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New York Herald from New York, New York • Page 18

New York Herald from New York, New York • Page 18

New York Heraldi
New York, New York
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irrlAf THIS WEEK be mmm idpites for loiiffress and and Local Offices Be Named. I EPS IS LACKING to CoAvefttion Meth Robbed Affair of General Appeal. ifrtiE IN WE9TCHE8TEH I 1 dppbnoYits Sock' to Oust Boss i'tTard, but His Friends Are Confident. day. which Comes this year Hii It TuAnday, has been robbed of much' interest and geimral appeal by to the State convention for Congress, tjto State and ASoepiBiy and for loepl are willi to bo named In the ry, an are the delegates to the tta conventions and represtntativeo tni JNtrty organisations In the local OfTtcea far which be made iM the primary in c4ty are: "tork for TVnnk J.

Coleman, is the lUcnn destgneo and John P. It. the Democrat, both uitbpJudges of the Court of General iopa, for which Judges Morris and Robert S. Johnstone are jfcfpuhlican designees and Judge Justice Cornelius F. 1(W.

the Democratic. Bdward 8. AS is running as an Insurgent for the DeWocfftie nomlhatrons. of tlm Municipal Court, for Aeiss is'the RepublU and Lester ts heretic, both unopposed. Fourteenth district, for nk capaIIno (a the Republican 4nd Jsrimtsh ft.

O'Leary Is the tin I county. District for Jdht) ft. RuStOn IS the Republican and Frank J. Dodd tfie Vbth unopposed. epunty, Surrdgate, for which DOjdi is the RCphbltTan desi Surrogate Daniel Noble the tie, ind.

District Attorney, for M. Richardson is the Dtdtrict Attorney Joseph F. Dafherratic. President; John X. Bowe, ReBnrotigh President John A.

atle. Blsty-tourth Republican; Alderman I. Demotdgtle. Itsuiw. a la 'ft.

If. City the primAry potts will Ue "Tuesday between the hours, of ft. M. the Republicans have fights i. homing Hons Irr seven 01sSr nominations in Democratic party has maks designations for Congress and for the Aenate In may be made such Only by Writing Irt Friends Republican candidates may get right to use the DenHjeratlc they write in their names a ter hi umber of tidies than that of a it- is written to.

ly the most autatanding primary the State Ik that In WeotcheSter directed a tain the Republican of if, close I Al'friend of Miller and'for a one of tho most potent fietors i State organisation, opposition, Which has put up a Sat eounty Ahd Ideal oiBcea ease except one. is led bf htalio rtAnd and rormer Sheriff CI rich anger. It has much of argns that District Attorney who Is not a candidate far ration. but belongs to the Word woe not diligent enough In'the lion of pi murder case notrlety. Word's FrlrOdd VMomift of Mr.

Ward declare the old tlmei pwichine will bear scarcely a mtdfeh after the nrhnaty Is over. York there art a few i pfimwry contests here and there, partfenhiHy In Brooklyn, whore tho political Are alffayo a mom fldlucondlMon. But there really oulmandlng battles and ibw case. Slrre the insurgents stand any chance jfteeees whatever. A irS i eg nominations kn the rinks and four In the Republican Only one 'a out for a Hum Worth, who pcofctng the nomination to succeed 11dm Stmpoon, desimated by the Auftcaae to succeed himself are usiml of iftsur nominations and flghtswor dideriot InHierghip, httt near aa many nawst.

HaU. haa only leadsrshly 1 fti only one of which Is-there to overturn the piosunt i Representative Hsmlltpn It bring for the slfiatkop for Congress by 'Daniel of rmghkeepsie tn iha Twcnt Wi It included 1 ditchers, i angA and Putnam counlleA 'ft the Columbla-Prhfdi district, fhirles tlan from Westlske Coons of Kllenviile. The Utter Is supported by th? Anti-Saloon League. This. like most up-State Congress fights, Is Republican.

