The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1933
Page 5
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1933 BL\"SimVIL.LE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAQE JtVE < SECTION- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION t>»Uy rate per mie ror cWtcu- You can buy a home in Blythe- villc on monlhly InslalhneiUs less than it is renting (or. I'd be- glad to tsll you how. K. M, TKRUV, Aeeri rhonc tin or 3W live Inratloni: average word} to a FOU RENT line) One time per line .......... 10c Two times per line per day 08c Thi« tlmet per line per day (We Bix imiea per llae per day . . 05c Uontb rate per line ........ Me Minimum churge 60o three or «h expira- Ad! ordered lor Ume a »nd stopped tion «IU be charged Jor Uio num-' ber o! llmci the ad appeared and adjustment ol bill made. All Classified Advertising copy •ulimllted by persons residing out- tldc of the clly must be accom- FOU RENT—Furnlslicrt Ucdrooi.i Mis. Ray Wyrlliinglon, Call 1B2 Sckl' FURNISHED APARTMENT, 108 West Kentucky, phone 1563. SoklO. Fear Girl Flyer Drowned in Lake with Mrs. heat, G. S. 5ekl2. FRONT BEDROOM 1037 W. Walnut, Barnes. I-UHNISHEL> Apartment with bath. 1U West Ash. Mrs. Duslm Mick. 31c k U FURNISHED Bedroom. preferably for mnn, furnace 514 Main. panied cash. Uales may be . easily computed Jroin above table. No responslBllily will be taken Jor more than one incorrect in- .ertlon ol auy classlUed ad. .VUvertking ordered lor irregular insertions take the one time rate. Phone _ BUSINESS~DIRECTORY I'iionc 08. 5e kl) STORE BUIUHNC and residence combined with complete fixtures for meat ami yroccries, G-10 B. Laise. Bee Dr. J. A. Saliba. 16cktf ATTRACTIVE bedroom near business district. Phone G21-YV, Mrs. McMullin. 4ckll FOR RENT — 3 room furnished house, 50B N. Fifth St. D-H EXPERT Tyiwwrlttns and Addinj Maclilce Kipalring. V. S. Wan*- cnship, H6 K. KOK. Call IbJ-J. 21c Frigldilre-Delco Only authorized Frigldairc and Ddco light service. B. A. Miller. cHlce phone 67-resldence 4H Registered Spencer Corsetirre Mrs. J. J. Davis. Phone 421. 20c k3-20 L. G. Moss Blytheville's cut ratt undertaker 10-ck-O-lO OLE AN BBS. TAILORS ATTRACTIVE bedroom for racn, close in. Mrs M. T. Moon. Cn KA-W. . 23c S-.0-23 Modern 3 room furnished or unfurnished :iparlmcnls, newly are- orated, over Kirby Drae Co. Also store building adjoining Roiy Theater. F. Simon, 120 W. Davis. Cal ;<>4 25c k.9-25 FURNISHED APARTMENT, 30. Dougan, Mrs. A. A. Allen. 7ckl4 Have your suede JatVet and othe Fall cloth™ made new by our Mtclal cleaning process. Unique Cleaning Service. Call 111. 17ck9-n Let us CLEAN und REBUILD your FELT HAT. We are sure you will like our service. NO-WA CLEANERS. Phone 180. 12c*9-U SPORTING GOODS INQUIRE about our Golf Ball Sale —You will be surprised at the oner. Hubbard ndw. Co. RADIO SERVICE ^ ^EXPERT RADIO SHItVICINR I'cst Equipped Shop in Blytlicvill HAROLD SUDBURY - PHONE 2p klO- ONE or two rooms on North Ruilroiid street, suitable for tolton offices. Will <ix to suit tenant on lease. Ayuly Courier News, Attractive bedrooms for young men 518 W. Main- Call W), 16ckO-l ileehanic's garage and buildii suitable for grain, coal or bci Sternbtr 18c-kl