The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 3, 1935
Page 3
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(Continued From P.iee One) lit ration .jwlicy ns far ahead us anyoHn can fo/v\V:«. , Tim progressives would like to strike a; few blows for riHlistrlbii- Uoti of wfaitli by levying higher Income, iiiljfrltanee, null gift taxes, lint the administration Isn't anxious /or ony uciy tnxe.s ami probably can heart, lliem ofi~. F.XCiSt. TAXES TO STAY 'Tjtf boys on UwvlToiisp Ways nntl Mfans Commitlee nr* again talking Uitlipjjr'nf "plugging loopholes" In the tan in 7; io bring i<< more • reveniie. Some of IHc-ni o&Umatc, for 'liislaiicft, tliat nlionl, $3.000.000 iripre • Rj_.n|, for .Internal revenue agents wcmlil lirhij In atraii '.7?.,- 400,000'mow taxraT ' •llie (axe:;, whleh lobbyist., pall "nulsancf:" tuxes, bring In .425,000,000 a year an* will. V? kn'iii for another yrar, ttioiijdi ihero will probably to a n*lit on lli« gawillnn tax, winch now netr, SIfiO.000.000. '.There lias been pienty or agitation, carefully sponsored by the liquor interests, for a cut in the S3 a .gallon liquor tax. There doesn't Mini' to" bo any i>rsponderant .strength behind the'proposal/htil th'it doesn't'mean tliiU. there won't be some poa-er there. : HANK i,i-:or»i ; \TiON- sum: .:'Don't ba surprised if there's considerable . £ilrore over proposals to jimmy'into corporate surpluses via thg: tax.' route. Progressives will aj_jiie that huge n.ccum'u)ated '•surpluses', should be 'distributee! in dividends or spent' on replacement';. Administration folks have so often used tlic threat of a bank as. a brandished ' club to, get the bankers to ternl'lng money thai, it's anybody's whetlier latest reports of a revived White House intent to: 'push 1 -such legislation are to-be -la feign seriously. • Legislation, perliaps of drastic character, which will-tend'to make Hie'. Federal 'Reserve; system more of a central banking system is certain. Under Governor Manriner Ec- des, the Reserve board will bs given more centralized power over the 12 reserve bank's and relax the rules to' determine eligible'-paper offered for loans. '• ' • "Hills Hie administration would have wider power to regulnlc credit and farce down Interest rates. EASIER CREDIT SOUGHT -Only .Roosevelt s.t; (he .way of. passage of even more radical binkiiig legislation by Congress. Senators Cutting of New Mexico and ra-Rolletlc. of Wisconsin have been the eWet. central bank prp- porieiils.' It's likely RooswelM will be given-.the power to-appoint the 12 reserve bank goiernors but big baiiHpri, may SIIL for peace and avert (he, jiorsl 'litres also strong prcssiu-e for a new or reinforced whicn 'ill pro\ide easy credit to small Industrie^ _iUttle lias bcet\ hc-itd of it jet but Uv National Power Coimell im. been wirkfng out a legistatlie program Kllli regard to electr.t, poa- «r svlilch v,Ul be B.wnsoretl by the admtnlsliation and uill embitttr the belea°u">red "power trust" The one issue on which Rooseielt hasnt <^er /igzag»ed is that of lower electricity rites SIRESS POWER VALW The st lawrence wafcrnf-iy treaty with Canada may be rallied