The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 3, 1935
Page 2
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." Social Calendar FRIDAY'S EVENTS De«)oqf»llc Women's club meet- Ing, Hotel Noble, !U a. m Elmwood Cemetery association nwtins with MIS. Kugene Dlcktn- ijon, q'JO pin ladle*' Bible class, First Main. odist church, .niejtlnswltu Mrs. 0. Ni-K*«!tln«, 7,30 pnt Mre Baker Wilson haUns bridge luncheon at country club lor Met, William I,, Reeves o[ Chicago, liouiegiiesl of Mr. and Mrs. 11. il. Hiehflll. •jvli-s. Hunter C. Sims »Jid Mrs. ripyd White having bridgo Uincli- epn at home of Mr*. 61ms. Has Club Parly ,The Wednesday Bridge I'ccinncd It? weekly luncheons and bridge gwnq this weeX" when Mrs. Farm;- v,6rlh BlacK wns hostess at her l]ome on West Main Bt "•The dining room Ublc hafl u i&rilerplece of chrysanthemums In a 5 white bowl and white crochet luncheon mats were iited in keeping, with the yellow and white rtlStif - dso ' carried out In the place cards irln (he bridge games Mrs. W. It, Mlnjaid von a batting dish for l|leh score and Mre W. B. Tun- uer of Helena, hoiiEcgnest of Mrs. Tf; J. -Matron,, was given a handkerchief. Another guest was Mrs Sllbji W Klrby '^ , .. , - * * Shonrr Pariy Glitn ; , A miscellaneous shower was glv- en-, 1 last- evening In Oseeolii by Mies Vlda May "nl her homo In Osceoln Mfc'.Mrs. Sterling Murjf of Osco o)o ; iU|o «ai before her recent iqainage, Miss Gallic Rillli Bui* nett. of this ulj f 5 In tho bunco games P,uil Pnrc- {ey non high stoic prize inri Miss Louise Johnson, low tcoie. Ttierc were two Wblcs of plajeri. Delicious rcfi?Eh|ncntb \\i-tc Set-red. t * » 4 ' — ' ' ' Li.wranco-Bcniiclt , Miis Malzelle Bemwlt and John Ixmrancb ,both of Inis city, wci'c united In maniage at Canillicrs- Mile, Mo, Sunday v,(th Justice A. Elliott performing (Jie cufcinony. >~Mrs Lowrancc, v.ho is tlic daughter of MI ami Mrs. j. u. Jgennott has ie.s!cicd here lor tho past ii\ jears She has been especially scthe In rfffalrs of (lie liaise Slrcel Methodist chm-oli. ,-Mi Lowrajjce Is connected Vwith the Lloyd and Lourtrtcd Radio fcrvice oj o,| k city «,, ero tlle niaXo their home • v?or tl)e ceiepcro iiio bririe's sis. !«r, Mrs. Sterling Hurff oh oscc> ola, /orniefly M|^ calllc nutlj Bewiett of this cits, wa of honor, and Mr'Muiff 'liijmc Sunday -froih tola l wl '"f ll)0 »' v|sll «« Mr. farkhurft's brother, John park- m-ii, anc] other relatives, Mrs. Jo c Vu(es, who has bc<iii Serloutly 111 for the post two w«cks at licr home, 517 Lake St., is bol- ter today. Broofci \Vatic emend ihp ijiir Bye, Note and. Throul hospltul i( t Memphis twluy /or Ircdlincijl, .OharlfB Langslon loft yesterday for cimpori, Miss., whsro he at- lend.? Quir coast Military Academy, after ,spcnd% || lc lialltluys at home. Mrs. lleniiiiii Osborn, who has been quite 111 from imiiicniai for ten days, Is now nuicli beW<-r. Mrs. Tom Uatlield, who is nu|[ C III "Vein liiDurnmj IB now Iwp'rov- Edg«r Bruce, Who 1 |« : in trujn- ing ill a ccc camp near Hot Springs, is fcrioutly 111 nt !t Hot Sprlngs hospital. • . ' Mr. and Mrs. A. 6, utllc returned today froiij New Orleans where they spent several days at- (ciidlnK the riiccs and the Sugar Bowl eamc. They molored down Steele-Cooter Society — Personal Vn, tycllcy Joc, wtre jucsls of Mr. ejm Mr*. T, p. Rhodes, of u|ytli«. ,vlJlc, siinday. . Mr.