with Mrs.

Underbill Budd at 151 Knst Flighty-first street. He served tn the world war as a majot in tne army. is a memner or Knickerbocker, Brook, Banquet and Tcn1 tils, Meadow Brook, Army and Navy and Manhattan clubs and of the Society of Colonial Wars. His city home Is at II West Fifty-eighth street. MRS.

PARSONS LEAVES $450,000 TO MISSION Will Makes Cortland Bishop Residuary Legatee. The will of Mrs. John E. who died October 15, was filed for proI bate yesterday. It makes bequests of more than to relatives and to charity, hut her oBtato is said to be several times that amount.

Mrs. Parsona's only son, Cortland Field Bishop, Is residuary ley a tee. The largest bequest was to the Catherine street Mission Properties at 22 Catherine street and 200 South street so to her son and Miss Margaret i A. Deluiiy, superintendent of the misj don. Miss lie I any nleo Is to receive an annuity of 12,000.

Miss Beatrice P. Bishop, a granddaughter. is to get IIOO.OOO outright and the income from trust fund of the same slee. Such gifts as Mr. Parsons made to Mrs.

Parsons during his lifetime are to go to his son. Herbert, and three daughters. Twenty-five thousand dollars Is left with Instructions that It I be used for a remembrance of Mrs. PaOons. Oraee Church, Broadway and Tenth street, of which Mrs.

Parsons was a member, will get as will the Home for Incurables In Fordham. Tho Metropolitan Museum of Art will get auch of Mrs. art collection as her son and grand-laughter may permit to from the family. A collection of snuff bofers also goes to the Metropolitan, with $10,000 endowment for its preservation. WILIS $25,000 TO FRIEND.

C. Left Stepson fito.onn. The will of Mrs. Catherine Wills, who died In Alx-les-Balns. France.

September 31, was filed hero yesterday, i Philip II. It. Wills of Bellevlllo. a stepson, who eventually may Inherit I the entire estate, receives the largest bequest. ITO.OOO.

Ward Dickson of Glen Cove, it. a friend, sets "in recognition of years of faithful service The resldtie Is to he shared by Henry Wills of Vt Charlton street, husband of Mrs. Wills and a sister, Kmlty Mealle of IA Charlton street SOCIAL WELFARE CONFERENCE. Community Theme i at Atlantic City At Special Dispatch to Ttis llaur.n. Atlawtic Citt, Nov.

responsibility" la the theme of the convention of the New Jersey conference for social welfare which opened to-night. On Friday Mr. Shelby M. Harrison, dl- rector of Vhe department of surveys and exhibits of the Russell Sage Foundation, will speak on "Modern Community I'rob inn unu rieir meaning Visitors from New Tork at the hotels Inelude: and Mrs. i Harold L.

ami Mr. and Mrs. J. Hurt. and Mrs.

B. A. 1 Stevens, Mr. John J. Sullivan and Miss Eleanor K.

Sullivan. snd Mrs. Otto K. t.lve- rtaht. Mr.

and Mrs. Oeorgo W. Martin and Mr. Robert Struthers. and Mrs.

W. H. Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. f.

A. Siees anl Mr. D. K. Huffer.

and Mrs. Alkus, Miss Florence M. Alkus and Mr. Mark Rafaelsky. Strand- Mrs.

Marie Rode, Mrs. K. D. Do Hart. Mrs Robert K.

Mac- Alnrney, Mies Ted MaeAlnrney and Mr. Oeorge W. Thedford. Jr. Francis Wjrstt.

and Mrs. S. Burnett. Mr. and Mrs.

Don Is Topper. Ms ear e. 1 Robert Coleman and Alfred 1922. A.J. Robinson Dies; Built Many Noted Structures Here Contractor Held Membership! in Numerous Civic and A Church Bodies.

13 i 11 Andre Robinson, president of tht' building firm of Andrew Kobln.soi, 13 Company. at 15-17 West street, and for r' more than fifty years one of the most cprominent, builders New yesterday at tlie home of his daughter, Mrs. George .1 Kennedy of Prospect Park. White Plains. He was born 'y years ago at Rloomfleld.

j.M. and for more than thirty had lived in 123 West Seventy-sixth street. Mr. Robinson came to New York when j( he was 17 years old. and learned the 1 mason's trade under his uncle, John M.

