The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1937
Page 8
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'•ft PAGE EIGHT ( BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Agsressive Young Ciew at Cincinmh Shows Plenly Of Spint By HAllltY OUAYSOK Spoils L'llilor, N'l-IA Service TAMPA, • March 31.—Jimmy Outlaw, '22-year-old taw-running ban< dit Is n strlkln, cximpl« or the new. spirit of Ills Cincinnati. Reds. Chilian n ] -oJuct Q[ Al ibim i Poly, threatens lo run tli'c capable I ••» nt°ss off third tmo ChTlej Dr' 1 b'n Is oil" 1 major Ic-gu-" maniac who Is not ad a Id to «!iit i jDiilusH T c liltle dl I'Ector from Decatur takes the sen- «Iblo stand that Rhtas has rcadiKl • Hi! p;nk tit hts.aame, whereas Out- li> mnj lm» u In h m n _.o to n greater, lisljiil lhan that attain< I bs th- nu?-i"uJ p» fj m ft n North Carolina. ' 'Outlaw ha«'l?<| ov-r FranVj Crusem of the Yankees in breaking mj a double play to Serve notice (hat 111; Recllcgs dD nol intend lo to doublM wlnn It cm bo p mil cd this seabon and tht, tire on lo take that «.--;ra base, iti ;i cam- v,it>i tlu HI I •sov he ant lusll d L-ic MCNiir H 1'ie b% w wlnl nsity i.njht 1m ° Ij n i Ion L'2 P I/ DrcKen fi"es Ttc:h for talllns to r lida uh'n It is neu siry Both members of Brooklyn's s?c- <n I fci in* combi'Mti" i roil; M\- Iino4l) mil Cookie Lniiqelto ai^ fin crutches as the result of Rhine land runnel's coin? into second base fcU fii-t In I 1 e dnl ,\Vh?n balllin? Hnrlslsh oiiiii"s .threatened ••• retaliation.. Dressen 'hiiiU.'d: "Gn ahead! Don't be talk- In > about It 1 \ This, exhibition at Clcarwaler launched the first baseball feml of II" vii nits to AII Orlhv sHiUs "> feet 8 and v M s 105 ixnnHs 1U U> a strong ii'ht-lnnl"d hlliu wnh i toocl Etanr^ hits lo nil 1WJ and K lil"l> to belt tbc hill out of the |..ik it inj time He hi= a pood nun and nlll do defensh"li strikeout record for the loop and had an earned run average of 2,29. Barrett, a fast-fielding little rljht-hander. reported lo the Ath- Istlcs rljrht off Philadelphia lots In 1933, iind subsequently curved « while for tin 1 then noslon Braves. The Reds drafled him on the strength of his copping 22 names for Seattle in each of the past t\vo campaigns, "Posy" 1'oscdel won 19 of his last 22 games for the |y.>nnaiit-<vlnnUiK Portland club of tin- Pacific Coast Lsague after the iirnves had his release all written out In Die spring. llllly Myers, put out last All?, 10 by an abdominal operation, again I;; expected to play pluily (if .shortstop for Ihe RedlcKS. Working with him at second base will be either Charley Gelbtrl or Alex Kampuinis. The Itjjht hilling of' 20-year-old Eddie Joost. up from the San pran- ttsco Missions. h:is sentenced him to Ihe minors for at lcu>t another year. I iank NtcCojnlck trjok SiMn?i]a's fli t bivlnj, job n t Dcckley [lir;i' years ago, but Hit- MS bov fram the Bronx can't do It now although -« drove In i:i(i riinn in winnlna :ie battiti'j diamploiwhlp of the n b-:lmont Li-atjin \vlth an averaqi) 'f ,:I31. \ l"l»ch uf Oillllclilcr: 111" \ tt in K'kl Ci;yl2r will play snScr field nirl Ival Oo:Kt:nan i;ht. but Phil wjlntrauh h - i>l-i- ty ol c:imi)et!tion In lr-ft f|;l:l <u-- ••••I « Ion? dl'fnc? teUin:; r2;jr:ls al Rochester. Ji <. Hi' io'^ would like ID phy <• uh.rly, and Dr;s;?n has 1 a yen foi lei- nijti, >vl!» iii'vur fallir.i to hit .K'.t In 10 y >ars In the ml- iiors and who is n" for his fl.-it ir.j- Jor league Inspsclbti. Dwycr. a lett-hn!--J;d hitter who .swals the pellet sivascly and •«• n line, lilt .381 a'vl t\nvi In 117 mils for Ncshville lust y;ar. Divycr H oall- : | "Dan 1 -'- Jn"" 1-- "aus« of his valuable hnbtt i>f U'.Tti- iU(! the bawe lii Uo-baas^r.s .