-'nncl Mrs. Jolm Ol»liou have rclurncd after a vWt ' ili'h her paroiUt at plifton, TMD. Miss Nolle Mn|ic llll|lard, of 31 Louie. Is giicH of her pi.rcnts, Mr, Hi's, li, c. lillllard. 1 ' 6 ' V. L. Dlickwell anil Mrs. ( i,5tf lii *?'"'' wl ( l» l 'Bt)ln. Mflf, Wlltord, arrived' home BmxHy alter a montlrt vltlt in r-hocnlx Arii., w^th Mr. JindMrs. U V. Hat- Icy Mild Mrs. Jennie Weaver; ..Mrs, MHo a. Aiwood lius rotiirn. cd from Advuncc, wlierc tho vlillcd 'I'ClilllvcS. , Mr. m«| Mrs. r'rsd Copeknd and 1 ' O"".'. •of- ew Madrid, tp ci,l ii n,d r n ,! R .nifi, ami Mrs. M. rt . Massey and ' Jemeila, i wve re- Mr, and Mre, 'w. K: Holly lii gono |o j'lorldit lor the uinler i Bits oj News Mostly Personal 'Billy Dean Ingram Is a'p;itier,l at the Memphis Baptist hospital. •"Mr and Mrt, j A Perdue or Ftne Blufr ahrt daughter, Mrs neither Mlmtfc, of Slultgnfl, Ark left todsy after a \i f lt with Mr artd Mn W Leon Smith. Mrs. Sinmi is tho daughtei of Mr. And Mrs Perdue. .Bert Ljncji jr, left last, nfglu for fat Louis whcro lie attends tyashington Unh erslty, atter spend- JUS Ihe holidasS at home T ? E ,f rd »> a » o| ratt Wayne, liid, whd has been Milling tola- Hyfe here, was taken to the Mem- Phis Baptist hospital jestefday where he mill probably imtlet-Bd on operation Mr and Mrs \r M Jontz and Mrs Kidman UCCOIH-' paned him with Mr and Mrs Jpnlz returning home last nigin Mlsws Margaret Keck and Pe R - gy McKeel lelt last inglu lor SI Charles, Mo, where they attend Lindemjood college, after spending the Iwlldajs nl home. • Joe Wright leu today [ O r Osven^boro, K>. \Uiero IID will Join oilier employe of the Fos Studio for a tour of this section Mr. and Mrs. Jlojd Wlille will KO to St. Louis Saturday for several days stay «ii,: c Mr Wlillc purchases stock for hli shoo shop. Miss Carma Patterson li[is returned to Memphis after spending the liolidlajs with hei pWnl! Mr and MK. a o Paltcrion. she' », cmplojcd at beans ana i{oe- . Martjn and lib parents Monda> i» Little Rock al- Aiinoiiiicemc-nt was made Tuts- d.ay o[ the wedding of Miss Nora Holford to Mr. Jiwk Yanccy, wlileh was performed In Canitlimvlllc ClirLstiiliis eve by Justice of the Pence iBIllott. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wil- jlnm r\ oakley, of Holland, were Uic only liltcndnnls. The bride Is (lie (tnugliler of Mr.s Jess llotford, of Tyli-r, and wus'nn Jionor Eiiuliidte of Cooler high school. Mr. Yanccy, former nlgUl murfhii of Cooler, | s now cotmctil- ad. with D. B. Ujrkcr'B nurbrr sHon In Cooler. At present,they arc making their "omc with Air. and Airs. Oaklqy ut Holland, but vill move to Cooler soon. Mr. and Mr;;, aims ,,, (v ,,,i; nl . ..rtalncd with a' New Yeiiv's party Monday ,,I S 1.1 a t Ihclr lioine In Sterlc. Games wore played until M- 3 ?, .. when ••I'cfrciihincnls ivi'rc served. Fireworks' were shot from "P 10 *: present were Mr. and Mrs «b.nenO, Mr. nnd Mrs. Ncivbcrry Johnson, Mr. and ^|rs. ci'co onr- M, Mr/an,) M re . Gerald 1 Brooks on"^$5*'' ""v ftu ; s - it . ut ' 1 Luw * » • Mi'=>. vloytl Bmiih, who liolore lu-r rweiit niarrlnpe was Mibs CMenda Capshiirl. of Holluiui, ts (6 be tlio ifa'hf' S''!