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The New York Age from New York, New York · Page 8

New York, New York
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Thursday, October 10, 1912
Page 8
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- I ; x 8 ufaS' tifctt :Vtilnfc :aqc :ti!tmsDAy, October io, im Y 1 ) H )l sBaatossl ai ..i.rniU N&-WS Or NF W WR .rt ! ttiima.n hair aooaa ta btoeabcrr'a. ' ' IU Klxbtt veaae. near 19th stAdv. AttaktlMi. ,Fr Mki '4aiM lisitr, rfcJcfc la Jraaj-anteed to stand eomb- pr jsrfat toTtae. n, 411 tlg-ath .vnu. Mty. 4 unt-iao. Miss Sadie M iher of Portsmouth, V. is visiting Mr. .and Mrs. Prentiss - .. Hutchinson fct .J3S.W. 64th street. H. P. Nelson of 2S1 West 95th street has returned from a two week's trip to Porto Rico. Miss Mayme Ellison, 'of Richmond, and Miss Ella Wtlcobaoh of Alexandria. Va., are the iruests et .Mrs. Herman -- Thomas, at 608 Lenox avenue... - , Charles A. McPherson. a fcrcriilikte of Clark University, has entered upon his sophomore year at, the College of nysicians and surgeons or Columbia . University. , The Lucy Laney League will render a special program at Salem M. E. Chtiroti. U3rd street,' between Lenox and Seventh avenues on Sunday after' noon at 4 o'clock. A cordial Invitation is extended to all. The Jew Amsterdam Musical Assoc! atlorr gave tts picnic and musical soiree .' at Manhattan Casino on last Monday ' evening. Two large orchestras enter tained the assemblage and supplied the music,. ror dancing., . , - "Perhaps Broadway address will Inert yeur business. Desk spaoe to 'u Apply t John 8. Montague, a roadway." Bishop Alexander Walters, president , of the' National Colored Democratic : League., left ipr Chicago last Monday on official business. The bishop will ce gone the better part of next week. E. J. Barry, the colored silhouette artist, has returned from an extensive xour wnicn cameo nun tnrougn Pennsylvania. few York and Canada. While i on his tour Mr. Barry silhouetted the Images of some of the most prominent folks of the country. i J. A. Roberts is offering special rates In automobile instruction for the winter . month. He will giv a 50 oura for . 128. Only 3 down will start you. 138 ... West 142nd street. Tel. Aycjufcon 6789. Spencer A. Huclls of 1 Washington, D. C was In the city recently on a visit to bis uncle, the Rev. M. B. Huclls, of the Baptist Temple, and his cousin EL A. Brown of 107 W. 69th street He returned home well pleased with his visit: ' -. . Rehearsals for the Utopia Neighbor- ' hood Club's Fall Mardt Gras and fancy jjresa uarnivai commenced last Mon day evening at Thomas Hall in West . 134th street . under the direction of Mrs. McCall and Mrs. Dr. Reed. Mrs. Mary Belden, of 20S West 98th street, entertained at dinner last Sun day evening in honor of Malcolm Smith, who la'engaged to her daughter Jennet The guests were Mrs. Carrie Johnson, Mr. Stalling, Miss Hattie Goodwin and Cleveland G. Allen. Ella Btowarth of Norfolk. Va-visited ner aster Mrs. Thos. Trier, at the Vic toria Apartments and was the guest of . . v nonor at inree receptions given during the past week by friends. She left Monday noon for Albany where she will spend a month with her brothers, who are in business there. . Mrs. CacxcJIa Mingo, No. 21 West 122nd street, returned to New Tork Monday evening after a two weeks' , visit in Philadelphia and Wilmington, Del. In the latter city etae was the guest of her brother, the iRev. Eugene a. jonnson. Mrs. Mingo was accom panted borne by' her mother, Mrs. W. . A. Johnson, 'who had pent the sum mer wth Jier sof la Wilmington. Dr. Robert L. Cooper. 334 W. 69th ' street, announces, beginning June 15th, 1912, his practice wiH be limit' to slectnsrysM and sun-Mr. Mia X-Rav - laboratory, on of thf most oirlt in the city, Wll be 'at the disposal of poTsisiarw. . a 'f"1"' wiu tnaa of etiwaff internal disss. 