tills session (iEsplt* opposition Irom sectiona! .Inteiest-; and jwweiful lobbies • The auremtslr.itton Ins placed increasing emphasis on "st, • Lawrence power development, 'as distinguished, from development for navlga- flon, and-Ks spokesmen -say the power system can be developed In seven fears at n cost-or {25000000 and save .consumers $200.090000 a War on rtcclrlclty'bills. wUile western shippers ; would save 47!).0flo,- 000 on normal foreign commerce- These figures arouse an- answer"£ ; oh ' S'?M" I" -wine qtinrtcrs, but Roosevelt has his-lieart.set on Hie project. •niere won't be'any new laws to lake the prpnts out, of war or repii- late (lie munitions indiislry If the Senate Minillioiis committee can iclp it. That committee .wants to investigate for many more.month.'; and make Us report to the next session of Congress. fJoosevclt. however, lias Indicated 1936 -: a. d«iie for e»rii.r action by hi* ippoifttment M the .r»r profit* com' rhlttee, dominated by B, M. B»nich, Qpnera] Johnson, and the War Department. Meanwhile, about Hit- lime Ilio committee Is delving Into profits and r.crwt taetlrw or Ihe shlpl.nim- ing foifijirinles, Congress mil] tie aske<l lo vote further lurgn profits to lho.% companler, for tlie nritli'l- pnl.ed naval JIIIM with Japan. Hrilp.v; )_y sortie intinele Llin nego- uy MJIIKJ .mnuue me nego- l "yu", i\io., wnert! uioy Mil re- flations for a renoyral of the old wu/ro their studies alter having 5-5-:i Washington -.'r^aty coiiio to spent the. holidays v/ilh tlu-ir jiar- llfn again, Ilic ii<lnilnlstrat.ion Ir, ey.-1 e«(.i. ---'-• io net iV.r Die billldlrit? of Mr. ftmt NfM. ,1. W. Eiinir, and Mis.. Tilrres.| Akerr,, o[ Waveriy. In., who ImVn liecn here vhlllng' rein- llw-s, left, for MnUcn f,foiiday lo • ,,.., ' ..... MIUIMIMJJ I/I 18 nddll.lonnl inefi-of-war which the mvy says are nece.yary if if ts lo sliengtli. alrornfl, oim-lf-r. come up io __,, Tliat wean-, 01 lu'0 light milsprs, fit destroyers nml 2-1 After Dial the real imvnl rai-e. In w jiloli we- imve •lirc-atr-iicil to liiillii five ships to ,Ia- sn'.i time, no .natter how many, tie linlljs, presumably -will l;r_rir,. I •Hut llicrp'B .':onif> ..opr? here that i building up nn r ndyy lo __._•__,_„ I strength -,,•!)) Imv WASHOUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Via B«k Pep ... VS, or" . . . Vitality Hayti Society-Personal MlM t/mlsn Oolden, of Mils city, find. MLv, Clteima Ralher, of Por- . , laRevllle, left veiling fov , f \y-Mtft, Mo., wheni they will re .. • Mrs. Will Wise has returned horn*! after a stay of several wwte lu fl hospital in Alabama whero Ah* un- flenvem. ft major opemtloh. She. Is convalescing vtt'y rapidly nl. pnwent. Monday Mr.«. 0. IV. Kiifllin n iid Mrs. Sam Bowen wore Ihe guests of Mrs. j, I.. DP.I/I m lftan(o. Bapiist. Churcli's rclatlw (heir Journey tionw. M!M irntli* p...,, lank, who ha 1 ; oontlnulni, of 10.", holidays herr with relatives, ha. returned home. Miss I/A U a Ifsehfr In Die . Mvs. Eriirst Johnson of . . . - die effect of BlyUir-vUte vifcit the ^iirat.-, of Mr. illseoiiraglng-tlw bcllicotw Japanese '»"! Mrs. C.