•jve-.'y, season. Jiis ci> ddiibles last'y^r' \vas a Southern A^"icl!>.'.l3:i i">r '•-'• ' Us !s a fair k!ud of an oi:tn"l '-• Flo;d Caves Ii'rman donn't "• urn In the (jinchnntl plain. Tip Rnl;c and hh he!m:l have rrir'-e:' j Hi- sta^" \ liein It in lon»e:' Is a t[i'C-sllon of Inldln^ out, but hoVI- 'IH on. Here Is a <i]int for Brooklyn lo pick iij) an nlil attraction ai a rrduc:':! hite. Clinrley Dressen wants players who ars looklni; b the fiutir.\ Tiinl- is one of the principal i:a- j 'ons'wliy the last phc? R»<LS whom What impressed DnsWmo'd Is!' 1 ? '" o \ hold of •'"^ '^' 1! >M. Im™ 1 <iislh '" 1Q35 - nlul » r 'li '» „' biessen plans (o crash Ihe firsl division' Iris' Irlp. The litlle director from Uecatur njree^ with llar- nsy' o:dfljld. lie nev:r looks back Improvement In b" inu «L»nj'd uj eich spring o\er a t!i"°-ven r ri- 1 He hi 1 !30 foi Beck'ej of the \iiil-Allinll~ hi 1031 lo"trd iir Thieo-l in ninno-r of hits ni coniuihn a .l^i a ii>" fci Dccnlur in PUS i" I lull d Ii 91 rinib in I'jllim "no fin Ni ' M1V 1 In 19 sr Oulhu i«! i i 1 i fie d 111 who will do ih t lies lohl lie i nun , lust ue-t'on on th tasc? but is - cciUicmlh si.«-i\, It will b' rcnlhd l h at J Cu- li^l&Smilh \iho b oke his !";> aft-r h Ipipt; to bit an I tint the Bnvs of 1914 into a \torli] «enes also plnyd third bise foi Alabama Pols After his experiLiics with Us S-a "Hi hi| 'J. ol P. Receives Fund : Fai Chemical 'Library PHILADELPHIA (UP)—An endow ment fund of 550,000 for ninlu- linintt and future development of a clutnlcnl collection has been Bivrn to the University nf Penn- ••Slianiii by Mrs. Margie A: Smith _ " ls & n'Ui Is the widow of'the ,si nrewn n v-, colll - cl0 '' Dr ™ear Falls Smith, ei i am «Militate lau^eajoiin?-' wll ° luls l'io\ost and chemistry sler wlcm he b"lle\es his a clnnte D1 " fl ni 1U ll 'c time of his dealli Litfb Clnri'v ilium with Ocora-''" lf|18 McQuhin until June Id a >eii ago ' rlle 'ollcition includes some when lint <-ea*otied firH hi^min 1 ' 0000 lluc uooks and manuscripts \ias intlinqi 180 Scaisella then on c - 1 ' ei »istij stepped in, to drive in 65,rims a'Kl Int 311 tn th^ re mhi le, of th= roiile. Clnclnnall Ins oxp-ri?nccil catch- cr^in S:hnor.zle Lombard! and Virgil Davis, tin; formsr a .3"!:t hitl?r. Tlie Reds' first ni'ht Jlin^c-? m" are Pint D»rnn»cr Gene Schott Al Holhn's\oith na> unis am Brennnn Bennv Jiej and Bill Hil lalnn s-riptln? for positions ar- IXK Orissom. Johnny Vandsr M?" Uoyd Me ore. Dick Barrett, and Dill Fossdel. ; VaniTcr Mecr OiT'«'^ii:linw Van lei M"e r an ! \vhitc> ' Moor-.wore minor l?a»u e pilchinj kill's of I95o Tnd»?d. a national basebill pub- liciitnn 'o.'Ticd Vander iM«er as the out'tinJim; minor lea-"!" pla\- cr of the year, Southpawiiij for Durham, to which club he was not <m'.!cncd until June I, he led the Piedmont'Leagua In strikeouts with 29i and n 2irn"d inn i\en°e wit'i 2.65 in winning 19 games. His terrific fast ball brought him no such lurk in Nashville, however. Mcore bagged 20 games- for El Dcrado during the regular campaign ana tlire2 more in the Cotton Slaws plasoft While; a large rlghl-hander out of New Philadelphia, o,. csUblished a new : Iflll'KOVK YUUIt i'UOI'ERTY NO\V We'll help you. secure a FIIA loan. \ Wall 1'nper Tain Is - Varnishes Auto & Window i'late Glass BLYTHKVII.T.E PAINT and WAIJ.l'Al'EK CO. Illilg. 