The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1933
Page 2
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PAGfc BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1933 Social Calendar TUESDAY'S EVENTS Senior Hl«h School P. T. A, aii- 'dltorlum, 3:30 p.m. Meeting of the Executive bo«rd Central Ward P. T. A. 3:30 p. nv, Mrs. Joe Craig's room. WEDNESDAYS EVENTS Junior High P, T. A., 3 p.m., al school. THURSD/.Y'S EVENTS The U. D. C. will meet wltli Mrs. J. W. Dader Thursday afternoon. CeopUmtnts Btidt. Mrs. H. G. Partlow was hostess to « guests 6aturd»y ilternoon tor a bridge party at the Woman'u club given especially In compliment to Mrs. W. D. McClurkln. a bride The out. of town guests were Mrs Waller Card of Wilson, wlio is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Rtloy B. Jones, and Mr. Jones, and MLss Maxine Brown, of Luxora. Toll baskets of yellow canntis and marigold converted the club room Into a "garden of yellow" and this same color was used In the tallies, the wrapping of the prizes, and the refreshments of brick cream, Individual Iced cakes,- and nuts. A set of ash trays was Mrs. Jni>ie$ B. Clark's prtie for hlgli score, Mrs. G. M. Powell, of San Antonio, Tex., won a sewing cabinet for second high, the third prize, a luncheon set, went to Mrs. T. G. Seal, ami Mrs. McClurkln was presented an Egyptian cigarette box. To Hear of Fair. Members of tl» Business and , Professional Women's club will attend a meeting tonlgtit, 7:30 o'clock, at the Goff Hotel, uiien Dr. Edna Nles and Miss Selnia Lenta will tell of the world's la::. *• i * fltdfti to Fraternity. Jimmic Lee Brook.., son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Mell Brooks, has been pledged to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Arkansas, Faycttcville, it has- been announced. Entertains at Bridge. Girls who arc leaving soon for college and a number of other friends were guests of MLss Vir- ginia'Terry Friday afternoon wlicn she entertained eight tables of bridge. A yellow and lavender motif predominated in the garden flowers, mostly asters and gladioli, which decorated the three rooms used In "Lady Lou" Scores in the Ruff SISTERMARY'S KITCHEN Old-time housewives a:ways "pu ip" plums to serve In laU? winter The pleasant tartness of plum tlcilcncles was particularly like with the heavy meals that wer (onsldcrcd necessary to coniba tin- winter's cold. Modern house »lves find that same tartness dc jigluful with roasts and fowl. All sweet varieties can bs usc< in conserves and butters. Th damson, which Is one of the oldes •nrlclles, makes a delicious chut rev sauce. Plum Chutney Two (;iiaits |ili<ms, 1 cup suga 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1- Icuspoon each of mace, allspice an cioves, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 1 lemoi 1 1-2 cups vinegar, 1 cup water. Wnsh fruit and cook in vlncga i'htl water until lender. Ri through a colander. Add suaa sp'ccs, uraled rind and juice 1'jmon and cook until as thick a cnttup. Seal in hot sterilized Ja or keep In. a covered stone croc Plum Coi^erve Vlany of County Schools Will Have Short Terms The usual thought that teachers, Luxora—T. I). Wllklns, superln- f public schools are well paid tor! Icndciil; Herbert Schwartz. Randal heir woric Is dispelled by figures | Nichols, Miss Wllmoth Tennyson, cleased by Miss Winnie Virgil, Miss Lois Hill. Mrs. John Thwcatt, "urncr, county examiner. In Mis-[Mrs. Randal Nichols, Mrs. T. D. Isslppl county