Dodd. His work Included many of the 1 important, buildings of the city, among them one of the first skyscrapers, the Paul Building, Broadway and Ann street. He also erected the New Yora Historical Society Building, the Memorial Hospital, the. Peddle institute at Hlghtstown, the New York liosplial, St. Duke's Hospital, the School of Mln at.

Columbia University, ti residences of Stuyvcsant Fish. Klihu Hoot and Herry I' Havemeycr auci many other Important structures devoted much time to the advancement of the Mason Builders' Associa tion. of which Vie had been a. member since its organization, and served many years on its arbitration committee. He was prominent In the Baptist church and was a member of the Mount.

Mortis congregation. He was trustee and treasurer of the board of trustees of the Southern 'New York Baptist Mission Society and other Baptist organizations lie was a member of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York, a life member of the Uistori'tal Society, a of the Metropolitan Museum, the New Tork Botanical Society, the Transportation Club and the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen. In 1S70 Mr. Robinson married Harriet. Kliznbeth King of New York, who died in 1911.

He leaves a son, Drew King Robinson, associated in business with i htm, and a daughter, Mrs. Kennedy, Funeral services will be held to-morrow afternoon at 1:30 o'clock from the Mcunt Morris Baptist Churcli. JACOB GIMBEL'S FUNERAL. jB Dry Goods Merchant Kuloglr.ed by Itnhhl Kraimkopf. Spftal Dispatch to The New Bosk Hr.twr.n.

Philadelphia, Nov, serv- I Ices for Jacob Gimbel, who died In Atlan- tic City Monday night, were attended by scores of friends and business associates, who tilled the Hodeph Shnlon Synagogue The Gimbel store was closed In memory of the senior member of Gimbel Brothers. Itabbl Joseph Krnuskopf of Keneseth Israel Synagogue, eulogized Mr. Gimbel. EDWARD B. TAYLOR DIES.

Special Dispatch to Tile Nr? Yobr Hiduip. Pittsburgh, Nov. B. Tay- second vice-president of the Ponn- sylvanla lines west when ho retired from that, railroad two years ago on account of the, 70 years age limit, died In the Sewlckley Valley Hospital last night. He lived In Sewlckley.

He was born on February 1, 1850, rear Rlverton, N. J. MHS. K. M1XTOX DKAD.

Mrs. Cornelia Ogden Mlnton, wife of Francis Mlnton, a member of It. I A Cn iVednAsdAV at har hoir.p, ISfi Washington JFark, Brooklyn, In her seventy-third year. She was 1 horn at Chatham, N. daughter of the late lev.

Joseph Meeker Ogilen, D.D., nnd Kmellne Nweasy Ogden. She was a cousin of Mrs Philip T). Armour, widow of the packer den. OBITUARY NOTES. JOHN" A aged died yesterday at Ids home In Port Chester.

He was superln-' t-iideut of the Burns coal plant at Fiftieth tract and the East River. Me leaves his wife. MICHAET, P. MAM. aged 73.

undertaker. if 377 East Twenty-sixth street, died Toes- day of pneumonia Funeral services were held vesterdny In Ids undertaking parlors at i that Hddrcss. BENJAMIN' ISAACS, Of. leather poods manufacturer, died vesternay of heart ills i nt his home West End avenue. He formerly was president of the Leather Goods Ms'nf- eiurers Association.

HERBERT C. ALDEN, aped Ml. died yes terday at his home, 41T West llfith street, of hardening of the arteries For thirty-five years he had been connected with the city Engineering Department. LOST AND FOUND. I BTLL FOLD containing nothing but cards which will be troublesome to replace Liberal reward.

R. F. Robertson, 71 Trinity place ciIANOE FtIRKeT black molra, containing aum of money, gold wedding ring, Hotel, November Bj reward ushmbin nig DRESS SUITCASE In tagi between and With Wednesday night. I I'leaae return to DONALD BRIAN At Play house TbeaP reward. HANDRAIL black ailk, Saturday evening.

Box ITS. I IF. 11 '(rt BV. FMBRELLA. sliver bandied, lost 112th st and St.