-P, Wells Bnnday, Mrs. IxMnrp tin* tr,v>iir OVT.U... tbrs treaty THR Christian Church Board Organi/cs I j 1 -, /"' ' • XT' 'or (,ommfr Year ., Is ,\frs. vVelLV slitec. The Rev. and Mrs. Cecil Pranks nil vhilii/en moloivd to Rector Sunday morning to atinnd tlin ded- icailon of Dm Bapli.-,!, dmreli of that city. itev. prnnks, who war. pnMar of. that cliurdi before accenting the local pastorate. awLsteil in the dedication, 'Hie First ChrLstian church has « For $3.000 •Is "Over Ihr. Top' Cllfls ranehifr from ilvr- eeiiLs to' J25 wero. siibsorllx-il In the build- Ing- fund oniiipalun of the First, l)a[itlst, chnreh, which Ims ".joni! over thii lop," nei'onilin! to ti i-e.-J lioft' mnilc by 'h-insm-ci 1 W. M, Wlllloiiis in a meelliiH lust, nlBbt]! Necfssnry funds to cnre for Ihe 1 liomleil obligation of Ihe church building were, rolscii. The ram- palffii wns laimelied curly in November to obtain ia.noo. ivj' w. Crawforii dlrffte<i the rnnij.nlgu with Peril W.. Onrloek ns seeve- The church will launch its every member canvass .Sunday to underwrite its ISItS biulget, which is $182.62 per uwk or $fl,f,00 for the year. Of the $182.ltt j«r week, $)M,lo hn.s nlrendy (Kvn subscribed by 242 persons. Sundny afternoon .'iO teams n'lll" solicit tlio at the offldnl board fcvrminf; ;,t thc homo ... Mrs. Gcorgo W. Barhain. The rcpovl also shov.'ed there were a few unpaid pledges on the books and that all departments or the church are In excellent comilllon. mae a meeting last l x>si "°" as clerk in Kolin's store of Mr. mid rollowi "!f lll e rosignatlon of Dill am. | Gln - who 'W Uraga city, that whc ' rc . hc Is m: »!at'er of a Re"l Ball Klfvrn Ilinrft ' ' " s ° Elrner w i">"nks jr., of si, ./nils f '^ M thc clir| stma.. holidays here "siting Rodney n rasher jr. Elmor . • . r After closing up all matters per- ls » gradnalc of the localhigh school laming to the business for last und ls :l s'ui'cnl at St. l/juis lini- ycar. Cecil Lowe was named tern- , vorslly - (Xiraiy chairman and the organ!?,- ' !!llly Ha P !tln -'! of Chntfee spent board proceeded le ^el-tend here vtsitinj. his nrand r m^ n . irtnfht-r t \/rr<.' r\ i» ir^,i,^^ new Hayes. ation of a ivllli the folloy/ing results: E. M. Terr.', elected chairman to succeed a. W. Barham, who lias held this post fot- the past ten ycnis; ?.. ,\. McCulstlon vlce- cliolrniiin; J. W. Shou.',., re-elected treasurer: George Cross, reelected clerk of the board;'W H Stovall, re-elected trustee Two new members were added to the board, Norvflll' Ilurnphrf... o,, (t -j.. l.uw-Vines. The PiS; '.h D' „'* I Mis,? Elizabeth. I,ucns.-tiaiiElitCT of ierVirth ^« , i /' V ; E " B "'- Mr ' an<f Afw ' - WUltam .. Lucas of lenvorin. iireseiited to the board Luxora. became the bride of Mr ie of n)s .irogrnm for the Kenneth Vines of -El Dorado, Ark ' arfoptecr'k,:, 1 ' 1 ^;;!"? 1 " 1 , 0 ^ ^^^^^^^ ^.^^ ^ to back this Liixora Society — Personal 'Never Before An Equal an T Moon Bib and . . "•••«» ««"» where -the ceremonv . «r " e . took .P' a « wa " beaulifuUv decorut- * W004s B(t wlth 8 teen and wl,i,e, : : The im- rer. | provided altar where the nuptial ' von-s. were -exchanged was marked _ m' tl) .