The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1933
Page 6
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:-PAGE SIX NEWS il Puts New Yorkers Six and Half Games Ahead ':" Again; Nats Win. ... .The New York Glanls Jumped ••buck six rhd a hull games In Ihe lend in the National lengue chase 5CEierd:iy. luinin? tuck the Piti.s- • burgh Pirates. The Washington Senntnrs, Am• oilcan pace sr-tic-rs. won nt the "expense of the Chicago While Sox. The aunts trimmed the Hues m n hard fought 2 to 1 gain 1 ! with Gail llublien. ."xmUipiuv ace, getting the verdict, over Smith ami Hoyt In a pUchlng duel. The IVcs were held scoreless by the "Glaiil ace until the eighth in- niiig when they accountr-d lor •their only tnlly. Tim Giants scored in the third ami seventh innings. • - The Chicago Cubs defeated the Boston Brave* 8 lo 3 at Chicago. Vow Boston pitchers failed i.oslop ihc onslaught of the Druins who • rot 12 hits. Jordan of Hie Hiaves hit for the circuit. Her- _!iim led Ihe attack with three liils and p. double. Rush was Ihfc winning pltcher. The Cincinnati Reds shut 0111 .'Vie Brooklyn Dodgers 12 to 0 :it Cincinnati. Si Juhnson IhnlUH! 'the Dodgers to six scauered hits 'Thurs'.ou was ihe losing pitcher. The St. Louis Cardinals trimmed the Phillies 6 to 5 al SI. Louis .Johnson was the- winning pitcher .r.Jthough Dazzy Vnucc entered Ihc yume iu the seventh inning. Ilmi- r.eii was Ihe losing hurler. The jChrds scored three runs hi ihc ieconil and three In the sixih. Durocher and Klein hit for the circuit. The Washington Senators defeated the While Sox by n score .ol II to 2. The NdLs blasied out '.KT.hlls. Including everything tint Ijomers. Al Crowdcr wns ihe winning hurler, holding the Sox to • iiMne scattered tills. Hcytng wtis •die losing pitcher. ; New York's'Yankees chalked un their third straight trUiniph iR -the expense of Ihe St. Louis Browns. The Ynnkres won behind the four-hit pitching of Van Atin. The Yanks collected 10 blows olf three Brown hurlers. .The. Philadelphia Athletics defeated Ihe Cleveland Indians 3 lo 2 at Philadelphia. Cain hurled the vih for the Macks while Jlmmj Foxx crashed his 42nd homer o i the season. Wes Ferrell, the los- I ii)g pitcher, also hit for the clr- ' i cult. ; j - . Detroit's Tigers trimmed the j Boston Red Sox in two games at = Eoston. The scores were 4 to 3 | unct 4 to 3. Bridges and Hogsett T '*«re the winning pitchers. The \ The Tigers scored the winning run j o[:the second game in the ninth .i inning after the Bostonians had ; CMinted their three runs In the; . ;•) eighth -inning. Jolley hit for the j";j 'circuit In the opening game. ANOTHER SCHALK? THE HALF-PINT K By Laufer POWER, 5FEET 6 INCHES !w> POUNDS-'-. \ FRANKS is. of THERM smv; \ AND MUW K UE L SCHOO \ Cf\£HE«S-IN HIS SKP SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER fl, 1933 JOE DGEBli .CHUT IS IRE 1DUTH Always Played Shortstop and Was Real Hitter Even As A Youngster. EDITOR'S NOTF: This Is the srrund of a. wrles of six slorin en Joe Oronln, boy nunuctr who is leading the Senators toward a wurld serifs. SLIDES V BILL BRAUCHER A Tragic Bain- Itutli A man wlio has hit uiore Itomc inns In n seoren than Babe Ruth nt Ihe peak ol his bulling power . . . n man still young at 33. . Jrx- Hauser . . . ycl he remain :u a Minneapolis uniform and his fhancts for reluming lo the majors are hbl .so good. On Labor Day Hauser hit his 55th home run mid now Is on his Scuttling a Pirate Crew •.iaj to 70 . . Ruth's reconl C'Oesn't some gjab Huuser? Iriek kueef . Hull ovei-slmdows of UQ . . . why major league club . . . bt'citust' of u Leiiii Defeats Lynch in Extra Hole Golf Match John Lcntl eliminated B. A. Lynch, sr., from Oie championship quest In Ihe annual Biythevllle country club golf tournament yesterday. He won at the 21st hole. Lynch forced