The New York Age from New York, New York on September 12, 1912 · Page 3
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The New York Age from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Thursday, September 12, 1912
Page 3
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V:.-. ;:::"ir3' y. THE NEW YORK AGE, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1912. AT THE SUMMER RESORTS English House, Catskill, N. Y. cnratM at the English House : Mrs. Louise .rkr Boston; Miss Lottie Cooke. Cam-El V C Miss Ethel Boone, Providence; f r ti'llVrt Brooklyn; J. F. Poole. Mrs. Jfw. McKee. New York City. Monday evening many guests remaining . r K. Tli. ,.. f EnKllsn duu v.. .j ...... irMtalned by a hop and late supper given TL k. nmnrietresiL The table was boau- JftnUY decorated with fresh cut country lleri and green leaves. Buttonalres serv-Kr .. place cards. . Tue ladies were beau-ifrullv attired and danced even to the S, of - Home Bweet Home." The mer-Sment ended at a late hour by dancing STSld "ashloned "lrginla reel" tTho present were lr. K. E. Bawlins ..a vita, Mrs. J. B. Anderson, Mrs. Louise ' iirker Miss Anna Coleonan. Miss Emily n.trhrr Ml Anna Houghton, Miss Flo 211 Harris. Mrs. C. J. Outlaw, R. Will-umt Mrs. Walter Minns Mrs. 0. Hugglne, 2. W K. Johnston, Miss Ethel Boone, Sni F ;illert. Mrs. Anna Lane Mr. Oeo. iJne Mrs. i. Cooke, Miss L. Cooke, Miss t Young, Mrs. W. Mlmnis, Mrs. M. Eng- Utirt Sunday J. F. Toole entertained Mrs. f. Parker, Miss E. Boone and Mrs. W. Minna with an automobile tour of one bun-Jrtd and twenty-five miles through the Cats-kill Mountains. Hotel Metropolitan, Asbury Park, N. J. The proprietors of the Hotel Metropoll-t ntake this method of announcing to the mMIc that Atlantic City or any other Mroaet resort cannot boast of the distinction of being so well patronised as iibury Park. Despite the coolness of a lortlon of August the hotels and cottages fire overtaxed, especially the Hotel Metropolitan, and dsrlng Labor Day week bad to iire the assistance of other houses. The Ubor Day festivities were well patronised, it the hotel those who participated were: Ulss Frances E. Scott, Wilmington, Del. ; llr, M. cmfwyp cmfwy vbek vbgkqjxzfl Mrs! Thomas Bynunv narrison, N. J.; Mrs. M. Newman, Daniel Wealthely. New fork Cltv" Mrs. Walter Hopkins and Slighter. Mr. and Mrs. Coleman. Mt. Clair, S J ; Mrs. Sarah K. Hill, Washlnton, D C: Mrs. C. Davis, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Mls Mary E. Unchurch, Miss Louise Love, ML Clairf N. J.; J. W. Davis. Staten Is-bnd V. Y.; Miss Kosa B. Wilson, Newark ' N. J-; Mrs. Kosa T. Graves. New York City: Miss Anna Shells. Newark. N. J Mrs. Fannie Henderson, Mrs. Sara T. Russell. Brooklyn, N. Y."; W. D. Trent. Newark. N. J. , xew arrivals: N. Coleman. Washington, n'c : Mr. and Mrs. T. Wright. New York fity V. A. Pnwes, Brooklyn; Wm. H. Jones. Newark, N. J. ; Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Toune. Belmar. N. J.: Miss Rosa It. Har-rl New York City: Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Philadelphia, Pal: Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Mor-rK Boston : C. A. Davis, C. U Ball. New lork City: Miss M. E. Boyd. Newark, N.J. The sports of the season are still going on Mr. Henderson of ML Clair, Ji. J., with an' automobile party, spent the day at Asbury. The party consisted of Mrs. Braw-thaw and Miss Saunders Nutley. N. J.; Mrs. Thomas, Washington, D. C. ; Mrs. .