- 6 " 0 *' " l S luiii . lbe| '' ol " f - brldol fhowev (a be uiven ul tile armory Hall TlnnwUy nl-ht Miss Ruby Atliley returned M oni diy 'morning [ r oiu joiner, when *!"- spent the holtrtays with hoi r. vt. wiiitncid niii: SltlKlav R 3 » Barnes, sajer of o. A Martin their,wn ana brother "' -Mr. and Mn> Ira ParkhuMt rc- :: A Bladder Lp , Use Juniper Oil, Buchti If Uls 2Sc-tesl free U it a • If iragularjty -w.K*--}-ou up,' nils! out Impuhtiei and excea acids Ort buclm ieaves, Juni , , « cal • u fhe bUdder lalt, \Vorks bi - the bl.dd.r-dmlllr. lo ea o oil) the bonels' poorly aclliii! ' ri-, 58 urd Eleep, Ircquenl desire, scanty flo«', buni- 1n«'oi.bkck«clje.' In four days, -it nol-pleasitl^io Druggist will re JPW your 25c 'Get your : i-e tefl '" " ^y, Store,. > ' e of Christ, nl Ncwcomb S»ii. day morning. Mr. and MIS. H. 6. Myr.iiil sncnl Blufr llih st - Mfb5 - Marie •eturiwd alter siwiidlno t aiS-s with relatives nt !*a Mi'i and Mrs. v™,< in.,.. e lio) . A i" of of "™; Cecil .•Hiids]Klh..<,t Ciiruth- , lc : ™, 4 ; E«*st of her sklcf, Mrs lO'd Sinitli. Siilunla}. nigin.' Mr. and Mrs. jolumlo rihotlivs ;iud u,«w - Checks Hllft Headaches 'Ji 30 Minutes , , I l Ltlt ' cy ' arrv « '«>'"' 31 'lay «fl«r tiXMirtlng the holiday, with relatives in st. LouLs Miss Katherine Jones and Mrs Pauline Barnett left. Wcdncsdny TOT Memphis, where they will be employed; Mrs. Aslon WriBhl, or Dymlmrg leim,, Is vlsltlns i, er son mid wife Mr. nnd Mrs. Elmer Wrlglil. J. B. Collier hajj returned to jil> ' Muss Kobcrla While left ller • Sl ' , . Mvs. Pmnk Dlockbni-n arrived homo Sunday from Alamo, Tenn where slic was called b.v (Hi! dealt °l licr brother, Mr. an,! Mrn. ft. t. o.vlt arrlrcO home Sunday from Marble Hill whore they |,nvc been visiting. J" 1 ' 11 Tcn-y, Uoyd Barnett, and Wilhom'n Watson |,, 1VO rettirni-d to Moun Veriion where l|icy-aro e ' Mrs. pjlla WhlU IMS returned tW' lfler " vislt * ilh ' itel, Mri> Oeorgo Doling Driver Grove Mr. ;ind Mrs Hrnn Clli'lsliiuis with Mrs )f s , „, cs ' r Charles Blshain his re tunic iroin ,a-visit (icar Wkt cltj •Mr.-and MIS z c b Oumes spent Sunday will, Mr mid Mis DI ' iMr^, c r bprilikw iiui Mi"6 bin-son .crimiiijiiciii;Sunday night INVISIBLE ARMOR AGAINST 'SILLS OvershiScs and unilireUati I,M» .VoUdryiii raiiiyweatlief.' Bultliese aloiic cannot prevent sickness To protect yourself ngainfll the millions of dmigcfmm gprms that wnit to attack n "run-down" Iwdy. you need jilcnty of vitamin A.' This magic, food element is yuur t'irat line of defense auuinsl infection. A plcassnt, sure way to fortifv your system with vitamin A is furnished in HcKESsoN'.s VITAMIN OO.VCSNTK.UB TABLETS or COD pi,™ OlJ-- These ch6co],itc-i-oalctl taWcls »!,» |,ri, ls ycu "sunsi,,-,,,,'. viUmiii U — and the iinpofltiiH minerdls, oalcium and vfibsplioritK. laWcl brings you »H «,g t l n ; i t ' X ' ( [, CV1! ^ l03 '" C[ " ™ r Oil. Six smiill tablets dnily will K'ln you \vntd diT Bickiies s,aii(f brin K yo« novKti-cjielh and vitality. Cct iljcm M. your'ilrugeist's, mid stnrt un them toila.v! A dollur lioltlR hriiie^ yon 100 of illuKi:ssoN'8 VITAMIN CONCtNTRATE T.VBLKTS. I (JHOJiUIGNOLL 1 Oil, CilJMlANTEED WAVES ?l Up - - ,Vouc BcUer Flngtr Wave - - 25c Barret Beauty Shop Last House on No. 5th with MM. Ohurley uro«k : •Jltl Sfselton, ol Blyllwvll'le, I ~,''f£ ne , ? fow (lays W| W h ' 8 «rand Inther, W, Fl. Springer. • • Richard inn, 0 ( gnhmiq't, epeht ,4on<tay night with Jilij aunt Mr and Mr«. Qharlw Sprlngrr, ' Mr. aiicl Mis. Ifoiner "" Mr. itnd Mrs. ohnrlcy mcnai "'III move foon to Marie, Ark, Ywbro News .'