« 1 tOf candles in hrnss ' "" ....... — _ white... n • . f, candclabri! DUSineSS Course The bride MS attended by her - ,..-—,-•,.'- - sis'"'. Mrs. Harry Stanford. Tlic There are -. now 34 woriien' en- Broom's -attend. nt was Mr. DenlcL rolled in classes in business train- p «tters.on,"of El.Dorado, who sc'rved nig- ' conducted uy. Mrs. L.-.M »s iwst-niaii.- ' . . Burnett*, FERA t«acher in cliar»c ^^ We cereniony,"llic Ijritlc wore of_ the coiu-ses. -.- • •• :•• ,a gown of tiipie sheer crepe with lining shorthand, book keeping, harmonizing accessories. For tr'av- Englbli and spelling are being ^iffl sn c wore, a green wool creih, I night m.ditlly classes';. Of the 35 (lre «. with brown accessories puplk originally .enrolled : early in Wrs - 'Vines was educated in the October only six-have dropped out Wgh : school, at, Luxora and A and These courses are to consume -tin u - ool^ge. MSgnolla.-Ark." average of -_our_ months, time.: - Mr - Vines is engaged in thc oil , . - - c o persons not having enough business, in El Dorado, where t,lie to obtain : th|s ' tralnlii" wl " mak e .their lioine - tlirougli other channels are allow^ lo enroll. Hospital AdmiltaMo the. Blylheviile'hosDitai: Mrs. Russell CohoOn, Hoi- ... '."t'.i ,,u> ii ..[ .M/uuil, UJU Caiinllo Iluber. coach of the local (.membership for the balance of -. - _ , lll t'li school, has returned home nf 7 $U8Jil weekly which Is necessary. - •."-"!/ money on hnnd to meet ' "* V1 "Z -T^-ni. liie holidays at to underwrite thc 1935 budpet all of the 1934 oblitMtlons of ^ie BcntO1 )' ^ fo - »'H!i hLs parents. '. — . ' church, uccordlng'to a rcpoi-t made .J 5 ?," 1 -" 5 ' ^I'teWay has accepted a SALT i_AKE CI1"Y (UP)—Radio opeiatoni ami pilot., who were ns- ; i enlnc in on communications from' United Air Lines coast - Jirplanes couldn't keep secret one' urgent- message they heard recently. A plane s_x>cdlni_ at three mile., minute from Cheyenne to Salt Lake City sent the following to "Be sure lo have one dozen diapers at the ticket oflte for MIS'. barter, who will call for them .'lien plane arrives." Declares ' Mr. Allen; For years Neuritis, Stomach Trouble Had Made Him . Miserable; Always Had Severe Headaches Before Ho Trir.1 Gl.v-Qis. "!. think every siuVror throughout the eniinlry should. know of Oly-oas," said Mr. Hniest Allen. 1508 Exchange St., Keokuk. Iowa. All m\ life I had siiifeml \vllli •*N . -i \ a FOU ,. ,. •"-»„***'«-• iin; iii>^- • •• • i i« mm' pilal: Mrs. KasseU CohoOn, Ifol-' - V ^ J ' "' land -Mo.; Leddie Murll Williams, Thc Dealest remedy ever form- Mn """: J- Frank Adams, city. lllat «<' for relief of ilchiiig of skin ~ '- tliSOH.WS. Tlllft l-Ot-rtlllM/v«nw.. —.^ COUGHS r»nt. let them gel. a strangle . hold. Figlit them quicA-ly. rfomii slon combines 7 helps In one. Po erful but harmle.w. pleasant lo ^ ,^=^';s^;is' - s «*? -s™ Me. and money on the 7^1 ,r '^'^ j £5k OUAR^EE" or cold is net relieved by Orel U,.D? K rS ^,f If ,ci rby Drug mnlsion. —Adv. 1 Stores. severe headaches.,..; They .would come, on me- nfler diInking nuik or eilln n milk gravy borne mcd- ._._....