'June X3r-1 year. Lieut Walter A. Pinctiback and Charles E. Curry of Washington, D. CL, J are In New York thlm week for the world's series between the ' New York Giants and the Boston Red Sox. While her they will also register for the coming Presidential election. Mrs. T. H. Holmes had charge of the program last Sunday afternoon at the B. Y. P. U. Among those who participated were Edward D. Grant of Brooklyn, Miss Edith Bagley, W. H. Reynolds, Miss Evelina Osborne, Mme. Btrothers, Miss Alice Champion and Re. W. f. Hayes. AlpQonssj floss, after three years of army Service with the 24th Infantry, is L;k w miib a fcTIfiy While In the arm he proved to be one of the most capable soldiers in the regiment and was awarded the official "bonorabl dismissal" which Is given to soldiers wtiose conduct and character Is good. Mr. Ross was a member of Company H. Tk feBswtsf daises are taortt ta. tne' X. W. (U sititicho, 143 VasTt34 street: gfryrgraphy and trpesrritjag. ua dviwi aoejsujia;, muss mvmc V.Ue studies, rfenentaxx Earliak. aitrets training (had (id tug salad nuk-lg), plrjwfcBd eolture. Registration open. Mrs. Theodore Johns of Memphis, Tenn Is visiting Mrs.' Wilson 'Browd with a party of friends Including Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Woody and the Misses Coles, the visitor attended the barn dance gtven by Prof. Benn 4t Young's Casino last Mpnday evening and had an enjoyable time. Mrs. Johns expects to return South next Saturday, stopping on her way kome in Richmond for a week. George Ai Fleming. fter many years of efflcfcnl Service wlth the Continental Casualty Comsafiy of Chicago, has been promoted to tie nositlea ef district manager of the company, which Is one of the highest ' offices ever held ' by a colored man in the Insurance business. At his office In West 115th street Mr. Fleming has received the hearty Con gratulatlomi or ma lany friends. . St David's Ladles' Auxiliary Society held its shirt waist dance at Ebiing's Casino on Tuesday evening October 8. The New Amsterdam orchestra, under the 41 ration of Mtss M. Bropkn, furnished the music while refreshments were served by a committee. The officers responsible for the success of the occasion are Mrs. J. A. Jackson, president; Mrs. E. V. Simmons, vice-president; Miss F. White, treasurer, and Mrs. J. H. Dyett, secretary. George Dover, a resident, of New York City has been Visiting fai Vancouver, B. C, and is now . located at the Rayol Alexandria where he' is e"m ployed by the Duke of Connaught With U. Tti... I. . tr tr . ..... s utuiK wiuu vrniun. i OTnwai taKen rrom the llnlted States to Canada by the Duke on account of his ability as a chef. Mr. Dover -and Mr. Vernon request that the An ex- tfTi tti'ir -?t wlnheo to thrlr friends R. C. Holland of Kansas City, Mo., was a visitor to rne Age. - After trpehding 'the summer, at As- bury Park, B. Whithead ts tri 4ine at the same old stand, 46 Wall street wnere ne has yeen found for 'the last roriy-one years. ArrivalB .at Ten Eyck House, 335 West 36th Street: Mrs. Sarah Green, Pensacola, Fla.; Miss Corn. Lee Beck, toioxvine, . xerni. : ueorge etovei. drusr. gist, Norfolk, Va., en route to Bermuda. . Harlem's largest reception and dance hall, 31 West 138th street To let all occasions, with or Wtnout catering facilities. Apply Bright, 217 West 134th street pnone 584 3. Jlornlngslde. i . Oct 103 ' T. McClain Henderson, the dramatlo reader from Milwaukee, who gained quite a little prominence by his appearances throughout the West Is in town and will shortly be heard In con cert appearances. Miss Emily Overton. Portsmouth. Va., aistar of the well known barber, Luther Overton, returned home last Tuesday after spending seven weeks in the city with her brother. Miss Over ton was entertained by friends of her Drotnsr. . Mrs. Lizzie Cruz of No. 2 West 133rd street, In view of the success of tne supper she tendered to Misa Ethel Simms, has been requested to duplicate the sairre. After a long discussion as to the merits of her cooking and in order to decide a wager Mrs. Cruz has con-, sented to -give a spare-rib 'supper 'for ner inenas wno attended the last af. fair and set the date for next Thurs day evening. - Messrs 'Creamer .and Dougherty .have, been Appointed -the Judges lor the occasion. William H. Johnson, of Albany. N. Y the veteran politician, is In the city visiting his daughter. Mrs. S. Lee Carr. Mt west 3&tn street eH has Just returned from a visit to his sister In Philadelphia. Mr. Johnson . tailed at The Age office. Mrs. I B. Whithead has returned from Boston where she has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Pasco. Mrs. Whithead wishes to thank her many friends for their patronage dur ing the summer, which