The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 3, 1935
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 2-17 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOJITREA ST An KANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI I SAS, TClytlicvnit 1 Courier Blythe-vlllp OnHv NPWS 1 * " "™ ~—'— ~~ _^'ihj-rtilo_iierai.i Mfetoippi Valley i.p.iVr RtATHRVILLR, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JANUARY S, ]fl8f> I / T . " "~ "~~ • ILL WEMPTI KETE s Join Hunt •Mrs, 1/ T}oosevcH ! 's Now Gmra ; Compromise His Only Hope But Olhmvise Ho Control Congress IVY ItOnST.V ntJTCHER. WASHINGTON.—congress will radical on Die bonus, inflation, banking legislation, electric po'.vr-r and poss|bly taxes. : It may te radical also on the munitions Industry, , which needs regulating, and It will not hesitate !o hold up America's end in'any naval race with Japan. 'President Roosevelt probably will com'mand Ihc situation in respect to all those issues except the bonus, where he certainly will be compelled to accept a compromL'x: and may Irc- defeated entirely. Although the president said he doesn't want the bonus paid on until the budget balances, suggested tli'tjt veterans were better off in the depression than most, oilier groups, and usked them to hold their, demands while ths .government took cTtrb of, all the nee:ly. the American Legion has demanded, full payment of the adjusted compensation cc-r- liflcatos, which Ho no:, mature until 15-15. at a cost to the Treasury of 52,200,000.000. . Congressman Wright Patraan of Texas, pc-rennial agilalor for bonus payment- and inflation, says 308 representatives and 10 senators arc pledged for (he bonus. There nre, iu nny event, many members v.-lio made bonus promises in (he campaign. . Gome aro also pledged lo cancellation of 'Interest on loans to veterans on certifleales \ hkh would cost abouO #30 000 000 moic COMPROMISES OFFERED Jh£,J5F Is ^iG« r ?crtl of compro' mlae alternatives to lull p-uni^n* since it 5 » llieu (list a picsldui- llal \eto can beoierrlddeii It Roo e iclt do">sn'i offer D rnm<jtir members 'an "out. Tlie plan most favored by the administration would.make an immediate cash settlement with ' r veterans in need," which would be . equivalent ( 0 cashing in aii Insurance policy 10 yenva rJiead ot lime —although, there are proposals to pay more limn (lie actual 11)35 Cash value. : :: - ; Republican -House' Leader Bert Snell says this would be like piy- Ino ofr all certificate holder.!,' ns 80 or' 90 per cent of veterans 'm^his district are in need; Senator "Pat Harrison has suggested that bonus payments be confined to vetef.ans now on relief. •:, -. ' Sena.tor Slciwcr of Oregon thinks bonus payments-should be spread over (he next few years. Still 'another plan would throw the dale of Ihe certificates back to 1918 Instead of 1925 and mature them in 1935. It's argued that, .this "would cost only about $1,200.000.000, as 80 per cenl of veteran!! have borrowed the permitted ,50 per cint pn'faco value of (heir certificates; ' NO DRASTIC INFLATION Patman .and ''other"'. Inflationists want to pay off the certificates by a currency issue/ But Roosevelt lias pet himself firmly against f • passing (ho word to Congress (hat It musl raise taxes to cover any bonus expenditure. Congressmen aren't •' anxious lo boost taxes. That and the fact that tlisrc'll be about 50 senators Free American Girl,. Held for 10 Days' ---,, Jnn. :i (IIP)—Miss filitr-ll, American girl held In BOl- Itnry lmprl?onmeiii. jor 10 ilnysKit R chnigp of slander- i/Ii I rn W^'hnolir on a chmgo of slander- K I I r n '" B Allolf Hillw ' w " s frml '"' lULULIl An njjpjp^j,,,! (niopmnonni in- Solcliw-s, Officers and CilJ- ?.ens Scour Connlrysicle Near Ratosvillo cld.