In the district, which Includes Albany county and most of Rensselaer county, the anti-Barnes faction have entered Milton i. Augsbury to run against Charles M. Winchester, the organization for Congress Thorns a Ik In. former Mayor of Amsterdam. an Independent, is running for the In the FuljonHamllton-Montgomery-8chenactady district both primaries.

In the Republican he ta opponent of Representative Frank Crowther and of George H. Deny In'the Democratic. right la Tllrtf-sereatfc District. Possibly the moat Interesting fight. is that In the Thlrty-aeVenth Oongreaa district, where Representative Lewis ltenry Is being oppowad by Mllo Shanks, Utile dtalker and.

Frank C. Piatt. The flag threw live In Klmira and the latter In Painted Post dlatrlct comprise the counties of ihemung. Bchuyler. Steuben, Tioga Tompkins.

"Henry was elected at- the apeclal election In the spring to succeed Ala neon JD. Houghton, who had been chosen' Ambassador to Uermany. Henry was supported by the League In the' sprliig. but they are now pushing Stalker, who la also tha Prohibition candidate. Piatt has the support of the Jesee Phillips faction in Steuben.

Prohibition cuts a figure also in the Thirty-ninth District fight, which, includes the counties of Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, Wyoming and a small part of Monroe county. Representative Archie. D. Sanders voted against prohibition amendfnent and the "aiitls" see after his acalp. Tney are supporting Clark Allis.

of Ridge war. There are two candidates out against Representative Wallace Dcmpsev In the Fortieth District, which Includes Niagara and a. part of Erie county. They are H. Leggett.

tvho was In the. AissemDly from 1MV to 1906. and John W. Blatter, present Assemblyman. The Republican Senate contests upstate are: Former Assemblyman F.dward Blsland against Senator Caleb H.

Baumes in the Orange-Sullivan District; Daniel F. St robe 1. former'boss of Herkimer county, againgt Senator T. Douglas Robinson in the Herkimer Fulton Hamilton District; Frank C. Puro of Watertown.

ami W. B. Van Allen of Carthage, in the Jefferson-Oswego District: Henry M. Rage fornrter Thomas brands Woods in the Albaiiy District. latter is pArt of the fight against the Barnes machine.

Rage being an 'old Barnes Wsri Fight Jwattee. The anti-Ward forces In Worcester gre making their big attack against his candidate for Justice of the newly created Children's Court. She Is Miss Rutb Taylor, director of the County Child Welfare Bureau. The opposition candidate Arthur I. 8trang ot White.

Both factions Indorsed County William F. Bleakely for renominstlon. For the other offices the opposing (the organisation candidate being rimed flrat In each instance) are: For Dlatrlct Attorney, of Ton snd Joseph H. Esser ff Mount VernWn for County Clerk. Louis N.

Ellradt (renomtnatlon) of Mount emon and Henry M. Scoble: for Commissioner of Public Welfare. V. fcverit Macy of Scafboro and Nilea Hopkins of Armonk for Coroner. Dr.

Frederick A. Hnftvfden of PeelcsklU and Peter H. Havey of Tonkers fob State Senator Twenty-sixth district, Assemblyman geahury Mastick fit ptaasantvUle and William Clam of Yonkers; for the Assembly. First district. Assemblyman T.

panning Moore of Bronxvllle and Mra. Mabel McKinley of Yonkers; foe- Assembly. Fourth diktric-t, Assemblyman Russell B. more of Tonkers and William drrs of. Yonkers: for Assembly, Fifth district Assemblyman George Blakely or Yonkers a fid.

William O. Vuelch of are being hiade In the Fourth and Fifth Assembly districts for to tha fUate and Judiciary conventions and In Yonkers generally for members of the county enmniittee. In Flrie eountjr. whefe Wllllsm J. ConTrero, manager of Hearst's boom.