Nicholas telephone booth, I rug store; reward. Phone, before 12, Columbus jewelry. BAR PTN, green gold, aquamarine stone and two small diamonds, reward. TYRCLER, Room 11M Woo I worth Building GOI.r' PIN. crescent shape, iietwean Brook ly New York; reward.

W5 Haven Aft phor.o Wade-vorth 4410 MESH BAG. gold and silver, containing lady's watch, pendnnt earrings and cash, Yellow tavt, between MrAlpIn Hotel and Flushing. L. on the evening of Oct. 31; eward offend.

JULIUS SCHMID. fNC 14 We'd 3Mh RINGS 111 handkerrTifef. Jersey side TlyetU man ferry; reward. Phono Wcbeter 1 324P WRIST WATCH, lady's, diamond and plai Inum. Initials, A.

M. D. on back, Ilk ribbon; 'ost on election day afternoon it Ambaeendor Theater or In taxleab on rheater, or between 69th and 73d at. on Fifth If finder will rommunleate with hOCRLEPAY. 2fl B.

Toll aubatanttal reaard will paid. RBWARn for recovery of diamond and platinum har pin rontalnlng about 9 large and entail atones, lost In Now York on G. nr about October 29, 1922. Mnretis A at. and Vandeibllt .31 WO OS.oon return of 10 pb of tcwelry In 'oat about Oct.

19 In nth av, between 72it and Grand THOMAS E. McMANUH. I on William at Wcarina Apparel. Nr'Kl'ir'T; Mnrttann Pouare Garden, box No 2, ovrntim November mall brown marten fur 11 MARSHALL. 7 Wall at.

IK PI ROKT Ruaalan eabie. two" Tucadav rventrig In taxlcab, Club Royal or pelmonlcoa, aultablo reward. Phone Circle IT.M. i Kt'R COLLAR, ermine, on Mb between 1Mb and 4Sth Thoraday at .1 P. M.

Please return to MOt.I.IK OHARA, 5 Reward. fata, Jto, nriftTfN TERRIER Strayed about 'ai aK" probably In New York; male, lark white marking on load and he.t ttrwoiS return to .1 MOORE. 17 a a dbtb IKUllrM l-OLICK POO. tilde a Home maaoot; ItnaseU, 7 vcara, wolf gray: eight 'ailing: liberal regard, Informatltm, reinn ry. II 110 i.

39 Murray Hill white and Mark. wire hatred fox terrier, lost probably Central Park, pear 03d it Return S24 Mb av. flnttabja ftfSo lev poodle, female, Monday evening rdrte'tt Roelra-' Reinbeldtre I Ittoufciyn, i aw aid. dv. 'J.

VIARRIAGES. V. Alice Munroe Oray, daughter of the late William Appleton Burnham, and Kenneth P. Budd, on Thursday. November 0.

at 3 P. at Mr? Burnham's residence, fl West Fifty-third at New YorW city, by the Kev. L)r. M. J.

MacLeod. DIED. Iden, Herbert C. Hermann. Francis arlga'upo, John L.

JJIgglns, Joseph F. annan. Kate leaaca, Benjamin F. arry, L. Frank King, GaTett D.

ktyle, Henry Mlnton, Cornelia Elizabeth Moller, FloH W. urclier, Frank 11. Montgomery, G. T. "tier.

Edith Mother Mary, alhoun, Margaret Kapp, Samuel ourt. I eld N. Robinson. Andrew J. rone, Herbert R.

baunderson. George i- I'oreet. Emll.v L. Scott, E. E.

low, Maggie Holky, Fannlo Ischloin, Wile a It. Sirotner. William A. lerr.Ing, John. Ylmmons.

oley, John Treat, Mary G. oley, Madeleine P. Tremaln, Charles annon. Frank 3 Waters, Elizabeth F. eldnrt.

Richard Wheeler. Tlionias R. lood, Edward Whltchouse, WtUlain lartman, Mav Williams, F. K. R.

elnleln, Jennie Winburn. Roea In Memorlam. lanney, Henrietta H. November P. 1922, Herbert C.