made the season very successful at' the Whithead House at Asbury Park. Last Wednesday evening a birthday party was given by Lawrence E. M. Morris in honor of his wife, Mrs. Re becca L. Morris at 142 W. 28th street The rooms were tastefully decorated after the Oriental style. Refreshments and music were elaborate. Beautiful souvenirs were given. Among thone present were Mr. and Mrs. Huggs. Mr. and Mrs. Chapelle. Mr. and Mrs. Ed- ney, the Misses Morgan, the Misses Aitkinstall, Mrs. Inniss, Mrs. Julia Smith, Miss E. Richards. Miss Jos. Blanchett. Miss C. Keaoe. Miss M. Placid, Miss C. Davis, R 8. Helms. W. W. Beckles, A. Atherton, W. Adams, E. ruewton. The barn dance at Young's Casino given by rrot J.- R. Benn on Monday night proved to be a decided novelty and the cause of much merriment The ladies arrayed in gingham aprons and Donnex while the gentlemen's heads were dressed in rooster hats made a picture which suggested country life. The hall was benefltlngly decorated with straw and old boxes: from the rafters orange tapers were swung from wnicn Aung pamoKins ana yellow corn to lend the proper reuben atmosohere. Prof. Benn, clad in the jeans, duster and straw hat of the typical farmer, supervised the erosh-darn srol.zinor-lt dance and rraL Wiggls's orchestra f ar ms he the tnusic .while the Cetk swung Uieir Mrtnets an Ml -bands -around unqi e in the noni The members and a few Iriends ( uie juuo iDiormation i.iud una tneir nrst smumic meeting at tne CHo Studio, I9i West 136th street, on Monaay v fin ing, October 7. The sneaker of the evening was Mr. Howard S. Mac Watt, Brooklyn, who spoke on the Value and unity of Spiritual and Material Civil ization.'' with ease and felicity of ex pression he spoke for more than an hour upon the tenets and brotherhood or tne uaftai reugJea. The bead ser vant or pro ph net of this religion. Ab dul Baha, a Persian, is bow visiting the United States. A committee having charge of meetings for the club has planned to have Abdul Baha to ad dress the next meeting. This meeting will be a. public one. Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stokes Mac Natt, Dr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Carter, Miss Thelma Ruth Carter, Mes-daraes M. Robinson, Marie L. Botay, Janl Cooper, Louise Washington, Lusie Bk WlMcerson, Jessie Garcia, Elisabeth N. "Sequarla, Misses Nellie TL Leftwieh, Marie L. Owls. Edward J. Braitbwalte, W. Woodruff Chlsum, Edward S. fcleander, Celester Seauaria, Leon R- Ploche, J. Anthony Mlnott Miss Aden. L. L. Price rendered moalc and rereshment were served. Mrs. Adena C. E. Mlnott is president and nganlzer of 'the club. Fred R. More, honorary president Arrivals st the Mace. ' Dr." t. W. Taylor, Boston; S. A. Gales, Boston; Miss E. Guilford, Boston; L. 'Taylor, Charleston;' Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Fisher, New KocheRe; Mr. and Mrs. Collins, Brooklyn; Wm. J. Northrop, Lagrangeville. N. Y.; Mr. ad Mrs. lto)ert Jones. Princeton; Percy Butler, Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. Franklin, PhOsdalphla; A. V. Eleger, Southampton; Mrs. M. L. r bora as. Riverhead; Mr. and Mrs. James Cooper, Long Branch; Mr. and Mrs. W. D, Taylor, Lynn, Mass.; J. H. Van Cllef. Boston. - tltrlitarian tfib fecedtion, THe committee ot grfangtments and officers of the 'Harlem Utilitarian Neighborhood Club, Mrs. Laura M. Crsver, Mrs. Lucille E. Greene and Mrs.' Lucille Xaing, tendered a reception to the members of the company who participated In the musical comedy "A Trip to Jamatu" and to the author and producer. Jesse A. Shlpp, at Cosmpijolitan Hall on last Friday evening. At 8.30 to fh strains f Men. delssohn's wedding) march the snemters headed by Mr. Shlpp' and a girl pt years marched to the dining room and were seated at the table, which was handsomely, .'decorated with re'd.rlb-bons. In the' centre of ' which" stood a vase of dahlias and green fern leaves, representing the club colors, red and green. After the table had been duly graced by Miss Bessie Perklnson. secretary, ot, the club, Mrs. Lucille E, Greene itrqse and after an elaborate speech; presented Mr. Shlpp with a purse ' containing $30 which the club presented to Mr. Shlpp as a. small token or rnolr ainnm annrarlAtmti nr h ... - - - T . . un tiring effort which caiised the artistic success of the comedy. ' ' Mr. Shipp responded In his" Usual terse wnv and conplyded by Mfmarktn tnt he 1 :i1 only , (1.