Fairbanks Daily News-Miner from Fairbanks, Alaska on November 24, 1951 · Page 1
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Fairbanks Daily News-Miner from Fairbanks, Alaska · Page 1

Fairbanks, Alaska
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 24, 1951
Page 1
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RUSS SAY U. S. PLANE FIRED FIRST Pennies . . . Do the wort of doHars-^when yoa invest **»m in a News-Miner Classified Adrertlsenjeiit . . . Try these "nugtty nridyets" for KESCTTS! Daily News - Miner America's Farthest North Daily Newspaper Member of The Associated Press WEATHER cioady tonighi a-m? Sunday- Tie tow tonight -5, bigh Scnday zero; Taw tift nigfit 6. high yesterday 24. The temperature at noon today S. Sunrise 8:59 a T" . sunset 2:16 p"» 'VOLUME XXIX, No. 277 FAIRBANKS, ALASKA, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1951 10* Per Copy School Bus Driver Charged With Reckless Driving Found Innocent Railroad Cuts 45 Minutes i Commissioner More Off Anchorage Trips |* Passenger, train line on the Alaska railroad's AuHoHa Uniting FairbanJxS ^nd Anchorage is being CUE another 45 min- ntes on Thursday, Colonel J. P. Johnson, general manager of trie railroad announced today. "This is the second major reduction in train times within a vear." Johnson said, "and represents a cut of two hours on the northbound ran and reo hours* and 15 tnintites' on the sotthoocncl trtp since tne strenr •wa3 started October 13. 1S47." Imprc-ved roadbed cor.ditions. replacement of TO-pcund rail wtth 115- POTntd i^ee- and oetter rCLizn^ ecjmp-* ntet;; regies the :^ter irae pcsiible, he declared. "These intprova—en'u in the territory's rs.il transport alien system are made possible 67 the reiahihta- tion progran set in ntocioc. four years age." the general ntanager stated. Ei- Changes -aster service is an integr3j ~~~*. der the rehabilitation Trori. "s-hich resulted ht strsantlined trains, trirctizn trei^hts, i^ctiem shcp Bars Can't Boost Cost of Drinks, OPS Chief Warns Wasn't illegal Mechanics Claim Thar Large Bus Couldn't Do 60 drivmr. while grade school children were aboard his bus. was found m- JUNSAU. — Following that seme bars have increased the price of drinks due to the recent excise tax. George X. ApcstoL en-; _ forcement director "or the Office of: Testerday. u. S. Connnissoner Price Stabilization, warned that; "°— ^- Stewart ren such increases may be in violation ', -°— azter ne nad taien the case un- cf ceiling trices. : ^er Advisement since Wednesday "Bars, like resta rants, are cover- ng Price =£cuis.tian 11 amtain their- food-cost ~"— ~ '—-£ hearing -c rin -cas h held. ed by 15 —d ~~~' ratios." Apostol said. "Any arbitrary increase cf 5 or 10 cents a drink is hkeiy to be in violation of ceiling prices." Apostcl pointed out, however, that if bars sho 1 *' an increase in their ia Comp£aiiii FQed ^hwa"-" p&tr 1 " 1 ! officer Fi Family Hurt When Car Hits Stalled Truck No Ljghts On the Vehicle, Petrol Report indicates Red Jel Pilots Wanted to Force Navy Aircraft Down in Siberia Soviets Answer United States Charges; State That Plane Over Their Territory, So Jets Approached, were Met by Bullets WASHINGTON, NOT; 24 — (AP)— Russia claims that the American patrol bomber "wtiicii SoTiet fighters- fired on in the Far Bast opened fire first •when the Bed fliers sought to force it to land. The American plane has been missing since the .encounser. The Hessian charge was disclosed today with publication '3>fay the sssx deparrr^ffnt of the pro- ---j pf • i test -srhicb Depcrv Foreign Minister K1ITT01* 'Andrei Grornvto handed to Ameri- UttllC-I I,..,,. rjjptasat Hugh a Camming. . : Jr_ ha Moscow, November 7. JAn? iVULC- _ . MUNSAX Korea i L-ted Nations and Conrr^'S staff ; ~_, i offices today pmpchiied hail the 145-mile cease-fire '™P across . ._ .. The :cd2: - ,_>, -j. accuser, i- ifae United. Naticcs that Soviet aircraft of car m. into A r. N. 5; itary experts hope to-complete the job tomorrow but -couldn't —FJC? The spokesman. I-ie-.it. Col. =sm- ' ard Levte, indicated that if the staff — : officers are jmahie tc mat? the er.