Ihc overage monthly I Witklns, Miss Maxlnc Hnlslcad, Miss! alary for men is JSO and for wom- n $61. Tills Is on 11 term and not 12 month basis, no salaries bcliia 'aid during vacalioiis. These figures, along with utrer acts concerning tlic county's ichools, arc food for thosighl to Marie Wood. Rcsa—Ml«> Janlo Wade. Mrs. Eula Sprague. Clear Lake—C. S. Daggetl. Miss Mai Hatley. Clear Lake Farm—Mrs. Esther White. nose who are UitcreMcd in fduca- Gosr.ell—Miss Margaret Sliidc,. lon - MUs Katherine Kirklndail, Mrs,' W>tz. M 155 One school In the county will little Cooler, Miss Ruby Brown. Mlss Frallccs lave no free school this yi'ar, one | Hulfinan—A. L. Wavers, Mrs. A. with 12 gradcc will Dave one j L,. Beavers, Miss Velma Loflin. Ariiiorel—LJoyd Adcock. princl- B. F. Smltli, Miss Mattic Sue El*-' ley. ' '/i'. Rocky—Jess Huddles ton, Mrs ' Maggie Watkkins. Frazltr^-Block Tj'er, Miss Lee Tyir. Stlllrnan—\V. L. Cassidy, oili Rowcll. Woodruff—Miss Marie Nance: Osceola—George Deer, superintendent; Mrs. Marie Moore. Carroll Bird, Miss Roberta Currie, Miss Gladys Kstcs, Miss Agnes Ward, Mrs. J. S. McCants, Miss Marjorlc Doyle, Miss Bess Grlgsby. Mrs. John Miller. Miss Blanche Clcerc. Dlyti:evl!le—Crawford Greene, sti- licrlntendciil; Miss rtosa M. Ilai- <ly, William Dean McChnkin, MLSS Laura Basset!, George M. Hunt, Charles T. Kramer, willlc month free, sis schools will have fouf months term, nun 1 will have ! six months term. sc\vn will have S3vcn months terms. 3S will have elglu montlis terms, and 12 will have nine months of schoji. I Of the 230 teachers in the conn- | ty's public schools. excluding Bur- clettc which is not listed us this school does not open until October pal; Miss Bob Williams, Mrs. Alice Womack. Miss 1 Clarice Kennedy, Mrs. B. H. Martin. Pecan Point—Miss Eva Raney, Miss Catherine chiles. Brown—Luther Maslcrs, Miss Virginia Mayficld. New Harmony—Miss Lorine Alston. Round Lake—Mr. and Mrs. J. W. 1 and the list was not available, 57 married women are employ..'d. Iscbaugli. There arc 18 school districts j Lost Cane—F. F. Manning which have warrants registered amounting to $7,133.32. Schools of tlie county, except Burilette, and members of the faculties for this year are: Whit'.on— Marvin Crlttendcn, principal; Mis. Maltie Polsom, Mrs. Joe Dupree. Miss Annie Smith. Miss Zora Miller. Brinkley—Miss Maurine Towlos. Linny—Mrs. Anna Davidson. Millignn nidge—E. C. Bralcy. West Ridge—Mrs. Edwin Qiiinn, Mrs. Cleora Chismond. Red Line—Miss Florence Speakes, Mrs. Mrs. Peal Speakes. Ekron—Mrs. M. A. Mlddleston 1 lemon. 1 cup nut meats. ; 3 pounds granulated sugar. i Wasli plums and remove stones. Wusli orange anil lemon and cut In thin slices, discarding seeds and : cutting through rind and pulp. Put The Mae West 'or Lady Lou, as thr French call ID touch Is seen in even UK- high-styled fashions: j"^ 1 "proving "kerne^'arli'iB slow- this autumn. To accompany a linndsomc black velvet dress, Suzanne Talhot crentci some glamor- )y [0 the boiling point and simmer ous long black velvet gloves with nifTs of black ostrich around their tops. She adds a rufl of the; gently until plums are clear and black ostrich lo mufllc the throat. And the chic little black high-hat has a touch of black ostrich in tisnsparent. Add nuts and cook L/*ul~n i^jn*!,.. «u . . mtnlltop InrMIn.- Dn.iv <n».i Vint Mrs. Mfjry McClendon and Marvin Critlenden.