- Avnndnle. N. J.: Mr. George F. Henderson, Henry F. Ilenderwn Mt. Clair K. J. " AMONG THECHIRCHES St. Jamas Proabvterian Church. Services at 8t James were well attended tart Sunday. The Rev. W. lu Lawton ercupled the pulpit both morning and even-bur, and presrhed two strong and eloquent sermons on 'The Amiability of The Taber-! f od" In the morning, and "The Labor Question" in the evening. Harlem A. M. E. Zion Church, : The signs of the vacation season were sot in evidence at the Rush Memorial Church last Sunday, but all the evidences of returning activity and tne rail campaign in Christian work were manifest. Urge congregations, busy workers and a general organising spirit perraded everywhere. The Rev. J. IL McMullen. the pas-pd an interesting sermon at 11 a. m.. and tbe Rev. McMoren. a native of Africa. Dreached at a D. m. - The Rev. Florence Randolph of Jersey Tity will preach at the morning and even ing services ounuay, Depieujuer Union Baptist Church. Sunday was a glorious day at our church IriiH attendance both morning and even lug to greet our pastor who has Just returned from bis vacation. He reported a splendid stay in the bills and pines of Vir- inin At II i. a. the sermon was on the "Worthy Christ." Our pastor's soul was In the message and the hearers were clec-trlfi.-d as he spoke to them. 'Suwrintendent W. H. Johnson and his rtaff of workers were at their posts or duty to Instruct the children in toe Bun day School lesson. St Cyprian's Chpei. The services at this house of worship were earnest and Inspiring. Morning prayer was said by the curate, the Ilex, t. now ' ard. after which the vicar, the Rev. J. W. Johnson. Dreached a roost helpful ser mon from the text: "If any man come after me. let him deny himself and take np his cross and follow me." At the 8 p. m. service the church was tilled. Evening prayer was said by a stu-d-nt of the l'ltne Divinity School and the riiar preached an eloquent sermon, having his theme : "The Law of Spiritual (imwth." The members of tbls congrega tion. Including Icaconess Humphreys, are returning from their vacations ana cicrgy and people are looking forward to an ag gressive year s work Salem M. E. Church, Tbe first anniversary of the Toung lion's .Bible Class was celebrated last Sunday. Thla rlasa wa. hv Rrother fieoree . W. Allen on the Second Sunday in Beptem- ! Clara V. Robinson last weeK iney re-tr. inn. wltn tnree mcn. it now has I mained over for the Women n Mission-on its roll 120 men. The anniversary ad- I ary meeting; at Bayshore, U L dreaa was delivered hv Dr. Granvlle Sutton I Thnrarlav of last week Mr. and Mrs. of the Went Coast of Africa. Mr. Tobias uinjuumi me Fpeaaer. a. a. .irffuuu mw . yoke. The solo by Amous Gaerrant of , ft Mark s and the music by the Choral , .V hev'eaT"1 ne Prgr"n" I llondnv nlcbt about one hundred of the siemlers and their friends attended tbe Mnquet. After tbe picture of tbe class had len taken and the officers had been In-tailed lij- the Rev. Collen and the charge fpn by the Rev. O. Miller, they were all nted at the table and banqueted by tbe member of the class. St. Mark's Church. The large rsthering ' morning serv-t St. Marie last F - '-'grated the srly return of the mo"" -! friends horn the various summer -" An In- tfrenfinK and Inspiring sermon was dellv-wed by the pastor. Dr. Brooks, from the txt. -Anti be not drnnk with wine, wherein l evrew : but be filled with the spirit.' r.pneslnn. !-1S. At file iTonlnir ervtr tbp Fscrsment of , te Ixird'n Snnner was administered by the j jIrg jfcnry Johnson and Mrs. Wlll-ttfM'.r. nted by the Rev. Browne. , Hleks. Hogue street, are the guests tt.;hVr;7kt. "He' kT,oerf .iams of Port Alio-to ntnto tht the choir will now cons't of tfany, Pa., spent two weeKS wun iwr. rW.i nf oftr voice!-, with solo and mmr- 1 an(j MrS- Charles Jackson, West Myr-tt. The members of the onnrtet are Mls i tie-avenue. Mlnilo Hrown. soprano : Mrs. Dslsy Tsoh-y. I Mra s jon..8 and son of Cleve- ".nr-.ito: ( tid, u itee-e, tenor: i:e. Trvlo- Imrlrnne A nrrtnl rnllei I . fjofram hv the choir and quartet will ta i is. r-stnre of the Sund.y ! Entertained in Virginia, pr ?v,-r.rin,nj- Ji"z jTOlnHI. honor of her Miss , ' , irn, iy it-i' iiiii"imt - -- Tinsli Games ev. of Vbk1i nrton. I. tJ. tiames JH .lanein, wore indulge,! in until a late , nr 'Vre In CoFum bus lust Mir. when the party at the strains of Federal btreet, werv. w gran-1 march was ushered into the 'ee T.hma r nnesome returned last ! room where the table laden with f M"flT fon? wes visit In Co-rry m,ov of the s-ason awaited week from a four weera visii in v.o ""m. Tuendav evening Mrs. Kate Hill ir honor. Friday