-nl. ilms was EMI MI. . tell, i. naturalized resident'of 1 New Voit. was alleged-lo Imvfmtlmat- fil thai, inner Is ol Mvlsh ilcscdU. Ark., Jan. 3 (UP) —Nalional guardsmen were called out today (o arrest Robert Uose 24, who killed Deputy Sheriff Evernu, W. Wheeler. 30, near here 1 late yesterday when the officer attempted to arrest- him. Thirty troops joined Hie posses /•> -1 i of officers and cltl^is at 4:30 a t.Olincil AclK al m. after Gov. J. M. Fulrcll Issued' mobilization orders. Most of the Kolcller.-,' already were assembled and ready to join 'fn (lie hum when 'the- governor's orders were received, Sheriff'Fears Violence-' Sheriff Jake n. Bnglc-s said the soldiers were needed to hunt the fugitive and to protect him against infuriated citizens If he were caught; : ••'.;••.... Major Pat Harris, assistant, at). Mutant •eenernl at Little Rock was sent Here to command the natlon- I al guardsmen iif the search : T)ie hunt was centered between 'Batesvllle and Heber Springs, i Wheeler, knon-ji ns a fearless ] of fleer, war, with a posse that went | to• surround the home of Wood- irow Crump, 20. where Rase was hiding, nose was sought, on n ! charge of false prelense. As officers arrived Rose came out running and shooting. The depulv it';!!; if '.. fe!l ', ;. nortn , u y wounded, Meeting Yesterday; Phone Co. Boosts Fee At n quiet call session yesterday ifternoon thai wasn't, very highly publicized in advance the city council turned "tlie S-'->5 a month city treasurer's Job into a nomirinl dollar-a-year post, cut the city at- 'orncy's remuneration Irom 1 550 'to $2.i monthly and accepted, •"with western Sell .Telephone company that it-pay a licit fee of-$400 yearly for flvn years lo the' city instead of 25 cents a pole per year which has rim about $169 foi-'sev- :ral years. city attomc-y's cut in April, ID&. Vo recitation In salaries of the of- be made during term .-- officers belnV elective. lack ;. FinleyvRpbiraori's. first ie>ni is chy treasurer expires in Aorll Nine Under An-cst , Crump and eight others hov bicn arristed. The o!hc-rs ars- M rs . Crump, Louis ivy, Mrs. fvv.'Noilne ! Burns,.Hairy' cooler;'Jessie" coot^r Sown of Jlm - 0sll «™. and Jake Young, lammered ,atln In a" gorgeous „„ a '?' Cootc " another suspc-ct- sliadc of pink was to tie worn bv «„$•"'"•»£ °' l! '° tlieft r " ig ' cs ' ^,n ir--^ y ^-^ lre - s •'" Ap C n - , ' Im P' ovl "8'«'e MtolsApp.l river „ bam Manatls'second term us- citybelwcc-ir -thi! ;TOomir-'.oi,W :Mliw row Y liwiwv-ii• -.„„„• attorney expirw In April, 1930. jsouvl river and Minneapolis;' *<=—' ^hidbftgl), show 10 less a personage than • Mrs. ._..,„ Franklin D, .Roosevelt ai'llie Vice }'„.„ President's dinner at Washington '" on January 3. Interesting 1 and- •"',• flatteringly different, are the high 5vl •e ' and is believed All aulomo- Mayor' ... dle . ntu ' (; nml irpighl trains in ' .i(opp?d and soarch- ' n are e g nm ., neckline and the wide armholes, ' .,r , . Ll " sr s!!Kl nos e recently heavily corded: A sash of self- .,r , . r P arol cn from was a slate uuiacu. A sasti ol sell- l.i -•-... lllv - u-juiiianu .siate falls to the floor at the ' ;, °" • ai ' cl li - I ? t . llc had been treat- back. Mllgrim designed STKtt CM S Asks Dismissal of Condemned Slayer's Habeas Corpus Petition . UTTLE ROCK,' Jan. 3 (UP) — A motion to dismiss the habeas (and corpus petition that- stayed the! execution of Mark. H. Sliank. Ohio poison slayer of tour, was lied iti federal- court here today jy Assistant Attorney General Robert F. Smith. 