. Li Johnson hat wct-ii Verv Ihls week,'' ' .' •• • ' . Claude C)o4dard 'hus been sick \viUl " Catching Col< VICKS VA-TRO-i THURSDAY. JANUARY' 8, 'NBA; -.:.. COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES NRA LIBERTY CASH GROCERS - ' ; j SPENP YOUR SCRIP HERE : " . Cu*to,ners Stale* in Our $tor<;-Gu mft teed M Ounces to the Pound Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday BANANAS Large Fmit Dozen 9c Florida r^ Fancy Box Fniit. UOZen Thursday & Friday Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile f>M5—10-350 ! A Huff good-tuck ladfi tho uas the angel of the oifpon — and flier was her daddy whtnHtr osn crashed do« rt to dea th! Minnesota Cobblers Pound CHERRIES Sour. ltd Pitted Can A I : OX Piciurc wiih JAA'.ESOUNN Produced by SolM.Wumd NovcHy ! Rcc! Clark & McCulioufift Cunicdj, ROXY Last Time Today *Rt ItENMlt inn CHESTER MORRIS )• < Special Notice to School Children RITZ THEATRE • Continuous Showing of Shirley Tcroul«-in "BRIGHT EYES" Thursday and Friday, Jan .3-4 IVI BUM PCRK_STEAK (»§ CEl§RY MACKEREL Yellow Siiariish Pound Fancy Californiii Stalk Tall Can. 3 for 15c 3c 6ic 23c ! Large Heads Each 6c COCONUTS CANOVA COFFEE Lb. Oil- "IT SURE is GOOD -n'jj JUfJ COFFEE" Can SOAP.,, 0.,K. 5c fiRAPE:FRUIT \Vashing fowdcr ^ Large'Box 4jc • HI MCH01E HUDSON v Adijii^lpn' Unlil 5 IV M. .. Admission After 5 P. M, .. ,.. i 0e ail[ i Z5c '.; 15 c mid 35c cuL JJliBl JlavB ' * GE« UlCKHWT | • I. f.-llNljMli Prtlicltiil Vo\ News Comedv Friday & -Saturday A (iHKAT WESTKRN IAN FROM UTAH' SERIAL - - CARTOON GES, c ""' N! CRACKERS All Crisp ,-•. -, 2-Lb. Box (j Oik JrOC POTATOES Red Emperor '.''; /' ' ; .Pound 9c COCOA 'Red Triumph " __.-..;/. '•• •• .Poiurid .fjfc 1 ^ ••2'V Hcrshcy • : ; Pound Box 12c 9c UBBYS SPECIALS an , ISc ,, .-...Can .,•-. - - -;. . 7 c ' a " *& - PKkl«s, Swcel Plain or - can .2lW:;;{-'MSe<l, 22-Dz. Ja r - 23c VEALJHOPS IREEN BEANS Or ROAST 'ound S^LJPRESSiNT i: S l 'S^ TOMtJUlciT Slokely's Can Cottage.or. Van Cainp •:' ;g Small, or 3 Tall Cans GROW BEEF- —"SlT TUNAlir~ Sc 17c Abbys lOc Stokelv'b. Honcj Maxwell House Coffee . .VITA ERESH )01)TO,' CAMS Of ROAST Pound WARS , Fresh arid Crisp ..'•':'• Bunch Pound :SNOUTS opTAiLs" Pound STEAKS- Fancy' K. C. CaJuniet" Lb. Can lHAST,' [ ;: c ; T "S2^iOC Hib 1'pund Oh! BOJ-! '."" Quart Botllc Fresh and Mealy Pounj WEllNERS •™^* i ^i.0c LARD Bcsl Compound I'oimtl STERL|1S SARW KRAUT Pillsbury 20-LI). Sack' 93c Spaghclti or Macaroni 4 j\ ~ jj-oz. Box. 3 for 4UC American . >f f\ a-'Cans 1UC PP A Ov r. Michigan. ,;English. Fresh + f\ ^ -.:• •"•' " .':—' C an *OC MATCHES Fresh' '-.:&£• found «rC SALMON ILMONTESSJAIS" Sweet Pickle Peaches, : [\«. L'Vi Can •' - - 27e Fruit Cocktail, No. 2i/ 2 Can ' . . -"' ' • •Prunes, 1'reparcd.' 'No. '. zy t Can -1' 1'irieai>|)lc, Crushed, No. 2<A Can-

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