Alden, beloved husband of Mary Alden, 408 West 150lh st Funeral services on Saturday. 2 at parlors of James F. McGowan. Atnrterdam ii', Interment Mount r'leasant. Cemetery.

Newark, N. J. Automobile cortege. ACIGALUPO Suddenly, on November 6, 1P22, John Is, BaelgaUipo. beloved son of the late Charles Bactgalupo and husband of Catherine Haclgabipn tnee Sorarco), brother of Eugene and Mrs.

John Mezzadrl. Funeral fiom his late residence, 24 Oliver on Saturday, November II, tit 10 A. thence to the Church of Ft Joachim's In Roosevelt where Solemn High Mase will be offered for flic. repose of his soul Interment In family vault. Calvary Cemetery.

Automobile cortege November P. Kate Bannan, native of Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland. Funeral from her late residence. 24.1 East 93d Saturday, at A M. Solemn Mass of Requiem will be offered at the C'hurch of St.

Francis de Sales, OtUh near Lexington av at IP A. M. Interment Calvary. Automobile cortege. ARTtY his residence.

Hotel Marie Antoinette. November P. "'apt. L. Frank Harry, husband of Fnnly 1" Barry and father of Robert A.

Barrv and Mrs. Ktnnta B. Allen, age 77. Funeral notice later. November P.

at his residence. H8th Brooklyn, Henry W. beloved husband of Ltieliu Stewart Boyle, age 32 years. Notice of funeral later. on November a.

1922. widow of John Breen and beloved brother of Mrs. James H. Brlre. Ft John M.

Breen, Mrs Harry Brown and Mrs. A. Goodwin Sherrlll. Funeral services at her late residence, 104 Bayvlew Fort ashington, on Friday evening, November 10. Train leaves Pennsylvania Station 7:55 P.

M. At Glen Ridge. N. on November 1922, Frank Houston Burgher, dearly beloved husband of Minnie Rurgher. Funeral services at bis late home, 3 Appleton place, Glen Ridge, N.

on Saturday. November 11. 1922, at 2:30 P. M. Automobiles will inert the Lackawanna train leaving Iloboken at 1 0 P.

M. Interment at convenience of family Idlth suddenly of pneumonia, on November 0. 1012, daughter of the late; Edwin and Elizabeth Rutler. Fnnerril services at the home of her brother. John Rutler.

127 Kirh svMount Vernon, N. at 2:15 P. Saturday, November 11. Interment at the convenience of the family. At.lIOt'N.

Margaret Calhoun, daughter of i the Int. James and idow of William Calhoun. Services III b. held at the residence of her eon-In law. Dr.

R. N. Itlshrow, Odd St. Nicholas hi On 8aturda.v, November 11, at 11 A. M.

i Interment private. on November 0, Isidore. Newton Court, beloved son of Angelina Court. Services at the Universal Chapel, "07 Lexln.yto.i on Saturday at 11 A. M.

Intormi nt private. Wednesday. November 8, 1022, Herbert Royal, husband of Esther Ely Orane. of 638 Mount Prospect av Newark, N. J.

Funeral services will be held at the Home for Services, 180 Clinton av Newark, on Friday, November 10. at 3 P. M. i IF, FOREST. Philadelphia, Pa on No vember 0, 1922, Emily widow of Dr.

William Abernathy Forest of New York city. Service on Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the residence of her dstighter, Mis. Walter Avery Lockwood, of Wayne, Pa. Interment at onvenlence of family. Wednesday, November 8.

1922. after shoi flint --s. Maggie Murray Dow Funeral mirvirca at hei late residence, 2.13 Putnam av Brooklyn, on Suturdav, November 11, at 8 P. M. Rctd.

son of Frederick W. and Harriet Held Klsch'eln. suddenly, mi Novatnitor 7, at the honm or his parents, Mountain Lakes, N'. Fw- i neral services at hla lata residence Patur urilay, November II. at 30 I'.

M. sharp, to which relatives ami friends are In vlfed. W. trains leave Hnhokcn of 4 M. and p.

arriving a' Koontnn at P. M. and IV respectively, where waiting. Interment at convenience of family. I.KMIN'tl, on Wednesday, November at hla resilience, 21H Prospect place, Brooklyn.

beloved son of the lute John and Mary A. Fleming. Solemn Ih inl tt, Mass al the Church of St. Joseph, Pa Ifl. street, on Saturday, November II, at 9:30 A.