1'lioiic SSI) HV IfARIlV KHAYSOS' M;A Service Sporls iidilnr OLKAH WATER, Fla, — Hiirlclgh Oilmc.s considers managing a major league ball club a soft loiifh. Old Wire Whiskers b=l!cve.i big time pilots should pay for the privilege ol directing diamond forces. Having been a pitcher himself. I he now iniinai/er of Ihe Brooklyn Dodsers .says thnt Ul he has to do Is add bunt and hit styiis to tlin .signals'he used throughout his brilliant career. "I alwavs moved the Infield and oulfleld and pitched Ihe ball 1 wanted to pilch." he explains. "My pitchers will do ihs satin tlihiv us luni; as I consider them capable. if they need help, MI i : y u> |, c ;p them." Grimes agrees with BUI T'MTV thai the .secret of innnngjlng a ball club Is knowing when lo yank a pitcher. "Tlrs-cl ])ltclicrs arc like punch- d'-iink ll^hlci's." asserts liurlelgh. "Most of them will .stick In Iheiv as Inn;; us possible, bill In lin- end arc just IlkL' buttered lighters try- Ins lo, put over a dying wallop.". (Jmli-r IMiiny .AlanaKers Crashing the majors in inili an:l ii'inalnlns until Ihe fall cf HfM, Grimes jilaycd under the followina HHin:i«crs: .limmy Callahan and Ui'30 licwlek in pl'lsbnrjli, wllberl Itoblnson in riro-klyi). John Mc- Griiw wllli Ihe New York alanl-i. Donie Hush and Jule s tinns In !'lll.s!iur»h. HIM McKcehnle with 'he Moslon Briives, Ciahbv Strejl vllh Ihfc St. Uuih Cardinals, lloa- •t'i Ihinisby anil Charley Grhnin 'iili tin Chicago Cubs. i.Yank '•"rlseh with Ihe Cardinals, Joe Mc- larlhy with the Vankees, and pie Trayncr with the piroU-s. Cirlmes says that his system of managing will be 11 conglomeration of Ike methods or the men who tossed him, .McCiraw was his idea of a real manager, He names McCarthy as lops among those active today. "And McGrnwJi Ulea.s of directing a ball club were Just (he opposite of tluisc of McCarthy." says Grimes. "McGraw wa:; the rapid fire lyp.'. He'd hop all over his men. ![,: pal:l tl:em well mid expected lliein to produce with no CXCUSL-S, McCar- '.hy is the smaalh aild stalil lypc. Hs'll hop all over an alhlete whn ins "made a mistake, but he'll call ilvi itslde and do it properly." rsi'lims snvs thai all lie demaiuls of his tn=n is that they hustle. "I want them to play the way I pitched." he explains. "I often beat pitcher.s who tiad a great deal more aUlily. i ontlinsllcd them. Thai Is - f wis In four world series- Ill Urosklyn's only one. in 1920, with Ihe Cardinals in ':iO an^ T ;||, nn;l .vith Ihe cubs In '32." Ike--/I HI'a".. llcgnlnrly Orlmes is a typical squire. lie .WEDNESDAY,'IJARCII R.I, Modern Empress HOniZOXTAf, :.c — ot — arid Empress of Ethiopia. 10 Pertaininij to Rome. 12 Snout. 13 Onager. 14 Toward 15 Meat, 17 North AmtTLca. !8 Butler lump. 19.Sound of surprise. 21 To accomplish 22 Healthy. T.I To cart! wool. 25 I'ersia. 11 Kuilway station. !1 Spar ?3 Valley:!. 15 Light brown, 3C Adhesive substance. .17 Hlood-suckini; insect. 39 To subside, to Road. 12 Tiiblc napkin. ). r i Myself. W Male child. Answer to Previous Puzzle 48 Portuguese money •Sfl To deposit, 50 To loiter. 51 Source of indiKO. S3 Slai-shapcd (lower. 50 One who inherits. fiO Cowboy. 58 Male cnt. 5JI Mohammed, r i nymph; CO Veji, 01 Hlu the first nursing service in Italy. C2 Halt an em. VERTICAL, 2 Bear constellation. 3 Aurora. 4 Type standard 5 Native. C Muss of cnst metal. 1 Toward. 8 Tree. 9 To guide. 11 Kamou.s. 13 She recently had her 4CMh wedding —— 1C She was a princess 18 Impanels 20 Merciful. 22 One of two equal ports, 24 Face cover. 20 Sun god. 28 And. 29 Sanskrit dialect. 30 Upon. .12 Slreet. 34 Prophet. 30 Compassion, 38 Region. 38 Heavenly "• body, 41 Giver. '.'J Distant view, 44 Oleoresln. 45Sandalwood. 47 Froslbilc. 50 Rumanian .. coin. 52 Lion. M 2000 pound?. SS Mortar Iray, 57 liailroad. 