'd by a physician licre "for"nil ai- cgefi,wound received before the ? un battle .yesterday. He was sought |licic Hi connection ,,-jti, th»'(h»f-' -orten.gallons of gasoline Tuesciav. Groceries, lobacco and clothing rallied at $300 were round -in the Crump homo, other goods beli-vcd ip have been taken' from countn- stores were foiind in nearby lioiws Puneral services for wheeler will be held al 10 a.m. tomorrow The Jtilllng of Wheeler occurred about, s o'clock yesterday afternoon. \\lule Sh-rlfl Englcs guarded . .rent Qoor of the Crump horns Wheeler went lo Ihe back rioar Rose tlashctl out th? back door, firing. Rose was lilt Ihrce time: died almost inslamiy. for Murder of Husband Si^Ne Valley — „...„,„,,, , %1 ,^ Federal Judge J. E. Martineau voted "no" on the bonus In (lie 73d fis out of lite office and Is not pal c ou Congress, Jends hope to the com- expected back before next week, fecoiici It Ihe petition Is not dismissed us requested Judge Martlneau will be . n egress, waived ary examination in munlel- ' promise effort. No drastic Inflationary measure Is expected lo become law this rear. Father -..Couglilin.-'and RHI.RJOV Thomas are claiming", as d 10 Dr. win. that all progress-(oward recovery i s traceable 'to Roosevelt's limited use of inflationary powers granted by Congress'.'.- • Further devaluation of the dollar Is sure to te -,11 Issue and «vcn such n cowen-allve as Senator Bulkley of Ohio Ba ys such action may us neccisnry to rn«e tlic price level. Silverlte) will again be clamoring for remonetlzatlon n t $1 23 an ounce, Tlie U. S. conference of Mayors has suggesled direct non-intsresl loans to cities, llw 'government tak- InB bonds for the loans ami Issuing currency thereon. VETOES H'lr.L STAND •' Hut Roosevelt is not n nw con- icmpiatltig any of (hose ththw i,,rt barring unfores:cn devolopment,' can bo conflilnit that his v>to5s of l"^ 0 l.^.^'"<' !* «winta«i asked to set a date for a hearing «i, en the petition. aHoraeys indlcat Judge Martlneau slnycd tlic ex Million, set for December 28. (he - " "' "* .'U.Mil He b empowered to dev.iluat- dollar another nine celitp but l tlmt |»wer in wsei-vc foi• iradVn" purposes—to b: usDd If remain.!^ gokl standard countries go 0 (T !0 ld or perhaps in an International stabilization agreement. Credit Inflation, rather, than-mr- rency inflation fContfnued rt ,- -. / " ' g ° Ot I,Mt ,T K atld VVOs or - fllc:l J" unSe '" " l 'olive dale for .the hearing. Tulu Crawford, Wssl ,uve m,e lor .tne neorlng. jptacebu. the court suspended both Ve a of Shank was saved from the elec- [during .good .behavior. Crawford liwplinc - .. r iric clmir for Ihe third lime when , w '>«. has .stayed out of court, ' ' Fnrmer Jailed (or Axe Attack on Step-Daughter CARimfEmSVILLE. \fo. — Unable to make bond of $2000. Harvey Perry, cottonwood point rjsident. was lodged in county jmi to await action of circuit court at Its next session for'an attack with a double - -;--,••*."."