—Thomas R. Ivy, princi- Mrs. II. K. Hargott. . pal: Miss Delia Purllc, Mrs. Lsttic Shady Grove—V. A. Murphy, Mrs Five pounds plums, 1-2 cup liot| Buncn . Mrs. Clifford LeI-'erney, Miss! V. A. Murphy. liter, 1 cup reeded raisins, 1 or-' Alice Marie Rcss. J Bryant—Miss Mildred Anderson. the sliajic of a pompom In the back. who excels In cltizcnslii|) m con- ttmilng a project started several j years ago, the paying of tuition for j a high school girl this year. t.ic| marking of unmarked graves in; cemeteries, and the appointment of l a committee of Mrs.. Woo:lson, Mrs. Green and Mrs. White to ap}war before the (ir.orum court at its next Bits oj Netis Mostly Personal entertaining. In the curd games Miss Frances Tucker won lingerie for nrat honors, Mrs, Bill Dolan received hosiery for second high arid the cut prize, a double deck of cards, went to Mrs. C. I* Litzelfelner, of Ca ruthersville,- Mo., .housegucst of Dr. and Mrs. S. P. Martin, other out of town guests Included. Mrs. John Sawyer Jr.,. of Caruthersville, Mrs duel'" D. Fred Taylor -jr., of Osceola. and Miss Maxlnc Brown, of Luxora. A chicken salad course was served with cake and iced tea. meeting asking that cm npuroprlit-.nro leaving today fov Tnllulah. La., lion be made for the county health! [ u join Mr. Smith who is employed | unit. • In September there arc two elates of special Interest lo this group. September 1(h is "Constitution Day" so Mrs. McCutchen gave a ten minutes longer. Pour into hot jbicrillzed jars and seal. Plum and Peach Conserve remaining over today for the gin- Four pounds plums, 4 pounds ners meeting. ; teaches, 1 pound seedless raisins, Mr. and Mrs. John Sawyer jr.,'5 pounds sugar, 1-2 cup peach ker- of Carutliersvllle, spent yesterday.! els, 2 cups water. In the city. ' Scald fruit and .slip of! skins. Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Rhodes, Miss! Remove stones and cook in water Lois Davis and Clyde Murphy will uitil tender. Rub through a co- leave Tuesday for eastern points! Sander. Crack enough peach Mrs. II. O. Smith and son, John, j which will include New York city • >:ones to make 1-2 cup kernels and Philadelphia. there. I I,. E. Vnnclcrfurd has gone to; St. Louts where he has accepted] R position with the Federal I Miss i. Marshall. Norman F. .loore. Miss Annie Maude McCorvey, Mrs. L. E. Old jr.. Miss Luna B. Wllhelm, Miss Martha Jean Winburn, Humor S'.eadman, Miss Velda Adcock, Miss Alice Marshall, Miss Mary Kinma Hood, Miss Mpn'- ta Hughes, Miss Hazel Sample^ James A. Puckett, Mis. Elma Ann-', strong. Mrs. R. L. Banister. Mrs. Joe Craig, Miss Sunshine Swift, Miss Mary Outlaw. Mrs. Ed liar- din. Mrs. Tony Clements. Miss Elizabeth Halstcad. Mrs. Jesse Taylor, Mrs. Herman Rimer. Miss Mary McHaiuy. Charles A. Stubbs. Mi-os Lucile Armstrong. Mrs. K. F. Fry, Miss Mary Hubler, Miss Ruth Matthews, Miss Alma Peters. Mrs. Cecil White. Mrs. j. R. Webster. < Miss Nettie Gray, Mrs. Mary Spann. Miss Sara Stroud and Roscoc Morris. Mucli of the old metal from wornput railroad cars and niuo- moblies is shipped to Japan as tcrap iron. ,-j Dell—Noble Gill, principal; Miss i Leachvllle—S. H. Kosser, princl- rtiss Etta Neal Mayram. Mrs. No- ' pal; Miss nollie Cook, Mrs. Marj itta Neal Mnyluuu, Mrs. Noble : Mitchell, Mrs. Ray Childress, Mrs. j Gill. Miss Aline Br Warrennc Brownlee. Perry—Mrs. Delia O«c. Ruth wall. Gill. Miss Aline Bradberry, Miss : L. B. Eltibbard, W. W. Cos. Miss ' Irene Walkins. Miss Mary Ellis, Le- I Roy Carter, Mrs. Luther Gibbons, i Miss Ruth Lea. | Skidway—Miss Annie I,ee David, i Carmi—Miss Hosea Burrows, Mrs. Vardeman