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The New York Agei
New York, New York
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News of Greater New York MM and tHe Bronx. Mrs. W. R. Karri sh of Syracuwii.

N. mm a recent visitor In Now York. Herbert Wise of Baltimore was in New York Sunday. W. Ashbie Hawkins, lawyer, of Baltimore, was a visitor inNew York this week.

Paris Lywni of Itocheatrr, sprat a wek In New York and called at The Xna Offloe. Franklin F. Johntton of the Afro-American. Baltimore, waa In New York taut Sunday. Mrs.

Anna Johnston tuts returned from two weeka visit to Saratoga bwtaea. M. Mr. Gertrude L. WSnoRtiuia of Wat-erbury.

in Kponutiur ttae summer in New York City. Mrs. BurrnU Smith of Newport. IL, la viaitlrur Mrs. Charles Pedro, 133 West Hid street, for a few days.

Mrs. Mary Aktridire in vlsltm Kl- mira, N. the iniwl of Myrtie Mae Thorn peon. Emit Fifth stroot. TUifua Wlmherrv spent Sirmlay In Washlntrtnn.

the guest of Wm. K. Net bod, avenue, northwest. ernartas Lvnrh. Charles Murray awl Mr.

and Mrs. Charles KoWniton, all of XfiUUiDore, were In Now York this week. Mrs. Julia Broudhton. after a vtit 1o New York and Pittobursh, Is at her home, 52 Washington atrcet, BaratOKa tspraics.

Mm, M. N. Lane and adopted diuifrh-ier, lale, of Crcter-ent avvnue, Plain-llrarl. JM were week end vialtors In Eisbw York. Tho Rev.

JUurh A. waa In fTlinadekabJa laat Sunday ana prracnen eU Cberry Street Baalist Church at mfl aernoea. Mrs. Beatrice Holslein Is In Saratoga Btrtaia. N.

carimr for Mrs. bltza- Jkaath Acflclna, Warren street, who has feoan qnite souk Mrs. Maarv Omroh Terrell of Wash IraKtoo, IX aririreesed the Ntuional Coarvwmoo of rautnesa women in ses sioa in Now York. Mrs. ETta Hotoew has gone to Sara- Isojra Sunraoa for tb summer, and mpeood ber cottae at 17 Walworth atrevat.

altar speodinc the winter in Hew York. TJm erszacement of Miss Jennie i Tourer to xaitay CUvord Blackmail of Yonk, la announce! oy ner oroui-vk. Ztebert H. O. Youmr, 743 Kaat 218 lb Street, and hiaadater, Mrs.

Bessie Young 'iDr. DtaBorefa latest and graatast book, "Dark stirs the Heart uxe trumpst. Prws Zi by mail, (2.10. far sale by YoasHra Book Exchange, 136 West t36th stasst. New York.

Qimf 13 It Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Br kit house bf Hxmoor. Va.

were In the city for a few caya last week. They were enroots home from D. after a vlart with Mrs. Brickhouae'e family. Mr.

Brickhouse is encased In an extensave aTeneral merchandisina' tuainesa JANTHIA CLUB. -Invitations are new issued for their annual out wig, which will be bekf en Decoration Day, May 31, 1920, at Furs-sr, Ewncturst Park, Long Island. Those friends who fail to receive their usual invitation will kindly inform JAS. N. ANDERSON, 46 West 136th street, who will see that same is forwarded.

ACENT3 WANTED A chance to make money by selling stock in the Keystone Enterprise Corporation, I no capital stock co-operative buying and leasing of New York real aetata. Call for information and particulars, every day after 3 p. m. ask for Mr. Mann.

KEYSTONE ENTERPRISE INC, 169 Wast 131st Street, New York. A theatre party from Rlizabeth atieodjns we performance Jiippodrotne waa oomooeed Oliver itnd Miwt Mjirthn Thnm an of mteabetb, MImi Muria Thomas, Mrs. Jack Carr, and MWw ix-na Saund- Jiohnes of Nrwark; Mrs. Kllzaheth Ldttlcjohn of Mrs. J.

ln-wood flood of Mootclalr: Mhia Klixn. teth Banka of Kant Lkrainto. Miaa Ma. ria Thomas waa tho hoot at lunchxm an the aftnrnoon precedins; Uin party ax uie nonra or Jim. Hivcr, 1U47 Lm fyeOe siroet.

iisubeth. At Carnegia Hall, ea Monday evening. May 24, the St. Mark's M. E.

C4hwxb choir will appear in a wonder fui program, which will include Mm ticaaa," with full cherua of 80 voices. muim urmnu vww mt vavaiisni nus wn sotowta. Heservatiena may be had fim any member of the choir or by writing or pnonwig to b. Aldamo Jack-aon, 185 West 136th atreet. Morning- sude lfOS.

A slight increase in the prices will be asked owing to sn crease in the pries of the hsIL First tisr boxes seating 8 parsons. 113.20! second tire boxes seating 8 persons. bujwi entire parquet floor, seats 11.38; entire dress circle, entire balcony, 65 cents: war tax is included in these ariose Mar. 12 A. Manhattan Y.