M. Funeral private. OI.KY on November 8. 1922, at his residence 9 Stanley place. Yonkers, N.

In Ihs 39th year of hla age. husband of Alios K. Foley (nee Mahony) and father of Mrs. Agnes Mulrahev, Jatncs. Jo: n.

Maurice, Joseph, Mary and Arthur High Mass of Houulem Saturday morning at 8t. Peter's Chureh. Ludlow Yorkers. Trenton nnd Jersey City papers copy. November Madeleine 3., be.

loved daughter of the late Samuel J. Foley and beloved slrtsr of Samuel John and Margaret Foley. Funeral from the Chapel of The Stephen Merrltt Burial and Cremation Company, 1(11 9th corner lath on Saturday. November 11, at 9:30 A. M.

Thence to St. Bernard's Koman Catholic Church on Weal llth where a Herpllem Mass will be offered for the repose of her soul. the regular meeting of Board of Trustees of the Emigrant Industrial Savings Psnk held November 1922, the following resolution was unanl- mously adopted: The Hoard records with sincere sorrow the death of Mr. Frank 8. Gannon on November 1922.

Elected to our Board of Truatoe on April 13, 1903, Mr. Gannon served on various committees; the liulld Ing Committee in 1900, the Finance Committee front 1910 to 1913, being Ctalr ntan of the latter during lOlt. Fully r-cognlrlng the and Imp- ance of the offhn of truetee he gave freely and unstlnllngly of his time and knowledge His long and varied enre In the retimed and financial world enabled him to render valuable service to thn honk. In the death of Mr Gannon the Board of Trustees has sustained the loss of a valued coworker and friend of sterling haraet. Aa or Mvi: which hta mntlnry held thin mlntitof appreciation an.I affertlon dulv re corded.

JOHN ,1. Pl'M-FYN, rrcM.nt. ANN'on Frank S. The Catholic Club an with profound anrtow the death on November of Frank fl. Gannon, a former prealdert and f.

thlrtv a mouther of 'ho club. Mentis re an- ro tnoa'otl in attend the funeral mix at ft. Potor'a Church, Now Htifthton, I on Friday, 10, at A. M. Martin f'nnt'oy.

t'roaldont TCdward K. Ilanlon, d' rot a ry. AN'N'ON Frari- A Tha Amorlcan-Irlah HNtort al Ht.ctety announca with aorrow the death of our member Frank N. Can- non. The are repeated to nd the Itoqulom Man at 8t.

Peter-' t.hurrh. Now Brltrhton, B. on Friday November lh, at 1'' .10 A. M. 1.

lnrke, Prrrident i leneral, I Bant la (to P. Cahllt, EM.1ART On Nnvmlnr P. IP2I, 111. hard At tit. Ihd'1 art beloved huaband of Fninn Tlturllna Oeldart.

Fnnoral aervl.ea at ttla late homo. Hlnhlatid Boulevard. Brooklyn. Sunday morning at 10 .1" ItolatlA-oa, frlen.l* and Haiti. IdvlK" No.

-k4, F. and A. ara Invited to attend. do not aend flower' November 7. Toward Chapel stoplien Merrill Burial and Cremation t'ompanv, 101 8th corner 18th Friday 2 F.

M. dearly beloved huaband of on Thursday tilaht. at 102 Witt at Notlre of funeral hereafter IMNl.KIN Suddenly, on Thnraday, P. ltelnleln llolt Whitfield', wife of Edward IMpleln Spring Valley, N. Y.

Funeral will b. held at her late realdetv Sprlna 1 A'rtlley, Saturday. November It. a' 10:15 A. Af.

Intern -it 1 MO M. Saturdnat Evergreens Cemetgry. FF-i Fit A i. OHtTRCH, Droadwajr, tMth I Saturday, 11 A. M.

TGG1NB Joaeph helnred huaband of Bllaa F. Hlegtna, on November Funeral at THE Ft NFRAl.j rHlRCH. and twth at Bur day. November 12, hi 11 DIED. Thursday, November 9, Benjamin Isaacs.

hi his sixty-second beloved husband oil Tillle and father of Arthur and Edward. Funeral aervlru at In lat. residence. 7X0 West End avenue. New York city, on Friday at 2 P.

