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Lincoln Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 15

Lincoln Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 15

Lincoln, Nebraska
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SPORT NEWS FIITITN Yales wind up spring grid practice with 26-20 win over Harvards NEMIASKt STATE JOI'IINU, IINCOLN, TIH'KSIHY, Al'KII- 10, 1911 One Hies, other chases 9eni Star in tennis shy IMayBeF Debus' 20 yard pass turns tide Keds No. 1 choice in National Muslo on feel when it ends Ml aJWhJ Harry Honp, aborting a Colo rado maduro complexion as a re ault of exposure to the Florida aun, la home for a few weeks be lioth rack 1st units up scores ltouih summer nhcml for Joe fore reporting to Puluth of the Northern league In Way. Harry brought back one hula known fact Hilly Southworth, St. Louia BY HAROLD CLAA8SEN. Cardinal manager, ta a native ST.

LOUIS. (AP). On tha basla Curdinnh may surprise fans Br GEORGE K1RKSEY. NEW YOIIK. (UP).

PlUhtng win pennant fspeclally National league pennants and that' why lh Cincinnati Red will hold the winning ticket again. The Reds have the best pitching staff in with three puteix tlal 20 game winner In Paul Derringer, Jlucky Walter and Gene Nebraskan, He waa born and reared at Harvard. of his allowing against squat Tony Musto, heavyweight champion Joe Ijouia ha a mighty rough summer Harry brought home one firm conviction: ahead of him. He glad ha played football for Musto entered the ring Tuday Nebraska and pasaed up some offer that came front the auttv night unhonored and unsung. Ha left It eight and a half rounda later He watched one aouthern unlver- at Referee Art Donovan'a ordera aity In spring drill.

When one of Thompson. They won 38 game bloody but unhurt except for a cut the candidate 'aeemed to be dog over the right eye. between them last year and can reasonably expected to equal or Tha atubby Chicago Italian waa ging It, the coach grabbed him by the nape of the neck and yanked him to an upright position. Then surpass that total thla season. BY WALTER f.

DOBBINS. Fading deep and toward the Sidelines, Howard prbua saw fleet fj-M Weekes of Omaha atreak into tha oxn In the coffin corner, and ahot turn a 20 yard touchdown pa as that wa the Yalra' margin of victory over the Harvard In the spring i rid finale ataged In the mud Wednraday afternoon. Tha final count favored the blue ahlrta, 2d to 20. Tha muchly awaited dual between the Yale No. 1 and the Harvard No.

1 unlta did not come until late In the battle when the count waa tied at 13 all. When It waa all over It had eettled exactly nothing both teaina acored on five play from the enemy 20 yard atrip and each held the other for 1own within the 10 yard line. Major Jonea give tha Harvards first chance, and It waa two Dale Bradley to Wayne Btndt passe that did the damage. Tha first netted 12 yarda and a flrat down on tha Yale aeven and the aecond waa god for the touchdown. Vike Altho the lied art the current 1 V- i ft 'I Ti tha fifth atraight victim fed to the champion in hi atop a month tour and It waa an unimpressive ::1 Ay I I i I t.

4 ''II f' If A' -S' I i I 1 ft -'-V i' -C J. 1 -) all world' champions, they hava he called about 13 of hla huskiest young men and Instructed them to tackle thia reluctant youth a hard and perplexed Lnula who needed Kirkni'y'i choice almost half hour of action to they could. win. NEW YORK. (UP).

Gaora And, warned the coach, "If Great In the past against foe, you don't hit htm aa hard aa you Loul wa even below lh caliber Klrkaey, United Prea baaaball writer, pick the 1941 National league pennant race a follow: can, I'll have 13 guya hit you! Harry aald It had the draired ha displayed two week ago In disposing of Big Abe Simon at 1. lactajtftl! Ttrw la a 9mm lit, B4lrkl. effect. The player didn't blow any mora aignala when team play s. SI.

IMS- MIU fw llk itair Musto' bobbing and weaving waa resumed. But Hopp dldn care I. made the champion mlaa fre aklr ra4 tw a ttu4 Ox I hu if Ikmi aa' for that kind of discipline. SAME BONE. m.

quenlly. The Chlcagoan fought in auch a crouch hla head waa almost at a right angle with hla belt buckle and he appeared as tho he S. rillrik rtlckUa Mdi Francl booted the extra point. lllll Then the Yale took the of-fenaiv on the Harvard 20. Leo t.