storage. Frisco siding. Cotton Co. Oil 24. California Hunter Knifed |" Deer After Wild Wde 'E«B«MII a "jioker emne, which 'oia- I tlinvrs silll recall on-rainy nlgh,ls, MODESTO, Cnl. iUI>>-ClmrIcsi' l ' i ;« Clilnaniiui lost all he had. '-- Morgcnslcrn, nrdt-nt Moilcslo hunt- ! ' f "' ll tomb of this Ivory-skln- er,'rodo ills deer 200 yards before '"'''dirt [voinHoiii!. Kong. lie le killed it with « knife, lie re- "*• her n slnke 111 Mils ixta c Vmwt Mttnu PnrU i ; "° " l >ll!CC °' Blurnpy sloni;' from S rrODl many rariS | rr ,, hlltl ' „ .. nl0 nkfv stone" from Of World in Fireplace (.omilcd loday. game, rixl-shlrled miners -crou'dfd His story, corroborated by other' : " ««'»<! 'he table, members of the parly, was this: • Ui'inls won. They were married Tile deer, a buck, was wounded and lor 65 years Iliey hail lived by another hunter. Il started lo together In tl:e bolatcd Idaho hills rim down u mounlalnsldu. Mor-i'inlll llcmb died in 1D32. U was geiijtcrn ran after It, climbed on noi until recrally Unit I'olly come Its back and, atler u succeeded in knUliig II. wild ride. <'»t of the hills In lor (rcalim-nt. lite hospital Illness of Woman/ 83, Recalls Poker I Launch Ship 3,000 Miles j From Construction Site MONTKKAU tUI'J-Sloncs from many purls ol the woi'iil have bivn i-si-d by licv. Cl. A. Clarke, of llrouk- Ijn, N. Y., to build 11 novel flrn- Jlacc lu his summer home at Fcr- rank, near BrockvUle. Stones from Canada und ihc Unllcit Hlnlcs form the fuimdiillnn ol ilir iinicluro. an.I bulll Into It Iri'hnd. n "monkey slonc" from Mi^. Clarke's old homo In the same onmlry nnd three (rH^inculb of tl'.e [11111011.1 Clri'y Abbey In the North n! Ireland. Another sloni! Iron) Mu'.tnt <>[ Olives Is about lo lic'ln- In Uie llreplaco, vr \vLth ijold-lx'Liring rock froni Alaska. Inslrio the llivplste arc the Imml- pilin» in cenu'iit o( lies', anil Mrs Cl.uke aim (iii'ir inrec clilldren. f Kf Mt tStfB ' W ' Ortrton KLAMATH PALLS; Ore. IDl')— Six .great snowy 'while egrets have mnclc llwir appearance on Kla- malh lake. The blrrts are seldoin seen except In Florida and Cen- trnj .America, where the. species jlinusl WHS txlcrnilniikid by plume hunters.- - • presidents of the Unikd Stales have l«en members of the American -Philosophical Society, oldest learned society In America. OUK UOAUDING HOUSE By Ahern hei CiRANQKVIU.F:, Iclnlio (UP)— AJ 1JO3TON. (Ul')— A .ship whlcl page out o[ Hie yellowed docu- 1 launchixl mori> than Li.OOO miles menls of Northwest mining camp! lyoni tl» shipyard where il \s'»s lore, 1'olly Di'mli. at 83, Is nw j bulll Is |l:c yiichl Vninnrk*. lleiul1 - i The- 45-lcn vessel arrived Ifcr Illness revived Hie slory ol | nil ( | 1C Hamburu-AmerlBiin (r hci- youth. Al 18 she uns a hcau- ,., uunn frnin Lcmsveriltr, Oer- ttlul Chinese slave. lict<>iij;lii|> to an, T1 |. n) y H1Ml WIX5 lowered oversales in Orlcnlal who similized her Into the . Dost on harbor by a inivy mm 1 . ninliig camp at Warren. ! Hi: L - was consigned lo u llrm ol Polly's niaslcr thought I'.e was a : New York yacht brokers. Dulles fxi poker player until he mot < amounted lo $7.107 and ocean John Bemls, n lean- jawed Connec- 1 itoifbt charges were $2,500 more. Coast guard