- "1 tM the trouble they had caused him. Following Mr. Shlnn came the re rreshments the headlinera of which were chicken salad, ice cream and cake, which were chased around and down by claret punch. After numerous toasts and compliments the , members and friends proceeded to the parlor where dancing was enjoyed. Miss M.-Brooks lurnisntng tne music. : Organizer Wilson in ,th Esst J. Finlay Wilson: grand ortaniser .of the Elks, is Visiting the ' East In the Interest of the order and Is working nara to organiae several new lodges In this section of the country as well as resuscitate several old lodges that have been Inactive for some time. The Paul Laurence Dunbar Lodz nf Lnnr isiana uuy has taken on -new life, and arrangements are being made to revive the lodge In New Rochelle which has been out of the. ford. Grand TJttranlzer WITson alhefe his election at Dayton, has organized lodges at Johnstown, Pa, Altoona, Pa ana epringneid, U. ; Wilson snd Sulser to 8ph. On Mondav evening. October 21. of xounrotnetno, 134th Street and Park avenue, a big massmeetlng of colored voters will be held under the auspices of the National Democratic Iteagne and the United Colored Democracy of New York. Wood row Wilson. Democratic candidate for President, and William Sulzer. Democratic candidate for Governor of New York, will be the .prin cipal speaxers. The meeting promises to be the larg est. of the campaign in New York con ducted by the Negro Democrats. Bishop Alex. Walters will .preside. Admission win be-ceejudeTal bands will as sist in nlivenlng the occasion. Coon selor J. Frank Wheaton has charge of tne arrangements for the meeting. . To Giv Banquet for "Gib" Young. On Tuesday evening. October 18. the Negro citizens of New York will ten der Glbeon L. Young a banquet which will he in the nature M oracUoal dem onstration of their appreciation of Mr. loung's praiseworthy achievement in building Young's Casino, located at 134th street and Park avenue. The banquet will be given at Young's Casino. Collector Charles W. Anderson is chairman of the banquet committee and Solomon Johnson, secretary. Members of the committee: Edward E. Lee, Anthony McCarthy, Phillip A. Payton, Chas. E. Toney, Lester A. Walton, Henry Parker, J. Frank Whea ton. Kalpa . Langstea. Jobs Wm. Smith, John R. McNeeL Alex Rogers. John W. Connor. Charles E. Henry, John Morris, Richard Johnson, Samuel Corker, Jr., Archie Watklns, Cornelius Hughes, George O. Marshall. Virgil Parks, John H. Henderson, J. H. Irving, Henry 8. Creaaier, Jaans Rees Ea rope, Harry MWdleton, Jan. C. Thomas, Fred R. Moore. Gilchrist Stewart George W. Harris, Gustavus Hender son, V. W. Onley, John B. NaiL Wm H. Brown, Julius Watson. John J. Bell. Jr., Jessie A. Shlpp, Charles Fllmqre. Leroy Wilklns. John N. Glvens. John C. Jvbnson. Charles Stlnson, P. . Brown. Robert Campbell, E. G. Conlck. Ham Griffin and James L. Curtis. Old-Fashioned Country Dinner. The old-fashioned roan try dinner. given ty the Child's Welfare Club of the Lincoln Day Nursery. 202 W. 6 3rd street Wednesday evening, October 2, was much enpoyed'by the vlxty per sons who responded to the invitation. It was the winding u of the fresh air work which was so successfully carried on this summer under Mrs. Green's personal direction. Fifty-three mothers and children were given two weeks' outing at Mt. Klsco. N. Y. Many of the children stayed four and six weeks, the parents paying for all over two weeks. The vegetables, fruit and elder ased at the supper were the products of the farm. The surprise of the evening was Mme. Selika who sang a solo as a special favor, ' although feeling depressed as she had Just re ceived news of the death of her sister. The Invited guests were: E. K. Jones, fileld secretary of Association of Urban Conditions; Miss Eva Burleigh, Mrs. A. S. Reed, national organizer of club; Miss H. Maeslng. principal of Walton Kindergarten; Miss H. Emerson, headworker of the Walton Clubs; Mis Ida Morgan, director of the Stlllman House Settlement; Mrs. Wilson, district nurse; Fred R. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Martin, director of the Music School Settlement;, Mme. Selika, Instructor of voice culture. Music School Settlement; Mrs. F. Cameron, Miss M. Cameron, who has charge of the Fresh Air Farm; Miss Delia Newman, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Scales of White Plains. Officers of the club are: Mrs. John Holland, president; Mrs. Lawrence, secretary; Mrs. Cara way, treasurer; Mrs. E. E. Greene, superintendent' i r "ivn t'ATrc lr ( 11.111 111 1 L J Ivan Phillips, 78 Wllloughby street has left for Jacksonville. Fla- on a pleasure trip. Mr. and Mrs. Laula Corbln of Yonk- era, were the (wests of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Peyton of 1686a Pacific street Thry left for home Monday. Ricfcerd Johnson f 2 Lafayette avenne. who visited Norfolk, Newport News and Portsmouth, Va, has re turned to the city. While away he visited his brother Robert Brown. Miss Delia Bailey wW give a fish dinner for the benefit of the Bridge street rally at her residence, 231 Duf-fleld street Friday evening, October V. (Btw will be assisted by a commit tee of ladles. Sunday afternoon a committee . of young men beaded by Dr. Walter A. (ackaoa, met at the Lincoln Settlement Home for the purpose of forming plans for a enen's dub at the Settlement Among-those 'present war Mr. Davis, Blay, Thomas Martin McDanlels and Mr. Goodwin. The Martinique dub will give its second annual' concert for the benellt of the rally at Bridge street It will he m October 17, at the church. There will .also be an oyster supper served. A. Q. Martin, president of the club, has been able to secure some very good talent for the occasion. R. Henri Strange, the elocutionist, wlllappearv Others on the program are Madame - Daisy Taoley, Arthur H. Payne, Arlington Departs, W. A. White and Dr. L. Jv Delsarte. The Young Men's League of. Concord Church , held election of . ; officers Wednesday evening, October 2. The meeting, was called Jo order by president Vahn. After reading mlnntes.-Br. W. M.- Moss offered prayer.- Upon the conclusion Of Jrt-kTular -. liuslix sa- they proceeded to the election of offlfers. The old Bdmlniatratlon wi unanlmoiis' Iv re-elii't-d as f't1lo'i: President, Brown; secretary, C. J. D. Kemp; as sistant secretary. Alfred Nash; trea surer, W. H. Major. Faulchon Ward and W. W. Delsarte were appointed as an auaiung committee oy tne presi dent A mass meeting washeld on Friday evening, October 4, of the regular Iemo cratic uolored Association of Kings Coun ty, Weitley L. Young leader, in their head quarters. 417 Carlton avenue near Ful ton Street to-ratify the nomination of tne Honorable William Sulzer. The fol lowing -were invited eueatsT Ralnh R Langston president of the Wilson Club of greater New York, Andrew M. Rob inson chairman of the advisory board ihe meeting was addressed by the fol lowing speakers : James U Curtis. A. B. Casey, Jag. II. W. Howard. Robert N. Wodd, John J. Bell, S. H. Lark and K. s. King. r ....... tloiered rHpublioan League's deception From a social and political viewpoint all roads led to Sumner Hall last Thursday eveninr. The Kings Countv Republican Leatme. of which John H Smith is leader. -held their sixth annual reception and entertainment They were notably assisted by the Ladles' Auxiliary. There was a' good crowd and a short but good urogram was ren dered. A large number of politicians journeyed to Sumner Hall to pay their respects and those who could not come sent letters of regret Among the former were Reuben L. Haskell, leader of the 23rd Assembly District and can didate or congress, Alvah W. Sur- lingame, Charles J. Moore, candidate from the 8th and 10th senatorial districts. Letters were received from Con gressman Colder, ex-Sheriff Hobley and Chas. Murphy ec the u 0th Assem bly District ' ; The -officers of the League K are John H. ', Smith, president; Henry W. Jackson, -vice-president; Jeremiah Titus, recording secretary; Ela Parker, treasurer; Newton H. Manley, financial secretary; Chas. A. Brown, correspond ing secretary; Wm. L. Newton, auditor; Greene Graves, sergeant-at-arms; A. Lafontain. librarian; Mathew B. Rus sell, chaplain; Wm. A. Blbbins, musical director. Board of Directors: Alex. B. Wilson, chairman r Chas. A. Brown, secretary; Greene Graves, Franklin Eldrtdge. Chester A. Claiborne, R. A. Blagrove, Johnson Watklns; membership committee: R. A. Blagrove, chairman; J. Watklns. secretary; Wm. H. Jones; committee