Smm Imt-Tori'l Mlkma MmlIi. 1. II.ihii A IIIU KMW, lasl'S S41. a. fhlMMrkhl A Mac.

were busy all the while looking at his ahoelarea. Lewi, aubblng for Wayne Blue at Despite the time Louis consumed never been called a great team at ball club go. But they are a there never waa any doubt as to the ultimate winner of the bout that lured 17,472 customer who sound, aolid team without a vital weakness. They lack power but they don't need terrific punch be fullback, cracked off four yarda; Jerry Kathol ail. led three on an end around and Ken Simmon daahed to the six before he waa hauled down.

He added another yard and then plowed thru for five and the tying touchdown. Vic paid a gross of $52,093.75 to at Allen Zlkmund bruised the aanie bona he broke In the Kone Bowl game, and hla own deacrtptlon is best: "I'm painting a wall at Hovland-Swanaon'a on one of those plank and ladder acaffolda. 1 decide to move over so 1 and whammy. on the tha plank down on my leg and the well you've never aeen auch a meaa." In order to give thla Item the proper touch an effort waa made to find out exactly how many bones there are In the body. Then the angle, out of 206 or 208 bonce, Zlk had to hurt the same one tend a ceremony a majority didn't expect to go beyond tho third round, Schlelch kicked the extra tally.

Both teama were given another cause they don't waste run. They have the kind of pitching and defense that can operate on a one, two or three run margin all day long. They won 41 game by a 1-run margin last eaon. No lucky ball club can do that. There la every reason to believe that tha Down In Third.

The champion, Blticcl-ih at 203 chance but both bogged down and pounds, punched Tony to the floor In tha third but Referee Donovan It remained for Howard Debus, Fred Metheny, Krnle Weeke and Leo Lewla to put over the winning Reds will continue to win thosa PAULINE BtTZ OF LOS ANGELES Is the new national Indoor got only to "one" before the challenger, who weighed 1B9H despite the 6 Inch difference In height, wa back In his half crouch. marker. Lottrt Score First, AIR CADET BILLY SOUTHWORTH, formerly of Toronto Mnple clone, tight one right down the alnglea champion, winning the title recently at Brookline, Maaa, Superior playing over Dorothy Bundy gave Miss Betz the title vacated line in 1841. Leafs, talks shop with Ab Wright, outfielder of Minneapolis as the Miller visited Randolph Field, Texas, on their tour. again.

There seems to be differences of opinion on the human frame's structure. KIwynn Dees, Hunker trainer, ays there are A the club eet ready to eo ta At the start of the game the Tnajo pitted the Harvard No. 1 unit For the remainder of the frame by Alice Marble. ecalnst the Yale seconds. The Har the post the Red look Wee a more formidable outfit than a year ago.

Their pitching Uff ha mora Louis stood over him like a Missouri farmer waiting to caress a rooster's neck In preparation for 206 bones In the body. Chuck Va- tarda drew flrat blood when Vike Francla personally conducted his Baer next on Louis' slate Rain helps Omaha course Sunday dinner. cnntl claims 202, unless you count the three bones In each ear and that makes 208. depth. Beyond the "big three" of Derringer, Walter and Thompson, are Jim -Turner.

Whiter Moor. But he couldn straighten Tony up and his right hand wasn't sharp That's the sort of thing that -for National Amateur meet -followed by Simon and Conn Johnny Vander Meer, Monte Pear enough to come up from below. keeps a space like this open on rainy daya. son and Elmer Riddle. After the scrap Louis said the On War Back? hand never had healed completely from the ruckus with Simon two ATTENDANCE.

OMAHA. t.1 Rain, rain, don't go away, the Omaha Field club weeks ago. "That Musto was a BY SID FEDER. ST. LOUIS.

There was quite a scrambling Wednesday of plans Hecord waa kept of spring foot brave boy all the way," he added ball attendance in the Nebraska course Is getting better every day, Musto first comment after camp and the surprising part That was the happy refrain of reaching his dressing room under It is the number of players on the his own power bore out Louis' 'perfect list who had been play Allen T. Hupp, H. A. ChriNtensen and Stanley Da vies Wednesday a they gazed lovingly on the Field ing football as late as Jan. 1, 1941 mater to the promised lana.

