The Journal Times from Racine, Wisconsin on September 17, 1939 · 1
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The Journal Times from Racine, Wisconsin · 1

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 17, 1939
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If RACINE 1 A 0 U R NA VOL; 100; No. 218. Unitd Prg Asoc1t0 Pr International Nm RACINE, WIS., SUNDAY MORNING, SjEPTEMBER 17, 1939. Tel. Jackson 600 PRICE 5 CENTS n Tr JJ U Ji o M M n p LTD .A7nVn 1ST AS EM Truce With Japan Alarms Diplomats WASHINGTON, Sept. 17. Russian participa-! tion in the two-weeks old World war was announced j today 24 hours after the signing of a truce with Japan which may have far-flung international complications and significance Japan and Russia yesterday declared a truce on; the Manchukuo-Outer Mongolian frontier, where fighting has heen taking place since last r 1 1 1 1 i r i oininq forces witn nazi merman on The eastern Tront, soviet Russia today served notice JhhatJts yasf m chine basjBegun invasion of. Poland. Five eastern provinces are to be seized and occupied by the communist I nus otaiin has tuitilled hi s pledge to rlitler in the ac- severe cord reached when the two dictators signed the German-May. " Russian non-aggression pact, a treaty which today led RuS- In Washington Senator Thomas, Utah democrat, Sia into a new World War but this time against the allies with, expressed the view that the Soviet-Japanese agree-whom she was associated in 1914. ' ' mcnt might be a retaliatory movement against the France land England are already at war with Poland, j Unitcd states for termination of the 1911 com- L i i i i i ii n i 1 1 merciai treaty wun japan. vt 1 1 win nicy. M a tc jyyuiii pi uicui, iiiu) ixuaaia id chici iny i uc conflict in opposition to the two powers with whom she al-lied in the last great war. I . In serving notice of her4 int ention to invade Poland, Russia declared that military action was made necessary because of Polish aerial activity over Russian territory. . The Poles, however, declared that the planes against which the Russians protested were nazi aircraft which used Polish emblems tp create a pretext for war. M W IMREKE TO IT '.VI''- l .r: ; - : . i. - ' . i" " "'. Fierce Ball e Rages in West - il i. PARIS, Sept. !l7. IIpsivv fight- ins; continue onf fhe western front. Tremendous, casualties have been sustained bf both sides. .German',-, it ;j tvas reported in Paris, Is running! heavy reinforcements from Roland to, the western " front.: - j Two interpretations were placed on., this -iViove: 1 1 ., ;. ;.'!..' 1. Such afctiofi! was necessitated by threat of a French invasion into Germany through -the Siegfried line. 1 ' .' 2. Germs n crinfidrme that Tol-isrL resistance has been crushed acpa consequent belief that troops coTud be. withdrawn from the eastern front. ili- '. War communique No. 27 released thi morningsaid: "The enemy j attacked on two points of our front. late yesterday. One attack was fcast of the Moselle valley" and the -other was at the renter of the front between the Saar and the Vosges. These attacks were repulsed. 'latest reports confirm the ar rival on our front of further German forces from the Polish front, j principally aviation and heav y j units. "This has been ribticeablej frvr 1 ho nact f eir Have " I. i t " T " - x Polishj Ambassador Refuses to Accept Note . PARIS, Sept. -17. (Sunday) Transcontinental News agency, a Polish, service, said today that premier . and Foreign Commissar V. M. Molotov of Russia had tried to hand a note to the Polish ambassador in Moscow last night explaining; why Russian troops were about to enter Poland. The am- Warsaw Defies German Threat Some diplomats looked upon the Russo-Japanese armistice as the possible forerunner of a non-aggression pact between the two countries. Senator Thomas said, "If it means an unfriendly "Japan, the danger would be closer to our shores." Thomas said a Russian-Japanese agreement would make it possible for Japan to withdraw troops from Manchukuo and "fight all the harder in China." LONDON, Sept. 17. Besieged and encircled Warsaw is still resisting attacks of the invading German forces, a Polish radio broadcast said today. In Germany, it was declared that a combined Russian and German jairfleet will bomb Warsaw today j and literally blow the town off the jmap unless the defenders immediately surrender. Warsaw Russia Blasts Hopes of Allies WASHINGTON, Sept. 17. Entry of Russia into the new World war, on the side of Germany, crushes hopes of the Allies and thwarts attempts to enforce an economic blockade, military observers pointed out. today. - With Russia as" an ally, Germany will be able to obtain needed supplies through Russia the back-doot?, military experts said. 1 3 : r i . . . ; maH nr r.nlv tr, thp T n rf T . . x - 1 r- vjt: i iii-t.ii. wwuiu i.. r. vi 1 1 iciudt i acrepi inc - r -- . note a-nd soon afterward the in-! Official Polish circles said Polish rble to cpnt.nue the conflict m- vawon began the agency aid frontier guards had resisted the j definitely.-despite the Bntish naval tu r : u 1 u j i Rmrcian im-jtinn in th rerinn of hlockade in the Baltic and on the The French covernment had no ! ttUJrsian invasion in me region ni official word -that' Russian troops the Molodezcno junction of the lortn sea'.