Is msktng fight to take ithe Democratic organisation away frotfi William Fitipatrlck. an entire local ticket has bwn put up In to candidates for to the State convention. In the effort to control the delegates fbr Hearst, but nominally they are pledged to former Mayor Louis mafin for Governor. says he It of getting all except six of the delegates. The other county where a fight Is made all along the line. an attempt to get control of the delefor Mr. Hearst, is A'bany. Patrtck an The Kensico Cemetery America'? Burial Park? 460 Office 103 Park Avenue Telephone Murray HU11482 Says George Morrow, Exhibitor of the new NATIONAL EARL models? All New York will see this i show! CURED CAR SHOW tVTMMHI Chm Central Sat.f?Ft.l3-30j 111 1 ENGLISHMEN and AMERICANS of ENGLISH Descent I' Are Invited to Join the er Sons of St. George Organized 1871 One Hundred Per Cent. American 1 Lodjye All- Over the United States Fraternal Social Beneficiary All Communications to 8.

S. 139ft, Herald, Harlem Office rnmmmmmmmmmm Alt MeCabe, former bom. Is battling with Robert Conklin for membor of Edwin C. Corning, who retired him from the leadership some years ago. Reports ore that McCabe has not met with much success.

State Cot.imlttee from ths Twenty-first District. Bolden. the organisation conJldatc In Nineteenth, la negro also. Michaelt V. Matteo ts running against Micnacii a.

la running againa Seek to Ooat Pallart. Antonio lyrfuaaandro, brgjtnlaatlon can didate for State Committee In the south half the Second district. Ho also has a ticket for delegates to the County Committee. Involving the leadership. la also a fight against ths leadership of G.

In ths north end of thy dtstrk t. William H. tVtorosh Is flghting for member of the committee against Robert Oppenhelnh, ths present leader. In the Seventeenth district. The only other dsn teat in ths Jlepubltcan ranks ih Manhattan la of Martin Rourke against assemblyman Monroe county there Is a fight for control of tire organization, which does not directly Involve the Gubernatorial conteat.

The l.amb-Klppey-Pagv faction Is trying to oust John Pallace, Collector of the Port, from control of the Democratic organisation. The Heart people fefel that Pallace, If he will be with (hem at Syracuse. In ths Second District of Steuben county the McOreevey faction la trying to down the organlastlan headed by James A. Parsons, which IS loyal to former Gov. Smith.

MdUreevey went over to Hearst In 1106. I Aronson for thatbnomlnatlon gi ths Ninth A Other Democratic fights are between the. Hurly-Clary and the Traphagan fae-, lions. In Seneca, and the W. A.

Manning and the E. S. Harris factions, In Saratoga. York dlty primary ballots for the different parties are of the following colors: Republican, pink Democratic, light green; Socialist, buff; FarmerLabor, slate; Prohibition, sahnon. The Socialist and Karmef-Labor have the same candidates under' a coalition Into the American-Labor party.

The Prohibitionists failed to'file tickets In many districts. About the only revolt in the Republican r.anks in New York county is among negroes, who follow the lead of John Royal, and Italians in lower The negroes, who have whkt they call a coalition committee, have put up four members qf their race as Insurgent candidates. They are Louis A. Laveile, a lawyer, against Representative M. C.

Anaorge, for Congress In the Twenty-first District; James T. Simpson against R. M. Bolden for the Assembly In the Nineteenth District; James D. Steele tgalrtst H.

W. Palmer for the. Assembly In the Twentyfirst District and John E. Earle against May Be One Cbsasetaf Tamasaay. There Is a possibility of change in the executive committee of Tammany Hall.

Augustus Wise, was beaten for the leadership of ttis Thirteenth district by Andrew B. Keating a year ago. Is out for the letter's He ha a to light every etep of tfce way In (he courts. His petition for member of the 8tate committee was knocked opt and also petitions for county committeemen In eight of the districts. Mr.

