The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1937
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH AUK.)' COURIER NEWS 1'AGfc CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Personal PHILLIPS MTTNt OET'VIGOR AT ONCE! iUlji>. Ncw ostrex tonic Tab- WAT Nt]T AT FIKTH W lets contain raw oyster luvlgora- i>Al<tsui Al ririH til. tors and other stimulants. Ono| ,' „ . ,, .,. ./-..v n>r> u\vv Daiiy rate per line for consccu-! dose peps up organs, glands. in A OAI ly I.IAV/«I JU aj\\r- live ii'scrHons: not, delighted, maker refunds few j 3 Fom) F , Uu))s Gooil S265 One Uric per lino ice cents paid. Cull, write Kirby Bros.' Two times per line per day ... 08c Three limes per line per day .. CCo Six times per line per day — 05o Month rate per line ..' GOc Cards of Thanki 50o & 15c Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered tor tlivee or six times and stopped before expiration will t« charged for the number of times Hie ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Cliissificd Advertising copy submit'KJ by peivns residing outside of. >i\a city inus', be accompanied by cash. Dates may. be .easily computed from above table. . Advertising'ordered for irregular ' insert ions., takes the one time rate. No responsibility lie taken for more than one incorrect insertion, of anv classified ad. Bus, Opportunities' urug Stores. Farm Loans $500 Up ALSO LOANS ON BUSINESS BUILDINGS, RESIDENCES, FILLING STATIONS. Don H. Kasserman Room 220, Lynch Bldg. Phone 877 P. 0. Box 470 Kirby's Tasteless CHILL TONIC Contains More Quinine—More Iron 1'uo ReooumLendod Treatmeut lor RlAJjAlUAL C1HLLS and FEVEll SWAMP'. FEVER —AGUE FEVKK At All Klrby Drug Stores For Sale Beauty Culture IS THE COMING PROFESSION Learn (his pleasant work which pays well. Neiv clats opening—state supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs. William Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop FOR SALE AT BARGAIN—One Marc Mule. 15'i liands high, about 10 years old. Must be'sold. Call Herbert Hughes, Phillips Motor Co.. Phone 810. NATIONAL electric register; 5 ke Burroughs adding machine; twi 8-fcoL floor cases; large mono' safe wing piano, concert style. J. L. Witham, Leachville, Ark. 31 FORD Tudor. New paint . Sias 52 CHEV Forclor. 0 wire wheels ?195 31 FORD Tudor. Clean Car, Kuns 0. K $295 30 CHEV. Tudor, 37 license, a dsnux 5100 32 CHEV. Couiic, molor and llrcs good $115 TRUCKS 30 FOKD Piek-up. A gooil one $115 31 CHEV. Pick-Up, new paint 5265 36 CI1EV. V,<. ton, stake borty SC25 'M FOItl) I',!' Ion willi body .. $1Z5 30 FOUI) I','- (on Long W. ii. $ Si) 3G FOilI>, new motor, only .. $575 Prices are plainly marked on wiinl- ihield of every car. Drive by, look Jiem over. We trade. Phillips Used Car Lot riione 810 For Rent Three-room furnished apartmenl, (irlvnta bath, garage. 1122 West, Main. 31-ck-'2 Nice bedroom, uirgc closet, adjoins bath. 312 w. Kentucky. 8-ck-i-a Nicely Furnished STEAMHEATEU 13EDUOO.M, bath. Call 500. 4c M--I Furnished, steamlieuted Apartment. Telephone's 191 ana 571. 