W. C. A. The monthly metrlbers. meeting fs Friday evening, May 21, at 8: JO.

Miss Paabyian, a native Armenian, will speak on 'The Near East." On Sunday May 23, at 4 p. m. Mme. Walker's Memorial will be observed by the Walker Agents Association, at which time the tablet over the drinliing fountain, which was donated by the Walker Agents Association in memory of this great woman, will be unveiled. The A.

Rogers, director bf Colored Work. New York City Mis sions, will be the speaker at vesper services on Sunday, May M), at 4 p. m. Mrs. Earl Day Saxlon and Miss Josephine V.

Pin yon represented the Association at the annual meeting of Ihc Woodcraft League of America at the home of Ernest Thompson Scaton near Greenwich, Conn. The Girls' Work Department is ex Pccting to present the Y. W. A Pageant "Every Girl" on the evening ot May at the Negro Wcllarc tx poMtion. Visitors during the week Mrs.

Fliz abeth Perry, New Bedford, Mrs. M. A. Dalton, New York; Mrs. Sarah t.

Harper, New Bedford. Mrs M. Mann, Newark, N. J. Mrs.

Ora Erewn Stokes, Richmond; Mrs, Eliza beth Hall, New York; Mrs. Annie E. Yoong. Providence: Franklin Babb, Chicago; Geo. V.

Haley, Atlantic City; Miss A. G. Donr, New York Mrs. Alyne B. Ward, Mrs.

Lucille Yel dell, Walter, Brown, New York; Mrs Annie Smith. The Nurses' Drive. In the interest of the Drive now being conducted by the nurses for the purpose of securing the Nurses' Association Club House, a lecture will be given on Saturday, May 22, in the W. C. A.

auditorium at 179 West 137th street, by Miss Agnes Ward, general superintendent of nurses at Blackwell's Island. Her snbject will be "Africa." Mrs. Adah B. Thorns, president, and Miss Ruth L. Sellers, secretary, announce that the program will begin at 7:30 o'clock sharp, tickets being 25 cents, tcreoptioon views will te shown in.

connection with the lecture. i Thorn- PARENTS' ASSN. HOLDS AT P. S. 119 A large and enthusiastic audience filled the auditorium at P.

S. 119, 133rd street, near 8th avenue, on Thursday evening. May 13, the occasion being a public meeting by the Parents' Association of that school of which Fred. R. Moore is the chairman.

A splendid program for the meeting had been arranged by a committee composed of Mrs. Hallie B. Craigwell, Miss Vashti Maxwell, Mrs. H. A.

Tuppcr. principal, and Mrs. G. K. McDougald.

The children were beautiully dressed in white and rendered the following program, under direction of Miss Chalmers and associate teachers: 1. Song, "Madrigal of May" by 8B; Spring dance by 8B; relay race by Iff). ft 11 I AT I Jv 1 5B; Recitation. "The by Miss Mary Lewis, 4A; 4. Dance.

"Scl-inger's Kound" by SA S. Song, "Mammy O' Mine." by Willetta Garner, 4B; 6. Dance, "Oranges and Lemons," by 6R; 7. Song, "Mighty lak a rose," by SB; Selected Patriotic quotations: 'Salute to Seniors; 9. Rounds a.

The Rose; b. Spring by 6A 10. Dance, Bohemian by bA; 11. Dance, "Happy Couple," schottische. by 8B.

12. Piano solo by Kugene Martin: 1.1. Presentation of Medal for prize essay to Miss dertrudc Barbes: 14. Flag Poem by Seniors; IS. Dances.

"Tarcntella" by 8A; 16. Dance, "Moment lyrmue' by 8B; 17. Song. "Oh Promise me" by 8B; 18. Violin solo, by Miss Gertrude Martin, Short talks were made by several of the visitors, amone the number being Assemblyman John Hawkins.

Alder man has. It. Roberts and Dr. J. Gard per Smith, who spoke of their interest in the schools and pledged their cooperation at all times to the teachers, parents and children.

Fred. R. Moore, chairman ol the Association, appealed to the Barents for their cooperation and emphasized the work they could do and the interest they should have in the scliool. Asked for their help with the children and to assist deserving children by creating a tuna tor the providiug of such things as are neerird but not provided by the Board of Education. The Parents' Association holds regular monthly meet ings and all interested are asked to join.

Manhattan Y. M. C. A. The Rev.

E. G. Clifton, rector of St. David's P. E.

Church. The Bronx, de livered an excellent address at the mn. i no rial for deceased members of the Pullman Porters Association held Sun day afternoon. The Rush Memorial quartet. Mme.

Daisy Jefferson and Chas. u. foster gave musical numbers. This was the last of three big Sunday meef ings under Physical Department. IJr.

Lieorge Kice Henev will be the speaker for the Educational Drnartment on Sunday, May 23. Dr. Heney is sec retary tor education of the American Baptist Home Mission Society. Penman Lovinggood, tenor, will sing. for June, July and August a snecial membership rate of $3 has been fixed carrying full privileges.