59 Masculine pronoun. afternoon as a fine time to (jet the bum's rush. That packad the park on Sunday. Grimes says lhat lie will not rush National League umpires us he did those of the American Assoelatlon. "I frequently was thrown out. before I slarled for an umpire." he explains. "I won't have as much reason lo squawk In Ihe Nalionu] League and the major league umpires will at least listen to a manager's complaint." nut nurleigh Crimes is a fighter from 'way hack, and it is my idea /hat- Ihe'rc'll he few dull afternoons at EM>cls Field and wherever the Codgers play this season. Pennies Saved 2 Years For Boy Scout Jamboree QUEENSLAND. Australia (UP) — For Scoutmaster L. Whittled a penny saved is noi only a p:nny made but it Is a psnny nearer Ihe accomplishment of his intention lo atleiul the world jainliores of Hey Scouts In Holland this vcnr. Seoul in aster wiilltr?cl started two years a^o to save enough English pinnies to pay his passage to the jntnkoi'cv. He now lias four! four or six drummers when OK-;W ID-pound cans full, totaling 12,001) j play at university dances, baskct-V, quivah'nl of' ball games and other public cveius | The per capita consumption of i onions in Iho Unite:! Stales is 10 I pounds annually. ix:nnles In all or the eo.uivalvnl of'ball g .„ $15 worth of English silver, He ion Ilic campus. , Intends lo take the \vliolo_ lot of! Dailey designed their uniforms, | pennies lo the Khlpping 'office when icmbortylng many characteristic.; of i tie buys his ticket, and let the clerk \ the uniforms of famous Scotch j do (he counting. : regiments, — i So scarce are bagpipes in the Iowa Stmlpnk (Waimp United Slates that Daily found it >uwa OLUuenib urgdiiiie necessary to import them from First Bagpipe Group • Scotland. IOWA CITY, la. (UP) — The only x college bagpipe unit In Ihe United states has been developed at Hie University of Iowa by Col. George 'P. N. Dailey. head of the military department. With no instructor In bagpipes available in this country. Dailey had lo start from scratch in developing his unique unit. Uailey found an ItLstmctor in Toronto, Canada, and sent Cloice Myers, Council Dluffs, la., student to him lo learn the 'technique of the pipes. After five weeks of Intense instruction. Myers became so proficient that he was able to Instruct five other university students in piping. The pipers are accompanied by I). & \\ L; NO. 11 I'!,ANTINO KURD (A Pure S(ralu) Original seed olitainrd direct from the breeder and planted by us for l\io years. Xo other cotton planted or ginned on this farm, Reasonably jiriceil in even weight 100 Hi. lags. Special iirlci.s on carlols. Inquire !". A. Itogrrs, Manager, CMOAH LAKE FARM Roule 2, ISn\ 81. itlytiicville I'lioni! ISOO-l-'ll WbtT TOP-RUN MEANS' TMl tliayrorn shoict the curte cf quality, ft piclurft how Hit TAItS P* ul: °/ vM^'V Vot'jHtsi it ttcurtd ty cvlting 0$ tli* tatr, »n'M "htutlt" and tht titary ••(ailr"-oxJ latin? o»l|/ U« Itlt ol At run lo inakt Cruji Orchard. Yon win two ways when you make Crab Orchard your stcaily choice among whiskies. You get the genial, glowing guotlness of -TOP-RUN whiskey — and you get a saving —for the price is easy lo take, too! Sample ihis warming bourlxm — it's 93 proof. A great whiskey — ami n grout buy. Nithxul DtstiUen PiodocH Ojmtjlixi Mnt Tort SMIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY He was tossed from 20-oad ball games. ! Singularly enough. Old Wire Whiskers usually picked Saturday smokes long piprs and puffs at unlit cigars. He operates a farm at New Haven. Mo. He is grnlf and .verious and, in ni) argument, exceedingly profane. He does not shave regularly 'an 1 ' | seems to pride himself in «-hat has led to his being callsd Old Wire .Whiskers. He wears a lumberjack's mackiuaw v.'heii not' : in _nu here. Grimes' Louisville club of last j -"<•!