crews arc. searcti- ins tlio waters ol I.ako Miclilgan for the body ot lllss Mfilcntii Ccrard, above, ol Itiver Forest, 111., wlio !B tielicved lo have been aboard an airplane tliat disappeared over tlie lako wlillo OQ route from South Bend, Ind., to Chicago. Others aboard wore If. W. Manning, parachute Jumper, and Carl Olio, pilot. They •were returning from a partT given by Vincent Ucndii, South Bend m»D»!m«(urer. Harold Slernberi Manager Superior Service Superior (.'iiiiiitiK service for two guiicraUniis liiis mnilc this Llie dnm- iiuint jriiiiu'ry in our (.•ommiiMity. The faci thai we litivu consistently ginned UH- luvjjesL nunU>ei' ol' of cottdii must \m conclusive thai .siK-li siitisliintinl popiiliivily must havt been earned. GIN -ni B0« r3 OUT NOW, TSEUVEWN6, AN ftNT OUT, LftPY — VWV/miS BIRD EVEN TALK IN VMS SLEEP?—WE KEPT HltA •BECAUSE UE WW=> ALWAYS US)N<b.TU'PV\ONEj A •RENTED H\.N\, ONE TIME,TG AAAKE REXORDS TOR LEf>RN\N OTHER PARROTS WOW 1C PONT THAT B11W HOW I EMEU TEAOA IT SPAKUSH , FRENCH AMD \T CAW'T EVEN TALK ENGLISH? ALL IT -DOES \S SHRIEK? 1 WANT KV £ \7- SACK? HAND BACK THE#12, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A MAN OF ACTION! Martin \.00\i TWO Nicely I-lirnished Bedrcoms. { .Mrs. Ed Haidin, 1017 Walnut. 21C k.9- WANTED TO CORN WANTED MAIULYN HATCHERY 2Sck9-20 IMPLEMENTS HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires, inner tubes, iron, metals, magazines, hides, cars to wreck. Wolf Arian. 128 E, Main. Phone 116. 8-ck-O-B Carloiu 'il Wagons Get Our Prices First Byrura Produce Co. Across From Post Office 21c k3-21 ALL KINDS Men, Women nnd children's used clothing and shoes. Highest cash price. LeiR'n- ton's, 320 E. Main. 9cklO-9. WANTKD BATTERIES NEW FORD BATTERIES Renlal-RecharBing-Hepairing n TIRE ct BATTERY STATION 24ck9-24 For Prompt Battery Service Phone 8 Ben Clune 31c ka-31 SLRVIGE STATION Ope ra tor, S250 capital, bp?t location ,n (oss-n. Good opportunity. "P", "c Courier. 8p RAOS, clean au<l free from buttons. Call 30G, Courier News. 4x AUTOMOTIVE LARGEST STOCK USED PARTS Between Memphis and St. Ifliiis Also Anlo Glass — Phone 66 JACKSON AliTO PARTS CO. 2c klO-V Auto Glass All Kinds Instilled The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10-ck-O-lO Storage room, must be watcrprool and phone reasonable. Mrs. 306 or 274-J. Norris. 4x-tl PIANO for Lutheran School. Rev II. J. Klcindicnst, phone 810-J 7ckl2 MALE HELP WANTED Rcd'a Place—118 K. Main Call 308 for Anlo Painlinj Body and Fender Service Formerly wUh Shouse-J.lttle Co Mp-k9-2t UMtfl, WASHTUBBS f BLOiiCSl VC\J S^EAN M THEV £1 RUCK IT R:c--. >6lt.ft. / ThlOSF- SKELETONS WERe I AMD I'M NOT GUCSSlMG. I 1 TWO PrJOSPilCTORS WHO I KHOWI I KIJOW THEIR •I'l.ANS! By Cran RUSSEM, ANDERSON In charge Chrysler Garage Worfc Cuaranlccd on any make car New Van Normsn Boring Machine Phone 888. 