•. ,J T" : »«"'"s ma cil authorities tald it ft 15 my parent, f, fr . fi .td MTS..M. c . Cool' jtceth-othpr .Jiat I needed glns- -—-flJ!.' S - v of f * vc T'l. monllih |se-,r-bilt v.hite\ei die . ^~ - - — —-lOns has eliminated (he troubi;. on m. stomach and nciir- itls added lo my miserable condition." continued , Mr.;Allen. 'The iicuiUs (rippled rm, until i could hardly turn' my liend and then with awful pain. Kegrtrdless of my diet gas 'was always to dls- ire.'slng to nieiiiriej- eacli meal. Bui finally I discovered nil. nciv Uly-Cas and-today T : '«m onjoylng good '-health again. There nevr was a medicine Ihe equal of Oly- C&s—It floes as udvertted in giving reJ.1 results which are lusting " Oly-Cas is sold by Klrliy Bros. Drug Co.. this city, and by leading (irnggtslr. hi .surrounding towns. diseases. This revolutionary remedy is called BKOWN'S LOTION and-Is a positive relief to those suffering from ECZEMA, ITCH POISON 1VV, RINGWORM TETTER, ATHLETE'S FOOT etc Uoivt lisp messy sah-os and bandages. BROWN'S LOTION Is .. J< yoa tave tnnW« wilh loo fctt^a.r JWMgta with .cant.- aaoti ln» WnlnB ud dlscooiforl, tie 16 MJLKS *f Hdncy tubes n«d wasMiw oot. This d£,. rMT rt , e fc" 1 "" 1 " 1 * of M«fnz M , !OM ot pep snd ViSilT . t»olln r(« r i d If ' )0 ' ' * t " 1 «J ~ ' )0 fmp C !>»'> trery l«y joo WJ for msnjr monltt. Don't -Tj, Art rMr <tru«lrt for DOAN'S P)LL3 • «»l»r s tmtriptian . , . wklti ' uWfuraoiddly by ulllioiu of ' OY °«»"- ™» . But don't I Tl* u i full tti» Ttkjrna ot C«1>V- fmt unlcn (cj de- fcma<ltsnaR it _v focd tj . mint., *f|a *lwe cr ctvxd. 'WESTERN ^ASIJPrA) 'DL*MKl.EWYORK-tJY-10'501P ~~ ' J- •^^ . • FJRST JJME [SINCE.- .1952 SPECIAL SHIPMENT MARATHON] jttJS) [OFFERED AT, [$,33] STOP. COL01FULlNEtf;SPR_INQ:MfXTURES .AND LPASTELS IN CATEST' STYLES [STOP. WHILE JHJS. SHIPMENT L'ASTS [ONLY .3TOP, ,ADV I S£ 'SELECf I Ntf YOUR<4 tire «ncKOT. swot »» «w»i wy TO STO «,„ u .r m*au« c* cu .CO. PIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE _ PRICES FOR FRII)AV_*Nn HATi,»nt v BANANAS Jumlio Melaripe Fruit Grapefruit s 3c ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Bi^^BHIHB^^B Cherries Lettuce Apricots GRAPES """ g 'T"12" CRANPRIES er £ RIPl? ''' illu '. v I5lt ^' Ifiwe 1. IHIJS • ,i | jhs . J; ^ APPLE BUTOR : 'S1f : NTfll? (•'• ('• -^AG Kraponitcd 2 I'nunds ConnIry Cluh Kxtra No. 2 Can Snowdrift Coffee Jewel, Pound . . . Jewel, 3 Pounds :• 55c C'nnnli'y Club •i Tall or fl Kumll Apple Sauce I! Cnimtry C'ltil) Na. 2 Cini FBESH BREAD a BROOMS Special Kiich 25' PRUNES Kv; '" oral g.. 6 C POTTED MEAT ' L PFARS " dly mne "T^ I L/illO Large Z'f, Ciin lit CAKE '.TS. , c ,49' RAISINS linlk ,.„. RAISINS, Sco " lci ? !ox 5 C CRACKERS C1 ™"";: b . i MARSff 1ALLO S ,'ili 15° 2 for -19c J Raycrcsl ire 3 I.i>i-B(!.2'/i Can 13 Special 1 rC Each JO 8-()i!. liolile VIENNA SAUSACtrCail 5 C [e i '"- i 15c Neckbom •!•• ii mm. Chili K. C. Ciioice Thick Hib, l.h. .. Shoulder, Pound is. CAT. Poutul HJ/KKAI.O, Pound - - KKK MACKEREL ™' fZ 25 C Slwik or Ron a I I'omii, Fancy. Frswh Full I'dllllfl ^xtssxsiSssiSiKsssmsMsssss^frfi . 12i c Stekless Picnics Philadelphia Cream. 1 nC •1 1'ackHj.c'S for ----- L/ Cream, IHIC 1/2

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