-« wnt <jt cuffif. lyrcilY rvCterftl LflDfl well over 'a period of months, was paid lo him laken into custody bv pollcc'afler Ircvmer of lite tillegcdly bfalin? his wife, released 'rlcf Nutlonnl .,,,,, • u tiiw hours, ing •Will.Early, negro, alleged lo iia won dip window smasher wl broke a plate glass window of Oua Jewelry slore and then stole so eral «rtlde.<>. was ordered held 10 Hie gr.iml Jurj- tmcfer 4500 bond, He la accused of burglary and grand Inrceny. A. charge of disturbing the psac in check, a NEWS OME EDITION Lindbergh on Stand TRIG 1C DENTIL iirkluun 000,000 or Nexl Fiscal WA3H1HOTON. Jflli, 1 ,,'! (UP), 'A Jlsri.OOO.OQO film! to' conliiiuc niiT n ons ' lnHHl(iu ° r Hv ° r - tari) ° r n »'i I ill "nod conlml' projects was rceom || M Inicnilcd today h« Ma). Cien. K M uv f ' Mtirfclinin, eliler of auny eiiBlneeis In his annual rc-poit (o (he sec retnry of TO- Afarklinm said nil amount was to cany forward tlDuugli i.lis flwnl year July i, 19M 10 June 30, l!):iti, the cxten-' sive eiiBiiit'erlnst work now lit pro grc.'.s throughmil the country vih- der the army's direction. Maikliain recommended that duriii" die 1D35-K nscal year $47 1 lC-l,nr ) he spent for malnten- anco :nui Improvement ol existing river ami har'-or projects; SBJ, 310,610 for projects authorized by (he federal .emergency aclininistra of the S2S.DWI. . tion of public W3-U. 7ff,1 for flood control work. Plan Danv; on Mississipui Marklmm said that active opeia liens were in progress during tho projects veor just ended on 344 Involving expenditure of The city Ircnsuifr's cut will beJ 88D of federal funds In addition to effective in April, 19:15, -and .lli e !sc,me S8IO.MO contributed by stales, 'nninlclpalltlcs and private parlies lor participation In the work. *. « u ,, 115 ivnu Anie-tig (lie large pr^I^f.ts '"clud officers being"' elective. eci '" the total of' $93,810,810 re ro1 " I!E - W work -w=ve p'ans ' ' . j ,y iJiiyiituuib IO • • 'lie city on a flat rate basis in- i Amon B the projects calling for >tead of n pote.elmrge baste. How- ; W'oprlalion .or $1,000,000 or more committee./ was ' named by Investigate ne, were improvements In the Mlssls- , ._ ,...„.,,„„. slpp! between the Ohio and MIs- :he proposal further. The resol- £ouri| 82,300.000, and Ihc •Mlssisslp- ulton was adopled., signed, iind '" vlwv l ir °J ccl between the mouth forwarded to lelephoiic companyi of " 1D Missouri and. Mlnneniwlls officials for approval. ' for construction of . 14 dams anti No^ complete explanation of tho company's desire to pay One or I'hrr most, tensely ,drai'imfic ,jn of-(he-Hi'tiuo Hallpl- . - . i, ^. ..-:.-.—•,•••"" i"^»'<-«uc, ui icn:-nniiia ttaimi- ^l n "v "!S A rlnntnsto »' . N -; j: - i««Af today when - lik- Anne >1or- Prosecutor Names Haupt- raaiin as Sole Author and Perpetrator of Crime - , N. J., Jan. 3 (U Pi-Col uiul Mi.s. Charles A. Mud- bei-Rli faced thf iiccnwd muidercr of their child from, the vltnsss •nn'r hi Hunlerdon county courthouse Ipiloy. Mrs. Lindbergh went to the stand r-t and \i\pc softly as she ro-. cited In n cmlet delernihied voice (he tragic details 'of the night on which her first born son was kid- nnjird .and tuvrdef ed, »- , The trcm-ndotis emotional strain MJitlci- which she testified was Indicated when she was unable to answer a question concerning tho- loys of IIPI- Bialn baby. Sii" bow-- Ml'.lier hcntl In alienee ami tho prosecutor .twitched ' to another^ She al'O wept when she identified the sleeping gnimeni found, on dm chiltl's body. . 