evening, Mrs. Stew- Books by Booker T. Washington UP FROM SLAVERY la the atory of Dr. WAaMngton'i lite, told In bis own word and by flimaelf. This book baa bad and la bavins tbe largest sale of any book published within tbe last ten years, and should be In tbe home of every oolored family. Price $1.50, postage 16 cents extra. CHARACTER BUILDLN8 Is a volume that contains a series of talks on tbe building of character given by Dr. Washington on Sunday evenings at tbe regular cbaiiel services. These talks are strong and wholesome and are helpful to old as well as young people. Price $1.50, postage IS cents extra. THE 8.T0RY OF THE NEGRO Is contained in twe volumes. It tella of tnr' rise of the Negro Race Irom slavery and goea back 19 the time from Africa, In this history yeu will find many things, to the Negro's credit which other historians have left out Be sure to get these books, Price (J vola) 13.00, postage S5 cents extra. THE NEGRO IN BU8INE88, Comparatively few people realize to what extent members ofctb Negro Race are engaged la business. There are huadrda of oolord business nen and women all over the country, of whom tbe masses of our people do net bear. This book gives a detailed account of many of our most promt-nent business men as well as the business in which tney are engaged. Price $2.10, postage IS cents extra. TU8KEGEE AND ITS PEOPLE. It is very often asked what becomes of the Tuskegee graduate after It tells of the work of tbe graduates as seen at first band. Every one Interested In Tuskegee should have a copy of tbls book. Price H M, postage 15 cents extra, MY LARGER EDUCATION. Beginning where he left off In Up from Slavery. Dr. Washington frankly and freely tells of bla work during the period alnce be became the leader of hla race. This is one of Dr. Washington's lateat books, and It gives tbe history of bis work up to interesting books ever written. Price Any or all of these books may be secured by sending Post Office Money Order, covering cost and postage, to A. R. Stewart. Tusksgs be leaves school "Tuskegee and Its People" partly answers the Question. Institute, Alabama. June 13 tf. WILBERFORCE. UNIVERSITY WI LB ER FORCE UNIVERSITY will hejin iti Fall term, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th September 16th is Registration Day and all students are requested to be on the grounds promptly for that day. Tickets should be purchased to Xenia, Ohio, where University backs await trains. Resbeetiolly '. S. SCARBOROUGH. President art Jackson .entertained also in their honor. Those present were: Misses Mary E. Woodson, of Brooklyn ; Elise Tinsley, p Washington, IX C. ; Carrie Graves, of Philadelphia; Messrs. Thomas Johnson and Eugene Nelson, Washington, D. C. ; Misses Virginia Greene, Martha Johnson, Elizabeth Mitchell, Cora Thompson, Willinette S. Smith, Katie Brown, . I'earl Kyles, Mr. and -Mrs. An drew Chiles, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Ilins-ton. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. William Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. 11 ill, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Jackson, Messrs. Earle W. Harris. Robert Wilder, Wm. Spriggs, William Only, William Williams, John Wstkins and Joseph Gaines. BrIJoa film A. M F. r.hun.1. Bnndav moraine the nutnr. th Raw. C P. cole, wbo has returned from his vaca- staff under tbe late James M. Baxter, tlon. preached. 1 principal of the colored school of New- o-k1.0 ,t7.noon Sunday Rrhool was heM.l.rk. In addition to her duties she was This being tbe second Sunday the Holy amonr the nrranizem nf Philln". cv:. Communion was served. The Her. Lawtoi.,am0..?J Wf" i.b.t- Bilip s Epis- the former pastor at Mushing, preacbeo. I At tbe erenlna services the pastor filled tbe pulpit Tbe services were well attended all day. Manhattan Y. M. C. A. Notes. ' At tbe Young Mens Christian Association last Sunday E. V. Williams presented tbe first of tbe monthly sacred concerts, given t tbe Association Building, once a month during the fall and wintar. The program by Mr. Williams