- !an verson was thac the bomber flew over the Soviet border in the ares, of Cape Ostrovnaya. on the Sea of Japan, aboct 30 miles eaK of Vladivostok. ^^ 10^LO 3.-..— - "V^S>CiVQ£MQi£ r—r 1 .^ ?*OV. patrci report. C&seboi his wife- y» arrive in Anchorage at 3:15 p. m. On the return trip the ALTRc-Ra win hours—arriving here at S:30 p. m. A ictal oi 113 miles of new 115- pcund steel was instiled between relaying work connecting the two New Revision in the Nenana ..yards and C.5 miles pence. to be * iy may aojust tneir prices a.: the end of their period. There is recent tax increase oi 25 to 30 cents i "fifth cculd be reflected m a 5 or school bus loaded with children K a speed m excess of 6C- miles per hour. The U. £. attorney's office alleged 1 -—en -^as driving at a speec. anc lives and properry of others. The; HAPPY REUNION—Pictured above are VioLa. O'Brien riffht:. Bob complain: was filed after two high- | Basse, and Doratiiy Wrt>ber. of Pcndfeum. Ore- a. sitter of Miss "-^ patroimen n^d .a^cwed -?itch O-Erien. The pair, who srers " : -»"r two weeks in a raaote area of icr approximately three miles oa a cber ;i - in tne Anchorage termms r» Jl IM • T • : ByrO Planning Trip TQ Anfarctica AreQ ' COL-UiESUS. Ga.. Kav. 24 ,?'.— ; .-l^icther trip to Antarctica ^ planned . irj Head Adzniral Hichard S. 3yrd. . but he doesn't count on -"Firn; the e present ^c.-Id crisis . C. S. district Attorney Sverett : Hepp presented testimony that al-: leged the driver was traveling is. ex- '• ter rhotr- plj.n^ crashed, h^j jcsi aepped cf J lite XCA DC-3 oc Thants^ivii^ Eve. to be greeted by tb* sister. The rescue of the pair after beijig- m.^riTL-^ for li days in Ui* wilderness is one of die masi a.mttTTTty erents in tlie history of A!3.d;3. avttriog. — (Jim Domhn Photo) ne same ume the Alaska Railroad announced revisions in its local freight tram service. Two trams a reei. on ilonday and Fridav, -srill . polar area explorer said yester- to make the vast south rhich was discovered 5 " expeditipn scuth-Kird in : ^aveim now leave Anchorage for all points °— ^^ • north other -har. Fairbanks. Freight 1946-47. should reach the local depot by 4:30 '. 2e added he would liks to exploit p. m. on the previous day to insure '• any material resources in the 5,000,shipment. 000 sc_uare mile area. A Tuesday and Thursdav south- The 53-year-old admiral is en ac- bcund schedule is bemg maintained. :ive duty as an advisor to the de- out of Fairbanks with the same de- partment cf defense on cold weather livery rules applying. ' warfare. =D - ccnstitute s. recJdess drrrtng Three At the hearing Wednesday, pitch and three other witnesses wers csE- ed to take the stand by Warren Taylor, counsel for the defense. AH four defense witnesses said they believed the bus :o be incapable of Rescued Pair Express Thanks To All Who Searched for Them Th« Ave— I- Casebolt i Friday evenisj when the wnich they were ncingr a stalled miisary truck 23 " C JI^~ r '~ ~ ^^_J" "j. . . officers are jmahie to mat? the er.- ~?*° fighter T-lanes approached -_e car. c-/en -7 Caseoo-t.^^. .^ .^^ ^ ^^ '.^ .^^ the aircraft -5^ the intenicn of * "° ~ ~ '-* = -""* i - • cease-fire subcommittees wiH •-'"•" icrcmg the ^."pncar. pZane whicn t over. This apparently — :&*-•<: the bad violated Soviet state frontiers full truce delegations cannot ap- so '""^ on a Soviet airport," Groiriy- he buffer "^T^-^ clause before' ^ told CutnmmE. ~. . The American airpisne opened The staff officers meet in Pan- iire on them.~ the protest contm- . -5 p. m. ?ST Sauzrday). forced to open retnrri rrre, after ^TGt^sss «« &£ O6—-^ WiiiC^i. ---"^ -""- p-^'-f^- - ^LII jj^^r?