Bradley had returned Debus' punt to the Yale 28 and the Vla-count alam-bammed his way to the 12 yard atripe on three victoua thrusts thru the line. His touchdown plunge netted a good 11 yards. Vike added the extra point to make It, 7-0. Francis started the second goHl-ward march with a substantial gain and Bradley's 11 yard run put the leather on the Yale 29. A quick whiRtle saved the Harvards on Stndt'a fumble for on the next play Bradley streaked around the left side for 16 yarda and the aecond Harvard touchdown.

Vlke's kick was wide. Schlelch Recover. At this point the No. 1 Yale and No. 2 Harvard unlta entered the picture.

Simmons got off a punt to the Harvard 14 and Vic Schleich'a recovery of a Crimson Out of 77 names posted, there are club's rain soaked course, site of 40 who haven missed a workout. Included in this 100 percent class the National Amateur golf tournament to be played here Aug. 25-30. "Boy, what a rain," beamed are George Abel, Marvin Athey, Dale Bradley, Wlllard Bunker, Hupp, general tournament chair I William Bryant, Clarence Hern- that Promoter Mike Jaeobs and Bomber Joe Louis had all lined up for tho busiest summer a heavyweight boxing champion has ever faced. Out of Tony Musto's gallant nine round stand against Louis here Tuesday night, and the way Buddy Baer made roly poly Tony Galento holler "Uncle" in Washington, came a complete switch In the lin-up.

The way things stand now. here is how Jacobs and Iuis' managers tentatively have agreed to go on with Joe's fight a month campaign: 1. Buddy Baer in Washington in May. 2. Ample Abraham Simon, originally the May opponent In a re man.

"This is just what we need. That Kentucky blue gTasa will don, Jack Hazen, Francis Leik an um. um jsnaaii umliiiiiiii jji i 1 i ''W iljl, A il Bob McNutt, Fred Metheny, sprout In the fairways as It never Jerome Prochaska, Vic Schloich has before. Lush will be the word, Just lush." Ken Simmons, Marvin Thompson, Vander Meer looks as if he' on the way back. The once-brllllant southpaw may easily be the surprise of the season.

In even games thi spring he has worked 28 innings, allowed 10 run (3 unearned), permitted 20 hits, walked 25 and struck out 25. Mgr. Bill McKechnle is counting on him as a starter and only wildness can keep him from being a winner. Pearson, the former Yankee, looks good and hasn't complained of any physical aliments. McKechnle is going slow with him and anything he does will be so much velvet Joe Beggs, the relief star, shouldn't be overlooked in the Reds' pitch-ng picture.

He is the National league's top fireman. Absence of Billy Myers, who went to the Cub, hasn't hurt the" Reds infield. Eddie Joost is playing short so well there seems little doubt that he'd have won Myers' job anyway. The Red outfield presents a minor problem and Catcher Ernie Lombardi' ailing ankle has caused some concern. Jimmy Gleeson, obtained from the Cubs for Myers, has given the team added outfield punch, but Ival Goodman's srjrinir illnea.

Herb Von Goetz, Allen Zlkmund Christensen, president of the 45 statement. "He doesn't hit any harder than any of the other- fellows I've fought," said Musto. First visitor In the challenger' dressing room was Mr. Musto who was greeted with a pinch on the arm and "There's nothing wrong with me at all, honey." Forgets Mouthpiece. Musto related that much of his trouble In the ninth was caused by failure to Insert his mouthpiece.

In an effort to protect his Hps he left the top of his face unguarded. The cut above the optic was opened In the seventh, waa battered severely in the eighth and proved his stoplight for Donovan at 1:36 of the ninth. Two stitches were required to close the cut His hand permitting, Louis' next stop will be a return engagement The latter was present but not year old club, added: "Two inches active until the last scrimmage. of rain in the last three days That'll put a reserve in the RANDOM SHOTS. ground." Eliminates Weeds.

And Davies, veteran club pro Frank Leahy, Notre Dame coach according to findings of Halsey Hall of the Minneapolis Star Jour fumble set up the pins for a score but the blue jerseys held for downs on their 6 yard atripe. After a punt exchange Simmons ahot a perfect pass to Allen Zik-mund and the Ord halfback raced 55 yards for the first Yale tally. Schlelch kicked the try for point. Simmons and Weekes, with oc fessional, echoed "and the farmers think they're happy! Those nal, once served as sparring part? ner for Ace Hudkins. Bible has 23 lettermen, 10 backs and 13 )-A: 'SA what ALLEN T.

rain." weeds will be knocked to glory." Lack of rain has been a tough problem for golf courses in drouth hit Nebraska, and altho the Field club solved much of its difficulties linemen, returning at Texas match of a 13 round go with the Bomber in Detroit, in June in New York. 3. Billy Conn, the light heavyweight king whose chances were helped considerably by Joe's showing Tuesday night, in July, probably in New York. 4. Old man par In August, because Joe wants a month off to play golf, especially in a tournament he's arrancine for his dude Henry McLemore will be doing 800 casional help from Blue, started a second goalward march from words daily mostly out of Wash Good OF Cat witn Simon in New York in May.