A physical exhibition was put on by fhe Boys' Department on Thursday night of last week Director Ander son left Tuesday for Black Mountain, N.C where a conference of bovs workers is being held. SgffflS HE OBWB First Emmanuel Church. i ne rirst unmanucl uiurch was crowded at both services last Sunday. At the 11 o'clock services Pastor Bolden preached a forcrful and thoughtful ser mon Irom ht. Matthew 6: 13.

Pastor Bolden served Holy Communion assisted by Rev. Aceoe and Hogans. The choir rendered the anthem "There is a safe and secret S. K. Juliet soloist Sunday School was largely attended.

Supt. Hogans was conducting the opening exercises and review of the lesson. A few minutes were given to the practice of music for Childrens Day. The members of the Bahai movement will hold a meeting at 3. 30 p.

m. Sunday afternoon May 23. Mrs. Hajjtic Caldwell presented a splendid program at the meeting of fhe Literary Society at 4.30 p. m.

as follows. liano solo, Mrs. Jackson; vocal solo, Mrs. W. Nichols; reading, Mrs.

S. Murdock: solo Kcv. Bolden; solo, Miss P. Jackson solo, Rudolph Grant s'lo Myers: readiucL Mrs. jN.

Johnson; vocal solo. Mrs. Askew; solo Mr. Nichols; whistler Alonro Williams, closing remarks, ipastor Bolden. Sylvester Caldwell was master of ceremonies.

At the 8 o'clock service Rev. James T. Simpson was the speaker. Mrs. Julia Lights rendered a solo entitled "h'end down thy blessings" The Holy Communion was served Rev Smith and Hogans assisting in the services.

One young woman joined the church. Dinner was srrved during tlie day by members of the Manse Board. Notwithstanding the rain on last Friday evening the church was crowded to witness the entertainment given by TELEPHONE AUDUBON 404 BOOKER WASHINGTON SANITARIUM FOR MEDICAL. SURGICAL, OBSTETRICAL CASES YOUR OWN PHYSICIAN COLORED GRADUATE NURSES IN ATTENDANCE 2366 SEVENTH AVENUE NEW YORK CITY May 6mm. -THE NEW YORK AGE, SATURDAY, MAY 22, 1920 (lie vountrer members of the church, A drama in four acts entitled "Farm wil be given at the church Friday night, May 21, under auspices of the L.

L. H. Society. St James Church. The congregations were large and enthusiastic at St James I'resliyterian (Jiurch last Sunday.

Unusual interest was shown bv the teaHrrs and workers of the Farewell Unit Movrment. Large numbers of members and visitors re mained at the church most of the day for oonfenences relative to the jLlmt Drive. Dinner wkas served by Unit No. 18. Dr.

A. H. McKmney preached at the morning service and the pastor preached at night Five persons joined the church. Large audiences attended the nconcerts on Monday and Tuesday nights. Ur.

and Mrs. flyuer left Oty Wednesday night to attend the general assembly at Philadelphia. Mrs. Hyder. presidcut of the Women's Missionary Society of St James, will represent the society in the Women's Missionary Council which meets in Calvary Presbyterian Church.

The pastor will speak next Sunday morning on the subject "The Key Note of Presbyterianism." At night, he will preach the annual sermon to the Golden Circle Lodge. Abyssinian Baptist Church. The Rev. Chas. S.

Morris, former pastor of the church, preached at 11 a. on "God's Program" as outlined in the book of Revelation, and the Rev. A. Clayton Powell delivered the annual sermon at 8 p. m.

to the Guardian Angel Council of the Independent Order of At. Luke. Mrs. Annahelle acted as mistress of ceremonies. In addition to the music rendered by the choir, the juvenile Council sang "The Star Spangl ed Banner." Three persons united with the church and the offering for the day amounted to $775.

60. The eongrrga tion donated $3075 to the Bovdtoo In stitule, of which Dr. Morris is the principal. The pastor will baptize next Sunday mornsag and deliver the annual sermon in the evening lo the Thadcus Stevens fost, j. A.

K. Onion Baptist Church. On Monday evening the Baptist Young Peoples" Union had a very interesting program. On Tuesday evening the debate on Moses and Joshua, as to who was the greatest between Revs. Joseph ana uadson and IJeacons Johnson and Paschal was full of pep.

but the deacons won the debate in both instances. On Thursday evening the Grccorv Hayes literary society held their usual meeting. At 11 a. m. Sunday morning the oar tor made abrief statement concerning his trip to the Virginia Baptist State Convention at Stuanton.

Va. Mrs. Sims accompanied him. They visited Cumber land and Lbarlottevtlle. At 2 p.

m. the Sunday School turner Supt. W. H. Johnson was out in full.

The teachers had charm of their m. pective classes. Our oastor nrearhed a usual at the Metropolitan Baptist Church, kcv. w. w.

tfrown. pastor, in their coramnuion service. At tne o. V. p.

u. President Llovd waa back in chanre af ter a flying trip to North Carolina be cause of the death of his mother. At the evening services the church wn crowded as usual and the pastor preached irom ine supjet, -ine blumng Light, Day's ofleruig. $492.45. Salem Church and Lyceum.

At Salem M. E. Church Sunday morning tne Kev. a. w.

Hatch etar ot Anderson, S. C. preached in the main auditorium and the Rev. I. B.