& ~*~di,c the session acjaumed. off m the direccicn of the sea and disappeared." accocn: was set forth in a report from Gen. Masrhew 3. Hidijrwsy's U. X. command, delivered to C. X. Secretary General Trygve Lie at the general assembly meeting. The aim m Pans apparently was to forestall anv Russian move in the ~. X. This counrry chc no; asi •C^ j-TTV g^^lflT^ Q~ 1H5: T^'DOr^, Kot Over Siberia way asserted the plane was on ncc approach closer Judy and Janet- were •- 'tf- tc the Eir-iain hfc-pitai su-ferinz from cuts 3nd hr"^ises- Thev were net be— heved to be senc-usiy mrured. The Cocucil Plans UTS. Casebcls snd the r«o giris at the alleged =D Albert Side, a bus- driver of mere than 10 years experience and a pas- drivag tooii: place, told the court that Fitch appeared to have the bus under perfect control. Ee further la; he believed the driver net ears.rrering the lives of the in and estimated lie speed to j be approximately 45 miles per : Others TesiSy New Report Raises Total of American Prisoners Slain WASHINGTON, Nov. 24 C~".— A newly cjsclosed report from Gem Ma^hew 3. Hidgway, supreme allied fyimi^-'i^Tr'p- rr r/p^ Par Sast. ' n ^-^ | raised the possihj prisoners s!?^ by ; 8,000. Ti • Viola O'Bnen and 3ob Bouse, H-r^f* m jrairbanks after 14 days in the frigid 1 Alaska, wilderness, today expressed their ^rvr'r* so ail the people who took part in the search operations. "It is impossible for us to rhs—k. personaHy, all the persons who have tried to help- us. hi the past few weeks," House said. for Seattle- thi= ~<^~ir£ The accident forced, them to cancel their , The wreck: cccurred when the . Casebcit family car came upon the army truck, stalled cri the cizhway . and otrt of gas. Ice on the inghwsy prevented the car from stopping m ^— f to avoid the collision- A vehicle in the opposite lane sz the same . time prevented Casebcit from swerv- ins around ~^p- trucfc. ^ ^js m^nway p&trr^. st£. »es tnat • the truck, driven by ?fc. Dudley Pitts cf A battery. 450 AAA gun cattancn at ^^eison. was or* tne ; rcacway at the -r^f* of the accident : flares were Foreign Ministers Reaffirm Atlantic Pact Principles HOMS. No-. 24 -.•?•..—Five em foreign ministers today solemnly solve to win pesce through strer^th. AH said that nroscling 3tsrc-pe with defer-sive military power is their mcst ursren* objectrce- • to ^ The frre spoke at the the eighth meeting of rr^ 3 Atlantic chamber of cepiKies. They are: Premier Aande de Gasperi of ^ Italy, who is a;so foreign minister: _ Lester 3. Pearson of Canada; Ar_- ^ n ^^~^~£. thony Sdec. of 3ritaii; Paul Van Driven Off Rood TEXAS BOMBER CRASHES WACO. Nov. 24 — (AP) — A B-25 medium bomb«crashed on take-off at James Conally air force base near Waco this morning killing its three crew members. The incident occurred around 7 ajn. just after the plane had left the runway en a rouitne weather flight. It came to earth near the community of Elm Mott, just north of the field and nine miles north of Waco. CHRISTMAS TURKEYS COOKED EARLY REDWOOD FALLS. -Minn.. Nov. 24 — (AP) — Fifts- thousand pounds of turkey being prepared for the Christmas market was roasted a month early when fire destroyed the Redwood Turkey cooperative plant here last night. Loss was estimated at S100.000. The plant has been processing an average of a million pounds of turkeys a year. KAZMAIER INJURED IN LAST GAME PRINCETON. N. J.. Nov. ?4— (AP)—Dick Kamiaier, Princeton's dazzling AU-Americarr back, sustained a mild concussion in the second period against Dartmouth today and was ordered by his physician to leave the game— the last of his collegiate career. The injury came as he threw a 14-yard pass that advanced the ball within two and one-half yards of the goal to set up Princeton's first touchdown in the second period. Kazmajer was able to walk to the dressing room, but players said he could remember nothing of the game. Rather than take any chances .he was benched. During the time he was in the game he carried the ball 12 times for 47 yards and' completed sis out of 12 passes for 73 yards. OCTOBER PRICES HIGHEST YET WASHINGTON. Nov. 24—<AP>—Mounting food prices have sent living costs to a record high. The consumers price index compiled by the government's bureau of labor statistics edged to 187.4 per cent of the 1935-39 base. This figure for Oct. 15 was .4 percent above the Sept. 15 record and 10.1 per cent over pre-Korean price levels -The bureau said food price hikes, along with a 1.5 per cent boost rn rents, were main reasons for the increase. Others to testify hi behalf of the ! 