Then comes the probable meeting with Billy Conn of Pittsburgh in MIKE JACOBS Tuesday's show didn't disappoint him. ington come June 1 for the Mc-Naught Syndicate. describe the big news stories from a hum the Harvard 33. Weekes racca as yards to a first down on the 17 and Simmons went the rest of the way for a touchdown on the next lacking wind OMAHA. (UP).

Old "Bearcat1 orous angle. upset the outfield alignment Lombardi looks as if he'll be able to open the season. ranch in Michigan. play. Shleich's kick waa wide.

Kelly Ends Threat. 5. Lou Nova, conqueror of Max Ihe Reds aren't onina They grow tall In tha Gissler family. trying for an end position with the Huskers, is 6 feet has two brothers Wright. Negro heavyweight favorite here a decade ago climbed into the ring again Tuesday, Baer and given a good chance by many to dethrone Louis, in to the pennant.

They are going to get stiff opposition from two and maybe more quarters. The Cardinals must garbed in fighting tights but only That left the count standing at 13 all. The starting teams took over and after Lewis had Intercepted Bradley's pass, the Yales at Osceola high school, Leonard for a workout with Lem Franklin With the $17,468.52 he collected Paul Hartnek's opponent at the who Is 6-2 and Roland, 6-4. a senior, and Roland, junior, Busker bold share $9600 OMAHA. tP).

Nebraska' Rote Bowl share is slightly more than $99,600, It was reported here Tuesday. The information was contained in a telegram received from Sports Editor Bill Leiser of the San Francisco Chronicle. Biily has put together threatened when JJeous wok to me city auditorium Thursday night. for Tuesday night's not so hot showing, along with what he picked up In his four previous June, a possible setto in Washington In July, and Lou Nova in September. Conn witnessed Louis' victory Tuesday night Joe wants August for golf before turning his attention, If still champion, to Nova.

Louis was paid $17,468.52 for the 16th successful defense of boxing title. Tony Musto, the defeated challenger, was paid 15 percent, or $6,550.70. Mike Jacobs, copromoter, announced the gross receipts as and the official paid attendance as 17,472. A total of $8,921.19 was paid in federal, state, city and sales taxes. air.

One flip to tall Bert Gissler with a permanent water system, the moisture Is a real boom. The par 72 course will be in "ideal shape," come tournament time, Davies said. Largs Dressing Room. "We offer plenty of diversity," he commented. "The course has wooded, open and flat sections.

Accuracy is a prime factor. There's only one hole where you can cut distance by shooting up and over, and it's blood and trouble galore If you miss." Hupp and Christensen are proud of the club's spacious accommodations, including a 350 locker dressing room, huge ballroom and a $14,000 swimming pool. "We're going to show the boys a good time," Hupp dqclared. This tournament is a civic enterprise In Omaha, and the whole town and state is behind it." "I ain't got no mo' wind," the played end on the football team and guard and center on the running Dail club with more punch than Cat said at the start of the second monthly trips to the post, it begins gave the Blues a first down on the Harvard 19 but Howard Osceola basketball quintet the last round. So he just quit.

Franklin, Cleveland Negro, fi season. Kelly's Interception a few mo swuuiii any the Cards' infield of Mize, Crespi, Marion and Brown holds up, St. Louis is likely to furnish the Reds' chief to look like Joe probably will keep the wolf from the door with this year's earnings. The Conn and Nova doings are expected to go ments later snuffed out the touch nished his workout with Buddy McGrae. Hartnek boxed three Harry Wheeler, the Hastings taximan golfer, isn't going to quit competitive golf after all.

had If the Reds folded. th rounds with Billy Smith. almost decided to retire last fall over $200,000 each and the others are looked to get into six figures without much trouble. Hartnek Is a substitute fighter down threat. Dale Bradley's beautiful 83 yard punt that bounced out of bounds on the Yale 5 yard stripe was the signal for the two first units to take over.