Coleman delivered a sermon in the kcturc room to tne over flow meeting. Ten persons joined the church. Rev. Coleman filled the pulpit at night The choir undrr Kndolph Grant, director, rendered excellent rousiQ at both serviced The Sunday School and men's Bible class were largely attended. Twenty-five men of tlie Bible classes discussed the les son.

1 ne hporwith League rendered an entertaining program at 6:30 p. m. At the Lyceum Thursday night May the N. A. A.

P. Sextet Last Sun-monthly meeting. The speakers were Mr. Atwell of the Interchurch World Movement, Roosevelt Brown, who has just escaped a long term for the accidental killing of a man and was freed by the firm of Finch FWJi ihrnnoh the association, and Dr. S.

W. Batchelar ol Anderson, h. who escaped from a mob in that city. Special mnsie by the M. A.

A. C. P. Sextet Last Sun day at 4 p. m.

the Rainbow quartet rendered an excelent musical program at the Lyceum Sunday May 23, the Rev. Hugh A. Rogers of New York Citv mission will preach, at 11 a. m. Miss May E.

Taylor at 7.45 n. m. The Lvreum will hnl.l a public platform meeting in the interest oi uie race. Kev. A- Cullen and F.

I. Handy left for general conference last Thursday. Kendall Memorial Church. Woman's day was celebrated at the Rendall Church. At the morning service Mrs.

A. P. Camphor, wife of tlie late BUhop Camphor, delivered a ser mon on the vastness of Africa Und Lilieria with two millions of oaean wor shippers of stone and wooden images. A collection of $16 was taken up and wil be given for the new dispensary being formed at Monrovia, Liberia. Miss Catherine Johnson, an overseas secretary, presided at the evening service.

Her topic was, "Why Christianity i I a 6, INVEST IN THE J. D. WOOD Inc. Why not take advantage of the opportunities before our -stock advances from $10 per share to $15 per share. Do you want to better your housing conditions, if so INVEST IN J.

B. WOOD Inc. We have proven -what can be done by the combination ot brain and capital. You do not, have to take our word for it, you can call to the office and we will present facta to you, J. B.

WOOD Inc. 2209 Seventh Ave. TeL Morning 7726 is a failure among Christian Nations." Dcauuiui music was renncrca oy tne ciioir, rour meniDcrs jouica. Walker Memorial Church. At the Walker Memorial Baptist D.

John A. Wlutted, pastor ot the Peiuv Mi'morial Baptist Chorch, Philadelphia, been orcaching. Sunday Dr. Wlutted has preached four times at Walker Memorial, and then look train Philadelphia, where he served his own church at night There were fifty-six conversions in the Sunday services. all of whom are candidates for baptism.

There were six oilier additions Sunday. The week totaled about seventy or more accessions. At night the Rev. I. D.

Bushnell preached to an- over6owing crowd, and there, were several additions. Com-m union was served to a crowded house. Bdward J. Morgan, 837 Myrtle eve nue, spent last Sunday In Baltimore. Mr.

and Mm. AnJithald Mills, for merly of riyraouse, ff. are now liv ins in Brooklyn. Mrs. Jamea A.

Sheldon, who spent the winter in Overhrook, has rono to Maine Kails, N. for the summer '11m Rev. Edward W. Oantt, has started the Brooklyn mission C. M.

Churoh and tu holding- sarvloca at At lantlc and Waverly avenues on sun ilnj-s at II a. m. and P. with Hun day Hchool at S.30 p. m.

and Knworlh ueacuo at 7 d. m. An interesting lea- turn of the Iwn rtrnnon MAf-vlrMl is the showing of saorcd pictures In con nec.Uun with tho IrHsnne and topics. (Ian It la a graduate of Paine College, Aug-usta, ua. DR.

H. H. PROCTOR TO BE INSTALLED ON MAY 23 A little more than four months ago Dr. Henry Hugh Proctor left Ihe First Congregational Church of Atlanta, of which he had been the pastor for twenty bve years, to accept the pastorship Nacarenc Congregational Church, In accepting the charge at Nazarene he gave up one of the most beautiful churches in the Sonth. Since his coming the capacity of the hhurch has been taxed to its utmost During his short incumbency 190 new members have been taken into the church and the Sunday offering Which averaged about $15 before his coming reached its high water mark on Sunday last, when the collection amounted to SZ30.6S.

The installation services of the pastor will occur on Sunday, May 23. The examination will be held at 4 o'clock in Ihe afternoon, and at 5 o'clock Dr. New ell Dwiaht Hillis will deliver an ad dress on "The Contribution of Henry ward ueecher to the tile ot the Araer i can Negro. The formal installation service will be at 8 o'clock that evening. The instal lation sermon will be delivered by Dr, Nehemiah Boynton.

Other participants are to be Dr. A. P. Miller, Dr. Robert Wheeler, the Kev.

Dr. Lincoln, Dr. S. Parkts Cad man, Dr.Hugunet and Dr W. S.

Holder. Dr. Jesse E. Moorland will preach fhe preparatory installation sermon Sun. day morning at clock.

