Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 30, 1956 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1956
Page 2
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Two Logansport, Indiana. Pharos-Tribune Library Hall of Fame Now Has 1,086 Names One thousand eighty-six names!Barbara Beety, are 'now printed in the LibraryJMarlene Deeter, Hall of Fame at the Logansport i Druck, Barbara Fawcett, Eileen j Public Library. The names, on;Fitzgerald. Richard Graham. Mari-j the poster of t h e i r special school.' are n record of those who have Ranee, Miss Tom Bellinger. Barbara Jean a r f j snail ' M. Zeider, *Susan Becker, 'Linda Lou Gulp, "Diana Hardy, "Kay Speitel, 'Linda Wiseman, -"Sharon Br : own, "'Marilyn Jean Camp, "Sharon Murphy, »*Daniel Pusey, Joyce Ann Pusey, ^Margaret Mrs. Evelyn Davis. John Werich. 'Rich- Mrs. Jack Warner, Mary Orr. Lincoln -- Karen Kline. Linda Welch, j miners, "'Priscilla won at least one point by r e a d i n g ' l e y Morris, Kim Parkins, Pat:,..,, - ,, and reporting on the required num-!p a u l. Beverly Piper. Jimmy P i p e r . l j ^ Bourmque, Hendrickson, 'Carol Doug- Drompp. Rochester Wade Conley, Rochester, in Everett Gray's Fulton justice court paid $19.75 in fine, and costs upon conviction of a charge of reckless driving. State police made the arrest. Nancy Jo Tarnow, South Bend, paid $19.75 in fine and costs after being found guilty on a speeding charge and G. Grady, Jr., South Bend, paid $19.75 in fine and costs on a speeding count conviction. Mrs. John Sawyer or Rochester, playing out of the South Bend country club, lost 3 and 2 to Mrs. bcr of books. This week 163 have Allen Skelton John Homer Sta"""; i completed t h e i r f i r s t list of books Joan steinhilber, Michael Vesh'.i Longfellow-Larry Boutwell. Ter- TM* ^"^Ts^^^he dip,oma and one point ; S tephen Ward. -Kent Acton, \ "*TM*TM!*.««« J- «J^^"lTM*?^^ Nick ' Gerni, Eve Marie Huff, Janet Julian, for their school. '-"Christine Closson. 'Carolyn Has-i "*'· There are now l.flSfi names in sett, *.\ 7 ancy Laird. ( H u f f , t h e L i b r a r v Flail of Fame. 869 "Gavle Rose '"N'ancv , i F X , , r - - , v ' parent., and teach-:« V °? an Hooper. «^nda ^rsch.'! !TM c t« 00 TM- ° a . vid . M °° re ' To -^ ' C h r i s t i n e L a i r d ' A n i t a Lowry 'i light .vomen's golf tournament in Indi| anapolis Friday. She had ad- pupils a:ul 21 ers. Four h u n d r e d ten sold s t a r s , - - K a t h l e e n Waisner, Mrs. James! are nn the posters for the 316.E. Easter. Mrs. Herbert Greens-' pupils and 9-1 p a r e n t s and teachers felder, Richard Rohrbaugh "Mrs who have read t h e second list of Harry Hopper. "'Miss Helen hooks. One hundred ninety blue | Lynch, '-Mrs. James Pursch. s t a r s arc for those readers w h o ! F r a D k l i n _ D a v i d Brinkruff, Patty B r i n k r u f f , Larry Goodpaster, vanced with a 19 hole triumph in i my Parrett. Robert Rife. Julia; da E. Turnpaugh. "'Linda Lou Victor Wild,;Warner, ""Kathy Sweet, Mr. Bud ·Ann Clark, | Pitman, "Mrs. James McMinn, I * : -Mrs. Mary Groninger. **Mrs. Sutton, Phillip Wild, Bryon Lee Baker, have read t h e th.rd I,st of books. · , y B r i n k r u f f Lan v ' c^p^, Ijjavid D a n i e l W e b s t e r conlmues to lead;p a m c ] a Goodpaster, Penny Hunt-L Cy all schools w i t h :» points. Frankln er , Patty Johnson. Pam Jones, j = p e n c e r - 'Paul DePreter. "Jimmy Flory, "Susan Hoover, I Gwendoline Pancini. ''William R. *.\ancy Morton, "Gave Osenbaugh,p V a s h b u r n David Osenbaugh 'Billy Reap I Washington -- Terry Anms, Tom- Lynn Saunders, 'Linda i m - v Bal1 ' Steve Joe Bowen - Linda *Ferry Sch.ml advanced f r o m f i f t h place Penny Lee King. Mike McClelland to fourth. T i p t o n School advanced : Diana Michael. Donna Jo Michael, f r o m s e v e n t h place to f i f t h place, sherry L. Miller. Pamela Sue! and C o l u m b i a School slipped f r o m , Moore. Steven Alan Moore. John: f o u r t h down to seventh place. ; E . Morris. Carol Murphy, Steven! The schools and t h e i r points in \ovak, Betty O'Brien. K a t h y j order of t h e i r s t a n d i n g are as F o l - i