1^3 r- previously accused were Bob Brtsie e.r.ii Carl j The new atrocity report was to the Tates, bus driver and mechanic re- j United/ Nations, and ccverec the spectavely. who said they knew the j period through July 20. C. Eersche!; in? search planes in the air." vehicle to - have a maximns: speed I Schooley, chief of the Pentagon' of about 50 m.p.h_ ! press section, told reporters ahout It was testified that the er-gine i ^ ''•^^ sight, in response to in- had been, overhauled and a governor cmnes. installed which limited the" bus io\ ID ' = ^ s described as saymg esict a speed of about 50 m-pi. when in i evidence of executions, obtamed j the owners cf the Stony Hirer road- fifth gear. Pitch declared he was I ^vuss- Jal ? 35, numbered aboun; 400 j house treated -js wonderfully." House ' The ^rucfc was driven off -he roadway by the force of the- colliiion but was net seriously damased- Ths Casebolis were believed to have been cut when the? were "We'd especisHv TJ^P to r'r^^y -rgj ~~ "*" tenth- rescue scuadroE. the civil ah- j -s^yy-^ & ti: patrol and its commander. Frank • cica.:e that another motorist barely 3arr, the Fan-banks Air service, gT^j i avoided a coHisi0n. -aridr the stalled the *--^ire Flyms school for keep- . ^^ck sconlv before a^ Casebcit accicenL The B «r said -*& everyone has' , to ;os cn ^ SJ S h '^ £: ^ ' . ~~e is aeiieved to nave been a coc.- «n ve.., generous tcward teem • ^^^-^ faclor ^ ^^ accidel j j ac . :xe tcerr rescue. > cording- to the highway panroi. :: Zesianc of 3e;gumt; and C€e Kraft •of Denmark. i : One after =~nrhi^- they arose at the green felt cocferen^e table m -h^ t former Jfcssoli ; "Peace." Beside the fcceizn to rt bar: jtric; orders net (jet closer than 20 rv'g; -^fS— • cirrumstances. He accused the attacked ithe American bomber! over intema- tion Trell outside of 20 -" Russian coast ^ne. from the QTTTfTKTKS Bv Ken Reynolds i-nance azid defense ^imisters o^ the ^ Atlantic treacv o^^"-'* ;?:3 TTDT- i.y _^ TO). Football Scores Tony liscoue and Hec ; driving in fourth gear which was re; ported to be a few m,p±_ slower. . Although most of Wednesday's i hearing consisted of arguments j- ccncemicg the speed of the bus, tne i ^,^ the 3.00O figure was the sum of what were described, as unconfirmed types from various sources I. and in various forms. report was apparently mace or even weeks, before Col. M. Hanley, chief of the 3th . Was Icy : section, said—on Nov. 14—chat the ony revealed that the road I ?_ecs had slaughtered, about 5.500 of ; was icy along-, the edges and some- ; thpir American prisoners and 230 : what slippery on the surface in the i other allied prisoners. | Blast Big Arsenal said. "And the Yellow Cab driver who took us from the International airport to tbe city refused to take any money for the trip." I COPEJTHAGSN. Denmark, Nov. House w-21 fly back » the wrecked j 24" ;;?%—Exploding half-Don, mines plane. WILL Sob Vanderpool. the j last night blasted the Danish navy's bush pilot who rescued Viola O'- • ArsgrgJ here" into a charred tangle i center, between the big bend and ; : Six Mile where the speeding is alieg- i He said the plane is damaged, but with a new propeller ar.d micor repairs, it may be in condition to fly back to Fairbanks. of death and wreckage. eg- _ r.j- ,y . ,. T ,, : Milton Zimmerman Named to ing m the center of the read and I ! had the vehicle in control despite! - the alleged speed or condition of the i 'road. " . i At least 16 firemen, and navy en- • listed men were killed. Others pos- j sibly were blown, into the harbor ] or still may be lying rmder the tan- j sle of concrete and meial d«bris. i Seventy-nine others were injured, j a; least 20 of them critically. j The violent chain reaction cf fire i and esplosion. which destroyed five j buildings and heavily damaged other .. Obio St . Xotre Dame 23. Icm 29. I Fordham 41, NTT 8. i Colgate 2fi, Kntgers 2L I Duke 19. North Carofiaa. T. i IllmCKs 3. Northwestern. 9. Pitt 13, Pom State T, ' South Corotota. 