25ck9-2a MAN_\Vantfd to take care of nn estahlislisd 1 usiness in Ihe snlc of McConnon Products in Missis-, Crai^heari. Ptjinsett. Critten t^cn. Randolph, Lawrence. Greene Ccunlies. Goori living right now with increasing profits as you (•.me acquainted .with customers ; nd business. We * finance re.sjx)n- Fible persons. Experience not necessary. Apply by letter to Mc- CONNON fc COMPANY. D^pt. IiL-397. W1NONA. MINN. Opkll WHV, MAN, MV DAD EVSU ST«[Oj 'EM. OH, THEV WtRC. A COUPLA RIP-ROARIM& TOOTERS, THOSE TWO. HIT TOWH WITH ^46,000 WORTH OF IXJST AMD 6L£W THEIR SHftRE. IM A WEEK. DISWEA.RED AHD WEP.E HWEP UL^PD l^ROM A&WW. POit^Dr^D l . HH DIED THIUVUMG THi-'l HftO KU M OUT OH HIM. OUT t —VJE.LU, VV& SPENT 1HF.EE SUMMEffe . I-OWIMG TOR THIS PLf\CE. f AMD 0tLl£V6 MB,"|Ot> 6OZOS, I'M THRU TEKCHIKQ C.OIOOl.. I'M 'TllRll BEIM& POOR. TJK GOIHG OUTA VIERC SO 015GUSTIUGW RVCH O'f SPR1KI& L WOM'T E^JEM SPE^ TO NOU,^ [ y ftTTA&lRlf N r FOR SALE FOR SALE-Electnc stove, cheap. I n quire at Arkansas-Missouri Power Company office. 8c kl2 FOR SALF^-1929 Model TOrd Coupe, good condition. Sec Fred Sandefur. company. N e «• Mead Clothing 7ckll SALESMEN WANTED fSo.OO Weekly. S Day Week. Man or Woman with Antn. io sell POULTRY MIXTURE to consumer. Eureka Mfg. Co.. East St. l/y.iis. 111. 1 Safe. H40 Lbs.. $7; (Caryl ' 1 Sate, 600 Lbs.. $50 (Reliable) FOB my store. Perfect Condition. BURKE HARDWARE CO. 5c klV FOR SALE — Four wheel trailer with lied, suitable for any purpose. Also 12 fool lightweight fishing boat. Call W. L. Crafton at 169 or 405. REAL ESTATE STOP! IOOK AND LISTEN! 40 acres, I'emiscot's finest, all in cultivation, 35 acres in cotton, mile and half of Cooler, for cash H500.00, and you get the rent— 'i ot the collon, etc. Net cost to von about $1100.00. 'E. M. TERKY, niyihcvillr, Ark. Phorc G17 or 346 5c k tt LEGAL NOTICES ~~ WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF CHICKASAWBA D I STRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. E. C. Jones, Plaintiff vs. No. 5549 Pinkie SistrunS. el al, Defendant 1 -. To the unknown heirs of Will Sistrunk. deceased: You the unknown heirs of Will Sislrunk. deceased, and defendants in thr nl.ove styled cniise are warned to ap|»ar vvilhin thirlv days in the court named in'the caplion herc- < f and answer Ihe complaint of Din plaintiff E. C. Jones. Dated this 10 day of August. 1033. R. L. GAINES, Clerk By Elizabeth Blythe. D. C Ncill Reed, Alt yfor Plaintiff. 19-26-2-9 STIIJ, IN fiOOT) STANniXti OSCAK' TO THE RESCUE! Opkll \ WANT LAND—We have buyers for nd larger trflcts. Can FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Dalaclicr Doflgcd Service PARIS (UP) —Premier Edouard Dalarlicr. head of the French government, has been obliged by an accumulation of work to abandon COMPANY. for this year his summer service ««h thcVrrnch armyas Captain 23ckl2iff Infantry reserves. REdKLES PARBH'i A.MO HAVE. P.ETti^MEO FROM THE. WORLD'S FAIR... pcCDLt'b MIS- FC-RTUDE 16 THE t!6 TOPIC OF I'M TRY MY BE6T TO F1HD OUT, POP I ADMl3fTt>OR CCURA&E, SOW, BUT VOUR CHANCES SEtM VEfJV SLIM I IM^G1ME. MEAN EUOUGH TO POI&OM BAD WE CAW'T FII4D OUT WHO DID It T THE XIDS e>AVED HER LIFE -I'LL LEAVE HER AT OSCAR'S HOUSE UNTIL SHE GETS STRONGER! I 'KMOW VVVIW FRECKLES MEANS E,Y'CLUEe>>JOW~j WAIT'LL HE SEES — } i I GOT YOUR CLUE., 1 f FRECKLES.'! I i GOT IT? RIGHT HERE IM THIS PACKAGE.' GOOD: OPEM UP AMD. LET ME SEE, O&CAR.' J CA.N BE .THE OJUE THAT . OSCAR HAS DISCOVERED FIND THE OF THIS CRIME. IS FRECKLES' 5W.E THOUGHT!

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