on political affairs: A. D. Peyton, chairman; Chas. H. Cur ry, secretary; Wm. H. McFariand, J. Brooks. W. H. Payne, Robert U De-- vass. Wm. H. Jones, George C. Duncan, Chas. Posey, R. H. Jones and C. Gordon. The committee for the entertainment was composed of the above with the addition of Walter H. Howard, A. Arnold. H. Boree, A. M. Graham, H. Peterson, Charles A. Stay, H. C. Glover, B. Brown, I. st George, J. J. Manley, L K. Wilson. O. C. Duncan, J. L. Sim mons and H. Hodge, Jr. The committee from the ladles' auxiliary were Mesdames J. H. Smith, Poultry Lafon-taine, G. Graves, Bell Boree, a Brown Gordon, Miss R. Manley. E. Graves. H. Powltryfl Among those who entertained were Misses Lucy A. May hew, Hattie Dyson and Francis Thompson and Nlmrod Jones. Sraskhrn V. W. a A. jist Suadny was the btrtaalng ef the V!is levtiures by 'lt . Goodwin, tbe employe efficiency expert, s)n now to Get More Pay." Tbe building was rrod-d. Tbe lecture was extremely interesting, for it was a akiltal analysis of aaraan character. Afterwards refreshments were served. Brooklyn Y. W. C. A. The Lexington Avemie Brancti of the Y. W. C. A, baa opened for its fall work and Mrs. M. C. Lawton spoke at the first fall Sunday meeting to a large audience. She spoke on "The Advancement Made by the National Association of Colored Women." She gave an in teresting account of the convention at Hampton in July and also spoke of tbe work for girls being done In New York City. A plea was made for the Home for Delinquent Colored Girls, new under consideration and a subscription was promised by the Branch. Next Sunday Herbert C. Miller wJll speak at the afternoon services. The Bible class began last Wednesday under the instruction of Miss Elizabeth Coleman, who is a graduate of Talledega College, Alabama, and at present a student in tne Secretarial Training Center ef the National Board Y. W. C. A. The English- and embroidery classes began last week with encouraging attendance. The Lord of managers of the Branch as sisted y the Carlton Avenue x. A. and the several churcnes win give Christmas market for the benefit of the Branch, pecember i, 5. 6. at Sumner Hall. JAMAICA, N. Y. Mr. and Mra. Oliver Lee, 100 B Doug las street, gave a dinner In nonor or the Rev. nd Mrs. C E. wuson, Sunday afternoon, October 7. Covers were IsJd for eight. Those present were the Rev. end Mrs. C. m. Wilson and daughter Ida. Mrs. Julia Turner, Mrs. Florence Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Lee and daughter Lizzie. At Allen A. M. b. cnuron me ecr-i.i.. won well ptteailed all day. The pastor, the Rev. Wilson occupying the pulpit. He was at his best and preached soul-stirring sermons. Miss Blanche Simmons of Catharine street, U riljr imprfrtHTig. Miss Kate Hicks visited Brooklyn Monday. Miss a Lawreno nd Jiss Bauline B. Johnson of Asnityvllle, L. I., visited Mrs. fc. J. Morant of Warwick Boulevard, and Mrs. S. White, 116 Washington street ' : u. rhan V. Wllann and daughter Ida of 1 Hackett street, will handle Th Age hereafur. 8m them for news and papers. . Miss Margaret Johnson, second Aanriiter of OuntAln and Mrs. Wm, Johnson. 124 Bogard street, Charleston, a c la mi m. Mnifant at Pratt S InStl- ..... nrnoklvn. Rhe la residing at Amltyville, L. I. ' . , v Let Your Child Uarn Bvimm. ' The ehlldren ef wblte people begin their tmalneas eareer, by selling papers snd other things, jl Let yoqr .ehlld begin bnsrneas In s small way. I can atsrt y""' dangbter ent In a profltahle baslnesa. For htrther Informetlao addrms A. R. Stewart, Toskegee Institute, Ala. pr1-tf. : . AGENTS WANTED. '.'' ,. AflentS wanted H ean furnish reli.-sbl ndortemsnt, f cr th hsndllnfl of th pictorisl production "Our Heroes of Destiny." A money 'mkieg oppor tum'v. Address C. M. B,)'. srtia Important to 8ohool Tsaohsrs. M.n- .,1 , " - wumen, earn only a small salary. I eta help them to supplement their salary by working a uvrt vniie uici w:uuvi Hours SDa on DSt- orday. Tbls rMl be regular mnlovment. For further laormatlon write in a r ' jgtewar,.jrMkege Institute. RBLI0TIOU3 NOTICES. aBIBBINIAN HA IT 1ST CHURCH. S4S- 48 West 40th St, between Tth and 8tn Boaday Serrlc--ll s. m. atad tJ(a a. uoiy . vomaiuaion every orst luMlay at 11 a. m. and 7.80 p. m. Banday Sehool 8 p. m. Suaday Morning Band uayer Weekly Prayer If eUaf Tusedays nd ' snaays ai a p. m. B. T. P. V. at 8 D. m. Thnradava HOME MIBSION BOCtnTMnd wd- aesday la each month at 8 ip. ira. far. A. C. Powell. D. IX. Pastor. maldanM. 