LINCOLN SETTLEMENT HEAD WORKER RESIGNS At the last meeting of the board of directors of Lincoln Settlement 105 Fleet place, held Tuesday, May 11, Dr, V. Morton -J bead worker, ten dcred her resignation, the same to take effect as soon as successor can be se cured to take up The work'. Dr. Mor ton-Jones has been head. worker of the bctUeraent for nearly six years and has rough! it up to a state of splendid el liciency and usefulness.

She will take a period of rest, after which she plans to resume the practice of mediane. confining her activity to office practice only, and specializing irt the treatment of women and children. One of the many welfare movements with which Dr. Morton-Jones is connected is the Colored Big Sister Club, At its regular meeting on Friday, May 14, this club prepared a letter to be sent to Dr. Morton-Jones, giving expression to the appreciation felt by its members or ner, not oniy as a socui worker out as an individual.

Brooklyn. Y. M. C. A.

A nuviimr for men ill the form of Great Membership Assembly was held at thr Carlton Avenue Branch. The anniversary address was delivered by Unlwn hrntz. secretary oi mc in ternational Committee of tlie Y. M. C.

A. A line musical program was rendered by the Tuskegee institute Uumtet. Charles Winter Wood, eastern representative of Tusfeegce, rendered several selections in dialect. The branch secretary read report showing the finances DEAD McKtNWvy. Miss Pbylistina 22 years of age, and a recent graduate of Lincoln Hospital, passed away May 3, 1920.

Funeral services were held Wednesday, May 5, thereby enabling many friends to attend, also ner ua She was laid to rest in Green- n.wl Long Island, on May The family wishes to thank their many friends for the kindness extended during their sad bereavement and for the many lloral towns. DUIVAl. MUHT1NGS Unitid Houm oi IVyct. for Silvition ol Souti. liv nialit.

All thin are rndy. Come to tlie Fcul. Come whrr the bloojl cms elranas. 1J5 W. UJnd MOSES AM.fc.V, l'or.

TO LET. TO LKT Ntlr luroithd room Only M-, pre life vtruu netd aw'lr. Audubon tit. Mir FOK RKNT during Summer ritufieM in the ershiir. lTive "onie furnished, ill moileni improetnem.

tat inrlirui.rf wnle W. 11. BUlo, 97 tole Ave, VuiifaeM. mar i2 WITH WF-ST I llav' nh kitchenette privilege lor lody or couple. Fnulxd.

Referent eschmsed. Altei p. m. Pfeooe. Aud.

S5JO. WANTED IN BROOKLYN or 4 rantra, convenient is rr. line. KARLV, co Sinn, 317 W. Street.

N. Y. imii mm, and we of kitchen fnr rent. Wert 144 Lb Apt. a.

Cell eetnees I tni p. si phons Mornincsids 9350 MRS 0. EDWARD SMITH PUBLIC TYPIST 246 West 136th St. New York Xcs BROOKLYN and activities of tlie branch during the past year. E.

H. Wilson, chairman of the branch, presided. The regular monthly meeting, wrhich it held at the Carlton avenue branch on the fourth Sunday of every month, will he held Sunday afternoon, May 23. The Musergia Quartet, with Wesley Howard, violinist, and oilier ioim. will entertain.

The Carlton orchestra will render two selections. The baseball team of the Carlton av enue Branch, presided bolder of the Brooklyn Y. M. A. Leasue champion.

ship will" open their season Saturday afternoon. May 22, with the Central Strollers as their opponents. The same will be played at the Frospect 1'arlc parade grounds on diamond No. 19 at 4, o'clock. 1 1 Ashland Placs Branch Y.

W. A. An eniovablc evening spent at the cEEX XZnZntlVtM The Busv Bee Club of Fleet Street Street Church will be in charge of the ft at p. m. rVwi't fcieo-et 1 tie miKlel venl TTlC V.

I. Ae tISl nursoay. May at p. in Mrmorinl Hull .176 Srhermerhorn street. There will be no ve-mer service at the Branch Sunday, May JO.

Bethel Church, Brooklyn. ounoay scrvires at Deinci were wcui attended. In the morning the Rev. 1. 1 I I 1 1 I I S.

A. Loo per delivered a torcelul ser-i stOTHHa A. bL A KION CHURCH, roon. subject, "Exchange." At night. R.

w- lmk Bro-rn, rurlloniy- Ptor. Psrsonsss. IS W. UU avenue branch, Y. M.

A. delivered an address to the men. His topio was "Duties of The oastor Dr. C. E.

Wilson, who im rleleoiti In file A. fpenerai ronferrru-r at Si Louis. Ma. will be home next Sunday as the ronferem-e I LTtiart Holaa, 1 jw adjourned Tuesday, May 18, passing I Junior Kodoavor every Friday sfirr-into history as the shortest session y' Offlos Hoars st great A. M.

E. Church ever held. Three new districts were provided for and five bishops elected namely: Win. D. John I Georgia; A.

J. Wm. S. Brooks-Baltimore; W. T.Verl non Wm.

4uuiruuu ww gia. Bishop Wm. H. Heard has been as signed as bishop of the first episcopal comprising the Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and New tng land conferences. Next Sunday will be communion at Bethel and the Kev.