Summary: could win the pennant If every-' thing clicked. The odds, however for Eddie Simms who suffered a Hastings high lost Bob Burroughs, half miler and basketball player, cut ear in a recent bout. to Norfolk, when his parents Draft Number Low. Of course, the fight game has moved there Some sound author Ted Young president Yale No. 1 Harvard No.

1 3 Nvden le Pomfler ities declare that Dr. Forrest Allen was ready to retire from active coaching this spring until he took seem against it. The Dodgers have too many question marks young Pete Reiser in center, second base, the pitching staff beyond Wyatt and Higbe, and Joe Medwick's comeback. The logical move to tighten up the infield seems to be for Mgr. Leo Durocher to olav West Central league McNutt It Martin JL Vnn GMlI I Bmtorff Ord joins Central Nebraska league ORD, Neb.

Ord has joined the Central Nebraska league, a six team loop that Includes Fuller-ton, Cedar Rapids, Wolbach, Greeley, and Genoa. Walt Douth-it has been named Ord manager. League officials recently elected include J. W. Murphy, Greeley; president: Lloyd Datel, Cedar Rapids, vice president; and E.

M. Black, Fullerton, secretary; treasurer. learned long before this that the best laid plans along scrambled ear alley are no worse than even money with those of mice and men. One of these scheduled rivals might very easily park a "Sunday NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Ted Kill? narru Abel rg Nflon another look at the freshman talent in his K.

U. basketball squad. lilk rt Bordy Unger leading snooker shooters Aaron Unger continues to pace the individual contestants in the Business Men's Snooker league with 48 victories and 16 defeats. Leonard Davey and W. Everett are second and third.

Hudson Field leads the teams with 145 victories, 111 losses. Young, Hershey, was elected president of the West-Central Ne The Big Six will lose gate receipts and piquancy the day Phog goes Ludwlrk jaricion Slranathan ah Preius Brndly Ih Ptbui I Slnrit rh Weekes Francl fb Uwls Breycr Norfolk prexy NORFOLK, Neb. (UP). With the election of Mayor Art Breyer as president of the Norfolk Western league baseball club, the board of directors Immediately started a campaign to sell 1,500 season tickets to assure operation of the club the entire season. braska baseball league at a meeting held in Elsie, Neb.

Knute Larson, Elsie, was elected vice thru with that retirement idea. second base but thus far MiJas brushed off Larry MacPhani's attempts to bring about this shift In addition, this club's harmony doesn't appear to be of champion Yals No. 2 Harvard No. 7 punch" on Joe's whiskers and toss the whole setup into the ash can. It could conceivably happen after the way Joe looked Tuesday night, which was about four dollars less than a ball of fire.

Best descriptive touch of the week belongs to Joe Williams of the New York Telegram. described Maxie Baer as a "Hilarious ship class. And if that doesn't come off, Joe Falcaro, the world's champion match game bowler, has confidence in himself. after there's always Uncle Sam. Joe came up with a draft number considerably smaller than his income tax total.

president; and Walter Brown, Hershey, secretary-treasurer. Hershey, Paxton, Elsie, Grant, Wellfleet, Brule, Wallace, and North Platte were represented; and Imperial and Wauneta also indicated they might join, making a ten-team circuit, two more than a year ago. Deadline for entries was set for April 15, and the league will probably open its season Sunday, May Prep parade Defending Champ Helms seeks new mile mark in state meet Bunker 1 Haien Schlelch It Yakal Vvers Id atiuhert Meier Bachman Bryant Wllklna Mernilon rt Byler Kathol Stockwell Athey qb Mackey Simmon lh Long Zlkmund Hanson Blue (b Sallabury Harvards 13 0 0 7 20 talea 0 13 0 1330 Touchdowns: Harvarde Francie. Bradley. Stndt.

Yalta Zlkmund, Simmons 1, Weekes. Try for point: Harvard! Francis Tale Schlelch I. rolling games of 300, 290, 300, all in a row, Joe remarked: "If it No one in bash boulevard's In wasn't me, I wouldn't believe it" ner circles, particularly Mike Jacobs, was too disappointed over Joe's off form flailing Tuesday 29 teams enter Smooth as a tahhlt, night. The way Musto stood up under Joe's Jolts added thousands of dollars to the gates of his next Columbus meet Mild as a doe. five starts.

