The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1931
Page 6
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.'AGi; SIX •••r-xi Tracksters Perform Here Today, Tomorrow They Had lo Leave All This In Florida Jcnesboro and Blylhcville Hieh Spikevs in Haley j Field Meet. . | With n slow track ulmost n cor- taln prospect, the Jone5bo:o hic,'^< school llurricsue and I'-.c lllyliie- \ ville high Chkkasaws cla-sh in :i', dual Irai-k moci nl Haley Field ihi 1 ! j afternoon. I .'Saturday Junior high sc-lioDh oil northeast. Arkansas. District Fwr. i battle through th; mud iif \venlh-i ft slens mean anything) with d!s- j trlcl sweepslake honors r.l stake. Junior high track squads o! tlir | leading schools In this s?s!uni will i participate In tomorrow's meet in' eluding Jonesboro, Biylhcville, Paragould, Wilson, Osreola, Trunrinn Y*rbro, Earl:-, Marked Trc: an:! Sha\vnce. Preliminaries win to? held Iti tlic- morning and finals In Uie • afternoon, it Is undcrstoo;!. ",The local Junior splkcrs under Ihe direction of Ccacli?s Hudson nud Stewart have been training steadily lor the past, few weeks and are expected to win their share of Ihe honors tomorrow. The dual ineel between Jonesboro nnd Blythci-llle Mils allcniDan should furnish some basis for predictions when the animal Fourth District high school meet Is held at Jonesboro next week. Nfew Sunday Ball Loop Organized cctlns o[ reiireseiiltuivcs ofil In Hie old Ark-Mo nnd! I Definite steps for the organiza- ion of the Mississippi County Am- leur TifiselKill league wcri; iuk_-n at a inectln earns I Chicka.sir.v leagues at the nnbrnr' anlvrari! company last nlsht. Thomas R. Ivy \vas named pv^sl- • k-nl of Ihc lie* loap ol the m:cU:i|j | asl night, nnd Aulx-rt Hnrkes vras | elected vice president. C. S. Dag-1 ;elt v;as chosen secretary of thi.- loop. The league voted lo udopl Hi; I coiuMltutlou of the Adiill Bascbilll as recommended by Ihe Chamber ol Commerce of Athletic Coeds Manufacturers as the constitution' of the new league, with omissions of articles and by-laws not applicable to the new organization. Six teams were voted Into the le:i|;iie with [he possibility that two more will be added. The teams which will be In the lea^u? are Dell, Land, Yarbro, Ark- Mo., Burdetle, Lone Oak. Two others are probable starters. The league schedule, which has Gone fur another year are t'.ic aUpvc scenes which the world-chtunpion Philadelphia Athletics leti .,,„, yct 1>ecn complctC(ii u slat( , d ehlncl them In Florida for the serious business ill defending American League and world series base- to open on May 3rd. The Rawluigs all championships It will be bas-ball in dally doses frnm now on, and Jimmy Foxx, Eric McNalr and ball was adopted as the oHc-lal ball In, Moore <stniull.ii:>. left, will have no more llshlirj trips to break the monotony. It Is possible, how y f A ^ °nTWn T, that Qltm, I.leta.,11 and Mlefcy Cochranr. nmr rfeht, may continue to torture hotel Elates' )n ™nal ™° :onj the Aiucrluiii I.oiijiic circuit. And as slsmm In Ihe photo, an occasional shower probably will ,„ , he , 1C(ir [uturc oinc nloiis to give Kid Olenson, Charley I'crklns. Foxx ami Bill Shores, upper right, a chance to brush up on (lirlr slory-tc-llliiB In the lobbies. Lcft-Handed Notes. " ;Onc of the most Interesting bal games in the big leagues on OJK?:I Ing day will bs the tussle at Bos ;bn between the Braves' ani th Robins. BUI McKcchnlc Is going t shoot left-handed pitchers nt th Robins until the poor boys ol th Flatbush flock forget which is 111 fork-hand and which should ho! the knife. . It- EO happens that the hulk c the Robin hitting slrenalh-FrcJ crick) Herman, p'Doul and Blssin 6tte—stands at the left side of In plate. It is an ancient axiom ! baseball that a sou'paw pltchbr h an edge on a left-handed battc because the sou'piuv's hook brca! away from the fellow nt the plat *• • * . Brandt for Starter. . To tills end", Bill McKcchnlc getting his port-slders ready f " the conflict. The little Scotchma ' probably will send Ed Bran (against