Lentl to exert his best game to finish ahead, the contest being the most stubbornly fought of the unusually large num. ber of close matches In the tour- far. The match went three ettra holes before Lent! won with a birdie. In a second flight match Sam Norris was hard put to eliminate James Cnrtwright of Osceola but finally succeeded in turning tlie trick, one up. Child of .Calamity Hnuser gave brilliant promise eight years ayn last spring when ne appeared in the A's training camp . .' . the players liked htm, .1111.1 called him "Unscr (Our) Joe" 1'Ul In n game at Philadelphia he Uokc his kueecnp clinslng' u foul ily . . -• he was onfall year . nnd as far ns the majors were concerned wns out forever . . the knee hampered hl.s fleld- Threc years ngo Joe set hl.s rec- c r d of 63 homers . . . more than ny player ever had hit In any season in any league . . . Al Simmons nnd Jimmy Dykes, who How They Stand Soolhtm W. 46 43 35 New Orleans Memphis JeNashville Knoxrille ........... 37"37 xLlttle Rock ......... 36 38 xBirmingham ....... 32 38 Chattanooga ......... 34 41 .453 xAllanta ............. 24 43 359 t. Pet 29 .613 30 559 530 .500 .486 .451 Nat Pilot In Short Pants Day Back in San I-'r;u:ci;cn. BUCS' BUTCHER RV RICHARD II01.LANDKK WASHINGTON — Joe Cronln can't remember when he dldn'i liki- lo play baseball. Ti:e manager of the pcnnanl- botind Nats was born Oct. la, IBOti. e day before Friday, Ihe ISlh, in n Francisco. He has a back- liimd of good lilsh stock Ihul vriv.s had lo work hnrd and voifd Us country. God and church. He never went to college although until he finally broke Into big lime baseball, he fully «x]>e .-xjiiie day lo atlend SI. Mary's. N'u Football, Flense The little Irish kid with the big chin attended grammar/"school In l-Ylsco nnd played practically all sports. To this day. however, Cro- nln can't sec much sense in the grid game. He played a litile, cracked up an ankle and then mill. Ills parents, Jerry and Marv Cronin, backed their athletic soil in his amblilon toward baseball although Ihey and Ihelr pareuls before them hadn't much time for games. While altending grammar school, young .Ice playe don the baseball, soccer, basketball and tennis learns all of which were either city champions or runners-up during ln< terms. The only sport outside of baseball thai Joe is still interested in' Is lennis. Al 14 he was city playground champion of San Francisco and now, during the winter, he plays a lol of It to keep in shape. Always -4. Shortstop Later, Joe attended Mission high S'.lwol. which—the dream of oil school kids—burned clown after ne had gone there two years. He transferred to Sacred Heart where f.e continued to play all sports. i;ut by Ihls lime his henri was implelely losl lo baseball. He always ployed shorlslop—his resent position—and intimaits. lough he won't come right, oui id say so. lhat he was u better nn a\erage hitter even in those ays. Once. In grammar school, he tched two Innings, was knocked ' r it of the box and never went ack. While he was si acred Heart. Cronln 'started play- .semi-pru ball on Sundays. hat was In 1924, the summer he os appointed an assistant play- loimd director. Constructs Pattern All ihe lime he studied base- nil. The Const League players ere his heroe--. In all his dreams entering baseball as a jirofes- onal he never thought much tout the big leagues away back nst. He watched the Coast Leag- play and analyzed their va- ous strong points and weak- "sses. He found his own weaknesses oni Matching others. He was Mine better nil the time and, ad offers from several Const 1 e teams. Still thinking about £l ' ort alul l>«>yc<1 the rest of allege, he didn't accept. Ch'Vks Must Now Win Tlwr 'Straight Carries For Second Half Title. The New Orleans Pelicans shut rut the Wcmphic Chicks In the fiisi Ranie of