1'alnls Grim picture The state of Nev; Jersey branded Kruno Hauptmami ns "thj man who dealt ohniles A. Lindbergh jr a murderous blow, crushing his skull nnd who inter slri ppK i from tho dead child's body the telltale slesp- ing garment to 1143 fo r his evil purposes " in his opening statement to tho Jury, or eight men and four women Ally. Qcn. David T. wtlentz da. stored that [he kidnap plot and the murder were conceived and executed by one man—"tho prisoner who sits before you behind Ills distinguished counsel." Wtlentji softly carried to the jury a picture of the peaceful Lindbergh 'liere in;..'mi .., co tell he,- slory of o mother's angiilsli $400 annimlly instead of Ihe poln rate, running around SlGfl for several years, could he obtained today. Mayor Cecil Shane was out . il (own and not available for j . fecks on which between S2,OBO,000 ana S3.000.0CO will be expended irlns the nest fiscal year. Tor While River Channel Discussing the While-river project in Arkansas General Mark- hnm srll(! " '""" of que.slioning and aldermen admitlccl!^ frankly they dfdirt untieretand the - thorougliiv ' provides for members of the council, met , with the mayor in the chief executive's chamber at Hi? city hall. So far as could bo learned .'today the entirely ti telephone The proposed ' would provide for an additional four months. of snag boat opera- don -and for additional dredging from '.the .mouth of (be river near City (o Newport,' Ark. n , ' e '•' il lloltl " lal for sum had been anticipated for o' mouth c iv to Marked Tree, Ark, rivr-r from its ''a a,,l Biackflsh , ews today. (old (he Carpenter Admits ! Years Futreil Awaits Action of Clay Quorum Court ^emiscot County. Reeni- ploynient Service Finds Work [or Thousands CARUTHEfiSVILLE, Mo., Jan. 3. —Salaries and wages of $110,559.0!) were paid Pcmlscot county rcsl- denls during Ii)34 for work" on gov- irnment pvojecls within the county, a survey of records at, the local National heemployment Scrvvlce olfirs revealed. Duriii!; the year nearly B.OOO pt-r.5ari3 were removed from the im- fmployed list and assigned Jobs through Hip service office. On January 1, 193-1, tlier'e were 0,241 Peml- scol residents, bolh male and female, white ancl negro, on the unemployed list. January 1, 1935, there were only 1,825 oa the list. Most workers were given jobs 01 'evce construction, highway con- sltuclion and repair, and river bank Joint Session Called for Roosevelt's Message \ Friday Afternoon WASHINGTON, Jan. 3. (UP) — In the. Sourlaiids on 'ne n Bht' of Marcl; 1. ]933. He, gave •} plcnfre of a 'merry child ronfplng on ; rn« Lindbergh «e4lolc, the family.and.the servants. Th'»n his voice ro5s. , 1 , • , .,. ffls clpacrlpfion ,of th<j commls- son of the- crime- produced 'coin, cm"?. Ills words were not rrieas-' ured.. He told how tlie state "will '.!:« crime hatl l«on ionj timB—nivj'tliaf srwian inachlns gun-^ us plotter. Describes ... }*13 tt Ulu ._, ured.. He told h I : pove" (hat t!:c | plotted for a lot I I tbs'former Qarn , . . — House and senate todiiy adopted a resolution providing for'a joint session of congress to hear president Roosevelt's' . nhnunl message. Mr. Roosevelt hitonned 'leaders he woukl deliver the message In person at 12:30 p.m., p. s. t. The 74lh congress convened and organized today. Representative Joseph W. Byrus (Dem., Tenn.) was elected speaker of the house. A committee representing bot£ houses war. named to Inform President Roosevelt congress was ready to hear his annual message to b~ dclivered tomorrow