Hobble's boys on opcnli day. Brandt pitched a couple games against the Dodgers da* South this spring, and on tho days the big Brooklyn bats wr-re strangely silent. After the rjoblns : get-through with Brandt, they will be offered an afuinoon of pleasure, with Wee Willie shcrdel, win also throws the wrong way. Harci- ly will they be through with • . del than along will come tough o:d 1 Tom Zachary with those q»e?r hooks. If the Robins arc to have any . trouble with National League left- handers this year, their followers • won't be long in finding it oul. After their meeting with the Braves, they play a series with the Phil?, • in. which they probably will dra« ' Smythe or the former Dodger, Jim Elliott, to swing against. Then they play the Braves at home and gel the same three left-handers agnin Another series with the Phils follows in Flatbush, by which : titm Elliott and Smythe will be reit-jc up again and ready. But their troubles arc only bs ginning, for then they go to th Polo Grounds for a series with th< Giants, where they will bu:np tnu such astute sou'psws as Bill W.ils er, Carl Hubbsll and Clarence Mil chell. Some time after they are- thro'.isl with the Giants. Phils and Bravi the Robins will entertain the Pi DID YOU KNOW THAT— There are sl\ sets of brothers, no less, in the major leagues. . . . three new se'.s are comiii3 un tills year . . . the Walker brothers are to stick with Detroit, though Ducky Hnvrls doesn't think they are null: ready for Ihc main show . . . another rookie is Bob Johnson, who will be 'Kept as an outfield reserve" with the A's . . . he is a brother of Hoy, Johnson of the Tigers . . . another set Is tilt Urillhenrts, J!:n and Jerry, with the Red Sux. though Jerry maj b= glvm a year's schooling b;- foro breaking in ... thci thec are the Waners. Paul and Lloyd, with the I'lrales . . the FcrreliS—Wcs pitching fo: ;:;e Iiidlsus and Rick catching for the Browns . . . the Se*v- ells arc separated this year, Jo: going to Uie Yankees, while 1-ukc remains with the Indians. Frank Th rasher To Pilot Lo««l Semi-Pro Club rates—on May 10, to be exact—and the Pirates wilt give Hobble's boys a taste of French. Melne and Woo'l, three corking good left-hau.iers. Then come the Cubs, with some pitchers that Hogers llornsby obtained especially for beating Brooklyn— Bud Teachoul. Jakie May and Lister S^r-cliand. Mr. Hc-rnshy imported Messrs. Swectland from the Phils and May from the Heds Jus', dmnfound the Dodgers. • * • ere Comes Wild Bill. At Cincinnati the Unljlns will Limp into your old fricnrl E:;;>.i Ixey. and pcihaps Al Eckcrt or harlcy \VysDng. all Ijft-handers. t St. Louis they will renew reli- 0115 with their favorite Nemesis, nllahan, lo say notliln:: o! Ciralj- F'rank Tlirasl'OT has been nnmrrl manager ol the Blythcvllle Her! Sox, recenllv organlcd semi-pro ball club, which expects to cnm- jnl'iii actively this season. Thrasher will probably be a play- Ing manager. He had plenty of cx- [ nrrlcnce in professional baseball I and for n number ot years was considered one of the leading outfielders In the Southern league. Monk Wright, young Manila pitcher, who is trying out with the- Memphis Chlckasiiws of the Som.'i- cin league, will be sought as ircniL'cr of the hurling stafi of the local dub If he fulls tu make the ariide with Memphis In view of the fact that the Memphis club has number of veteran hurlcrs from ]nst yrar'r- championship club the clianccs of the local club securing Wright as rogarded as bright. Except for members of the hurl- NO GOLF OX SUNDAY Sunday golf Is under a ban i 1 the state of New Hampshire. The ng staff, the R«l Sox organization rul( u not onl (0 the rc!