was one of tbe most artistic ever given at the building. Many local musicians of note participated, and despite the warm weather tbe building was crowded Several exceptionally fine numbers were rendered by tbe Atlanta University quartet, which ended its summer tour here Sunday, tinder the direction of A. . Dill. The quaint folk songs of these four young men are exceptionally fine. Young Women's Christian Association Notes. The Y. W. C. A. is making arrangements to start its evening clames tbe flrxt week in Oetolier. tireat care has been taken to stcure rrmpetent teachers and the terms have teon made cx-erdingly low in order to make it pimsihle tor our working women to take advantage of the clauses even though they are receiving small wage. Those who contemplate tnklng any evening course ulionld see tue secretary, Mixs James, rlzht sway as to terms, etc. The Sunday afternoon program are becoming more popular each Sunday. Mrs. S-idie Iluker had the management of the program laat Sunday and received many compliments for having secured the following talent: Short talk on Association work. Mr. Helen Curtis; nolo. Mine. (Jwvnn Allen ; recitation. Mrs. Lillian Forte: short address. Mrs. Sadie Itattles; piano solo. Miss Alberta Freeman; piano solo. Miss Jooephine Arnett; paper. MIks Morgan: recitation. Miss wusnie iiawes. Miss Gertrude James has the program fur next Sunday, a JAMAICA, N. Y r- anV'. M J Miller and Miss their guests Mrs. M. J. Miller ana MISS Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Jackson nad as Joseph King held the funeral of their hnhv rlrl Roth. WnO Oiea on xuesuajr, sp:embeP 3 be Horenca White. Washington "treet ha! Srned from her vacation. Rentnmin Powell of wesmampion U 1 visited his sister, Mrs. King, 49 Douglas street, last week. The Rev. Wilson will leave on his vacation Monday. YOUNGSTOWN, O. Yr.11ntrBt1.wn. O.. 'Sept. 10. Mrs. tJ R Cd' Charles Jackson remains about the n me at this writlnK. Mrs. Minnie Atkins Ringold spent two months In New. York and Cleveland. , , Hatti Casev Is able to be- around aff..r n uwk'a Illness. . f, t Sunday wltn Willis ' .,..,,, I 11,. V Fed"ral street, on ' fheir way home from aVew York trip, Miss Wilma Guyder Is tne guesi sim m i. the gu.t n johnn's the guest of Miss Cnrrle Grimes last week. w - -. u'i ,U"DU 8ktT 1857 West Fed. last week. when tbe Negro was first brought the present time. One of the moat 11.60, postage IS cents extra. Charles F. Liles, Erie street, is on the sick list. The infant son of Dr. and Mrs. C. a. Pittsford Is ill. Death of Mrs. Harriet A. Brown. Special to The New Tobk Aoa Newark, N. J., Sept. 7. After a lingering illness of over two years, Mrs. Harriet A. Borwn, widow of the late John Brown, died at tbe residence of her sister, Miss Ellen C. King, 70 Warren street, Newark, N. J., on August 31. Deceased was the widow of John Brown, who for years was a trusted county employee as city messenger, under the late Mayor Haynes. The deceased was an energetic woman and a credit to her race. tier public career began, as being among the Drat on thp nnhll akwil .amKam the first on the Dublic arhnnl toahiJ KjDUIya B""0y fccnooi lor colored uignuiBi ior mac church for years. Mrs. Brown was defendant of one of the oldest colored familes in Newark, her forebears having settled here about 150 years ago. She was interested in many charitable enterprises and a successful business woman, having dealt in real estate investments and by the provisions of ber will she has not been unmindful of her dutv to those who most needs her claim. She leaves three sisters Miss Ellen C. King, Mrs. paran r Jennings, .Mrs. Mama Still-well and several blood relatives. Interment was at Woodland Cemeterv. Among her bequests Mrs. Brown has remembered tbe Hope Day Nursery of New York City, to which she has always wu very lioerai. also inc colored r oiks Home of Newark, and St. Philip's Episcopal Church of Newark. Her funeral was attended by many representative citizens and friends of the family. The obseouies were held at St. Philip's