9c ktl 4 room furnished r.pnrtment. 1031 W. Ash. Call 068. 21-c-k-ll 3 room downstairs fcTJRNISHUD APARTMENT. 108 W Kentucky. Phone 683. ' 15c kl-15 4 room furnished apt,.. 1015 W. Ash. Call 445-W. Mrs. Goodwin. la-It Nicely Furnished BEDROOM, jar- age. Men preferred. Mrs. Moon, 013 W. Walnut, 17c ktf .GANGWAY FOR <HW ENTIRE STOCK OK O.K. USED CARS - - EVERY QN'IC A BARGAIN! 5 I'l.V.liyilTH COA.Cll. Set of G 1'ly Tires S 6ay& Billings, Inc. Feed -••'Kindling j'honc 76 Coal CltKVttUl.KT i-ll O O It SUDAN. Huns good .... UIKVH01.KT t'OACll. Heal 6«°<l buy ......... IMS CUIJVKOI.I: uo.oii SKIKIN STD. .1- WASTUK io:« COACH .......... I' 1 OKI) V-8 UK LUXK .COUPE. Wtli [tuillu ... ! v-s m; nrxii" $31.1 I-OOOK i FO K T> TUDOR V-8 I>K >,UXi: : .WANTED ! ! Ball Players T - l - i Complete CAPE OUTFIT, urn, JJireClOry steam table, cash register, clec- •* ! trln drink and water cooler'.: count' ers, stools, griddles, stoves, et' Cost new over $450. Price now, $28r ash. Room 6, Bader Bldg. 26pkl Between ages a and 15 To 'See Our New Line ~of GOLDSMITH ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Shouse-Heiu-y Hdw. Go J.W.SIionse ; '.Wilson Henry Fresh RceUoot CRAP PIE 35c Up . Cigavettes, 2 pkgs. 25c HARRY BAILEY i GaS and-:'Oil" •:', -. ! State Line at the Arch' of all kinds Uniforms & equipment for base ball, handball, Softball, soccer bal tennis, track & ooxing. Best [ J rices Ikllarcl Idw, Co WE ATTEND TO ALL DETAIL Let's Talk It Over—Phone 100 E. C. P.OBINSON LUMBER CO, "MY COAL IS liLACK-r- UT I TUEAT- YOU WHITE' I Also Pay- Best Prices, for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN. Phone 107 Cleaners - Launch:} STAR CLEANERS Experienced Workers - Quality Cleaning - Courteous Service 519 W. Ash Phone 26 Marvin Suwycr, J!gr. Poultry & Eggs POULTRY WANTED We pay lilghcst market prices fo all kinds poultry. Fisher Gaincs at Gainer Grocery & Ma kct, 11 W. Main. New Bargains! Ve have some especially good bar ains In cars', .trucks and pick-up. 1 See Our's Before You. Buy! 1D3G Chevrolet IVi Ton Truck' !934 Chcvralet Sedan, Ami Other Bargains Delta implements, -Inc. 3 room Fnmlihnl Apartment, private bath, back and front, en- rances. Also bedroom. Call 12-VV. 2c k!5 Male Instruction USED BRICK. CliEap. A. K. Carler, 607 N. 5th St.. • 3p k4-:- I Vili personally interview men willing to work hard by training for oocl-pay positions in AIR CON- 'ITIONING and Rsfrigcnitton bus- •,ess. Prefer men. wILU fall- educa- in, mechanically iiiclincd, no\v nployed, willing ; to devote some •?arc time to preliminary study liowed by shop practice to bc- me installation and service cx- ;rts. Write fully, giving age, pres- it occupation. Utilities Engi- ^ering Institute, Courier News. 3 room FURNISHED APARTMENT: reasonable.- Mrs. Gesell, '717 liicka.wwrjn. I7e ktf COMFORTABLE BEDROOM, 1017 W. Walnut. Mrs, Ed Hardin. 20-ck-tJ room Furnished House, couple only. 503 N. Fifth. W. M. Hartley. 