Wise says, however, he baa some representation in four of the and wifl get enough members the committee In the other (hlifty-iour to elect him aa executive member, i William J. Wurphy la contesting the Democratic leadership otf John Mara In' the Twenty-third district. He Is running for State committee and has put up Irving -Coon as candidate against, the organisation Grlbben the There la a contest for one ths two Democratic nominations 'te of General Sessions on (he DemocHstle side In Manhattan. Edward Shannon Brogan, former Assistant District Attorney, ha been putting up at hot flgtit on th? ground that should vote for him rather than for Judge Morris Koentg, the Republican Indorsed by the Demorrats. Word has gone out froth Charles F.

Murphy, it Is said, put the slate through. Ktsgi Ceaatr Cbaluti. In Kings county the (Congress contests are: On the Republican side, Thomas F. Peterson against Rejg-esentatlve Lea tor D. Volk In the Tenth district, and on the Democratic side, C.

McWHIlama and John Kissel (Rep.) against George W. Lindsay In the Third; Clyde Carter against Lorlng M. Black, In the Fifth Gerald Morrel against William E. Cleary In the and Henry Boeckthan against D. J.

O'Connell In the Ninth. Representative Kleeel, who Is the present Republican members. Is unopposed In the Republican primaries. The ono In Kings has been referred to. The Assembly contests On the Republican side, Arthur A mow against Benjamin'SamHow In Che Sixth; on the Democratic slda J.

C. Benoevensa (Republican) agalnat Joseph R. Blake In the Fourteenth; Sydney O. Hartnett against James F. Klernan In the Sixteenth; Helen Lee against John Lucey in the Second; and Gerald Dunne and Joseph L.

McCarthy agalnat Assemblyman J. j. McLaughlin In the Fifteenth. There are a number of leadership ftghts on both sides In Kings county. It Is said that John R.

Crews, Assemblyman, has a chance to defeat R. L. Gledhlll for member of the Republican State Committee from the Sixth district. Also, friends of John C. Wandsll say he has a' good chance to defeat Charles 6.

Warbasae for member of the Republican State Committee from the Ninth, district. Other contests for State Committee membership on the Republican side ana: John O. Nelson against Marcus B. Campbell In the Second; Peter B. ScanIon and John P.

Fogarty against Antonio De Martini in the Third; Alfred T. Hobley and Carmine Ancetone agalnat John S. Gaynor in the Fourth; Merrick Nltolly against George Owens In the Fourteenth; and William Rust against Jacob A. Livingston in the Twenty-second. In the Democratic party In Kings leadership fights aa expressed in con teats for membership in the State Committee are: P.

H. Lamey agalnat James J. Browne, In the First; Joseph McCarthy against Thomas J. Drennan, In the Fourth: Thomas Hlgglns against Timothy E. Griffin In the Twelfth; As semblyman J.

J. Wackerman against George W. Lindsay In the Thirteenth; J. J. Foley against Kenneth Sutherland In the Sixteenth Michael Buckley agalnat William F.

Delaney In the Twentieth. There are no contests for nomination In the Bronx, but Louis Jacobs Is making a leadership fight against Alfred B. Slmonds, In the Third district. There are two leadership fights, both on the Republican side, in Queens. James Gordon Is out for member of the State Committee against Sheriff John Wagner In the First District Edward J.

Neiry, Insurgent, Is trying to defeat R. Leslie Smith In the Second. Richmond County has staged no fights, but John E. Bowe, the Republican candidate for Borough President, has been for years an organ laatlon Democrat. SUES FOR IN OPEN SHOP FIGHT CtrvsLANq, Sept.

for 91,000, 000 damages alleging "malicious and defamatory libel," was filed agalnat officers and the governing board of the American Plan Association of Cleveland to-day by Fred L. Baumgartner, secretary of the local International Moldera Union of North America. 'WAR GAME'REYIVED AT MITCHEL FIELD Fonr Branches of Army Begin Maneuvers Wednesday to Last Ten Days. TO TEST NEW AIR SIGNAL Artillerymen Who Fired First U. S.