Episcopal Church, at which the uev. Krown, pastor, and the Rev. II. C. Hishou, pastor of St. Philip's Episcopal Church. New York, officiated. Rev. E. F. Eggleston, pastor of the 13th Avenue I'resliytennn Church, offered prayers at the bier before the services were held at the church. The pallliearers were Judge Scotland, Louis A. Sears, Albert Richardson, Dr. L. A. Baxter, II. Ray DeMund, Charles Nevius. The floral tokens of esteem were many which bespoke the affectionate re-gnrd in which the deceased was held among her many friends. David A. Brown, of New York City, and Miss Anna Brown, of Newark, conducted the funeral. The deceased's three sisters and Judge J. If. Scotland have been named in the wil las her executors. MITE MISSIONARY SOCIETY (Continued from page 1.) House; Mrs. X. S. C Becke cf Balti more, corresponding secret-Mite Missionary iioc.c Mrs. Mary F. Hand-by order of her Dr. J. J. Waters ani. wards. Mrs. L. D. Lav estintr paper entitled i. Parent iiing ent v. 1. -er- rrom VVest Africa." Solos were n.aered by Mrs. Annie E. Steele, Mrs. Walter Mason, Mrs. D. K. Jackson and Miss Maud Lawrence. Mrs. Emma A. Jackson, the treasurer, 111 ner report snowed receipts ior me year were $457 and expenditures about of the best that has been held in recent years. The Society of Amityville, Mrs. Ophelia Lawrence, president, was pronounced the banner society. Not only did it keep pace for the year, though numerically small, it contribution at this meeting was one dollar more than any other church in this state. The election of officers resulted as follows: Mrs. i.lary S. Edwards, president; Mrs. b. A. Cole, Mrs. Mary Sands and Mrs. Hattie Gilliam, vice-presidents; Miss Rosa Brown, Angelina Robinson, recording secre taries; Mrs. Ophelia Lawrence, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Lucy O. Laws, treasurer; Mrs. Lydia C. Smith, organ-; Mrs. M. F. Jackson, chaplain. A Icaiurc 01 rriuay iiiuiitiiia aosiuu aa the organization oi the Alary b. Handy Society at Bayshore by Mrs. Lydia C. Smith, which in turn was presented to the branch as its new member. It was decided to hold the next quarterly convention in Brooklyn in December. The New York Woman's Mite Missionary Journal, the official organ of the society was presented in us nrst (issue Dy Airs. Lyoia y. 1 us eauor lf . SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Owing to the demand of our numerous friends and patrons we have combined with our Hair Eaporium A First-class BEAUTY PARLOR Haisdjrissing, Manicuring, Facial and Scalp Treatment. Hair Siraightening done by experts at reasonable rates. 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RLW 2 BROS. 210 West 18tb Street Employment Agency At d Rkai, iEstate Brokers Male and femele belp wanted alas working giris boi let ejust opeattf ramiihed K Boras la Tel. UIW incites ang. 22 3mo Mrs. DREW. Pio. THE WESSON PALACE 2144 5th Avenue. Near I3bt Street Roosts of every size snd description, eqnipped with shower baihs. hot and cold water codom lions and steam best tbrouithoat; conveniences and prices to suit every requirement. Fermanent or Transient. aeptS3mo ...BOWMAN'S HAIR POMADE... Is undoubtedly on of the boat hair preparations ovor manufaa tured. Ask your druggists! if they have not got it send to our addroea. Only one size, 60 cents. 8amplo and circular, 10 eta. MRS. MART CIBOWMAN, MGR. 2959 Wabash Avo, Chicago, 111. .MArirVWWWWWWWWWWWrWWV YOUR HAIR CANNOT GROW UNTIL YOU REMOVE DmNORUFP If YOUR Hair is falling out f Breaking ofl and short ' Yon want to have good bair TrjBicij-li Hair Rtsiwtf lf( Oandratt Cm 2S CMhs'tst sf Ttta IS Cssl Hamaa Hair Goods retailed at Wholesale Pricea. Prepared by Mmh, MASON 453Lenoi Ae..City jOVtjVs'sssVVVVJV " JT'rirsflsTWmjt s traiqhtgn your own hair With Ceruti's Cultivator Comb Best in the world. Will last a life time, A CaMvalerCeiTiD. Jar of African Cream and Tar Shampoo, price $2.00 Arents wanted F.S. GRANT, Mgr. Phone 2K9 Harlem ft W. 124th St. sag 15-3010 1 i . I .:x: mi

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