29p k2 1331 CIUIY S 1, li U SIv DAN. (iocil Tires. Motor A-l .. $ 1935 DOlXiu COUI'i;. llaillu. Only With Phone 700 ni \TIIKMl L>J Superior Coal ^Mining Co. !j:!t)5 1LI3S OI.OSMOUll.U V"' 4l; 'l- llaillu nml ':!7 license .. $"5 1W5 !,'(> It I) V-f, I'lCK-Ul' '1'lttJC'K. New Motor .'... $:!'» 11)31 fiir.VUOI.KT nj TON THUt'K i.... $300 J535 eiii:vr.()!-KT 115 TON 1.50\20 Tires ., 5313 l!i:ili CUKVIKJW.t H« 't'ON TK11CK. S2vl) Tires .... $1111) I'-.J FOKD MODIir, A 1'ICK- Lll 1 TRUCK S 85 Miiny Othcr.s To Choose From Kasy G. M. A. C. I'aynicnt I'lans 'HONK (13,'i Automotive 2 room FURNISHED apartment, retuonat'.e. 313 N. Sixllil Phone 07-J. 20-ck-lf Nicely furnished becnoom. adjoining Imlh. Modern conveniences. 818 ClKckosawba. near high school. Call C3fl alter 4:30 p. m. Gooclficli Budget Plan ' Tires - Tubes - Batteries Home, Farm and Aulo Radios BUFE JONES-TIRES The first Ainci lean-built ship to j crow the Atlantic was a pinnace built by a band of Huguenots at Port Royal, in 15GS. In It they rs- tiiriicd to France. Batleriek 2 room fulnished apartment, 807 Chickasawba. Call 1020. 30-ck-lf Coal & Wood Alabama,. Illinois, Kentucky c o A i; • Shaver-Foster' Giri Co. Phone 218 Cliickasa-wba & R. R, BATTERY SKKVICIC Call J. Ben Chine Phono 8 at Tom Jackson's LAUNDRY, rough .dry 01- nnishcd. 'Good work. Mrs.'. Mick, 010 Lake. . .' ' • ... •'' : I . 2-pk-B 24 Hour Wrecker Service Bcsf Prices Joyner Motor Safes 1 1000 HANNfi FUNERAL HOME A beautiful rind sympathetic servlcr, at, moderixte cost. Ambulance Service 1U N. 1st , I'houc 58 FOR SALE Wo Vjave a limited supply "of nice Alfalfa Seed, and price !$ attractive. Also several tohs of stoncvllle No, 4-A Option Seed one year from Ihe breeder,",we raised and ginned thcin and .itntu tested Wo hnve several hundred bushel-/ of Bcuris and Peas.; Will sell or trade for any other variety of Colton Seed or Bcnns L. R. Matthews'Gin Co. Tel. 15U-V3 Yarbrii, Ark, Collon, Cotton SccJ and Coal WR HAVE SECURED THE SEimCUS OF AM | KXl'UKlliiNCIin I RADIO,MECHANIC ! who wMI giumiHeo to reintii' youi radio to r.rbt class condition. I A Cunirilcle Line of Tubes and 1'arts - - Drat IMccs lltihliiml Tire * Hat. (Jo. Phone 476 I PERMANENT HOLDERS l-'OIl SOCIAL SKCURITY CARDS (ict one of these convciilcii liolilers on your next trll to the l.ltic. 'I'liey're Free! Just Tinii To The Left Al LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION Arkansas-Missouri Line LOW PRICES GOBB FUNERAL HOME I'hoiio 2il ilinhl Imurancc PLUMBING! fixture's, pipe, ntttngs, nil ; bath room accessories, valves, electri water .systems for farms. Watei softeners, filters or any other iter. connected with plumbing or heat ."PET!" THE' PL'UMBER ALLEY OOP f fiW, SHUCKS.' JUS' WHEIJ THIS • wyz Girriw • GOOD . STOOGES WADD/\ SHOW UP AN'QUEER T(J' Mules For Sale ' DESLTA IMPLEMEMTiS, INC. GOLDFISH MINNOWS G. C. Hawks, 300 E. Main Practically new Automatic Delco Light plant. With radio, fan xnd iron. Will sell for half price Delta. Implements, Incorporated. Seeds - Plants 'LANTING SEED FOR SALE— Pure Stoneville 4a,\5 and 58 'edigreed 4a and .5, D. and P. la and Dclfos 719. Mammotl "iro^vn and Delsta (high • oil yel ow) Spy Beans, both, shatter re- istant.' 