21, Wake Foresi 5. J^ryland 54. West VJ^inia 7. «Tth—they nse News-MJaer Want Pttrtine 21 T Indiana 13. . • regman. • Holy Cross 41, Temple 7. The Daily News-3irmer Wan: Ads Ctemsjo 34, Auburn. 9. ; are a sure way to reduce anyone's Georgia 5t Davidson 7. inventory. Just caH 2145 *-* let Wisconsiji 30, Minnesota. 6. an ad •a,!r i "- help you. Donations to Wilder Family Enable Them to Get New Start Contributions for the Wilder fam-,, new home, they will be able to use ily connn"ue to DOUT into the News- i beds, mattresses 3"H all -the things lEner office. • j that have been offered to get the Alaska Steamship Officials Due Here : SEATTLE. Nov. 24 i.-P.—N. E. Pec- ersor_ general traffic manager of Alaska Steamship Co., and G. S. IJuryea. general freight and passen- Mr. Prank Nash The Alaska road corrosion an- , engineer ncunces the appoinnnent of iliiton | engager C'. Zimmerman as district engineer. Fairbanks district, effective December 15, 1951.' Mr. Zimmerman will replace Mr. Kenneth F. Goodson who has held: that position for the pas; year since the retirement of November. 1950. -. He is a recistered civil the State of Kansas and , navy i dows. I off hi mstailauons. scattered win- hQUSe cn throughout Copenhagen, set | ^5^^ -^ ^_ of ourglar alarms and . g"sr agent, are en route to Alaska j Mr. Goodson is leaving to enter pri- the^ S.S. Baranof. which sailed ' vate wori!*with an engineering firm ; m Okinawa. member of the Kansas Engineer- i ™°cked people out of their beds as g,^ -j. broughc utensiis ,hejr pos- i into the News-iEner office and left The family con- | them before their names could be its of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wilder! ascertained. Yesterday a fat. sealed j Sarorday mg society. From 1S32 t-o 1941 Mr. Ziremer was employed by the Kansas state hishway commission, Topeka. Kansas, and in 1942 wisa the U. S. engineering department at Galveston. Tesas. During World War n he tar away as Sweden. 30 the straits. across children. j envelope came anonymously, ar.r: served as an officer in a naval construction battalion as company and Choir Rehearsals at Ladd Taere wffl.be two- very In ig^T he meetings of the Handel from Seattle j-riday. j m Okinawa. bactaHioa Peterson and Duryea will visit Mr. Zimmerman joined the A'asira company agents and shippers in i road commii-sion as assistant district j engineer firm of Fay. Spofford and | number one» ^etchikan. WrangelL Petersburg.! engineer at Fairbanks in September, i Tborndite as department engineer j The rettearsals are schfidatai tsr \ steSer after she bfcaz. J'jneau^ Anchorage. Valdez, Fair- j 1S49. Ee is a grad-oate of Kansas j at Eelson air force base. Alaska- i Monday. Nov. 26. 31 T:3» p. nu arai = SCRT ihey are ts. ^odiak. Homer, Seward. Cor-| State college. Manhasraa, Kansas.: Mrs. T-.m^^m^ ,'AdrienaE> is j Wednesday, Ndv 28 at 7-3O p m. i smsll bocse in the Fairbar-teans responded instantly | was r^med over to the family. A 510 to the needs of the family who had | check came from L-ois McGarvey i pun its savings oi tfie lasz three years j and anocher S10- from Bob Rouse. ! into their home. j Bags of kitchen utensils, dishes j First, cash came in. Ness came t -^A glasses arrived and. also a I warm clothing and coropleie one- j scarcely worn, light colored man's i Siring for the r'ni'lr'T'r -Then came I suiL AH. these were delivered lasz j dishes and pans p'nrf hocsehold < nighta- iportsni j needs- and offers of bees, bedding.} The Wikiers want everyone to pfflovs. floor ccverins sr«<- t2£ny|kDow how grateful they are. They ; cova and Sitta. They ^S=ne a mcn-- a> was associated with, the architect- i choir at Ladd. air force base chapel | things; thai coold'not be nsed. in the j are the fcrnrf cf people who want :o psy bade everyone who has dene • then: the smaEesc kmdness. They ESVB a; kncur thJs is- ncs possible and they cf : hope Ehey win Jave the opportunity : cf nasiag jak. scca fciririTiess on. se e±se. class of 1332, where he received i secretary to U. S.* r&ma Attorney It is izspcrtant Bachsfcr cf Science degree is crril ' Everett Hspp cf FsiriaEfc. 'of tis crstr'attei

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