And that will never COLUMBUS, Neb. With 29 BY GLENN TRUMP. Meager In size but enormous In ability, Charles Helms has Kearney track fans agog this spring. If you follow prep athletics at all, you've heard of Lilliputian bring tears to the boys and girli Make it a habit teams expected on the firing line, the annual Columbus Invitational on the financial end of the track and field -meet will have a record entry list Thursday. A golf tournament will be held in con lb save as you.

go. Pat Patton heads No. Platte bowlers NORTH PLATTE, Neb. North Platte's city bowling association held its annual meeting here electing Pat Patton, president; Andy Toogood, first vice president; E. L.

Jaoggi, second vice president; Ivan Helms, third vice 'president; Frank Raine, fourth vice president; and Harold Oliver, secretary-treasurer. This group will be host to the Burwell wins dual from Ord cindermen Sioux City put of Western SIOUX CITY, la. (.. A drive for sponsorship falling short of the amount necessary to supplement aid from the St. Louis Cardinals, Sioux City baseball boosters decided at a meeting Tuesday night to abandon efforts to back a Western league franchise here thia summer.

junction with the cinder contest. Teams entered are Ravenna, BURWELL, Neb. Coach Wol- Monroe, Fremont, Kearney, Arlington, Osceola, O'Neill, Gresham, cott's Burwell high cindermen surprised Ord by taking the long end of the score in a dual meet here, 74 to 47 4. Burwell made City. Helms, well tutored by Coach Harlan Wyant, is given better than a 150-50 chance of turning the trick.

Aside from Helms, the cinder picture isn't so rosy at Kearney, tho. He's the only veteran back, and you'll have to credit Wyant with a near miracle if his green hands make much of an impression in their two important meets the Southwest conference and state. Open With Dual. Most promising of the new material are Harold Coffelt and Ralph Sands, sprinters Wayne Sands and Richard Davis, weight-men; Jerry Fielding, pole vaulter; Stanley Sheldon, javelin; Nick Shelhase, distances; and Dean Wallace, half miler. Here are the meets in which Helms Co.

will engage; April 11, dual with Ravenna: 17, Ooth-enhurg relays; 23, Kearney Stats Invitational. May 2. Snuthweit ronferenes at Kearney; -10, state meat at Lincoln. Helms. He's the 135 pounder who clicked off a 4:34.7 mile to win the gold medal award at the state meet last May.

Included in the field he conquered were such standouts as Omaha Tech's Russell Jackman and Albion's Bud Barnes. state tournament here next year. a clean swep in the 100 and mile Madison, SL Edward, St. Paul, St. St Bonaventure of Columbus, Platte Center, Norfolk, David City, Albion, York, Central City, Phillips, Grand Island, Schuyler, Pierce, Elgin, Petersburg, Rising City, Shelby, Humphrey, Duncan and Columbus.

One Omahan survives and grabbed off a total of 14 firsts CHICAGO. (UP). Sol Yaffe of and six second places. Winning, performances: i en Andaraon, B. a pole mlt: Lach, O.

10 fftt. 2'i KM) Recent rains will make the cin The Cigarette of Quality Omaha entered the third round in the national A. A. W. handball tournament's singles division Wednesday.

John Casey and Pat Mc-Gill, other Omaha entrants lost rtash: Chaffln, B. 10 shot: Cetak, der paths slow. i Wesleyan in Midland meet FREMONT, Neb. (UP). Midland college opens it track campaign here Friday in a triangular meet with two C.

A. C. foes, Doan and Nebraska Wesleyan. 1 It will be the first of tix meet 3 mile: Ray. B.

5:02 440: Hlavira. B. 57.2: hlahiump: Leach. O. PMANO laOTHfRS, feet, Javelin: frahlto, feet.

7 In )K loit: AnHeraon. 11.7; 330: Chafflln. B. 25 flat; broad jump: for the Warriors this spring. With a large squad avilable, Coach William Nelson consider prospects the brightest In year.

two. Omaha's two doubles teams, Yaffe-Morris Bloom and Casey-McGill survived first round com- This year, Charles Helms. Helms is concentrating on the state record of 4:28.1, established In 1937 by Gilbert Dodds of FaUs Simpson, 19 feet. Slmpeon. In iliecuM: Pullman.

B. 125 feat. 11 80 relay Burwtil, 1:41.2, peuuon,.

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