11\K J. O. Rankin SCCL r arms, on Highway 01, Stecle, Mo. JPL COTTON SEED, PRIVATELY GINNED. J. H. SMART JR. Cotton Seed!!! DPI No. 11 BEST PKICES Blytheville Gin Co. 1OSES $1.3D dozen, prepaid. Hardy field yro\vn everbloomintj plantf Tee- descriptive folder. ROSI IURSERIES, Box 929, Tyler, Tex 25p K. 'OR SALE — 3 varieties tomato plants from finest seed. Peppers. :gg plank. Everything in flowers. 3EATONS HOME OF FLOWERS. !0fl Davis ave. 26-ck-9 : BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Custom Hatching UfARILYN HATCHERY 'H'.vy. Cl North, Blytheviiit, COTTONSEED!!! 3HOICE DPL No. U COTTON j 3EED carefully saved for our own ise. BARGAIN. Electric Gin Co. LUXORA, ARK. Wanted To Buy Wagon, team, and fanning loois from anyone .who has surplus or intends to quit farming. Will pay cash for bargain. G. G. Cnudlll, Phones 797 or 786. 27c i;3 AVE PAY CASH FOR 2XJ) HAND -FURNITURE Hubbiinl 2nd Hand Furniture Store Phone 1031 COTTON SEED—StOncvillc No. 5, grown" exclusively. 2 years from Stoneville. $GO per ton." K. B. TAYLOR I 3i5ile North Stale Lfr.c Shoe Repairing roaow •IF 'we GOT IU TIME S'GOOD THWS FOQ OOP YOU GUYS GOT HERE WHEW YOU DIO- I'D A KILLED 1 TOOTS AND HER BUDDIES l \ WNOW WMiT TO COfS. \m BY KEA SERVICE. WC. T. M. REO, U. S. PAT. OFF. N " WASH TUBBS l,Ul.U UEi.LK 1SN"I LOOKOUT BELOW. I'M A'GUNNER HEAVE 'IM. THA'5 AS GOOD A PLACE TO FISHT A& ANY. THROW mwV BACK IM J THE R.\Nfe/t= 80V5.-THE ANVIL CITY SHOE SHOP We strive to do the impossible— To Please Everybody! WM. FREEMAN & J. H. HOLT 4 Doors East of Pennev's We Pay ?6-$7.50 per ton for Scrap Iron, Radiators $1$1.50, Mctnls 3c to l2c lb., also buy hides & oW batteries ARIAN AUTO PARTS 128 E. Main. . phone 176 | II you. think. they can't be fixed, have them made like, new at the TRUE BLUE SHOE A HARNESS WE BUY !es lefafs SHOP 31G E. Main NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 121 West Main. P. A. Beatircgard In charge i Photos FREE with Each Order for Half Sole Job FRECKLES AND.HIS FRIENDS KXrBRIE.XCKD! Lost Wool & Scrap Iron, .Man's black felt, hat, size T 5-8 at. Blytlievlllo Iron & Metal Co. 'Woman's club dance. Rousli Han>, Cherry ti R. R. Phono 448 Call 917-J. 27c k3l H/STER1OUS FOOTPRIHTS- STILL. HA/E SHADYSIDE PUZZLED.,.. DID GET ' WHAT MAbE THEM? V ,.Jl\ ^ PAdTOF IT'S HERE... BUT V/HESI A PERSOM RUSIS^THE COMPLETE HEEL CX3ESM T TOUCH GROUWD.'THAT t BUT, N'OTICE THiS-.-.THESOLE/ MOV/ 'THE SHOE^' V/E'RE \ THAT MADS / GETTTIWG THESE FDCTT-S SO,VJE- FRIhfTS HAD A' V;OLE !KI THE ' ^ . M OM EVERY- ^mMMMSH ONE OF THESE J BLrnT-iS/RE OWLY RIGHT TWE HOLE IS- /RXTTPRIMTS... IDEWTtCAl-. 1 NAWDTHEy'RE -THEV MUST ./THIRTY FEET HAVE BEEN ^. APAPfT.' MADE ey HUKAH.' IJy Blosso vJJO THAT COMPLICATES THE PICTURE I fJO LIVISIQ PEKSOSl COULD POSS/BUi' HAVE A RUNNING STRIDE OF THIRTY FEET f OH,YEAH.' HAVE YOU Ex/SR. BEEW CHASED BY A' TRUANT '-'•«-

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