-.- had crossed into Poland, but Ger- J Minsk-Vila , railway. man and Russian radio broadcasts were -picked' up here saying that they had. MORE REFUGEES RETURN HOBOKEN, N. J., Sept. 16. (JP) Daladier Continues Visit Behind Saar Sector PARIS, Sept. 17. Premier-War .Minister-Foreign Minister Edouard I he City or Hint brought home f Daladier continued his visit to the this morning the remaining six of Metz sector of the Maginot line the 216 persons , it rescued from ; which is behind the Saar sector, the sunken British liner Athenia. j There he w as only a few miles The others debarked at Halifax, N. S. on Wednesday. Soviet and Nazis May Control Air, Observers Think WASHINGTON, Sept. 17. Russian alliance with Germany threatens the allied nations with conflict against the world's mightiest lished world supremacy 1n military aviation. j . Russia, because of her vast expanses of territory through w-hich neither railways nor highways penetrate, concentrated on construction of aircraft years ago and has developed a, huge army of skilled airmen. Even women and children have been trained in some phases of aircraft production nd hundreds of soldiers as well as civilians have been' given training in mass parachute jumping. Officials expected Russia's participation in European affairs to rectuce Russian assistance to the Chinesenthereby helping Japan in its War in China. behind the German attacks re-j armada of military airplanps. ported in today's communique. " j Since 1934 Germany has estab- Japan Expected To Renew War Against Chinese WASHINGTON, Septal 7. Resumption of big scale -Japanese offensives against China is predicted here. As a result of the Russ-Japanese truce, announced yesterday, it s believed that Japan will be able to move reinforcements into China to resume the smashing attack which was interrupted last May br strife on the Manchukuo border. LONDON, Sept. 17. MavemenT of Russian troops into eastern Poland is in conformi ty with an agreement with Hit-IeV toakerrlilitary actib pleted suppression of Polish rjesistance, it was pointed out here today. j ". . ';: ." ' '.1',',, . Berlin today announced that she has completed her task; that Polish; resistance has been crushed, Russia immediately followed this annpuncelment with a declaration of her intention to invade five provinces of eastern Poland, occupied, to .a' .large extent, by whijte Russians. j : ! TROOPS CROSS FRONTIER J : Poland has collapsed and jit is the duty of Russia flto extend the hand of brotherly assistance to white Russian a n d Ukrainian peoples," Premier jand Former Commissar" V; M. Molotov told the Russian people by radio. His address was picked up here. f 1 "The soviet government wjishes to bring the Polish peoples out of the misery into whjich they have been plunged by th eir unsuccessful leaders," Molotov said. (A few hours before Molotov took to the radio an official Gecman spokesman had confirmed reports that Russian troops had crossed the frontier into Poland. The s o vi e t troops did so, the spokesman Said, with the full knowledge and approval of the German government. n "The territorj'' of Poland becomes a field for any kind of accident and eventuality,' Molotov continued. "To the last the soviet government has been neutral but it cannot remain neutral to the situation which has been created. Can't Remain Neutral. 1 u ' "It cannot remain neutral to this fate of the Ukrainian and White Russian population (of Poland), It is its duty to extend the brotherly hand of assistance to these people. ' "Therefore, this morning it gave instructions to the' high command of the red army to cross the frontier and take under its defense, the lives and property of the, western Ukraine and the western White Russian peoples. "The soviet government also wishes to bring the Polish people" out of the miseries in which they ha;ye been plunged by their unsuccessful lead- ers. - . 1 - He Concluded with an appeal to the red army for discipline in carrying out "the great task of emancipation." "Molotov saitl Poland was internally bankrupt and that this was patent. The incapability of the- Polish state had been demonstrated by the events of the fast two weeks. he continued, land the Polish government had suffered complete bankruptcy. He said Pdland had lost all her industrial centers and that Warsaw io jonger existed as the capital of the Polish state. No onej, he said, knew where the Polish government was. " ; : Treaties SScrappcd. All 'this has happened in two weeks, he emphasized. In view of this situation, he continued, the treaties . between the soviet and Poland had ceased to be operative and the creation of such a situation had imposed a particular concern on the soviet government for the security of its country.. Truce Enables Soviet to Ad v TOKIO, Sept. 17. U.D-Jap-anese officials believed today that Russia's invasion of Poland had been the natural result of the armistice on Russo-Japanese fighting on the Outer Mongolian Manchukuo frontier relieving Russia of immediate far eastern pressure. j j London, j Sept 17 -(UP) --Official Polish sources said today that fighting between Russian and Polish troops had started. Heavy casualties Were rei ported,

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