Interment Malmonldea Cemetery, Cyprejs Hills. KINO At Ha kensark, N. on Novemoet Garrett It. King, aged SO years. Funeral services a' his la to residence, 18'i Stanley place, Saturday evening, November 11, at 8 o'clock.

Train leaves Chambers N. ia N. J. R. I' for

raon P. if. Interment Cypi Hills Cemetery, 10 o'clock. MINTON November 8. 1622, Cornelia, wife of Francis L.

Mlnton and daughter of the late Rev. Joseph M. Ogden, V. Chatham, N. J.

Funeral from her lata ienre, 180 Washington Park (CumberI Brooklyn, on Saturday, Novernber 11. at 1 o'clock P. M. Interment at Chatham, N. J.

MO Wednesday, November 8. 1922. Rolf Moller, In Ills Stlth year. Funeral rvlrv his late residence, 88 Hope Cor' Vadsworth, fftaten If land, on Frld.M November 10, ut 8 P. M.

Interment private on Tuesday. November 7, 1922, at his residence, 311 West 6'M George Taylor, husband of eV. B. Montgomery and son of thlate George W. and Hesther Montgomery Fur.eral services Friday, November 10, st 1 Grand Lodge Room.

Masonic Hall, 71 West 23d st. Philadelphia IPa.i and S-'an 1 ranclsco (Cal.) papers please copy. Grand Lodge F. ft A. York.

Office of the Grand Master. With the most profound sorrow announcement Is of the passing away of otir honored hrother. Right Worshipful George Taylor Montgomery, for thirteen year- a faithful and devoted trustee of the Masonic Hall and Asylum Fund. Officers and members of Grand Lodge era Invlj-d to attend the funeral services In Grand Lodge room. Masonln Hall.

New Yo'k Friday. November 10. at 1 d'clock i Arthur H. Tompkins, Grand Master. By the Grand Master.

Robert Judson Konworthy. Grand Secretary. Taylor. York Comtnandn, No. 53, sorrowfully announces the death of Sir George TayloMontgomery on November 7.

1922. Funeral on Friday, November 10. 1922. from the Grand 40 West 24th st at 1 o'clock P. M.

George L. Ross. Commander. James L. King.

Recorder. Accepted Scott Itite. m. U. You nre requested to attend the funeral of Illustrious Taylor Montgomery, Irty-thlrd degree, Friday, 1 P.

at Masonic Hall. Walter W. Griffith. Commander In Chief Jame? Belknap. Secretary.

MONTGOMEKY Suddenly, on Tuesday, Nevemb-t 7. 1922, nt Ills 31(1 88d st Taylor, a re-4 1 -t rm-mbcr of the N'nw York Athletlr Club and ita A'lce-Prwtident during the years 1914-1913. are requested to attend the funeral services at 1 o'clock on Friday, November 19, at the Grand Lodge Room. Masonic Hull, 71 IVnt 23d st. F.

Loughman, President. Fred R. Fortmeyur. MOTH I' It Noveknber ti. Mother Mary nn 'li-r general of the Dominican of the Hick Poor, 140 W.

31st st r. Mass at the Dominican Church of St. Vincent Ferrer, Lexington av. and With on Friday, November 10. at.

10 A MOTHER Hospital Fund Committee announces with deep regret the death of Mother Mary. Mother Genera! of the Itomlnlcan Sisters of the Hick Poo: Funeral Mass at the Dominican Church of Ht Vincent Ferrer, Lexington av. and tPith on Friday, November 10, at 10 A. M. Mrs.

E. V. Treacy. Mrs George B. Evtlng.

Secretary. MOTHER Friends of the Sick Poor announce with deep regret the of Mother Mary, Mother General of the Dominican Hlstcrs of the Sick Poor. Funeral Mass it Dominican Church of Ft. Vincent F'-rrer, Lexington av and OCth o-i Friday. November 10, at 10 A.

M. Mrs. Laurenco Ellis. Presloent. Mrs.

Mat hew I. Utley, Officers and members of Republic Lodge No. 154. K. of are re our late brother.