> vlll ue made up almqst entirely ot [Ouuloor rM but to the m i n i atllr( ecal ball players. New uniforms .inve been or<U?red and the first workout vfllll be held next Sunday. John Smith, business manager ot Ihe club, says that negotiations are indev way for games with Osccoltt, Hc'ona, Cape Gnarcieau and other fust IndenendcnL clubs. Read Courier News Want Ads. FOR SALE Stoneville "No. 1 planting seed inch_and sixteenth staple, saved before any rains, big boll, easy picking, turns out well at gin. Price ?50.00 per ton. Less than ton §3.00 per hundred or will exchange ono for two for good prime seed. J.H. Smart, Sr. 1123 West Main Phone 551 McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY A Blytheville Store SUGAR Limit 10 Pounds 48c FLOUR Whitewater Rose, Self Rising 21-Lb. S;ick 72c R1TZ THFATKB Friday and Saturday 'Fair Warning' \vitli George O'Brien It's the snappiest, slioolin'est outdoor romance tlmt O'Ri'ien clanked over PEAiL Little Folks No. 2 Can lOc CORN Little Folks;' :*; No. 2 Can lOc KROUT , StoMfey's.; • *' No. ZV 2 Can lOc TOMATOES No. 2'/ 2 Can lOc BANANAS Nict! Yellow Ki|H! Pound 5c ivskl \vlio ought, (o he g:nd for n From ame from t^c flock. It so luppcns, ovvcver, Uiat rjulte often a cour-!. f tile left-handed Brooklyn uat- crr, find a southpaw to their lih- ig. atKl wben that occurs all to re olf. And. while Habe Ilrnmn iats Ii-fl-liande:!, lie hits b.iils from ny angle n pitcher inight tak; a lotion to throw them—even a left- mndcd pitcher. a spur in. Ihand's \vcUjl "flic Untamed".' COFFEE Peaherry. Bulk 7 Pounds $1.00 known novel Also Cartoon and Comedy. Matinee—10 and 30c. Night—10 ami 35c. Sunday and Monday Sunday-school teach'e:s in Ero;- nnti and Wales number over 5JO - i HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Rex Lease in The Utah Kid' You'll tin-ill to it's action! Also Serial and Comedy. Mm. —Matinee and Ni^ht— 10 ami 2oc. Sunday and Monday See Charlotte G r e e n wood, Reginald Den ny. Leila Ilyanis ant Cliff Edwards ' in 'Stepping Out' Adm.—Maline? and Xight- 10 and 25c. BEANS lilytheville lirand No. 2 Can lOc MACARONI 7-Oz. Package 5c EGGS Fresh Country Dozen 20c BUTTER Brookficld or Morris Supreme Pound COFFEE Maxwell House Pound 30c Gold Dot or Forest Park Pound 13c CRACKERS Sunshine Krispys 2-Lb. l!ox 25c $QN'T BET ^>N WOMEN ^.vu?* ....'-•• - /EDMUND LOWE ' JEANtHE Mac DONALD LARD Coni|>ound 8-Lb. Pail 95c \Ar os ihe—like Coesor'j wife—obove sujpicion? Or was »he—hk« mosl pretty girls — not obov« flirtation* BRAINS "^ 10 C I LIVER " ork L b .10 c PORK SHOULDER Fresh Whole 't f\ft. round ±wl* SAUSAGE Pure Country Pork Ql g-. Pound 9 2 v BACON ^116^ | CHEESE ^155 Adm.—itatinee—10-25-40c Night—15 and 'lOc ROAST PORK Meaty No. Bones Pound 16k ROAST KC ?S12 C | CHOPS rork u..l7 c HAMS Swifl's Picnic Shnnkless Pound iTEAK Sirloin K. (\ Stamped Ficef Pound RIBS Pig Lb. DRESSED HENS AND FRYERS gains for Saturday and Monday Best Side, Strcnk- 0-Lean, pound •M a L CHEESE ,,,,17? BACON Mixed Sliced ccd 1711 11 2 1C ,, 6 C PORK RIBS Best K C Thick Rib 251 VEAL ROAST PORK ROAST ,,.151 COTTAGE CHEESE ,,,25 C Made from Country 1'igs I'onnil BACON Sliced ttlackhiiwk L251 STEW MEAT u,W PURELARD u,l2 i n LARD Comixiund Lb. 2 Potatoes No, 1 Fancy Red BANANAS, u>. D Laigj. Crisp lle;id |^C Knch t APPLES S Sla - vman i r^. 25 C | CABBAGE Nw Gree " Lb . 2 C F Old Rose, S. R. or Defiance Plain 48 Ibs. $1.17, 24 Ibs. Jum!>» Stalks !llk L,10 c CARROTS aml BEETS LEMONS Large 360's OTC Dozen RHUBARB imc -Lb. iti2 TURNIP GREENS Lli. ORANGES Flll - Maxwell House, Canova| or Sunset Gold, 3-ib. Limit, Ib. SUGAR InaothI!ags io Li ,£49 c GINGER ALE Ciin!ldaB o D ute if JELL . Counlrj - cll; ; b Pk S ,20 c PORK & BEANS 40 , n8 25 c PICKLES Sour or °S mrl 21 C MEAL Dixie ^. S: , k 44 C GRAPE JUICE h -Sn35 c PfArilt 1 ^ Courier OCC 1 LAtill/0 No. -I >/2. 2 Cans OJ TOMATOES No - 2Sl 3 nn gS25 c SALMON No - ' CI o,,, 10 C Brookfield or Clover Bloom Ib. 33c, Spring Brook, Ib. BLACK PEPPER, i...caJ c ;m OrC ;{ Cans Ld SOAP r;llm ° UVC2 Ba r sl5 C No. 2 Cun SYRUP Steamboat i/,-Gal. Can CORN TOILET PAPER ™£! 5 C Pet or Carnation 3 Large or 6 Small SNOW DRIFTS. '£,, 87 C I ADfl Compound. Thrift LAKU Brand. 8-l.h. Pail Fancy Full Head U. 5 C I PRUNES Fresh Slock Lhs. CRACKERS C. c. ore H 2-1,1). Uox Ld < • LARD Pure <£ S-I.b. Pail V No. 2^ Llbby's Sliced cr crushed Can

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