a crucial rerles for ihe Southern league lead. They Increased their narrow lead lo n iiolnt. where the Chicks must. ••••In iliplv next three games while ihe Pels arc on the losing end 10 i'(ip ihe second" half title and sew up Ihe Southern leatuie pennant, ha vine already won Ihe first, half. H looks like the Chicks and 1'i-is mv corinln to meet, in a plnyoff because the Chicks chances of. beating ihe Birds three straight names; are anything', but excellent. The Memphinns were limited to five scattered hils by John?on ye.s- Jtrc'.iy. The New pi-leans learn got to four Memphis' hurlers for 1ft hits and 11 C lo 2 victory. The Birds scored Ihrec runs in the eighth. Inning afie,- counting two in the first and one in the second. The Mcmnhiniis .-.cored a first, inning run bin did not refiis- lor again until the .seventh when they pushed their final counter acres?, the plate. 'Hie Little Hock- Travelers de- ieated the Birmingham Barons 4 to 3 nl Little Rock. The Travelers won when Sturdy, fii-st baseman and manager, drove in the deciding tally in the eighth inning. Willou^hby was the winning pitcher and Shoaf the loser. The Chattanooga Lookouts defeated the Knoxville Smokies 8 to 1 at Knoxville. The Lookouts came from behind to win, scoring six finis In the last four Innings. Dudley wns the winning and nabb the luting pitcher. Joe C ion in. Here's close dclion from the Giants-Pirates "crucial" series at Pittsburgh. -Travis Jackson has crossed the plMc with nti important run alter Oils Vnncuso doubled. The calcllcr is. Fjirl Ora'ce, and Ihc umpire is Pflrmnn. ' ~- Un- vhere uixler the bis lop for or Joe" . . . and here's hopi .-erne ball club sees tin- point. 6OLFL To execute a good golf shot, the elubhead must be kept low atul close to the ground. An excellent way to praclicc this s"to place two balls on the ground NSWERS Lcapie - W. Ne* York .......... 79 Chicago ............. 75 Pittsburgh .......... 74 St. Louis .' ........... 74 Boston .............. 10 Brooklyn ............ 54 Philadelphia ........ . 51 Cincinnati .......... 52 L. Pet. 51 603 60 .556 59 .556 76 .540 62 .530 15 .419 17 398 B2 .388 Leane W. L. Washington 88 New York 78 53 Cleveland 72 66 Philadelphia 67 65 Detroit 68 68 Chicago 61 74 Boston 5« 80 St. Louis 49 87 Pet 46 .657 595 .522 .508 JM Haintr . .- . thtrc should '•t a place in thr majors [or this wire pals of Joe's In Ihe old days, lent him wires cheering him on . . . Joe made a lol of friends in the big leagues ... he was kind of a lad ... Connie Mack was in high glee nboul It. H was predicted then that Joe svrcly would be brought back to the big show the next season . anybody who could smack fi3 homers in the International league could whack that app'.c- in (he majors . . . but Joe wasn scouts empha- .500 .452 .412 260 prought back sized thai broken knee . . .'and reported that Joe never had beei such a hot fielder even before the crackup . . . also that the fence were shorUr, which contributed I Joe's record. Swtcpinf Reform Plumed MONTREAL (OP) — A sweeping program ot soclil, economic, poli- tkal »nd labor reforms, which embrace .In its scope the federal, proYlncia! 'and municipal fields, is being sponsored by the Federation cits Ouvrlors'., du Canada,: !ncor- Isn't Thm a Place? The fences «e admittedly shor in Joe's league . . . but th rr.lghly Buzz Arlett, Bnltimor rowerhouse, thought he ha earned his keep when he cockec M homers last year ... II shor c.l Joe's new record. GOOD is ib mr 1*10 IWfo TPE WR WiT ' . ON£ SWEEP OF ! TriE CLUB THME cutsas Th« Federal Home Owner-) Loan Corp. will NOT MAKE LOANS OM HOMES VALURD AT MORB THAN {20,000. Tha host shown Is » KETCH. Tho EMPIHB STATP BUILDIMi Xfsw York, Is ti» *\>rld'i | the twenty-five. They meet Chicks Sept. 29. •\ foot apart. Take a maihie and hit both balls into Ihc nir with one sweep of the club. You will Vcadlly see that any aliemnt to lift or pick up Ihe ball will result in failure. This sort of practice soon will enable the player lo make his shots correctly. . I There ought 10 hi a place some Osceola Seminoles Begin Grid Practice OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. 