Osborne, Mrs. Kathryn' ireen. Wilson—c. L. Bird, suiwriiiten- dent; Hudson Wren, Miss Octa Norman, Miss Virgie Rogere, Miss Clyde Baker. Pawheen—Miss Elva Hodges. Miss Omti Hodges. Miss Eatha Hodges. Half Moon—Mrs. Marvin Lane, Mrs. J. E. Johnston. Jeanette Phillips. Miss Emma Claire Hickman—Howard Games, Miss Hairston, Miss Mary Urcgson, Miss I Marguerite Perry. Rachel Berry, Miss Harton Good-1 Flat I,ake—James McGlice, Miss loc, Miss Mae Symonds, Eugene Harris, Marion Chandler. Beatrice Hnrgelt. Lone Oak—Mrs. Irene Britton, Ulk, on "Ihe CAiW.ltnUon.' Be- , , fa W l!son of Tunica. ,MLss.. oause t icy-Star Spangled Banner", lhoy Blicsl of i,| s brother. Clar- was written on September "Mrs w| ^ , , ml , [or the Russell Kiirr gave the origin of 1 , tf ' Pour boiling water over kernels Mid let stand until skins slip olf i Put through food chopper will i irJslns. Put all ingredients into ' preserving tettle and cook until Admitted to the Blytheville nos- t-i\ck. Stir to prevent burning, pltal: V. D. Brannam, Leachville; Hour into liot sterilized jars and Miss Pauline Abbott, city: dlsmlss- Shawnee—W. M. Melton, siiperln- Miss Lois Fields, Mrs. C. S. Bag- tendent; Harold S])!cer. ASiss Wil-' gelt, lodean McAdams. John Burnett. Miss Jewell Bradley, Mrs. Ralph Bowden, Miss Carrie King. Miss C. Garret!, John Keis?r, Mrs. Re- Mary Leonard, Miss Charles Jones,' gina Fere, Miss Oris Childs. Miss Mrs. Oliver Clark, Miss Mary Speck. Joyce Harrell. Mrs. Pearl Wilson, WarJell—Mrs. Mary B. Hardin, Miss Aline Bowles, Miss Sue Whip- Tomato—Mrs. Roy Willis. Kciser—W. E. Pigg. principal; E. Miss Lolla Rcok Mctton. Carson Lake Mr. and Mrs. laird. Grider—Miss Faye Stevens. ed: Mrs. H. L. Humphreys and baby, city; Dephnla Dunn, Steetc, Mo. thc national emblem before sr.e led j in the singing of it. Mrs. Farr and | Makes . . ncconlp! , Ilc y r. -. , mi ? KeS . Mrs Pau 1 I, Tipton accoinp.inied {M _,_ E Oooch of Hurlsvllle, | MoitCY for CCC Recruit b Mis Marare Mrl a M. A. Isaacs nnrt daughter, Del-1 LaundfV , r . accompanied by Mrs. ; Isaacs' ' by Miss Margaret Merrill, snug a Mrs. Proctor gave a detailed report of the recent slate convention nt Pine UlulT when the locnl group won several awnrcls and made excellent ratings in all of their In past projects undertaken year. Visitors at the meeting wore Mi.s; boro auxiliary, and Mrs. Almond Faught and Mrs. Lowell So\vle, aiso menls in Die social hour. Miss Lena Stilwcll became the bride of Mr. Frank Klnnhii; of Steelc. Mo., in a ceremony solemnized at caruthersville Saturday af- The bride wore a tailored (rock . Mr. Kimiingham nnrt hu hride arc now nt home on his farm n«nr Ltgion AoxUiMjr IUs year's First Meeting. The American Legion Auxiliary, in the first' meeting of the new year Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. M.. Washburn. had in- b stallation of officers, made plan; of Joncsboro for numerous appointive officers and had announcement of chairmen of standing committees, a re- ."".'" . port of the recent slate convcn- Kinninsham-Slllwrll. tion and a program which dealt with Americanism and the fpr Spangled Barincr. Officers t lnslal!cd n-crc: Mrs . Howard Proctor, president; Mrs. A. lernoon M. Washburn, first vice president; Mrs. p. p. Jacobs, second vice pros- Went; Mrs. R. E. Btaylock. secretary; Mrs. Nelil Reed, treasurer; Mrs. Hoyd -White, historian: Mrs. LJoyd Wise', sergeant-al-arms- Wrs _ - . " ~" *•• "*""•>, .1 (O. „„ „..