250 W. 184th street ; phone, MorntBgalde 'ri. uome mm i V s p. 'sa. dSny hi iuuini;. iiuiu i iu I p, m. UNION tUPTTBT -CHTJRCU, M4- WEBT'i Vreaetrmg Benday 11 a. ta., 7.80 p. W 8na- W7 dvuvuj m i. ni. Weekly Meettags Taesday and FrMay. rastora ..muMaee. 910 West 63d anrett. none 100 vol i'4- lfOTHEB A. If. E. ZION CHURCH. 127 West 89th street. Rer. R. H. Bolden, Bnnday Serrlces 11.00 a. m. and T.4S n. m. nm j communion erery secona nanaay at a p. m. 8anday Moroiag Class 12.80 p. m. Sna- day Bcbool at 8 p. m. Varlck ChrUtias Eaoearor. weraiy Meetings Class Meetings erery 1 unuar ana vvranesaar snnnfL . Prayer Meeting Friday erentng. 8 BATS FREE. PTIBLIC INVITED. Rer. Bolden aan be seen every day at tne cnurcn from 11.80 to 2.80. Jull-ly MT. OUTET BAPTIST CHURCH. 1S-11 West Ud street, etwesa ta Ttb awasne. Rev. Was. t. Bares. JX D Deator. Preaching Berrtce erery Bnnday at 11 o'clock a. fa. snd 7.80 p. in. Bnnday School at 2.8 s. wa. Saadaya. B. Y. ?. 6. snsets erery Boaday st S.80 p. m. B. X. P. V. tit wry aieeta aresy Wadnas-Aay it I p. n. Tbe Weekly Trayer Meeting oa VtMay eeealng at 8 p. m. Chnrcb AM Society second Monday evening is every month. Young Men's Boclal Club every mestk a tb third Monday evening. Vsdtors ax aoade smkonM. Jaat-ly 8T. DAVID'S CHTJRCB. 184 East l0th Btreet, New .York, Dev. Edward George Clifton. D. D- Hector, 813 East lDTth Bt Bsnday Serrieea. AH ests free 11 . m. Morning Prayer, Litany and Bermena. Bnnday Bcbool 2.80 p. m., 8 p. rs. evening 1 service, A eeraua welcome to au. ST. CTTBTAN8 CHAPEL PROTESTANT EPIHCOPAt 1T7 W. 8d AT. REV. JNO. W. JOBNBON, Priest la Sunday serrlces 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Bonoajr wcooei p. aa. A CORDIAL WELCOME TO ALL. ST. JAMES' PRESBYTERIAN CBCRCH. 1ST West Hist street, bet 8U and tk svna, New Terk Oby. Rsv. VtUhiai B. Lswten. "Stated floo- ply." Prearblng'at 11 a. n. sad 8 p. m. Prayer meeting Wedneeday eveaiag at 8.18. Bnnday aeasei at t p. m. Y. P. 8. C. E 1 p. va. Ssodaya. Ooly Comsmnion test Ssnday In escb month it I p. a A CORDIAL WELCOME TO ALL. - marlA-ly ST. MARK'S METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, CSd street, near Eighth Ave New Yerk City. Pastor, sronam fiL Brooks, D. D. Rasl-denee, 814 West M atreet PreacblDr ll a. m. nt TtM p. m. Prayer Meeting frVUy evealng st ISO a4 Snaoay saerstng t 0 o'elack. Ssnday Bchesl at t p. so. tstesssi 1 sis scar at m. sl. Ttwirsaay even- ue ci coa. Epworm ,lsag ' Husdsy at S.s p. m. Jsxdor Latge m4y at 4 p. m. Classes Tuesday asd WedneaOay evenings st 8.8 asd Enaday at p. aa. Baty CwJsnranloweSeooad Bnnday evealng la eaeb saansh. WWjleaai t alL : aprXl-lr FEVER PI9TROYED HSR HAIR, Twa waSgo 1 kad fever wAics tsrft snt all my pair, f need yoar Pomade and now have die dead f bair, long wad taiek ; I ow it to your Pomade, writes Mrs. U Garrett, 8810 Dearborn St, Chicago, IlL ' Bale Kasass I 4ft M. Matrto8 remedy for bsrsb and nsrnly balr that bas beta (rvlag ssttsfastiea for vr fty yawn, rord's Royal White Skui Lottos Is a highly antiseptic nea-irrltant skin remedy. It makes ths skla white Immadtataiy npoa application. Ask yoar druggist about tbene remedies. Be sura snd get Ford's, maso-tactared by tbe Osonlsed Ox Marrow Company, Chicago, 111. wm mm.mam atv nut tASf 1II0MBM WIS? M 4sT STAY rmuTimicwaiiRxaiu ra rttvamiM turn noM wm mn uwmmmmm asm imMotmnatm.XTZt,szjnKm Vim PACKAGE . f try FORD'S RCjil YfVZTt SKIN LOTION FOR THE OMPLEXIOM. MAKES THE SKIN WHITER IMMEDIATELY UPON APPLICATION. WILL NOT IRRITATE THE MOST DELICATE SKIN. UNEXCELLED FOR ECZEMA. SALT RHEUM. PIMPLES, ROUGH SKIN AND FRECKLES. SOLO BY DRUGGISTS. IF YOUR 0RUGGIST CANNOT SUPPLY YOU, Wt WILL SEND IT TO YOU 0IMCT AT THE TOUOWING PtKB.SMlll SIZES BCmt.2MUMt SCO B0TTU. 50. THE OZONIZED OX MARROW CO. 832 LAKE 8T.DEPT. 342 CMICAGO.IU, - ACtNTS WANTED.. AN OFFERING EXCEPTIONAL- Th beautifuT PHOTO-GRAVURE of "OUR HEROES OF DESTINY" un- 1 1... i , ' . . ' !? J"2- M. . Langston, Blanch K. eruce, Paul Laurnc Dunbar- and Booker T. Wasninaton. wnlv raeanllv placed upon the market by C. M. Bat-tey, the prmir artist of th rac in Amarica. THE