J. Uouglass ot Westbury will be in charge all day. Bridge St Cbarch, Sunday morning service at Bridge Street Church was very largely attend rit and the naeinr. Rev W. Snenrrr Carpenter, delivered a sermon on was crowded beyond capacity.

The pas tor addressed the Second Masonic Ln trm sua CL4i9iCTii OMr. inc eiauu mas ter reauested nernussion to have the mun f-' erTv Next Sunday the pastor will preach in ine morning anu in inc cvcnuig nisi subject will be "Cake not turned." Siloam Church, Brooklyn. The scaood serieA moving pic tures lectures of the regular Wednesday mid-week services was interesting. Ihe Kev. ueom aiarx.

pasior, cuainnan- Next Wednesday there will be a spe- aal musical proRram and fcdQre fry Mr. Stark. Sunday morning worship was well at- tended. The Kev. George Sbippen Stark.

por. delivered the sermon, sub icct. "The Buried Ta em" At evening worship, the Kev. L. K.

Winmrop completed a series of sermons. HELP WANTED FEMALE AUrOTH Mala ul fanule. Havkuai laumdry Tablata, Man r.laaa. Hies Bream race raw dae. Sand for aaanUa.

Oulmlal aanlcal lav. h.01 Fees iniiaourEa. nay a CHAMBERMAIDS WANTED taWvd mlatT. ro-KB ni baani. ApQlf JtnrtifiDO ftrh Hii-, BnchWa teh.

Cajtuy liUiMt KXTniUlTNIUXJ hand Utelnr. I. B. ArutU CVx. GIRLS To cut Senaitlnliliiff nod cleas irrnaial.

rKUllUCAM no, IS K. Ht. XmWBi i prtenr ad aa cleaned aad dyed I aia. we am uaj aiaa n' a ana and glee roo aeady wort all -year. I CmU at im- wana Otb and IUU auaata.

WOMAN to da tUbt taotary work. iImI numrlnAJf. A. I. aPlvfjrnm UU, taaal Ha.

HELP WANTED MALE aiTPOOiiauJ.n wanhara, mbt sort: pood waraa. I ailas naerescea. (rttasa. im aaaa. eisti bnPfeRS WANTED aaiary.

room aad board. Apply Brlisteal UMal. nn.bwa lcB.JUoo.ylSKl. I PORTEJt I Ootid Beaea blraae If leaerally earfnl amnnd pristine erars aad ateady poaloea to tea I ptaat; loud rlftil aiaa. O-ararae paiu at rata at tmel a aau.

Aadreer U. selves 141 fmtt nra VA.M"bJ A Uilor and aboenukcr, "HTSl A' Stn dep. W. Alien. YOUNG BOYS JS to 90 to leem trade: SIS.

00 to start. Alexander Uaanfarterlnf mi Ilroadwajr DELICATESSEN STORE Oted ornortasity far enlneed bnysr. H.T Want Mats mreet. wantedi Ten thousand Negro women at once I to join tie Big Womanhood Move-1 ment under the auspices ot i he I Women's National Fraternal Business Association, Inc, of New York. Of- 6ce, 488 Lenox avenue.

Mrs. Irene Moorman Blackstone, President and General Manager. April 17 I mo. I The Women's National nal Business Association and Big I Womanhood Movement meet I everv Mondav nieht. 830 at I every monuay iurui, o.ou, ai I Metropolitan A.

M. K. lhUrCh, I ir i.L xr I tit wci uTiii uwu Avcv. w.i Mason, Pastor. April 171 mo.

JUST THE PLACE FOR A HOME SUMMER OR WINTER BEAUTIFUL NEW LONDON ON THE THAMES For irdorinarjoft write sis He. 64 Htmpatead St, New Loodoa, Cotta. SAMUEL E. ROBINSON Phoaa I9S7 May 11 Jrao HOTEL COMFORT Car. Second St.

aad Bay Ave. Ocean Chy, N. J. MRS. M.

B. COMFORT, Pronrietrau Refular MeaJa and Litht Lunch 8 erred at all Hours Cream, Csafectianery and Refreahsients a Foil List oil First Claw Service OPEN MAY II TO OCT. IS I I I 1 1 i I I I ri IS Itl p. TX ts wall Big Sister Club Block Party- The Colored Big Sister Club of which Mrs. M.

a. irotman is president is preparing for a block party in interest ol its work among gins, tne party to be given on Monday evening, May 24, nn the Cumberland street block between Fulton street and Atlantic avenue, Nov cl features of entertainment are being prepared and a variety of refreshment also. Other officers, in addition to Mrs Trotman. are Mrs. Man, vice-president; Mrs.

M. S. Dor cey, treasurer: Mrs. A. E.

Sbepard. sec retary: Miss M. K. Lyons, chairman executive committee. Big Sisters are Mrs.

H. Barrc, Mrs T. Birnie. Mrs. T.

J. Burge. Mrs. I Comither, Mrs. K.

Dickerson, Mrs. I Edwards. Mr. fiatuwav. Mrs.

I Gilbert, I. Granger, M. Mrs, WHERE TO GO TO CHURCH I WALkkk Mtst6kUL BAtVi.ST chUgi: t' ind Street. Dr. u.