Samuel Rapp. on Frl day, November 10, at I P. from his lute resldenre, 245 Fort Washington av. Arthur L. Creange.

C- 9. 1922. Andrew husband of the late Harriett King Robinon, at the resldenre of bis aon-lri-law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs.

George Jewett Kennedy. Prospect F'arlt. White Plains. V. V.

Funeral eervlres will be held a' Mount Morris Baptist Church. 5th av. and 127th New York city, on Saturday, at 1 o'clock. SAl'VDERSON etnber 7 George, beloved son of the la'" Francis and Ko-? Suunderson fnee Glhaonl. end lata of 71.

Co Funeral from the parlors of Richard J. pelaney, .70 Greenwich near Hth and 14th to Ft Co lumba's Church. West 2Mh st Noventbet tl. at 10 A. M.

Interment Me il- una Cemetery, Fort Lee, N. J. Automobile cortege. on November 9. 1922.

Scott of Rutherford, N. tn his fifty fifth year. Interment at Kaeln Sunday. November 12. Pittsburgh and Racine.

papers pluaae copy. Far git, suddenly, on November 9, 1022. at II -card Reach, Fannie, whlov of Edward A. Solky and devoted mother jf lacob Jack and Harry A. -iky.

Funeral from Meyer's Funeral bus, 128 1-enox Sunday. Novemb 12, at 10:30 A M. home, id Roosevelt place, Montrlalr, N. Novcmbor 8, 1P22. William A Ffrother, In his -Wth year.

Funeral service Si. Luke's Episcopal Church. South Fulton Monlclair, Friday noon, at 2 o'clock T1MMONP Laura at F.ast Orange. November 9. 1922.

of Daniel Tintmons. Funeral services Saturday vrrah-r II, 2 P. 1 University plac TfiriT Point on ft. Inrtant, entered Into reat ifary On Treat beloved wife of Robert II aervlcea at her late rerlt New London Friday, the 10th Int at P. M.

Interment at the co of family. omit on N'ovemher Yt'antle ''Ity. N. Charley Trei In hie Tilth year Funeral aervlrea late home "Roekroy." PetMSke nt 11 Saturday, Nov, 11 on the arrival of the Sew Yort1 tral train, lentlna Urand Central 1:49 A Interment in Wot mrterv. New York, at conraAtei the fanillv.

On November a. at her malt 110th Elizabeth beloved wife of the late .1 IVa'ery. Requiem Mesa at the the Sacrament. Ttrearlway. on Saturday, Novamber 1 0 A Intertnont at St.

Rayr. Cemetery. Auto Rlvea. York indery, No. 55.

T. aorrowfulh ounce the death of Sir Thomaa Wti lei I November 5. 1022 Fi on rmher 1122, from the Mathewa Funeral Tarlor. 23.1 Lenox ni a TV i Rnaa, Comma KI'ir. Recorder.

W1I1TBH' SE Thuraday. November Ih'j; William, beloved of Matilda Whltehouae of .102 East 4th Funeral aervlcea at tho Fir, ptarc, near Grand av Ft itlyn, on Sat irday, November 11. 2 T'. Mttnhete of Ezel Lodge No. TIL.

1 and A are Invited to attend. WILLI AMS November 1022. FloreK Heag Wllllama of 2" Eaet lOJd See York rlty. daughter of the lata Riley and Mary S. in her SSth year.

Mineral at the home of her tor, Mr a. New comb Cleveland, 49 Green Arre? llartadale, N. YT Saturday, A XI WINFt'RN Roaa. nelwrd wife of Mlrhnei YVInlvtrn an-' mother of pomthy, .1 In her year at her realdrnee. Writ 71th at.

Funeral private. I MUKI A RANNF.V H. Tn of our mho n.rrd tray 10. Motlirv Hurt Rrothrr UNDERTAKERS. When Death Call "Columbus 82 OO" FRANK CAMPBELL ljjf Vurtral (NOS fKCTAMtAN) Lil I Broadway at St.

I CEMETERIES. I THE WOODLAWN CEMETERY I Book of Vlftn or prf-tr I llltt.

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