S a v i n i , Susan Schwering, ''Roselows: D a n i e l Webster--2B9: Long-, a n n a Briggs, "Debra Kitchens, fellow--23!: Jeifcrson--157: F r a n k - ; ' M o h n Savini, "'Ronnie Savini. Wild, Chapman, Mary Lou Engelbrecht, Margaret Anne Hardt, Thomas Hardt, Bobby LaDow, Paul Oakes, ing, "PatLeazenby. "74nneLyon,i* K e r r y Lee Bookwalter, "Patty "Patty Morton, "Christine A.! A n n Fisher - * Ter esa Gibbs, Mrs. Gary Terrel, j Diane Whisler. "Barbara Pamela Dibble, ""Karen Kiesl- Peters, iHaygood, "John Mrs. John · Bannon, Mrs. Mildred Roy- Mrs. Maude Shilling, "Mrs. Hickman, 'Mrs. i Charles LaDow. l i n -- [ : ; · : Tipton--113: St. V i n c e n t -- : ' " R a l p h Stanton. 112: Columbia--110: Washington-- Jon. PR: St. .Joseph--87; St. Bridget--73: McKinlcy--53: Lincoln--2!): Riley --2fi: Senior High--7. Total points -- 14%. C. C. Hickman, 'Mrs. W. R. Hickman. McKinley -- Ronald Chapman. John Green. Sharon Ann O'Hara.j ·Gold Star ""Blue Star. the semifinals over Mrs. H. M. Buckley of Attica. Mrs. Sawyer's daughter, Cynthia, dropped her first match in the championship consolation flight, 2 and 1, to Julie Hull of Anderson. W»odlawn hospital admissions: Ralph Stepp, Rochster; Levi Holderman, Silver Lake; Mrs. Mary Hopkins, Akron; Lester O'Dell, Rochester. Dismissed: Mrs. John Saygers, and son, Rochester: Mrs. Dale Warren and son, Rochester; Mrs. Marion Kline and son, Monterey; Mrs. Fred Zellers and daughter, Rochester. Mr. tnd Mrs. Maurice Haney, Mentone, are the parents..ot a son. A marriage license was issued in the county clerk's office to Gerald E. Damas and Lyndia Louderback, both of Rochester. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Winnestraffer and sons, Kenneth and Bryan, Columbus, 0., spent the weekend visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Trout. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Boyd and daughter, Norma, Indianapolis, spent the weekend visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Rhodes and daughter, Sandra, who are spending the summer months at Lake Manitou. Fred Turner, Jr. is spending several weeks visiting at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Dewar, Winsor, 111. He is also :.Iean The f o l l o w i n g readers have com- Viney. ploied t h e i r 'oooks t h i s week: Columbia--Janet McDonald. Jay Robert Strat- Miss Ethel Funk. Mrs Ther- j p a u , a shank G ,, S m i t h _, h essa Isaacs Mrs. Gordon Leech, | E d w a r d S m i t h . D iane Drake, Mrs. June Thias. Mrs. Janet U h l , 1 ' "Mrs. A r t h u r B r i n k r u f f , *Mrs. G r a n d s t a f f . *Mrs. Betty "Mrs. Helen Isaacs. Jefferson -- John Babb. Eddie Barber. James Berkshire, Ann Bol- F u r s c h . Sharon Schroder. Vickie; lei, Patty Cotner, P a t t y ' A n n Dib- I.c.i Str.nUnn. "C'narlcnc *Linda Llewellyn. "Julie Michael, Mrs. Francis Schmidt, Mrs. Winifred Smith, Mrs. Jean Wyrick. Riley -- Bonnie Brewer, Ellen Adar. Georgia Miller, Linda Moon. St. Bridget--Betty Ann Johnson. Carolyn Johnson, , . Spencer, ble, Connie Lou Grace, Victoria j . T u dv Tocco. Patty Doug,as \ l i s e l c y . ·'Mudy \ \ o l f . Hineman, Jacqueline Jones. Mike: Martin M a y h i l l . Mrs. 'Lybrook, Marsha Ann Miller, ' j j a h n Mrs. G. W. W o l f , ; Richard Alan Smith. K a t h l e e n ' Coleen Lake,! Tocco, Cynthia I Tommy Gray. 'Shirley I 'Jack Moritz. "Carol Ristedt,' Gerry Kienly, **.John F. Gray.! n . , . . . , , , ,, , - K a t h r y n Stepp, Charles! st. Joseph - Kathv Alberts,! Damr! \\chsler-.Ioe R a r g c r h u f f . Slmemelz. Michael .Upton. Melva ; Laura Hoover, Shirley" Mcllwain, j ~ Connie Oldham, Marilou Pearson,! FOR SALE J.Irs. C a t h e r i n e J o a n n e Pursch. -' Jr. Residence Property 1310 WRIGHT STREET, LOGANSPORT Described as follows:-The HYst 23 feet of Lot numbered 3.1 in Jerolomon Brown's Addition to the City of Logansport, Cass County, I n d i a n a . This property will be sold to the high bidder at 2 P. M., CDT 7 Tuesday, July 31,1956, flf thf; o f f i c e of Attorneys, Myers Molique, 212 Fourth Street. Lo- pansport, for not less t h a n the full appraised value thereof $1,200.00. Possession