Bu.tacll, Hesidence 207 Wat fjsth Street. KvcMine worstain o. m. ltibla School 9 1. Sunday School YouiUT Pies' Prayer Meetinc Monday.

I p. m. CImi both trrees every Sunday. All are wel eontr. Readme nhnM Audubon bQOi-W.

NAZAHENE CONOKKGATIOSAl Proctor. OJiMMor. Sundsr aervicea: Preachmf, ri m. asd I p. is.

I Sunday E- mideek Bcetlng. Friday, Sjo p. ro. paatsr i since noeua, ie to i a m. and 1 to 4 p.

is. Bmmg opes itht and day. nnmras ioarailnr 11 s. ss. I sad t.m d.

m. Baatiam uwi (Winuudon I vary ssootMl tun day, I p. m. Sunday I Bup-rln I VaTn VT I SVSTT TnaSdav afanTna Pmm, maatlna I "rtdsT svsnliur. Bratharhood sad KSTft AD weiSS arrw a Sir amannL PAX.

CUURcn. tsd Buses, nsar Bifht A.Tv,i' ork a SriTftnsfufe rim.rwr aaaeunsA rnosy svaning sx sad Soadsv nca-nuur at erelook. undavy Ishool st I m. Lyoanm. aUuvravv.

si a Thursday svsojuui st erinasi, Jantoe Laesne. Friday at 4 p. sx Clsssas Fwvrui iaagns ausasy ss a. as p. m.

Tnaartay and Walneaday rraainss st I ne oRoaay stt p. ss. Hstr Od mm union. a-oBem bobost svstusg la aie mu. TTTB MOTROroUTAN BAPTIST CHUKCH.

ustb t. and Ttfc Dr. W. W. Brown, Pastor.

Busday BohooL Mt A 14. tssehlB, A7li7 bVtTp, PrsssBlsaT. I P. If. Prayer Communlos Sarvles, tUrdaasdsy Is sevoh a auiaiB mt a ornfcAnar.

M1UI VMM, Ill.l 0r Monday eanlnl tn esok aaorrth. JRhWnjgIXSJjK ylass esoh SuadsF durtac wtu bs ss i 7.rn"; p. am. ouao7 rcrvioa. wednaodav.

a lain, JT1 IanMiaV tmm aaaras Buppea st s. sa tss first ar ui saon nosta. visttors snd etraji4rej are arcsd to attend ail of ths Tetophon Aadubon TOM, aasoss, sss wess U7lft strsot; Cburca pbons nariom anal. UiHiUN BAPTIST I'Hl I Ml -VI u. TT vu.

Itev. use. Susdsy, 11 a. rood stnains by sntboslasus sermon by tne anosr tniperviaion of oujuajr, P. BUBOST BCkOOl, BupsrlriteBdsBt, ear.

CeaaWBBBjoa Oarvicia tka and f. Buadsy. IM s. sa I P. SB, day la arols ths its BundAr, la ae moats.

Sunday, S.N T. P. TJ. under the 1-ioyo. BUBday 7.10 b' I'd try Prat.

I. F. It orfankt aud cnousauter. A aaui-attrrta aerates by tne paetor. Tuea-Jay, p.

Utarmry -nTllnelalralaa HUSH MEMOIIIAL A. M. K. ION IMI W. llttb lit A A rwi.

err. aai nee leise BI. rhsos Audubon last. T-fJ OoaasBsaJoB every YV.1' C- sV. ctsaa nesUnn o-jTu-W svealasa.

AO sra sardlsUy mv. Frsderlofc Assory CaDea. saavUa. Ileal ne at 11 a 1mA .1 ri dsym. Bunday Bchoot, 1M b.

1 to 4 B. SX ti. Taom tarry, supsrlateeident. Haa's Bible Ctasa u. n.

Taompeon. tBstrus- on. Ann. a.l.Hl TtersdaysTOsoraw W. Allen, preefdam urm ujum unrau LaauiML n.

Siuybni. t. s'srry, president. Oaeaia, Muculsy. TuaaV day sad wessday aarhta sad at 1 a.

aa. uotns, presldeac. Holy ConimunJoa. first -'-r "ma an ars waisosas. West tsd strsat.

eat warn, JTs I.w vsbims. Rev. Wm. p. Haras, nlZ ta.

Pianwalog Banljes svary Bnadsy at ua mm. ana as. Buotfay Sokool at vtwt auwai e.av p. as. B.

T. P. p. uieir meeris svary Weeueesaay aS Bv The Weekly Prsysr MesUns r. Friday svmlaf at p.

iaT CsroWld Soeaaty. aaoood MoBday avenlmt ln avary eir'SnTJK- "sets Brst Tuesday BJht Tutors ars wwuw. r. wjwn, vnHnrsoaa SSSs. Wast ta treat.

Batata. 7th Vi Sunday Bervloe 11 a. ta. ZLT Be. Holy ODBuaunlaa every flrat Bun-day at 11 a.

m. Sunday Soboot. LSS B. at. eonday MornlneT Baad Player nestlas.