Shots in France Will Participate. The game." which was played hereabouts until the players went away to a real war. Is to be revived at Mitchel Field, Mlneola, for ten days beginning next Wednesday. Members of the Officers' Reserve Corps in the territory between Boston and Wilmington, have been invited to climb into khaki and participate. The artillery, air service, engineers and coast artillery will engage In joint maneuvers.

For the first time artillery fire will be directed from airplanes, not by wireless but by signals supplied by the movements of the planes. A side slip to the right will mean that a shell has landed too far to the right, a forward dip that it has landed too far ahead, and so on. This is a new system devised by Major Junius W. Jones of the Air Service. It Is credited with having ovecorr.e the difficulties cf signaling accurately by wireless when many planes are In the air and Interfering electrically with one another.

Only Fonr Branches to Join, Each member of tho Officers' Reserve Corps Is supposed to be called to duty for two weeks every year. The Government couldn't finance a turnout of the whole corps this year, but the four branches already mentioned have decided to combine in a demonstration. Men who can't get away for the entire ten days will- be able to go for three day at a time if they desire. The Sixth Field Artillery, which fired the first shots for the A. E.

F. In Francs, will take part. Artillery positions will he disguised by the Camouflage post of the American Legion under Major Aymar Embury 2d and Capt Homer St Gaudens. The Sixty-second Anti-aircraft Battery will bombard the planes with blank shells. Army observers and photographers will be aboard the planes and any reserve officer will be permitted to ascend.

On the first day the army will dig in and roconnolter. as If they were troops moved fo a new position in real warfare. The public is invited to go to Mitchel Field and watch the show. Major Wtniam R. MoCleery, Coast Artillery Corps, said yesterday that officers planning to go to Mitchel Field should notify Major Waiter Weaver, Air Service, commandant at the Held, by letter or telephone at least twentyfour hours in advance.

PERSHING GOING TO SYRACUSE. Gen. Pershing has accepted an invitation by the American Legion to attend the reunion and convention to be held in Syracuse on September 21, 33 and 23. The General will be accompanied by his staff. 1 WORTH is among the cottturieres featuring topaz velvet for evening wear.

BRANDT combines black velvet with bnlx liant hued flower girdles. ReNEE sponsors the use of grosgratn ribbon 'with silk crepe. AGNES is one of the strongest sponsors of three-piece costumes combining woolens with fur' and metal cloths. LELONG combines two shades of velvet for formal afternoon 'Wraps. JENNY sponsors velvet for daytime as well as evening wear.

LANVIN makes picturesque robes de style of palest velvets, metal ribbons and metal laces. Lord Taylor osition of 1922-1923 Ornaments 1 WE invite everyone interested in exquisite fabrics to view the showing on our First Second Floors, of the favored fabrics, ornaments and trimmings for theautumn and winter seasons. Many of the finest domestic and foreign weaves will be shown in complete color ranges. Gold and silver cloths, some gaufred, some with delicate tints showing through; brocaded tissues, cobweb-fine and gay with the designs of great French artists; the newest cloky, matelasse and gaufre materials; furs as Paris prefers them this season; exquisite laces for all fact, everything that is chic in Paris and accepted in New York will be at your service in this unusually comprehensive display. Professional and amateur dressmakers are cordially invited Week of September 17 to 23 First and Second Floors Lord Taylor FIFTH --f Madeleine etM adeleine drape metal broche of brilliant silver and gold patterns into evening gowns.

MOLYNEUX includes in his collection dance gowns with full skirts in ethereal tulles. The ChERUIT collection is yery colorful and sumptuous with fur trimmings of chinchilla, kolinsky, beaver, shaved lamb, skunk, broadtail. lines fur coats with metal cloky and gaufred velvet. DOUCET is combining grey and mahogany fabrics and trimming with grey monkey. POIRET is lining metal lame with bright velvet.

Some of the handsome tailleurs and coats of JEAN PATOU are made of matelasse materials or of a new heavy satin..

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