in person. Willie the' festive opening for- protection repair and maintenance mallties' proceeded at the capitol wc "-''-- I tlic president secluded himself In Approximately $122,360.62 was '."h upstairs White House study, glv- fpent In the county for native ma- '"3 ">' phrases of that cios;ly ("rials and r.upplfcs on the govern'-''.guarded.message their final ;x)llsli. nient projects. The largest single' Tlie opening — '-•--' -- LITTLE ROCK, Ark. OR r« i r ,Vi , 26, formerly of Bly [GOV. j Francis lvou id i .jtv.,.,. ii, y itnijfat MII^II; im; uj>eniug ujn^rcssioiiai cere- LiTTLE ROCK, Jan. 3 (UP)— I inflect within the county was the monies procEedcd smoothly with on- M, Futrell .said, today he Colloiraod levee unit, employing ly a hint here and there of the Ire no action'in'the com-1" 2 me " dispute . over the ch,.. {Months. limlin» Pederaf nnd tnnt ' fo: five and one-lialf heated battles to come as congress (revises and extends the New Deal jrum | , Wa^es ^rere paid according to J Senator Kuey P. Long's infiuetic* thc,three classifications, unskilled labor was felt although he did not come i receiving 45 cents per hour, s;ml- from Louisiana for the opaniii" ses- 'i^inn^r 7' n ".'i' oepaiaie ceims of court have t killed 6:1 cents per hour, and skill- sion. He ssrved notice by telegrams belonging to he L , CP] , w}M , )V w ;O _. Irb w)|O ed sl 10 hol|r , |hat h( , lntendffl !o be h d , tink Ol Kl. I ^lllR nlnln.^ il.. -re-- 1... - 1_, fl r.-.t- ,.. - • I, »1 „ . , - t_ I ( ,, j , , ord'.-r' during the [next week regarding administration r e teims e, reease rc utlonnl P.I™, on »--,io nnd.ngatn picked up in „ slm i| nr Hoj) sentciice «™s leferrd dur" (Ustlirhaiici?. Ml tritlit.< „ r — K.,.,, ,.„ ., . .. s " CI(!rl> -« ™. r " T^nto i . ---i rt "^ office by vlrt "° ° r ' ™ a .Democratic nomination and dec- ' '-ear was for 300 men to work on threats to ho'd up PWA loans un°"' nilt! Or<ml Wni ' d ' "wumuent. ! three government fleets. The or- less Ixjuislana revises some of rte I - st0 " cl! of lt " 5 S<»'»«i«<°n Is.der was nilcd within three days, awaiting court decision. 551011 for an attack with a dou- A Charge of disturbing the \isns° '-bitl.-ri am on ills ste[jdau!?ht?r, !n E° lnsl Tl) m Brlgra was dismissal. Iss nollie Mac Moran, 17. . A charge of carrying a concealed Miss Moron was barilv cut about J vcn P°» Ms dockcled nsninst \val- Miss r Hie face, head ancl body, but pliy- slci.ins said slie WM In no serious uanscr unless complications sst in. omc;rs said Perry had apparently attacked her In a drunken frenzy. A volume of more than 1200 pages would be required lo list. (he number fo chemical subslances (UP) - lei- Davis. CI1ATAMPORT. New Radio „ f'l what is bfl'Ifva-J the lonws' two-way communication between a radio station autl a fl=-ln-» nii'io. an operator of the Rnclimunrinc station here conversed for 10 intii- who Jonesboro division of federal Carpenter was Indicted on eight A number were awarded "jobs [through Ihc local office with pri- business houses, al- laws that he put through to tighten his dictatorial grasp on the vtite firms though tile majority were given em (0P)_A in«ill i P ! °V ln(in <- "n government projects. rural route oii't of Ho-' The offlno " '" cllar e e of Charles L. Cone, wlio Is also in clurge of New Madrid county reemploymcnt offlcas. Sevrftl new projects liovj ,al- Canada's Legion Will Visit Vimy Battlefield : ™ He described how the abductor of -he Mmlbergu baby fled down the Indder from the nursery he- had robbed and how he dealt a "crushing; blow" to. the small head. "Then. 1 ' he shouted, "tins man c?.