1 aa, Tuesday, B. bv Allaslooiiry fjo- savvy, vraer aav vrauss sarviSS. TBttrs- day, I p. B. T.

p. TJ, rausioal aad Utsrary Broaraai. FriAnv a n. m.w way aad Hadces Bocae ty, I p. naarsl prsysr maetin.

Rsv. A. Oaytoa lvw.IL paaaor; rsstdaass, ITT West lMth euaet. Bheata. ArMlaena 114 MRS.

IDA WHITK.DUNr.AN HAIR WORKER r-ia i tliiti jL' Traiufsrmatisns. Combings, rnsds us any styls. Soslp Trsstmsnt, Shsm pssino, Hsir Drsssing, Faos Mssssgs, Manicuring. Cersrsd psoplss esmbings ssMBna. kaaaana tanam in nsir worK.

DraDer AffCIICV tg now located at 266 West 53rd St, near 8th Ave, iixua a. caaisTiAjin aumeroue dcairable ailuation. lor teeonuseaded. trained pri.ata lamiliee asd boexduia houm. xrutK nan, for your lummcr work.

Telephone 1711 Cucle. Fbl4-Jrno PHONE'BLOOMFIEXO l71-w. r.mSa ida shaw HAIR CULTURIST StrktiyMms. J. WalWs Syatana.

Ornoa hours 9 s. Bi. to 1 p. en. Evaainsa by apeMMntmanl aatruetiona alveev.

Prsparariona far sals. Uses St. loemfUltf, N.J. ROSE'S NW TRANSIENT HOTEL European Plan 246-248-2S0 WEST 13STK STREET NEW YORK CITY. last Oeened.

Near an ear linn, Wadana Imn AS i.Ml..a liiiueiiwamanta. Lart and well appointed Dinn( Rneia. Good Mualc Day andHiaht. Special attention gives to otii ol town guests. First class eemce throughout.

Write lor Reeenre, tiens. j. w. Kusa, rrep. hah, JAIL DEAL ESTATE 145 West 135th Su N.

Y. G. Johnsson, Mrs. V. Morton-Innc M.

Mrs, T.N. King. Mm. k. lS Mrs.

N. Miller. Mrs. F. Mrv I Me.

I l. rti Mrs. E. I'roccor, Mrs. j.

Siockott Ti others WHAW DBATH fXXTUMI AND A)T JWONOMICAX, TVS ERAJ, Ifi DB8IRKO CALL UP II. ADOLPH HOWELL lHONK I2SS AOOUBOM WW. ISStfl at. New Vac RamaJna Baipped Tc Psru of us World. Arays Opsn Lsdy AtUaR) FHONI MOHN.

J. WESLEY LANE Undertaker Embalner OPSIN ALL moHT, FUMIHal PARLOR AND CUAPaU, FtUeA tavdy la Atteadaaes. PrvTZ Bar-los. ModsraU Itataa. Ill W.

IS-rS at. Near Lsnex Ave, BOOKS! BOOKSf No ona un tuv race 'pride or KtooMMw without Jraowlfe of rac hituri Any book wanted by colored autlvri. YOUNG'S BOOK EXCHANGC Mecca a' Nagrs Hlstsry and rtecataei no w. uatn 6L, riew York. April II 3mo.

Phoeas Morninsaida B1M DR. J. R. HILLERY Professional Chiropodist ttsUaLttolP.K. Bssdsl Attaallaa ts AIX AI1AIEJT8 OF TU FDTT 182 Woat IStBtSt.



Writs for Psrticulars MISS OLKA GRANT Week. End Parties AccaHnmosstsd. Novi-da Hotel Laivrence Neatly furnished rooms for perms et'or transient guests, with hot ssi cold baths. WILLIAM H. PENNY.

Proa. 230 Albemarle Aye, Roclry Moosa 16 3 m. nummRMnwra THE BRADFORD REGULAR DINNER SS CTP. MCA LB BIBVCO AT ALL HOUM runmsMaw oea)S t-sv PSDmHANSMV OS VBANBISMV JeSS t. BsaSeOIP.

P-OP. hlOMt HaSUB ITI1 nwactmtkSt NMYtrkCni Tho Laws House PHONE CHELSEA IMS BsadsaBislr fumlaBSd rooms. SrBB olaas aooomadatloa fsr Bsrmasesi trsBBlaat oasts. aOUL LAWS, Prss. W.

iota Btrsst. bst. Ttk Itk ATS ARVONIA ALLEN HOUSE I lasth St, 11 t-f W. ISStB Neauy tinass pm H.M to KH per wsss, arrta ass o( ntohatk. All Boema prlvaae.

Beat oonia In ths City ILM pss Oay ana up. r. ey. wnna, HOTELPRE55 AafPtraE M. WAUCEB nuUS, flips.

W.135t It, U.1. TetllSTlaal.SMI THETJilACEO Neatly (urniaked rooms (or perma. nent or tnuiaisnt gusft. Steam keat and all improveroeuta. ITL CUCLE BCISJ.

P. THOMAS. Fra. 21S WmI 3t Nw York Telephone Moraingmte 7682 eT-V -a" Wa.

ava. 9.

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