subject to right of tenant. This sale w i l l be subject to the 1956 taxes payable in : TK.KMS: S2.V).on down on day of sale and balance when satisfactory | Jimmy abstract and deed are ready. The purchaser to receive Administrator's : : P h i l i p deed approved by Cass Circuit Court. THE NATIONAL BANK OF LOGANSPORT, Administrator of the Estate of Joseph Shideler, Marie Spitznogle, "Joyce Frushour, "Marianne Loner, i "Andrea Blake. "David Grusen. nieyer, '"'Cynthia Kroeger, *Pat-1 I ty Peppercorn. Mrs. Lois Ann Hat-ten, Mrs. Rita Hilbert. Pat Kroe-; ger. Mrs. Pat Kroeger. "James Frushour. ""Mrs. James Frushour.! St. Vincent--Judith Ann Brindle, I Karen Brindle, John Deremigio, i Katheryn Fettig. Michelle G r u s e n - j meyer. John Kleifgen, Billy Reute-' buch, 'Jane Ann Cook, "Philip Fet-i tig. "Pat Miller, *Neal Miller, I *Ada Marie Pasquale. "Dominic: Pasquale. Mrs. Charles Cook. j ! Senior High -- Sherry Tucker,; which is I H e l e n Werner. "Sandra Noakes. ; Tipton -- Barbara Jean Fellers,] George Fellers, David Joseph Fet-i ig. Suzanne Freeman, David lies,'. lies. 'Kathryn Bauer,; Bauer. *Ann Bell, *Bar! M e r ? Molique, Attorneys. Harry H. May, Deceased. bara Brant. "Karen Finnell. son. "Wanda McPherson. 'Corrine ·Tommy Flowers, Patricia Flowers, McPher- **Patty Sharon Murphy, "Dennis Pownall. **Bren- FOR SALE TWO-STORY BRICK BUSINESS BLOCK Described as follows:-- Lots No. 9 and 10 in W. W. Haney's Subdivision of Part n( Lots No. 57-58 and 59, in (he Original Plat of the City of Logansport, Cass .County, Indiana. This building is located between Pearl Street and Fifth Street and between Broadway and Market Street, and is known as the Jones Building and is situated just to the rear and South of Bailey's Men's Store. This building is occupied by eleven individual tenants; six tenants on the lower floor--three rooms facing Pearl Street and three rooms facing Fifth Street; five tenants occupy the second floor. Possession Subject to the Rights of the Present Tenants. This property will be sold to the high bidder for not less than the appraised value thereof at the office of attorney Leland L. Smith, Second Floor of the Hillis Building, 200 Fourth Street, Logansport, Indiana, at 2 P. M., CDT, Wednesday, August 1, 1956 Appraised price can be obtained by contacting the seller. This real estate will be sold subject to the 1956 taxes, payable in 1957. TERMS: W r 'a down on day of sale and balance when deed and abstract are ready. Executor's deed will be given and approved by the Cass Circuit Court. The National Bank of Logansport, Executor, Margaret Boerger Smith Estate. Leland L. Smith, Attorney for Estate. Household and Antique Auction Duo !o ill h e a l t h . I will sell all my personal property, second house South of city limits on Stale Road 2tf. WEDNESDAY, AUG. 1 -- 1 P. M. K i t c h e n cabinet: drop-leaf table: square oak ex. table; cupboard; sewing m a c h i n e ; bed and dresser; bookcase; 1 lot books; 3 square s t a n d s : o f f i c e c h a i r : wall mirror; 8 rocking chairs; straight chairs; mas: day lied: folding screen; heating stove; wood range; ice box; oil h e a t e r : .bedding: linens: feather beds; dishes; pans; copper boiler; t a n s ; crutches; block and tackle; lard press; small tools and garden tools. ANTIQUES Solid cherry drop-leaf table; black walnut bedroom suite; good or can Vmci stool; love seat; walnut cabinet; 12 cane-bottom chairs; wash s t a n d : commode set: Atwater Kent radio with horn speaker; horn hat rack; hat rack with m i r r o r ; black walnut desk; dough tray, foot w a r m e r ; buttons; sugar box; sleigh bells: churn; butter mold; paddle and b o w l ; coffee grinder; jardineer; dishes. Not responsible for accidents. Terms--Cash. JANET MAXWELL L y m a n M u r d c n , Auct. Martin, Clerk tango m Copper by The quick excitement of the tanco. re-created in "gleaming swirls of copper! 7rt".eo.'