|ig with his bundle-the d»ad i.lld, 'the child deliberately killed— fomid-pirt cf his burden loo heavy- He, discarded the ladder and strip-. >ed nnd yanked (lie sleeping gar^ inent from the child's body. Halt m hour.later he hastily dug a shallow grave and placed the body face downward In it," "Tiie man who did this," he said, 'Is in this courtroom." He lurncd and for 10 seconds gazed steadily' at Hauptmanh. Hauptmann, stolid. Impassive, returned the gaze unflinchingly. ; " WilentE- outline of the case p-o- vided tlie first tremendously clra : matlc scene In the crowded courthouse. T wo Coats, Missing At . : Armory Dance, •Recovered.'': Two coats lost in'check room con- :; fusion at the dance Tuesday nl^ht 3t the nallonal guard armory, held 'inder the auspices of company M, have teen recovered, according to reports. .'.'.°'••*•'• Othsr coau, lost or stolen,'end several.hats are still missing; '• • Asks Nah'onai Banks For December 31 Report WASHINGTON, Jan. 3 (UP)Comptroller of the Cui-rency J. F. TORONTO, Ont. (UP)—If present plans materialize an "army" of ready besn be»un in (lie county M.OOO war veterans will leave 'from T. O'Connor today issued " a rail for Ihe condition of national banks as of December 31. The call was. for the customary .-ear end condition statement and expected for several days. The Federal. Deposit insurance .. I Corpora lion nnti Ills federal re- .system- likewise. Issued calls 1033, to apply on loan nf Dennis P. Ollsson; $50 collected from Mrs. Myrllo ^r. Dourland January 30, liejiral N'. W. V for 1935, among .them a water tank and purification system at. Hnyll, working of that city. Another project to be begun with Montreal, on June 26, 1935. on a pilgrimage to Vimy HIdge battlefields,. Major J. C. MacKendrlck secretary of the Ontario branch, . .-..„..,,.* pi uji .ti ii/ ui: U-JJUIL wuii- stvieinry 01 inc uncario onuicr In the nest few days is a bridge at i Canadian Legion, has announced, l Netherlands, calling for 20 men. '| The plan calls for the men t Harry Taylor' > collected from l- rial on July i, then tour Ihe baltlj- 2s with a British plane near the July 7, 1S33 er Perslai, o u |f, about 8,0% mues He has been under tend of • 500 since July 16 n^iw'M 13 ; lo n "'" iM r !i r *™ •.»<>*• ^ ™>*"^"i^™t M^^^^^W^ Hr,l.ciaw because. He raid, lie drank nothing | 5 nd river bank protection work In respects to the King before return but ™ "c r '° <l ' a »,» o "Sj :i "' "ver bank protection work In respect., to the King be toe « turn out 3.2 boor. 'So:ne people,' Judge ; tl:e caUy soring ond summer, which liij home. Tile' tour will last thre- Den ruled L "can get drunk on al-) will furnish employment to hun- ' and one-liftlf; weeks, at an estl- most anytnlnp." [Trf>ric'rtr mov, n/^i^ r t n f«ri . ___ »_., ___ . .,. A.«« . ____ .--, mated cost of S160 per man. tor the condition of their Member banks as of DJcemter 31, 193-1. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, colder. Friday -fair.' colder In east • and south portions. _- : " Memphis and vicinity—Fair end colder tonight, "lowest teiii"nrature about 30. Much'colder Friday. ,, Tlie maximum temperature here yesterday was 62, minimum.- 29, clear, according to Samuel F. Morris, of/lclal weather -observer.

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