AGE hat secured the ntir out-put of th THIRD EDITION, and in an endeavor to sseur FIVE THOUSAND new subscribers btwn now PRACTICAL FURRIER (Years of Espcrleace G. B. NEEDLES 2297 SEVENTH AVENUE (Near 135th St.) GET YOUR FURS CUT AND LOOK THEM OVER , , Before the cold weather. Pars of all kiade repaired remedied and tlanded. GarmeBii, Male tf rder Irom oM fun ar sew Skins. PHca-ai lowatr than other. Phone Mornlot-tida 750. - tptl9-tae THE CLIO SCHC3L OF tlEKTM. SCIENCES flow located at 393 Sixth Ave, nar?4tn St .Hew York tlty InSenioo, TUE8OAYS, THURSDAYS, .SATURDAY, 11 a.m. to 5 P-. The need o th Peetrt Day is ht SUCCESS!, Socni, Financiau DoMhSTic . '- ', - 1 Ttie Clio School of Mental Soisnces Imsusbs Thui to you, ALL CAN LBARN RESULTS GUARANTEED A3S tWBST l36THr8TRKET The Studio vcemmodatas Stodeats and other guests, by the day, wec r montu. ,telernces , . ' Addre-iV ADENA C. E. niNOTT Telephone 2496 Audubon ,.M New York City TetteiMM4is aUraiaf. J. C. JOHNSOtt, frttp. Youns's Gaf e , PINE WINES LIQUORS & CIGARS imcri idii f virtu 111 Ktisie , .; . 1 126 WtSf. 135th TMCT, NEW YORK CITV Mi-3a . ARCHIE W ATKINS, M.Bif. UNDERTAKERS Telephone 2876 Harlem JAMES ,C UNDSRTAKEH I RO Viao4 I 2A4U C4aA I "W iviui uuwi Near Lenox Avenae New LADY ATTENDANT. CAUP CBAIKti ral-Itf E 1A fOTLl Of VV lwt 1 n I We Lead and Would you believe U when we tell you by coming tout in the time of your sorrows and bereavement, we will save for your family and little ones from $ 1 0 te $25 on one funeral. Read the following prices and be convinced : No. 1 Solid oak or plush casket, in any color, extension handles, plate, box, embalming:, hearse and three coaches, ferriages, shroud and irrave-all for $125.00. No. 2 Kizhlv Dclished oak or plush in colors, 6 handles, plate, box, embalming, hearse and two coaches, ferriages, snroua, grave all for $100. The above prices are funerals complete, and we guarantee satisfaction to all. Special rowpricesonshippirigtoallpoints. OLDEST COLORED ESTABLISHMENT IN HARLEM Funeral Chapel For AH Uccasta LADY IN ATTENDANCE Telepbea 3332 Hsrtsa H. Adolpli Howell UNDERTAKER AND ENEAICER 2 Wont 1 Mrd St., York l"t?T !. IT., ,- ; . VI I1TIIhs.ts sooosanci iodemte iates. ''' r Phone fJ63 Woroinf J. WESLEY LANE . ; Undertaker cc'Embalmer 112 WEST 133rd STREET Near UtX Ave. " Opan all alsht.' ftnaral Pirlor tgi Chspsl free. Lady id attendance. Prompt service Moderate rates. juo 1-Jmo s t NOTICE TO COLORED INVESTORS. "TOWERS COTTRT" KT.BRIION. N. J. Summer home ot the former wt setrera, lyrtht, aothoress and mRnapnrmui, Mrs. Ilnnle L. Cnmttilni. located the moet ezcluKlve section of tbe molt' millionaires' center. Will be leased or sold to colored peonle fir a ('""'HaMe !n"'iH-vi, enHnl or r''''i- to nave a souvenir on copy f thi photo-gravor to aaoh nw subscriber This artistio creation is asm f beauty. No horn should b wltheat on of tftaa port rait a. THE NEW YORK AGE and on of thes pertr.iu for ONE YEAR postpaid $1.76. If y0J ar a rao patriot sand your orderww This offer only holds good for 60 davt! and Decembsr st, 1912, wa ar fl0ina UNDERTAKERS Open Day, an4 M bra, THOMAS AND ElIBALUKR BRANCH ; 113 EAST 18TH STtSf York City Tel. 2682 Graxnerp ND COACHES TO LET FOR ALL rURPOTt TELEPHONE 1882 HARLEM , . 8c Company Undertakers BET Sths LENOX aves. incvv i v-rxrv Others Follow No. 8 Imitation oak or cloth cas- Iket, 6 handles, plate, top board, embalming, hearse, (two coaches, ferriages, grave -allfor$75.rj0. No. 4 Cloth casket, or imitation oak. 6 handles, embalming, top board, hearse, one coach, ferriages, grave all for R50.00. sept tfrga VpsswD Office Paoae Oowntova Office Fheet Z756Hartea S96 Many HU1 OMN ALL NSQIT MOTASY rVSLIC " TURNER & HOLi-lBS FBIERAL DIRECTORS 157 West 35th St. 7 East 13$th St. rrrlr3 . 2Stk St. Btsit requisite for the burisl of the dead. Ke-Hsele. mderte n io dt a Uadertakers. TIOS. t. MV.t I 8 HAS. t lOLMES, Prtpl act Zt-lnn, , : I eltsUet 3SJ4 CalaaiM NOTtfY PWUC ?!W.r David Brown HIGH GRADE Funsral Oireior and fmbalmer ParaphenMlla, material and fcrvicc of the but. ( FUNERAL PARLOR and CHAPEL 146 ' WEST 53rd SWET Bctwoen Mh and S venth Ateimr Mads.j Brown in attendance at Fuani a Brsnch Parlors, 413 Washington Street NEWARK. K.JV dec l' l.r Wh ff

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