••>, finished seventh yet broke' all attendance records in the Ifen- ! tucky, city. This largely was clue to c.rinies 1 'fighting' style or gatne. i MAKE THIS 'Be kind to your S neck" WEEK! Tliis week, toss out those shirts with tight-fitting chafing coll-irs and get yourself, some of our new Arrows. ForArrowsliirts have n better- looking collar llut will give you permanent fil am! com- fa'1. Arrows mrcr shrink, they're S.mforizcd-Shrunk. A new shirt free if one ever shrinks. And Arrows give you a better fit Mow the neck, too ... the Mitog.1 form-fit. In handsome now patterns and white. $2 "P MEAD CLOTHING Co. 31S WEST MAIN STREET Hoadriuarfors for Harl Schaffncr & Marx Clothes "I'LL SAVE YOU MONEY : -i.;.,..-*., -,-~«it^ ,.-». nrr- -*iJ-t'.- •... , ff£. J .-*-^,-t tl ' •• .'-^'- • - - « - ,-»fcf3^->-v. -^y^.,. .'.,^-. t*'?>'- - >f*-.jj-:-Jt*Ki—•».•..•«• -*,-•»-v--ii'r.V->^»I>i*'s' ->"•«-. on any used car you want to buy if you'll see me this week!" —. -. ' -YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER /r\ BUY WHERE MILLIONS ARE BUYING 1934 1,160,231 bought Used Cars from Chevrolet Dealers 1935 1,425,209 bought Used Cars from Chevrolet Dealers 1936 2,019,839 bought Use'd Cars from Chevrolet Dealers 1931 CIIHVHOLET: J'EDAN—Original Duco lin- ish. clean upholstery, tires that show little wear. Thor- cughly reconditioned and backed by "an OK ' that coiinLs." Completely equipped. Special sale price. Better hurry!' 1933 CIIKVROI.ET COACH— Act today If yon want- to buy a slightly used, six-cylinder Chevrolet coach at so lo\v a price. Many "extras" such as seat covers, .special horns and radio. Only 132S CHEVROLET COACH— 1937 lice use.'Tires gcod. Motor OK. Rtal Buy IDS.') CHEVROLET SEI>AN— 4-dcor sedan. Black Duco paint. New lires. OK in every respect. Buy it now <fQ7C for only «P 0 / D 1034 CHEVROLET MASTER COACK -See this practically ne\v Chevrolet and you'll prefer it to anything 'the market otters at anywhere nrar this pi ice. Completely equipped, many extras, ready to drive away for only 1331 CHE VKUl. KT COUPE—New tires, new paint job. Upholstery like new. Low mileage. Sec it at raice $295 1D3G FOK5) DE LUXE COlirE—Equipped with radio. Very clean. Used onlv short time. New IS35 CHKVROI.ET BE LUXE C'OUi'E—Its famous six-cylinder engine has been tuned car appEarance.d>oo r lo deliver ntw car perform- Low price ...<pJOiJ aiice. Its roomy Fisher body provides big car riding case .,.... like new. For sale "with an OK that counts"; to the first lucky buyer .$395 price 1033 FOHD COUPE— Body and upholstery inM CHEVROLET'MASTER SK1MN—Original Diico finish, clean upholstery, lires that show little wear. Thoroughly reconditioned and tncketl by "an OK lhat counts." Completely equipped. Special sale price of only .... 1935 FORD TUDOR —Was traded in on a new Chevrolet .Master Coach after having been driven only a fc\v thousand miles. It is In excellent condition—mechanic- r.lly and In app:ar- nnce. 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TRUCK -With body. This truck used only 5 months. Driven 8.000 miles. New car guarantee. See it for the. btst bargain in your life 1931 CHEVROLET T. —32x6 H.D. tires. Overload sprint Checked OK through cur shop. Ready to go to work tor .$295 m USED CARS ALL MAKES-ALL MODELS AT UNUSUALLY LOW PRICES LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Blytheville, Ark.

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