.. . i n lustrous copper, by Renoir, with the exclusive tarnish- resistant Copron finish for cnclurinf beauty! Necklace, S5.50 Bracelet, SMO Earrings, S3.30 Fed. Tax Inc. ( PHONE \ V 2 5 0 5 ; JEWELERS szt Save $ 33 90 Now! GLENN MILLER VOL ONE SPECIAL RCA VICTOR LIMITED OFFER look of What You Get! $36.95 $25.00 $12.95 $8.95 TOTAL REGULAR PRICE $83.85 95 RCA VICTOR AUTOMATIC VICTROLA~r4ew Model 7EY2 with large speaker, three tubes, fully automatic. Regular price GLENN MILLER VOLUME ONE-Limited edition for which thousands paid full price--60 selections--1 0 records. Regular price CARRYING CASE FOR VICTROLA-Beautiful new ityle two-tone case to carry Victrola. Regular price CARRYING CASE FOR RECORDS--Beatuiful new style two-tone case for records. Holds EPs with covers. Regular price ALL PIECES ONLY *49 Buy Noiv--This Offer is Limited! visiting with a friend, Martin Bumpas, Mattoon, 111. Col. and Mrs. Lewis Ensign and family of Ames, la., returned home after visiting at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pyle and Mrs. Anna Ensign. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Overmyer and sons, Carl, Bob and Richard have returned home after spending a week vacationing in New England. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Hudkins returned to Sunnyvale, Calif., after spending the past three weeks visiting at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs: William Hudkins, Rochester, and her mother, Mrs. M. Toll, Chicago. Monday Evening, July 30, 1956. Officials of the Rochester. Chamber of Commerce have learned that a man giving the name of J. E. Willett solicited in Rochester recently for ads to go with a county map publication. It has been determined that there is no such company as he represented. Anyone with any knowledge of this person is asked by the chamber to report it. He did not have approval of the local Chamber of Commerce. Any solicitor who is checked and investigated by the Chamber, if,approved, will carry credentials and letter of approval. Read the Classified Ads Maternity Clothes Banned MEMPHIS, Tenn. ILL'. The city-owned Memphis Light, Gal and Water Division today notified pregnant married women em- ployes that they are to. resign immediately if they war/, to wear maternity clothes. "It seems to be the fad that as soon as a young girl becomes pregnant she must put on maternity clothes," the notice said. But they continue working "until it is embarrassing to the employes, to say nothing of the' customers." Maternity, clothes or not. women employes must resign after the fourth month of pregnancy, the utility officials added. You choose the deal! Brand new 1956 RCA WHIRLPOOL washers and dryers · First time for a price evt M AmwWs tw» f««*Mt selling automatifsl · Limited tim* only... 90* y»w d««l n«wl '80 off 1 I I I I I I I I New, RCA WHIRLPOOL Supreme washer do«t all fabrics automatically! You set the controls, that's all! Everything washable is safely washed thoroughly clean. Rinses 7 times, washes efficiently at any water level. Three temperature settings,' illuminated control panel, automatic wo4«r level control! K*h o» ............... $319.91 Now «tthi. low pffeo ............ '239* l«v«. , ----- ....... . ............ , $80. OC Not »M«»i»ry t. fNp Dih (MiBm-'}u*t com* hi ami «* tar MAI NO. 1. dry r «r ·Jftctric) New, RCA WHIRLPOOL Suprom* wttotnatic dryer gets clothes 34% fluffier! Dries clothes better than sunlight with scientific tumbling action. Gets them softer, never fades colors. And Ultra- Violet lamp keeps clothes fresher. Four heats plus fabric guide for automatic drying that's safe even for delicate fabric*. $759.9i Savt ........................... $40.00 * Gae model slightly higher. «K|» Mii« coupon--juri com* in and a*fc for B*Al NO. I I I I I I I I I I i I I L 1 70 !*"!·' New, R C A W H I R L P O O L Supreme washer-dryer combination! Buy both now at unheard of savings. Have this matched pair of beautifully styled automatics io wash and dry all fabrics safely! Hurry in while you can get the pair! \ Combination regularly litti al $579.95 Now, both for Ihii on. low prico. *409* lav* $170.00 I I I I I Not iratMiwy to dtp IM« coupon, |u*l c«m hi «nd «k for MAI NO. J. BARNETT'S BARGAIN BARN 416 S. THIRD PHONE 2821

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