9. Twenty-five men have been meeting Coach Carroll Bird tvlce day this we«k for football practice and a good team is in prospect, according to Coach Bird. Nine letter .men are Included h tlic During the first three lao of 1933. losses due to fires In ud showed n remarkable ili cieasc. In the first quarter n! 19: n damage worth -20.000.000 «. done, while in the same pc-riix! , Mils-year the loss was -lo.000.f>. Shop and Parts Dept. open 'til 10 p.m. every night Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. d never went. t. ;lill attending \ Today's Games Southern T.natroc Nev: Orleans ut Memphis. BiriniiiulKHn :il Lilllo Rock. Uh»ttiinr.ut;a at Knoxville. N:i?hville rtl Allanta. N':lti(]ll:il Lraguc llronklyn ul PiU.sbtiriU]. New York nl Cincinnati. Philudelphiu nt Chicago. Ucsion ut St. LouL-,. American I.eiigur St. Louis nl New York IMioil cu 110.11011. Cleveland nt Philadelphia. Chicago at Washington. The North Star, being in a continuation of the line of the earth's axis, api>cais as a pivot around which all the rest, of the star s revolve every 24 hours. WRESTUNG Armory, Monday Nile HOY WELCH vs. BILL CANTRELL FRED KNICHOI. World Middleweight C'hamii VS. VIC WEBBER , SATURDAY MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c NEW BUCK JONES SERIAL When "Km.-Uer Roy" Ralph Rirkofoi 1 tUilhs 10 HIB iiiouiul with n ]noa.t cleaver hi In* hand, he sin:|tly slays 'cm. Tbti new Virnn: iiiichor, iibovr, brought up troin Toronto to nhl (he IMltslmrfiliPVR' last Imt for the peniiiuU, h:)s hui'lfil two brillKint- h:ill ^urocs for (Jc-OTT'* iiibsoii. wiiijiiiip both. HO'S a kou t It ii.i w, weigh i n Jt 213 'GORDON OF GHOST CITY 1 AI,80 JACK HOLT In 'THE WRECKER 1 CARTOON Finally a Pittsburgh scout ap- roached him. After in u c ti hought. Joe accepted and went ast. That was in 1925. He wns nrmed out to Johnstown, Pa.. Her that season but. was recalled or spring training in 1920. Again u was farmed out. this lime lo Jew Haven. He was recalled In uly. howctcr. and played fulrly •3Ulnrly al short and second. Johnson Keeps Him III 1927 he sal on the Pirates' conch almost all season, playing games. Then, in 1928, afler •10 had been sold to Kansas City. Washington picked him in July. He took Bobby Reeves' place al ter.t:on. Thai winter Walter son look Duc'<y Harris' place us} 'he Wnshitigton manager. : A trade with Boston lo gel Bud-' riy Myer back was in the |iroci-:-s; of discussion. The Nnts were IMV- ' ing five players for Myer. who had. tloKsniiifd as n star. Thc.-r ilvf : ucre lo be Gillis. Uiyclow, Cj.istun. Iisenbee jnul eilher Koi-v.^s nr Cioniii. i It looked as though Ciomn- ViHilrt go null' Johnson st'-pl'.'d' in. He saw the kid's ]wtcii!.ah-'. lies. Heevcs went insteaU. , Four yearn Inter, after a luil- l:?nt career, Cronjn .succi'Ccli'il I hi-! interim Johnson n.s Ihe Wii.iluni;-1 HMI manager. i SUNDAY-MONDAY MATINEE itml NIGHT—lOc - 'tec. 1 ROUND TRIP EXCURSION To ST» LOUIS SEPT. 16th via FRISCO LINES Special (rain leaves Iflythrville 10:25 p.m. Retiirnins, special train will leave S(. Louis K':0" p.m., Sunday, Sept. 17 CHILDREN HALF FARE~ DOUBLE HEADKR liALl. CiAMK GIANTS VS. CARDINALS TRISCO LINES For Furllu'r Infonnalinn Ask the ^FRISCO AGENT ,, ** in her life, on* creed.,."Give them everything ...but love, babyl" COLBERT f • . IRICARDO CORT«1 DAVID MAOHERS: LYDA ROBERTM and BABY UROTYj Latest Pai-ainount News COMEDY - - "Their First Mistake" With Laurel & Hardy

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