*. yn-,j UH...LU O E. crlgger, chaplain; Dr. Enna pink, satin streamers. Nles. Mrs. Roland G-ecn and Mrs. W. J. Pollard, members of the executive committee. Mrs. Blayiock Slecie" is the retiring president. Mrs. Edgar Boruni was appointed parliamentarian; and chairmen of committees are: Mrs. George Hamilton, attendance; Mrs. o. W. McCutchen, Americanism: Mrs. S. S. Stcrnberg. constitution; Mrs E B. Wcodson. child welfare; Mrs. T. E. Tatc, education . of wor:d war orphans; Mrs.-'Lloyd v. \VH>- Fi- dac; Mrs. " C. J. Little, finance-: Mrs Sam Thomas, era ;1-,i.;- M rs I/mls Wilson; oold; Star molherv Mrs. Roland .Green, • lcg!sIaUve : Mrs. Neill Reed, historian; Mrs. W. J. Pollard, membership; Mrs Russe'! Fair, music; Mrs. F. p. Jacobs, national defense; Mrs. Edgai •Borum. poppy; Mrs. R. E. Bisylocic publicity; Mrs.- A. M. Washburn national bulletin and'radio- Mrs Floyd WJMte.' rehabilitation- Mrs Loy Welch, trophies and award's Mrs. j. p.. Lentl. unit activities Plans for.-activities in the im .mediate future include a boat ex curskm early.In October, the plac ing of the :yjdac magazine in th public library-.' the. awarding 'of tne^arto a glrl'in.the eighth grad Ala., arrived last nigM from HunlsviHe. Mrs. Isaacs and brother, Billy Gooch, of Hong Kong.jc.,! CUP)—Clcmlnnd Walters, for- Chiiro, will arrive tonight. Mr. umlli ncr ry of Burgin, Ky., and nowii SEQUOIA NATIONAL .PARK , , ., . Mis. Isaacs and Belty went to: 1!r ivate In Lhe "forest army" ' at lluntsvillo' several dnys ago lo vis- 1 Yucca Creek in Sequoia Park, Is it relatives and especially lo be " his enllsl- it relutives and especially lo ue, "cleaning up" during with Billy Gooch who is at home .., eil[ for a six months furlough ufter| wallers, when he enlisted in ,. . ,, - , having been in Ciilun for four; tii c Civilian Conservation Corps, Sue Davis, president sf Ihc Jones- years.. He is iircounlanl for_ the j Brought along a washing machine BREAKFAST — Sliced praohcs, circal. cream, crisp toast, grilled u'.natoes, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON — Toasted mush:com sandwiches, salad of melon ."'.id grapes, Washington cream i.ic, milk, ten. DINNER — Fried sprillu chink- .11, cream gravy, buttered pota- I'-cs. stuilcel uggplant, pmcuppie rncl tomato salad, vanilla ice cicain with cliocolate sauce, milk icJTre. National City Bunk of Hong Kong. REFRESHING RELIEF FOR CONSTIPATION For refreshing relief from constl- Miss Tommle Sherrick and Miss Minnie Belle Shaw. Shady Bend—Otis McCormick Manila—W. W. Fowler, principal; | Miss Delia Kay. Miss Ann Hout. Miss Chola Mr.-1 Promised Land- -H. L. Halsell Cormick, Miss Johnnye B. Dane-1 Mrs. May Burks. Miss Julia Reed, hower, Mis. Eva Teague. Mrs. Vera Price. Miss Lillian Shaver, Miss Carolyn Haley. Reece—Mrs. Harriett Sullivan' Number Nine—Von Mullen, Mrs '. Cassie Hargett. Daugherty—Ijehman Holt. Miss Hatcher — Hillman Ferguson Victoria Williams. Fred Smith. Mrs. E. P. Rose. Ncdena—Miss Kate. Beaver. | Etowah—Ira Watkins, Clyde Mnr Boynton—Ralph While. Mrs. In-', phy, Miss Rose Kunkell. dia Pierce, Miss Efentaeth Garner, i Caldwell—Miss Martha Sue Hoi Happy Miller. Corner—Miss Kalhryn j man. [ Blackwater—J. M. Cleveland, Mr: Guaranteed Croquignole ; WAVE'' Few Days Only $2^0 liy Appointment Only . Margaret Deen Beauty Shoppe 101 S. First Telephone JOfi Mrs. Lute Hubbavd is ill malaria fever. from Mrs. Wasliburn served refresh- ! R CU kerl Wctenkamp of Cliarles- . . . . ton, Mo., spent the weekend ru home. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Terry nnrt 5011, E. M. jr., attended the lodco at the Memphis fair yesterday. Mrs. S. S. S'.cnibcrg and snn, Harold, and James Terry arc in Memphis today far the ginnrrs meeting. and a small gasoline motor, and 1 ration, take purely vegetable Thed- opcned a laundry nt the camp. He | ford's Black-Draught. The good it dws the washing mid ironing- af- I does has made it, the most popular tcr his regular hours at forest' laxative of Its kind. And It costs ICES ttian others—only 1^ a dose. .Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Stevens and bolcman jr., went to Memphis of wood brown ribbed crepe cut i with pleats In the skirt and trim- \ f ., mcd In white folds of flat crcpo. yesterday for the rodeo and are Her shoulder corsage was of pink roses and baby breath eaiyht with ~' Catching Col< VICKS NOSE DROPS, trail building and other work. Mrs. Klnningham. who is ihc • daughter of Mrs. W. C. Stilwell and j the laic Mr. Slllwell. was a ir.rm- i utu/ A1P IM PREVENTING COLDS bcr of the ID30 Rraduallng class ! ntI! - = - — of ihc cily high school. The bridegroom, whn i.s tlw .on , I Mr. and Mrs. Will Klnnmghain f Stcele. formerly resided h"Ti-. , Return To SCHOOL ". :•.':.'':' -via- . . Greyhound Lines ' Fastest"., Shortest Safest • Cheapest Call 600 An oyster Is a father m,,. yea nd a mother the next; it is |m.^:- . c for it lo be both simultaneous- j y. HEMORRHOIDS (I'ilfbl flir- cil Milhciil the liiifr. Skin rnncer, vaiiro^cd veins, (nn- •lls removed nnii-Mir<ic,-<lly. I»KS. SIKS ana NIKS OITicc 5U .Main 1'lionc :!« the re-opening o The Mid-South Cotton Growers Association .115 South Broadway B. Vv. OLIVER, Mgr. Formerly of the Hayti Office The Answer To Your Clothes Cleaning Problems Stoddard Solvent The liij,'i'.rsi /rfidc i>f clcaninj; .solvent kiiimn i,, Hio cleaning industry is used l>y us. N'o harsh, strong rliciniciiU thai destroy the life of fabrics. IHI- a jjent'c yet positive solvent ll ;ii rumoves every dirt particle iinrl 1: a\. s ihc garment as fresh as the <hiy y nll liouglit it. fctoridard Solvent is jijiprovet! liy Hie U. S. Bureau nf Standards .... many ilniiis are not! "Stoddard Solvent Is Kind To Your Clothes" BAR NCI' NuWa Cleaners Phone 180 "Dodge Mono-Piece Steel Body SAVED OUR LIVES — says J. F. Hutchinson, Iowa Minister Ff "T WAS driving to Chicago A with my family loaUenil the World 1 , 1 ! Fair," s»ys the Rev. J. F. Hatchinson, m:nis^T of the Meihotiisi Kpiscopal Chutch in Siotm Lake, Iowa, "hui near Foti Dfrdgi, anoihcr carsuddeniy n:i Across our path, forcing us Into a Jeep Jiich. "My Dodge Six went dour, th* frubnr.kmcnt, turn- tng over several times. s-irnrV A icicphons pist. breaking it off, then landed in the ditch righisirlo up. "I feel certain that had it nni been for the steel (*triy of n^y DoJg* car, my entire family would hrw:' 6c«n killed. The Dodgo car saved UP. We came through with no serious petmBnenl injuries, miraculous as it seems"I have my dear family nil *'ith me, alive anJ pet- ling wall. My gratitude is deep and movinp." (signed} J. F. HUTCHINSON In these days of speed, you need the safety fetiur«3 Do^ge gives you! And you get these features— ptua Dodge performance. Do'dgc comfort, *nd amaiing- Do.'.gc economy —for just a few dollars mote ibsn ' the lowest priced c*r$! Compare values youiseU— ask your Dodge dealer for a "Show-Down" score card. BIG NEW DODGE " 117-11!) W. Jlain St. W, T. Barnett Auto, gales Blytheville, Arfi.

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